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Fallout 3
Walkthrough and FAQ
Written by: Nick Bartosic
This file is Copyright (c)2008 Nick Bartosic. All rights reserved.
				Table of Contents

1.  About Me
2.  The Guide
3.  The Game
4.  Fallout 3 Tips
5.  Walkthrough
   5.1  Baby Steps
   5.2  Growing Up Fast
   5.3  Future Imperfect
   5.4  Escape!
   5.5  Following in His Footsteps
   5.6  Galaxy News Radio
   5.7  Scientific Pursuits
   5.8  Tranquility Lane
   5.9  The Waters of Life
   5.10  Picking Up the Trail
   5.11  Rescue from Paradise
   5.12  Finding the Garden of Eden 
   5.13  The American Dream
   5.14  Take it Back!
6.  Optional Quests
   6.1  The Wasteland Survival Guide
   6.2  The Replicated Man
   6.3  Big Trouble in Big Town
   6.4  Strictly Business
   6.5  Tenpenny Tower
   6.6  The Power of the Atom
   6.7  You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
   6.8  Trouble On the Homefront
   6.9  Those!
   6.10  The Superhuman Gambit
   6.11  The Nuka-Cola Challenge
   6.12  Head of State
   6.13  Blood Ties
   6.14  The Oasis
   6.15  Stealing Independence
   6.16  Reilly's Rangers
   6.17  Agatha's Song
7.  Freeform Quests
   7.1  Angela and Diego
   7.2  Super Mutant Attack on Big Town
   7.3  Freeing Cherry
   7.4  Charon's Contract
   7.5  Republic of Dave Election
   7.6  Evergreen Mills
   7.7  Kidnap Order
   7.8  Lamplight Fungus Trade
   7.9  Grady's Last Recording
   7.10  Hubris Comics Printing 
   7.11  Canterbury Commons Merchant Contract 
   7.12  Old Olney
   7.13  The Nuka-Cola Clear Formula
   7.14  Chinese Rifles, Pronto!
   7.15  Lincoln's Artifacts
   7.16  National Archives Guess and Win
   7.17  Sydney and the Ultra SMG
   7.18  Sheet Music for Agatha
8.  Party Members
9.  Schematics
10.  Bobble Heads
11.  Equipment
12.  Mini Nuke Locations
13.  Caravan Traders
14.  FAQ
15.  Credits
16.  Copyright Notice
17.  Contact Information

				About Me

This is my third FAQ/Walkthrough of any kind on GameFaqs. I also wrote the 
Thieves Guild and Mage's Guild FAQs for Oblivion.  I know it would seem I'm a 
bit of a Bethesda fanboy considering Bethesda made both Fallout 3 and 
Oblivion, but I've been a Fallout fan for many years, since the original games 
came out over 10 years ago, so I've been waiting for this game for a very, 
very long time.  Aside from playing Fallout 1 and 2, I also played Fallout:  
Tactics and Fallout:  Brotherhood of Steel, although I didn't play the later 

				This Guide

Version 0.2
November 2, 2008
	Began writing introductions
	Added Contact and Copyright information
Version 0.5
November 3, 2008
	Added information to Walkthrough and Optional Quests
November 4, 2008
Version 0.6	Added information to Optional Quests
Version 1.0
November 5, 2008
	Finished quests in Walkthrough, uploaded version 1.0
Version 1.1
November 7, 2008
	Added Big Town and Tenpenny Tower optional quests
	Began listing Equipment and roaming Trader information
Version 1.2
November 10, 2008
	Added some Freeform Quests and Optional Quests, added some info to 
	Walkthrough.  Added some Weapons/Armor and sorted Weapons. Started
	adding Mini-Nuke, Schematic, and Bobble Head info.
Version 1.25
November 14, 2008
	Updated some more info in the main walkthrough, added a few quests
	Corrected an issue where I didn't include a main quest by name
Version 1.30
November 17, 2008
	Added info to everything but the Main Walkthrough.
Version 1.35
December 2, 2008
	Finished Optional quests section, added equipment, some Mini-Nuke info.

				This Game

Version 1.0
October 28, 2008
	Bethesda releases Fallout 3 for the PC
November 6, 2008
	Bethesda releases patch for Fallout 3, fixes some crashing issues

				Fallout 3 Tips

The first tip I have is, by far, the most important.  Make sure you learn it 
if you haven't already.  Save, Save, SAVE!  This means save frequently, and 
save using more than 1 file!  I can't TELL you how many times I'll get e-mails 
from people that have gotten stuck on something, or they run into a bug (Which 
can be expected with a new game).  Often times by reloading to your last save, 
or a previous save (Provided your last fresh save file isn't over 15 hours 
old) you can fix a problem.  This can help you get out of many jams.  Some of 
you will consider this "cheating" by some stretch of the imagination, but 
Bethesda encourages frequent saving as well.  With a new game like this, do 
yourself a favor and just do it to avoid yourself some headache, if you want a 
challenge run the difficulty bar up and get to higher levels...

X-Box 360 users, I don't know if this applies to Fallout 3, but in Oblivion 
I've been told that your cache memory will often screw with quests if you run 
into a bug, so not only will you need to reload to a previous save when you 
encounter a bug, you have to make sure to restart your console and clear your 
cache, this will fix problems many times.

First learn rule numba 1 =)

If you're looking for an answer to a particular question, try using the Find 
command by hitting Ctrl + F.  Often times by putting in a keyword or two you 
can find good info pretty quickly.

If you run into a bug, and you have the X-Box version of the game, you should 
try to clear your cache as previously stated.  To do this, you need to reset 
your system, and hold the "A" button till the Bethesda logo shows up on your 
screen.  This should clear everything, and help to bypass bugs.  Thanks to 
phill0037 for info on how to do this, as I don't have an X-Box =)

If you find yourself under heavy fire, look for cover immediately.  This 
should probably go without saying, but if you find you're being hit from 
multiple sides by Super Mutants with Assault Rifles, sitting there and eating 
lead is not always the best option!  Maybe later you can take all that lead, 
but early on you may not have the armor, or the constitution.  Your best bet 
is to fall back a bit, either try ducking behind a desk, sliding behind a 
pillar, or in some cases exit to another location.  Often times a baddie WILL 
follow you to another zone, but sometimes sneaking back to a safer location 
will give you time to collect yourself, heal quickly, and find better cover.  
This will also help give you time to recover AP for those all important VAT 
shots to the face =D

Stack Repair skill when possible.  If you've spent at least an hour in combat, 
you'll quickly realize that your weapons and armor will degrade, and in some 
cases they'll degrade quickly for certain items!  Minigun comes to mind.  The 
higher your repair skill, the better you can repair all your items.  On top of 
that, you will save hundreds, nay, thousands in repair bills.  Most traders 
can only repair your items to 50% of their condition, and in some cases they'll 
ask for your first born in payment if it's an item like a Plasma 
Rifle.  If you repair the item yourself, it only costs another item of the 
same kind which may cost you less caps if not free!  Keeping your weapons and 
armor repaired also keep them strong, keeping you alive longer.


*****Quest 1:  Baby Steps*****

You've started a New Game, watched the opening cinematic, and you're ready to 
decapitate some raiders.  Unfortunately, first you must go through the arduous 
task of customizing your character, fun for some, boring to others.  You've 
been born; you get to see your father for the first time apparently, and your 
mother's right leg.  Choose whatever sex/facial features you like.  Your 
gender will affect some basic things about the game, but it seems it doesn't 
influence as much as it once did in past Fallout games.  Once you've chosen 
your looks, we immediately get some bad news, then a flash of light...

After the flash of light, we fast-forward to one year later.  You're a baby in 
the vault, this is your first tutorial of the game and will teach you how to 
move, fairly basic.  Walk forward to your father in the pen, objective 

After walking to your father he'll take off and say he'll be back later, 
locking you in the play pen.  Being the baby genius that you are, you're going 
to escape the minute his back is turned.  Walk over to the gate on the pen and 
hit your action key, whatever it may be.  Another simple task, they don't get 
much better than this!

After two easy objectives, you're given possibly the most frustrating one for 
your third.  It's frustrating for me, anyway.  Once you've escaped the pen, 
head over to the toy box on your left.  On the floor you'll find a children's 
book, use your action key to pick it up.  Flip through the pages while it 
explains the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. parameters, being Strength, Perception, Endurance, 
Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.  Coincidently, after playing 
Fallout for as many years as I have, I can't believe I never read my character 
sheet sideways to see "SPECIAL."  You have so many points to work with, 40 I 
believe, which averages out to 5 points on each stat if you like, plus 5 
points to distribute elsewhere.  Most people won't roll with average stats, 
most people customize these to their own personal tastes or a play style for 
specialized runs like Melee, Sniper, Diplomat, Thief, etc.  Also, if you plan 
on collecting all the bobble heads in the game, I don't suggest putting over 9 
points in any one stat as you can only have a max of 10 points in a stat 
permanently (I believe you can go over this value through drug enhancements).  
I've used information from Fallout.Wikia.com to outline the stats below :

Strength:  Affects Melee/Unarmed attack damage, as well as your carry weight.  
For every point in this, you gain an extra 10 pounds of total carrying weight.  
Your base carry weight is 150, plus 10 lbs. for each point.  Each point in 
strength also adds .5 to your melee damage and +2 to your Melee Weapon stat.

Perception:  This affects what you can see/hear, so this affects Energy 
Weapons, Lockpicking, and Explosives skills.  Each point in Perception will 
add +2 points to each of these skills.  Perception also factors in when you 
see the grenade arrows appear during combat.

Endurance:  This affects your hit points as well as your resistance to 
radiation and poison effects.  This also appears to affect your ability with 
Big Guns and Unarmed attacks.  Each point in Endurance will add 20 points of 
health to you, and +2 points to Big Guns and Unarmed.

Charisma:  Charisma involves your dealing with other people, so naturally the 
skills tied to this are Barter and Speech.  For every point in Charisma you 
get +2 to each of these skills.  This will also come into play in some 
dialogue options.

Intelligence:  One of the most important stats in the game, it affects 
Science, Medicine, and Repair.  Along with that, Intelligence also determines 
how many skill points you get each level, which is huge.  For every point in 
Intelligence you get +2 to Science, Medicine, and Repair, and +1 skill points 
at level up (A maximum of 20 total points when you have an Intelligence of 

Agility:  This used to be a huge stat in previous Fallout games.  It's still 
important, just not as much in my opinion.  Agility affects the number of 
available points in VATS mode, and also your Small Guns and Sneak skills.  For 
each point in Agility you'll get +2 to these skills, and +2 to Action Points 
for Vats.  Your base AP in Vats is 65, so with 10 Agility you would have a max 
of 85.

Luck:  This parameter used to affect Critical Chance, random encounters, and 
various other things in previous Fallout games.  Now it appears to affect Crit 
Chance and all skills, that's it.  Luck does not affect any one stat, but it 
will increase all skills by +0.5 for each point in it.  Also, each point in 
luck will increase your Crit Chance by 1, to a maximum of 10% Crit Chance.

There are many ways to build your character, the great thing about Fallout is 
theres no wrong way to build your avatar.  You want to pound things with your 
fists?  Put points in Strength and Endurance.  Want to shoot things from a 
distance?  Perception and Agility is a good combo.  Want to talk your way out 
of situations?  Charisma and Intelligence.  Personally, I go for head shots 
with rifles, so my build is usually something like:  5 Strength, 7 Perception, 
6 Endurance, 6 Charisma, 8 Intelligence, 7 Agility, 1 Luck (Not a Luck person, 
if you can't tell.  Better to be good than lucky sometimes).  

In any event, choose what you like, try not to worry about it too much though.  
You'll have an option to tweak these choices later on if you wish, and theres 
plenty of opportunities to add to points through enhancements and perks later 
on.  When you're done, accept your build.  You'll then have a few seconds to 
run around the room, pull toys out of the toy box if you wish.  

Your father will eventually come into the room.  He'll point out your mother's 
favorite passage, Revelations 21:6.  Just follow him out of the room, 
eventually he'll lead you away to play with Amata, then you get another flash 
of light.

*****Quest 2:  Growing Up Fast*****
This quest doesn't determine much about your character's skills or stats, but 
has more to do with learning about the conversations in the game, and how to 

Fast forward 9 years, you're now 10, Happy Birthday!  Gosh, just 5 minutes ago 
it seems like you were born =)  Anyway, at age 10 every Vault inhabitant 
receives their Pip-Boy 3000 from the Overseer, congrats.  Learn to use this 
thing, within the Pip-Boy you'll do all your menu-intensive things:  sorting 
inventory, viewing maps, fast travel to locations, view stats and karma, you 
name it.  

After receiving your Pip-Boy you can now talk to the various guests at the 
party and make some contacts.  You see Amata face to face for the first time, 
she's one of your friends.  She has a present for you, an issue of Grognak the 
Barbarian.  If you read this item from your Pip-Boy, it will increase your 
Melee Weapon skill by 1.  No matter what option you pick from Amata, you'll 
still get the comic, so insult her if you like.

After talking to Amata you can speak to Old Lady Palmer.  She'll give you a 
sweet roll, despite your replies as well.  You can speak to Wally Mack or 
Freddie, but they don't have much to say, they'll later become part of the 
"Tunnel Snakes" gang, which brings us to Butch.  Sometime during the party, 
Andy the Mr. Handy robot will cut the cake...but he doesn't do a very good job 
(He appears to have problems frequently with cutting things).  Butch will be 
pissed he didn't get any cake, and demands your sweet roll from Ms. Palmer.  
There are a few things you can do here, you can be polite and share it, you 
can pick a fight with Butch, or you can spit on it and give him the Sweet 
Roll.  If you decide to pick a fight with Butch, Amata and Officer Gomez will 
sympathize with you afterwards.  

Theres not much else you can do here.  You can grab a party hat off the table.  
You can also talk to Stanley and receive a baseball cap, but not much point to 
either of these items.  Eventually you'll need to speak to your father, he 
lets you know he has a surprise for you.  He speaks to his friend, Jonas, then 
instructs you to go to the Reactor room for the surprise.  

You'll bump into the creepy Beatrice if you go out the same diner door your 
father leaves.  She'll give you a birthday poem you can read in your Pip-
Boy...yeah...its interesting.  You can go straight to the reactor room, or you 
can go past that and up the stairs to overhear the Overseer complain about 
your stupid little party and what he thinks of it.  The security guard he 
speaks with has 2 Stimpacks on him, and you won't take a Karma hit for 
stealing them.  No one else at the party has anything to steal.  Eventually, 
make your way to the Reactor Room, you should have seen a sign for it after 
leaving the mess hall.  You'll see Jonas there, after some brief dialogue 
he'll see your father coming.  Your father's surprise is a BB gun, sweet!  
Choose whatever option you like, he'll give it to you anyway.  

Your father will then lead you to a special location where you can practice 
shooting.  Not too tough, this just gets you used to the system.  Hit the 
three targets, or hit one target three times, whatever you prefer.  After 
this, a Radroach will spawn.  Your father asks you to try and hit the 
Radroach.  You can target it the same way you hit the inanimate targets, 
manually aim and pull the trigger, or you can hit the Radroach in VATS mode.  
VATS mode is something totally new to a FPS game, but very familiar to Fallout 
Veterans.  In VATS mode you can specifically target various body parts of a 
target, or cycle through multiple targets.  Using your action points, you have 
the ability to make 1 or more shots in VATS mode, the more action points you 
currently have, the more shots you can take.  Each attack will have a 
percentage chance based on your distance from the target AND the availability 
of the location you're trying to hit.  For example...if you're trying to head 
shot a super mutant from close range, normally you would have a high 
percentage chance to connect.  If the super mutant happens to be swinging a 
sledgehammer at the time though, the hammer may be blocking part of his face 
making it difficult to make the shot at that time.  

VATS targeting has its benefits.  For moving targets, it can make it easier 
for you to do things such as shooting weapons out of target's hands.  It will 
be easier to get head shots, and easier to cripple certain limbs.  This can 
help save on ammo, as well as save on your health.  Targets can still hit you 
while you're firing in VATS mode, but nothing will be attacking you when 
you're targeting.  VATS mode is also fun for viewing the gory deaths in slow 

Once you've blasted the Radroach, your father asks to have his picture taken 
with the "Big Game Hunter."  Jonas will snap the shot, the flash fades and...

*****Quest 3:  Future Imperfect*****
This is your last tutorial quest, and will determine what your starting skills 
will look like.

Fast-forward another 6 years, you're now 16 and must take your G.O.A.T, 
Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test, with the other children.  Everyone is 
told to take this test, so despite your best attempt at getting out of it by 
playing sick, your father asks you to go.  You can ask your father various 
questions before you go, some about your mother I believe, but none of these 
will ultimately change anything, just adds to the immersion which is 

Before you leave, be sure to grab your first bobble head off your father's 
desk, the Medicine doll which increases your Medicine skill by 10.  Theres not 
much else of value to swipe in the area.  Theres some stimpacks on the table 
in the next room.  You can view your father's computer terminal, read some of 
the patient files which are interesting.  You're already getting some 
important insights to the Overseer and others.  You can speak to Jonas and 
Stanley, but they don't have a lot to say.  If you walk into the hallway 
you'll see Butch and his "gang" of Tunnel Snakes harassing Amata.

You have a few options here.  You can help Amata out by trying to talk Butch 
and his thugs out of torturing the poor girl, you can try to be the top dog 
and intimidate Butch, or you can take the negative Karma route and point out 
to Butch that Amata is sensitive about her weight (Despite the fact she's 
skinny).  Choose your path, theres good karma or bad karma to be had here.  
When you're done, head into the classroom to take the G.O.A.T.

The G.O.A.T. exam affects your skills, based on the answers given the game 
will choose what tags it thinks you should have starting out.  Fear not 
though, if you feel the game is off-base in its choices, or feel like you want 
to choose something else, you can always alter your test.  If you want, you 
can also try and talk your teacher into letting you skip the test, meaning you 
choose your own 3 tag skills and bypass the questions.  The questions are fun 
though, I suggest you take the actual test at least once!

In past Fallout games, Tag skills usually meant that you got 2x the skill 
points for each skill point you dropped into a Tag skill, not anymore though.  
Your tag skills only receive a one time bonus of 15 points, and no bonuses 
afterwards.  This is still important, however, as these will be the skills 
you're most proficient in starting out.  I suggest usually taking one combat 
skill, like Small Guns or Melee Weapons, taking a communication skill, either 
Barter or Speech, and taking a trade skill, such as Repair or Lockpick.  Feel 
free to take whatever you like.

Once you've solidified your 3 Tag skills, and remember you can change these 
one time later on, leave the class room and you'll encounter one more flash of 
light.  Congrats, you're done with the Tutorial quests!

*****Quest 4:  Escape!*****
You're rudely awakened by Amata.  Its 3 years after your G.O.A.T, making you 
19 now.  She informs you on various items, your father has left Vault 101, 
Jonas is dead, and the Overseer has his goons looking for you now...smashing.  
You determine that your next move is to escape, if you choose to extract 
revenge on the Overseer that's your call, it'll bring negative Karma though.  
If you offer to take Amata's help in escaping, she'll offer you a 10mm Pistol, 
you can take it if you want, but it's not required.

Be sure to check the room around you, as theres various items you can take.  
Be sure to check the drawers, as all the stuff you previously collected as a 
child will be there:  your baseball cap, any stimpacks, BB gun, etc.  Theres 
also a baseball bat, ball, and glove in the room, the bat may come in handy as 
it's more powerful than a Police Baton.  If you chose not to accept Amata's 
help in escaping, you can still pickpocket the 10mm gun from her.  To 
pickpocket, go into Sneak mode, walk up behind her and click your action 
key/button.  If you're successful, you'll take the item and she won't have a 
clue.  If you're not successful, you'll get nothing and she'll scold you.  
Either way, you'll get negative Karma, Karma sees EVERYTHING.

When you head out of the room, one of the Overseer's lackeys will spot you, 
but he'll quickly become overrun with Radroaches.  You can use this as an 
opportunity to run/sneak away, or you can use this as an advantage to kill 
him.  You can try to help him by killing the Radroaches, but he'll eventually 
just attack you afterwards.

The Vault is pretty linear at this point, most of the doors are inaccessible.  
As you head down the hall, you'll run into your "buddy" Butch.  He'll tell you 
that his mother is being attacked by Radroaches and he asks for your help.  
You'll have more options here.  You can tell him you'll help her out, kill the 
roaches, and he'll make you an honorary Tunnel Snake by giving you his jacket.  
You can also boost Butch's confidence and talk him into helping her instead.  
Finally, you can tell Butch that the irony is bittersweet and leave his mom to 
die.  If you're really bad, you can kill Butch and leave his mom to die still.  
If you do choose to save her, you'll have to move quickly.  You should be able 
to see Butch's mom through the window in the hallway, but there isn't a 
doorway to her room from the hall.  You'll have to enter an adjacent room to 
get to her.  The Radroaches aren't tough at all, a swing or two of your bat 
should be all that's required to bring them down.  If you killed the Security 
Guard you ran into earlier, hopefully you equipped his helmet and armor.  Talk 
to Butch and his mother if you decided to be heroic.

You can check out the diner, theres a dead body here with some items and more 
roaches, kill them for the experience.  Keeping following the hallway and 
you'll run into Officer Gomez.  Even if you've been bad up till this point, 
Gomez will let you off the hook and won't attack, no other guard will give you 
such a luxury though.  If you continue you'll run into Andy and Stanley.  Andy 
will be busy torching Radroaches with his flamethrower attachment, you cannot 
take this though =)  Stanley doesn't want to turn you in, he just wants to 
stay out of trouble.  You can head into the room near where Andy was torching 
Radroaches.  There should be a few stimpacks on the floor, be sure to take 
these.  If you didn't get the bobble head earlier, this may be your last 
chance to do so.  Your lockpick skill probably won't be high enough, but if it 
is you can lockpick your mother's Bible quote to find some goodies hidden 
behind the verse.  When you're done, head to the Atrium.

When you enter the Atrium, you'll notice a young couple (Or brother and 
sister, I'm not sure) talking.  The male, Tom Holden, says he's been inspired 
by your father leaving the Vault, and says he's going to do the same.  He 
makes a break for the door, only to be shot down by the security guards.  The 
female, Mary Holden, runs towards the scene afterwards, only to be shot down 
as well.  Obviously some screwed up stuff is going on here, this Vault will 
never be the same.  You can run in and kill the guards yourself, or you can 
try to sneak past their vision.  They're not incredibly tough, do as you wish.  
In any event, the door behind them should be well out of your Lockpick reach, 
so you'll have to find another route out.

The only option is to head through the other door, which is attempting to 
close but cannot.  Head up the stairs, kill a few Radroaches.  You'll notice a 
Vault resident yelling at you through some glass.  You'll get attacked by a 
few guards, waste them by any means available.  You'll be in a large room at 
this point, a catwalk suspended off the ground in an "H" shape.  If you peer 
at the large, circular glass window you can see the Overseer's office.  Before 
you can get there, you'll need to decide Amata's fate.

In the next available room past the catwalk you'll see Amata being 
harassed/beaten by a guard.  You can kill the guard to free her, or you can 
keep walking by.  If you kill the guard, you can confront the Overseer in the 
same room.  The good karma path is to kill the guard, saving Amata, and don't 
kill the Overseer.  Feel free to call him a bad person, if you so choose.  You 
can kill the Overseer, but this will upset Amata despite her agreeing that 
he's nuts.  Also, you can choose to speak to the Overseer here.  He'll say you 
can relinquish your weapons, and all will be forgotten...fat chance.  He'll 
take your weapons and then attack, so don't bother with this option.  Feel 
free to tell him he's a jerk.  You can find a few items in this room among 
lockers and whatnot, namely ammo and stimpacks.  If you saved Amata you can 
get the Overseer's Office Key.  If you didn't, no worries, theres another 
coming up shortly.

After saving/ignoring Amata, continue on.  In the next room you'll see the 
corpse of Jonas.  Theres random items among the desks and lockers in this 
area, I found a lot of pre-war money.  Take any items off Jonas's corpse you 
want, he'll have a holotape from your father, check that out.  His lab coat 
adds +5 to Science, which will aid in hacking any computer terminals later on.  
At the end of the hallway you'll find a path to the left and to the right.  
The path to the right leads to the Overseer's room, we don't want to go here 
yet.  The path to the left leads to Amata's room and the Overseer's personal 
room.  Feel free to loot both before you go, Amata's room has 5 bobby pins, 
the Overseer's has some 10mm ammo and the key to his office if you didn't get 
it before.

Open the door to the Overseer's office using the key.  If you didn't get the 
key, you'll have to use your Lockpick skill.  You'll see his terminal and a 
container, there is a secret exit here too.  Check the container to find his 
technical password if you didn't happen to find it earlier.  Check the 
terminal, if you didn't get the technical password you'll have to use your 
Science skill to "hack" the terminal.  Once you're inside, you should be able 
to read various reports and information.  For vets, some of this will be old 
information such as info about G.E.C.K.s, for others this will be new info.  
The Overseer has also chronicled his opinions on various Vault individuals, 
such as your dad and Amata.  Finally, you can open the secret escape route to 
the Vault door.

Head down the stairs toward your freedom.  You may encounter a few Radroaches 
along the way, no biggie.  You'll have to hit a switch and go through a few 
doors, but eventually you'll find yourself in a small room looking out into 
the Vault 101 entrance.  Hit the yellow control pad to open the gate.  Alarms 
will start going off, and you'll notice Amata rushes down the stairs.  She'll 
come down regardless of the fact if you saved her or not, and if you killed 
her father or not.  Two final security guards will come with her as well and 
attack, be sure to take them out.  If you decide not to take the guards out, 
they'll whip her once you leave.  Take the experience and their goods, wax 
them.  Say your goodbyes to Amata, then head out the door.  The door will 
shut, you're now locked out of Vault 101.  

*****Quest 5:  Following in His Footsteps*****

Alright, so now you're alone.  You've been kicked out of your home after 19 
years.  You're in a wasteland that you know nothing about, and you don't know 
a soul here.  What happened to your father, why did he leave without saying 
goodbye?  Sure, he left a tape for you, but the "why" was never really 
answered.  So, your first quest in this new world is to try and seek out your 

As you walk away from the Vault you'll exit out the cave door.  Here is your 
last and only option to change your SPECIAL stats and your skill tags.  You'll 
also be able to edit the other characteristics of your character such as 
looks, but there will be other options for this later.  Make your final 
choices, then accept.

You'll walk out into the Capital Wasteland, the remnants of old D.C. following 
the war.  After some blinding light and your eyes adjusting to the sun for the 
first time, you'll be able to look out over the wasteland.  You may notice 
what appears to be a settlement of scrap metal to the south-east.  The easiest 
way to get there is to follow the road, but you can cut across the rough if 
you like.  

If you decide to take the road, make your way down the path from the Vault 101 
cave.  Take a left once your feet hit the pavement.  As you make your way down 
the hill you'll come to the town of Springvale.  Theres not much to do here at 
the moment, theres some burnt out houses you can loot for various items.  On 
one play through I found a nice piece of Leather Armor here, on a 2nd play 
through I did not, so you never know what you'll find.  You can loot mail 
boxes here, theres a safe, refrigerators, and foot lockers.  You may see an 
Enclave bot hovering around, belting out patriot tunes and the voice of 
President Eden, don't worry, the bot will leave you alone.  In any event, 
don't travel too deep into Springvale, as you may find yourself getting closer 
and closer to the school which is overrun with raiders, you may want to gear 
up before that.  You can find an old call-girl, Silver, hiding out in the 
first house on your left if you're on the road heading north out of town.  You 
can try to talk her into giving you 100 caps to keep her location a secret, 
your choice, but nothing more to do here yet.

Your best bet is to head to Megaton, which is that large scrap heap you saw in 
the distance from Vault 101.  If you follow the eastern road from Springvale, 
it will eventually turn south.  You'll see a painted sign for Megaton, follow 
the sign back to the west till you reach the gate.  Theres a dying man out 
front, you can give him one of your purified waters (If you have one on you) 
for positive karma.  If you ever want positive karma, you can give him 
purified water.  At the Megaton gate you'll see a greeter "Deputy" robot, 
theres no real interaction here if you talk to him, so head on through the 

Shortly after entering Megaton you'll be approached by the self appointed 
Sheriff, Lucas Simms.  He'll ask you not to cause trouble, welcome to Megaton, 
etc, etc.  You can cause trouble if you like right from the start, I once 
selected the option to call him "Calamity Jane."  We then threw down.  In any 
event, if you're playing a good character, you probably don't want to do this.  
If you're playing an evil character feel free to challenge him (Note:  if you 
kill Simms and decide you want the house in Megaton, get the house first 
before killing him.  If you're blowing Megaton, don't worry about it).  The 
Sheriff does have a quest for you to disarm Megaton's Atomic bomb, but that is 
not related to the main quest.  You can also steal the good Sheriff's house 
key, loot his house and find the Strength bobble head inside.  You'll notice
you can also use the key to break into Megaton's Armory, located in the 
southern part of town.  Make a fresh save before you enter, though.  Theres a 
Mr. Gutsy Deputy robot guarding the stash, I've been pretty unsuccessful and 
sneaking in on him, but you can take him out for a small Karma hit, and then 
loot the goods.  The Armory is pretty well stocked, so I'd check it out.  You 
shouldn't get caught for this act, unless you open the door right in front of 
Sheriff Simms.  I did exit the Armory on my first play through, and Simms was 
standing right there.  He didn't acknowledge me breaking in.    

If you speak to various townspeople, asking if they've seen an elder gentleman 
looking like you, most of them will point you towards Moriarty's Saloon.  
Moriarty says he did run into your father, and he says he spoke with him 20 
years before when you were born...curious...your father wasn't born in the 
Vault?  In any event, Moriarty claims he knows where your father has gone, but 
he's not going to fork over the information freely.  You have a couple options 
here.  You can try being nice to Moriarty's slave...err...bartender Gob, he 
may fork over the code to Moriarty's terminal.  If you have the Lady Killer 
perk, you can speak to Nova in the Saloon, she'll give you the password to 
Moriarty's terminal in the back.  As far as getting the info straight from 
Moriarty, you can pay Moriarty 100 caps for the info (Or you can take a quest 
from him to kill Silver in Springvale for a discount).  

If you decide to kill Silver, she's in that first house on the left in 
Springvale, on the road leading north.  You can speak to her and offer to take 
all the money she has so Moriarty will leave her alone.  Keep pushing, and 
she'll give you 300 caps if your Speech skill is high enough.  She's lying, of 
course, because you can kill her anyway and find another 200 caps.  You can 
then head back to Moriarty and give him the 100 caps he wants for the 
information (Hey, you made a profit!).  As far as the quest, I chose to hack 
Moriarty's terminal in the back room and get the information myself for free.

*Update* Drew tells me you can also lie to Moriarty, that your dad talked 
about him all the time.  He'll give you the info you need without having to 
approach Silver, pay any money, or use the terminal.   

You find out that your father left for GNR radio station after stopping in 
Megaton.  The problem is GNR is a good trek to the east, and its smack dab in 
the middle of Super Mutant land.  At this point you're probably level 2 or 3 
and poorly equipped.  I would suggest skipping to the Optional Quests section, 
take a few quests for Megaton, Grayditch, or another nearby location before 
venturing to GNR.  An acceptable level would be 6 or 7, but you could go 
sooner or later depending on your skills and desire to complete the main quest 

GNR is located east from Megaton, but the path is rather fraught with peril.  
You can technically skip this part of the quest if you so choose, but its 
better if you don't.  You'll miss out on a quest or two by skipping this 
quest, as well as missing a few references to yourself via GNR's radio 
programs.  The first time I played through I inadvertently came across Vault 
112 and skipped the GNR section as well as the Rivet City section entirely.  
As a result, I didn't get to meet with Three Dog, and didn't get his quest to 
fix the dish, I ended up reloading later =P

To get to GNR from Megaton, you'll need to do some hiking.  Heading east, you 
should come across the Super Duper Mart, you may have been here earlier if you 
did the quest for Moira Brown in Megaton.  Continue heading east from here and 
you should run into a river.  You'll have to cross the river sometime, you can 
swim across if you like.  You'll take a few rads, but hardly anything to cry 
about.  There is a bridge further down, it's entirely up to you (Theres also 
tougher enemies the further south you go).  You now have a few options to get 
to GNR.  Theres a metro station right across the river, Farragut West Metro
Station.  The game believes this is the quickest route via Megaton.  Head 
into the Metro, its one of the shorter ones.  Theres a nice closet with
Missiles, junk parts, and weapons.  You can find it down a set of stairs just
before the door to your destination.  The door you're looking for is 
the one to Tenleytown/Friendship Station (Can't miss it).  From here
you want to look for Chevy Chase, its pretty close to the south.
Alternatively, you can navigate the wasteland and come to Freedom station 
later which will also take you there.  Both paths will get you there, it 
depends on which you decide to use.  If you keep this quest as "Active" in 
your Pip-Boy's Quests section, it will provide an arrow to the shortest path 
for you to take from wherever you're currently at.  Please note this arrow on 
your map will not point out any possible road blocks along the way, such as 
various twists and turns in a subway, hosts of locked doors and computer 
terminals barring immediate access, or packs of Super Mutant road blocks =)

Follow your quest arrow through the metros.  Eventually it'll bring you 
to Chevy Chase.  Feel free to loot the various objects outside the metro, but 
sooner than later you'll probably be attacked by a couple Super Mutants, or 
hear them attacking someone else.  You'll then see a few members of the 
Brotherhood of Steel engaging the giants.  The Brotherhood will come out on 
top (Feel free to lend a hand for xp).  Speak to Sentinel Lyons.  She'll let 
you know they're currently on their way to the radio station, you can tag 
along, but don't get in the way.

For the next few minutes you'll be escorted the final stretch to the radio 
station.  Take pot shots if you can to help out.  Early on in the trip you'll 
see a hurt Brotherhood soldier being tended to.  You can loot their 
armor/weapons if you wish without penalty of Karma, but be advised that you 
cannot wear Power Armor until later, so you would have to store it for a rainy 

You'll find yourself crawling through a few broken buildings and fighting your 
way through a dozen Super Mutants or so before you reach the area just in 
front of GNR.  Take cover when you can, some will try to snipe you, others 
will run up and try to hit you with melee weapons.  Try to help keep the 
Brotherhood soldiers alive if possible.  Eventually you'll come to a fountain 
area and the station itself.  You're not done yet, theres one very LARGE road 
block between you and the station.  A huge Super Mutant known as a Behemoth 
will crash through a wall of debris and begin attacking you and your 
Brotherhood companions.  If you've looked at the fountain nearby, you'll 
notice a fallen Brotherhood soldier that was carrying a "Fat Man" and "Mini 
Nukes."  I think you should know what you need to do!  Equip this bad boy, 
make sure you have a very, very good distance between yourself and the 
Behemoth, then let 1 or 2 Mini Nukes fly.  You'll see a mini mushroom cloud, 
a flash of light, and a large chunk of the beast's life will evaporate.  If 
you don't give this weapon a wide birth, you may find yourself caught in the 
area of effect, causing massive damage to yourself as well.  If possible, try 
not to hit any Brotherhood of Steel members when dropping the bomb.  Some 
deaths may be unavoidable, but the deaths of some members will affect some 
conversations later on (Nothing game breaking).  

*****Quest 6:  Galaxy News Radio*****

If you're playing the entire main quest line and not skipping anything, head 
inside the radio station following the massacre of Super Mutants.  You can 
sneak around and loot a few items off the first floor, but theres not a lot to 
explore here.  Theres a back door leading to another part of the wasteland.  
Theres also a few doors to strategic balconies on the 2nd floor of GNR, 
nothing to see through any of these doors.  The only door you should be 
concerned with is the one heading up to the radio station itself, where Three 
Dog awaits.  

Three Dog will come to speak with you.  He'll let you know he's been expecting 
you, and that he has come in contact with your father.  He'll also fill you in 
a little bit about GNR itself, about the Good Fight, and providing hope to the 
Capital Wasteland.  Before he'll provide you information regarding your 
father's next stop, he asks that you do something for him.  Whether you do 
this quest or not is entirely up to you.  In a way, the quest is optional as 
you can skip ahead to Rivet City, but the quest is good experience, it's a 
good source of loot, and it broadens the reach of the radio station's signal 

*Update* Drew says one way to bypass Three Dog's quest is to tell him your 
dad can help him with the Good Fight if he tells you where he went next.  
This will update your quest, and you should still be able to take Three Dog's 
mission to get the dish.

If you choose to help Three Dog out, he wants you to obtain a new relay dish 
for the radio broadcast.  As it turns out, a Super Mutant thought it would be 
funny to knock the old one off the Washington Monument.  Three Dog knows where 
you can swipe a new dish:  The Museum of Technology which is conveniently 
located south-east about 200 yards from the Washington Monument.  Getting to 
these locations from GNR will require more hiking through more Metros though, 
so be prepared.  If you haven't figured it out already, the underground Metros 
are highly useful for navigating around various debris that blocks your path 
to various landmarks.  Fortunately, once you've been to a location at least 
once, it'll show on your map and you can always fast travel back to it.

To reach the area where the Washington Monument and Museum of Technology, have 
Three Dog's quest set to active in your quest section of the Pip-Boy.  It 
should provide the closest path again for you.  If you're going straight from
GNR, head out the back exit to Dupont Circle.  This is a one way trip, if you
decide later you want to head back, you'll have to fast travel.  From there
take the Collapsed Car Tunnel.  From here it's a few ghouls and a short walk
to the Dupont Circle Station.  Through Dupont you'll have to fight a good
number of Raiders and a couple muties, you're looking for Metro Central next.
This area is huge, and consists of multiple levels.  Ultimately, you'll want
to go up a few levels and take some train tunnels to the Museum Station. 
Finally, from Museum Station follow it south till you come to the main area,
you'll see the exit to the Mall to the east.

If you followed the path correctly, you should come out of a Metro and see the 
Washington Monument to the west, and the remnants of the Capitol Building 
rising above you to the east.  The downside to exiting via this area is 
you're coming out in a heavy Super Mutant area.  Theres also another Mall exit 
in the Museum Station, and it's a little safer.  Downside is you're not as
close to the Technology Museum.  If you decide to take the other Mall exit,
you'll come out near the Lincoln.  The Lincoln will be overrun with various 
slavers, feel free to wax them if you wish, just be advised they've booby 
trapped the area extensively with traps.  Also, I've read around the net that
wasting the slavers early may bug a quest later on, so you may wanna hold off
on going to the Lincoln Memorial.  The Washington Monument fortunately 
is in better hands, it's guarded day and night by Brotherhood representatives.  
Using the pass code given to you, you can log in to the gate terminal at the 
Washington to access the site, but theres no need at this point, so I would 

South-east from the Washington Monument you'll find your target location, the 
Museum of Technology.  Along the way you'll probably run into a few Super 
Mutants, better get used to it.  Everything within a 1-2 mile radius is 
infested with Super Mutants, and most of the area is not protected with 
Brotherhood soldiers that will hold your hand.  Super Mutants don't have many 
weaknesses, you can pop one in the face with an Assault Rifle and some will 
just smile back at you and keep firing.  I suggest taking cover when possible 
and using your stronger weapons.  Theres also varying strengths of Super 
Mutants.  Theres your basic Super Mutant, they're the weakest and usually 
don't carry the most threatening weapons.  The next level involves Super 
Mutant Brutes.  These guys tend to wear metal armor for protection, usually 
with a helmet, and carry harder hitting weapons such as Assault Rifles and 
possibly Miniguns/Missile Launchers.  The strongest Super Mutants (Aside from 
Behemoths) are the Super Mutant Masters.  These guys usually have the hardest 
hitting weapons:  Miniguns, Super Sledgehammers, whatever will put a dent in 

Just like the trenches outside, the Museum is filled with Super Mutants.  If 
you run into Brutes, be sure to take them down first as they'll pack the most 
heat.  There is an opportunity to access a weapons locker later in the museum, 
but it's not required for the mission.  If you want access to this, look for
the various terminals around the Museum.  Some will have a code, you'll have to 
pick the correct number to unlock that terminal.  They key is to look for the 
prime number in each set, or a number that isn't evenly divisible by anything.  
Once you've found all 3 terminals, you can unlock the safe near the Virgo 
exhibit, which you can get a key from for a weapons locker.  The safe is 
located in the Security Office terminal.  Just keep an eye out for any 
terminals as you progress.  The information you get will also lead to the 
location of Prime and the Xuanlong Assault Rifle.  

The museum itself is fairly linear.  You can pick up some Stealth Boys along 
the way, I would horde these whenever possible.  You'll be looking for the 
Virgo II Lunar Landing exhibit, this is where you'll find the replacement 
dish.  To get there, follow the path through the creepy Vault-Tec exhibit.  I 
expected something to jump out at me here, I dunno.  You'll eventually find 
yourself in a room where the Virgo II is, but a pile of debris lies between 
you and your target.  There are two paths here, you can head through the 
Planetarium, or you can head through the rocket display, either one will get 
you to the Virgo eventually.  You'll run into a few Super Mutants either path 
you take.  When you eventually get to the Vigo, there will be a Super Mutant 
Master waiting for you along with one of his lackey's.  Waste them both, then 
claim the dish.  If you made your way through and retrieved the weapons locker 
key, you'll find it in a side room off the Planetarium.  When you're ready, 
leave the museum.

Head to the Washington Monument.  Use the pass code to unlock the gate.  
You'll be able to enter and use the elevator to reach the top.  Use your 
action key on the radio station hardware to install the dish, the signal 
should be coming in clear now for GNR all over the Capital Wasteland.  Head 
back to Three Dog at GNR.  He'll inform you that your father was next heading 
to Rivet City, if you weren't already aware.  If you went to Rivet City first 
and spoke to Dr. Li, Three Dog may give you a key to a weapons cache as well.  
When you're ready, prepare to trek to Rivet City.

*****Quest 7:  Scientific Pursuits*****

Your next location to hit is Rivet City, far to the south-east.  If you 
haven't been there, it's half of a ship floating in the Potomac River.  The 
easiest way to get there is to follow the river.  I suggest walking along the 
west bank of the river, as it's the safest path.  If you want experience, 
loot, and the chance to kill Super Mutants and Raiders, take the east bank.  
You'll have to kill some either way.  If you're on the west bank and reach the 
Citadel, you'll see a broken bridge across the river.  Head across this 
bridge, then continue south.  You'll soon come to the Jefferson Memorial, 
which is crawling with Super Mutants.  Don't head inside yet, or if you want 
to skip ahead to Rivet City go ahead.  Make your way around the monument, once 
you've walked around the structure you should see the broken ship floating.  
Look for the large, metal structure with steps, there may be a caravan outside 
it.  Climb the steps, you'll see a dying man sitting nearby.  He wants 
purified water, much like the man outside Megaton.  He's free positive Karma 
if you want to donate your water to him.  When ready, use the intercom nearby, 
they'll swing the bridge over so you can enter Rivet City.

Head inside the Stairwell, then take the door to the Lower or Upper sections 
of the ship.  Either one will point you toward the Lab.  Follow the signs, 
you'll find yourself in the Lab where Doctor Li is (Provided it's not after 
hours).  She'll immediately recognize you as James's son/daughter.  You can 
ask her questions about your father, your mother, about Project Purity, and 
their efforts to bring clean water to the Capital Wasteland.  If you ask about 
your father's current whereabouts, Li will say he stopped by recently, wanting 
to restart Project Purity.  She believes he was next on his way to his old 
lab, which happens to be in the Jefferson Monument.  Before you leave Rivet
City, be sure you stock up on goods in the Market, do any side quests you
Like while you're here as well.  I suggest researching Rivet City's history
For Moira Brown, if you're doing the Wasteland Survival Guide (If you
haven't started it, you may wanna get up to this point).  You may want to 
start the Replicated Man quest at this time as well.  Theres a lot of locked
doors and terminals you can break into in Rivet City, just be sure you're not
caught.  They're all little bits of xp, and you can get some good stuff.
Particularly the Armory located in the Flight Deck of the ship.  I don't
suggest breaking into the Armory until you have at least 75 Lockpicking or
better, there are some tough chests.  Also, theres a guard robot out front.
You can trick him into thinking theres an emergency down below, you can use
this time to loot everything (This trick only seems to work once).

You can fast travel to Jefferson if you like.  If you previously cleared out 
the whole Memorial, you shouldn't have anything to worry about here. If you 
didn't go inside, you'll find more Super Mutants and Centaurs within.  Head in 
through the Gift Shop door, which is on the west side of the building near the 
stairs.  Head down the hallway.  You should find a terminal nearby, disable 
the turret if you wish, or reset the targeting data so it begins unloading on 
Super Mutants.  There isn't much to loot in this first area, it's been pretty 
well cleared out.  The best loot will be on the mutants themselves.  Head 
downstairs first, where you'll find 4 or 5 more Super Mutants.  Near the back 
of the basement you'll find a bed and a couple tables.  On the tables will be 
several holotapes, mostly from your father.  They chronicle Project Purity.  
They don't seem to provide much information on his current location.  Head 
back up to the Gift Shop area, and then through the door to the Rotunda.  
You'll run into a few more Mutants.  When you first entered the Rotunda area 
you should have seen some stairs leading up to the enclosed glass area.  At 
the top of the steps look ahead, you'll see more holotapes.  Listen to these 
holotapes, you'll find out your father caught a break in his research, he 
wants to meet a Dr. Braun in Vault 112 to ask him about his G.E.C.K. 
technology.  You now know your father's next destination, and yours.

Vault 112 can be found far to the west of Megaton.  It's located in an old 
garage known as Jake's.  If the quest is active, you should see a marker on 
your map pointing it out.  Once you've reached the garage look for a switch 
inside that opens the path to Vault 112.  Head down the path to the Vault 
gate, activate the terminal to head inside.  Once you're within you'll be 
greeted by a robot, apparently you're 200+ years behind schedule.  The robot 
gives you a Vault 112 suit and asks that you put it on, go ahead.  Feel free 
to explore the facility at this point.  You'll notice a dozen or so 
Tranquility Lounges with people in them.  You can read the terminals next to 
each pod, but they don't have a lot of useful information.  You notice that 
one pad has subject "Unknown."  Take a peak inside...hmmm.  Before you look at 
the other pods, clear out any and all side rooms.  You should find some drugs 
in the clinic and some combat oriented loot items elsewhere.  When you're 
ready, make a clean save, then head back to the lounges and grab the 
unoccupied one.  

*****Quest 8:  Tranquility Lane*****

You've stepped into Tranquility Lane, a "Leave it to Beaver," black-and-white 
style neighborhood block straight out of the 50s.  Everyone here will appear 
overly cheery, they love their lives, most of them anyway.  Speak to the 
various inhabitants, most of them will be unaware they're living in a virtual 
world, and they think you're just playing a game.  Speak to the young girl, 
Betty, watering the flowers in the center of town.  She seems like a nice 
enough girl, but she wants you to play a little trick on Timmy Neusbaum, she 
wants you to make him cry.

You now have a few options.  Making Timmy cry will get you negative Karma, but 
not much.  You can continue down this road, which will lead to more negative 
Karma later, or you can skip right to the positive Karma ending and skip the 
fun (Although this ending is rather amusing as well).  If you want the 
Positive Karma, skip down several paragraphs, otherwise if you don't mind, 
keep reading.

You can try and convince Timmy that his parents are getting a divorce to make 
him cry, but even with a high speech skill I couldn't pull this one off.  
Theres easier methods.  Speak to the various town residents again.  You'll 
find out from one that Timmy could use some discipline at boarding school, and 
Timmy's parents have already received a brochure.  You can find the brochure 
in the Neusbaum kitchen, show it to Timmy to make him cry.  Alternatively, you 
can also kill his parents or beat him up.

Once you've made Timmy cry, go back to speak to Betty.  Prepare for a 
surprise...creeeepy.  Feel free to ask Betty any question you like, it's 
relatively irrelevant what you decide.  After a brief explanation, Betty wants 
you to be mean again.  Next, she wants you to break up the marriage of the 
Rockwells, without killing them.  Theres a few ways you can do this.  The 
first way I found was to speak to the residents again.  It appears Martha 
Simpson had a little romp with Mr. Rockwell.  If you speak to Ms. Henderson 
about it, she'll elaborate a little more, you should be able to convince 
Martha to open up about it more afterwards.  This won't break up the marriage, 
but it will allow you to go to Martha's bedroom, steal her lacy underwear, and 
plant it on Mr. Rockwell's desk in the basement.  Show Mrs. Rockwell the 
underwear, convince her they belong to Martha or Mr. Rockwell likes to wear 
women's underwear, it doesn't matter.  There may be other ways to finish this 
one, I could see a diary in the bedroom, on my 2nd play through I was able
to read it.  Apparently Mrs. Rockwell wants to beat Mrs. Simpson secretly
with her rolling pin.  Lets make this a reality.  Find the rolling pin in the
kitchen, go beat Martha Simpson up with it.  Return to Mr. Rockwell and show
him the rolling pin, claim it was Janet's doing.  Easy as pie! 

Go back to Betty, ask another question if you like.  She has another task for 
you, this time, its going to get violent no matter how you slice it.  She 
wants you to kill Ms. Henderson, but she wants it to be creative, so no fists, 
rolling pin, etc.  Let's snoop around her house first.  The first thing that 
caught my eye was the oven, you can fiddle with the pilot light, then go to 
Ms. Henderson and ask her to bake you a pie, flames ensue.  There are also 
some roller skates near the stairs, you can fiddle with these to cause an 
interesting death.  This one is a little more dangerous, but you can lock Ms. 
Henderson in her house via the terminal in the kitchen.  You can then set the 
Mr. Handy robot to cleaning mode and disable his security measure so he'll 
attack his own master.  Rather amusing, but you'll have to be wary he doesn't 
attack you as well.

When the innocent woman is dealt with, head back to Betty.  She'll have one 
more task for you, and it doesn't get any worse (Or better, if you're an evil 
character) than this.  She wants you to go to the Abandoned House in town and 
look for the dog house on the side.  Within you'll find a scary clown mask and 
knife, don them and you'll become the "Pint Sized Slasher."  Holy moley, talk 
about demented!  You now get to wipe out the entire town, from the Neusbaums, 
to old Mrs. Dithers.  This can be frustrating at times, as the people will 
obviously run away from you.  They'll often hide in houses too (And they won't 
always hide in their own).  Sometimes they'll run to their backyards, find 
them wherever they go, one or two knife swipes should be all you need.

Go back to Betty, she'll finally be done with the games and give you the 
information you seek.  She'll release you from the Tranquility simulation, as 
well as your father (Who has been transformed as "Doc" the dog the entire 
time, gotcha!).  Head through the Matrix-like door to exit the simulation.

If you wanted the positive Karma finish to this quest, read on.  Sometime 
after you enter Tranquility Lane you'll be approached by Mrs. Dithers, an 
elderly woman.  She'll seem a little...crazy, paranoid, and worried.  She'll 
inform you that something isn't right, Betty isn't who she says she is, and 
tells you that theres a Failsafe Terminal hidden in the Abandoned House that 
can be used to exit.  Head to the Abandoned House when you're ready.  Inside 
it'll be rather dark and incredibly creepy.  You'll find a number of items in 
the living room here:  a radio, a block, a pitcher, a Nuka Cola bottle, and a 
gnome.  You need to hit these in a specific order to activate the terminal.  
For those that are lazy, the combination is:  radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, 
block, gnome, and bottle.

Once the Failsafe Terminal has been activated, go check it out on the other 
side of the room.  Theres various things you can do here, if you want 
information about Braun and the whole simulation, don't choose the Chinese 
Invasion option yet.  You can read about other simulations that have been run, 
some are a little amusing.  When you've seen all you want to see, activate the 
Chinese Invasion.  Tranquility Lane will become Commie Lane.  Hundreds of 
soldiers will gun down the residents of Tranquility, and according to the 
Failsafe terminal, all of them will perish permanently.  If you had killed all 
of them as the "Pint Sized Slasher" in the negative Karma path, apparently you 
only killed the "avatars" of the residents, so they could always be brought 
back to life before.  Speak to Betty afterwards, she'll be very upset that she 
will no longer be able to torture the residents as they'll be permanently 
gone.  You can ask Betty why she doesn't leave the simulation, she realizes 
that her body is over 200 years old at this point and would never survive 
outside the computer.  She is now alone, which is the ultimate positive Karma 
result since she can no longer torture people (It's a fitting end to her too).  
When you're ready, exit through the door.

When you leave Tranquility Lane you'll be back in Vault 112, as if you never 
left.  You'll reunite with your father, feel free to catch up on everything.  
Ask about your mother, about Project Purity, and what to do next.  James now 
knows that a G.E.C.K. is required to get Project Purity to truly work, the 
next step is to meet with Dr. Li in Rivet City again.  When you're ready, 
follow your dad out of Vault 112.  You can travel/escort him all the way to 
Rivet City, but it isn't necessary.  Unless you want the extra xp, you 
probably don't want to walk all that way anyway, believe me, I did it.  Fast 
travel to Rivet if you like, your father will make it on his own, he won't be 
able to die in the Wasteland.

*****Quest 9:  The Waters of Life*****

Once you get to Rivet City, speak to Dr. Li in the Lab.  James and Li will 
talk together for a bit, he will finally convince her to jump on board and get 
the Purity going again.  Your next task is to head to the Jefferson Memorial.  
If you cleared out the entire monument earlier, it will probably still be 
clear at this point.  Your father needs your help in getting the mainframe 
back online.  Once you see him in the Rotunda, head to the basement.  Your 
father will have given you some fuses and asks you to replace the burnt out 
ones.  The fuse box is located in the basement as well, bottom floor, take the 
right path at the intersection and go through the doorway on the left.  Next 
he'll ask you to activate the power from a nearby switch.  To drain the water, 
head back to the intersection and go straight (The left path if you were 
coming down the stairs from the Gift Shop).  You should be able to activate 
the mainframe after this, the mainframe room is back up the stairs, above the 
area where the pools of water are.  Once the mainframe is active, he'll tell 
you through the intercom theres a blockage that needs to be removed.   Head 
back up to the Gift Shop area.  

Continue to the entrance hallway, hang a right.  You'll make your way to a 
room where theres a grate in the floor, open it up.  You'll head down some 
pipes till you find a release valve, activate it.  Your father will let you 
know you did well...but wait...what's that sound?  Look through the hole in 
the pipe, you'll notice something...Enclave?  Quickly continue through the 
pipes, you can't go back the way you came.  You'll exit outside the memorial, 
the Enclave have invaded and are crawling everywhere.  Take them out, you need 
to fight your way to the Rotunda.  Make your way into the Gift Shop, be wary 
of the soldiers here.  They'll probably have Plasma Rifles and/or Laser 
weaponry, and their armor is tough.  Go for head shots when possible, if you 
can't do a lot of damage, try to knock their weapons out of their hands.

When you reach the Control Room you'll see Doctor Li on the outside, your 
father is locked in the Control Room with a few Enclave and an Enclave man not 
in Power Armor.  They exchange words, then the unthinkable...you must now 
escape with Dr. Li and the other scientists.  It seems they had to escape once 
before, they'll lead you to a secret escape tunnel that leads to the old Taft 
Tunnels.  Your objective here is to keep the Scientists alive.  The Enclave 
will be in pursuit, so be mindful of your surroundings.  

Lead the scientists through the tunnels.  You'll have a lot of killing to do 
down here.  You'll eventually come to a door that requires a terminal to be 
hacked.  Li will get to work on the terminal so you can protect the group.  It 
looks like the secret escape isn't all that secret.  Out of a side room, 
Enclave soldiers will start pouring out.  Take them out quickly, as you'll get 
overrun if you wait too long, the scientists will be at risk as well.  The 
Enclave up top will be the most difficult as they may not always be in sight 
of your weapons.  You may be able to leave these targets as well.  Once Li has 
the terminal hacked, continue on.  You'll soon have to stop, Li's assistant 
has a heart condition and needs a rest...apparently his life is important 
enough to risk everyone's...so you best try and get things moving as quick as 
possible.  You can give Li 5 Stimpacks to speed things up here, a heavy cost 
if you ask me.

Keep moving through the tunnels.  You'll encounter some Feral Ghouls, these 
should be much easier to kill than the Enclave.  Fear not, as the Enclave will 
still try to hinder your movement.  You'll be ambushed a few times, watch for 
a set of stairs, a couple Enclave soldiers will try to shoot you down from 
behind and above you.  Keep pressing on, you'll make your way to a large sewer 
door that requires a switch to activate.  On the other side is freedom, any 
pursuers should be gunned down by the Brotherhood of Steel soldier waiting on 
the other side.  You can move through the rest of the tunnel in safety, you'll 
pop out just outside the Citadel, the Brotherhood stronghold.  

*****Quest 10:  Picking Up the Trail*****

Head to the gate, Li will demand entrance and she'll get you in.  Once inside 
you'll encounter Elder Lyons, leader of this division of the Brotherhood.  Li 
will catch the Elder up to speed.  The Elder asks that you get with Scribe 
Rothchild and check the Library for information on Vaults.  Your task is to 
find a G.E.C.K, that way the Enclave will be a step behind and unable to 
activate Project Purity for their own needs.  The Library can be found within 
the Citadel in the A-Ring.  Scribe Rothchild can be found in the Lab, which is 
down the stairs nearby.

Once you've spoken to Rothchild and checked the computer, you'll have your 
next destination.  Vault 87 appears to have been on the list to receive a 
G.E.C.K. in its list of supplies.  Unfortunately, Vault 87 has been known to 
be severely overrun with radiation at its entrance, so you'll need to find 
another way in.  Scribe Rothchild suggests checking the Lamplight Caverns far 
to the west, maybe theres a way in from there.  While in the Citadel you can 
also train in how to use Power Armor from Gunny outside in the Courtyard area.  
Theres also some goodies to be had, Elder Lyon's room contains a unique Laser 
Pistol named the Smuggler's End.  Theres some other looting you can do in the 
form of footlockers and chests.  At this point, you can head straight to 
Lamplight, but I suggest checking back at Megaton (If it still exists).  About 
this time I noticed there was an emergency distress signal from Vault 101 in 
my radio frequencies.  Supposedly this is only active for 24 hours following 
your arrival to the Citadel, but I'm fairly confidant I picked this quest up 
several days later as I wanted to complete side quests before 87.  Check the 
optional quests section for info on Vault 101's trouble.  When you're ready
to pick back up the main quest, read on.

*****Quests 11:  Rescue from Paradise*****

Your need to find a way into Vault 87 through the Lamplight Caverns.  You're
not finished with Picking up the Trail yet, but you need to take another
quest in most cases to get in to Vault 87 and Little Lamplight.  Some people
with the children perk may be able to talk their way in, but for most people
they'll have to do a quest.  Head out west, its fairly far away.  When you 
enter the caverns, you'll soon hit a dead end.  A young kid will yell out to 
you, Mayor MacCready as he calls himself.  He calls you a "Mungo," and doesn't 
trust you.  If you have a high enough speech skill or the Child at Heart Perk 
you can talk your way right in, but I did not have either my first time 
through.  For most people, you'll have to do a quest for MacCready before 
he'll give you access.  A few of his friends, Sammy, Squirrel, and Penny 
didn't listen and they got caught by Slavers.  MacCready wants you to go save 
them, then he'll think about letting you in.

The children are being held in Paradise Falls, a slaver community to the 
north-east.  You may have been to Arefu for an optional quest, if so, part of 
the trip is done for you already.  When you get to Paradise Falls it looks 
like a giant fort, and theres only one way in for you.  On the western side of 
the compound is a security check.  The guard out front isn't going to let you 
waltz right in.  If you've never been here before, you're going to have to do 
something for him.  The other two options are to use a high Speech skill and 
500 caps to bribe the guard to let you in.  The third option only applies if 
you're really evil, the guard may let you go right in.  The last option is to 
go Commando on everybody and waste the Slavers.  For information on the pre-
quest to get in to Paradise Falls without killing, bribing, or being evil, 
check the optional quests section for "Strictly Business."

Once you're in Paradise Falls, by hook or crook, you're looking for Sammy, 
Squirrel, and Penny.  If you're killing the slavers, this will be a fairly 
easy task.  Sammy should be hiding just outside the main slaver fortress, but 
within the outer wall.  Penny and Squirrel will be in the slave cages at the 
back of the fortress.  If all the slavers are dead, you can release the 
children from the cages using the key obtained from Eulogy's Pad.  If you are 
obtaining the children through means other than force, you should be able to 
buy the children from Eulogy.  You have two purchase options.  All three kids
for 2000, or 1200 if your Speech skill is high enough.  Alternatively, you
can try and help the kids escape for free.  Speak to Sammy from the other
side of the Slave cages, he'll direct you to Squirrel.  Squirrel says he
knows a way to disable the slave collars so they won't explode when they
escape.  He has a terminal inside the cage, but it currently isn't connected
to the main terminal.  Your job is to get it connected, easy enough.  Head
into Eulogy's Pad, his terminal in the back is what you need.  Hack it, then
reconnect the terminal for Squirrel.  Go back to Squirrel, the collars will
be disabled.  Theres another thing you have to do, you have to make the
guard take off.  The best time to do this is at midnight, when theres only
one guard around...Forty, and he's a mean one.  Speak to Forty, comment on
the fact he must be getting paid more than the other guards (He's not).
This will get him thinking, he'll decide he needs to talk to Eulogy.  Head
back to the kids, they'll be ready to make their escape...all except one, 
Penny.  She won't leave without Rory, who is Mayor MacCready's older brother 
I think.  You can try and convince her Rory is already dead, or talk her out 
of it another way.  Know this-if you decide to save Rory, it's probably going 
to end in bloodshed and/or you going hostile with any slavers that may be 
alive (If you didn't kill them).  Rory got locked up in the "Box" last week, 
the Box is near the slave cages.  To get him out you need to do is get a key 
to unlock the Box.  You can steal one off Forty himself, or find one on 
Eulogy. When you've obtained one, head back to the Box.  At this point you 
can release Rory, but he's either going to die, or you're going to have to 
kill some Slavers, take your pick.  When the Rory situation is resolved 
(Either death to him or the Slavers), head back to Penny.  She'll make her 

Once the children are free, head to the bathrooms (If they escaped that way), 
or escort the children to the Paradise Hills entrance.  Your quest will 
update, you should then return to Lamplight.  MacCready will be waiting, 
he'll admit you're alright for a Mungo, then he'll let you in to their fair 
city.  You can now ask MacCready about getting to Vault 87.  MacCready doesn't 
think you're up to the task, theres monsters in Murder Pass and the Vault, 
monsters that would certainly scare you as even the brave MacCready doesn't 
like to mess with them.  Take your chances, and ask for entry to Murder Pass.  
The mayor will lead you a good distance to the gate and help open it.  Enter 
Murder Pass when you're ready.  If you don't feel like fighting your way in,
and you're able to hack at least average level computers, skip the next 

As it turns out, the monsters of Murder Pass are Super Mutants, who woulda 
thunk it?  You should be pretty adept at handling these bad boys by now.  
Some parts of the pass will be fairly thick with the big uglies, so hopefully 
you're heavy on ammo and your weapons are in good repair.  Make your way 
through the path, you'll soon see a door to the Reactor Room of Vault 87.  

If you don't want to fight your way into Vault 87, theres a safer way.  The
Mayor will tell you theres another way, but its not accessible right now.
He'll mention Joseph, go seek him out.  Joseph will probably be in the Great
Room area.  Ask him about the door, he'll say the door works, but the 
computer that opens it is locked.  Nobody knows the password, so the door
remains out of commission.  Ask Joseph to turn the computer on and he will.
The computer is average level, that's all it takes to gain access to Vault
87.  At this point, your quest "Picking Up the Trail" should finally finish.

*****Quest 12:  Finding the Garden of Eden*****

Guess what?  More Super Mutants in Vault 87.  Theres not a lot of road blocks 
in this Vault, most of the doors are open for you, at least the ones you need 
to use.  There is an alternate route to get to the Vault through the Great 
Room, this door has a tough lock to pick for access though.  As you make your 
way through the Vault, you get the distinct impression that this Vault didn't 
empty on its own...like something went horribly wrong as it did in Vault 112.  
I'll leave you to read the terminals and find out for yourself.

Your goal is to reach the Test Lab.  First you'll have to go through the
Reactor Room, and then through the Living Quarters.  I've found that a good
number of the Super Mutants here are Masters, and some Brutes/regular 
muties.  Bring some heavy hitters, at least for the Masters so they don't
eat through you fast.  Theres not much in the Reactor Room, and its fairly
linear, so make your way to the Living Quarters.  In the south-east part
of this zone you can find an Engineer's Terminal, it'll have some information 
and it will also unlock a safe if you read all the messages.  Inside you'll
find a Magnum, some ammo, Stimpacks, and Nades.  Make your way to the 
Test Labs.  

Here you'll find several rooms with gruesome test subjects, failed creatures 
it seems.  They look like Super Mutants themselves...hmm.  At the end of the 
hallway you notice theres a Super Mutant in one of these containment rooms, he 
speaks rather well for a mutant, he goes by the name of Fawkes.  He seems 
fairly non-hostile, he proposes a deal.  He knows you're probably here to get 
the G.E.C.K, he must be a mind reader too...the problem is, said item is 
located in a highly radiated area that only Fawkes can survive.  Your part of 
the deal is to free Fawkes from his prison.  Theres a few ways to do this.  
You can't hack his terminal to get him out, theres something wrong with it.  
What you'll need to do is make a right and go down to the end of the hall.  
In the next room you'll find some mutants and a console.  From the console 
you can release Fawkes, either by unlocking all the cages, or just unlocking 
cage #5.

Once Fawkes is out, go speak to him.  He asks that you clear the path to the 
G.E.C.K. for him.  Head left of his chamber.  Continue in this direction, 
you'll find more mutants, and eventually come to a room leading to the 
G.E.C.K.  Let Fawkes do his thing, he asks you to watch his back and hold off 
any Super Mutants that may attack while he's retrieving the holy item.  I 
never had any Super Mutants attack, it's possible that any remaining mutants 
will converge on your location.  Fawkes will retrieve the item and give it to 
you as promised.  You can ask if he'll join you, but at this time he won't 
come along.  He believes townspeople will not understand, so you part ways.

Make your way back towards Lamplight, you won't make it far though...

*****Quest 13:  The American Dream*****

You awake to find yourself in an unknown location.  In front of you is Colonel 
Autumn.  He's demanding the access code to Project Purity.  At this time you 
may already know what it is, you may not be sure, it doesn't matter...just
don't give it to him, trust me.  Give him no code or the wrong code.  The 
President of the United States, Eden, will interrupt and asks Autumn to leave.  
Once he's gone, Eden will release you.  You have full access to your inventory 
now, it's in the locker in front of you (Don't forget to equip your armor and 
weapon).  Eden says he'd like to speak with you, so exit your chamber.  You'll 
quickly be stopped by a passing soldier.  Unaware you've been summoned by 
Eden, he'll start interrogating you.  I suggest you try your Speech here to
let the guard know you are, in fact, allowed to run around outside of your
holding cell.  Using this option the guard will eventually go to the nearby
eye on the wall.  He'll ask Eden if you're supposed to be out, Eden will 
appear and berate the guard, then inform everyone in the Raven Rock complex 
you're to go unhindered to your destination.  Sounds good!  This gives you a 
brief period of time to explore, not long though.  If you're unable to use
your skill on the guard, he'll either run off for reinforcements, or you can
try and use your Strength skill to bully him away.  Either way, it doesn't
matter, its only a matter of time before they come down on you and shoot.  
You'll see old man Nathan from Megaton in a holding cell, provided he wasn't 
killed if you decided to blow up the town with the nuke.  apparently he wised 
up and realized the Enclave isn't all its cracked up to be.  I searched for a 
way to free this guy, despite his stupidity, but he was left to a nasty 

Eventually, Colonel Autumn will jump on the PA system and inform the complex 
to ignore Eden's order and shoot you on sight...wonderful, so much for that!  
You have two options at this point.  You need to get to Ravel Rock level 2, 
you're currently on level 3.  You can kill more Enclave, which I strongly 
encourage, or you can try and sneak your way out.  Much of the floor on level 
3 can be traveled under, you'll see grating below.  In most cases, as long as 
your repair or science skill is high enough, you can move around unnoticed 
below by disarming the lasers and making your way through the complex.  Check 
your map for the quest arrow, and navigate your way to that door to reach 
level 2.  Theres two ways to get there, through the weird lab in the center
room, or through the south-west door.  Theres not a lot of great stuff to
loot on this floor (Unless you're a fan of the Rock-It Launcher, the mess
hall has plenty of ammo).

Once in level 2 you'll probably be able to sneak less and will be forced to 
kill more.  Theres a good number of Enclave, but they're killable.  Watch out 
for plasma rifles, they'll turn you to goo if you let them fire for long 
periods.  Eden is to the north-west, but I would search all the side rooms
and labs for crates and such.  Plenty of ammo on this floor and other
goodies.  The south-west corner has a lot of lockers with ammo.  You'll find
Anna Holt in the west room, talk to her and waste her if you like for bad
Karma, she dies regardless.  In the far north-west room you'll find Colonel
Autumn's bedroom.  The Energy Weapons bobble head is on the desk, grab that.
You can also snoop around and pick his footlocker...interesting, the ZAX
destruction sequence, lets hold onto that.  You can also hack the nearby
terminal to lower the barrier in his room for more ammo and goodies, theres
a similar barrier in a barracks down the hallway you came from.  

Across the hall from Autumn's room you'll find the path to the Control Room
where Eden awaits.  When you enter, you'll see 2 Enclave guards get wasted
by some bots.  Hey, the bots are on your side!  Your goal is to make it to 
Eden and speak with him.  Interesting, did you see that one coming?  
Listen to what he says, some of it makes sense, some of it is the typical 
Enclave mentality we've come to know and loathe.  Eden ultimately gives you a 
choice.  He knows that Autumn is already undermining his authority, as seen by 
going over his head earlier in the compound.  Eden asks that you activate 
Project Purity and add an altered FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) sample 
to the mixture.  This new virus will be added to the newly clean water, and 
any non-pure strain creature that comes in contact with the water will be 
destroyed.  Essentially, most of the people you've come across in the 
Wasteland will be dead, those that would survive would be Enclave members and 
Vault dwellers.  Theres no way to exit to level 1 without taking the FEV 
virus, so pick it up for now.  You can leave Eden to his devices.  If you 
found the self destruct code earlier, you can enact it at this time.  I 
found it was fairly easy to talk Eden into destroying Raven Rock himself.  
Choose what you like, or let him go, then head to level 1.

This is the last level of the compound, and it's a doozy.  It's a long, linear 
hallway filled with Enclave trying to bar your exit.  Fortunately it seems 
Eden is trying to protect your escape, Sentinel Robots will help attack 
Enclave soldiers on your way out (Hell of a lot better than attacking you for 
once!).  It's quite the war zone, but with the Sentinel's help you should be 
able to reach the front gate.  Theres also a Death Claw in a cage you can
unleash, just be careful.  If the Deathclaw survives the Sentinel Bots and
Enclave, it'll come for you next.  

Outside, the carnage continues.  Raven Rock will start to explode if you
chose to blow the whole place up.  If so, I think it may be best if 
you move away from the compound.  If you saved Fawkes earlier, you'll find 
that he's outside toasting Enclave guards with a new toy he found.  Excellent!  
Finish off the troopers, then group up with Fawkes if you wish, he'll now 
become a member of your party.  Speaking of your party, if you had any party 
members with you when you were abducted earlier, you'll find most of them 
returned to the location you recruited them at, or close to that area.  For 
instance, your Brotherhood friend will be around the Lab in the Citadel.  
Dogmeat, on the other hand, should be on the cliff just outside Vault 101.

*****Quest 14:  Take it Back!*****

At this point, you should be free to do as you like.  I suggest doing any and 
all quests you plan on participating in as you're getting close to the point 
of no return.  When you're ready, head to the Citadel.  In the lab you'll find 
Elder Lyons and his daughter discussing the Enclave and their occupation of 
Project Purity/Jefferson Memorial.  Elder Lyons speaks with you, update him on 
the status of the G.E.C.K. and the Enclave.  If you want a positive Karma 
boost, you can hand over the FEV virus, Elder Lyon's will take it and you'll 
lose the ability to destroy most of humanity.  The other options don't yield 
much.  At this point, Sara Lyons will insist that the Lyons Pride move now to 
retake Project Purity while the Enclave is in disarray.  The Elder will agree, 
but insists she take "Optimus" Liberty Prime along for support.  Also, Sara 
will inform you that you've been made an official member of the Lyon's Pride 
as well as the Brotherhood of Steel for your actions, yay.  You can take Power 
Armor or Combat Armor as a reward, choose one and wear it, or drop it, you 
won't be able to come back for it either way.  When you're ready to assault 
the Jefferson, let Sara know, then head to the Courtyard of the Citadel.  
You'll notice Prime being lifted from his resting place to the outside world.
You're on the clock essentially.  Prime is being lifted, or has already been 
lifted to the outside of the Citadel.  Exit as soon as you can through the 
front door.  Prime will be making his way across the bridge, supported by the 
Lyon's Pride.  Watch as he decimates Vertibirds like they're flies, awesome.  
Despite the magnitude of this quest, Prime and the Pride will do much of the 
work for you if you let them. Do your best to keep up, but stay alive.  Feel 
free to use your stash of drugs, including all Stimpacks, for this mission.  
Use whichever weapon you're most comfortable with.  Help take out the Enclave 
trying to bar your path, Prime will do the rest for you.  

After tearing down a few barriers and leaving a path of destruction, you'll 
find yourself at the Jefferson.  Unfortunately, once you arrive a huge 
regiment of Enclave will be making their way toward you from the catwalk.  
Prime appears to be busy with others things at this moment, so I would take 
the opportunity to waste the Enclave soldiers yourself if you can.  You'll 
probably encounter at least 10-15 here, both Enclave soldiers and officers.  
Take what you need from the corpses, then enter the ol' Gift Shop when you're 

You'll find several more Soldiers in the Gift Shop area, deal with them as you 
see fit.  If you destroyed the turret system earlier, it may be repaired at 
this point, so watch out.  You can always rehack the system and disable it, or 
turn it on the Enclave.  The basement is clear, so don't bother with that 
section.  You know where you have to go...the Rotunda.

This is the final showdown, be prepared.  Depending on your reasoning skills 
and speech, you may not have to fire a shot, you may WANT to fire a shot.  
Autumn stands between you and Project Purity.  I'll leave the decisions up to 
you, do what you like with him.  When you've resolved the issue, you'll get a 
message from Dr. Li through the intercom.  It seems the fighting has caused a 
massive build up of pressure in the tanks, if Project Purity isn't engaged 
immediately the whole place could blow!  Theres one problem though...theres 
still a huge amount of radiation in the Control Room.  This means whoever 
enters the room to activate the system will probably die.  It's between you 
and Sentinel Lyons, one of you must go in.  I'll tell you now, you cannot 
explore the Capital Wasteland once Project Purity has been activated, so 
unless you're looking to get a certain ending, you might as well be heroic and 
accept the task and finish your father's work.  Trust me, theres no way around 
this.  You can take all the Rad-x you want, once you choose to initiate the 
system, theres no coming away from it alive.  You can try and talk Fawkes into 
taking your place, apparently he wants you to be a hero though.  

You may or may not be wondering what the password is for Project Purity.  It's 
rather simple, if you haven't figured it out.  Think back to your mother, and 
your 1st birthday.  The Bible passage, Revelations 21:6.  216 is the password 
you need to input at the keyboard.  The numbers are kinda small, but you 
should have enough time to do the entry work.  If you wait forever, the place 
WILL blow up.  Do the deed, hit enter, then watch the ending you made for 
yourself.  Depending on your actions throughout the game, you will get one of 
hundreds of possible endings.  Enjoy it, you earned it, congrats!  Now restart 
the game and play as a bad guy (Or good guy, if you were bad before).  Of 
course, you can always reload to the point before the final battle and finish 
all the little things too =)

				Optional Quests

*****Optional Quest 1:  The Wasteland Survival Guide*****

If you talk to Moira Brown in Craterside Supply in Megaton, she'll start going 
on about the book she's writing.  She wants you, as a Vault Dweller, to do the 
foreword to the book.  Now, based on your different reactions and replies to 
her questions, the book will shape up to be cynical, intelligent, strong, etc.  
You'll notice dialogue options each time you talk to her after completing one 
of the steps.  Theres 3 chapters she's writing, and each chapter has 3 
sections in it, so that means theres 9 different sub-quests within the 
Wasteland Survival Guide (Which means good xp for you).  This quest chain also 
comes with some nice rewards, or side effects in some cases =)  This quest is 
epic in size, you could write a FAQ for just this alone.

***Get Radiated***
One of the options you can research in Chapter 1 is how radiation affects 
humans.  Moira claims she's never had a live sample of an irradiated 
individual; they just don't make it back alive.  She assures you you'll be 
fine though, and asks that you get at least 200 rads and return.  She'll give 
you a bonus if you get 600 rads though.

The easiest way to complete this quest is to go drink some water in the pool 
beneath the giant, stinkin' Atom bomb in the center of town.  Get up to 600+ 
rads and then return to Craterside supply.  After going through Moira's little 
experimentation you have a nice little side effect...a mutation.  It's a good 
mutation though!  Now, when you achieve advanced radiation sickness, your 
crippled limbs will automatically regenerate!  Doesn't that sound fun?  She'll 
also give you some drugs as her way of saying "Sorry I twisted your DNA like a 
kitten with a ball of yarn."  I swear, Moira's responses in this game are 
hilarious, partially because she's a little crazy.  The Rad Away and Rad-X 
will help prevent and remove any radiation you pick up.  You can always see a 
doctor to remove radiation for 100 caps, or if you buy the "My First 
Infirmary" for your house you can remove it for free after the initial cost.  
Please note, if you do NOT get at least 600 rads, you won't get the neat 
little limb regeneration perk; you'll only get the drugs.

***Find Food and Medicine***
One of the next parts of Chapter 1 you can research is searching for food and 
medicine out in the wasteland.  Moira wants you to check out the nearby Super 
Duper Mart to see what they have.  She wants to find out if they have food for 
sure, but medicine is good too.  The mart is just east of town, be sure to 
bring some heat with you though and some defense, I have a feeling other 
people want to "research" the store.

Outside the Super Duper Mart you may run into a few Raiders already, so be 
prepared.  If theres no Raiders, there will probably be a number of Vicious 
Dogs waiting to attack.  Clear the front of the mart; you'll probably be 
approached by a Bryan Wilks at this point.  He starts rambling on and on about 
creatures this, and dead grownups that.  If you choose to help him, he'll tell 
you that his town of Grayditch is south east from your current location.  This 
will be covered in another quest though; it's separate from this one.

Once inside the mart you'll have roughly 8 Raiders to deal with.  Some are 
walking on top of the displays, scouting for intruders, others are in the 
back, and theres at least one in the side rooms near the restrooms on the 
left.  The key here is to NOT have them all jump you at once.  A smart move 
would be to stealth over to the restroom area, take out the Raider here 
quietly (Be it with Melee Weapons, Fists, Silenced 10mm, whatever you may 
have).  You can then use this area to try and lure other Raiders to their 
death.  If not, you'll at least know you're boxed in and nothing can attack 
you from behind =)

If you pick up a Hunting Rifle in your travels you'll find they're decent for 
hitting targets at long range, and can do some decent damage if you're going 
for head shots.  If Melee Weapons are your thing, you'll have good chances to 
knock weapons out of Raider's hands here, effectively taking the offense out 
of them before you take them out for good.

Once you've cleared the mart, near the back center of the store you'll notice 
a counter.  You can jump behind it, or go around using the door to the back 
area.  Behind the counter you'll find ammo, grenades, a Motorcycle gas tank, 
the key to the Pharmacy, and possibly some food/drugs.  Theres also a counter 
at the front of the store, effectively customer service, that has Laser 
Pistols on the counter, be sure to take these.  You'll also find some more 
ammo, some stimpacks on the counter, and food in the refrigerator.  If you 
take the food, your quest will update and says you can head back to 
Moira...but let's not go yet.

Head to the back left corner of the store.  Behind the counter here you'll 
find a lot more ammo, some frag grenades, a book "Tales of the Junktown Jerky 
Vendor," and more goodies.  You'll also see a computer terminal nearby.  Use 
your Science skill to hack the terminal and open the nearby door.  In the back 
you'll see another computer terminal, a Protectron robot sitting in its 
docking bay, and shelves with more goodies.  Let's have some fun with the 
robot...before you touch the terminal, take the employee ID that's above the 
computer. Hack the 2nd computer terminal, and then have the computer run the 
maintenance routine.  The robot will come to live.  About this time, if you 
look out front, you'll see some new Raiders have joined the party, one sounds 
to be on the PA system.  Have no fear, the robot you just activated will 
spring into action and laser blast the baddies, leaving you to mop up and loot 
the back room before heading out.  You can find some Rad meds, Mentats, ammo, 
and a few Quantum Nuka-Colas in the back room, among other items.  You can 
kill the Raiders yourself for xp, but its much more fun watching the 
Protectron reek havoc on your unsuspecting foes.  They'll think twice about 
knocking over this store now!

You can gather up all the little tin cans and milk bottles scattered around 
the mart, but it's rather pointless.  It can all add up to a decent value if 
you trade it all in...Believe me, I looted each and every one on my first play 
through, but crawling back to town got old...fast.  So, once you have what you 
need, use your map to fast travel back to Megaton and talk to Moira. 

When you get back to Moira you can tell her what you like regarding the Super 
Duper Mart.  She'll let you keep whatever you found anyway.  She'll give you 3 
Iguana Bits and a Food Sanitizer, which will make your food a little safer to 
eat; it works like magic behind the scenes.  


The last part of Chapter 1 involves navigating a mine field and bringing back 
a live mine for study.  Sounds like fun!  Fortunately Moira just HAPPENS to 
know of a town called...get ready for it....Minefield that has mines strewn 
all over the place.  Minefield is a good hike north of Megaton, so prepare for 
a trek, and sell off any and all loot you don't need to make space in your 
packs.  If you want to profit from this big time, you'll want to take them all 
back with you.

If you haven't been that far north yet, you may wanna stop by the Scrapyard 
just south of Minefield to pick up Dogmeat, who may be your first companion.  
Then again, with all the mines you may decide to hold off on Dogmeat or pick 
him up and leave him at home for this.  When you get to Minefield, be wary at 
all times where you tread.  The mines planted along the streets are easy 
enough to spot, but in the grass/dirt it can be difficult to see some of them.  
The mines tend to blend into the dirt very well, the only tell-tale sign of 
one in these cases is the small, red blinking button (And of course the 
initial "beep" when you get close before the explosion, heh).  Mines are easy 
enough to disarm, when you see one move up on it quickly and hit the action 
button.  If you wait too long once you hear the beep, you'll be crawling out 
with stumps for legs.  I suggest using the streets whenever possible, as 
they're less dangerous.  Fortunately, there is only one hostile target in 
Minefield, an old coot named Arkansas.  He does have a Sniper Rifle though, 
and has been known to shoot nearby mines as you get close to him.  I don't 
advise running straight in against Arkansas, as he's well protected by mines 
all around and inside the destroyed structure he snipes in.  Arkansas is 
basically here to take your focus off the landmines.  Keep your eyes down 
rather than up at all times.  Your best chance is to find cover and shoot from 
a distance or to try and lure him out of the building to a safer location.

If you're persistent (Or bored) you can potentially disarm and loot all the 
mines in town for a nice profit.  I picked up 47 mines the second time I ran 
through, and I had more the first time.  The frag mines don't weight much, 
just .5 pounds each, but if you loot all of them you'll probably be sitting on 
30 lbs. of explosives and good trade in value for cash.  If you don't sell 
them, you can make use of them later against beasties like Mire.  To 
complete Moira's quest, all you need to do is get to the center of town where 
the playground is.  You don't have to disarm all the explosives, but bring 
back at least one for Moira to look at as part of the optional quest.  Don't 
forget to loot the 4 houses in town before you go!  Each of them has 1 first 
aid box with goodies, 1 book to read and increase your skill, and 1 safe 
hidden in the house (Usually behind a dresser, under a bed, or hidden behind a 
cupboard).  Also, if you go inside the building Arkansas was sniping from, 
you'll find some ammo crates stashed up top.

When you get back to Moira, tell her about your little adventure and give her 
the landmine.  She'll reward you with some grenades and a Bottlecap mine 
schematic.  If you've been following the guide up to this point you should be 
done with Chapter 1, congrats!  Moira will reward you with stimpacks.  Theres 
a few tough objectives coming up though, so don't get ready to rest on your 

***Mole Rat Repellant***

The next chapter is more about handling creatures in the wasteland and 
surviving bodily injury.  One of the 3 quests you can choose from is to test a 
Mole Rat Repellant Moira has developed.  She gives you a stick that's been 
doused with her chemical formula...now...you may be a little weary going 
against Mole Rats with just a stick, but trust me, this thing is hilarious.  
Be sure to equip the stick, then head to the Tepid Sewers to the east, just 
over the river.  You can kill any 10 Mole Rats you wish in the Capital 
Wasteland, but you might as well head to these sewers.  Something to keep in 
mind:  in this Chapter, Moira ALSO wants us to test...umm...bodily injury.  If 
you happen to get seriously injured during this mission, and/or crippled, try 
to hold out and only heal when necessary so you can kill two birds with one 
stone =)

If you haven't been across the river to the eastern side of the Capital 
Wastes, be warned.  You'll probably encounter a Raider battle with a few Super 
Mutants.  The encounter doesn't seem to spawn until you cross the river the 
first time and reach the Farragut West Metro Station.  Anyway, once you reach 
this station and survive the battle, the Tepid Sewers will be just south-east 
of there.  Be warned, while there are many Mole Rats in this location, its 
also infested with Raiders.  Theres also a sentry gun, you can disable it by 
hacking the computer terminal near the entrance.  When you reach the old metro 
part of the Tepid Sewers, be warned, as Raiders have laid land mines in the 
location.  You should be pretty good at disarming these by now, just be sure 
not to go charging in.  Moira only asks that you "repel" 3 Mole Rats with the 
stick, but to achieve the optional quest reward you'll need to kill 7 (She 
verbally asks you to kill 10, disregard this).  Once you killed your Mole 
Rats, fast travel back to town.  

Moira will reward you with the leftover chems from making the "repellant," a 
few Jets and Psycho.  She's a little upset that the stick didn't so much repel 
the filthy Mole Rats, but made them explode.  That's ok, seems to work great 
for us!  On to the next task, if you got injured and didn't heal during the 
last mission, you may already be done with this one!

***Surviving Bodily Injury***

Moira next asks that you get seriously injured so she can study how it affects 
one's reasoning, survival skills, and umm...Ok, this one is just kinda silly, 
I don't really know what to say.  I guess she wants to tell her readers how to 
prevent and survive this kind of damage.  If you got injured during the last 
quest and didn't heal yourself, you may already be on your way to having this 
step done.  NOTE:  if you came to Moira with 50% or more damage and took this 
objective immediately after returning from the Mole Rats, you will need to 
EXIT Craterside Supply and walk back in before you can turn the quest in and 
get the reward.

If you were already healed before you took this quest, no problem.  The 
easiest way to rectify this is just run into some baddies and let them shoot 
you up.  To get the optional reward, you'll want to be crippled too.  An even 
easier solution for this is to plant a frag mine at your feet (Hopefully you 
saved a few from Minefield) and shoot it.  One or two should be all you need 
to get crippled and under 50% health.  Return to Moira for your rewards, some 
Med X and the Environmental Suit.  Before you take the next quest, I suggest 
you may want to head to the Anchorage Memorial (south-east along the river you 
crossed earlier for Mole Rats) first and clear it of Mirelurks, if you want to 
complete the optional quest.  If you're not worried about the optional reward, 
don't worry.

***Studying Mirelurks***

The last task Moira has for you in Chapter 2 is to study the Mirelurks.  If 
you haven't run into a Mirelurk yet, they're nasty creatures, much like giant, 
walking snails.  They have tough shells, their most vulnerable location is 
their face (Which is often and impossible to target if one is barreling into 
your ribs).  I've found that Frag Mines work absolutely great for Mirelurks, 
as well as any other creature in the Wasteland that can't shoot projectiles.  
What I like to do is plant 2-3 Frag Mines along a straight line, get a 
Mirelurks attention (Like shooting it in the head) and then watch as it blows 
itself up.  You can use this strategy for this quest, just let me warn 
you...if you take on the Mirelurk King, prepare to use up 7-9 Frag Mines on 
him alone.

You can find a nice nest of Mirelurks in the Anchorage Memorial.  It's very 
close to the Tepid Sewers from earlier in the chapter, in the middle of the 
river you crossed.  Please note that if you want to achieve the optional 
reward for this quest, you do NOT want to kill any Mirelurks.  Easier said 
then done, I know, they'll follow you from room to room if you run.  The 
solution to this is to clear the location BEFORE you take the Mirelurk quest 
(Hopefully you took my advice in the last mission).  If you have already taken 
the quest, and you didn't clear the facility ahead of time, you can attempt to 
sneak to the location for the optional reward.  A Stealth Boy would help 
immensely with this task, seek one out if you can.  Theres a few places you 
can enter from, the safest location is the door heading into the wall of the 
memorial itself.  One of the other doors jutting out into the river itself 
leads right to the Mirelurk King, and you may not want to start there.

When you first enter the Anchorage Facility, there will be just a few 
Mirelurks in this zone, 2-3.  You'll soon realize they're tough hombres.  
They're not particularly weak against melee weapons, unless you happen to get 
a shot in their face.  The Frag Mines or getting a lucky shot at the face is 
the best solution.  If you hack the terminal downstairs, you'll see you're 
able to unlock the floor safe in the medical clinic, and theres a note to Ted.  
The note says theres door parts in the safe to fix a door in the storage room, 
which happens to have instructions on "the stash" he hid.  Ted's body is next 
to the terminal, feel free to loot it.  Check out the clinic, clean out the 
safe.  Take whatever else you need/want, then take either of the two doors to 
the Facility Bay.

Theres not much in the Facility Bay, a few more Mirelurks, and doors to other 
locations of the Facility.  There is an exit here to the Capital Wasteland, 
but the terminal you need to hack is Average level, so your Science may not be 
that high yet.  Theres also a Merc here with a contract, he's already dead 
though, the note shines some light on the situation.  You can head to the 
Memorial Service Entrance, or the Offices.  I suggest the Service Entrance 
first, this is where the "stash" is located.

In the Service Entrance you'll find quite a few more Mirelurks.  You may find 
yourself scrambling for Stimpacks, or running to take cover.  Occasionally you 
can run and gun these guys, or let Dogmeat tank one for a bit while you line 
up a face shot.  These guys can do some damage though, so you don't want any 
party member getting hit for too long.  You'll find a kitchen area, grab the 
stimpacks here and anything off the shelves that you like.  Theres a large 
door a floor above the kitchen, on the west wall, one that you'll have to 
activate a button to open.  Open this one up and make your wall down the 
corridor.  In this area you'll find 3 Mirelurks and several doors.  One door 
is a Utility door, this is where you'll need to use the spare door parts you 
picked up earlier from the floor safe in the Clinic.  If your Repair skill is 
at least 35 you can open the door up and loot some goodies, namely, the 
Tenderizer Sledgehammer, a key, and instructions on where the stash is.  Head 
back to the previous room and down to the kitchen area you were at before.  
Theres a door down here on the west wall, or a set of stairs near the kitchen, 
both lead to the same location.  Follow it to an area with 3 refrigerators, 
when you open the far right refrigerator you'll use the key to locate a 
Mirelurk recipe as well as 200 caps.

Now that we have the loot, the only thing left to do is to finish the quest.  
If you were in the Facility Bay earlier, you can actually stash Moira's 
observation device here, in the little pond where the eggs are.  Just use your 
action key on one of the eggs and you'll have the option to put the device 
there.  At this point, your job is finished.  If you cleared the whole 
facility ahead of time, theres nothing more to do.  If you still have yet to 
face the Mirelurk King, he's in the Office area.  You can access the Offices 
from the Facility Bay area.  You won't get anything special for killing the 
King, aside from the personal satisfaction the memorial is clear.  You can 
plant the observation device down in the Mirelurk pools where you find the 
King as well, wherever you see an egg pod essentially.

When you're finished, head back to Moira.  She'll give you a few Stealth Boys 
(These would have come in handy for the mission...).  If you're following the 
guide, Chapter 2 should be done now.  Moira will reward you with 20 rounds of 
.32mm ammo.

***Using Old Technology***

Moira says Chapter 3 will be a little deeper, it will deal more with the 
survival of humanity as a whole and using old technology.  The easiest quest 
to start with in this last series of quests is the old technology one.  Moira 
wants you to head to an old Robco Factory and activate all the robots there 
using a widget on the main mainframe.  She also wants you to be on the lookout 
for other old technology you can make use of there.

The factory is located south-west of Megaton, a decent hike away.  The 
entrance to the factory is on the southern side of the building.  The first 
area is fairly straight forward.  The factory should only be inhabited by Mole 
Rats and Radroaches, hardly a challenge for you by now.  Theres no shortage of 
closets and desks to be looted here, take the ammo you find and any other 
parts that can be used to make weapons, there is a tool bench here.  The door 
you're looking for leads to the Offices and Cafeteria, you'll have to climb 
some steps to the rafters of the factory to reach it.

Once you're in the next zone you'll find more Mole Rats and Radroaches here.  
Theres not a lot of ammo here, but a good number of parts to make weapons 
with, as well as two Stealth Boys among the desks and shelves.  Your target is 
up the stairs on the other side of the area.  Theres a mainframe there that 
you want to plug the widget into, save first!  Once you plug the widget in, 
the robots all over the facility will reactivate and go into "purge" mode, 
meaning you'll become hostile.  So much for having a robot army at your 
disposal.  You can quickly fix this by hacking the terminal once you install 
the widget.  Turn the genocide option off, then set the robots to clear pests.  
Your work should be done, and your optional quest should be done as well.  The 
robots will take care of most of the remaining vermin, if there are any.  Loot 
what you want and need, then fast travel back to Megaton.

When you get back to Megaton, Moira will reward you with Pulse Grenades and a 
Big Book of Science, provided you did the optional quest to reprogram the 
robots.  That's one task researched for this chapter, 2 to go!  The next one 
will be about the same difficulty, if you follow it through to completion.  If 
you've already been doing some exploring, or part of the main quest line, the 
trip should be easy.

***Learning About Rivet City***

If you haven't been there, Rivet City is a giant, broken ship that's floating 
in the river in the south-east part of the Capital Wasteland.  It isn't too 
hard to find, if you head east out of Megaton, follow the river to the south 
you'll eventually see the Jefferson Memorial.  If you go just east from there, 
you should see the ship.  To board the ship, climb the stairs of the metal 
structure nearby and look for the PA system, they'll swing the bridge over for 
you at that point.

Anyway, now that you know where Rivet City is, your next quest is to go there 
and learn about their history.  Moira wants to document how a group of people 
come together to form a community, so future wastelanders will know what helps 
form this collective.  

Theres a couple ways you can go about this.  If you ask around to various 
people on the boat, some will be sketchy on the actual details, even some that 
have been there a long time.  Don't be fooled though, theres only 1 or 2 
people on the whole ship that have the real story.  If you talk to Banon, 
he'll claim to have been there from the start...but not quite.  If you've 
spent 2 minutes with this NPC, you already get the feeling he's a bit arrogant 
and thinks highly of himself.  Instead, speak to the older woman in the Muddy 
Rudder, Belle Bonny.  To get to the Muddy Rudder, head to the stairwell and go 
to the bottom floor.  If you try your speech skill against Belle, she'll 
eventually suggest you speak with a Mr. Pinkerton who lives in the bow of the 
broken ship.  On your way in, you may have noticed the front of the ship is 
detached from Rivet City itself, Pinkerton lives in that hunk of wreckage.  If 
you're attempting to get the special Plasma Rifle, or wanting to investigate 
what happened to Dr. Zimmer's escaped robot, you may want to check out my 
write up on the Replicated Man optional quest before continuing to Pinkerton.

Getting to Pinkerton is no easy task.  He obviously doesn't want visitors, 
otherwise he wouldn't be living by himself in a wreck of a ship.  To get 
inside you'll need to do some diving.  You're going to take a little radiation 
on this trip, so either pop some Rad-X, or make sure your rad count is low 
before you dive in.  Wade out into the water and swim toward the broken bow of 
the ship.  If you check your local map, you'll notice where the break occurred 
a door lies under the water, just to the right of center.  Take a breath, then 
swim quickly down and through the door.

You'll want to turn your light on right away, then swim forward and up to get 
to air.  You have to watch your O2 meter closely here, if you run out of air, 
you'll start running out of health...and fast.  Check out your local map, 
it'll help you navigate through the waters a bit.  Once you're in the first 
room, look to swim west through a couple doors.  After you've gone through 2 
doorways, take the first door on the left.  You should see a set of steps, run 
up the stairs quickly and you'll get some air.  You'll probably get some 
Mirelurks too, if you haven't already had them on your back.  Take out the 
Mirelurks quickly, there should only be a few.

Go up one more flight of stairs.  At the top of the stairs you have two 
directions to go, once is a very hard lock to the outside of the ship, the 
other is booby trapped, don't bother with the locked door.  The way to your 
target is full of traps.  Watch your feel for trip wires, disarm them first.  
When you open a door, watch for Combat Shotgun traps (There will be a pressure 
plate you can disarm).  Continue through the ship.  When you reach a door that 
you can't open normally, don't try to use the terminal, it'll explode.  Check 
the wall on the other side of the door, theres a switch to activate.  Hit the 
switch and the door will open.

You're now in Pinkerton's personal lab.  You can ask him about Rivet City's 
history, he'll give you the real story.  It turns out he was ousted in a way 
by Li quite awhile ago, shortly after you were born.  He chose to move to the 
wrecked bow to get away from everything.  If you ask Pinkerton for proof, 
he'll give you what you need.  This should give you the evidence you need for 
Moira, and your quest should fully update, go ahead and head back to Megaton.  
If you're doing the Replicated Man optional quest, and have done the full 
investigation, ask Pinkerton about this as well.

Head back to Moira.  Tell her about the history of Rivet City, and provide 
Pinkerton's evidence.  She'll reward you with some Mentats.  If you're 
following along you only have 1 more objective to complete!  Let's get 

***Learning About the Past***

Moira wants you to visit the Arlington Library.  She wants any information on 
past history that you can find there.  Your primary objective is to access the 
card catalog.  Ideally, she'd like you to pull all the information out of the 
archive that you can as an optional quest.  If you ask about a reward, Moira 
says she could reward you with a book for this quest, but she figures you'd 
like caps more, I agree =)  

Arlington Library is to the south-east of Megaton.  You'll probably encounter 
more than one group of raiders along the way, so prepare for a fight.  The 
safest way there is to head east of Megaton to the river, then follow the 
river south, past the Citadel.  This will drop you pretty near the Arlington 

Inside the library you'll be approached by a Brotherhood Scribe right away.  
Let her know you're here to do research, she'll let you go.  She'll also give 
you a repeatable quest.  If you find any Pre-War books in the library, or 
anywhere else for that matter, save them.  She'll give you 100 caps for each 
one, nice!  Keep that in mind when you're scouring the library, check all 
desks and shelves you come across.  Burnt out books won't do, only the Pre-War 

The library itself has a lot of twists and turns, and its pretty full with 
Raiders.  On the plus side theres also a few Brotherhood members to help clear 
the place out.  Keep your eyes on the floor for a few frag mines.  Also, 
theres a couple turrets around, you can turn the turrets on the Raiders or 
just shut them down.  

If you want to complete the quest in a hurry, you can ask the Brotherhood 
Scribe at the entrance for the password to the card catalog.  She'll get you 
access, you can check the terminal right there at the desk and your main quest 
will be finished already!  IF you want the optional quest reward, you'll have 
to dig a little deeper.  The optional quest reward can be found in the 
Arlington Media Archive.  To get there, head to the other end of the 1st 
floor, a door will take you there.  The computer you need to access can be 
found in the south-west corner of the Archive, its guarded by a few Raiders.  

Feel free to scavenge the Children's Wing, you'll find a good number of Pre-
War books there.  If you enter the Children's Wing from the Archive, you'll 
find 3 books right away that are otherwise unattainable (They're on the 2nd 
story and no stairs, just a hole in the floor).  Unfortunately, most the 
library doesn't have a lot of good loot.  Most your profit will come from 
looting Raiders, there are a few ammo cases lying around.  When you're ready, 
turn in your Pre-War books at the front desk, then head back to Megaton.  

When you get back to Megaton, give Moira the final piece of the puzzle.  If 
you got both the card catalog and the archive on holotape, she'll reward you 
with 200 caps and a Congressional Speech book.  Also, for completing the final 
chapter you'll get a Mini-Nuke Moira was saving to dig a well...scary.

So, you're all done!  Depending on your responses during the whole book 
process, you'll receive your own copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide.  Your 
responses to Moira's questions will alter the Survival Expert perk you receive 
for completing the quest.  The second time I did the quest I replied with all 
the cynical responses and received +6% to Poison and Radiation resistance and 
+4% to Crit Chance.

*****Optional Quest 2:  The Replicated Man*****

I'm sure if you've been to Rivet City and to the Science Lab there, you've 
come in contact with the wonderful Dr. Zimmer.  He's arguing with Anna Holt, 
trying to speak with Dr. Li regarding a missing android of his.  Zimmer comes 
from the Commonwealth, a group that produces incredibly lifelike androids.  
Zimmer claims one of his most prized and advanced androids "escaped" and he's 
tracked him to this area of the Capital Wasteland.  If you speak to Zimmer 
about this quest and accept his offer to search for the android, be sure to 
ask him everything you can about it.  Why the android is special, where he may 
have gone, etc.  He'll give you an optional quest as well to go talk to Dr. 
Preston.  It seems the android may have had a mind wipe and facial 
reconstruction to hide his identity, and Dr. Preston may know something about 

Speak to Preston.  He'll admit that he received a holotape that circulated to 
all the doctors around the wasteland.  In the holotape, an individual is 
requesting help with a mind wipe and facial reconstruction.  Preston 
wholeheartedly believes this is a human and the whole thing is a hoax.  He 
seems believable, so we need to continue our investigation elsewhere.  

Now, sometime around here you'll be approached by Victoria Watts.  She usually 
hangs out in the Marketplace, but she may hunt you down anywhere.  She'll 
mention that she's a member of the Railroad, an organization that tries to 
free and protect escaped androids.  Kind of like Underground Railroad...except 
not.  She wants you to quit the investigation, and she has a way to get Zimmer 
off his chase.  She has somehow acquired a piece from our missing android 
friend.  She wants you to lie to Zimmer, tell him the android is destroyed to 
make him leave.  If you do this, please note that you will NOT receive 
Zimmer's good reward, he'll toss you 50 caps and leave.  Also, you will not be 
able to acquire the special Plasma Rifle, so you're out two great rewards.  I 
can tell you how to get both, so continue reading.

Now, I'm sure theres other people you can ask about this, but I didn't have 
much luck.  Li's and her team don't seem to know anything about the robot, or 
they're keeping quiet about it.  If you were to confide in someone, 
say...confess something, who would you go to?  A priest perhaps?  Check out 
St. Monica's church.  If you look below the pulpit in the church you'll find a 
holotape, give it a listen.  When you're done, ask Father Clifford about it.  
You'll point out that he's a member of the Railroad, and ask him what he 
knows.  He won't give up any concrete info on where to go next, although the 
first time I played through I could have sworn there was a Speech option here.  
If you spoke to Seagrave Holmes before speaking to Father Clifford, and you 
received another holotape from Seagrave, Father Clifford may open up.  Either 
way, continue reading.

Now, if you've spoken to Seagrave Holmes in the Marketplace before, you'll 
know he's been in Rivet City since he was a boy, and he has a lot of odds and 
ends to sell.  If you've already spoken to Father Clifford, ask Seagrave about 
the android and he may admit right away that Pinkerton did the memory wipe on 
the escaped android.  So, it looks like we need to go to Pinkerton.

*Update* alex_gh let me know he also found a holotape and information off Red 
in Big Town.  She pointed out that Pinkerton had access to the tools needed 
to do the mind wipe and facial reconstruction, but she didn't know why he 
needed those.  I've done some more research on this, it looks like most or 
many of the doctors around the wasteland have this info, it was circulated to 
all of them. Interestingly enough, Pinkerton was right there in Rivet City 
the whole time. Feel free to seek out these other doctors, but all the clues 
you need should be in Rivet City.

If you've read my write up regarding Moira Brown's Wasteland Survival Guide, 
and you've done the quest to find out about Rivet City's history, you'll 
already know where Pinkerton is.  You can kill two birds with one stone and 
find out about the history and the android at the same time.  Read where to 
find Pinkerton in my explanation of that Wasteland Survival quest.

When you get to Pinkerton, ask him about the android.  He'll feign ignorance 
at first, but if you persist, he'll open up.  He'll let you know he documented 
everything so he could rub it in Dr. Li's face later.  If you ask Pinkerton if 
theres something he's not telling you, he'll admit that he didn't actually 
perform a mind wipe, he just suppressed the androids memories deep down.  
He'll give you the evidence you need, and he'll give you a code to speak so 
you can make the android remember his former self.  This should be all you 
need.  Before you leave, if you're doing the Rivet City history section of the 
Wasteland Survival Guide, be sure to ask Pinkerton about this.  Pinkerton can 
also do facial reconstruction on you if you want.  

You now have THREE options.  You can go speak to the android and make him 
realize who he really is, then help him keep his identity safe.  
Alternatively, you can tell Zimmer where his android is, receive his reward, 
and your mission is done.  Finally, you can make the android realize who he 
really is, receive his reward, tell him you'll take care of Dr. Zimmer...then 
tell Zimmer the truth, receive his reward as well, and quickly end his life 
before he's able to collect.  If you prefer the later option and want both 
rewards, read on.  If you want the first reward, read the next paragraph and 
just give Zimmer the android part from Victoria Watts.

When you're ready, make a save (preferably a new one) and go find Harkness.  
He's usually at the front gate of Rivet City, later on he'll wander the 
Marketplace and maybe the Weatherly Hotel.  Inform Harkness about the android, 
he won't believe you at first.  Show the audio testimony and pictures.  After 
that, ensure him that androids have synthetic skin and blood, they appear just 
like humans.  When he's still trying to make sense of all this, provide the 
memory recall code Pinkerton gave you.  Harkness will remember everything.  At 
this point, you have your options.  If you ask Harkness what he's going to do 
about Zimmer, you can offer to kill Zimmer for him.  You'll receive the A3-21 
Plasma Rifle, you can then go to Zimmer, tell him the truth, receive his 
reward (A boost to your VATS targeting), and then kill Zimmer before he can 
collect Harkness.  If you tell Harkness that his secret is safe, you'll get 
the A3-21, but you will NOT be able to kill Zimmer if you accept Zimmer's 
reward as well.  Zimmer will only incapacitate if you try to attack him.  
He'll eventually find Harkness, use a subroutine to reset him, and walk away 
with him leaving Rivet City without their head security guard.  If you tell 
Harkness that he's going home, you don't receive the A3-21, but you can get 
the VATS reward from Zimmer.

Once you've spoken to both the android and Zimmer, your quest will be 
complete.  I know theres a lot of options here, some good and some bad.  
Getting both rewards is possible, get one reward or the other is possible, and 
getting no reward is possible.  Make your choice, either way, Replicated Man 
will be finished.

*****Optional Quest 3:  Big Trouble in Big Town*****

If you're doing the quest "Strictly Business," and you're looking for Red, it 
seems that Red is not in Big Town currently.  Speak to the townspeople in Big 
Town, you soon find out that Super Mutants have carried off much of the town, 
they're being held in the Germantown Police Station.  Germantown is far to 
the north, your quest marker should update to this location.

When you get to Germantown, seek out the Police HQ.  You'll run into a Super 
Mutant or two outside, and probably a Centaur.  There are two entrances, one 
leads to the top floor, the other leads to the ground floor.  If you're 
looking for Red, she can be found on the ground floor, very close to the door 
outside. To get her out of the cage, use the terminal nearby to open all the 
cages.  Be careful, the whole police station has frag mines lined along the 
floor, probably 10 or so total.  Theres a lot of great loot to be had here, 
closets with weapons and ammo.  There aren't that many Super Mutants in the 
whole place, but there is a Super Mutant Master, so watch out.

When you rescue Red, you have the option to go find Shorty too.  They 
recently dragged him down to the basement.  The basement entrance will be on 
the northern side of the ground level.  There aren't many Super Mutants 
downstairs either, save Shorty quickly, they're going to use him for a snack!  
When you've found Shorty and Red, exit the Police HQ, then fast travel back 
to Big Town.

When you get back to Big Town, speak to Red.  She can reward you with 300 
caps.  If your Speech skill is high enough, you can con her out of another 
200 caps she was saving for medicine, and you'll get some negative Karma.  
Shorty doesn't give you anything for saving his hide.  Stick around town, 
they'll soon be attacked by Super Mutants (Check the Freeform quest section 
for more info).

*****Optional Quest 4:  Strictly Business*****

If you're not a bad character, you have two options to get into Paradise 
Hills, the slaver town.  You can try to bribe the guard with 500 caps, or you 
can do this quest.  The guard out front wants you to enslave a few people, 
its your choice which one you decide to pick up, enslave any target you want 
first.  Please note, if you've killed one of the targets, or if they've died 
by other means, they will no longer be available for slavery...duh.  For 
instance, if you did Tenpenny Tower, Susan Lancaster may be dead.  Also, if 
you went to Minefield and/or completed Moira Brown's Wasteland Survival, 
Arkansas may be dead.  Red could be dead if she did not survive the Super 
Mutants.  Flak should hopefully still be alive in Rivet City.

Red is the doctor in Big Town, apparently she failed to deliver on a few 
promises, the slavers want her.  The only problem is, Red won't be found in 
Big Town when you first go there (Check out the quest "Big Trouble in Big 
Town" above for more info on how to retrieve Red).  Once Red is back in Big 
Town and you've received her reward, feel free to double cross her and hit her 
with the Mesmetron!  You can also take her special clothes after you've hit 
her with the Mesmetron.  Send her back to Paradise Hills and you'll get 250 
caps and some xp once you speak to the guard out front.  He'll also give you a 
collar to get another slave.  If you're looking to get into Paradise Hills, 
you're now able to walk in without getting shot at.

The other targets are much easier to come across, provided they aren't already
dead.  Arkansas can be found in Minefield, although he'll probably see you 
before you see him.  It'll take some effort to get to his sniping location
to mez him, unless you lure him from his spot.  Susan Lancaster can be tricky,
as she'll constantly be around other people.  Your best bet is to wait until
she's in her penthouse room at night so you can get her then.  Fire away once
the door is closed and no one else is in the room, then collar her and send
her off.  Flak will be the hardest one to collar, but he'll also be the least
likely to already be dead.  He'll be in Rivet Town, my best suggestion is to
wait till its late.  You can try and follow him into his room, if Shrapnel 
isn't there you can mez him with the door closed.  Be careful though, if a 
guard sees you in the vicinity of Flak when he starts heading to Paradise 
Hills, they may go hostile.  A trick I like to use is collar my target, let
them leave, shut the door, then wait an hour.  It should be clear after

Head back to Grouse in Paradise Hills after each target you enslave, he'll
give you another collar and send you on your way, as well as rewarding you
with 250 caps each.  I've had the quest bug on me (In a good way) and was
rewarded for turning in Red twice.  If this happens, talk to Grouse again
to also receive the bounty for your last target, your quest should then
update.  Note:  the slave collars are quest items, if you start getting
more than 1 on your character, they'll hog carrying weight.  You can enslave
other NPCs if you wish to get rid of them =)

*****Optional Quest 5:  Tenpenny Tower*****

This one is a fun one, and it has multiple possible endings here.  Here are 
the possible endings to this quest: 
1.  Help the residents of Tenpenny Tower by disposing of the ghouls living in 
Warrington Station.
2.  Help the ghouls of Warrington Station get into Tenpenny Tower by removing 
the lock to the underground entrance.
3.  Help the ghouls and the Tenpenny residents by finding a common ground so 
both can live together in harmony (Well, not really).

*Option 1*:
If you want to dispose of the ghouls, read on.  Speak to the residents and 
Chief Gustavo in Tenpenny.  To get into Tenpenny, simply speak into the 
intercom at the gate outside.  You'll receive the quest from Gustavo to 
eliminate the ghouls, he'll also give you a Hunting Rile and ammo.  You can 
try and use your Speech skill to increase the caps reward, 500 is the base 
reward though.  When you're ready to find the ghouls, exit the tower and head 
west to Warrington Station.

You can't get in directly to the area the ghouls are holed up, you'll have 
to go through the Warrington Tunnels to get to them.  Look for the old train 
west of Tenpenny, you'll see an entrance to the Tunnels nearby.  Make your 
way through the Warrington Tunnels, lots of Feral Ghouls here (Aim for the 
head, usually works best).  The way into Warrington Station is to the north-
east, the path is fairly linear.  Theres a little bit of looting you can do 
along the way, a couple closets with meds, ammo, and junk.

Once you're in Warrington Station, you'll soon run into Michael Masters.  
He'll ask you to put your weapon away, and why you're there.  You can kill 
the ghoul right now, but you may just wanna wait till you meet with Roy, 
catch them by surprise.  The choice is yours, if you plan on killing the 
ghouls, you'll have to kill Michael either way.

Continue through Warrington Station, you'll find Roy holed up with Bessie in 
a pocket of rooms.  You can follow Masters if you left him alive, or just take 
the first right once you go through the gate below the main station area.  You 
can waste Roy and Bessie at this time if you wish, Roy packs the most punch of 
the ghouls, you can attack while they sleep if you want a bigger edge.  Once 
you're finished with them, head back to Gustavo.

*Option 2*:
If you want to help the ghouls rid the Tenpenny Tower of humans, read on.  I 
suggest you make a fresh save here, and if you plan on doing the "You Gotta 
Shoot 'Em in the Head" quest from Underworld, you may want to take care of it 
now.  You can take this quest even if you've already told Gustavo that you'll 
kill the ghouls.  Use the guide in Option 1 to get to the Warring Station and 
meet with Roy.  Speak to Roy, you'll find out he wants to clear Tenpenny Tower 
out and rid the world of the bigots, that way the ghouls can live there.  His 
plan is to open the emergency exit to Tenpenny Tower and sick the Feral Ghouls 
on them.  To do this, he'll need your help.

After you've spoken with Roy, head back to Tenpenny Tower.  You can ask 
Gustavo about the emergency exit, but he'll be leery to give you the key.  
You can try talking him into giving it to you, but its much easier just to 
pickpocket it off him.  Wait for a moment late at night when there aren't a 
lot of residents running around, or catch Gustavo when he's napping.  Once you 
have the key, head outside the tower itself, and around to the back.  You'll 
see a set of stairs and a door to use the key on.  Head on down, then head to 
the terminal.  Hack the terminal and open the emergency access, you'll then 
see Roy peer through the window.  Roy congratulates you, then tells you to 
meet him out front.

Head back to the front of Tenpenny Tower to meet with Roy.  He'll give you a 
Ghoul Mask that will keep the Ferals from attacking you, be sure to put it on!  
Then head inside the tower.  Help the ghouls wipe out all the smoothskins, 
when all of them are dead you can talk to Roy.  He won't provide any dialogue 
options, but he'll mention the place needs cleaned up.  Head to the ground 
floor of Tenpenny, if everyone is dead Masters and Bessie should be there now.  
Before you do anything else, be sure to loot all the residents!  If you want, 
leave Tenpenny, fast travel to another location, then fast travel back.  When 
you return, Tenpenny Tower will be cleaned up and many ghouls will be living 
there! (You may need to wait 24 hours for this to happen.  Also, if you have 
a suite in Tenpenny, you'll be able to access it again at this time).  Bessie 
and Masters will become vendors to replace the dead ones.    

*Option 3*:
If you want the notorious third option, speak to Gustavo and the residents to 
learn about the ghoul problem.  You don't necessarily have to take the quest 
yet, just find out where they're holed up.  Use the description in Option 1 
to find out how to get to the ghouls.  Speak to Roy, he'll say he's cooking a 
plan to unleash the Feral Ghouls on the Tenpenny bigots.  You can tell him 
you want to help provide a non-violent solution to the problem.  Roy will 
accept your proposition, but he doesn't want to wait forever.

Head back to Tenpenny Tower.  Ask to speak to Alastair Tenpenny, Gustavo 
doesn't think Tenpenny will allow ghouls in the tower, but try your luck.  
Go up to the Penthouses using the elevator, Tenpenny is usually out on the 
balcony getting smashed.  Tell him about the ghoul situation, surprisingly 
he'll be easily persuaded to consider letting the ghouls in!  On one 
condition, he wants you to speak to the various residents and get their 
approval.  Now THIS is easier said than done.  Tenpenny wants you to talk to 
Mr. and Mrs. Wellington, Mr. Ling, Mrs. Montenegro, and Ms. Lancaster.  I 
can't remember, but you may need to talk to Mr. Cheng as well.  Theres a few 
more named residents of Tenpenny Tower, Michael Hawthorne is one, as is the 
legendary Herbert Dashwood.  In any event, you'll have to talk to the people 
Tenpenny lists before the ghouls can move in.

In most cases, this is not going to be a pretty event.  I would make a save 
here, just in case.  Most of these ghoul bigots will not be happy when you 
tell them the ghouls are going to move in.  They want no part of it, and are 
unwilling to compromise.  You'll have to force them out (Through dialogue), 
they'll eventually pack up their bags and leave for good.  Ms. Lancaster 
will move into Burke's pad in the Penthouse Suites (So you can enslave her 
later, should you choose to do so).  The other residents Tenpenny doesn't
list should be fine with the ghoul neighbors.  Speak to them all if you wish, 
they'll back you up and let Tenpenny know they're cool with it.

You may want to make another save here, a new one.  Also, if you're planning 
on doing the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" Optional quest from Underworld, 
I suggest you take care of it now, just in case.  There may be a bug if 
Tenpenny is dead already.  Once you've spoken to all the required individuals 
and you've evicted them, speak to Tenpenny for your reward.  He'll let you 
know the ghouls can begin moving in.  You can now head back to Warrington 
Station and speak to Roy, they'll immediately begin moving to Tenpenny Tower.  
You'll also receive the Ghoul Mask from Roy, Feral Ghouls will leave you 
alone now.  

If you head back to Tenpenny Tower, you can look for Alastair Tenpenny, but 
he'll be missing.  Speak to Roy, apparently Roy and Tenpenny had an argument, 
and Roy says Alastair won't be coming back...hmmm.  Also, if you decide to 
fast travel from Tenpenny Tower and return at a later time, you'll notice 
that all the smoothskins will be gone, only ghouls remain.  You can speak to 
Roy or Masters about it, apparently the ghouls and the humans didn't play 
nice together, and the ghouls stashed the bodies in the basement.  You can 
search for the bodies, but I don't think you'll find them.  I checked the 
subways, all I found was a Feral Ghoul in the basement.  On my first play 
through I decided to purge Roy and Masters from the Tower for their actions, 
Bessie doesn't appear to be party to the plot, I let her and the others live.
*****Optional Quest 6:  The Power of the Atom*****

You may get this quest early, and theres two options here.  Either option can 
lead you to getting a house in Megaton or in Tenpenny Tower.  One option 
brings bad Karma, the other brings good Karma, keep reading.

Speak to Sheriff Simms just inside the Megaton entrance.  You can ask him 
about the giant Atom bomb sitting in the middle of the town, irradiating the 
water and just waiting for the right idiot to come in swinging a Sledgehammer 
at it.  Simms won't give it much thought, but you can offer to disarm the 
bomb.  Simms asks that you be careful if you attempt this heroic.

Before you fidget with the nuclear device, you may want to head to Moriarty's 
Saloon.  Speak to Mr. Burke, he'll be on your right when you enter.  He'll let 
you know he's looking for an individual who has no ties to the town, someone 
who won't care if it's wiped from the earth.  If you choose to accept his 
offer, he'll give you some pulse charges to rig to the bomb, these will...coax 
the bomb to finish its job.  You can also try your hand, if your Speech skill 
is high enough, and convince him to give you more money.

So, here are your options:  
*Option 1*:
You can go back to Sheriff Simms and rat out Burke and his plan, be sure to 
show him the pulse charges Burke gave you.  You may want to make a new save 
here.  Follow the Sheriff to the saloon where he'll confront Burke.  Burke 
will try to act all tough, the Sheriff says he's going to lock Burke 
up...Burke pretends to go along, but as soon as the Sheriff turns his back, 
Burke whips out a gun and will blow him away fast.  You only have a split 
second to save the Sheriff here, otherwise he'll be toast.  Hit Burke hard to 
put him down, you don't want Simms to die, otherwise you won't get the 

With Burke dead, the bomb is safe, temporarily anyway.  It still needs to be 
disarmed.  To disarm the bomb you only need an Explosives skill of 25 or more 
(Kinda silly, you need less than average skills in explosives to disarm a 
nuclear bomb?).  Feel free to disarm the bomb once you have the ability to do 
so.  When you're done, go speak to Sheriff Simms.  He'll be happy to know 
they no longer have to worry about the bomb going off someday.  As a reward, 
he'll give you the key to a house at the north-east corner of the town as
well as 100 caps, sweet!  You're also the town hero and you'll get positive 
Karma.  If you want, you can buy furniture and Themes for your house from 
Moira Brown in Craterside Supply.  I suggest getting the Infirmary first, the 
ability to remove radiation from yourself for free is invaluable, and you'll 
save your Rad-X meds this way.  You'll also be able to repair crippled limbs 
and heal your damage, if you happen to be against sleeping.  

*Option 2*:
You decide you don't like the look of Megaton, and you want the place to 
blow. Obviously this is the negative Karma route.  Make sure you take care of 
EVERYTHING you ever want to do in this town, including the Wasteland Survival 
quest, because you won't have an option to do it again.  Moira will still be 
alive at the Megaton Ruins afterwards, but...she's not too keen on giving out 
any quests.  It seems she'll only repair your items.  

Anyway, if you followed the information previously listed, you should be 
sitting with Mr. Burke's pulse charges in your hands.  Whenever you're ready, 
head over to the bomb and choose the option to arm the bomb with the charges.  
Don't worry, it won't blow up yet =)  When you're ready to see some fireworks, 
head to Tenpenny Tower, which can be found a good distance to the south-west.  
Tell the guard at the gate you're here to see Mr. Burke.  Head inside the 
tower itself, then take the elevator to the Penthouse suites.  Speak with the 
guard to your left, he'll open a door that will lead to the balcony.  Speak to 
Tenpenny and Burke when you're ready, Burke will give you the satisfaction of 
activating the Doomsday device.  You can open the briefcase, and then hit the 
Speak to Tenpenny and Burke again when you're finished, you'll find out 
theres more than a 500 cap reward.  Tenpenny has an offer for you to live in 
the tower, free of charge!  Your room will be in the Penthouse suites, 
hang a right if you're getting off the elevator, your room will be the locked 
one.  If you want to furnish your pad, speak to Mrs. Montenegro downstairs 
(Or speak to Bessie if Montenegro took a hike).  As mentioned, the Infirmary 
is the most beneficial item, try to get it first.  The Lab isn't too shabby 
either, but probably not worth the price tag.  I got it for the looks mostly, 
and occasional free Stimpack.

*****Optional Quest 7:  You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head*****

This is an interesting one.  In Underworld you'll see a ghoul by the name of
Mr. Crowley in Carol's place.  He'll jaw with you for a bit, he doesn't seem
too high on smoothskins.  He'll then ask you to wipe out a few bigots that
supposedly hate ghouls...ok.  Ask around town a bit before you start causing
some bloodshed.  Carol and Quinn may mention that Crowley only recently
became a smoothskin hate, and he's been vocal about looking for a wastelander
to do his dirty work.  Go speak to Crowley about it again, and he'll admit
that these guys aren't all bigots.  He offers you another 100 caps to seal
the deal, all he wants are the keys off the targets, except Tenpenny.  He
wants him dead for sure. 

First, talk to Dukov if you want.  He's located at Dukov's Place, just south-
east of the Tepid Sewers and Anchorage Memorial.  Speak to Dukov, find out a
little bit about the job he pulled with Crowley.  You can try to talk Dukov
out of the key he has, or buy him off, kill him, or talk to Cherry.  Cherry
is easier to convince, she'll steal the key for you.  She'll want you to
escort her to Rivet City afterwards (Check the brief write up in Freeform
quests).  Once you have Dukov's key, check out Rivet City.

Ted Strayer has the next key.  Supposedly he inherited the key from his dad,
who was on the same job with Dukov, Crowley, and Dave.  Ted Strayer is a
drug junkie, so it won't take much to get the key from him.  You can try to
talk him out of it, or offer him a mere 25 caps for the key.  You can also
threaten him, just don't go combat or the guards will jump in.  He obviously
doesn't know it's use, and he doesn't care much.  

Once you have Strayer's key, go check out Dave waaay too the north.  You'll 
find the "Republic" to be...a little different.  Ask Dave about the key, he'll 
tell you it's part of the lovely Republic of Dave Museum.  The easy way to get 
it is to convince Dave you're an ambassador of the Wastes.  Dave will give you 
the key as a gift from the Republic of Dave.  If you decide to help with
Dave's election, and you're planning on rigging it, you may want to get this
key first.

You should now have all the keys, only Tenpenny remains.  Go to Tenpenny
Tower and speak with Tenpenny.  Hopefully he's still alive, if you did the
Tower quest earlier, he could be dead depending on your choices.  If he's
alive, tell him about Crowley and that he wants him dead.  Tenpenny will
offer to buy you out for 200 caps (Twice what Crowley is paying).  You can
also get him to up the ante to 300 caps with Speech skill.  Choose what you
like, just take into account a guard may be nearby, or may go hostile later.
From what I've seen, you don't have to actually kill Tenpenny or interact
with him, Crowley just seems to want the keys.

Return to Crowley with all the keys...or don't.  Theres a few ways you can 
proceed at this point.  You can head to Fort Constantine and loot the Power
Armor for yourself.  You can give Crowley the keys, wait a few days, then
kill Crowley for the armor yourself (Which will allow you to cover your half
of the deal if you told Tenpenny you'd kill Crowley).  Finally, you can give
Crowley the keys and be done with the whole thing.

If you decide to get the armor yourself, here's how to get it.  Head to Fort
Constantine.  The easy way in is through the CO Quarters.  You'll see some 
Office Personnel entrances nearby, this isn't what you want.  There will 
be a small house near this though, inside is a locked door that you can
use one of your keys on.  Feel free to take the Big Gun Bobble Head inside
as well.  You can find a Launch Code in the same safe as the Bobble Head.

You'll be in the Launch Area if you go through the door in the CO Quarters.
Theres some loot to be had here, but with most of the facility you'll need
100 Science or Lockpick to get the good stuff.  Loot what you can in the area,
launch the nuclear warheads from the terminal if you like (Anyone have any
idea where they hit?  I'm guessing they went to China, who knows).  The next
area is the Bomb Storage, this is where the best stuff is.  There will be a
few Very Hard locks with ammo and weapons on the other side, lots.  The main
target is the T-51b Power Armor and Helmet.  You'll find them through the door
to the R&D area.  You'll find the body of Tara outside the door, she has a key
you can use.  Use the terminal nearby to drop the statis field, then take the
armor for yourself!  Your quest will update at this point, so you can return
back to Crowley if you like and gloat, he won't have anymore dialogue options.

If you decide to kill Crowley, keep it discreet.  I killed him once, I dropped
a Frag grenade into his Power Armor once he started wearing it.  I ran out of
the room just as it blew, waited a few hours then came back to claim the

*****Optional Quest 8:  Trouble on the Homefront*****

After you help Dr. Li and the scientists get to the Citadel, head back to the
Megaton (Or ruins of Megaton) area.  You should come in contact with an
Emergency Signal from Vault 101.  Its Amata, and it seems she's calling out
for your help specifically.  She has changed the password to the Vault door,
you should be able to get back in now.  Head on in if you want.

Once inside you may be approached by Officer Armstrong, or Gomez if he's
alive.  They'll catch you up to speed a little bit on what's going on with
the Vault.  Whether you left in bloodshed or mostly peace, they should let
you go out of respect for your father.  Continue through the Vault, you'll
see another Security Guard come in contact with Freddie.  Freddie will make
some idle threats, and the geezer will fire.  Obviously things have 
escalated a bit here.  Now, you can go straight to the Overseer's room if
you wish from this level, or you can head to the Lower Levels.  I suggest
heading to the Lower Levels.

Here you'll find Amata and many people that are referred to as the Rebels.
You'll probably find one or two surviving Tunnel Snakes, maybe even Butch
if you left him alive.  Amata will be in the northern-most room, towards
a sign that says Atrium.  It will be your father's old medical room.  
Amata will explain in more detail what's going on.  Either her father, the
Overseer, or the new Overseer (If you killed the old one, the new one is
Wally Mack's father) will be running the Vault under Martial Law.  Amata
wants to bring peace, she asks for your help.  You have a few options here:
1.  Speak to the current Overseer and try to peacefully end the conflict.
2.  Speak to the current Overseer and waste him, solving the problems.
3.  Speak to the Overseer and offer to take out Amata and the Rebels, 
quelling the upstart civil war.
4.  Check out the Reactor area and rig the Water Chip to contaminate the 
whole Vault, forcing everyone to leave.
5.  Walk away, it's not your problem anymore.

If you decide to help Amata and talk to the Overseer, for good or for 
awesome, head back to the Upper Levels.  Speak to the current Overseer,
whoever that may be.  If it's Amata's father, he'll babble on about the
Vault's safety, and about your father.  If your speech skill is high enough,
you can convince him that what he's doing is wrong.  He'll make the right
call, see Amata afterwards.  If Wally Mack's father is Overseer now, due
to you killing Amata's father, you may not be able to convince him to
open the Vault peacefully.  He mentioned that the previous Overseer wanted
to do things peacefully and you just killed him, so he decides to fight
instead.  Either way, speak to Amata afterwards.  Depending on how you
handled the situation, you may receive a Vault Utility suit from her
before she asks you to leave.

If you decide to be evil and wipe out the Rebels, have some fun.  You may
just have to kill Amata, but I also killed all the teens, Old Lady Palmer,
and your old teacher you save from the Security room outside the Overseer's
office.  Return to the Overseer when you've completed the task, he may give
you a Vault Utility suit before he kicks you to the curb.

The other option you have is to force everyone out of the Vault.  This isn't
the ideal scenario, the best scenario is to give the people the option to 
leave when they want to, but don't force them to leave their home.  If you
want to kick them out, check out the Reactor room.  In this area, you'll 
find a Filtration area, this is where the Water Chip is stored.  What you
want to do is go to the terminal in the side room, turn on the Manual System,
and then do a Purge.  The system will go haywire and spread toxins into the
Vault.  Your quest updates and says to evacuate everyone.  I searched the
entire Vault, everyone but Stanley had already left, and I could get him to
go.  If you go to exit, you can speak with Amata.  She probably won't give
you a reward, you can lie to her and say the Overseer was to blame, or take
the blame yourself.  You probably won't get the Utility suit.

That's about it.  Through some choices you'll get the Utility suit, most of
the peacefully options will get you it, other than taking out the Rebels.  
When you're ready, head to the Vault door.  Be SURE you've looted everything
in the place, because you will NOT be coming back.  This includes unlocking
the safe behind your mother's Bible verse In your father's medical office,
theres a Rock-It Schematic here (It will increase the Launcher's damage by
10% if you already had one).  Get the bobble head if you missed it the first
time too.  Head out the door and say your goodbyes.  No matter how you
complete this, you may never return home.

*****Optional Quest 9:  Those!*****

If you've been anywhere around Grayditch or the Super Duper Mart, you have
Probably been approached by a little boy named Bryan Wilks.  The boy is all
Over the place, talking about monsters and such.  If you can get him to calm
down for 2 minutes he'll tell you that his town is overrun with creatures.
Agree to help him out, he lives in Grayditch.  He'll let you know that he'll
hideout in one of the Preservation boxes near the town diner till you can
check on his dad.  Bryan's house is near the diner, right across the street
and next to the shack.  If your Speech skill is high enough, you can ask
Bryan if theres anything he can provide as help.  He'll give you a key to the
dumpster behind the diner, inside you'll find Frag grenades, a Laser Pistol
and ammo.

When you enter you'll find a gruesome sight, and your quest will update.
Check the bodies for a shack key.  Check out the shack next to the house.
You'll find a terminal with some information...hmmm...seems like this Lesko
guy that was staying with the Wilks family was doing some experiments of
some kind.  Talk to Bryan in the box.  You can try to tell him at this
point to take a hike, nothing left for him here, but he doesn't seem to
want to budge.  He's looking for someone to take care of the menace so
no one has to go through this again.  You might as well agree to help him.
If you read the terminal in the shack, Marigold Station should be your
next stop, its in the southern part of town.  Feel free to loot the houses
in the area.  If you go to the neighbors across the street you can read their
terminal and find out about a gun and ammo behind the refrigerator (Don't
try to get it before reading the terminal, the gun won't be there).  The
other houses in the town say they're Abandoned, and they don't have a lot of
great items in them either.  Loot them if you wish.

You'll be running into a lot of ants in Grayditch and Marigold.  You can try
to shoot for their "Antenner" to confuse them and cause good damage, but a
shot to the head is as good as anything else.  If you have a good stash of
Frag Mines, these are perfect provided Dogmeat isn't with you.  Lay 1 or
2 mines in a line and keep walking backwards, the stupid ants will walk right
over them.  The Worker ants will be the easiest and go down with cheap
weapons, the Soldiers and Warriors will be stronger, save your good stuff
for those if you're running low.

Head through Marigold, your destination is to the east.  Take the tunnels
heading in this direction, theres two ways to get to your target, either
through the tunnel on the right and take your first right, or take the left
tunnel, follow it till the tunnel bends around to the south, go past the
door with the spinning light.  If you see the body of William Brandice,
you're on the right path.  Loot William, then continue a further till you 
see a door on the left.  The door opens, surprise!  It's Dr. Lesko.  He'll
fill you in on what he's been doing.  Apparently he ACCIDENTLY gave the giant
ants fire breathing capabilities.  He was attempting to alter their DNA to
shrink them, nice job Doc.  The Doc wants to continue his research and find
the right mutagen to inject into the eggs so each generation of ants will
become smaller like they once were.  The problem is, the Queen Ant has a
quintet of Fire Ant Guardians that block the doctor's path.  He wants you to
take them out so he can correct his mistake.  As a reward he'll give you an
enhancer which will act as a perk, either "Ant Sight" or "Ant Might."  Sight
gives you +1 to Perception, Might gives you +1 to Strength, both give you
25% to your fire resistance!  Also, if you ask the doctor to up the ante
for the job, he'll throw in his old lab coat as a reward.

The Ant Hatchery is located just past Lesko's room.  The tunnel is linear, so
you can't miss anything.  There isn't much to loot here either, just the
Guardians, the Queen, and a Protectron bot of Lesko's near his equiptment.
The Guardians are the toughest of the Fire Ants, besides the Queen herself.
Use those mines and grenades if you have them.  Once you've killed all five
your job is done as far as Lesko is concerned, if you want to do more it's 
up to you.  If you decide not to return for your reward, you can hack Lesko's
terminal in the Queen's room (You'll have to Sneak, she has good vision).
You can activate the Inhibitor yourself, which will destroy the remaining
ants around Grayditch.  You can also destroy the mutagen if you so choose,
and slay the Queen.  She has a lot of life, and will spit goo, watch out.
If you plan on still getting a reward after destroying the mutagen, you
better either have high Speech or Science skills, because this will upset
Lesko.  It doesn't seem that you can alter the Mutagen yourself.  

Return to Lesko after you've killed the Guardians, or after you've killed
the Guardians, Queen, and destroyed the Mutagen.  If your Speech or Science
is high enough you can make Lesko realize the damage he caused by not
starting small in his experiments.  If you do this, you can still receive
your reward if you killed the Queen and Lesko's project.  If you just wasted
the Guardians, you'll get your reward as promised.  There remains one final
thing to do before "Those!" is wrapped up, you have to speak to Bryan Wilks
and decide his fate.  

Head back to the Pulowski Preservation Shelter next to the diner.  Bryan
will describe the ants going crazy and killing each other.  You can tell
Bryan to go back to his house, or you can look for a home for him.  If you
tell him to go back home your quest will complete, but he'll be lonely and
basically living in a ghost town, you bad person you.  [EDIT] If you want to be 
really evil you can sell him to Eulogy in Paradise Falls, now that's bad!  
Thanks to OCBucksFan for that info.  If you want to be good, you can
extend the quest just a little more and offer to look for a home for him.  If
so, he'll stay in his home for the meantime and bury his dad.  Ask Bryan
where a good place to look would be, he'll mention his cousin Vera lives in a
big ship, Rivet City?  Sure enough, head to Rivet City and find Vera in her
Weatherly Hotel.  She'll be happy to take Bryan in, head back to town and let
the boy know, he'll pack his bags and head on down on his own (Brave!).  Your
quest will update finally, and you'll get to hear Three Dog praise you on GNR

Alternatively I've read somewhere you can send Bryan to two other locations,
but I haven't tried this myself.  If you talk to Mayor MacCready in Little
Lamplight, Bryan can stay there.  It seems you can also sell Bryan to Eulogy
in Paradise Hills like you sell other children.  He'll go for 100 caps or 300 
caps with Speech skill.  This would be a good negative Karma solution.

*****Optional Quest 10:  The Superhuman Gambit*****

Upon entering the town of Canterbury Commons you'll see a showdown in the
streets.  One side is fielded by the AntAgonizer with a pack of bugs, the
other is the Mechanist with his army of robots.  After a standoff, both
parties will retreat for the day.  You'll run into Uncle Roe shortly after,
he'll explain the Mechanist used to be the town's mechanic.  One day a crazy
girl came to town with these bugs.  Eventually she started calling herself
the AntAgonizer, the Mechanist took up his costume and they have done battle
everyday since.  

Speak to Derek Pacion, Uncle Roe's nephew.  He has some info on the two, the
AntAgonizer's lair can be found just north of town.  The Mechanist stays in
his fort making robots to the south.  You can choose to stop the AntAgonizer,
the Mechanist, or both.  Stopping either or will save the town.  If you plan
on taking out the AntAgonizer, you may want to check out Hubris Comics (See
the Freeform quests section).  You can read a terminal and get the evil
woman's real name in a letter to the editor about Grognak the Barbarian.

To reach the AntAgonizer, head north of town.  You'll see a door to some
tunnels, this will lead you to the lair of the AntAgonizer.  Alternatively
you can climb the rocks and take the secret entrance right to her lair, but
you'll need a lockpick skill of 50 or you would have needed to steal her
key off her earlier.  While you're in the caves, be wary of traps.  Theres
a trip wire/shotgun trap, and Frag mines here and there.  The right path on
the right will lead to some supplies, if you continue down the other path
and keep going straight you'll find a Stealth Boy.

The tunnels aren't very long, and you'll only have to kill about 5 ants along
the way.  You'll come to the AntAgonizer's Lair, inside only the woman
awaits.  Speak to her, you have a few options.  

Option 1:
If you went to Hubris Comics earlier you'll be able to point out that the 
AntAgonizer can be redeamed, she can return to a normal life and forget 
everything.  She'll give you her costume and walk off into the sunset.  You
can then give the Mechanist the costume to receive Protectron's Gaze.  You
can then kill the Mechanist if you wish to receive both costumes.
Option 2:
If you didn't go to Hubris Comics, the only other safe way to proceed and 
stop the AntAgonizer is to make a Speech check or use the Lady Killer perk.  
If you do either of these things, she'll see the error of her ways.  She'll 
give you her costume, then take off.  You can then give the costume to the
Mechanist to receive Protectron's Gaze.  You can kill him if you wish to
receive both costumes.
Option 3:
If you kill her you can get the costume, and the quest updates.  You can then
give the costume to the Mechanist to receive Protectron's Gaze.  You can kill
the Mechanist if you wish to receive both costumes.
Option 4:
If you tell the AntAgonizer in any way that you'll kill the Mechanist, you'll
find that he immediately shows up in her Lair for a battle.  You'll have to 
kill him at this point.  If you loot the Mechanist's suit you can give it to
her, she'll reward you with the Ant's Sting.  You can kill her at this point
to receive both costumes, its up to you.
Option 5:  
If you talked the Mechanist out of fighting or killed him for his costume, 
you can give it to the AntAgonizer.  She'll reward you with her weapon, the 
Ant's Sting.  You can kill her at this point to receive both costumes, it's 
up to you.
Option 6:
If you talked the Mechanist out of fighting or killed him, you can go back to
the AntAgonizer.  If you convince her she doesn't need the costume, you can
keep it for yourself, but you will not receive the Ant's Sting or
Protectron's Gaze.

If you're wanting to stop the Mechanist, or take him down for the AntAgonist,
look for him to the south.  He'll be in the Robot Repair Center.  Head in,
hopefully you have a few Pulse Grenades or Mines.  If you don't, no worries.
If your Lockpick skill is 75 or more you can pick the elevator near the
entrance to get in through the back way, right to the Mechanist.  If not,
you'll have to fight your way through some robots and turrets.  In the 
first area of the Robot Repair, head to your left.  You'll find some
office cubes.  Theres a terminal here with a message from one co-worker to
another.  He stashed a key behind his terminal, it unlocks a safe under his
desk with Pulse Grenades.  The cube you're looking for is next to the one
with the active terminal, the key is behind the monitor there.  

Theres a ton of Scrap Metal and various parts in the Robot Repair Center.  I
suggest entering the factory area via the door closest to the cubicle area.
There's a turret here and a Sentry bot, nothing too tough.  Clear out this
room, then head up the stairs.  You can use the terminal in this room to
disable security in the next room, go ahead if you want.  You can take the
door in this room back into the previous part of the factory.  If anything 
remains alive you can unlock the safe in the upper room, take the decrypter 
and use the terminal to send a huge pulse charge through the room, killing 
all robots in that area of the factory.

When you're ready to seek the Mechanist, head to the elevator near the
entrance to the Repair Center, or take the door near the room where you could
unleash the large Pulse charge.  If you entered through the back door, it will
take you straight to the Mechanist.  Otherwise you'll have to activate the
coffee maker in the next room, then click on the gear sticking out.  The door
opening sequence is kinda neat, Get Smartish if you will.  You'll be
approached by the Mechanist, here are your options for the quest:

Option 1:
If you want to talk the Mechanist out of fighting peacefully, you'll have to
make a horrendous Speech check to talk him out of fighting (For me, it was a
42% chance with 100 Speech).  If you talk him out of fighting, you'll receive
the Mechanist Costume and Helmet, your quest will update.  You can give the
AntAgonizer the costume to receive the Ant's Sting.  You can kill her if you
want to receive both costumes.
Option 2:  
If you previously talked the AntAgonizer out of fighting, or killed her, you
can turn in her costume.  The Mechanist will reward you with Protectron's
Gaze.  You can kill him at this time to receive both the Mechanist's Costume
and the AntAgonizer's Costume.
Option 3:
You can tell the Mechanist that you'll help him take out the AntAgonizer.
He'll dub you "Mechano Lad."  Before you can head to her lair, she'll attack
the Robot Repair Center.  Head to the elevator to meet her.  You'll have to
be careful here if you want to keep the Mechanist alive, he doesn't have as
much backup and may get wasted easily.  Kill the AntAgonist, give the 
Mechanist her costume to receive Protectron's Gaze.  You can kill him at this
time to receive both costumes.
Option 4: 
You can kill the Mechanist and take his costume.  You can take it to the
AntAgonizer and receive the Ant's Sting.  You can then kill the AntAgonizer
if you want and loot both costumes.
Option 5: 
If you killed the AntAgonizer or talked her out of fighting, return to the
Mechanist.  He'll ask for the costume, but you can convince him that he
doesn't need it.  He'll let you keep the costume, but you won't receive the
Ant's Sting, nor Protectron's Gaze.

Return to Uncle Roe when you've taken care of the AntAgonizer, or the 
Mechanist, or both.  If you just took care of one, you will only receive
200 caps (Unless you used your Speech earlier).  If you took care of both 
he'll up the ante to 600 caps.  

*****Optional Quest 11:  The Nuka-Cola Challenge*****

You'll pick this quest up in Girdershade.  Speak to Sierra in her home, it's
a museum to all things Nuka Cola.  She'll offer you a tour, go ahead and take
it.  She'll show you around the shack, then offer you an Iced Nuka Cola for
taking the time.  She now has a request.  She apparently has an addiction to
Nuka Cola Quantum, and she wants you to collect some for her.  She'll pay you
40 caps for each.  If you bring back 30 bottles she'll also reward you with
a Nuka Grenade Schematic.

Exit the shack, you'll probably be approached by Ronald.  Apparantly he has
the hots for Sierra, unfortunately for him she's so wrapped up in Nuka Cola
that she hasn't even realized his feelings.  He really just wants in her
pants.  Anyway, Ronald wants you to find the 30 Quantums for him so he has a
better chance of getting with Sierra.  Ronald doesn't have anything extra to
offer you at first, but if you use a Speech check you can get him to offer
you 80 caps for each Quantum you bring him (No Nuka Grenade Schematic).

At this point theres a few things you can do.  If you've been a good little
Vault Dweller, you've been exploring the wasteland and picking up any glowy
Nuka bottles you've seen.  I already had 40 myself by the time I got to
the town, and I wasn't actively searching.  If you're a woman, and you have
the Black Widow perk, you can promise Ronald a threesome and he'll get brave
and go to the Nuka Cola Factory on his own.  After reading the forums, people
have tried to keep Ronald alive, but it seems inevitable that he dies.  Some
people have gone so far to protect him all the way to the factory, but it
seems he'll drop dead as a script once he arrives.  This will allow you to 
get his special Shotgun, but otherwise theres no point in sending Ronald to 
his doom.

You can head to the factory yourself.  Its located west of Arlington
Library, or directly south from Megaton.  Theres not a lot of goodies
within the factory itself, a little ammo and a lot of junk and empty
Nuka-Cola bottles.  You'll find a locked safe in the Offices area, but
you need a key to get to it.  Theres also a Very Hard locked door just inside
the lobby.  If you can pick this it will take you directly to the Manifest,
otherwise you'll have to take the slightly longer way.  The path to get there
isn't too bad, and its linear so you can't miss it.  You'll have to travel
to the Mixing Vats area.  Here you'll find some Nukalurks...interesting.  I
bet Sierra has a recipe for those guys somewhere.  You'll find the body of
a named Merc in the Offices area after you've gone through the Vats.  She
has a note about obtaining the Nuka-Cola Clear formula (The locked safe from
earlier) and heading to the Red Rocket Tricycle Factory for big pay.  Keep
heading through the Offices area, you'll eventually come back to the
factory floor.  You'll run into Milo, a Mr. Handy.  You can try to lie to
him or say you don't know your name/ID, he'll just give you demerits.
Instead, pretend to be the president with a Speech check, no ID required.
He'll accept it, and you can ask him to craft a key for the safe.  He'll
also tell you where the Manifest is (Right beside him) along with the
password.  Check the terminal, it tells you that 3 test markets received
cases of 5 Quantums:  Old Olney, Paradise Falls, and the Super Duper Mart.
If you continue through the Factory Floor, you'll find a packing terminal.
You can load the system with Nuka Quantum and activate the conveyor.  It will
spit out 3 for you before it breaks.  So, if you collect these 3 and the
other 15 or so you should be sitting at 18.  The other 12 should be easy.
Don't forget to get the Nuka-Cola Clear formula from the safe before you
leave!  Check the Freeform quests for more info on that.

When you have 30 Quantums, turn them in to either Sierra or to Ronald. 
You'll get the promised reward.  If you turned it in to Sierra she'll also
give you a recipe for Mississippi Quantum Pie (As if the stuff isn't rare
enough).  If you turn it in to Ronald you can watch him try to put the
moves on Sierra, only to get shut down as she still doesn't understand he
wants to bed her.  If you ask her about it later she'll comment that she
thinks Ronald is in love with her, and that maybe he'll propose marriage...
yeah, not so much.

*****Optional Quest 12:  Head of State*****

First things first, let me say you want to make MULTIPLE saves during this
quest, as things can get hairy and bugs have known to occur, you're warned.
This one starts from the Temple of Union, although theres other ways to get
it going.  Speak to Hannibal there, he'll let you know that Temple of Union
is inhabited by former slaves.  He wants to restore the Lincoln Memorial by
taking it over and making it a bastion of hope for other slaves.  He also
would like you to help Caleb there in Temple of Union to fix the missing
head on Lincoln's statue, they found the head there in the Temple.  Caleb
wants you to go to the Museum of History to find a picture he can use to
fix the statue.  Lets head there first (See Freeform Quest "Lincoln 

After you have all of Lincolns artifacts, go scope out the Lincoln Memorial.
If you've been to the Washington Monument or any of the Museums around that 
area, its an easytrip.  If not, you may need to do some backtracking and take 
some subways.  The game would have you take the LOOONG way around, which 
would be taking Tenleytown/Friendship Station to Farragut Station, then walk 
south all the way to Anacostia Crossing Station.  That will lead you through 
another subway I believe, and finally to Museum Station.  This will pop you 
out at the Washington Monument.  Just note there are quicker ways, this may 
just be the safest route and it's the one the game gives.  Walk west to the 
Lincoln, make sure to make a new save before you get there.  At any point if 
you snoop around the wrong area of the monument, the slavers will go hostile.  
If you come up the main dirt path you can speak to Silas.  If you have really 
good Karma, this more or may not work.  You can tell him you're just looking
around, if so he'll take you to Leroy Walker.  At this point, if you want
to do the negative Karma option, skip down to Option 2, if you want to
complete the good Karma option, read on.

Option 1:
This is the positive Karma option.  Once you've seen the Lincoln Monument
and you've collected all the artifacts, head back to the Temple of Union.
Hannibal may be wandering around outside in the wastes (I have no clue why).  
You have to be careful during this mission, I had one attempt where Hannibal
actually died in the Capital Wasteland even before I returned (This is part
of the thing about making multiple saves).  Once you get back to the Temple,
give Caleb the poster you found in the Museum.  He'll be ready to do the work
now, let Hannibal know.  He says they'll pack up and be ready to leave within
an hour.  You can use the wait function to wait an hour, or hang around.  You
can also sell the remaining artifacts to Hannibal, you can also use the
Speech skill to double the money he offers you.  He won't pay much for the
action figure or the pennies, but the rifle, diary, and wanted poster will
bring in a little money.  If you sell him the hat and rifle, he'll use them.

At this point, I highly suggest you make more saves.  Hannibal and company
have been known to get lost on the way to the Lincoln, and theres a few nasty
areas they have to travel through to get there.  Namely, just south of the
Temple is an Enclave Field Testing area, the remaining Enclave there toasted
the dog, Four Score, and ol' Bill.  Theres two ways you can do this, you can
walk with the freed slaves, which is sloooow, and they like to get turned
around a bit sometimes.  The other option, which is what I did, was to take
the suggested path the game gave me and plow a path.  This is also one of the
long ways around I mentioned before (Through Tenleytown, down to Rivet, etc).
I forged ahead and killed everything along the way.  When I got to the
Lincoln, I only had to wait about 8 hours before Hannibal and company showed
up.  They seemed to come from the Museum Station as I did, they'll wait for
you just east of the monument.  Speak to Hannibal, he'll see theres Slavers
at the monument.  You can tell him to charge right in (Which can lead to
Hannibal getting killed) or you can ask him to wait while you clear the area.
I've also had success in clearing the monument while Hannibal was on his way,
although I've seen on the forums that some people have encountered bugs in
the quest if you clear the monument before you take the quest.  In any event,
once the area is clear, let Hannibal know he can head on in, he'll thank you
for your work and give you a Dart Gun Schematic.  You should also get an
extra scene at the end of the game for your work.

Option 2:
When you're at the Lincoln after obtaining all the artifacts, speak to Silas
and let him know you're looking around, he'll take you to Leroy Walker.  
Leroy will want you to find some of Lincoln's artifacts, he wants to burn 
them all so slaves won't have any hope.  Hey, we already have them all!  If 
you give Leroy all the items, including the rifle, he'll allow you up the 
stairs to the Memorial without being shot, nothing that great up there, not
worth giving up the hat and the rifle in my opinion.  Anyway, if you do sell
Leroy the items, you can talk him into paying double for each item, just like
Hannibal.  Abraham Washington will buy them too.  After you've given Leroy
some items he'll ask if you've seen any slaves running around, he's actually
looking for Hannibal.  You can tell him that you know where they're hiding
out near Old Olney.  He'll tell you that they're going to go take care of
them, if you want to sell any other Lincoln items to Leroy you better do it
now.  He'll immediately round up the other slavers and head toward the
Temple.  Fortunately he actually runs there with his ground, and Raiders
don't bother Slavers (They'll bother you though).

I ran with Leroy and the slavers the entire way to the Temple.  They take
the exact same path that Hannibal would have taken, just in reverse.  You'll
find Leroy and the slavers underneath the highway near the Temple once they
get there.  They won't wait, as soon as they see you Leroy will start the
raid.  The escaped slaves are outnumbered and not much of a match for the
Slavers, they'll go down easily.  Your quest should update once they're all
dead.  Unfortunately you won't get the Dart Gun Schematic, and it doesn't
appear to be in the storeroom or on Hannibal.  

At this point Leroy will tell you the job is done, and they no longer
need to be at the Lincoln.  He's going to head back to Paradise Falls he
says, and he'll begin to lead the slavers back that way.  I gotta tell you,
I actually followed the slavers all the way back...and they seriously need
a map.  They went south to Tenleytown/Friendship Station again, came out at
Farragut West Station, west past Megaton, kept going west till they almost
reached Evergreen Mills, then finally turned north.  They went past
Rockbreaker's Last Gas and the MDPL Mass Relay Station before they FINALLY
cut through the wilderness going north-east to Paradise Falls.  I also did
this quest after finishing most of the main quest, so there were several
encounters with Enclave that would have wasted the slavers, not to mention
the numerous Death Claws and Super Mutants that killed the group (Or most of
it) unless I intervened.  So, its safe to say that Leroy and the team will
not make it back to Paradise Falls on their own, not that they need to.  If
they do make it back they'll just sit around the bar and drink all day.  I
did try to wait 5 days once, and none of them seemed to show up, it took us
3 days roughly to go the long way on foot.  So, essentially what I'm trying
to say is don't go looking for Leroy at Paradise Falls afterwards, he'll
probably be dead somewhere and you get nothing for escorting him.

*****Optional Quest 13:  Blood Ties*****

Theres a few ways to start this quest.  One way is to talk to Lucy West in
Megaton and tell her you'll deliver her letter to Arefu.  If Megaton is
kablooie that won't be available, no worries.  When you're ready to take
the quest either talk to Lucy, or head to Arefu.  Arefu is north-west of
Big Town, which is north of Vault 101.  The town is actually up on the
highway, suspended above ground.  Approach the town, you'll have a grenade
thrown at you by Evan King.  Evan King will fill you in on the Family, let
him know you have the letter (Or you may not have it).  He'll ask you to
check on the Ewers, the Schenzy family, and the West Residence.

Knock on the doors of the Ewers and Schenzy families.  Mrs. Ewers is a little
nuts, yay.  You get the impression the people are tired of Evan's wait and
hide strategy, they want action.  Check out the West house, interesting...
depending on your Medicine skill, you'll get different analysis of the 
deaths in your autopsy evaluations.  A Medicine skill of 30 will show you
they had deep bite marks to the bone.  A skill of 50 will notice that there
should be a lot more blood for the wounds the West family suffered.  A skill
of 70 notes that the bite marks were made by a human and not a creature.
Finally, if you happen to have a Medicine skill of 90 you'll notice a black
residue on the bodies, like the kind that may be at a train yard.  Ask Evan
about the train yard if you happen to have the skill high enough, he'll point
you toward the Meresti Trainyard to the east.  If your Medicine skill wasn't
high enough, it doesn't matter.  I can tell you that theres nothing of note
at the Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema and the only thing in Hamilton's Hideaway of
note is a Nuka Quantum.  Northwest Seneca Station will lead to the Meresti
Service Tunnels if you check the sewer grate inside, so you can get there
either going through Northwest Seneca or going to the actual station.

Once you're in the Service Tunnels, be wary of traps.  Lots of trip wires,
mines, and bear traps.  You'll run into Robert, he'll ask what you're doing.
If you have the letter from Lucy you can show it to him, he'll let you go.
If you don't have the letter you'll have to bypass a high Speech check, or
you'll have to bribe Robert.  If you have the Cannibal perk, you can also
use that to get in.  When he gives you access, head on back.  Robert
tells you to look for Vance.  

The Family lives in the next area, the Meresti Metro Station.  You can speak
to various Family members, they won't be hostile at this time.  You can ask
about Ian, they'll tell you he's in meditation currently.  On most members
you can use your skills to find out the password to Ian's room.  Karl can
be intimidated through Strength.  Brianna can be convinced to give it up
using the Lady Killer perk.  Holly will give it up if you have a high 
Charisma, theres others as well.  Vance is the guy you want to see, he's the
head of the Family.  If your Speech skill is high enough you can convince
Vance to let you see Ian.  If it isn't high enough you'll have to rely on
the Cannibal perk, you'll have to read the rules of the Family and use that
knowledge, or you'll have to use the password you got from one of the other
Family members.  Vance will tell you what happened to Ian's
parents...disturbing.  Vance will also give you information about the Family
if you ask him.  When you're ready, go up the stairs and look for Ian.
Make a new save at this time too.  If you want a positive Karma finish,
read on, otherwise skip to Option 2.

Option 1:
Use the password you received to unlock the door to Ian's room.  Speak to
Ian, you can give him the letter from Lucy if you have it.  If you give
him the letter he'll start thinking a little clearer and will probably
decide to face his demons and go back to Arefu.  You can also use a Speech
check to convince him to go back.  You can also convince Ian that the best
course of action is to stay with the Family.  Whatever you do, make your
decision on how to help Ian, then return to Vance.

It won't really matter whether you helped Ian make a decision to stay or to
go back to Arefu, Vance is fine either way although a little disappointed
if he goes.  He'll give you a schematic for a Shishkebab despite everything.
You also need to decide how to help Arefu, they can't continue to live in
fear of the Family.  Vance is actually a good character, he doesn't want the
violence and destruction of their cattle.  You can ask him not to attack, and
he'll agree.  A better alternative is to use your Intelligence or Medicine
skill to convince Vance to use Blood Packs to survive.  Blood Packs are
scarce, of course, so there needs to be a comprise if you go this route.
You can either bargain with Vance so Arefu donates Blood Packs so the Family
leaves the town alone, or Arefu donates Blood Packs in exchange for
protection from the Family.  The option to buy the blood is no good, they
don't have the caps for that.  Choose the protection option, it's the best
for everyone.  

Head back to Arefu and speak to Evan King.  If Ian decided to come back, let
him know and you'll get positive Karma.  If Ian decided to stay, you'll have
to lie, preferably tell him that he went to live with Lucy or he wasn't with
the Family if you don't want to stir trouble.  After the quest updates, let
Evan know about the proposal if you spoke to Vance.  Evan will agree, 
everyone is happy.  Evan doesn't really have anything to give to you, he'll
give you junk if you ask for compensation.  Return to Vance once you've
spoken to Evan, he'll let you know that he'll dispatch Alan to go protect
Arefu.  You can also ask at this time to learn the ways of the vampire.
You'll receive a perk that allows you to receive more HP for drinking Blood

Option 2:
Alternatively, if you want to go the negative Karma route, you can kill the
vampires (Doesn't that sound backwards?).  You can take Vance's jacket, 
which has some nice stats.  This will also allow you to loot Karl's goods,
you can make a pretty penny off this.  Vance also has a key that opens the
sword cabinet in his room where the Vampire's Edge is stored.  You can also
get the password to Ian's room by looting it off Vance.  Please note, 
if you decide to kill the Family you HAVE to do it before speaking to Ian.  
If you do it after, the entire town of Arefu will become hostile with you, 
as well as the Family of course.  Also, make sure you kill Robert in the 
Service Tunnel if you're going to kill the Family, otherwise he'll go 
hostile on you when you try to leave.  Once everyone is dead, you can 
speak to Ian and convince him to go back, or he can remain alone in the 
Station.  You can then return to Evan King and deliver the news.

*****Optional Quest 14:  The Oasis*****

You'll find the Oasis in the northernmost square, about in the middle of the
map.  You'll have to approach is from the west, theres a small trail leading
to the location in the mountains.  You'll come up to a gate with some weird
looking people in twiggy clothing.  Tree Father Birch will approach you right
away and asks you to come closer.  He'll tell you that "He" has been
expecting you, and has granted you access.  Birch won't tell you much more
than that, he asks that you come inside so all will be explained.  Fine, you
crazy hippy!

Head inside, Birch will explain a little more.  If you pass a Speech check,
he'll give up that "He" is a tree god, he guides the Treeminders (Birch and
the other twiggies), and is the reason for all the lush greenery in the
Oasis.  Birch continues on, letting you know most outsiders aren't allowed
into Oasis, but He has made an exception for you.  Birch finishes by saying
if you'd like to meet with Him, you have to take part in the ceremony.  No
worries, there's nothing to fear.  You just need to drink some trippy sap
while the Treeminders chant.  If you don't want to take part, and you have a
Lockpick skill of 100, theres a door in the Oasis that will take you through
some Caverns to meet with Him, but most people won't have 100 Lockpick.  You
can also unlock a door using your console if you're on the PC version, but
that's cheating =P  Ok, nevermind about the Very Hard lock.  Even if you
go into the Caverns, the path will be blocked eventually, no point in going
that route.  So, tell Birch you'll accept the ceremony whenever.

When you come to you'll be in a little grove, with a giant tree in the
center.  Go to the other side of the tree, you'll see...a face?  Activate the
tree, prepare for a surprise.  Guess who it is?  If you played the old games,
you may recognize an old buddy.  Gotta love Harold, he's hilarious.  Speak
with him at length, he'll explain how the Oasis came to be, about Herbert/Bob,
and your task at hand.  Apparently he has asked the Treeminders, but they
blindly follow and hear, but they don't really listen.  You can choose to
accept Harold's plea, or leave him be.  It may be wise to speak to the
other Treeminders first though.  If you don't want to speak to them and
just want to carry out Harold's request, theres a locked door behind you
leading to the caverns, or you can speak to Cypress to unlock another door to
the caverns (Nevermind on that locked door in the Grove, it's a dead end and
can only be used as an exit).

Go and speak to Birtch and the Tree Mother.  You'll see them arguing about
Oasis' future.  He'll let you know that he's concerned with Harold/Bob's
growth.  The Oasis is a wonderful place, and if it continues to expand they
may find more Wastelanders seeking it out and it could lead to fighting or
exploitation.  He wants you to take some of the sap and apply it to Harold's
heart, shunting the growth of the Oasis to protect it.  If you speak to his
wife, she'll want the exact opposite.  She has an item that will help
accelerate the Oasis's expansion, which will bring life to the Wasteland
in a matter of years as oppose to centuries.

You don't have to make your choice just yet, just head into the caverns.  As
mentioned there are two entry points.  Either way, you're going to be killing
some Mirelurks, so be prepared.  I find a Shishkebab works well against them,
but that's with 100 Melee Weapon skill.  In total you'll encounter about 6 or
7 Mirelurks and Hunters, and 2 or 3 Mirelurk Kings.  Eventually you'll start
hearing a heart beat.  Follow the noise, you'll find Harold's heart.  It will
be located in the Sunken Tunnels.  Here you'll have to make your decision, 
here are the options:

Option 1:  Apply the sap to the heart, shunting the growth of the Oasis and
fulfilling Birch's request.  Continue on through the Damp Cave, you'll come
out where Harold is and Birch will be nearby.  Speak to both of them, Harold
will have a change of heart.  Birch tells you that there are Treeminders with
rewards for you.  Speak to Cypress, he'll give you a Missile...yay.  Speak
to Maple, she'll give you an Oasis Villager Outfit...double yay.  Yew gives
you the only worthwhile reward, Yew's Bear Charm.

Option 2:  Apply the Liniment from the Mother, which will increase the Oasis's 
growth.  Continue through the tunnels and through the next area.  You'll come
out near Harold, the Tree Mother will be nearby.  Speak to each of them, 
she'll thank you for your work, and Harold will have a change of heart.  The
Tree Mother asks you to speak to the Treeminders, they have some gifts.  
Linden will give you his special Power Armor, Poplar gives you Poplar's Hood,
and Yew will give you Yew's Bear Charm.

Option 3:  Kill Harold's heart.  Harold will die instantly, you'll be unable
to speak to him again afterwards.  If you speak to Birch afterwards, he'll
admit that Harold made him understand just before his death that he was
not a god in any way, and that he just wanted to pass on peacefully.  Birch
will admit he carelessly lead the Treeminders and was blind to what Harold
was really trying to say.  He tells you that they will try to continue to
keep the Oasis alive.  When you kill Harold's heart, you'll receive the 
Barkskin perk/mutation which increases your damage resistance by 5% and
also +1 to your Endurance.  You can also speak to Yew and receive her
Yew Bear Charm.

Option 4:  Trees don't like fire, right?  This is the negative Karma
response.  Take the Flamer to poor Harold and watch him burn agonizingly.
He'll be no more, and you'll have some very angry Treeminders outside
waiting for you.  Prepare to fight.  You don't really get a decent reward
for this one, but it really is the only evil way to complete the quest.
You can really profit by taking Tree Mother's request, applying the Liniment,
receive the rewards from everyone, then burn Harold.  Plus, you'll get a
bunch of the Oasis Villager Robes if you so choose.

*****Optional Quest 15:  Stealing Independence*****

If you talk to Abraham Washington in Rivet City (Located in the Preservation
Society), he'll mention his collection of US History pieces.  In a short
amount of time he'll go on how his collection means nothing without the
Declaration of Independence.  He already knows where it is, he paid someone
to dig up the info.  He also paid another individual to go seek it out, but
they failed to return (You can hack his terminal for a little back story
into this).  He would like you to go retrieve it for him, the reward is a 
rare Railway Rifle schematic.  The Declaration can be found in the National
Archives, located near the Washington Monument in the Mall, so head that

Make a fresh save before you go in, it's going to be nasty.  In the entrance
area theres a small quest to get some special Mentats, check out the Freeform
Quest section.  If you head toward the center of the building, you'll run
into Sydney and a TON of frag mines she laid.  Don't worry, she's on your
side, she was the one Washington first sent.  I advise not going into that
room yet, instead take the side doors and circle around the premises.  You'll
encounter a dozen or so Super Mutants, a good deal of ruined books, ammo, and
some weapons.  The north-west corner of the room with the shelves of books
has some missiles tucked away in a corner by a register.  Up some stairs on
the east side of the building you can find some more vouchers for Mentats in
a safe.  When you're ready, head to the center room.

Sydney will warn you about the mines.  About 30 seconds after you enter, the
Super Mutants will attack.  They'll come in 3 waves, not too tough.  When
they're dead, speak to Sydney.  She'll notice you must be there for the
Declaration as well, and suggests you team up.  You can accept her help, or
deny it.  There is another way in, but you'll have to hack a terminal to
get there, she has a way to get there using her remote terminal.  Accept her
help, then use the password she gives to access the secret elevator.

Archival Secure Wing East is where you'll be.  As you go, you'll hear a voice 
over the loudspeaker, calling people to fight.  Your target is to the north,
but be careful as theres a good number of robots in this section.  Pulse
grenades and mines are your best weapons against these guys, unless you
have the robitics perk that allows you to shut them down.  You'll come
across a utility door to the north, blocking your path.  If your Science
skill is 67 or above, or your Repair skill I believe, you can open it.
This is a small shortcut, not terribly worthwhile.  In the next room is
a turret generator, disable it if you can.  Continue on, you'll run into
a few more robots.  You can find the Magna Carta and the Bill or Rights in
side rooms on the way to your destination.  Each one will be in a similar
looking room, behind an Average locked door and guarded by 2 turrets.  You
can also find a lot of good ammo and items in these rooms.  When you're
ready, head into the room to the Archival Strongroom.

You'll see a Protectron robot with...a wig?  Using an intelligence check,
you can surmise that this robot is the one that was rallying over the
loudspeaker before, identified as Button Gwinnett, representative from the
state of Georgia long ago.  This is one of my favorite conversations in the
game thusfar, the reactions and choices are legendary.  I suggest making a
save at the beginning, if possible.  Theres some negative Karma options and
some Speech checks, you wouldn't want to make a mistake, unless you want to
collide with more robots.  Have some fun, and make your choices.  I highly
suggest checking out all the options at least once, they're good for a laugh.
In the end, I chose to masquerade as Thomas Jefferson, to badger Button for
his failure and cause him to explode, highly entertaining.   If you want to
go a positive Karma route, you can have a forgery made.  Button asks you to
get some ink from the Arlington Library (You may have this already).  If you
return with the ink, he'll create a perfect forgery.  Just to let you know,
if you're thinking about giving Washington the forgery and keeping the
Declaration for yourself, don't bother.  It's a quest item, so you can't
drop it on your desk at home, boo!  In fact, if you get both the original
and the forgery, when you speak to Washington you'll give him both, so the
only way to keep one for yourself is to go back for the Declaration after
completing the quest.  

When you've resolved the Button situation, you can get the passcode to his
terminal on his body, if he's dead.  If not, you can hack the computer.  You
can unlock all the doors of the facility and do some other things.  You can
find Button's Wig in the same room, grab that if you want along with more
ammo.  The Declaration is in the next room to the north, grab it out of the
safe.  You can take a quick exit west of Button's office, and see other
Presidential robots, not much to do here though.  You can also head back
to the south where the elevator was and clear out the Sub-Basement.  Theres
some ammo here and a Mini-Nuke behind a Very Hard lock.  When you're ready,
exit the Archives and head back to Rivet City.

Speak to Washington, he'll reward you 400 caps and the schematic.  He'll also
buy the Magna Carta and Bill of Rights off you if you have them, 75 caps and
100 caps respectively (25 caps more for each one if you ask him).  Sydney
will take off at this point, you can ask her about her father (Which can
lead to a Freeform quest).  She'll head to Underworld, find her there later,
or find her dead in a Metro station (Which is what happened the first time
I did this quest.  If you want her to live, you may have to escort her).

*****Optional Quest 16:  Reilly's Rangers*****

If you've checked out Underworld or if you've been anywhere in the downtown
DC ruins area, you may have come across Reilly or a distress signal from
her rangers.  If you find Reilly in the Chop Shop at Underworld, have the
doctor bring her out of her coma, she'll explain the situation to you at
great length.  Reilly and her rangers are the "Best mercs in the Capital
Wasteland," even though theres only 5 of them.  Quality over quantity I
guess.  It looks like the best mercs aren't so hot though, they got
ambushed in Vernon Square by a Super Mutant party.  They tried to duck
into Our Lady of Hope Hospital, only to find more Super Mutants.  From
there it only got worse.  Their man, Theo, was carrying the ammo and died
somewhere on the steps leading to the roof of the Statesman Hotel.  That
is where the other mercs are holed up now, Reilly snuck out with a Stealth
Boy to find help, only to be ambushed again.  Your mission is to find
Reilly's Rangers and get them off the roof of the Statesman.  You may want
some help though.  As Reilly if theres any help she can provide, and whats
in it for you.  She'll give you a pass code to their hideout in the
south-eastern part of downtown DC.  She'll also promise you some Ranger
Combat Armor, or a special Minigun, if you help them out.  

Before you head to Vernon Square, I suggest checking out the Ranger's base.
Theres some decent stuff there, and you're gonna need a lot of ammo and
we'll maintained armor/weapons going into this one.  If you're wanting to go
to Reilly's hideout, I suggest going through the Capital Building.  It's by
no means the safest route, there couldn't be a more dangerous path, but
some good stuff in the Capital if you've never been there, and the route
through the Metro is kinda convoluted.  Of course, on my 2nd play through
I also tried to follow the map marker directions to get there from Vernon
Square, it send me all over the place.  So, lesson learned, just go through
the Capital.  I think you can also get to the Ranger hideout by going
through Anacostia Crossing just north of Rivet City, that's probably easier
than the path the game gives.  If you go through the Capital, you'll have to 
fight a ton of Super Mutants and Talon Company, the good news for you is the 
two parties will be pretty busy with each other, taking some heat off of you.  
You're looking to get to the east side of the Capital Building, the map 
marker is called Seward Sq. Northwest.  From there, head east till you come 
across Reilly's Hideout.  Oh, and there will be more Talon Company and Muties
outside the Capital's east side, watch out for the guy on the bridge, he can
activate a bomber that will mess you up.  If you hear a guy over a loudspeaker
I suggest watching where you go.  There's an alley filled with enough
Mini-Nukes to detonate anything.  When you get to Reilly's, punch in the code
at the door and loot the place to your heart's content, no negative Karma.

Theres a few ways to get to Vernon Square.  One way involves jumping in the 
Museum Station subway outside Underworld, hitting the Metro Station, then go 
to Freedom Station which pops you out where you need to be.  If you took my
advise and went to the Ranger hideout, the quickest way will take you through
a Sewer found in an alleyway between the Capital and Reilly's hideout.  This
will take you to Pennsylvania Avenue.  From here take Freedom Street Station
for a short trip to Vernon Square where you can find the hospital.  When you
get to Our Lady of Hope, fight your way in and prepare for war.

This place is about as bad as it gets when it comes to Super Mutants.  On top
of that Reilly's Rangers have booby trapped both the hospital and the hotel
during their escape, so you'll constantly be on the lookout for mines, trip
wires, exploding baby carriages, you name it.  Theres plenty of junk and
medical supplies in the hospital, loot up when you can.  Theres nothing
really special on the 1st floor aside from the junk and meds mentioned.
When ready, the stairs to the 2nd floor in the north-west is your next 

There is almost nothing of note on the 2nd floor of the Hospital.  Maybe one
terminal/safe combo you can hack/pick for some meds.  Aside from that
theres pretty much nothing but a few Muties and junk for your Rock-It
Launcher.  Head outside and cross the bridge over to the Statesman.  You'll
have to drop down a floor once you cross the bridge, then enter the 
Mid Level of the hotel.  This place will be annoying at times, lots of
similar looking rooms, so use your map and watch for more traps, you'll
find more and more the closer you get to Reilly's Rangers.  On the first
set of stairs going up in the Statesman you should find the body of Theo,
use the code to unlock the ammo box and loot it to complete that part of
the optional quest.  Keep heading up, on the next floor you should find
a Note from Little Moonbeam's Father.  If you did the quest "Stealing
Independence," you should know who Little Moonbeam is, hang onto this for
now.  Keep heading up, more Muties, more traps, lots of burnt books for
shooting.  You'll pass an elevator that leads to the Restaurant part of the
hotel, but it doesn't work currently so you'll have to continue via stairs.
Head around the corner from the elevator, watch for trip wires on your way
up to the next level.  You'll eventually come to a door leading to the hotel
restaurant, make a new save.

There will be a good number of Super Muties in this area.  One particular
room will have several alone, so you may need a Stimpack or two, depending
on your level and gear.  Clean the floor out when you're done, this nothing
particularly worthwhile, the Super Mutants will have the most lucrative
loot usually.  Theres some ammo about, and some goodies behind the counter
of the bar including a Quantum.  When you're ready, head up the stairs to
the roof.  You'll hear the sound of explosions and gunfire.  Around the
corner you'll find a trail of Muties, and they get thicker.  As you reach the 
back of the roof, you'll find some stairs and a pair of fresh Mutant
carcasses will fall towards you.  Head up the stairs and to the other end,
you'll find your missing Rangers.  Speak to Butcher, he's currently the
acting leader.  He'll notice you broke through the enemy line, but more will
be coming so they can't go back the way they came.  They want to repair the
express elevator for a hasty retreat.  You can give each of the Rangers the
ammo you picked up earlier, or keep it for yourself.  Butcher will tell you
they need a Fission Battery to rig the elevator.  If you have one on you,
you can give it to Donnovan to repair the elevator, or you can go over to
the switch and repair it yourself.  If you don't have a battery, don't
worry.  If you head back into the restaurant there should be a closet near
the bar area you were just in, and the Protectron there should have a battery
on him.  Make a new save before you repair the elevator, then repair.  The
Rangers will pile in immediately, follow them.

You'll be in the lobby of the Statesman.  If the elevator had been working
earlier you could have short cut your way, but up till now it has been a
dead end.  Clear the room of Super Mutants, when you're done loot the floor
if you like.  Theres actually a good amount of ammo and meds in this small
area.  Speak to Butcher on the way out, he'll ask you to head to the Ranger
compound when you're ready.  It appears the Rangers automatically teleport
to the compound once outside, so you shouldn't need to worry about escorting
them.  Fast travel to the Ranger headquarters when ready.

Once at the Ranger headquarters you can speak to the others and find that
Reilly has returned from Underworld.  Update her on the status of the mission
and she'll give you a choice of rewards:  Brick's Minigun known as Eugene, or
some Ranger Combat Armor.  The Combat Armor is better, but I've taken both
during my two game saves.  The Ranger Armor is considered the best in the
game by some players as it's easily repairable and it won't slow you down
like most Power Armor.  I don't know yet if this optional quest has an
evil solution, I haven't found one yet (I usually do find a way).  It seems
the best you can do is be snooty to the Rangers.  You can, of course, always
kill them and take Eugene, 4 Ranger Armors, and Donovan's Ranger Helmet for
yourself, that will get you negative Karma =)  You also won't be able to do
Reilly's Freeform Repeatable quest "Reilly's Caps for Locations," unless you
kill them all after you've found everything in the game.

*****Optional Quest 17:  Agatha's Song*****

Agatha is an older lady that plays music on the radio.  She'd like you to
find her old relative's Soil Stradivarius, which she believes is in Vault
92.  You may have already been to Vault 92, you may not have been.  In any
case, I'm gonna assume that you haven't been there and explain it all anyway.
If you keep asking Agatha where you can find Vault 92, she'll have a lead
for you.  She'll tell you that you may be able to find the location from a
mainframe in the Vault-Tec Headquarters in Downtown DC.  You can check that
out, or skip ahead.  Agatha should give you a location to the HQ.  You can
also use Speech checks, SPECIAL checks, and yes...the Lady Killer perk to
talk Agatha into giving you some more assistance.  She'll give you a key
to some ammo her husband had.  Theres surprisingly a lot of different ammo
in the box.  Nothing in great quality, but at least one of just about every
kind, even a Mini-Nuke.  When you're ready, head to Vault 92 if you
know where it is, or Vault-Tec.

Vault-Tec is located in Vernon Square, near the Statesman Hotel and Our
Lady of Hope Hospital.  You'll see a sign north of those two locations,
pointing to a Metro.  Head down a narrow alley and keep heading that
direction till you see the headquarters.  I'm not gonna lie, for being the
Vault-Tec HQ, I was kinda disappointed.  Theres not a lot of great loot here,
and not a lot of interesting computers to delve into.  Theres almost nothing
at all in the Guest Relations.  The Corporate Offices aren't much better,
the only thing of real interest is in the north-west corner there on the
2nd level.  You can access a small closet by hugging the wall around a big
pitfall, inside you'll find a weapon, ammo, meds, and some other goodies.
You're looking for the Administrative Offices.  If you haven't already
noticed, theres plenty of robots in this area.  Pack some Pulse weaponry if
you have it, I only ran into a few Sentries though.  On the Administrative
floor you'll find your target.  To reach the mainframe you'll have to
access 3 other terminals to unlock the door.  Each one is numbered 1-3.
Make your way around, looking for the 3 terminals scattered about.  Theres
also an Employee terminal you can use, but it's mostly for fun, you can't
get the bobble head it speaks of.  You'll have to kill the Masterbrain bot
on the floor, kinda impossible to avoid him.  Once you do you can examine
the body and shutoff the relay, disabling the remaining bots.  Once you've
unlocked all 3 terminals on the floor, head past the executive offices on
the upper floor there, you'll go through a cell door and then another before
you reach the mainframe.  You can download the info you need, as well as
some other info for other Vaults.  Theres nothing else of much interest on
this floor, the only decent loot is a Grognak the Barbarian in one of the
exec's offices, and a storage closet with mostly lunchboxes.  When you're
done, head down the stairs to the Guest Relations area and exit.

Vault 92 is far to the north-east, very close to the west side of Old
Olney.  It's hidden just down a narrow gulch.  Vault 92 isn't as nasty as
some of the other Vaults, but it still has some creepiness factor to it.
This used to be a Vault filled with musicians mostly, if you couldn't tell
from Agatha's description.  Her ancestor, Hilde, was asked to live here,
and she once had a very rare Stradivarius violin from the 18th century,
known as the Soil Stradivarius as previously mentioned.  To find the
legendary instrument, you'll have to go to the Sound Test area.  From
the entrance to Vault 92 head east.  Theres a door down the eastern
corridor that will lead you there, theres also doors that will take you
there, it doesn't matter.  Vault 92 is inhabited with a lot of Mirelurks
and a lack of great loot, surprise, surprise.  If you want to explore
around, you won't find a lot.  I believe theres a Wasteland Legend Outfit,
possibly in the Living Quarters. I didn't find much other than that.  You
can turn on the special noise via a terminal in the Living Quarters.  This
will make any remaining Mirelurks go crazy and attack each other, or
possibly just die on their own.  When you're done exploring, you can find
the Soil Stradivarius in the south-west corner of Vault 92.  It will be
in a recording studio, you will probably need to open the door via a 
computer terminal around the corner from the studio.  You'll find the
violin in it's case on the table.

Return to Agatha and give her the violin...or don't.  This is another one
of those quests where there isn't a clear cut negative Karma solution.  The
best you can do, to my knowledge, is sell the violin to someone like 
Abraham Washington.  He'll pay 200 caps for it, or 300 caps if you pass a
Speech check.  If you wanna be really bad you can go back to Agatha and tell
her that you sold the Soil Stradivarius.  While this didn't seem to get me
any negative Karma, it's the closest you can get.  If you have a change of
heart later on, you can buy the violin back from Washington for 300 caps.
You can then give it to Agatha, despite the quest being finished and the
fact she asked you to leave her home earlier.  If and when you decide to
turn the violin in to her, you'll get positive Karma and the frequency to
her radio station where you can hear her play all over the Wasteland.
You don't really get anything else, just her thanks and the chance to look
for sheet music for her as a Freeform quest.   
				Freeform Quests

*****Freeform Quest 1:  Angela and Diego*****

If you talk to Angela Staley in Rivet City, you can ask her about the men on 
the ship.  She'll say that she doesn't have a problem with them hitting on 
her or anything, even the ones that she flirts with.  If you push the subject 
further, you find that she's in love with a man named Diego, but he doesn't 
exactly return her affections.  If you speak to Diego on the subject, he'll 
hint that he does have some feelings for Angela, but he chose a religious 
life rather than being with Angela.

You can help push these lovebirds together!  Speak to Angela again, ask her 
why she doesn't try to seduce Diego.  She'll mention that she has spoken to 
Trinity in the Muddy Rudder, and she suggested using Queen Ant Pheromones 
because they work like a charm.  It just so happens that Cindy Cantelli, 
proprietor of the Quick Fix in the Market of Rivet City, sells the item you 
need.  You can go buy the pheromones and give them to Angela.  Alternatively, 
you can go right to Father Clifford and lie to him, say that you caught Diego 
and Angela together.  This will kick him out of the priesthood and Diego will 
eventually propose to Angela.

If you got the pheromones, sure enough, if you come back a little later and 
speak with Angela, she'll be overjoyed and let you know the pheromones did 
the job.  In fact, Diego and Angela will be getting married.  You can speak 
to both, Diego seems to be happy in his decision.  If you ask about the 
wedding to Gary Staley, he'll provide you with a date for the wedding, if you 
care to show up.  The ceremony is short, 30-45 seconds, feel free to take a 
seat in the chapel to witness the occasion.  Theres not much else to do with 
this, it appears Angela and Diego move in together into an empty room of the 
ship, not much else comes of this.  The good reverend of the ship is 
disappointed he's down an acolyte, but is happy for the couple.

[EDIT] Some people are writing in that they've been having trouble with the
ceremony, either people show up and the bride, groom, or preacher don't show
(Cold feet NPCs?).  Unfortunately, I don't have a suggestion for this at this
time.  My best advice is to reload from a previous save and try again, show
up to the church early and get a seat (Try not to block the door to the 
church with one of your party members, or yourself).  Keep an eye on the
Fallout forums for a work around if you encounter this.  

*****Freeform Quest 2:  Super Mutant Attack on Big Town*****

This isn't much of a Freeform quest, but there are rewards, so I'm listing 
it. Once you've rescued Red and you've gotten back to Big Town, speak with 
her for your reward for the rescue.  She'll then mention that the Super 
Mutants will be back, you can offer to help protect the town.  If your Small 
Guns skill is high enough, you can train the townspeople to make things 
easier.  Also, if you go to the junkyard nearby you can find a few robots 
that you can bring back to life to help protect the town.  Finally, if you 
haven't done it already, and you have a Medicine skill of at least 40, you 
can bring Timebomb back to life in Red's medical facility.  Wait awhile (I 
waited till morning) and you'll soon see the Super Mutants charge the front 
gate.  There will be 5 of them, they'll go down fast, but you'll want to try 
and protect the civilians!  Protect Timebomb at all costs.  

Once you've dropped the Super Mutants, speak to everyone in town, you'll be a 
hero.  Timebomb will give you his Lucky 8 Ball, which will increase your Luck 
by 1 as long as you keep it on you, very nice!  

*****Freeform Quest 3:  Freeing Cherry*****

This goes along with the Optional Quest "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head."
You can talk Cherry into stealing the key off Dukov, but she wants you to
take her to Rivet City so she can get away.  Once she has stolen the key, tell
her to follow you.  Once you're outside, fast travel to Rivet City.  You'll
get some positive Karma and the satisfaction you freed him from a life of,
umm...bad things.

*****Freeform Quest 4:  Charon's Contract*****

If you're looking to pick up a ghoul for your party, a particularly nasty
ghoul, go speak to the proprietor of the Ninth Circle in the Underground.  
Ahzrukhal will tell you that Charon's contract is for sale, but how you choose
to pay for him is up to you.  You can buy him off for 2000 caps, use your
skill to talk him down to 1000 caps, or you can do a favor for Ahzrukhal.  The
bar owner doesn't like competition, and Greta in Carol's place is serving up
drinks, he doesn't like that.  Kill Greta and Ahzrukhal will give you the
contract.  Ahzrukhal suggests not to get caught with the kill, as he'll be
unable to help you.

If you chose to kill Greta, theres a few ways to do this.  If you have the
Sandman perk, you can try to use that while Greta sleeps.  Personally, my
Sneak skill is fairly high, so I planted a Frag grenade on her and ran.  I
left town and waited 24 hours, then returned.  Nobody seemed to acknowledge
that I was responsible for the kill, although on previous attempts if I waited
around for Greta to blow up, Crowley and Carol went hostile (Even though I
successfully planted the grenade without getting caught).

Once Greta is out of commission, return to Ahzrukhal.  He'll transfer the
contract, speak to Charon when you're ready to take him on.  Be ready for a
surprises...and loot the mess afterwards =) 

*****Freeform Quest 5:  Republic of Dave Election*****

If you check out the "Republic of Dave," you'll find a small...erm...group of
people living in some shacks.  Dave is the leader here, he claims he'll bring
civilization back to all the Capitol Wasteland, and it'll all be under the
Republic of Dave someday.  This guy is a little loony.  Anyway, despite the
fact he runs a dictatorship, Dave holds an election in which everyone 
basically votes for him to feed his ego.  Of course, Dave's little Republic
is free he says...so if you want, you can spice things up.  If you decide to
help one of the other adults win the election, be sure to get Dave's key
for the quest "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" first, unless you plan in 
stealing it later.

Dave says election time is here again.  He wants you to help gather all the
ballots from the adults in town.  Dave has already voted, so that leaves Bob,
Rosie, Shawna, and Jessica.  Shawna and Jessica appear to unquestionably
see Dave as their leader, so they'll vote for him no matter what, ask them
to vote right away.  Bob and Rosie, on the other hand, can be persuaded to
throw their hat into the ring.  Despite my best attempts, I could not become
a citizen of the Republic myself, so I couldn't run.

If you're wanting to mix things up, and you convince Rosie and/or Bob to run
for Presidency, go speak to Dave once everyone has cast their votes.  If you
want Dave to be ousted as President, let him know all votes are in.  Dave will
give you 25 caps.  He'll then head over to the ballot box.  If you want to rig
the election, the only way I can see how to do it is to remove the ballots as 
SOON as Dave unlocks the box.  I went stealth mode, and continued to hit the
action button on the ballot box until it was available.  Take out all of
Dave's votes, and only leave a vote for who you want to win.  I took Rosie.
Despite the fact Dave will say in game that theres 2 votes for him, and a
single vote for the competition, Rosie or Bob should win (That is, if you
rigged the election).  If you didn't rig the election, nothing really happens.
If Rosie won, she'll give you the combination to the safe, which is where
Dave stores Ol' Painless, she's yours now.  You'll get the same if you help
Bob to win, but you'll get nothing if Dave remains in office.

*****Freeform Quest 6:  Evergreen Mills*****

This isn't a quest really, but it's a rather large area and deserves it's own
section.  Three Dog talks about it on the radio, how theres a good chance a 
bunch of Raiders are hanging out here due to the repeated attacks in the area.
No kiddin'?  Yeah, theres a good amount of Raiders here.  You'll find the 
place just east of Vault 112, it's a large valley where a factory remains.
Theres all kinds of goodies here, besides what the Raiders are carrying.
Theres Smiling Jack, whom you can either trade with, or kill and take his 
special Shotgun (And then take his key to loot his closet).  Theres a Bobble 
Head, Fat Man, Behemoth Super Mutant, and more!

*****Freeform Quest 7:  Kidnap Order*****

If you speak to Eulogy about Little Lamplight, you'll have an option to ask
him about enslaving children...yeah, doesn't get much worse than this.  He'll
go along with it, and make you an offer.  He just asks you to find one of the
youngest kids in the place, one that doesn't have a lot of fight in it yet,
that way it'll be less prone to run away.  Eulogy says he'll have a slaver
waiting outside Little Lamplight, just lead the kid outside and head back to
Paradise Hills for your reward.

This is sick, but it's a good way to get some cash and bad Karma.  Once you
have access to Little Lamplight, look for the kid named Bumble.  She'll be
obviously a little more naive than the rest, and easily convinced.  Tell her
something great is waiting for her outside, and the others won't think she's
a big girl unless she goes.  This should be enough, lead her outside to
the slaver waiting, done deal.  I've never felt so sick in a game until this
moment, although admitting to my father about Megaton's destruction was
pretty hard too.  Head back to Eulogy to collect.  He'll reward you with the
Boogeyman's Hood, which has decent defense.

*****Freeform Quest 8:  Lamplight Fungus Trade*****

You can get this quest from Little Lamplight.  Speak to Lucy the medic, or
Eclair the cook.  Each of them is looking for items, they'll trade fungus to
get what they need.  Lucy needs Buffout to use in medicine for rickets, 
Eclair wants Strange Meat so the kids don't have to eat the dang fungus all
the time.  Once you've spoken to one or both of them, talk to Mayor MacCready
to seal the deal.  You can now trade 2 Buffout or 2 Strange Meats for the
fungus.  The Cave Fungus removes 10 Rads and adds 5 HP, its also worth 50
caps.  Its not a horrible deal, in any case its worth more than 2 Buffout, so
you make a slight profit on the trade, not enough to warrant buying all the
Buffout you find though.

*****Freeform Quest 9:  Grady's Last Recording*****

Inside Marigold Station, in the main part of the subway, you'll find a booth
with a dead body.  You'll also find a holotape called Grady's Last Recording.
It'll detail a package that needs to be delivered to Girdershade.  The key
to the package is stashed in a Firehose case in a side room.  The safe with
the package is in a room with a spinning light.  Lets get to it.

Head down the stairs from Grady, take the tunnel to your right heading east.
You'll want to take the first door to your right.  Head that direction, you 
should come to a rectangular room with a door on the left.  It'll lead to a
small closet area where Grady's Fire Hose Box will be.  Take the key from
there and loot anything on the shelves you want.

Your next target location is the room with the spinning light outside it,
it's to the east.  You can continue south and follow the tunnels till you
see a string of broken down train cars, or you can head back north and 
follow the other tunnel that will bend around from east to south leading
you to the room.  If you're having trouble finding it, the room will be
directly east from Grady's Fire Hose.  Use the terminal or your Lockpicking
skill to open the door.  Loot the room, then use the key to open the safe.
Hmmm...interesting package.  You can attempt to leave, but you'll be stopped
by a guy named Lug-nut.  You have 3 options here:  You can try to use your
Speech skill to make him leave, you can give up the package, or you can kill
him outright.  I chose option 3.  

You now need to deliver the package to Girdershade.  Girdershade is far to
the south-west.  Find Ronald, ask him if he knows a guy named Grady.  You
can tell him you have his package.  You know have a few options.  You can
force him to pay you 300 caps for the underwear, you can give it to him
and he may pay you 200 caps for it anyway, you can kill him, or just not
tell him/give him the item.  Note that if you give Ronald the package and
try to steal it back, you may have a hell of a time.  I attempted to take
it back 30 times in a row with 100 Sneak, couldn't get it, could only get
it by killing him (Which is fine, he has the Kneecapper Shotgun too!).

*****Freeform Quest 10:  Hubris Comics Printing*****

Not a quest, but an area with things to loot.  You can reach this by taking
the sewer entrance directly south of the Farragut West Station, across the
river.  Its also north-east of Grayditch.  Alternatively, if you don't want
to use the sewer you can enter via the Mason District.  Lots of ghouls
around this area, the sewers will eventually lead to Hubris Comics Publishing
where you'll find more ghouls.  Lots of traps in this area, beware of baby
carriages and trip wires.  You'll find a few terminals with some info, mostly
related to Grognak, there is a funny cameo letter on a terminal about the
Antagonizer though.

You're looking for the elevator to the Hubris Comics Printing area.  Inside
you'll find even more ghouls and a Mad Johnny Wes shooting a Minigun.  
More traps here too, watch for mines on the ground and turrets.  Make your
way to Johnny where you'll find a Nuka Quantum and a Grognak comic.  You
can turn the printing press on, but it doesn't seem to function and I
couldn't get it working properly.  

*****Freeform Quest 11:  Canterbury Commons Merchant Contract*****

Not a quest of sorts, but something you can do.  If you haven't met one, 
theres four merchants that caravan around the Capital Wasteland peddling their
wares.  Each one has their own specialty:  Crow deals in armor. Lucky Harith
deals in weapons mostly. Doc Hoff has meds, chems, and food.  Finally, Crazy
Wolfgang has a little of everything, junk mostly.

Speak to Uncle Roe, he'll tell you about the caravans and he can give you a
map of their routes.  They each go in a big circle around the area, stopping
at many cities.  You can speak to Uncle Roe about each trader.  You can offer
to contribute to the caravan's income, investing in their area of expertise 
to increase their supply and upgrade their goods.  I haven't noticed a big
difference in goods offered yet, this may contribute to their availability of
caps they can offer.  You can first offer to invest 200 caps to each of the
traders.  You can then invest 500 caps, you can invest more than that.  It
seems if you invest 500 caps you'll get a present the next time you see that
particular merchant, here's what you get:
1.  Lucky Harith will present you with a Mini Nuke.
2.  Crow will give you Crow's Eyebot Helmet.
3.  Doc will give you 7 Stimpacks.
4.  Crazy Wolfgang will give you 6 Stealth Boys.  It also appears he can
repair your gear up to 90%.

*****Freeform Quest 12:  Old Olney*****

Once again, not a quest of sorts, but general information on this zone.  It's
totally infested by Death Claws, just an fyi.  This is a decent place to loot
though, as theres plenty of dead bodies you can take goods off of, if you
survive the beasties.  The place you really want to look for is the Olney
Sewer.  Inside you'll find the Prototype Medic Power Armor, a Mini Nuke and
Fat Man, a Quantum Nuka Cola, and lots of ammo and other things.  Also, if
you went to the Republic of Dave and rigged the election, Dave will be here
either dead, or alive (If you previously cleared the area out) at least
until the Death Claw respawn.

*****Freeform Quest 13:  The Nuka-Cola Clear Formula*****

If you do the "Nuka-Cola Challenge" or just happened to wander into the Nuka
Cola Factory, you may have run into a dead scavenger named Winger Mercier.
She has a note on her, a Goalie Ledoux wants her to find the coveted formula
to Nuka-Cola Clear.  It can be found on the Factory Floor level in a locked
safe that requires a key.  Theres two paths to get to the key, you can 
lockpick a Very Hard lock just inside the lobby, then look for the Mr.
Handy bot Milo, or you'll have to go through the rest of the facility to get
to Milo.  Once you reach Milo you'll have to do a Speech check and convince
him you're a big wig from Nuka Cola.  You can then ask him to craft you a key.

Once you have the key, head back towards the entrance lobby.  Theres a small
group of cubicles in the next room, you should see the locked safe on the
wall in that area, take the formula.  You'll find Goalie Ledoux outside the
Red Racer Factory.  He won't be hostile, and he'll offer to pay you for the
formula.  You can take 250 for it, or use a Speech check to talk him up to
400 caps.  He'll take the formula, mission complete.  If you want you can
kill him for Ledoux's Hockey Mask.

*****Freeform Quest 14:  Chinese Rifles, Pronto!*****

If you're not hostile with Paradise Falls, speak to Pronto in Lock and Load.
If you comment on his selection being crummy, he'll tell you that he rarely
gets anything good because the slavers keep the good stuff for themselves and
they'll only trade the junk they don't need.  He wants to be able to offer
a greater selection, but he needs some help as he isn't able to provide it on
his own.  He asks that you bring 20 Chinese Assault Rifles.

This may take some time, as you may have a hard time finding Chinese Assault
Rifles early in the game.  As you take on Super Mutants you should start
getting more of them.  When you have 20 and you're ready to turn them in, go
see Pronto (You can also turn them in early, a little bit at a time).  Pronto
won't give you anything of material value, but he says it'll take a few days
for him to make some deals with the rifles for better selection.  He'll also
offer you a 20% discount from now on, which is a good deal.

*****Freeform Quest 15:  Lincoln Artifacts*****

Theres two reasons to retrieve Lincoln's Artifacts.  For one, you need a
particular one for the Head of the State quest.  Two, you can sell the
priceless gems to Hannibal at the Temple of Union, to Abraham Washington,
to Leroy at the Lincoln Memorial, or others.  You're looking for the Museum 
of History, and to be precise you want the Lower Halls.  Head into
the Museum of History like you're going to Underworld, the door to the Lower
Halls will be to the left of the entrance to Underworld.  You want to find the
Museum of History Offices, the Offices are up the stairs ahead and through
the door in the back.  

Theres a good deal of Lincoln memorabilia you can take.  Theres an action 
figure on a desk in the east office room.  Theres a Wanted poster for John 
Wilks Booth in the south-west corner.  In the center area you can go up the 
stairs, at the top of the stairs is a poster of the Memorial, this 
is what you need for the quest "Head of State."  Note:  the poster will 
only show up if you've activated the quest.  If you want the other 
artifacts, Lincoln's Voice can be found on the desk near the poster.  
Still on the 2nd floor you can head north, the sacred Lincoln's Repeater 
is in a display case. The Antique Lincoln Coin Collection is on the 2nd 
floor in an east room.  Lincoln's Hat can be found on the first floor on 
the ground in a north-west room.  Theres a Civil War Draft poster on a 
shelf, 1st floor, south-east corner.  If you're looking for the final 
artifact, the Diary is actually back in the Lower Halls.  It's up the 
stairs, and on the first display on the right in the large display room.

At this point you can sell the artifacts off to whoever you want.  You'll
want to give the poster of the Memorial to Leroy at the Lincoln, or Caleb at
the Temple of Union.  Other than that, you're free to sell the others or
keep them for yourself.  Many people like Lincoln's Repeater, I kept that
and the hat for myself.

*****Freeform Quest 16:  National Archives Guess and Win*****

If you're going after the Declaration of Independence, or just happen to be
exploring the Archives, you'll come across two terminals at the entrance.  If
you answer the 1st one's history questions correctly, you'll receive a
voucher that can be redeemed at the other terminal for special Mentats!  You
can also find loose vouchers elsewhere in the Archives that you can redeem.
Don't worry if you get a question wrong, you'll have to start over, but
theres no penalty.  The answers and questions are:

Q1.  The Declaration of Independence was an act of what body?
A1.  Second Continental Congress
Q2.  How many North American Colonies rebelled against Great Britain in 1776?
A2.  Thirteen.
Q3.  Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
A3.  John Hancock.
Q4.  How many delegates signed the Declaration of Independence?
A4.  56.
Q5.  Which one of the following is NOT a written section of the Declaration?
A5.  Ratification.
Q6.  Who was the ruler of Great Britain when the Declaration was enacted in
A6.  King George III.
Q7.  Complete this Famous Phrase from the Declaration:  "Life, liberty, and
the pursuit of..."
A7.  Hapiness.
Q8.  Who was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence?
A8.  Thomas Jefferson.

The rewards are as follows:
1.  Berry Mentats - Adds +5 to Intelligence.
2.  Grape Mentats - Adds +5 to Charisma.
3.  Orange Mentats - Adds +5 to Perception.

*****Freeform Quest 17:  Sydney and the Ultra SMG*****

If you've done the optional quest "Stealing Independence," you probably ran
into the lovely Sydney in the rotunda of the Archives.  She carries a 
special 10mm SMG on her.  Theres two ways to obtain this weapon.  One way
involves either killing her or letting her be killed by Super Mutants while
on the mission (She may also die on the way back to the Museum of History 
once you've finished the quest).  The nicer way to do it is to ask her about
her father.  She'll talk about her father a bit, how he was all she had, and
he used to call her "Little Moonbeam."  He left her when she was little, and
she had to make it on her own.

Well, if you've been exploring the Statesman Hotel at all, or you've done the
mission "Reilly's Rangers," you may have come across her father.  Once you've
made it into the mid level of the Statesman by crossing the bridge from
Our Lady of Hope Hospital, you will find a bedroom.  It should be one flight
of stairs up from where you enter.  There will be a holotape on a bed, the
holotape will be addressed to Little Moonbeam.  Listen to it, then go find
Sydney in Underworld, if she made it.  Show her the holotape, she'll thank
you and reward you with her Ultra SMG.  If she didn't make it to Underworld
after the "Stealing Independence" mission, check Anacostia Crossing Metro
just north of Rivet City.  She may have been run down by Raiders if you
didn't escort her back.

*****Freeform Quest 18:  Sheet Music for Agatha*****

If you did the quest "Agatha's Song," you can activate this mini-quest to
find some sheet music for Agatha so she can write down her music so it won't
be lost( hopefully ) years later.  I found this to be a rather tough task,
as sheet music can be one of the most difficult things to find in the
Wasteland.  You may have come across one in Vault 92, although you would
have to be looking hard!  I'll just say check the bathrooms in the Living
Quarters, I think there was one there.  If you can't find it, or may have
sold it off you can find another on the roof of the Statesman Hotel, and
the only other one I've found is in the Springvale School.

Return to Agatha with the Sheet Music.  She'll be utterly shocked you were
able to come across the Soil Stradivarius as well as some Sheet Music. 
She'll say she can provide a reward this time, here are your options:
1.  Say you do not need the reward, you'll get good Karma instead.
2.  Say you'll take whatever she can afford, she'll provide you with the
uber Blackhawk pistol at 100% condition.
3.  Insult her, she'll give you a Blackhawk pistol at 50% condition
(Repairable with .44 Scoped Magnum).

				Party Members

1.  Dogmeat - You can find Dogmeat in the north-west corner of the Scrapyard.  
The Scrapyard is north of Megaton, or just south of Minefield.  When you find 
him, he'll currently be disposing of 5 Raiders single handedly.  Yeah, this 
dog isn't your average house pet.  Speak to Dogmeat, ask him if he lost his 
former master and if he'd like to join up with you.  You'll have to watch out, 
Dogmeat has his perks and his downside.  On the good side, Dogmeat won't 
count against the "One party member at a time" rule.  You can also send him 
out to find food, ammo, and other items.  He'll find the closest item and 
return with it (This also means if you're in your own house, he'll go down to 
the refrigerator and return with food).  You have to be careful, if Dogmeat 
has to search too far, he may not come back alive.  Also, unlike other party 
members, Dogmeat doesn't understand the concept of sneaking much, he'll growl 
at hostile targets and sometimes charge right in.  On the plus side again he 
can survive a few Assault Rifles to the face, and he can do decent damage.  If 
Dogmeat leaves your party at any time, you should be able to find him just 
outside the Vault 101 cave.  Dogmeat will join you regardless of Karma.

2.  Jericho - Jericho can be found in Megaton.  He'll only join up with 
you if your character is evil.  You can get good Karma once Jericho is in 
your party, but if he ever leaves, you'll need the bad Karma to get him back.  
You'll also need 1000 caps to pay him so he can get supplies.  Jericho can be 
pretty good at ranged attacks, but he's not as tough as say...Fawkes.  If you 
decide to let Jericho go, or he leaves your party for whatever reason, you 
can find him again in Moriarty's in Megaton.  If you blew up Megaton, Jericho 
should still be there.  If you don't find Jericho at the ruins, he either is 
still making his way through the wilderness, or he didn't make it, good luck 
finding the body!

3.  Fawkes - You'll run into Fawkes in Vault 87.  He'll be locked in a 
containment cell.  He makes a deal with you, get him out and he'll get the 
radiated G.E.C.K. for you.  Theres two ways you can do this.  You can't hack 
his terminal and release him that way, you have to go to the main terminal 
nearby and release all the containment cells, or, if you remember Fawkes's 
cell door number (5), you can just release his cell.  Fawkes won't join up 
with you right away, but you'll soon run into him again and make the offer.  
Fawkes is good with a heavy weapons, and can do some damage with a Gatling 
Gun.  He can take some damage as well.  If Fawkes should leave your party, 
he'll be studying in the Museum of History downtown.  You need good Karma for 
Fawkes to join your party, but you do not need to keep good Karma for him to 

4.  Charon - Charon is one tough ghoul you can find in the Underworld.  As 
it turns out, he was brainwashed long ago, now he serves whoever holds his 
contract.  Currently his contract is held by Ahzrukhal in the Ninth Circle.  
Theres a few ways you can obtain the contract, unfortunately you cannot steal 
it or find it anywhere on Ahzrukhal or in his shop.  The only way is to 
compensate him in some way.  One way to do this is to knock off Greta in the 
Underworld, his competition.  I planted a frag grenade on her, unfortunately 
I didn't do a good job of sneaking and was seen, no biggie.  As long as 
Ahzrukhal can't be tied to the murder, you'll get credit and Charon's 
contract.  The other way to get Charon is to pay 2000 caps, or 1000 if your 
Barter skill is high enough.  Charon is pretty good with a Combat Shotgun, as 
you'll soon see.  Charon will wait for you in the Underworld if he should 
ever leave your party.  Charon also does not require any specific Karma.

5.  Star Paladin Cross - Once you've made it into the Citadel, Cross can be 
found in the A Ring.  She'll be in a debriefing room of sorts, or the round 
table room.  When you speak with her, she'll mention she knew your father, 
and as a tribute she will join your part to make sure his work is fulfilled.  
She's good with a Super Sledgehammer, but she's also good with ranged 
weapons.  She can take some decent hits in her Power Armor as well.  If she 
ever leaves your party for whatever reason, you should be able to find her 
again in the Lab in the Citadel.  You must have good Karma to get Cross into 
your party, although getting bad Karma while she is with you is fine.

6.  Clover - This crazy chick comes from Eulogy's Pad in Paradise Hills.  
Speak with Eulogy to obtain her.  You must have bad Karma to be able to 
purchase her, but you do not need to have keep bad Karma for her to stay in 
your party.  If you fire her and get good Karma later, you can still pick her 
up as well (Provided she's been in your party once before).

7.  RL-3 - This Mr. Gutsy robot, with some slight modifications, can be 
bought from Tinker Joe.  He roams the Robco Factory near Tenpenny Tower.  The 
thing with RL-3 is you have to have neutral Karma before he'll even join, 
this can be easier said than done.  You do not need to keep neutral Karma 
once RL-3 has become a member of your party.  If he should ever leave, you 
can find him in Canterbury Commons, but you'll need neutral Karma to get the 
soldier in your party once more.

8.  Butch - Ol' Butchie will be available to join your party, provided you 
didn't waste him earlier in the Vault.  After you make it to the Citadel, 
head back to Vault 101.  You may get an emergency message (See the Optional 
Quests section for more on this).  If you have neutral Karma, you may be able 
to recruit Butch to your party at this time.  If you don't get him here, you 
may be able to find him in Rivet City later, provided you resolved the 
Vault's problems in a way so Vault Dwellers can leave the Vault.


1.  Rock-It Launcher - Buy it off Moira Brown in Craterside Supply
2.  Shishkebab - Find the plans at a small Brotherhood Outcast camp south-east
of Fort Constantine, near the satellites. 
3.  Shishkebab - Lucky Harith, the trader, sells a copy.
4.  Nuka Grenade - Doc Hoff sells one of these schematics.
5.  Rock-It Launcher - Get a copy off the Crazy Wolfgang
6.  Rock-It Launcher - In Vault 101, pick the lock behind your mother's Bible
verse in your father's office.
7.  Bottlecap Mine - Jocko's Pop Stop, east of Girdershade.
8.  Deathclaw Gauntlet - F. Scott Key Trail and Campground.
9.  Nuka Grenade - Get one from Sierra for the Nuka-Cola Challenge.
10.  Shishkebab - Receive the schematic from Vance for completing the Blood
Ties quest.
11.  Dart Gun - Receive it from Hannibal for completing his end of the quest
Head of State.

				Bobble Heads

1.  Medicine - In Vault 101, it'll be on your father's desk, grab it on your
16th birthday, you'll have less opportunities after that.
2.  Strength - Inside Sheriff Simm's house in Megaton.
3.  Big Guns - Inside the CO Quarters near Fort Constantine.
4.  Intelligence - On the desk in Dr. Li's Lab at Rivet City.
5.  Speech - Eulogy's Pad in Paradise Hills.
6.  Lockpick - Inside the Bethesda Offices East within the Bethesda Ruins.
7.  Perception - From the Republic of Dave, in the Museum.
8.  Barter - In Evergreen Mills Bazaar, behind a counter past Smiling Jack.
9.  Energy Weapons - In Raven Rock, you'll find this in Colonel Autumn's room.
10.  Repair - Evan King's House in Arefu.
11.  Science - Vault 106, the far right room on your map in Living Quarters.
12.  Melee Weapons - Dunwich Building, in the Virulent Underchambers.
13.  Unarmed - Find it next to the body of Argyle in Rockopolis.


Please note, I've done my best to list the stats for weapons and armor here.  
I'm currently in the process of repairing ALL wasteland items to 100% so I 
can accurately list their stats.  Your damage/DR/mileage may vary depending 
on your perks and skills.  I'm listing stats according to a skill level of 
100, so take that into consideration.

Name					DR			Weight	Value

Vault 101 Security Armor	12			15		70

Raider Badlands Armor		16			15		180

Raider Blastermaster Armor	16			15		180

Raider Painspike Armor		16			15		180

Raider Sadist Armor		16			15		180

Leather Armor			24			15		160

Rivet City Security Uniform	24			20		330
Notes:  Adds +5 to Small Guns.

Recon Armor				28			20		180
Notes:  Adds +5 to Sneak.

Talon Combat Armor		28			25		275
Combat Armor			32			25		390

Metal Armor				36			30		460
Notes:  Reduces Agility by -1.

Enclave Power Armor		40			45		780
Notes:  Adds +1 to Strength, reduces Agility by -1, adds +15 to
Radiation Resistance.

Power Armor				40			45		715
Notes:  Adds +2 to Strength, reduces Agility by -2, adds +10 to
Radiation Resistance.

Tesla Armor				43			45		819
Notes:  Adds +10 to Energy Weapons and +20 to Radiation Resistance.

Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit	12			15		180
Notes:  You can get this from Moira in Megaton, either through the Wasteland 
Survival Guide quest or ask her about it.  Adds +5 Small Guns and +5 Energy 

Wanderer's Leather Armor	24			15		160 	
Notes:  Found on the Wanderer, between Roosevelt Academy and Paradise Hills, 
will also increase your Small Guns by 10.  Use Leather Armor to repair.

Ranger Battle Armor		39			27		430
Notes:  Adds +5 AP, +1 to Luck, and +10 to Small Guns.  Possible quest reward
from Reilly's Rangers quest.  Considered one of the best armor's in the
game as it uses Combat armor for repairs and does not slow down run speed
like Power Armor.

Linden's Outcast Power Armor	40			45		739
Notes:  Adds +5 to Big Guns, +1 to Strength, -1 to Agility, and +10 to
Radiation Resistance.  Possible reward from The Oasis quest.

Prototype Medic Power Armor	40			45		1000
Notes:  Reduces Agility by -1, adds +25 Radiation Resistance.  It will
also produce Med-X for you, and it talks!  You can find a suit of this in
the Old Olney Sewers on a dead Brotherhood Iniate.

T-51b Power Armor			50			40		1000
Notes:  Possible reward for the quest "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head." 
Adds +25 Radiation Resistance.

Name					DR			Weight	Value

Hockey Mask				3 (3/4 cond)	1		9
Notes:  Adds +5 to Unarmed skill.

Raider Arclight Helmet		3 			3		20

Raider Psycho-Tic Helmet	3			3		20

Raider Wasteland Helmet		3			3		20

Vault 101 Security Helmet	3 (3/4 cond)	3		20

Raider Blastmaster Helmet	3 (3/4 cond)	3		11
Notes:  Adds +5 to Big Guns and +5 to Explosives.

Motorcycle Helmet			4			1		4

Eyebot Helmet			4 (1/2 cond)	3		8
Notes:  You can get these by destroying the Enclave radio bots.

Recon Armor Helmet		4			3		40

Rivet City Security Helmet	4			3		50

Ledoux's Hockey Mask		4			1		100
Notes:  Adds +25 to AP.  Kill Goalie Ledoux outside the Red Rocket Tricycle 
Factory for it.

Combat Helmet			5			3		50

Metal Helmet			5			3		70

Ranger Battle Helmet		6			5		60
Notes:  Found on Donovan of Reilly's Rangers.

Power Helmet			8			5		110
Notes:  Adds +3 to Radiation Resistance.

Enclave Power Helmet		9			5		110
Notes:  Reduces Charisma by -1 and adds +5 to Radiation Resistance.

Tesla Helmet			9			5		120
Notes:  Reduces Charisma by -1 and adds +5 to Radiation Resistance.

The AntAgonizer's Helmet	4			5		21
Notes:  You can get this by killing the AntAgonizer, or talk her out
of fighting.

The Mechanist's Helmet		4			5		21
Notes:  You can get this by killing the Mechanist, or talk him out
of fighting.

Crow's Eyebot Helmet		5			10		20
Notes:  Adds +1 to Perception.  Receive it from the merchant, Crow, for
investing a total of 700 caps in his business.

Boogeyman's Hood			8			3		110
Notes:  Freeform quest reward from Eulogy.  Ask about enslaving children and
bring Bumble from Little Lamplight to Eulogy.

T-51b Power Helmet		10			4		120
Notes:  Possible reward for the quest "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head."
Adds +1 Charisma and +8 Radiation Resistance.

Name					DR			Weight	Value

Advanced Radiation Suit		8			7		100
Notes:  Adds +40 to Radiation Resistance.

Brahmin-Skin Outfit		2			2		6
Notes:  Adds +1 Agility and +1 Endurance.

Dirty Pre-War Businesswear	3			2		8
Notes:  Adds +5 to Speech.

Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit	3			2		5
Notes:  Adds +1 Agility.

Eulogy Jones' Suit		2 (3/4 cond)	3		4
Notes:  Adds +2 to Small Guns and +1 to Charisma.  Kill Eulogy Jones to
obtain it.

Enclave Officer Uniform		5			3		8
Notes:  Adds +5 to Energy Weapons.

Enclave Scientist Outfit	3			2		8
Notes:  Adds +5 to Science.

Environment Suit			6			5		100
Notes:  Adds +5 Medicine and +30 Radiation Resistance.

Grimy Pre-War Businesswear	3			2		6
Notes:  Adds +5 to Speech.

Lab Technician Outfit		3			2		8
Notes:  Adds +5 to Science.

Lesko's Lab Coat			5			1		150
Notes:  Adds +10 to Science and +20 to Radiation Resistance.  You can get
this by asking Dr. Lesko for an added reward during the "Those!" quest.  You
can also kill him for it. 

Merc Adventurer Outfit		12			8		50
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapons and +2 to Small Guns.

Merc Charmer Outfit		12			8		50
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapons and +2 to Small Guns.

Merc Cruiser Outfit		12			8		50
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapons and +2 to Small Guns.

Merc Grunt Outfit			12			8		50
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapons and +2 to Small Guns.

Merc Troublemaker Outfit	12			8		50
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapons and +2 to Small Guns.

Naughty Nightwear			1			1		200
Notes:  Adds +10 to Speech and +1 to Luck.  You can find it in the Marigold
Station where the "Those!" quest takes place.

Oasis Villager Robe		2 (1/3 cond)	2		1
Notes:  Possible quest reward from The Oasis.

Pre-War Relaxedwear		3			2		8
Notes:  Adds +1 to Agility.

Pre-War Spring Outfit		3			2		8
Notes:  Adds +1 to Agility.

Radiation Suit			6			5		60
Notes:  Adds +30 to Radiation Resistance.

Red's Jumpsuit			2 (1/2 cond)	1		12	
Notes:  Found on Red in Big Town.  You can take these from her if you Mez her 
(See the "Strictly Business" quest).  Adds. +5 Small Guns.

Regulator Duster			10			3		70
Notes:  Adds +1 to Charisma and +5 to Small Guns.

Robco Jumpsuit			2 (1/2 cond)	1		2
Notes;  Adds +5 to Repair skill.

Roving Trader Outfit		2			2		6
Notes:  Adds +5 to Barter skill.

Sexy Sleepwear			1 			1		6
Notes:  Adds +1 to Charisma.

Sheriff's Duster			4 (1/2 cond) 	3		14
Notes:  You can get this off the Sheriff of Megaton if you kill him.  Adds +1 
Charisma and +5 Small Guns.

Tenpenny's Suit			2 (3/4 cond) 	2		5
Notes:  You can take this off Alastair Tenpenny's body if you kill him.  It 
adds +1 to Charisma and +2 to Small Guns.

The AntAgonizer's Costume	12 (1/2 cond)	15		42
Notes:  You can get this by killing the AntAgonizer, or talk her out
of fighting.  Reduces Charisma by -1 and Adds +1 to Agility.

The Mechanist's Costume		12			15		11
Notes:  You can get this by killing the Mechanist, or talk him out
of fighting.  Reduces Charisma by -1 and Adds +1 to Endurance.

Tunnel Snake's Outfit		4			2		8
Notes:  The Tunnel Snakes Jacket.  You can get this from Butch for saving his 
mother during your Vault escape, or you can kill him for it.  Adds +5 Melee 

Vance's Longcoat Outfit		10			4		100
Notes:  Adds +1 Perception, +1 to Charisma, and +10 to Small Guns.

Vault 77 Jumpsuit			1			1		6
Notes:  Adds +5 to Unarmed skill and +5 to Melee Weapons skill.  Find it in
the Barracks of Paradise Falls.

Vault 101 Jumpsuit		1			1		8
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapon skill and +2 to Speech.

Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit	1 			1		10
Notes:  Adds +5 to Lockpick skill and +5 to Repair.

Vault 112 Jumpsuit		1			1		6
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapon skill and +2 to Speech.

Vault Lab Uniform			2			1		6
Notes:  Adds +5 to Science skill, can be found on Jonas's body.

Wasteland Legend Outfit		12			8		50
Notes:  Adds +2 to Melee Weapon skill and +2 to Small Guns.  Can be found
in Vault 92.

Wasteland Settler Outfit	2			2		6
Notes:  Adds +1 Endurance and +1 Agility.

Wasteland Surgeon Outfit	2			2		6
Notes:  Adds +5 to Medicine.

Wasteland Wanderer Outfit	2			2		6
Notes:  Adds +1 to Agility and +1 to Endurance.

Name					DR			Weight	Value

Biker Goggles			1			1		6

Enclave Officer Hat		1			1		6
Notes:  Adds +5 to Energy Weapons.

Eulogy Jones' Hat			1			1		5
Notes:  Adds +1 to Charisma.

Ghoul Mask				3			1		50
Notes:  Feral Ghouls will not attack.  Possible quest reward from the quest
Tenpenny Tower.

Lincoln's Hat			1 (3/4 cond)	1		26
Notes:  Adds +1 to Intelligence and +5 to Speech.  Find it in the Museum
of History Offices, first floor on the ground in a north-west room.

Party Hat				1			1		5

Poplar's Hood			2			1		100
Notes:  Adds +10 Sneak and +1 to Agility.  Possible quest reward from The
Oasis quest.

Pre-War Baseball Cap		1			1		8
Notes:  Adds +1 to Perception.

Pre-War Hat				1 (1/2 cond)	1		3
Notes:  Adds +1 to Perception.

Reading Glasses			1 (3/4 cond)	--		8

Red's Bandana			2 (1/2 cond)	1		11
Notes:  Found on Red in Big Town.  You can take these from her if you Mez her 
(See the "Strictly Business" quest).  Adds +1 Perception.

Sheriff's Hat			1 (1/2 cond) 	1		14
Notes:  You can get this off the Sheriff of Megaton if you kill him.  Adds +1 

Stormchaser Hat			1 (1/2 cond)	1		2
Notes:  Adds +1 to Perception.
***Fist/Unarmed Weapons***
Name					Damae			Weight	Value

Brass Knuckles			12			1		20

Spiked Knuckles			15			1		25

Power Fist				26			6		100

Deathclaw Gauntlet		26			10		150
Notes:  Requires Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematic to make.  Also requires
Wonderglue, a Leather Belt, a Medical Brace, and a Deathclaw Hand.

***Melee Weapons***
Name					Damage		Weight	Value

Pool Cue				8			1		15

Rolling Pin				8 (3/4 cond)	1		7

Knife					9			1		20

Police Baton			9			2		70

Switchblade				10			1		35

Tire Iron				11			3		35

Combat Knife			12			1		50

Nail Board				13			4		30

Baseball Bat			14			3		55

Lead Pipe				14			3		75

Chinese Officer's Sword		14 (3/4 cond)	3		50

Sledgehammer			25			12		130

Ripper				35			6		100

Repellant Stick			6			3		120
Notes:  Give to you by Moira Brown of Megaton, for use during one of the 
Wasteland Survival quests.  If you hit a Mole Rat with this item, they'll 
usually explode in 1-2 hits.

Ant's Sting				9			1		30
Notes:  Receive this from the AntAgonizer for retrieving the costume of
the Mechanist.  Can repair with Knives, also takes away 4 HPs every 10

The Break				11			1		50
Notes:  Find it outside Eulogy's Pad in Paradise Falls.  Use Pool Cue's to
repair it.

Board of Education		17			4		60
Notes:  Find it inside the Abandoned Shack in the hills south-east from
Oasis.  Use Nail Boards to repair.

Vampire's Edge			20			1		100
Notes:  Found in Vance's sword case in his room, in the Meresti Metro
Station.  You may need to pick the lock, or get the key off Vance.

The Tenderizer			35			12		230
Notes:  Found in the Anchorage Memorial, Service Entrance.  Its through a 
doorway that requires parts and a repair skill of 35 to obtain (See Mirelurk 
quest in Wasteland Survival Guide).  Uses Sledgehammers to repair.

Shishkebab				60			3		200
Notes:  Requires a Shishkebab schematic, as well as a Motorcycle Gas Tank,
Pilot Light, Lawnmower Blade, and a Motorcycle Handbrake.  It will also do
-2 HPs every 5 seconds.

***Small Guns***
Name					Damage		Weight	Value

BB Gun				4			2		36

Chinese Pistol			4			2		190

.32 Pistol				6			2		110

Silenced 10mm Pistol		8			3		250

10mm Pistol				9			3		225

Hunting Rifle			25			6		150

Scoped .44 Magnum			35			4		300

10mm Submachine Gun		37			5		330

Assault Rifle			38			7		300

Sniper Rifle			40			10		300

Chinese Assault Rifle		51			7		500

Sawed-Off Shotgun			50			4		150

Combat Shotgun			55			7		200

Dart Gun				6			3		500
Notes:  Requires the Dart Gun Schematic to make, as well as a Paint Gun, 
Radscorpion Poison Gland, Toy Car, and Surgical Tubing.  The dart gun will 
also do -1000 to right and left legs, and take away 8 HP every 8 seconds.

Ol' Painless			30			6		250
Notes:  Get this from the safe in the Republic of Dave.  The easiest way
to obtain it is to rig the election so Rosie or Bob wins, they'll give you
the combination to the safe where Ol' Painless resides.  You can repair it
using Hunting Rifles.

Railway Rifle			30			9		200
Notes:  Requires Railway Rifle Schematic to make, as well as a Crutch,
Steam Gauge Assembly, Fission Battery, and Pressure Cooker.

Lincoln's Repeater		50			5		500
Notes:  Found in the Museum of History Offices.

Blackhawk				55			4		500
Notes:  Possible reward from Freeform Quest "Sheet Music for Agatha." Use
Scoped .44 Magnum for repairs.

Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG	59			5		430
Notes:  Show Sydney the holotape from her father, which can be found in the
Statesman Hotel.  You can also find it on her body if she died during the
mission "Stealing Independence" or if she dies on the way back to
Underworld after arriving in Rivet City.

Xuanlong Assault Rifle		64			7		400
Notes:  Found in the diner outside the Jury Street Metro.  You get
directions to Prime using the terminals in the Museum of Technology.  You
can repair it using Chinese Assault Rifles.

The Kneecapper			75			5		350
Notes:  Found on Ronald Laren from Girdershade.  Can be repaired with 
Sawed-Off Shotguns.

The Terrible			80			10		250
Notes:  Found on Smiling Jack inside the Evergreen Mills Bazaar.  You can
repair it using Combat Shotguns.

***Energy Weapons***
Name					Damage		Weight	Value

Laser Pistol			12			3		320

Plasma Pistol			20 (1/2 cond)	3		113

Laser Rifle				23			8		1000

Plasma Rifle			45			8		1800

Mesmetron				1			2		500
Notes:  This weapon is given to you by the front guard of Paradise Hills if 
you accept the "Strictly Business" quest.  This item will mesmerize your 
target, allowing you to fit them with a slave collar, among other things.  
The same guard will also sell you more ammo, should you need it.

Smuggler's End			18			2		450
Notes:  Find this in Elder Lyons' room in the Citadel, its in the safe.  You
can repair it using Laser Pistols.

Protectron's Gaze			24			3		320
Notes:  You can receive this weapon from the Mechanist for turning in the
AntAgonizer's costume to him.  It appears to fire 5 lasers, but I don't
believe each laser counts as a shot.  Can be repaired with Laser Pistols.

Wazer Wifle				28			8		900
Notes:  You can buy this weapon off Biwwy in Little Lamplight.  You can
buy it straight up for 500 caps, or use your skill to talk him down to
250.  Use Laser Rifles to repair it.

A3-21's Plasma Rifle		50			8		2200
Notes:  Possible quest reward from Replicated Man quest, requires Plasma 
Rifles to repair.

Alien Blaster			88 (3/4 cond)	2		262
Note:  Find this at the crash site.  There isn't a marker for it on the map,
my best description is look in the hills between Vault 92 and the MDPL-13
Power Station.  Be sure to take all the ammo on the ground, as it's hard to
find.  You'll know you're getting close when you start getting radiation.

Gatling Laser			100 (1/2 cond)	18		802
Notes:  Find one in Raven Rock.

***Big Guns***
Name					Damage		Weight	Value

Minigun				75			18		1000

Flamer				160			15		500
Notes:  Also does -2 HPs every 5 seconds.

Missile Launcher			170			20		500

Fat Man				1610			30		1000

Rock-It Launcher			50			8		200
Notes:  Requires Rock-It Launcher Schematic to make, as well as a Vacuum 
Cleaner, Leaf Blower, Firehose Nozzle, and Conductor.  This item will shoot
a variety of items, including coffee cups and teddy bears!

Eugene				105			18		1500
Notes:  Possible quest reward from Reilly's Rangers quest, Brick's personal
Minigun.  You can use other Miniguns to repair it.

Name					Damage		Weight	Value

Frag Grenade			101			.5		25

Frag Mine				101			.5		25

Pulse Grenade			11			.5		40
Notes:  Very effective against robots/machinery.

Nuka Grenade			501			.5		50
Notes:  Requires the Nuka Grenade to make, as well as 1 bottle of Nuka-Cola 
Quantum, a Tin Can, Turpentine, and Abraxo Cleaner.  Lethal!  FYI:  If you
plan on

Bottlecap Mine			501			.5		75
Notes:  Requires the Bottlecap Mine Schematic to make, as well as a Lunchbox, 
a Cherry Bomb, a Sensor Module, and 10 Bottlecaps.  Plant this like you would 
any mine, and watch people explode!

Name					Weight	Value

Timebomb's Lucky 8 Ball		1		4
Notes:  Get this from Timebomb for saving the town from the Super Mutants.  
You cannot pickpocket Timebomb or kill him for this item.  It gives you +1 

Yew's Bear Charm			1		50
Notes:  Receive this from Yew as a possible reward from The Oasis quest.
Will add +10 to your Speech skill permanently. 

Soil Stradivarius			3		--
Notes:  Found in Vault 92.  This can be given to Agatha, as it was in her
family, or it can be sold to certain individuals.  One person is Abraham 
Washington, who will pay 200 caps, or 300 with a Speech check.

				Mini Nuke Locations

While you can occasionally find a Mini Nuke on certain traders, like Flak and
Shrapnel in Rivet City, there are a few locations you can find them throughout
the Capitol Wasteland.  So, think of these as free Nukes.

1.  The Radroach King's rocket, just northeast of Minefield.
2.  Theres 3 in the Bomb Storage area of Fort Constantine.
3.  Old church south-west of Jury Street Metro.
4.  Receive one from Lucky Harith for investing 700 caps in him via Uncle Roe.
5.  Old Olney's Sewer, in a closet behind a Very Hard locked door.
6.  In a barn just west of Vault 92.
7.  Behind a Very Hard locked door in the Nation Archives Sub-Basement.
8.  You can find 3 in the Capital, all in the Rotunda.  One on a Behemoth,
a Talon Company will be carrying one (He may shoot it), and near the shelves.
9.  On the east side of Seward Square you'll hear a crazy guy on a megaphone.
Kill him from a distance, then loot 3 Mini-Nukes in the alleyway.
10.  Find one in the ammo box in Agatha's house, she'll give you the key.

				Caravan Traders

The caravan traders all deal out of Canterbury Commons, but they'll travel the
Capital Wastes in a big circle, selling to various towns around.  From
Canterbury they'll generally head south toward Rivet City.  From there it 
looks like Megaton, then maybe Evergreen Mills.  From there I think they head
to Arefu, then Paradise Falls, Big Town, then Temple of Union I think before
they return to Canterbury Commons.

1.  Doc Hoff - The good doctor will mostly sell you chems, but he also sells a 
Nuka Cola Grenade schematic.  If you invest 700 caps in his business via
Ernest Roe in Canterbury, Doc will give you 7 Stimpacks when you next see him.

2.  Crazy Wolfgang - This guy's a little weird, but he'll sell random junk to 
you, the only thing he really seems to have of note is a schematic for the
Rock-It Launcher.  He has some parts to make other weapons.  If you invest
700 total caps in Wolfgang's business via Roe, he'll give you 6 Stealth
Boys next time you see him.

3.  Lucky Harith - Your typical trader, I first encountered him near the steps
Leading to the Rivet City bridge.  He was selling a schematic for the
Shishkebab.  If you invest 700 caps total in Lucky, he'll give you a Mini
Nuke the next time you see him.

4.  Crow - Crow specializes in armor, although he doesn't seem to carry
anything particularly great even after investing in him.  If you invest 700
total caps in his business by speaking with Uncle Roe, he'll give you Crow's
Eyebot Helmet next time you see him.  


Q1.  How do I train to use Power Armor?  The Brotherhood members at GNR tell 
me to seek Elder Lyons in the Lab, but I don't see a Lab!
A1.  You can't get to this location yet, this is entirely misleading.  What 
the Brotherhood soldiers should say is speak to Elder Lyons and Gunny once you 
get inside the Citadel.  This will happen on its own as part of the main quest 
line, you can't rush this.  If you're having trouble finding Gunny, he's 
training soldiers out in the Courtyard of the Citadel.


Thanks to GameFaqs for posting this guide
Thank you Bethesda for making such a great game
Info on S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats taken from Fallout.Wikia.com
Thanks to my best friend, Chris, for info on how to obtain both rewards from 
the Replicated Man quest, the location of the Alien Blaster, and Oasis.
Thanks to blarg_blarg for some Karma info on party members.
Thanks to ParaBellum for info on collecting more money from Silver.
Thanks to MikeTastiK for pointing out the typo on my luck description.
Thanks to Drew for a little more information on Moriarty and Three Dog.
Thanks to alex_gh for a little more info on clues for the Replicated Man.
Thanks to OCBucksFan for an alternative place to take Bryan Wilks in "Those!"

				Copyright Notice

This piece of work is copyright Nick Bartosic c)2008.  If you want to add this 
to your site, please contact me for permission first.  All information written 
has come from me alone, unless otherwise specified.  This information may not 
be sold without permission.  If you wish to use any part of this guide in your 
own FAQ or Walkthrough, just send me an e-mail.

				Contact Info

Sorry, I'm going to temporarily disable contact info.  I'm still in the 
process of adding all the information, and I'm already getting barraged by e-
mails with people trying to add to quests I haven't even written up yet.  I'll 
put my contact info back up once I've filled in the majority of the info.  
Please don't contact me regarding my Oblivion FAQs, I don't intend to alter 
them at this time.  Please only send me questions/comments regarding any typos 
or incorrect data. If you have a very important tip or hint you feel people 
would benefit from, please pass it along!  Please note, I do not have the time 
in my busy schedule to reply to all e-mails.  I will try to read all e-mails, 
if I decide to use your information I will be sure to credit you for it.  Many 

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