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WWE 2K15 is the first true WWE game under the 2K banner. WWE 2K15 promises to 
bring the WWE video game series to the next-generation on Xbox One and 
PlayStation 4. Master the game with this guide, which covers everything that 
there is to know about WWE 2K15 and more!

WWE 2K15 Guide
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Play
   One on One
   Triple Threat
   Royal Rumble
   Title Match
3. MyCareer
   NXT Performance Center
   NXT Main Roster
   WWE Superstars
   Main Event
4. 2K Showcase
   Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect
   Best Friends, Bitter Enemies
5. WWE Universe
6. WWE Creations
7. Online Multiplayer
8. My WWE
9. Options
10. Xbox Store
11. Achievements
12. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
For the first time ever, the WWE series is available on eighth generation 
video game systems. This leap to the next generation brings with it some 
changes and additions that the franchise has never seen before.

Before you can get to conquering the squared circle, you should take note of 
the game's control scheme. These controls are for both the Xbox One and PS4 
versions of the game. You can get this control information by starting the 
game, pressing start, and then simply going to the Controls.

RT - Reversal/Limb Targeting
Y - Signature/Finisher
X - Strike
B - Irish Whip/Pin
A - Grapple
LS - Move
LT + LS - Run
LB + LS (near ropes) - Exit the ring
View Button - Body indicator

R2 - Reversal/Limb Targeting
Triangle - Signature/Finisher
Square - Strike
Circle - Irish Whip/Pin
X - Grapple
LS - Move
L2 + LS - Run
L1 + LS (near ropes) - Exit the ring
Touchpad - Body indicator

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Play
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
To begin the basic exhibition matches, you need to go to the "Play" option 
from the main menu. It is here that you can try out the different match types 

Match types are categorized and organized by the amount of wrestlers that are 
in each match. There are seven main types that you can partake in. Some match 
types are available under more than one of the categories.

In this section of the guide, I will note which match types are available 
under each category and give a brief explanation on how to win each kind of 
match. If a match repeats, I won't redo the explanation.

One on One is just as it sounds. It's a battle of one superstar against another

NORMAL - Normal matches can end by disqualification, count-out, pinfall, or 
submission. This is the most common kind of wrestling match.

EXTREME RULES - No rules and weapons aren't only welcome...they're allowed.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE - Similar in concept to the Extreme Rules Match, but the 
difference is that you can defeat your opponent outside the ring, whereas in an
Extreme Rules Match, you can only defeat them by forcing them to pin or submit 
in the ring.

IRON MAN - There is a set time limit. Score is kept between the wrestlers, with
whoever has earned the most pinfalls or submissions by the time the time limit 
runs out wins.

LAST MAN STANDING - The goal here is to brutalize your opponent so badly that 
they are unable to get up within the count of 10.

NO HOLDS BARRED - No DQ and no count-out match.

STEEL CAGE - The goal is to escape from the cage or to defeat your opponent in 
the ring with pinfall or submission.

SUBMISSION - The only way to win this match is wear your opponent down to the 
point that you can force them to tap out.

HELL IN A CELL - A regular match in the sense that you have to pin or submit 
your opponent in the middle of the ring, however you can utilize the Hell in a 
Cell for added damage.

TABLE - Defeat your opponent in this match by sending them through a table.

TLC - Pull down whatever is hanging above the ring. Usually it's a Money in 
the Bank briefcase. Tables, ladders, and chairs are scattered around the 
ringside area to help you accomplish this.

In WWE, a Triple Threat Match is a match where three wrestlers battle one 
another in a free-for-all setting. Three match types are available under the 
Triple Threat category:

Extreme Rules
Hell in a Cell

These matches include four participants, either working together or battling 
it out in a free-for-all setting.

TAG TEAM - There is two teams, with two people on each team. You have to tag 
in and out to become the legal participant. The match can only end involving 
the legal wrestlers.

FATAL-4-WAY - A four way free for all match. Think "triple threat", except with
one more person added.

ELIMINATION TAG - Same as a regular tag, except the match doesn't end on the 
first pinfall or submission. Instead the person that has suffered the pinfall 
or submission is eliminated and the match continues until one team has been 
completely eliminated from the contest.

FATAL-4-WAY EXTREME RULES - An Extreme Rules Match with four wrestlers.

There's a total of six participants in these matches. Some of the matches that 
are included in this category we have already covered.

Tag Team
Elimination Tag
Hell in a Cell

And here are the new match types introduced in the 6-man category:

LADDER - A six-person ladder match. The goal here is to pull down the briefcase
by climbing the ladder.

BATTLE ROYAL - Eliminate the other five wrestlers that are in the match.

ELIMINATION CHAMBER - Two wrestlers start out in the ring and four others are 
in pods. After a certain amount of time, the wrestlers inside the pods are 
released. Wrestlers that are pinned or are forced to submit are eliminated from
the match. The match keeps going until only one wrestler remains.

A Royal Rumble Match is a match where you have to toss your opponents over the 
top rope to win. There are 30 participants, with two starting at the beginning 
of the match. After a certain amount of time, a new wrestler runs out and is 
added to the match. This match continues until only one wrestler remains.

There are three different types of tournaments that you can play through in 
WWE 2K15.

GOLD RUSH - The ultimate goal of this is to win a championship at the end of 
the tournament. If the title isn't vacant, that means that the end of the 
tournament will have whoever won the tournament wrestling for the championship 
in question.

KING OF THE RING - A standard single elimination tournament in the WWE.

TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT - Same idea as the King of the Ring tournament type, except
using tag teams.

If you want to wrestle for a title, just go to this option and you can wrestle 
for any of the titles in the game. There's a lot of different championships in 
the game, but by default, these are the main championships that are being 
held by people in the game when you first start:

WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Brock Lesnar
WWE United States Championship - Sheamus
WWE Intercontinental Championship - Dolph Ziggler
WWE Divas Championship - AJ Lee
WWE Tag Team Championship - The Usos

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. MyCareer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
MyCareer is a mode that is exclusive to the eighth generation versions of 
WWE 2K15. In it, you begin as a pro wrestling rookie and then work your way to 
the main WWE roster and hopefully on to WrestleMania and championship gold!

There are some aspects of MyCareer that will vary from player to player, so 
some of the finer details in this section of the guide may not exactly match 
up with your MyCareer, but for the most part, it should match up pretty good 
and help you out with whatever you're struggling with there. For the most part,
this guide will assume that you are winning your matches.

You have to either import a character that you've already created, or you will 
be forced to create a wrestler as soon as you start this mode for the first 

When you're done creating your wrestler, you are free to jump into the MyCareer
for WWE 2K15!

There is also a section called Character. When you've completed the early 
levels in the NXT Performance Center, you can press the Y or Triangle button 
at the MyCareer menu to get to this section of the game.

From this section of the game, you can go back to the WWE Performance Center to
practice and earn extra upgrade points and the like. You can also upgrade your 
wrestler's attributes, abilities, skills, hire managers, or purchase training 
sessions with WWE wrestlers to increase your skills further. By doing these 
training sessions, you will learn the moves of the wrestlers that you are 
training with.

There are two currencies in the game. SP is how you upgrade the attributes of 
your wrestler. VC is how you purchase stuff in the game. SP stands for 
Superstar Points and VC stands for Virtual Currency.

You can customize aspects of your MyCareer character as well, including their 
attire and their movelist. And if you so wish, you can also retire this 
character and start over with a new one.

Before you can make it to the main roster of NXT, you have to prove yourself 
in the NXT Performance Center.

Your NXT tryout match is against a guy named Baron Blade. Yes, you can laugh 
at that name. Anyway, the match won't even get a chance to end. Just let it 
playout until it is interrupted by a cut-scene.

After this match, you will be asked to sign a contract. Sign the contract and 
then upgrade your wrestler with the upgrade points however you'd like.

Bill DeMott will put you through the paces in three different tutorial matches.
These matches have bonus objectives designed to teach you the finer aspects 
of playing WWE 2K15. By completing them, you can unlock bonus SP and VC to 
spend on your character.

The first match has one objective. You simply have to play the match to 
completion and win by either pinfall or submission. The second match will 
have you perfomring two front grapples, performing at least one signature 
move, and performing at least one finishing move.

Finally, the third match teaches you how to do reversals and also tasks you 
with adding drama to the match. Drama is added to the match by having close 
victories and by having the match go back and forth a bit. This will build the 
star rating at the end of the match, which will get you even more SP and VC to 

All of these objectives are just bonuses. You should strive to get each one, 
but if they are starting to drag on you, just complete the matches as best as 
possible and continue your career.

After completing the tutorial matches, you are free to really begin your career
in the WWE. This starts as a main roster member in NXT. You can continue to 
upgrade and edit your character by pressing Y/Triangle from the main MyCareer 
screen. You have much more freedom now over your character than you did during 
the NXT Performance Center phase.

The next challenge for you to overcome is defeating the four opponents William 
Regal has selected for you. If you do this successfully, you will be placed 
into a #1 contender's match. Win that match, and then the next step is fighting
for the NXT Championship.

You will have to fight three fake wrestlers that were created for this mode 
(you have probably faced them before) as well as Bo Dallas. In regards to Bo 
Dallas, you don't actually have to defeat him. He's a very tough opponent, so 
Regal will allow you to move on to the #1 Contender's match regardless of if 
you actually beat Bo Dallas.

Win the #1 contender's match and the next step is cashing in that opportunity 
to go after the NXT Championship!

Adrian Neville is the NXT Champion by default. He is a real pain in the ass 
until you upgrade both your stamina and momentum. These two aspects of your 
wrestler are very important in being successful in these matches going forward,
especially the one against Neville.

Neville is so annoying because he can build up his Finisher so quickly. You 
will need to get used to countering his aerial offense. Upon winning the NXT 
Championship, your time in NXT isn't done yet.

You then have to defend the NXT title a total of four times. Defending the NXT 
title successfully four times will get you a promotion to the roster of WWE 

Your goal while on the roster of WWE Superstars is to raise the amount of 
social media followers you have. There are then two possible rewards for 
raising your amount of social media followers, you will either be given a shot 
at the United States Championship or you will get promoted to be able to 
wrestle on Main Event. There are times when you will still have to defend the 
NXT Championship despite the promotion, however.

On your quest to gain social media followers, you will be thrust into a variety
of matches. Again, this guide is going to assume that you are successful and 
are progressing at a steady pace, so there may be some differences, such as who
is holding what title, and who you face in these matches.

Sometimes you will have to defend the NXT title, other times you will be 
wrestling main roster talent on Superstars, who will bring a lot more challenge
to the table than your typical run of the mill guys that you are fighting in 

Eventually, Vickie Guerrero (apparently the General Manager of...Superstars?) 
will give you a choice, and this choice will have a pretty big impact on your 

Title Defense Match - In my game, this was against Sami Zayn. What this means 
is that you hold onto your title, assuming you defend it successfully, in a 
match against an NXT wrestler that takes place on Superstars.

Dark Match - You will be stripped of the NXT title if you choose to do a Dark 
Match. However, the plus side to doing a Dark Match is that you will gain 
bonus VC, which you can use to purchase new skills for your wrestler. In my 
game, the dark match was against Big E.

Tune-Up Match - A tune-up match will get you a bonus amount of social media 
followers if you win. The downside is that you will be stripped of the NXT 
title. Tyson Kidd was my opponent for this match.

I recommend going with the Tune-Up Match, honestly. The main goal right now is 
building social media followers, and so you should take the bonus followers by 
going in the Tune-Up match. This will make you get through MyCareer much 
faster as opposed to you choosing the other possible routes.

You will continue getting choices between Dark Matches or Tune-Up Matches. 
Spam the Tune-Up Matches to get to Main Event faster. When you hit 85K 
followers on social media, then you will be able to reach Main Event.

The main goals on Main Event are different than the goals that were on 
Superstars. You need to raise your popularity (more Twitter followers), gain 
more wins, and also start working as either a face or a heel. To raise the 
meter as a heel, do things that are illegal in matches behind the ref's back, 
and play by the book to work as a face.

After you've impressed Triple H and Vickie Guerrero enough, you will be allowed
to choose three PPVs that you want to be a part of throughout the year. There 
is an achievement for wrestling on each one of the Big Four PPVs. The "big 
four" include Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series.

At this stage, it is likely that you will only be able to select Survivor 
Series. Pick any other two that you want besides that one, but I highly 
recommend taking the opportunity to do a big four when you have it.

It is around this time in your career that William Regal will ask you for help.
Cesaro and Jack Swagger are giving him a hard time. You can accept to take this
match or instead focus on your usual mix of Dark Matches, Tune-Up Matches, 
title matches, etc.

If you want to unlock William Regal as a playable character later on, you will 
need to accept his offer to help him in the match. Cesaro and Swagger are 
extremely difficult opponents in the ring, and they will put up a serious 
fight. I put three Finishers into Cesaro and he was still able to kick out at 

Since you can't control Regal directly during this, what you need to do is wear
down either Cesaro or Swagger significantly with your created wrestler and 
keep Regal fresh. After Cesaro or Swagger has their health meter in the red 
area and some of their body is at least moderately damaged, tag out to Regal. 
Run around to whoever is on the apron on the opposing team, and then just beat 
them up and let Regal hopefully finish off the legal man in the ring. Keep an 
eye on what's going on in there, because if Regal gets pinned, you will lose 
the match. You can slide back into the ring and attack them to break up any 
pin attempts.

Anyway, upon getting 185 thousand social media followers, you will be promoted 
to the SmackDown brand.

On SmackDown, you will have the opportunity to wrestle for both the 
Intercontinental Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship depending 
on your performance. Your face/heel alignment also becomes more important, as 
it will determine the stories that you are put into. You need to gain more 
social media followers to get promoted to Raw.

If you chose to team with William Regal earlier, you will then be given a 
challenge from him. If you choose to accept the challenge, then your feud and 
story will continue. You will have a match with someone else at the next PPV 
event, but Regal will come out and congratulate you if you win. Next you will 
have to team up with Regal some more before your battle with him actually takes

At the next PPV you get to, you will get to fight Regal. Defeat him to unlock 
him as a playable character in the rest of the game.

Raw takes 1 million followers to reach. This is the big time, and you will 
mainly be working towards a WWE Championship match.

All of the content that you have been exposed to by now will repeat for Raw. 
There is one thing to keep in mind though, and that is when you win the WWE 
Championship, your wrestler will be forced to retire. So if you haven't gotten 
all the other achievements for MyCareer yet, I recommend avoid winning the WWE 
Championship until you've done so in order to save you a lot of time.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. 2K Showcase
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WWE 2K15 brings to the table a new focus on rivalries. Rivalries define the 
storylines and wrestling feuds that keep fans tuning in to Raw and SmackDown 
every week. Experience two of the most iconic rivalries in recent wrestling 
history in 2K Showcase mode!

One of the more storied feuds in recent WWE history is the long line of 
battles between CM Punk and John Cena. It began with a pipebomb and included 
some of the most exciting matches and moments in the entirety of the WWE. Now 
you can relive the greatness of this epic feud!

WWE Championship Match - Money in the Bank 2011
John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk
o critically damage Cena
o perform a top rope Signature move
o perform the G.T.S.
o perform the G.T.S. & win by pinfall

To see how much damage Cena's limbs have suffered, grapple him from the front 
while holding in the right trigger. This is also how you use the limb targeting
system in general. Each limb will have a button by it when you do this, and if 
you press the button, CM Punk will attack whatever limb it is attached to.

I recommend focusing on Cena's head, as CM Punk's finishers both rely on doing 
damage to the head anyway. When you get your signature move, you need to knock 
Cena on his back and go to the top rope. An easy way to do this is to run at 
Cena and dropkick him in the face, which is Punk's standard running strike 

Attempting the signature from the top will initiate two QTEs. A button will 
pop up and you need to press that button quickly in order to go through the 
QTE successfully.

Resume attacking Cena until one of his limbs is at critical. Then try to hit 
Cena with the Go To Sleep once you have a Finisher built up. This will result 
in a cut-scene. When that scene is over, resume the match. Hit the G.T.S. and 
pin Cena to complete the match.

CM Punk (Money in the Bank '11 Attire)
John Cena (Money in the Bank '11 Attire)
Alberto Del Rio (Money in the Bank '11 Attire)
John Lauranitis
Money in the Bank '11 Arena

WWE Championship Match - Raw
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. John Cena
o damage Mysterio moderately
o perform the 5 Knuckle Shuffle
o perform the Attitude Adjustment
o perfrom the Attitude Adjustment & win by pinfall

Damaging Rey moderately is easy enough. Then you just have to perform John's 
5 Knuckle Shuffle, done by standing near Rey's head when you have your 
Signature built up.

After that, just hit an AA. DON'T BEAT REY YET. The next objective kind of 
makes it seem like you should just be able to pin Rey now, but that is not the 
case at all. Instead you have to hit ANOTHER AA and pin Rey. At this point you 
probably have a couple of Finishers built up anyways. Pin Rey after hitting a 
second AA to complete the match with all rewards unlocked.

Rey Mysterio (Raw July 25th Attire)
Raw '11 Arena

Special Guest Referee WWE Championship Match - SummerSlam 2011
CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena (c) - with Triple H as the referee
o damage Cena moderately
o perform a Suicide Dive
o defeat Punk via pinfall

At the start of this match, you will be in control of CM Punk. Your first goal 
is to bring Cena to moderate damage. When you get your first Finisher, you 
will have a new goal of performing a Suicide Dive.

However, not just any old Suicide Dive will do. You have to do one as a 
Finisher. So grab Cena by tapping the A or X button (depending on platform) 
and be sure that you're holding in BOTH triggers when you're doing this, and 
that Cena is standing up. Drag him over to the ropes and keep pushing against 
the ropes until Punk sets Cena up against them.

Now you can hit the Finisher button to perform the Suicide Dive. This will 
trigger a cut-scene, and immediately after that scene, try to pin Cena. Try to 
pin Cena again after that attempt and you should get another cut-scene. When 
that scene concludes, you will be in control of Alberto Del Rio instead of CM 

While in control of Del Rio, just beat up Punk and make sure you beat him by 
pinning him. His damage will be through the roof at this point anyway, so you 
don't really need to use your Finisher, but the Signature move will help. To do
Del Rio's Signature, sprint at Punk and then tap the Finisher button when it 
pops up on the screen.

Alberto Del Rio (SummerSlam '11 Attire)
SummerSlam '11 Arena

#1 Contender's Match - Raw
CM Punk vs. John Cena
o defeat CM Punk
o perform the Attitude Adjustment
o perform the Attitude Adjustment

Just treat this like a normal match until you get your first Finisher built up.
Then go for an Attitude Adjustment on Punk. Afte ra short scene, be sure to 
kick out.

Then build up a second Finisher. Go for the AA again for another scene, which 
will conclude the match automatically.

CM Punk (Raw '11 Attire)

WWE Championship Match - Night of Champions 2011
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena
o defeat Del Rio with the STF
o perform the 5 Knuckle Shuffle

When you get your first Signature built up, it will give you another objective 
to hit the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Beyond that, just keep spamming the STF. When 
you have your opponent in the STF, mash on the A button to try to get him to 
submit. Eventually Del Rio will submit to the move and you can move on to the 
next match.

Night of Champions '11 Arena

No Disqualification Match - Night of Champions 2011
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena
o damage Punk moderately
o perform the Pedigree
o perform the Pedigree & win by pinfall

Work over Punk on the outside using weapons and the like since it's a No DQ 
match and using weapons will build up your Finisher quickly. It will also 
damage Punk a lot faster than using regular wrestling moves.

Go into the ring once you have your Finisher. Using the Pedigree on the outside
of the ring does NOT count for the objective. So anyway, use it in the ring to 
trigger a rather lengthy scene.

Once that scene has finished, you can then go back to working on Punk and 
building up a second Pedigree. Use the second Pedigree and then successfully 
pin Punk to move on.

Triple H (Night of Champions '11 Attire)
CM Punk (Night of Champions '11 Attire)

Triple Threat Hell in a Cell WWE Championship Match - Hell in a Cell 2011
John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk
o damage Punk moderately
o perform the Enziguri Signature move on Punk
o defeat Punk via pinfall

While you should focus your big moves on Punk, don't ignore Cena. After Punk 
has been damaged enough, you can then perform the Enziguri on him to check 
that off the list.

A scene will play, and after the scene, Del Rio and Punk will be alone in the 
ring together. Cena is no longer a factor. Now you just have to beat up Punk 
enough that you can defeat him via pinfall.

CM Punk (Hell in a Cell '11 Attire)
Hell in a Cell '11 Arena

WWE Championship Match - Survivor Series 2011
Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. CM Punk
o perform the G.T.S.

There doesn't appear to be any bonus objectives for this match at first, but 
it becomes apparent once you get your first Finisher. Now, you must be sure 
that you are able to build up your Finisher and hit the G.T.S. well before 
Del Rio can do any significant damage to your arms.

The reason for this is because as soon as you go for your Finisher, it screws 
you and winds up showing a scene that ends with Del Rio latching on the Cross 
Armbreaker. You then have to mash the A/X button to get out of the damn thing.

Afterwards, you just have to try to pin Del Rio again. Doing this will result 
in a scene, and after that scene, you will win back the title for CM Punk.

CM Punk (Survivor Series '11 Attire)
Survivor Series '11 Arena

Singles Match - Raw
CM Punk (c) vs. The Big Show
o damage Show moderately
o Irish Whip Show into the corner

Beat Show up until his damage meter is at "moderate". Then whip him into the 

CM Punk (Raw '12 Attire)

WWE Championship Match - Raw 1000
CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena
o perform the G.T.S.
o perform the G.T.S.

Yep, you read that right. You need to go for two G.T.S. hits. The first one 
will end with you outside of the ring. The second one will end the match.

CM Punk (July Raw '12 Attire)
John Cena (July Raw '12 Attire

Tag Team Match - Raw
CM Punk and John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan and The Big Show
o damage Show moderately
o tag in Punk
o grapple Big Show
o grapple Bryan in the corner
o perform the Attitude Adjustment & win by pinfall

As John Cena, beat up Daniel Bryan a bit until he naturally tags out to Big 
Show. You will want to damage Bryan as he comes into play later. When he tags 
out to Big Show, beat the ever loving hell out of Big Show as much as you can 
as Cena. You will want to keep Punk fresh.

When Big Show has been damaged enough that he's at the moderate stage, tag out 
to CM Punk. As Punk, quickly grapple Big Show before he has a chance to tag out
to Bryan. After the scene that plays, throw Bryan into a corner and grapple him
while he's in the corner.

Another scene plays. You will have a Finisher automatically, so quickly use 
the Attitude Adjustment on Bryan. Pin Bryan as quickly as possible after 
nailing the move.

Big Show (August Raw '12 Attire)
Daniel Bryan (August Raw '12 Attire)

Triple Threat WWE Championship Match - SummerSlam 2012
CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena vs. The Big Show
o lightly damage Show
o damage Show moderately
o hit Show with a Springboard Clothesline
o hit Show with a corner Signature
o defeat Show via pinfall

This match can be extremely frustrating because of how long it is. If your 
stamina gets down low, don't be afraid to retreat to the outside of the ring 
and let it regenerate, safe from taking damage from Big Show or John Cena.

The first goal is to damage Show as much as possible. When he is passed the 
moderate point, nail the springboard clothesline. To do this, go to the apron, 
which you can get on by moving against the ropes and tapping the left bumper. 
While on the apron, push the strike button to perform the springboard 
clothesline, which of course results in an animation.

This animation will add even more damage to you, so it is pretty annoying. 
The next step is to build up a signature and use it on Big Show while Show is 
in the corner. You have to do Punk's running knee signature, so you need quite 
a bit of stamina in order to pull it off safely.

Upon nailing this move, you finally get to just defeat Show. You need to pin 
Big Show though, and there's always the risk of Cena and/or Show ending the 
match prematurely. This is crunch time, where you will be damaged the most and 
the AI will have the most chance of getting pinned themselves by the other AI 
as well.

A viable strategy is to simply retreat. If you can get them both to follow you 
out of the ring, then that puts you in the driver's seat. Bait them back into 
the ring and then make your move.

Another strategy is to toss one of the AI opponents out of the ring, and make 
sure they use their Finishers on each other. Ditch if one of them gets a 
Finisher or even Signature, and let them use them on one another so that you 
can save yourself from taking anymore damage.

When you think Big Show is hurt enough to succumb to a pinfall, toss John 
Cena out of the ring or knock him down. If you want to throw him out of the 
ring, hold the Irish Whip (B on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation) button in and 
aim the left stick towards the ropes. This should send him flying out of the 
ring and leave Big Show lying there for you to sneak away with the pinfall.

CM Punk (SummerSlam '12 Attire)
Big Show (SummerSlam '12 Attire)
SummerSlam '12 Arena

WWE Championship Match - Night of Champions 2012
CM Punk (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. John Cena
o critically damage Punk
o perform the Attitude Adjustment
o perform the Attitude Adjustment
o grapple Punk in the corner

After damaging Punk to critical, you will then need to attempt an AA. I 
recommend focusing on Punk's head so that you can hopefully get his head to 
critical after hitting it with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, setting Punk up perfectly
for the AA.

Going for the AA the first time initiates a QTE. Hit the right button when 
Cena goes for the Suicide Dive to perform the move properly. Now work on 
building up a second Finisher. Going for this one will result in you taking 
some significant damage, which sucks, but that's the way it is.

After the sequence that begins with the second AA, throw Punk into the corner. 
Grapple him in the corner to see the finish.

CM Punk (Night of Champions '12 Attire)
Night of Champions '12 Arena

Hell in a Cell WWE Championship Match - Hell in a Cell 2012
CM Punk (c) vs. Ryback
o critically damage Punk
o perform Shell Shocked

Work on weakening Punk. Then when he's at critical, nail him with Shellshocked.
Unfortunately, if you've already done it before getting Punk to critical, you 
will have to build up and perform another Finisher.

After hitting Shell Shocked, a scene will play. Now to finish this segment, 
follow Punk to the top of the cell. Do this by approaching the side and tapping
the left bumper. On the top of the cell, perform Shell Shocked. Don't worry 
about having to build up a Finisher or anything, as the game will give you one 
for free to use.

CM Punk (Hell in a Cell '12 Attire)
Ryback (Hell in a Cell '12 Attire)

Singles Match - Raw
CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman vs. John Cena
o damage Punk moderately
o perform the STF
o perform the Attitude Adjustment & win by pinfall

Beat up Punk like usual. Paul Heyman is at ringside, but he is more or less a 

Build up a Finisher and lock on the STF. When that scene is over, build up a 
second Finisher and nail the AA. Pin Punk after the AA.

CM Punk (November Raw '12 Attire)

Triple Threat WWE Championship Match - Survivor Series 2012
CM Punk (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. John Cena vs. Ryback
o damage Cena moderately
o attack Cena with a ground grapple
o hit Ryback with a corner Signature
o defeat Cena via pinfall

Work over Cena. Ground grapple him when you've got him to moderate damage. 
When that scene is over, try to get Ryback to come out of the ring and get him 
close to Cena. I did this and it caused them to just beat the crap out of each 
other for five minutes straight, allowing me to stand in the ring, build up 
my Signature with taunts, and letting Ryback and Cena bring each other's health
meters down perilously low.

Eventually though, you'll want to get Ryback back in the ring. Toss him in a 
corner and go for the running knee in the corner. A scene will play, and after 
that scene, you should be able to just go over to Cena, pin him, and put a pin 
in this match.

CM Punk (Survivor Series '12 Attire)
John Cena (Survivor Series '12 Attire)
Ryback (Survivor Series '12 Attire)
Survivor Series '12 Arena

WWE Championship Match - Royal Rumble 2013
CM Punk (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Rock
o damage Punk moderately
o when Punk is down, perform a charged Finisher
o perform the People's Elbow
o perform the People's Elbow & win by pinfall

I personally despise this match, but what can you do. Beat the crap out of 
Punk for the start, but keep an eye on your stamina. Don't let it dip beneath 
the first level so that you can conserve it for later. Trust me, you're going 
to need it as the game routinely screws you on multiple occasions.

After Punk has been damaged, you will get a new objective, and when you build 
your first Finisher, you will have a second objective thrown onto that as well.
Doing either of them, whether that is hitting Punk with a charged Finisher or 
performing the People's Elbow, is going to screw you over big time and in a 
very annoying fashion.

I recommend trying for the People's Elbow first though, as this will end up 
with CM Punk putting you in the Anaconda Vise, and if you do this one later on 
in the match, you might not be able to escape the hold without tapping out, 
which of course means you lose and have to start the process over from the 
very start.

With that out of the way, build up your charged Finisher, and go for that. Just
a reminder, to do a charged Finisher, your opponent needs to be down on the 
mat and you need be standing near their head. It is possible that you will 
either accidentally do the People's Elbow when meaning to do the charged 
finisher or vice versa, so quickly tap the left bumper to avoid wasting a 

Anyway, keep your hand ready on the controller for this one. Punk will counter 
your Rock Bottom attempt with a G.T.S. attempt of his own. You are able to 
counter the G.T.S. by completing the QTE. A single button will pop up and you 
have to hit that button to avoid taking the G.T.S. Failure to do the QTE 
properly means you failed the bonus objective.

You will wind up taking a lot of damage during that cut-scene, so this is where
your stored up stamina will come into play. You can use it to escape from 
Punk if necessary or just give yourself some breathing room for a little bit. 
Now your final objective is to nail the People's Elbow and then go for the 
pinfall, and win.

So build up a Finisher, lay Punk on his back with a spinebuster, and then go 
for the People's Elbow. To do the People's Elbow properly, you need to have 
Punk as close to the middle of the ring as possible. Keep an eye on whether or 
not the game is going to do a charged Finisher or a regular Finisher (the one 
you want), and if you accidentally initiate a charged Finisher, hit the left 
bumper quickly to cancel it out. Knock Punk back down on his back with a 
running clothesline or something quick and easy, and then simply try again.

After hitting the People's Elbow, immediately pin Punk. This should be enough 
at this point to get you the 1-2-3, and you can rest easy. For now.

CM Punk (Royal Rumble '13 Attire)
The Rock (Royal Rumble '13 Attire)
Royal Rumble '13 Arena

WWE Championship Match - Elimination Chamber 2013
The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman
o critically damage Punk
o Irish Whip Punk into the corner
o perform the Rock Bottom
o attack Punk
o perform the Rock Bottom & win by pinfall

Beat up Punk. Before you critically damage him, a couple of objectives will 
pop up. The Irish Whip bonus objective will pop up for sure. Performing the 
Rock Bottom will pop up when you have your first Finisher is built up.

Unlike the previous match, doing these actions won't actually punish you. Just 
Irish Whip Punk in the corner and watch that first scene. Then try for the 
Rock Bottom. When you go for the Rock Bottom, be aware that you will have a 
QTE to complete, so be ready to tap the button that pops up.

Continue working over whatever body part of Punk (like usual, I recommend 
attacking the head) you've chosen, then when he's reached critical damage, 
try to attack him again while he's just standing in the ring.

After another scene (no QTE this time), you just need to build up another 
Finisher and nail the Rock Bottom. Pin Punk after hitting the move.

CM Punk (Elimination Chamber '13 Attire)
Elimination Chamber '13 Arena

Singles Match - Raw
CM Punk vs. John Cena
o critically damage Punk
o perform the 5 Knuckle Shuffle
o perform the STF
o perform an Attitude Adjustment

This match is actually very easy. Work on damaing Punk, then when you get your 
first Signature, go for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Complete the QTE that comes as a
result of it, and then use an STF on Punk.

This will cause another cut-scene. When that scene ends, go for an Attitude 
Adjustment on Punk. This will cause another cut-scene to play. After this 
scene, you will defeat Punk automatically.

CM Punk (Raw '13 Attire)

Shawn Michaels and Triple H created DX together, which has gone on to be one 
of the most famous and treasured wrestling stables in the history of the 
sport. When Shawn came back from a back injury in 2002, he came back to a 
Triple H that was very different than his old friend, one willing to throw him 
through a car window. This laid the seeds for the brutal and bloody rivalry 
war that the two old friends would wage over the years to come.

Unsanctioned Street Fight - SummerSlam 2002
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
o critically damage Triple H
o perform a top rope Signature move
o perform Sweet Chin Music

Since this is a Street Fight, you can use any weapons that you want. I 
recommend grabbing a chair as you can easily hit HHH in his head with the 
chair. It's really easy to damage a part of him to critical using weapons.

Something else to shoot for is when you get your Signature, go to the top and 
attempt to do it. Unlike other matches in this game in 2K Showcase, this scene 
won't leave you with any damage, thankfully.

Keep working on damaging HHH to critical and save any Finishers you get, as 
you will need it for the final bonus objective. When you've got that Finisher 
and you're on the final bonus objective, utilize it. To do Sweet Chin Music, 
by the way, you need HHH on the mat, and then you can just pick a corner and 
then hit the Finisher button.

Don't put the controller down just yet, though. There's a QTE at the end of 
this sequence that you must complete in order to finish the match and unlock 
all of the bonus content, which includes gaining Shawn Michaels as a playable 
character in the game.

Triple H (SummerSlam '02 Attire)
SummerSlam '02 Arena
Shawn Michaels

Casket Match - Raw
Kane vs. Triple H
o perform the Chokeslam
o perform the Chokeslam

Work Triple H over until you get a Signature. Perform it, then use the 
Chokeslam on him. A scene wil play, but luckily there are no QTEs to worry 
about. When that's done with, follow it up with a second Chokeslam to win the 
match automatically.

Triple H (Raw '02 Attire)
Kane (Raw '02 Attire)
Raw '02 Arena

Tag Team Match - Raw
Booker T and Kane vs. Chris Jericho and Triple H w/ Ric Flair
o lightly damage Jericho
o damage Triple H moderately
o perform the Scissor Kick and pin Triple H
o defeat Triple H via pinfall with Booker T

Immediately tag out to Kane. Use him to weak Jericho until Jericho is at light 
damage. Y2J should then tag out to Triple H pretty quickly. Let him do so, so 
that you can start working over Triple H. When you have him at light damage, 
tag back out to Booker T.

Use Booker T now to continue to wearing down Triple H. When he's at moderate 
damage, you will get a new goal. Work up your Signature, then use it on HHH. 
Then use the Scissor Kick on Triple H. Go for a pinfall as soon as you hit the 
Scissor Kick.

A cut-scene will play. No QTE during this scene. Afterwards, simply pin HHH 
again and you should be able to defeat him without too much trouble.

Chris Jericho ('02 Attire)
Booker T

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match - Survivor Series 2002
Triple H (c) vs. Booker T vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kane vs. RVD vs. Shawn Michaels
o perform a Finisher on Triple H outside the ring
o perform a Signature move off a chamber pod & hit Triple H
o hit Triple H with the Sweet Chin Music & win via pinfall

You begin this match as Triple H. While you are Triple H, you should do your 
best to eliminate as many of the competitors as possible. Shawn Michaels will 
be the last competitor to enter the match, and at that juncture, you will 
become HBK.

So before control switches to Shawn, be sure to use up any Signatures or 
Finishers that you have for HHH, and again, try to eliminate as many of the 
wrestlers as possible.

When you do become Shawn, work on building up a Finisher. If there are any 
wrestlers remaining in the match besides HHH, you can just stand on the metal 
part outside the ring and taunt, letting HHH and whoever else fight each other 
in the actual ring. Make sure no one pins Triple H during this, though, or 
else you will fail to complete all of the bonus objectives.

Get Triple H outside the ring once you have a Finisher. At this point, everyone
else should be eliminated, otherwise this can be somewhat annoying. Try to do 
a Finisher to him while outside the ring. This will cause a cut-scene, and 
when that's done, you will be badly damaged from being thrown into the glass 
of the pod.

Knock HHH down and don't worry about building up a Signature for the next 
objective. If you climb to the top of the pod, the game will give you a 
Signature move automatically. Get HHH knocked down flat on his back. Then 
climb to the top rope. Remember to climb to the top rope you need to sprint 
into the corner. Have the left stick pointed directly at the corner, pull the 
left trigger, and sprint straight into the turnbuckles.

This will cause Shawn to climb to the top ropes. Now to climb on top of the 
pod in WWE 2K15, push the left stick towards the pod and tap the left bumper. 
Shawn will then climb up to the top of the pod, and a Signature will be granted
to you if you don't have one already.

Hit the Signature from the top of the pod. Now go to a corner and perform the 
Sweet Chin Music. Pin Triple H after that and he should be damaged enough at 
that point to definitely be put away with the pinfall victory.

Chris Jericho (Survivor Series '02 Attire)
Rob Van Dam (Survivor Series '02 Attire)
Survivor Series '02 Arena

World Heavyweight Championship Match - Raw
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Rob Van Dam
o damage Michaels moderately
o Irish Whip Michaels into the ropes
o hit Shawn with RVD's top rope Finisher

Work over HHH, and when you get your Finisher, save it. When he's at moderate 
damage, you need to whip HHH into the ropes. This will initiate a scene that 
in turn results in a QTE. Perform the QTE properly to complete the bonus 

Afterwards, simply use the Five-Star Frog Splash on Shawn. This will end the 
match with a cut-scene.

Rob Van Dam (Raw '02 Attire)

Singles Match - Raw
Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H
o pin RVD
o damage RVD moderately
o Irish Whip RVD into the corner
o hit RVD with a chair & win by pinfall

Just get the pin objective out of the way immediately. Just knock RVD down and 
then go for the pin. Afterwards, focus on beating up RVD and getting him down 
to moderate damage. You can use up your Finishers and Signatures as you don't 
need them for any other bonus objectives, and of course they will really help 
to bring RVD to the proper damage level.

Toss RVD into a corner now. Complete the QTE. After the cut-scene, head to the 
outside of the ring and grab a chair. Hit RVD in the head with the chair and 
then make the pinfall.

Rob Van Dam (Raw December '02 Attire)

Three Stages of Hell World Heavyweight Championship Match - Armageddon '02
Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Triple H
o perform the Pedigree & win by pinfall
o perform Sweet Chin Music
o defeat Triple H via pinfall
o critically damage Michaels
o retrieve the championship

For the first fall, just beat up HBK until you get your Finisher. Don't worry 
about damaging Shawn, because when control switches to you in the second fall, 
you will have full health, just low stamina. Nail the Pedigree and then get 
the pinfall.

With control of Shawn, hit Sweet Chin Music on Triple H. There will be a scene.
When that scene is over, beat Triple H to the point that you can defeat him by 

Control switches back to Triple H in the third fall, and it's now a ladder 
match. Beat Shawn up until he has critical damage. This shouldn't take long 
considering this is a Ladder Match and Shawn has already been taking damage 
throughout the last two falls anyway.

Start climbing the ladder. A scene will play. When that scene is over, climb 
the ladder again and pull the title down. To pull the title down, push the 
right stick up towards the championship, then pull the stick back down to 
pull the title away successfully.

Triple H (Armageddon '02 Attire)
Shawn Michaels (Armageddon '02 Attire)
Armageddon '02 Arena

Six Man Tag Team Match - Backlash 2002
Booker T, Kevin Nash, and Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, and HHH
o defeat Kevin Nash by pinfall with Triple H

If you tag out, it is very likely that the AI will tag out to someone else. 
If you tag to HHH, then they will probably tag Kevin Nash. Sometimes you will 
need to wait a couple of seconds and then tag to make them tag out to get 
Nash back in the ring.

You can play the match however you want, but you just need to beat Nash with 
a pinfall using Triple H at the end in order to continue.

Triple H (Backlash '03 Attire)
Backlash '03 Arena
Kevin Nash
Ric Flair

Singles Match - Bad Blood 2003
Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
o damage Michaels moderately
o Irish Whip Michaels into the corner
o perform the Figure 4 Leglock

Once Michaels has been damaged moderately, throw him into the corner. There 
will be a QTE once you do this. Next build up a Finisher and use the Figure 
4 Leglock on Michaels. To do this, go near his feet with a stored Finisher. 
The match will end automatically when this happens.

Bad Blood '03 Arena

Singles Match - Armageddon 2003
Batista w/ Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
o damage Batista moderately
o perform the top rope Diving Elbow Drop
o perform Sweet Chin Music

Work over Batista until you get your Signature. Then go to the top rope and 
use the Signature. Afterwards, go for Sweet Chin Music. You will have to 
perform a QTE properly, but doing so will result in you winning the match.

Batista (Armageddon '03 Attire)
Armageddon '03 Arena

World Heavyweight Championship Match - Raw
Triple H (c) w/ Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels
o lightly damage Triple H
o Irish Whip Triple H into the ropes
o perform Sweet Chin Music
o perform Sweet Chin Music

Get Triple H to light damage. Then throw him into the ropes for a scene. No 
QTE, so no worries. Then build up a Finisher and use Sweet Chin Music. 
Following that, work up another Finisher and then go for another Sweet Chin 

Shawn Michaels (Raw '03 Attire)

Last Man Standing World Heavyweight Championship Match - Royal Rumble 2004
Triple H (c) vs. Shawn Michaels
o lightly damage Michaels
o Irish Whip Michaels toward the ropes
o critically damage Michaels
o perform the Pedigree

This is a Last Man Standing Match. In other words, there is no disqualification
in this match. You are free to use weapons to help you damage Michaels faster 
than just doing normal wrestling moves to him would.

When he's at light damage, toss him into the ropes. This will result in a 
scene that includes the QTE. Complete the QTE successfully, then go back to 
fighting Michaels until you can critically damage him.

With Michaels at critical damage, use the Pedigree on him to conclude the 

Shawn Michaels (Royal Rumble '04 Arena)
Royal Rumble '04 Arena

Singles Match - Raw
Randy Orton w/ Batista vs. Shawn Michaels
o lightly damage Orton
o Irish Whip Orton into the ropes
o damage Orton moderately
o perform Sweet Chin Music

Beat up Orton until he is at light damage. Then throw him into the ropes for a 
scene. No QTE occurs during this scene. Then resume attacking Orton until he 
gets to moderate damage. So you should save any Finishers you have. Use Sweet 
Chin Music on Orton to conclude the match.

Randy Orton '04

Hell in a Cell Match - Bad Blood 2004
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
o critically damage Michaels
o pin HBK
o hit a Pedigree on HBK and win by pinfall

Go to the outside of the ring, grab a chair, and then just wail on Michaels 
until he hits critical. Then in the ring, let Michaels attack you. This will 
trigger a cut-scene, though there's no QTE.

Go for a pinfall on Michaels. Then let him get up and let him attack you again.
After that, use a Pedigree on Michaels and pin him.

Triple H (Bad Blood '04 Attire)
Shawn Michaels (Bad Blood '04 Attire)
Bad Blood '04 Arena

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. WWE Universe
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Back again for WWE 2K15 is WWE Universe mode. For the most part, WWE Universe 
in 2K15 plays out like it always has, except there are some tweaks and changes 
here and there that are definitely worth mentioning.

In WWE Universe mode, the WWE season plays out across the various TV shows, 
automatically booking matches and the like. You can choose to play through or 
simulate each match.

When you click on Play Matches, you will be shown the five matches that are 
booked on that particular card. You can edit the speed of the momentum meter 
and you can also edit the entrances from being on to off if you want.

Along with the regular matches, there will also be Rivalry Matches. Rivalry 
Matches are matches that include story-based content. You get "clues" by 
experiencing the story. To experience the story, engage and play through the 
matches that are designated as Rivalry Matches.

If you're familiar with pretty much any sports game ever, you can guess what 
the calendar is for in WWE 2K15. You can simulate ahead months at a time, 
simulate to specific events, or whatever you want.

Rivalries are separated based on the shows that they are on. The different 
rivalries have a set amount of weeks remaining, and the type of rivalry that 
the match is will also be listed. Participants that are in each rivalry are 
shown here.

You can edit the rivalries as you wish. If there is an empty space, you can 
choose to create your own rivalry. Rivalry stories that you've already 
experienced by the game booking them for you can then be re-used here. Past 
rivalries can also be viewed.

There are six different types of stories that can be experienced in WWE 2K15.

Rivalries - Basic feuds between wrestlers
Tag Rivalries - Two on two feuds
Other Rivalries - Miscellaneous storylines
Championship - Rivalries that are based around titles
Special - Special case rivalries
Secret Rivalries - Special rivalries that are unlocked by completing many 

By going through the rivalries in the game, you unlock "clues". If you complete
one story, you will get 15 clues. You can also simulate the stories to get 2 
clues instead of 15. Every time you start a new rivalry, you will get another 

Overall there are 861 clues that are in the game.

News from the WWE Universe will be filed here. You can check out the latest 
news clippings, check the rankings for the titles and the people that are going
after the titles, plus you can view stats across the board.

The calendar events and dates can be edited here. Superstars that are being 
used in the WWE Universe mode can be edited from here. The rosters that are 
separated between Raw and SmackDown can also be edited, as well as the tag 
teams and the titles in the game.

You can reset the WWE Universe back to the beginning, plus you can edit the 
way that the stories and rivalries work in WWE 2K15.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. WWE Creations
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In WWE 2K15, a lot of the standard creation modes are absent in the eighth gen 
versions of the game. That being said, the wrestler creation suite is more 
comprehensive than ever before.

While the ability to create a diva has been removed in WWE 2K15, you can still 
create a custom superstar. 

The ability to create your entrance has been retained in WWE 2K15.

One of my favorite aspects of the creation tools in WWE 2K15 are the new moves 
that have been added to the game. Seemingly inspired by some of the recent 
indie signings WWE has made, players can pick and choose the various moves that
their wrestlers are able to utilize. New moves such as the top rope brainbuster
and the package piledriver have both been added into the game.

If you don't want to create your own superstars or other content, you are able 
to download creations made by the community. You can also upload your own 
creations to the WWE Community Creations through this section of the game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
7. Online Multiplayer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The online multiplayer in WWE 2K15 is activated in a way that is sort of 
unconventional for most games in the genre, and certainly unconventional when 
compared to previous WWE games.

From the main menu, just click in the right stick to turn on background 
matchmaking. At that point, you can play online when a match is found for you. 
In the meantime, feel free to explore the other game modes.

Other online functionality can be accessed through the online tile. On Xbox 
One, that tile is referred to as Xbox Live.

Online functionality can be edited here, such as your settings and preferences,
plus you can play private matches online with your friends. Online leaderboards
and your online records can also be found here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
8. My WWE
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My WWE refers to the area of the game where you can edit various aspects and 
finer details. Superstars can be edited as well as the active tag teams that 
are on the roster.

Ranking statistics can also be found here. You can also manage the titles in 
the game. The titles range from NXT to WWE to WCW to ECW, and includes most of 
the titles that have been featured under the WWE banner since the franchise's 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
9. Options
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Even more content for WWE 2K15 can be found in the Options section. The most 
important aspect of Options is the Unlockables section, which keeps track of 
all of the content that you have unlocked in the game so far and all of the 
content that you have left to unlock.

WWE 2K15 features a digital manual. The digital manual can be accessed here, 
or you can also access it on Xbox One using voice commands if you have the 
Kinect. To do this, simply say, "Xbox, Help" and the digital manual will be 
brought up.

Fine tune the balancing of the game.

Edit the difficulty setting, strength of certain moves, and the likelihood that
the AI will perform certain moves can be found here.

Edit finer aspects of the match.

Edit audio options in the game, such as turning commentary on and off.

Turn the songs in the game off and on. These are the songs that are in WWE 

"Bonfire" by Knife Party
"Come on Over" by royal Blood
"Free" by Rudimental featuring Emeli Sande and Nas
"Ghost" by Mystery Skulls
"Heart of a Warrior" by Dizzee Rascal featuring Teddy Sky
"Ready" by B.O.B. featuring Future
"This is How We Roll" by Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan
"This Means War" by Avenged Sevenfold
"We Dem Boyz" by Wiz Khalifa
"Wild Ones (WWE Version)" by Flo Rida featuring Sia
"Workin'" by Big Smo featuring Alexander King
"Zero Visibility" by Rise Against

You can check and uncheck the active songs that play throughout the menus.

Most of the unlockables in the game can be unlocked simply by completing the 
WWE 2K Showcase mode. However, there are a few superstars that need to be 
unlocked by playing the MyCareer mode in the game.

These superstars are as follows:

Adrian Neville - Get promoted to Raw
Bill DeMott - Win at least once against every NXT Superstar in MyCareer
Bo Dallas - Get promoted to SmackDown
Corey Graves - Get promoted to Superstars
Sami Zayn - Get promoted to Main Event
William Regal - Complete the MyCAREER scenario where you make Regal retire

There is also a character that has to be unlocked by going to Play and then 
choosing a match on the SmackDown arena. To unlock her, simply win a match 
while playing on the SmackDown arena.

View the credits in the game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
10. Store
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Currently there are four options in the marketplace. More options will be added
in the future.

There's the Hulk Hogan pack, which includes two different attires for Hogan, 
including his Red and Yellow look as well as his nWo look. There's also Sting 
as DLC, including his Crow look as well as classic "Surfer" Sting.

The Accelerator can be purchased as well, which allows you to unlock everything
right away instead of unlocking it all by actually playing the game.

You can also purchase a season pass for WWE 2K15 here.

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11. Achievements
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WWE 2K15 features 41 achievements. The achievements are spread out across a 
variety of the game modes in the game. This guide is designed to help you 
earn every achievement that there is.

Even though this guide was created using the Xbox One version of WWE 2K15, 
the strategies found herein will also apply to the PlayStation 4 version of 
the game. It will also mostly apply to the PS3 and 360 versions of WWE 2K15, 
but some of the achievements/trophies are different.

Description: Upload some kind of user created content once
Strategy: First create something. The easiest thing to do is to just start 
creating a superstar, leave it all at defaults, and then save your creation. 
Then go to WWE Creations and check out the community creations section. Here 
you will find the upload tab. Simply upload whatever you've created for a very 
easy achievement.

Description: Win 50 ranked matches
Strategy: To start an online match, make sure background matchmaking is turned 
on. To turn it on, push in the right stick when at the main menu. Let the game 
find you a match and then play it! Of course, for this achievement you will 
need to win 50 ranked matches in total.

Description: 2K Showcase - Beat "Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect" on Legend 
Strategy: Turn the difficulty to Legend from the options tab in the main menu. 
Then go through all of the matches in the Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect mode.

Description: MyCAREER - Participate in WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, 
and Survivor Series
Strategy: In MyCareer mode, you have to wrestle at all four of the big four 
wrestling PPV events. You will be given a choice of which PPV events to 
participate in for sure each year through.

As long as you don't win the WWE Championship, then you won't be forced into 
retirement. So you can just keep going through the years of MyCareer until you 
have hit each of the big four PPV events. Keep in mind that you don't have to 
even win the match, just be involved in one.

Description: Successfully perform a hot tag during a tag match
Strategy: To perform a hot tag in WWE 2K15, make sure you are controlling both 
tag partners in a tag team match. Then using the first character, let yourself 
get beat up quite a bit and also make sure you completely run out of stamina 
as well.

Then when you get knocked down, you will be able to crawl. Crawl towards your 
partner and when the prompt flashes, press the Y/Triangle button to initiate 
the hot tag.

Don't put your controller down just yet; you still have a QTE to complete 
before the hot tag is considered a success.

Description: WWE Universe - Play and win 50 matches
Strategy: Simply go into WWE Universe mode and win 50 matches total.

Description: Win with 50 different superstars
Strategy: While going for the WWE Universe achievement of winning 50 matches, 
you might as well go after this one as well. You can control and participate in
any of the matches in WWE Universe mode. Another viable option is to just 
start at the beginning of the roster list and go from left to right, winning a 
match with every person on the roster.

Description: 2K Showcase - Complete "Best Friends, Bitter Enemies", 8/25/02 
SummerSlam on Hard or higher
Strategy: Self-explanatory. There is an achievement for beating each of the 2K 
Showcase modes on Legend, so while going for that achievement, you will pick 
this one up along the way.

Description: 2K Showcase - Beat "Best Friends, Bitter Enemies" on Legend 
Strategy: Self-explanatory.

Description: Win a match without reaching stamina level 3
Strategy: There are three stamina levels. The stamina meter itself is found 
right below your health meter.

There is a light blue meter (level 1), a dark blue meter (level 2), and a 
red level (level 3). Just as long as you conserve your energy, you should be 
able to get this one pretty easily. Just wait after hitting a move to let your 
stamina meter refill.

Description: MyCAREER - Have 5 attributes reach a value of 80 or higher
Strategy: As you complete matches in MyCAREER, you will be earn upgrade points.
Spend those points in-between matches. Focus on just one attribute at a time 
and spend all of your points on it until it hits 80, then focus on a different 
attribute. I recommend focusing on upgrading your momentum and your stamina 
during the early stages of MyCareer, as it will make the mode much, much 

Description: Perform a giant swing with an OMG! Moment
Strategy: The Giant Swing is one of the possible OMG! moments in the game. You 
can create your own wrestler that has the move, but the easiest way is to just 
start a singles match with you controlling Cesaro.

As Cesaro, build up your Finisher. Knock your opponent to the ground and then 
approach their feet. OMG! will pop up instead of "Finisher", and then just 
tap the Y/Triangle button to perform the giant swing. However, you don't even 
have to hit the move. Your opponent can counter and it will still give you the 

Description: Win in 20 match variations
Strategy: For this achievement, you need to win in 20 different match types. 
If you are going for the win with 50 different superstars achievement, you 
can also just do all of the different match types one after another.

Description: Reach mid-carder rank playing ranked matches
Strategy: When playing ranked matches online, you will get various titles. 
Hitting mid-carder rank by doing online ranked matches will get you this 

Description: MyCAREER - Earn an overall total of 1,000,000 VC
Strategy: VC stands for Virtual Currency. You earn VC in MyCareer by completing
matches and the like. Hitting 1,000,000 VC will get you this achievement.

Description: MyCAREER - Complete the tutorial
Strategy: Simply get through the tutorial at the beginning of MyCareer.

Description: Earn 1000 points or more playing in a single ranked match
Strategy: Points are earned in matches by hitting signature and Finisher moves,
and having a back-and-forth contest. You don't have to win the match to get 
points, but winning the match will get you bonus points, making it so it is 
much more likely to get 1000 points or over and also get the achievement as 

Description: Hit an opponent with a foreign object or put them through a table
Strategy: This is one of the easiest achievements in the game to get. Start a 
match, then get out of the ring. Go to the center of the ring and tap the left 
bumper to bring up the weapon wheel. Select whatever weapon you want and then 
hit your opponent with that weapon. Depending on the match type, this may end 
in a disqualification, but it's worth it to get the achievement.

Description: Defeat John Cena using one of the NXT Superstars
Strategy: The first NXT superstar that you can unlock is Corey Graves. You 
unlock him by winning the NXT Championship in MyCareer, and then by getting 
promoted to the WWE Superstars show.

After unlocking Corey, start a singles match. Select Corey Graves as your 
controlled wrestler, and choose John Cena as your opponent. Defeat John Cena 
on any difficulty using Corey Graves. You can use any of the other NXT 
superstars in the game as well (such as Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, etc.), but 
Corey Graves is the earliest wrestler you can use to fight John Cena and get 
the achievement.

Description: Win a match by a leverage pin
Strategy: A leverage pin is a roll-up pin, more or less. You need to have a 
superstar that has the leverage pin skill. One wrestler that does is Daniel 
Bryan, for example.

Beat up your opponent and then when they are standing up and groggy (you can 
accomplish this by knocking them down, approaching their head, and then 
flicking the right stick up), the RS symbol will appear. Pull the right stick 
down to perform the leverage pin.

Another way you can get this achievement is by countering a leverage pin. 
Whenever a wrestler does a leverage pin to you, there will be two bars on the 
meter. The red bar will let you kick out, but the yellow bar will let you 
reverse the leverage pin. By doing it this way, you can potentially unlock this
achievement using a wrestler that doesn't even have the skill.

Description: Eliminate 12 opponents with the same Superstar in a single Royal 
Rumble match
Strategy: Start a Royal Rumble match and select the superstar you want to 
control. Make it so that you are the #1 entrant in the match. Then just 
eliminate 12 opponents. Please note that you must eliminate the opponents BY 
YOURSELF! If another wrestler assists you in the elimination, then it doesn't 
count towards this achievement.

Description: Complete the NXT part
Strategy: To complete the NXT portion of MyCareer, you simply need to win the 
NXT Championship. Winning the NXT Championship will allow you to be promoted to
the main roster, which completes the NXT part.

Description: Put your opponent through the announce table via any means
Strategy: To get your opponent through the announce table, it has to be done 
as an OMG! moment.

The first step is to remove the top of the announce table. Do this by 
approaching it and tapping the left bumper. Then grab your opponent and drag 
them to the table. To do this, grapple them while holding both the left and 
right triggers simultaneously. Then you will be able to drag them around, so 
take them to the table.

With the opponent leaning against the announce table, use your OMG! moment, 
which of course requires a Finisher to be stored.

Description: Strike or wrench an opponent in 5 different chain hold positions
Strategy: Chain wrestling happens constantly. When in chain wrestling, you 
will switch positions by pushing the right stick in the correct direction. 
This will feel up a circle with red. When it is completely filled, the chain 
wrestling position will switch.

Description: WWE Universe - Win WrestleMania main event as the Royal Rumble 
Strategy: You can choose who you want to control when playing in WWE Universe. 
So choose to play as the Royal Rumble winner at the WrestleMania main event and
then win the main event match.

Description: WWE Universe - Play and win 180 rivalry matches
Strategy: Rivalry matches are the last two matches on the cards in WWE 
Universe. Win 180 of these matches, controlling any of the person in the 

Description: Make an opponent tap out with a submission that is not a Finisher 
or Signature move
Strategy: Pick a body part on your opponent and then just relentlessly attack 
that body part. An example of this would be using Daniel Bryan, knocking your 
opponent on their back, and then approach their head. Pull the right trigger 
and choose to focus on their head. This will perform a submission attack on 
them that is not a Finisher or Signature. Spam this until they tap out.

When performing submission attacks, mash on the A/X button to keep the hold 
on and continue damaging the opponent.

Description: Perform The Shield's triple powerbomb
Strategy: The triple powerbomb Finisher is an OMG! moment. Start a six-man 
tag team match as The Shield. Build up your Finisher, and then approach your 
downed opponent's legs while controlling Roman Reigns. This will let you do the
OMG! moment, which is the Shield's triple powerbomb.

Description: 2K Showcase - Complete "Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect", 11/20/11 
Survivor Series on Hard or higher
Strategy: On your way to completing the Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect 2K Showcase
story on Legend, you will get this achievement.

Description: WWE Universe - Defeat Undertaker at WrestleMania using a custom 
Strategy: Create a wrestler and put them into the WWE Universe mode. Then at 
WrestleMania, have your custom wrestler face Undertaker. The next step is 
simply defeating Undertaker.

Description: Beat Big Show using Rey Mysterio on Hard difficulty
Strategy: Go to the Options and make sure the difficulty is set on Hard. Then 
start a match against Big Show with you using Rey Mysterio. Beat Big Show in 
this match to unlock this achievement.

Description: 2K Showcase - Complete "Best Friends, Bitter Enemies"
Strategy: Beat this 2K Showcase story on any of the possible difficulty 
settings available.

Description: MyCAREER - Reach SmackDown
Strategy: SmackDown is the next step in MyCareer after Main Event. To be 
promoted from show to show, you need to gain followers. Followers are gained by
participating in Tune-Up Matches as well as wrestling on PPV events.

Description: 2K Showcase - Complete "Best Friends, Bitter Enemies", 8/25/02 
SummerSlam on Hard or higher
Strategy: Self-explanatory at this point.

Description: 2K Showcase - Complete "Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect"
Strategy: By going after different achievements in this game, you will get this
one definitely.

Description: Win 10 times using a custom Superstar
Strategy: Going after the MyCareer achievements will check matches off the 
amount required to get this achievement.

Description: WWE Universe - Play and win WWE World Heavyweight Championship 3 
Strategy: It doesn't matter which superstar you use to get this championship. 
Just take control of the wrestler going after the title in title matches, and 
then win the title using that wrestler.

Description: MyCAREER - Win the WWE Championship
Strategy: Winning the WWE Championship will bring your MyCareer to an end. 
Because of this, you should make sure that you get all the other MyCareer 
achievements before going after this one.

Description: 2K Showcase - Complete all objectives
Strategy: The bonus objective in 2K Showcase matches need to be completed. All 
of them.

Description: 2K Showcase - Complete 50% of all objectives
Strategy: See the above achievement, "Wrestling heritage".

Description: Win a match using a desperation pin
Strategy: A desperation pin happens when you have very low stamina and are 
badly damaged. Your wrestler can then crawl around the mat. Move the left 
stick while your wrestler is crawling to point them towards their opponent 
that is on the map. You will then be given the opportunity to make the pin and 
win the match.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
12. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thanks for using this guide for WWE 2K15!

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