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Version 1.0

Title: Silent Hill
Producer: Konami
For: Sony Playstation
Created: 8/16/02
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: [email protected]
Revision Date:

If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I 
don't have a problem with its use by others on gaming forums, FAQ sites or 
being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site, 
just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered.



1. Introduction
2. Insights
3. Walkthrough


When you're at the speed gaming stage of the game, there isn't any need for 
character intros, you've played SH way too many times not to know all the 
characters, no need to waste anymore space on them. 
If you're reading this guide at all, it's because you're into speeding SH and 
you're looking for any new tricks and such to help cut more time off your 
game. Like many, you have the route, items, hostile positions and habits 
memorized. But you're still hanging around the 1 1/2 hour or even 1 hour 
Are you slamming into walls and objects in rooms and hallways? Do you kill 
too many uglies? Are you taking too many hits from uglies? Are you picking up 
too much stuff? Do you end the game with 50 or more rifle and shot gun 
rounds? More than 10 health drinks, 10 med. packs or 3 Ampoules? Have you 
eliminated all unnecessary backtracking? These are the first and best places 
to look for cutting time.
Maybe I found cuts you missed, or have tricks for dealing with Bosses or 
hostiles you haven't considered. 

If you have a trick I missed, please e-mail me and let me know, if I can 
duplicate to verify, I'll put it into the SH guide if and when it gets 
revised, giving the sender full credit for the tidbit.


This guide is for a Hard Mode Next Fear Game. Even though you may have 
acquired all the bonus objects in the game, they will not come into play in 
this game. All the combat bonus items, Chainsaw, Rock drill and Katana are 
for stopping and killing, counter productive in a speed game eh! Fun for 
retribution killing I know, but counter productive.
I've heard that everyone gets to multiply their ammo count by 9X, for some 
reason, my game only does 4X. I wish my CD did 9X; I could cut even more 
items out of the list.

1. Are you walking? Are you walking?  There's no walking in Silent Hill! 
Always run, never walk.
2. Whenever you have to do an about face, use the (L1/R1) buttons, we're 
talking 1 to 2 seconds on a slow turn times how many turns in the game? 
3. Ignore all pistol ammo in the game; you'll only use about 5 or 6 rounds in 
the cafe on the Dactyl.
4. If you're taking lots of hits from the hostiles, you might consider 
shutting the flashlight off in the tougher areas, some people play the school 
in the dark. I hit too much stuff, so, I keep the lights on. I'm sure there 
may be another 30 to 45 seconds of lost time stopping and waiting for knifers 
to move to advantageous positions before continuing the route. I still got 
hit with the lights off, not as often, but I still got hit. Some CZKs can be 
run into ands still ignore you, some will lunge way out of there way to stab 
you. I like to see them fall to the floor as I run by.
5. Boss fights, use the (L2/R2), not absolutely sure on this part, although, 
I have grown accustomed to using it. I think it may improve the shot to hit 
ratio. At any rate, it allows you to see your target while firing. This may 
be important to you at the Sammy fight.
6. There are tonza cut scenes in the game of Silent Hill, get used to "X-ing 
them out."


Put the CD and memcard in and start up the PSX. Load a Next Fear.


Jump the cut scenes with Cybil, Move to the right end of the counter and pick 
up the map, flashlight and health drink, (hence known as HD). (L1/R1) move to 
the opposite end of the counter and take the knife and HD. Arm with the 
pistol. (L1/R1), run to the door, (cut scene), (L2/R2) and shoot the dactyl. 
Take the radio and exit the Cafe.

"X" out the cut scenes turn left and run toward Matheson St. Ignore the 
dactyl and proceed east to N. Ellroy St. (not sure what it is, name looks 
different on the map than it does on the street sign). 
Turn south at the corner, ignore the dactyl, cross over the plank, get the 
KEY. Exit over the plank, you are heading north on Ellroy to the intersection 
at Finney and Ellroy. Go east at the intersection to the cruiser and get the 

(Looks like the cruiser was wrecked attempting to leave town when the shift 
took place)
Head west at a run, stay to the left side of the street so that you can find 
the Liquor Store, turn south into the alley and continue till you see the 
fence on the right. Enter fence area, KEY. Return to Finney St.
Continue west on Finney past Bachman Rd., stay on the left side of the street 
till you get to the alley between the wooden fence and the Fish & Fries 
restaurant. Run down the alley past the dogs to the end turn left and enter 
the gate. There's one dog in the tight alley, ignore it, even if it takes a 
bite. Pass through the next gate and take the page telling of the school 
only, (L1/R1). Exit and return to Finney St. Turn west and proceed to and 
head south down Levin St. Stay to the left side of the street till about half 
way down, (radio noise) then angle off to the right side, staying in the 
street till the radio noise stops then cross into the grass area so you can 
make the turn west onto Matheson St. Get the dog house note on the ground, 
(L1/R1). Return to Levin; stay on the left side, on the sidewalk. Ignore the 
dog on the right and the dog behind the dog house. Take the KEY and enter the 
house. Ignore the Med Pack, (hence known as MP). Run to the back door. Use 
the KEYS on the back door and exit the house. 

(Ever notice the map on the wall near the back door? it says "keys for 
eclipse" When you walk out the door, the lights in the sky go out?)

Exit the back yard through the gate that leads to the alley at the west end 
of the yard. Enter the alley, turn south and stay on the alley. There will be 
at least one dactyl and 2 dogs before the intersection. Cross Matheson, re-
enter the alley and continue south to Bloch St. Turn west on Bloch to Midwich 
St. and south again to the School. Once on Midwich stay in the street till 
you pass the 2 cars, you'll then be approaching the school entrance. Cross 
over to the school side sidewalk and take the walkway to the schools front 
door. Ignore the 2 dogs and occasional dactyl.




Run through the foyer to the Lobby/Office hall. 
If you have a problem with Crazed Zombie Knifers, take a right in the lobby 
and enter the Infirmary. There is an HD in the cabinet and a MP on the bed, 
try and ignore both if possible.

Take the double doors in the Office/Lobby to the Courtyard. Cross to the 
opposite side of the Courtyard; avoid the Crazed Zombie Knifers, on your way 
to the rear 1st Fl. Hallway. 

Crazed Zombie Knifer, (hence known as CZK, Knifer or CZ)

Enter the rear hall, hold forward/left, run into and slide off the wall to 
the left of the double doors. This gives you a second to the see the CZK to 
your left and beyond the corner, which also sees and heads for you. Adjust 
your run counter clockwise around him to the opposite side of the hall 
continue south to the double doors leading to the "Teacher's Rooms Hall. Go 
up the stairs to the 2F hallway.
Run through the double doors to the left to the Chemistry Hallway. Ignore 
CZK, 1st left door. Get the Acid, exit. Enter Chemistry Room, use acid on the 
hand, (jump cut scene) and take the Gold Medallion.
Exit the Chemistry room, turn left, run to the enlarged area at the center of 
the hallway, (near bench). Turn left and wait till two CZKs come into view. 
Run clockwise around them, proceed to and exit the room at the end of the 
North side 2nd Fl., classroom hallway, two CZK walking in it. Stay left, stop 
at the lockers, and wait for CZ to approach then run around it. Try same 
thing on #2, you might take a stab from #2 anyway. Once the staircase is 
reached, descend to the 1st fl. Watch out for the knifer to the left, stay to 
the right side of the stairs as you descend and pass it for the double doors. 
Unlock the double doors and enter the 1st Fl. Lobby/Office hallway where you 
began the school horror. The hallway is still empty, exit to the courtyard; 
put the Gold Medal into the left slot at the Clock tower. 


Return to the Lobby/Office. Turn left, enter the double doors, and hit the 
opposite wall hard. Slide along the wall right to the stairs and return to 
the 2nd floor. Stop at the top, draw the CZ to you then run clockwise around 
them to the double doors and enter the Music room hall. There are 2 CZKs 
about mid way. Stay left move to the Locker room door and wait. Run counter 
clockwise around CZKs to the Music room, (sometimes they're spread out a bit 
more and I get hit). Enter the Music room, move to the piano and press the 
keys in following sequence 3,10,11,8,2. (Jump cut scene), get the Silver 
Medallion. Exit Music room 
The two CZKs are approaching, stay to right side of hall, knifers will walk 
toward you, swing wide clockwise around both as they approach.
Make a hard right past double doors to the stairs, CZK to left. 1st fl., stay 
to right side of stairs passing CZK to Harry's left side. Hit double doors, 
stay to right side of hall, about half way along lockers. Wait for CZKs to 
commit then swing clockwise around both to courtyard.
(Sometimes there is a third CZ standing to the left of the double doors)
Courtyard doors, exit, quickly place the medallion in the right side slot on 
the Tower and return to the Main hall, ignore CZKs. Bear left and through the 
double doors, hit opposite wall hard and slide passed CZ to basement stairs. 
Down into the basement, enter the door on the right and activate the boiler. 
Exit and return to the Clock tower. 
At top of basement stairs, hard right to avoid CZ then left to double doors. 
Follow the same routine as the second pass, (with CZKs) into the Lobby/Office 
hall. Jump all cut scenes inside and outside of clock tower.

1st Floor

Run to the doors on the right, (same route as 1st school) Bear left, CZ this 
end, easy to pass and enter the room on the right near the double doors. 
Rubber Ball, exit to hallway, head for the other end of the Hallway and take 
the single door on the left. This room is full of cockroaches, hard right, 
ignore them and run straight for the exit door. Enter the Hallway, access the 
second door on the left to enter the classrooms. Get the Key/Picture Card, 
and then enter the next classroom. 4 knifers, enter straight into the room 2 
steps along the left wall. (L1/R1) Once the first two CZKs are visible, run a 
large circle counter clockwise around them along the wall to the opposite 
side of the room. 

(This is the only way I have found to give at least a 70% chance of making it 
through the room untouched. It's important to stay along the wall after you 
pass the first door, but not to the point where Harry is kind of facing the 
wall, this move slows Harry down too much and invites a CZ
The 1st door to the hall is locked from both sides, so don't waste time 

Stay against the wall till the next door at the other end of the room. Exit, 
enter the double doors. (Main Lobby hall) Stay left, Run into the room, swing 
right between the 1st and 2nd knifers. (This sometimes puts me into the wall 
near the court yard doors). Then swing left toward the office run past the 
knifer that just exited the office to the lounge door. 

(If you're too fast, the 3rd knifer, albeit a slow one may get you because it 
is still too close to the door opening.) 

Once inside, use the Key/Picture Card on the door with the same pattern on 
it. Two Bathroom doors in front of you enter the right side bathroom. 
Shotgun, grab it. Back in the 1F Hallway; go to the 2nd classroom door. Run 
across to next classroom door and enter. As you try to exit this room, the 
phone will ring. Press Start, then (R1&L1) and run to door. Exit, make a hard 
left, and run up the stairs avoiding the CZKs. Proceed all the way up to the 


Locate key, plug hole, run water exit roof. Return to 2F 


Turn right, get Health Drink on bench, and enter door on right. Ignore 
knifer, run straight to next classroom door. Get the Shotgun shells, exit 
room, cross hall. Enter, Piano Hallway. Stay left till you see CZ, stop, wait 
a sec till it begins to track you then swing right around knifer. 
Locker Room, open locker, (skip cut scene.) Leave room, corpse falls out of 
locker with Library Reserve Key. Exit Locker room, cross the Piano hallway 
and stay to the right side all the way to the double doors.

(Most times CZ has back turned to Harry and is far enough away from wall to 
pass, sometimes not, Once committed, Harry can't tell till it's too late and 
a bite and stab ensues) 

Exit to hallway. Once in the hallway, swing clockwise to the opposite side of 
the hallway and proceed to the next door at the far end of the hallway. Enter 
the classroom, once in head for the next classroom door. As you begin to move 
into the room, a CZ will be directly in front of you, (you can't see it till 
it's too late) as you enter the room, do a gentle curve to the left around 
the CZ to the door and enter the next room.

(It's very important to complete the arch around the CZ and to hit your mark 
on the door, pretty much all the CZs are in this end of the classroom. If you 
get hit by one, you can figure on taking some serious stabbing and needing a 
few HDs,)

3 CZKs in this room turn hard right and hug the wall all the way around to 
the opposite end of the classroom and exit. Use the staircase and return to 
the first floor.


 Avoid the knifer, bear right while running to the double doors, unlock. This 
is the Rubber Ball hallway. Most times I swing between CZ#1 and CZ#2, 
sometimes, I must hug the wall on the right and slide between it and CZ#1 to 
the Courtyard doors. Exit to the Courtyard; get the Classroom Key at the 

 Return to the 2nd floor Chemistry hallway backtracking through the Rubber 
ball hallway. 


Chemistry Hallway, two knifers, stay left, swing right, passing between CZ1 
and 2, swing back left passing the 2nd CZ and enter the Library Reserve. Exit 
and pass through next room to the hallway. In the Hallway, unlock the 1st 
door on the left. More knifers, count to 3 or 4 and run. Keep Harry's left 
side along the walls to next class room door. Enter and get Health Drink on 
the chair. Exit near the staircase, down to basement, take the left door, two 
boxes of Shotgun Shells. Exit; enter old Boiler room/New Valve Puzzle room. 
Left Valve, Turn Right once, Right Valve, Turn Left twice Take elevator to 
sub basement, jump the cut-scene.

Kill the Dragon, Arm with shot gun, no other weapon you have at this point in 
the game can get the job done as quickly and as safely as the shot gun. Jump 
the cut scene, as you're freed from the cut scene, (L2/R2) and fire six 
rounds as you walk toward the central hub. Release and press (R2) again for 
four more rounds as the dragon approaches. 

(The release and repress of (R2) eliminates the need for Harry to do the 
reload scene thereby cutting a bit more time out.)

The dragon will stop and begin to drool or bleed white stuff onto the floor. 

(I wonder if that's a metaphor for the "white claudia"), which might elude to 
the dragon/heroin references in the past

You'll stand your ground here; continue to hold (L2/R2), while keeping both 
thumbs hovering over the (X) and (DOWN) buttons. Music begins, the dragon 
moves trying to put the squeeze on Harry; this forces Harry to involuntarily 
backup a tad. As soon as the mouth starts to open, hit the (X) and (DOWN) 
buttons. You'll back step while firing 2 rounds only. The dragon's mouth will 
close, move forward to its mouth, wait for the mouth to reopen and repeat the 
process. Move up to the mouth and repeat the process when the mouth opens the 
third time. It will only require 1 round on the third attempt, a total of 15 
rounds to smoke the dragon. 

(I used to waste so much ammo on this guy. The pistol and the laser are 
useless against the dragon when speeding.) 

Jump cut scenes pick up the KEY and exit school. 

(The school is over, all in all a pain in the butt, however, a quick pain in 
the butt. It seems like the CZKs are a bit more aggressive than the Resident 
Evil zombies, and maybe a tad smarter than the DC raptors. It's possible it 
just seems that way because you're in close quarters through the halls, 
hateful lungers too) 


Now you need to head for the house. Exit the school, run out to the street 
and cross to the other side, once on the other side, stay to the left side of 
the street. Take the first alleyway on your left. Move to the right side of 
the alley. Continue straight till you see the dog run at you, run between it 
and the garage with the blood on it to the short alley on the right. Enter 
the house's backyard. Enter the house, exit house. Run southeast to the 
intersection of Bradbury and Levin. Continue east till you approach the 2nd 
bench on the right side of the street, get HD on bench and go left at the 
ally. Run north along the alley till you get to Bloch St. Turn east, run to 
and enter the Church. Skip cut scenes, get key, Flauros. Exit the Church and 
head east to the bridge. Stay to the right side of the bridge, run to Bridge 
control, enter the Control room, and get the HD start bridge up and exit. 
Continue crossing the bridge to Central SH, stay to right side of the bridge. 
Turn right on Crichton St. and run south to Koontz St. turn onto Koontz swing 
over to the right side of the street and enter the Hospital gate. Run to and 
enter the Hospital doors before the dog things get you.



Enter the hospital; skip the cut scenes with Kaufmann, (L1/R1), exit room to 
the 1st floor hall. 1F Hallway, head for the third door on the right wall. 
Pass through the first room and into the 2nd room. Pick up the Basement Room 
Key. Exit to 1st Fl., Hallway, take the next door on the right. Kitchen, take 
the Glass Bottle, Exit, (next door). Put red liquid in Glass Bottle. Exit to 
the Basement door, turn left enter 1st door on left side of basement area, 
start generators. Exit and enter the Elevator, check out levels two and three 
by rattling the double doors. This unlocks a hidden fourth floor Enter the 
4th floor. 


Exit the Elevator, pass through the double doors and run to stairs. Descend 
to the third floor, enter the double doors. 

3rd Floor
Turn right, enter first door on the right, Bathroom door, and get the Turtle 
block. Exit; go right through the double doors. 1st door on the right, get 
med pack and Blood Pack. Exit to Hallway. Right, run to the door on the right 
with Zombie Nurse, slam her and enter the room. Get the Cat block. Exit, turn 
right, run to and unlock the Elevator doors. Take the elevator down to the 
first floor: 

1st Floor
Get the 3 HDs from the soda machine, (L1/R1), enter the 2nd door on the left, 
near the zombie Doctor, and get the Queen Block. Exit, turn left and run 
through the double doors separating the two sides of the 1st floor. Run to 
the stairs and to the 2nd fl.

2nd Floor
Turn left, first door to the left. Run straight to the operating table; grab 
the Lighter, (L1/R1) run past Nurse and exit the room. Turn left, go to the 
last door at the end of the hallway. Worm room, use blood, get Hatter block. 
Exit, turn right, and enter 1st door on left put the blocks on the door in 
this orientation, from 1 o'clock, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Exit the room, 
ignore the Nurse, and enter the double doors in front of you. Shoot the 
Nurse. Enter the door. Ignore the Nurse, run by her, and get the Basement 
Storeroom Key on the table. (L1/R1), return to the Hallway. On your way to 
the hallway, the Nurse might have gotten back up; you might have to spank her 
again. Once in the hallway, enter the next door on the right. Get the 
Alcohol.  Exit, turn right, run to and unlock the Elevator doors. Elevator, 
to the Basement 

Turn left and unlock the 2nd door on the right. Move the shelves for the 
hidden door. Pour the Alcohol on the trapdoor, and then light it. Enter sub 

Sub Basement
Six slow Nurses waiting in the two hallways. Pass the first nurse on the 
right and swing left past the 2nd one; enter the door on the left. Go to the 
last room on the left in the 2nd hallway for the Examination Room Key, (jump 
the cut scene in the room to get to the key faster). 
Return to the basement, take the stairs to the 1st fl., turn left, and run to 
the double doors separating the two 1st Fl sides. Swing right between the 
doctor and the door. Enter the room, ignore the slow doctor and enter the 
Examination Room. (Jump the FMV and cut scenes). Grab the Antique Shop Key on 
your way out. Once outside the hospital, exit through the gates and turn 
right on Koontz St. Continue to Simmons St. Turn left on Simmon's all the way 
to the Antique Shop.



The Antique Shop is just a bunch of cut scenes, an excuse for Cybil to add 
some more detail to the story. Jump all the cut scenes and exit to the 
Shopping mall. Climb the escalator to start the next set of cut scenes. (Jump 
all the cut scenes), climb the escalator to the 2nd floor. Bear left at the 
head of the stairs, and enter the Jewelry Shop. Get the 2 boxes of rifle ammo 
and Med in the Jewelry Shop then exit to the broken floor where the 2 larva 
are mouing on the corpse. 


Do the larva, (jump the cut scene). Run to, pick up and arm with the Rifle. 
Quickly move away from the spot where the Rifle was taken. (L2/R2) and fire 2 
rounds into the Larva, this is a short duration above ground, don't waste 
another round on it. Quickly move to the broken screen on the sandy floor, (a 
good place to wait), count to 2 or 3 and move forward about 5 steps as the 
music signifies that the larva is surfacing. (L1/R1), (L2/R2) and then fire, 
the best positioning is to hopefully be directly in front of it on a long 
crawl over the floor. You may get up to 5 rounds into it before it goes 
under. Follow the same routine as before, wait a few seconds, run, (L1/R1) 
then (L2/R2) and fire. If you don't waste ammo, it will take between 8 and 9 
rounds. Remember, use the (L1/R1) then (L2/R2) and fire technique. The sound 
of a hit is different than the sound of a miss plus you don't see the blood 
squirt on impact, so don't waste any rounds firing into the air. After the 8 
or 9 rounds, the larva gives up and curls into a ball. Shortly after, it 
dives under then surfaces to crash through the glass door. (Jump the cut 
scene). Exit to the street, it's a long dark run back to the Hospital. You 
end up on Sagan St. running west toward the bridge. Turn south at the 
intersection of Sagan and Crichton Sts. back to Koontz and to the Hospital. 
Jump the cut scenes with Lisa. Exit to the Post Office and do the Moth.


 I've found no faster rule to killing the moth, I can do it on average in 57 
seconds, using from 18 to 22 rounds. I've tried using the top area, (water 
Tower) with the Rifle, pistol and laser, running and standing ground. Use 
same technique on the main roof. The best time over med use over ammo use is 
by staying on the main roof and running quarter and half circles around the 
moth. I don't believe it matters which direction you run, I end up switching 
direction a few times during the event. Fire one round only and move a 
quarter to half circle around the moth. Fire and move, fire and move to 
another position on the roof. Continue this maneuver going and you'll notice 
the BG music quickening the beat at around 30 seconds into the event. Around 
40 something seconds the beat kicks up another notch and volume picks up. At 
50 something seconds the volume gets louder still and Moth boy kisses the big 
night flower goodbye  The moth may sneeze dust or whatever it is off and on 
and jab his jabber into the air a number of times through the event. If you 
have the presence of mind to be careful of where you are, you can avoid the 
worst of it and end up using no meds through the conflict. I still end up in 
the red. I'm beginning to think that the conflict may be on a Hits/Time 
Exit the roof.

Run to the Bridge cross it and appear at the Water Pump Sta. Shoot off the 
lock and drop down into the sewer.



Run the sewer maze. When you finish jumping the ladder cut scene, turn right 
and start running. The first section is straight; you'll end up at the 
waterway. Turn left and shoot the "What the Heck Is That?" with 2 rounds from 
the shot gun. A 2nd thing is coming up your 6, so don't dally, you're bound 
to take at least one hit.
(Hence known as ... I give ... not a clue ... wait, how about Clickers from the 
sound they make on the stone floors they sound like they're tap dancing)
Continue left till the corner, bear left till the crossover grating comes 
into view on your right. Run over it and turn right to the next crossover 
grating. Take this grating to the other side and turn left to the next 
grating, run across this grating to the gate. From this point, it's kind of 
straight forward to the peg board with the KEY. You must return to and pass 
the tunnel you entered this place from. There will be from 1 to three more 
clickers to smoke before the fence barrier with gate. Enter the gate; locate 
the 2nd ladder to exit this section of the sewer.


Get the MP; you'll be doing a left, right and right to the gates. Pass 
through the three gates to get the last KEY in the sewer. The place is 
crawling with clickers, but they are more or less easy to out maneuver. From 
the last key, you'll retrace your steps back through the three gates and 
continue on to the fourth gate and finally the exit from the sewer to the 
outside ground level.



Out of the sewer, there is a ruined building to your left, ignore the 
supplies if you can, we're almost done. Run to and turn right onto Bachman 
Rd. Pass the 1st road on the right. Turn into the next opening on the left to 
Annie's Bar, Kaufmann is in there getting intimate on the floor with some 
skinless thing with long manicured nails. Skip the horror, pick up the Key 
and receipt off the floor and snag the 2 HDs on the counter before leaving. 
Exit the Bar and return to Bachman Rd. Turn left stay to the left side of the 
road, when the hedges pop up into view, take the walkway through the hedges 
east to Weaver St. Turn right and continue on to the back door to the Motel. 
Press the numbers 0886, enter the building, pick up the magnet and move into 
the Office area and to the exterior door. Exit, turn right and run to room 
#3, (Kaufmann's room) Push the bureau; use the magnet to get the Key. Return 
to the Office and the room in the rear. Enter the Garage, take the HD and 
shells, use the Key on the bike, and (jump the cut scenes). 
Exit the Garage and the building through the rear door that was locked. Head 
South on Weaver then west on Sandford St. Continue through the Event change 
to the boat. 


The buildings East Garage and West Garage appear on your left as you run 
toward the boat. As the West Garage slips by turn south onto the long dock, a 
dactyl and two dogs will harass Harry to the boat. Enter the boat, (jump the 
cut scenes) and take the HD and Rifle rounds. Exit the boat make your way to 
the dock, it's pretty much straight forward head south to the stairs, 
traverse over the floating docks to the main dock. Continue south to the next 
set of stairs up, turn south and continue to the next set of stairs pointing 
north. At the base, turn south again to the next set which will bring you to 
the base of the Lighthouse. Climb the stairs, enter and climb to the top of 
the Lighthouse. (Jump the cut scene) and return to the boat. Chunk the dog 
that climbs the stairs after you, I like to see it fly. Return to the boat, 
jump the cut scene, leave the boat and climb back up to the top of the dock. 
Exit the docks, back out on the street, take a left and angle across the 
street to the fenced in area, the last sewer run. No need for the map here, a 
simple right, right and left gets you to the manhole in front of the Park. 
While running in the sewer, look for the telltale yellow splotches on the 
floor, this is your cue to turn.
 Enter the Park, bear right, and keep the fence and the empty blackness to 
Harry's right till you spot the Octopus Merry-Go-Round on the right and the 
benches on the left. Bear left at the benches. The building with Magic 
written on it appears in front of you; pass it on Harry's left side. A lamp 
post appears, turn right, and stay to the right side of it. Count 13 running 
steps as you pass the lamp post and do a gentle right, the Carrousel will 
appear in front of and to the left of Harry. Enter it, press start three 
times to bring up the Cybil event. Once free from the cut scenes, run right 
at Cybil, access inventory and chuck the Apple Glottis at her. Jump all the 
cut scenes to nowhere.



Most everyone that Plays SH calls this "Nowhere", so... who am I to argue?
Jump the FMV; follow Lisa out the door for the elevator. Jump the cut scenes 
and end up on the first floor hallway
 Enter the last door on the right, "Basement door". Get the Screwdriver and 
Pliers. Return to the 1st fl., two slow Nurses in the hallway. Turn left; 
backtrack to the door to the right of the double doors separating the two 
sides of the 1st floor. Use the Pliers to get the Ophiel key. Exit, turn 
left, run to and enter the Ophiel door on the right. 2nd door on the left, 
enter. I go from right to left 8, 4, 6, Time Stone. Exit and run to the 
double doors with the ALERT puzzle, do it and run through both rooms to get 
the star. Exit, (jump the FMV and cut scenes with Lisa). (L1/R1), and go 
through the 2nd Bathroom on the left. Turn left enter the Antique door on the 
left and do the time stone clock thing.  Get the Hagith Key. Exit, turn 
right, and run to and through the elevator doors. Enter the elevator, third 
floor, go to the left door. 

1. Top grid: Upside down triangle left
2. Bottom left: Backwards L
3. Bottom right: Arrow, pointing lower left corner

Enter room, Bird Cage Key on chair. Now, take the elevator back to the second 
floor. Enter the third door on the left, blocked by a Nurse. Slam her; pump 2 
rounds into her if she doesn't move fast enough for you. Enter the "Jewelry 
Shop". Take the Crest of Mercury and Ring of Contract. Exit, turn left and go 
to the double doors at the end of the hallway. Pass through them, head 
straight for the next set of double doors in front of you and unlock them. 
This brings you back to the 1st fl. Hallway. Turn left and enter the Birdcage 
room. Use the Key on the birdcage Phaleg key, exit. Unlock the Phaleg door 
Quickly go to the door immediately to the right, "Hospital Kitchen". Get 
Dagger of Melchior and use the Ring of Contract. Exit, quickly turn right and 
slide along the wall to the next door on the right. 
(There's a specter close to the door)
Jelly Beans. Take Bethor key from beans, exit. Run straight across the hall 
to the EYES room.  Get the Ankh. Exit straight across the hall run a large 
loop right to the Bethor Door. Turn the Generator off, exit back to the1st 
fl. hallway. Enter double doors on the right and turn left. Shoot two of the 
babies, swing right and run to the end of hallway. Swing back left at the 
debris on the floor to the last door on the left. Use the Screwdriver, for 
the Aratron key. Return to the hallway, run to the debris on the floor swing 
left and run down the hallway to the double doors on the right. 1st floor 
hallway, enter the Phaleg door. Phaleg hallway, stay right past the Kitchen, 
turn left, slide along wall to just passed the debris on the floor. Turn hard 
right to the last door on the right side of the hallway. Enter door, (jump 
cut scene), Disk of Ouroboros, exit. Cross hall to last room, place all five 
artifacts in slots on door. Enter, (jump cut scene), check health make sure 
you're in the green. Take stairs to end.


Jump the cut scene with Dahlia and Cybil.

Two options,
1. Stand your ground, if you have at least 4 Med Packs, 3 HDs and 3 Ampoules. 
(L2/R2) and start firing away at Sammy. Heal after the first strike, repeat 
until dead. This saves all that running around in the 2nd option. I prefer 
this one because I believe it to be slightly faster than the running one. In 
the 2nd option, at the end of each set of electrical strikes, you must 
reorient to Sammy to begin firing at him and no where else. This draws time 
from shooting him which is the most important part of ending this game. This 
way takes about 22 to 24 rifle rounds.

2. If you're light on Meds or just like to conserve for the macho thing, 
(L2/R2), fire 5 rounds, Sam ought to be smoking at this point, (preparing to 
send out an electronic death request). Stop firing and run in a somewhat 
tight circle, to the left or to the right, the direction doesn't matter, Sam 
is an ambidextrous killer. Stop after Sammy's 3rd strike orient to Sammy try 
and fire 5 rounds until he begins charging up for another strike. Repeat this 
until Sammy crokes. This way more often than not, takes 18 to 22 rifle 

When firing at Sammy, as with all bosses, us the (L2/R2) combo while 
shooting. It allows you to see the target. In Sammy's case, shooting bolts of 
lightning at Harry, it's nice to see the cloud begin to form around him, but 
not necessary. What the (L2/R2) does is target the closest enemy and let you 
see it too; I think fewer shots miss this way ... maybe.


So far, I have brought the time down to 00:45:50 using this route. I always 
botch something in the game, so it could always be better. I still spend time 
trying to remember where and what I'm doing, or turn in the wrong direction 
for a few steps till I come. I still get hit more than I think I should. 
Eliminating these last drawbacks will knock maybe another 20 to 30 seconds 
off the game, maybe a sub 45 minute game is possible, I'm sure there's some 
speeder out there with the dexterity to smoke this time.

77 items: If I made the count correctly.

13 Health Drinks, 3 Med. Packs, 

3 boxes shot gun shells, 3 boxes Rifle rounds
I had a few more rounds for the Rifle than I needed to complete the game, but 
not much. I had many more than I needed for the Shot gun, I still fear 
getting caught without the rounds and I'm sure I could dump another box and 
still do fine. I'm sure if and when I gain more confidence and finesse, I'll 
be able to drop a few more of the HDs. The other 55 items, keys emblems, 
medals, etc are necessary to the Good + game and can't be ignored. I'm not 
too sure about the Map at the beginning or the receipt at the Pool Hall.

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