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                           |***SUPER MARIO ADVANCE 2***|

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SEC. 1: The Basics

SEC. 2: Cool Tricks

SEC. 3: Switch Palaces

SEC. 4: The Castles

SEC. 5: Haunted Houses

SEC. 6: The Secrets

SEC. 7: Shortcuts

SEC. 8: Mistakes

                                   **THE BASICS**

These are just some of the usual things that people like to find out on their own, 
but they're here just in case.

SUPER MARIO ATTACKS: The best way to kill enemies if you're Super Mario is to spin-
                     jump.  It kills them completely and they can't come back.  Spin-
                     jump with the [R] button.  You can also use the spin-jump as 
                     Super Mario to break yellow blocks.

MEET MY BROTHER: Sometimes you need to pull an awesome jump to clear a gap or to 
                 unlock a secret.  While on the map screen, press the [R] button to 
                 switch to Mario's brother, Luigi.  Luigi jumps a lot farther and 
                 higher than Mario, but he has some drawbacks, too.  He is a lot 
                 harder to steer and runs slower.

YOUR BEST PAL, YOSHI: When playing in any level, except haunted houses and castles, 
                      you'll encounter a block containing Yoshi, your dinosaur pal.  
                      When you meet him, just jump on his back and you can ride him 
                      through the level.  You'll notice that on bushes in some 
                      levels, there are berries.  If you walk past one while riding 
                      Yoshi, he'll eat it.  If you let him eat enough, he'll give 
                      you an egg and they always have something good inside.  When 
                      riding Yoshi, jumping acts like spin-jumping, so enemies don't
                      come back. *However Yoshi can't break yellow blocks by jumping
                      on them*.  Yoshi has another special power.  He can fly, 
                      breathe fire, or stomp up enemy-shaking sand clouds depending
                      on what color shell he eats.  In special levels, he can get 
                      warp wings to skip the level.  If you run into an enemy while
                      riding Yoshi, you won't power down, but Yoshi will run away 
                      and can get lost.  Try to find him as quickly as possible. 

SHELLS, SHELLS EVERYWHERE: Though your enemy turtles hold them, they can become your
                           own powerful weapon.  Jump on a turtle (unless they are 
                           flashing!) to knock him out of his shell.  Turtles with
                           wings need to be jumped on two times.  Without jumping on
                           or kicking the shell, hold down the [B] button and move 
                           slowly toward the shell until you pick it up.  If you let
                           go of the [B] button the shell will go spinning across 
                           the screen, knocking out enemies, but watch out 'cause it
                           could bounce back and hit you.  If you hold the up button
                           on the + pad and release the [B] button, you will throw 
                           the shell up in the air.  This is useful for hitting 
                           blocks too high for you.  While riding Yoshi, eat a shell
                           to gain a temporary special ability.  Here's the key: red=
                           fire-breathing; blue= flying; yellow= kicks up sand 

This section will gradually expand as we have a lot more coming.
*Learn more in the next section.*

                                  **COOL TRICKS**

These are some of the rare things that kids just happen to find out.  There might be 
stuff in here that even you don't know.

BREAKING BLOCKS WITH YOSHI: In the last section you heard that you couldn't break
                            yellow blocks by jumping on them with Yoshi.  But there
                            is another way.  In a level with a lot of blocks, stand
                            on the block(s) you need to break while riding Yoshi.  
                            Spin jump to get off Yoshi, but steer with the + pad to
                            land back on Yoshi's back.  You will now break yellow 
                            blocks with Yoshi.  There are a lot of good things about
                            this: you can use Yoshi's tongue to grab objects out of
                            you reach, he is almost invincible against enemies 
                            below, and he is better at steering through blocks.  You
                            can even go across the screen in a straight line without
                            breaking straight through the blocks.  This trick is 
                            recommended in *Star Road 1*.

SLIDE UPHILL: This trick is useless and is just for fun.  You can get hit by an 
              enemy while performing this trick.  Start by getting on Yoshi and 
              finding a slope or hill.  When you are on the slope, hold down and the 
              direction the hill's highest end is on the + pad.  You will slide 
              slowly up the hill.

SUPER JUMP: This trick might help if you need to hit a high block and there's nothing
            around to help you.  Again, you need Yoshi.  While running (or just 
            standing still), jump with Yoshi and in mid-air, spin-jump off of him 
            and you will jump very high.  If you do this just right and your're 
            wearing a cape, you can fly right off Yoshi.

999 UP: Ever seen a kid play this game and wonder how he got so many lives?  Here's
        how.  Find your way to *Vanilla Secret 2* and beat it.  Now go back to it 
        and break the mid-level tape.  Push start and select back.  Get a blue Yoshi 
        and two cape feathers and go to Vanilla Secret 2 again.  From the mid tape 
        kill the spiney that drops from the cliff and keep going until you get to 
        the row of spineys in the pit.  Stand on the edge of the pit and hit the 
        second block to get a silver switch.  Get off Yoshi and take it.  Don't jump 
        on it yet.  Walk back to right before the mid tape in between the two pirana 
        plants and then jump on it.  As quickly as possible, jump to the part of the
        level with the jumping turtles.  They will all be coins.  Run as fast as you
        can to get them all.  You will gain lives rapidy and when you got them all, 
        any number between 40 and 54 will come across the screen, showing you how
        many lives you just got.  Go get your Yoshi again, press start and select 
        back, and then do it again and again untill you have 999 lives: the max!

"I'M OK" TRICK: When you see a row of turtles, and you're riding Yoshi, there's a 
                cool way to wipe them out.  Go as close to them as possible when 
                they're walking towards you (don't touch them).  Jump, and while 
                you're in the air, push and hold down the [B] button.  If you do this
                right,  you will lose Yoshi, grab a shell, knock out all the turtles,
                and land right back on Yoshi.  (This takes a lot of practice and a 
                lot of tries to get right.)

10 UP LIVE TRICK #2: Enter *Forest of Illusion 1*.  When you break the mid-level 
                     tape, move slowly until you see a changing prize box.  Hit it 
                     when it's a fire flower and catch the invincibility star.  Run
                     until the star runs out and hit all the enemies you see on the 
                     way.  You should get 10 lives like in '999 UP'.

This section will gradually expand as we have more coming.
*Learn more in "THE SECRETS".*

                                **SWITCH PALACES**

These are those giant switches that make levels easier by filling in blocks.  
They're usually a lot of help in secret levels.

YELLOW: This is the easiest and probably everybody knows this.  Go to 
        Yoshi's Island 1 and beat it.  In this switch palace you can get a lot of 
        coins by jumping on the small switch.

GREEN: This is probably one of the harder ones.  In Donut Plains 2, get to the part
       with the small moving pillars.  When you get to one that is completely 
       rectangular, go up through the pipe above it.  Run right and jump over the 
       Chargn' Chuck.  Near the end, there will be a blue shell.  If you have Yoshi,
       eat the shell and fly up through an up through an opening and get the key.  If
       you don't have Yoshi,  pick up the shell and throw it up at the top block in
       the stair pattern to make a vine grow through the opening.  Climb it and get  
       the key.

RED: This is probably one of the hardest ones.  Go to Vanilla Dome 2.  When you get 
     to the part with one block floating above the water, jump up on top of it, but
     watch out for the falling Mine Koopa.  From there, jump to the ground on the 
     right and quickly to the ground on the left.  Pick up the blue switch and walk
     through the first wall of coins before you jump on it.  When the solid wall in 
     front of you turns into coins, go through it, jump over the first gap and fall
     down the second.  Swim around until you find the key.  In the Red Switch Palace,
     there is a small switch and an invincible turtle.  Jump on the small switch and
     quickly jump onto the solid blocks above.  As you run across it, the invincible
     turtle will knock out enemies below and get trapped between solid blocks.

BLUE: Start off at Forest of Illusion 2...

This walkthrough is not completed and will be edited over the time that follows.  
Please continue to check this out until it's full to the end.


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