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         John Shivers(Faust) 
         Version 0.8 --------------------- 1/17/00
         ------- -------

         '-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'.-'-.-'[email protected]'-.-'-.
         = CONTENTS =======================
         Chapter 1 - Area/Boss Walkthroughs
         Chapter 2 - Level 6 Weapons       
         Chapter 3 - Possible Paths        
         Chapter 4 - Credits               
         .-'-.-'[email protected]'-.-'-.'-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'

          Well, since the last update a few things have been
          cleared up, but some stuff I'm still a little
          doubtful about. Mainly the exact requirements for
          fighting Geluve. Currently here is what I suspect
          them to be, if you can help me but knocking one off
          the list as you fought her and didnt do it, please
          e-mail me. Anyways, this maybe a little too much
          but this is what I did the time I went through(and
          what someone else who e-mailed me did too).

               1) Don't die at all.
               2) Enter Prinsdam through the right head(the
                  surfer one).
               3) Fight the Reaper.
               4) Don't kill Zohar in 2 minutes at the battle
                  in the core.
               5) Fight Serah(ties in with #4), and drain all
                  her Spirit.
               6) Choose to Restore Edo.

          Also, as this FAQ is reaching completion if there
          is anything you would like to see added(or maybe a
          boss strategy made a bit more in depth to
          accomadate those who do need a point by point
          guide) please let me know! As always, my e-mail
          address can be found at the top of this FAQ.


 '-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'
 Area 1 - Shamain
   Section 1:
     There is nothing really to say about this level, simply fight
     your way through it and pick up some of the basics. I would
     strongly suggest getting as much money as possible from every
     Polly Peeper in the level to buy the Level 6 Surosa in Section
   Section 2:
     In this level you are introduced to the Silhouette attribute.
     Continue to earn as much money as possible for the Level 6
     Surosa, as this is your one and only chance to get it before
     the final boss!

    NOTABLE SHOP - At one of the drop offs in the level there is a
      cliff you can jump up to and over to get to a shop with the
      Level 6 Surosa.
                           __         \|
                          |##|        ||
            >>>           |##\        /|
            ___________   |###\_SHOP_/#|
             ##########|  |############|
             ##########|  |############|

      If you are a little short on cash, the Spectres on the
      platform to the left of the shot will respawn if you jump
      up near the shop and then go back to it.

    BOSS - Grigg  (( Silhouette ))
      Grigg is the first of many bosses you will fight in this
      game. He only has one attack you need to look out for, and
      that is his boomeranging blade thing. If it hits you right
      it can whipe you out in a matter of seconds! He has a wide
      variety of attacks, but none aside from it are a threat. If
      you picked up the Level 6 Surosa earlier in the stage you
      should beat the hell out of Grigg with ease! 

    BOSS - "Walker" (( Both Attributes ))
      Not a true boss, but your first encounter with one of these
      Peeper driven monstrosities, so I'll cover how to defeat
      them. Simply reflect their shots back at them using the
      appropriate attribute based on what color side of their
      gun they are using. Alternatively you can use certain
      weapons such as the Level 6 Surosa to push him up the cliff
      so that he falls forward on his face taking away half his
   Section 3:
     This level is not really what could be called a level. It
     is essentially a "Boss Chamber". However there is a hidden
     shop that is worth visiting if you are a fan of Priday.

    NOTABLE SHOP - The whole level looks like is shown below,
      simply jump over the gap to get Level 6 Priday.
             ||                                    ||
             ||                             <<<    ||
             ||__SHOP_____        ______           ||
             |###########/        \#####\          ||
             |##########/          \#####\_________||
             |#########|            |###############|
             |##########\   BUG    /################|

    BOSS - Bug  (( Mirage ))
      Bug's attacks consist of "summoning" spells. There are 3
      different ones, the only one that really has a chance of
      hitting you is the Polly Peeper summon. The Polly Peeper
      summons simply creates a Peeper in mid-air that throws a
      bomb at you. His second spell is Summon Battleship,
      which will create a battleship in the background that
      fires shots at you. When the shots hit the ground a 
      geyser erupts. This is easily dodged by dashing up the
      walls and staying against them until the geysers fade
      away. The third attack is an Avalanche, which can be
      avoided the same way as the battleship. Bug can be an
      annoying boss at first, but after you've played him once
      or twice previously you can make short work of him.

 '-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'
 Area 2 - Raqia
   Section 1:
     This is another straight forward stage(well, they all
     really are in this game). The only thing I should mention
     is that when fighting the motorcyclists jump up on top of
     the street lamps and knock them off with Mirage from
     there, then jump down and take their cash and kill them

    BOSS - Nardo  (( Silhouette ))
      The first of many bosses in Raqia, and by far the 
      easiest. He has no particulary strong attacks, so just
      dodge his projectiles and shoot him. The only thing
      about him that may cause some complications is
      occasionaly the people in the building behind you will
      throw stuff at you, and the damage can really add up.

    BOSS - Zohar  (( Both Attributes ))
      The first of many battles with Zohar has come! Zohar
      can switch attributes during battle as he/she chooses.
      His Silhouette attribute will use mainly melee style
      sword attacks, and her Mirage attribute will use all
      projectile attacks. Zohar is loaded with cash(500!) so
      make sure to grab it all! This is the easiest part of
      the game to get money in, as while the following battles
      with Zohar still give him/her 500 gold, they are a bit
      harder to steal from. Anyways, as for killing him/her
      simply stay back from the Silhouette attacks and blast
      away, and when she uses Mirage just look which direction
      the shots are being fired in and don't be there when
      they hit.
   Section 2:
     At the start of this level you will fight some
     motorcyclists. Afterwards a Spectre will disconnect the
     back part of the train so you have to run and jump across
     the gap. Then you will have to fight a walker, simply use
     the same strategy as before. Also, this walker you can
     simply push off the side of the train with certain

    BOSS - Goliath  (( Silhouette ))
      Start off by taking down his spirit all the way, it will
      make this a much easier fight. If you attempt to steal
      from him, be careful! He can often grab you directly out
      of your hold. When he jumps onto the truck be careful,
      and dont bother trying to knock the toys back at him,
      just dodge. 

    BOSS - Attribute Gun  (( Both Attributes ))
      The only way to damage the Attribute Gun is reflect its
      shots back at it. To know which side to use, watch the
      color of the bullets in order as they are being loaded.
      Its attacks are really powerful, but if you pay attention
      to what color is next he is really easy as he has little
      life for how much damage each hit does. Also, keep an eye
      for any "stragglers"... in other words, sometimes one of
      the bullets that runs up there in one load will not get
      in the gun and will get in first the next load. This can
      through you off if you're not paying attention.

    BOSS - Dynamis  (( Both Attributes ))
      Dynamis has several attacks, most of which involve her
      tentacle-things shooting projectiles, and also she will
      run across the screen with her fin. To hurt her simply
      kill her tentacles. Killing them with the same attribute
      will damage her spirit, and killing them with opposite
      will damage her life. If a tentacle is killed while stuck
      to the ground then it will stay there until you kill it
      again shooting projectiles. Dynamis is extremely easy, 
      but can get annoying as hell when she refuses to actually
      fight you and keeps doing her little fin attack.

 '-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'
 Area 3 - Shehaqim
   Section 1:
     The first screen of this section has contains the Level 6
     Angara, so if you want it be sure not to miss it. The
     area is layed out like:

         ||                          ||
         ||          __  __          ||
         ||         /#|**|#\         ||
         ||        /##|**|##\    <<< ||

     You will fight some flying Spectres at the start of the
     stage(in the right valley), and then proceed up the side
     of the center. Once here you will fight some more, but
     before you kill them MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT STANDING IN
     THE CENTER OF THE SCREEN! If you are you will fall down
     a pit into the next area. Instead you want to stay on
     the sides so you can head left to get Level 6 Angara.
     After fighting the enemies at the shop, head back up to
     the pit and fall in this time. If you need some extra
     cash the Spectres on both side will respawn.
   Section 2:
     This section is a giant wheel following you, and during
     the course of the path there are several branches you
     can take, including one to Level 6 Rasti. The stage is
     layed out as follows:
       (% = Start, > = Path leads Right, < = Path leads Left,
        /\ = Path leads Up, \/ = Path leads Down, !SHOP! =
        Level 6 Rasti Shop)
           >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EXIT
           <<<<<<<<<<<<<< %  SHOP
          \/                  /\
           >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EXIT
        !SHOP!         \/
          /\           \/
   Section 3:
    BOSS - Pablo  (( Silhouette ))
      First off, to get Pablo to come out of the shadows
      simply stand at the back of the screen and don't
      move. After you start talking to him he will turn
'     into a werewolf and the two of you fight. He uses a
      lot of melee and air attacks, and is extremely fast
      so be careful. He isn't the hardest boss in the game,
      but if you aren't careful he can easily take you out.
      You probably want to steal his money, as hes loaded,
      so take out his spirit first so he can't fight back
      with anything but swipes. An interesting aspect about
      this fight is that there are three possible things
      that your character can say after you win. One is
      said when you beat Pablo without the background
      falling down, another is when you beat him when the
      background falls down and is put back up, and the
      final is when the background falls and you beat
      Pablo before it is put back up.
   Section 4:
    BOSS - Malak  (( Both Attributes ))
      One of the more difficult bosses(unless you have the
      Level 6 Surosa, in which case all are easy). Shoot
      his little "happy face with wings" until he appears(he
      being the giant chameleon). His attribute is whatever
      you shot the happy face with. Watch out for the slow
      moving energy orbs and reflect them with the 
      appropriate attribute so they can hit Malak for extra
      damage. Also make sure to reflect the heat seeking
      lasers, as while they wont hit Malak when you do, it
      keeps them from damaging you(which they almost always
   Section 5:
    BOSS - Zohar  (( Both Attributes ))
      After he interrupts you and Bug, you will do battle
      with Zohar for the second time. Play him the exact
      same way as the first fight, but look out for his
      one or two new attacks(a heat seeking beam for his
      Mirage form, and a spinning then dash at you for his
      Silhouette form). And dont forget to rob him blind!

 '-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'
 Area 4 - Machonom
   Section 1:
    BOSS - Samson  (( Silhouette ))
      This fight is easy as hell, but extremely fun in my
      opinion! Simply jump over his hand when he attacks
      with it and dodge or reflect his projectile. If his
      projectile hits the ground it will create a geyser.
      He also has a grab attack where he attempts to get
      you with both hands, but its so easy to dodge I've
      never even been hit by it to tell you what it does!
      Don't bother draining his spirit, its a waste of
      time since he only has 3 or 4 attacks and he has a
      lot more spirit than life.
   Section 2:
     In this section you just fight some Spectres who
     are hanging from the ceiling.
   Section 3:
     As soon as you start in this section, drop down to
     the bottom level and talk to the bunny guy and buy
     Grattoni Level 6!! Then proceed onward to fight...

    BOSS - Faust  (( Silhouette ))
      Heheh, needless to say I like this guy's name. ;)
      Anyways, he has a lot of really powerful summoning
      spells! If you have a "high impact" weapon that
      will knock him backwards, use it! The last thing
      you want to happen is be caught on your Mirage side
      when he pulls out his big satellite laser. Grabbing
      him also will stop him from attacking, so try to
      stay close to him. If you can keep him from
      attacking with his stronger attacks you should have
      few problems in this fight, as he has very little
      life comparitively.
   Section 4:
    BOSS - Sara  (( Mirage ))
      At the start of the fight just keep shooting her
      with Silhouette until she sheds the cardboard
      cut-out. At this point there are a few things you
      should be aware of... first off, whenver she opens
      the thing on her head, any thing you shoot her with
      will be absorbed until she builds up enough to use
      the slot machine. When she uses the slot machine
      just jump or fire, or press any button, to get it
      to stop spinning. Possible outcomes include a bunch
      of Polly Peepers, a bunch of Spectres, Money, Life
      Healing things, and Spirit Healing things. "LUCKY"
      will do about 50 damage to Sara. The little black
      faces will do about 50 damage you. Most of her
      attacks are easily reflected, and make sure to 
      reflect the little balls she will drop on the 
      ground. They don't do any damage, but they will trip
      Sara up. And while she has a lot of money, she is
      rather difficult to steal from so for best results
      drain her spirit first. At the end of the fight you
      will get to play the Slot machine one last time, then
      you continue on to a shop before the next boss.
   Section 5:
    BOSS - Delia  (( Mirage ))
      To beat him simply choose a side of the level then
      pick up and throw the Spectres into the soup. Every
      now and then Delia will drink some, and if the soup
      is blue he will take damage, and if it is red he
      will build up his spirit meter. When his spirit meter
      reaches 100 he will shoot a long series of
      projectiles at you, and all you ahve to do is use
      your Mirage reflector.

 '-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'
 Area 4 - Mathey
   Section 1:
     At this point there are two paths you can take, but
     both lead to what is essentially the same place, just
     reversed to be accurate with the direction you went.
     I suggest taking the right path, to the Surfer head,
     as that way you can get Level 6 Envia, and I think
     it is also one of the requirements for fighting
   Section 2:
     Don't bother attacking the guys here with their own
     attribute, as they have infinite spirit. Just kill
     them and move onward. Buy any healing stuff you need
     at the shop, as the next 3 fights are the hardest
     outside of the final bosses!

    BOSS - Spider  (( Normal ))
      Since this enemy has neither attribute, you have to
      reflect its own shots back at it to kill it. Stay on
      levels below it so it will hang down and try to shoot
      you, then get right next to it and bring up your
      reflector so you can reflect up to 3 shots back at a
      time instead of one from a distance. Stay as far as
      you can away if he is not firing shots though!! This
      guy has caught me by surprise and killed me more
      times than I can count... If he launches the little
      webs take the time to reflect them, as if he jumps
      into them they will drain his life for a lot of
      damage. Avoid his thread attack followed by an
      explosive spider at all costs! It does about 60
      damage each hit. When he captures you in his webbing,
      reapeatedly wiggle the controller back and forth and
      with any luck you will get out before he can hurt you.

     You now have another chance to buy healing items before
     the next two bosses. I strongly suggest maxing out your
     life and spirit. This shop also features the Level 6
     Envia if you entered through the right head(the surfer

    BOSS - Yona Division  (( Normal ))
      This boss consists of a bunch of the robot soldiers
      that populate the area, and their general. The catch
      is they are all attribute-less(unless the general
      uses his Attribute Wave attack) so you can only hurt
      them by reflecting their own weapons. For best 
      results get as close to the general as you can so he
      tosses out grenades and then reflect them. Make sure
      the soldiers don't catch you from behind while you
      are doing that though! Speaking of which, it is a
      good idea to get into a corner for a while and 
      reflect until the soldiers are killed if you want to
      play it safe.
   Section 3:
    BOSS - Megido  (( Silhouette ))
      And now a battle I'm sure you'll hate. Megido. This
      guy is a pain in the ass. Even if you counter his
      attacks perfectly he still has a way of getting you
      every now and then. Whenever he does his Chubby Hand
      or Giga Wave attacks, either block them(which works
      very well in the case of Giga Wave) or get the hell
      out of the way. If he won't stop doing one or the
      other try to get close and throw him off the edge
      to break his pattern. Burning Arrow is another of
      his attacks that can be a pain, but is actually one
      of the easiest to dodge if you know how. The battle
      field is like this of course:
                  _,-'          '-,_
               ,-'                  '-,
              /                        \
      The key to dodging Burning Arrow is when he is
      coming down, run to the side of the screen opposite
      which side your Silhouette is on(lets say in this
      example the left). So youd be dashing across like:
                  _,-'          '-,_
               ,-'                  '-,
              /                        \
      When he hits the ground turn around so you are
      facing the slope(and are in Silhouette mode) and
      use your reflector, so when he comes out of the
      ground he is coming from the slope into your
      shield, not below you or behind you like he would
      be elsewhere. He will also throw Spectres out
      sometimes, but consider this a blessing and whipe
      them out fast for healing items. And be careful
      when attacking him with Silhouette shots to drain
      his spirit, as if he does his spin it will
      reflect them back at you. If he jumps into the
      background and throws energy orbs at you, just
      run as much as possible as if you stop to block
      they will almost always hit you from behind
      instead of hit your shield. The good news is you
      only have to do 500 damage.
   Section 4:
     To fight the Reaper you have to have not died at
     all at this point.

    BOSS - The Reaper  (( Silhouette ))
      This guy is the hardest boss in the game! However
      all of his attacks have counters that once you
      get in a pattern of doing, are not too hard to
      pull off. He starts off the fight by getting on
      his chariot and flying across the screen. Simply
      reflect it with either attribute and you should
      not take any damage. Whenever he raises his
      scythe above his head he will either do one of
      two things. The first possible thing is he will
      send a geyser of attacks flowing across the
      screen, and the other is he will toss his scythe
      up and energy will start gathering around it. As
      soon as you see him get ready to do one of the
      attacks, ALWAYS run behind him in case it is
      the energy geysers. If it is the energy geysers
      then from behind him just shoot him until the
      attack is over. If it is the energy building
      attack, after he finishes building up energy he
      will rapidly shoot bullets at you. After the
      point you can tell he is doing the energy
      building attack, get on whichever side you can
      reflect with silhouette. Get as far from him
      as you can and just wait for the bullets to
      come and reflect them back. If there is enough
      distance between you, some of them will damage
      him at the end of the attack. His most common
      attack(and most damaging) is when he throws
      his scythe out. The trick to this is just turn
      towards it and reflect(it doesn't matter which
      attribute, as the scythe counts as a "normal"
      attack). His final attack looks the most 
      powerful but is actually his worst. He will
      shoot a large beam across the screen that will
      richochet into smaller ones. If he is on your
      silhouette side, simply reflect the large beam
      for good damage, and if he is on your mirage
      side just reflect the little shots and don't
      worry about hitting him with them. On top of
      all this, I found a little trick you can use
      to kill him easy... heheh. Try to get him to
      go up into the top corner on your mirage side,
      and make sure you are at an angle underneath
      him like this(presuming right is your mirage):


      If you have the level 6 Surosa(at least this
      is what I did it with) repeatedly shoot him
      and it will infinitly juggle him and do
      damage! In other words... you can't lose if
      you get him in this position.

     At this point I am not 100% sure if you have to
     fight The Reaper to fight Geluve, but I suspect
     this is the case as otherwise the Reaper would be

 '-,-'-,[email protected],-'-.-'
 Area 5 - Zebul
   Section 1:
     As usual fight through the Peepers early on in this
     stage. Soon you will reach an old challenge with a
     new twist... two walkers instead of one. This is a
     bit harder than a single walker(espically since
     there is no where to knock them off of), but use
     the same strategy and you'll win. When you reach
     the part with the falling rocks, just dash across
     and you will make it most of the time(possibly
     getting hit once).

    BOSS - Gargantuan  (( Both Attributes ))
      Whenever it is in Silhouette mode kill all the
      Spectres and let it pick up the Peepers, and vice
      versa when it is in Mirage mode. If you get hit
      by the ring flying around then they will keep you
      from jumping high. Other attacks of it's include
      energy orbs that are insanely slow and easy to
      get rid of, and a "laser eye" that will greate a
      geyser on the ground. Overall a really pathetic
      boss so late in the game.
   Section 2:
    BOSS - Zohar  (( Both Attributes ))
      Use the same strategy as with previous Zohar fights,
      just do it faster as you only have two minutes. :)
      His/her only new attack is the mini-satellites which
      do two things; 1) Mirage Zohar can use it to send a
      beam reflecting around the level, and 2) they will
      reflect your Mirage shots. Depending on if you beat
      him/her in under 2 minutes or not your second to 
      last boss will be different.
   Section 3:
     There are at least two possible bosses to fight here.
     You only have to fight one of them, and which you
     fight is dependent on the path you took. Cypher Za-
     Zohar is fought when you beat Zohar in 2 minutes in
     the previous fight, and Serah is fought when you
     don't beat Zohar in 2 minutes.

    BOSS - Cypher Za-Zohar  (( Both Attributes ))
      Well, whattya know, Zohar has morphed into an ultra-
      powerful Gaurdian Angel with limitless strength!
      Good for him! ;) When he is in Mirage form, dodge
      the prolonged projectile blasts and keep firing at
      all times! When the huge lasers come down from the
      sky, just reflect one of them. When he is in
      Silhouette form keep in the air so that his blades
      go underneath you. Near the end of the battle some
      objects will start flying across the level, but
      unfortunatly I know no way to dodge these without
      getting hit by tons of other stuff. Currently one
      of two bosses I still have a problem beating.

    -= OR =-

    BOSS - Serah  (( Both Attributes ))
      Definitly the easier of the two bosses. Simply
      kill the little glob things she drops down and then
      shoot her and reflect every attack she does. The
      only thing to watch out for is when she rains the
      fire down, as it sometimes hits behind your
      reflector. If you take out her spirit before you
      damage her to the point she uses her more advanced
      attacks, she is even easier! Also, it is believed
      you have to drain all her spirit to first as one of
      the requirements of fighting Geluve.

     After the fight Bug will drop a shop and you can
     buy Level 6 Cravitis! I would personally skip him,
     unless you have money to spare. However, if you plan
     on going the Geluve path, pick up a Lvl 6 Envia if
     you don't have one here!
   Section 4:
     Now you have a choice to make... Restore Edo or
     Abandon Edo. If you choose restore it you fight
     the Edo program(or Geluve in one path) and if you
     choose to abandon it you fight Megido. 

    BOSS - Edo  (( Both Attributes ))

    BOSS - Megido  (( Both Attributes ))
      For the first half of the fight refer to the
      previous battle with Megido. The guide for the
      second half will be up in the next update.

    BOSS - Geluve  (( Mirage ))

    In addition to the locations listed below, all of the
    Level 6 weapons are available in the shop right before
    the final boss of the game.

  Surosa      -  300 - First Shop in Area 1, Stage 2. At
                       the first point in the level you 
                       drop down on the right side, you 
                       can jump to the top of the cliff 
                       just to the right of the drop and
                       the shop is in the pit to the right.
  Priday      -  950 - Shop right before bug. To reach it
                       you have to jump across the pit you
                       fight Bug in.
  Angara      -  650 - Shop to the left of the first screen
                       in Area 3. To get to it make sure
                       you are not standing in the middle
                       of the screen when you defeat the 
                       enemies on top of the hill.
  Rasti       - 1000 - At the point the giant wheel is
                       chasing you in Area 3, take the 
                       first branch down, then continue to
                       the right until you see a small drop
                       off the path and take it. From there
                       continue left to the end of this
                       branch and then take the top path
                       and there should be a Shop selling
                       Rasti Level 6.
  Grattoni    - 1000 - Right before you fight Faust in Area
                       4 you can buy Grattoni in the shop
                       in Faust's room(the "mini-stage" you
                       fall into when Sara drops you down
                       the trap door).
  Envia       -  600 - Inside Prinsdam in Area 5, after the
                       spider sub-boss there is a store
                       selling Envia. This is only here if
                       you you entered through the right
                       head(the surfer one).
  Cavitas     - 1200 - The only place I know where you can
                       buy him is in the shop where you can
                       buy them all right before the final

    These are not 100% confirmed, but are pretty much the only
    possibilities. (*) means suspected as neccesary, but not

    Path 1 - Fight Za-Zohar, then fight Edo.
    Path 2 - Fight Za-Zohar, then fight Megido.
    Path 3 - Fight Serah, then fight Edo.
    Path 4 - Fight Serah, then fight Megido.
    Path 5 - Fight the Reaper(*), Fight Serah, then fight Geluve.

    Path 1 - Go through the game normally, not going out of your
     way for anything in particular. When you get to the fight
     with Zohar in the core beat him in under two minutes. Then
     you will fight Cypher Za-Zohar. After you beat him, and are
     given the choices, choose to restore Edo. You will then
     fight the Edo system, Armmagedeon.

    Path 2 - Do the exact same thing as for path 1, except for
     choose to abandon your mission instead of restoring Edo.
     You will fight Megido, followed by a super version of him.

    Path 3 - Do everything the same as in paths 1 and 2, except
     for in the battle with Zohar at the core, let the time run
     out. You will fight Serah. Afterwards choose to restore Edo
     and you will fight Armmagedeon.

    Path 4 - Do everything the same as in path 3, but choose to
     abandon your mission. You will fight Megido then the super
     Megido as your boss.

    Path 5 - This is the one I am unclear on(as stated many
     times over in this FAQ... heheh). This is how I believe it
     to work though. First off, you can not die at all through
     out the game. When you reach Area 4, go into the right
     head of Prinsdam(the surfer head). After Megido, you must
     fight and defeat the Reaper. At the fight with Zohar at
     the core, let the time run out. Now you will fight Serah.
     While fighting Serah take away all her spirit. From there
     choose to restore Edo, and fulfill your mission. If you
     do all of this then Hal should call Geluve out to fight
     you, and you will learn the truth behind her and the other
     Gaurdian Angel's creations.

    This FAQ is written by:
         John Shivers(Faust)

         Matt28800 - Info about fighting
         Azrael - Info about fighting Geluve.

    You can find this FAQ at:

    Check out my page at:

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