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Hello, it's me again. This time I am listing the stories and bosses of each chapter 
for the Megaman X Command Mission game.

Chapter 1:
X, Zero, and their friend Shadow head for Lagrano Ruins, where they hope to capture 
Epsilon, and halt his plans. A pillar crumbles as soon as they enter, and X must 
travel a different way then Zero and Shadow. But that was actually lucky, because 
the West side controls the East side security, and the East side controls the west 
side security. X meets Zero on the fourth floor, where they encounter the 
Hippopressor. (Hint: Ssve before attempting to beat any bosses! You will fail 
multiple times when fighting some of them!) If you defeat Hippopressor, head up to 
the top floor. You will find Epsilon and his three head honchos: Botos, Fehram, and 
Scarface. Shadow will also be there, but he betrays us for Epsilon. Zero falls off 
the ruins, and X escapes by jumping off the side.
Hippopressor. Difficulty: Easy

Chapter 2:
X falls into Central Tower, which is the Resistance base called New Hope. X knows 
nothing about what's going on there. The Rebellion army has taken over, and X has 
to stop them. On the way there, X meets Spider, an all-for-hisself bounty hunter. X 
stops him and moves through the tower to find Aile. Aile gives X his ID because of 
the Preons (Rebellion Army Reploids)that were attacking. Aile sacrificed himself 
for Chief R, who has been captured. When X almost reaches Chief R, Spider will try 
to stop him. He then learns about Aile, and takes care of the Preons that are 
swarming in. X saves R, but Jango, the boss, has set the self-destruct system and X 
has to turn it off. When he does, Jango is on the Heliport. Save the game now. Go 
up to fight Jango, and Spider joins you. If you beat Jango, Spider will tell you of 
his relation to Aile (They are old partners).
Spider. Difficulty: Easy
Wild Jango. Difficulty: Easy

I'll be back with the next installments soon! Next time, I'll post chapters 3, 4, 
and 5!

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