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It is the year 2003.

In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal 
potential threats to the national security of the United States,the NSA(National 
Security Agency)has ushered forth a new dawn of intelligence-gathering 
techniques.This top-secret initiative,dubbed Third Echelon,marks a return to 
classical methods of espionage,enhanced with leading-edge surveillance and combat 
technology for the aggressive collection of stored data in hostile territories.When 
intelligence deemed critical to national security cannot be obtained by traditional 
means,Third Echelon is granted clearance to conduct physical operations.

Denied to exist by the U.S government,Third Echelon deploys units know as Splinter 
Cells:elite intelligence-gathering forces consisting of a lone field operative 
supported by a remote team.Like a sliver of glass,a Splinter Cell is small,sharp,and 
nearly invisible.

March 10,2004:The CIA contacted NSA officials regarding the loss of contact with 
Agents Alison Madison and Robert Blaustein,CIA operatives monitering widespread 
communication shortages plaguing the former Soviet republic of Georgia.Fearing for 
the lives of American agents compromised at the hands of a suspected terrorist 
effort,Third Echelon has activated Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher to locate the 
missing agents and evaluate the situation.

You are Sam Fisher.You must leave no trace on the physical or political 
map.Remember:Although killing may compromise secrecy,the choice between leaving a 
witness or a corpse is no choice at all.You do not exist.You are a Splinter Cell

The introduction starts and Sam Fisher dies and you lose.Just Kidding.Watch it as 
Agent Blausten gets spotted for being an idiot.Now,there are a few small differences 
between X-box and PS2 versions.This is the PLAYSTATION 2 GUIDE,X-Box can rot for all 
I care.

The mission starts out with you,Sam Fisher in a location unknown to me.Start by 
moving the right analog stick to look at the red lights as Lambert tells you 
to.Now,go on either side of the "pool" by the yellow arrows.Press triangle to jump 
up onto the ledge.Then, shimmy over to the part on which you can climb.Jump down and 
head over to the ladder on your right.Climb it up.Now,look to you left for a zip-
line.Press triangle to jump up and ride the zip-line down.Now,climb down the pipe by 
the yellow arrows.Press circle to crouch,then run under the barbwire fence.In the 
next section you can practice split jumps.Press triangle three times by the wall to 
do a split jump.Ouch,thats gotta hurt.Continue on and you will find a pipe.Jump onto 
it and shimmy towards the hole in the wall.Press circle to bring up Sam's legs to 
pass through the hole.Now,jump down and climb the fence to your right.Run over to 
the wall by the yellow arrows.Press the left analog stick in to lay against the 
wall.Now,walk down the little gap with yourself against the wall.Ok,now you should 
know the controls,so I wont tell you.Climb up the pipe infront of you,then go down 
the ladder.Double jump over the gate now and head through the garage door.Save Point.

Go through the door.Now,lockpick the door to your left.Move the left analog stick 
around in a circle until a chamber in the lock moves,then continue to move the 
analog stick very slowly IN THE SAME AREA THE CHAMBER MOVED!Crouch down and go 
around the piller behind the guard,grab him and Interrogate him for the code.Now 
just knock him out.Enter the door code and proceed.Grab this guard and use him at 
the retinal scanner to open the door.Knock him out,proceed.Easily take aim and shoot 
out the lights with your 5.72 mm.Night Vision with the left directional 
button.WOW,arent they cool?Well,no not really.Go into the next room and shoot out 
the camera,proceed.Now go behind the box and wait for the camera to look away then 
make a run for the door.That was hard wasnt it?Knock out the guard here and hide his 
body in the shadows.Wait for Lambert to tell you good job.Go in the door that the 
guard you knocked out was..uh...guarding.Oooo a sound room.Crouch and slowly jump 
down from where you are.Climb up once,up again and squeeze around the chains.Walk 
over the glass,to the end,Save Point,Wow that was really hard.

IV.Police Station
Watch the beautifully made cutscene.The mission starts with you at ground level in a 
courtyard type area.Run a little forward to find the stairs,head up them.Jump onto 
the ladder that should be almost directly infront of you and climb it up to the 
roof.Run almost directly straight across the roof and find the trapdoor.Open it up 
and jump inside.You should end up in a little tunnel type thing.Crawl to the end to 
find youself in something that should look like a well.Look for a pipe leading 
straight up,climb it up and use the zip-line to get into the burning building.Go 
into the door,then go left,left again through the door.Run through this room and 
through!!!.......another....door.Go down the stairwell and enter the hallway with a 
peice of the floor missing.Going through that is a no-no.You should see a pipe on 
the roof,jump up onto it and shimmy across the gap in the floor.Take a left and cut 
through the room and find the stairwell.Take it to the top floor.Mind the fire,it 
shouldnt touch you at all,but if you get close enough to it,you can die.Go into the 
door on your left and talk to the trapped contact.He died...it brings a tear to my 
eye.Head out the other door that you did NOT come in through.Enter the smoke filled 
room,either shoot out the glass roof to let the smoke escape OR just crouch and run 
through the room to the door.If you try to run through the room standing up Sam's 
health will drop.Now if I'm not mistaken you should have a save point.
Sorry I havent kept my promise of updating the guide everyday,I'm quite lazy.Now,if 
you bother to check the extra's in the game and watched the part of the Sam Fisher 
Interview you will hear rumors about a Splinter Cell 2,the sequel to Splinter 
Cell,well I have some info about it from my gaming contacts and here it is:

Splinter sequel announced
Web posted on 22/5/03 Ubi Soft have announced a sequel to stealth adventure Splinter 
Cell, called Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. 
Right up there with Halo as one of the Xbox's best games (yes, it's that good), Tom 
Clancy's Splinter Cell was a revelation when it first burst onto the scene. With 
James Bond-style gadgets and Solid Snake-style sneaking, not to mention the Xbox's 
superb graphical capabilities, Splinter Cell was an unmitigated success, so a sequel 
was practically a shoe-in. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow will be released on 
multiple formats in early 2004 and has a poncy name. 

Not much info was divulged from Ubi's short but sweet press release, but we're 
promised 'more of the single-player intrigue that made the original game a 
bestseller' plus 'exciting new action scenes' and so forth. However, they did happen 
to mention that Splinter Cell 2 will feature multi-player online missions, allowing 
several players to share Sam Fisher's world of shady espionage. No further details 
were revealed though, leaving us guessing to what game modes will make the final 
cut - deathmatches would be expected, but a Capture the Flag mode and maybe even an 
online co-operative mode would go down a stealthy treat. 

We're sure Ubi Soft will take their time over Splinter Cell 2, but hopefully the 
Spring 2004 release date will be met. First screens when we've infiltrated Ubi Soft 
headquarters and smuggled them out under our jackets.

This is about it comming out on X-Box,we can only pray they also include it to PS2's 
VI.Legal Crap
This guide was made by ME Christopher Nastally(funny name huh)and was written by 
ME.The only site allowed to post up this guide at the moment is Cheatcodes.com 
please e-mail me if you see any other site not listed that is using this 
guide.Also,if you have any questions about Splinter Cell e-mail me at 
[email protected] sure to put Splinter Cell in the subject line or I 
probably wont pay any attention to it,thank you for you cooperation.

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