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*** Space Station: Silicon Valley - The Guide ***
Author: marshmallow 
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Version 3.0

Space Station: Silicon Valley is another psychotic gem from our European 
pals over at DMA Design. You may also know them from such titles as 
Grand Theft Auto, Lemmings, and Body Harvest. This game starts out easy, 
but about mid-way through the puzzles get very difficult to solve and 
require utmost intelligence and reasoning. Since none of you have that, 
I am here to help you...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
- Version 3.0 - 

Revision History:

July 15th - I added tons of codes to the codes section, thanks to my 
friends at CheatCC. If only I had knew about them earlier...

July 10th - I have changed and re-formatted many of the level 
walkthroughs, and I really put some effort into making the level 
walkthrough for "Weight For It" make sense. So you had better be 

March 21st - Changed Font. Spellchecked. Added code to get final 

November 11th - I finished off all the Trophies, and the Credits section 
got a major update. Er...enjoy! Now let's see if we can bulk up the 
Secrets Section a little. I've gotten all the Trophies, except for the 
one in Fat Bear Mountain of course, and nothing has happened. All the 
Power Cells? Not yet, at least for me. DMA said that they will "release 
some codes to get to the secret levels soon." If I were you, I'd watch 
all the major sites: IGN64, N64 Code Center, maybe even Nintendojo. But 
I have a feeling the Official Nintendo site (www.nintendo.com) and/or 
the Official DMA Design site (www.dma-design.com)

November 7th - Added the snow, jungle, AND desert levels, plus the last 
one. And, in the Walkthrough, I added a little thingie-ma-bob that tells 
what animals are in that particular level. I scrapped the Boss Section 
(too stupid) and replaced it with the "Animal Notes Section." Oh, and I, 
of course, finished the animal section, added how to get some trophies, 
fixed the tons of typos (how did those slip by me?!) added some people 
in the credits section...and I saved the world, too! 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Story
2) Basics
3) Items
4) Animals 
5) Walkthrough  
6) Animal Notes 
7) Secrets *
8) Credits *
9) Legal Stuff 
10) 	The End 

A "*" will appear next to the sections that have been updated as of July 
15th, 1999.

1) Story

Straight from the Manual:

Launched in 2001, Silicon Valley was the largest, most expensive space 
station ever created. An experiment in artificial life and robotic 
evolution, Silicon Valley broke new ground in terms of size, luxury, and 
extreme danger...

There was only one slight hiccup. Seven minutes after the station was 
launched, it vanished. Completely. Utterly. Absolutely. Gone.

Of course, a massive search was launched. Every terrorist group in the 
solar system who had 1) a motive and 2) a REALLY big garage was 
immediately arrested, searched, and locked up on general suspicion. But 
nothing was ever found.

Until now. After 1000 years, Silicon Valley has returned. It was spotted 
by a giant orbiting telescope as it passed the orbit of Uranus. The 
Earth government immediately sprang into action and sent aboard a 
squadron of brave Space Marine, each and every one of them barrel-
chested, sharp shooting, iron pumping heroes. They vanished. The next 
squad vanished too. In fact, about five squads were sent to the giant 
derelict station before someone figured out they weren't getting 

What this job needed was someone expendable and cheap. Enter DAN DANGER 
and EVO, the bravest heroes Earth has to offer (and at knockdown prices 
too...). Dan is, of course, human, but EVO is the end result of the 
Silicon Valley experiment, a super-intelligent, self-evolving robot.

The fate of the Earth is in their hands. Who knows what terrible changes 
have occurred over the last millennium? Who, or what, is in charge of 
the station? Why has it suddenly reappeared? Why is it heading straight 
for Earth? What can be done to stop it? Can Dan stop it? Evo? You?

I'll continue the story from the opening cinema...

As Evo and Dan speed towards SV in their broken down space ship, they 
start to argue over what station to listen to on the radio. It gets to 
the point that Dan isn't even driving it anymore, and before they know 
what is happening, the break through the ceiling of SV and plummet 
below...While this was happening, down below on the SV floor, Flossy the 
Sheep and Roger the Dog were admitting their eternal love for each 
other. After the joy and the kissing, Dan's ship lands on Roger, killing 
the dog instantly. Evo is blown from the wreckage, hits the ceiling and 
shatters...his main chip falls down and lands in Roger's Body. Dan will 
watch everything from the ship...and so our adventure begins.

2) Basics

To complete each mission (All 30+ of them), you'll need to complete 
several objectives using different animals. To take control of any 
animal, you'll have to kill it first. Then step up to it and press R. Be 
careful, though, as Evo can not survive long without being inside a 
host. The Green energy bar at the top is two parts: The long one is your 
energy, and the ball is the amount of energy your A attack has. Then the 
bottom is your enemy's energy, plus your energy for your B attack. Your 
attack's power always returns, but each time you use it will go down, 
the amount depending on the animal and the attack. Also, animals of the 
same species as your animal that you are in will not attack you UNLESS 
you attack them a lot.

3) Items

Power Cells:
Collect these glowing balls and you'll get more points towards 100% on a 

Grab these blue balls, they will restore your energy bar considerably.

There are two per stage...you start at one, and you exit in one. The 
exit will only open up when you have completed all of your objectives.

These blue objects will give you a little tour of the level. Useful for 
knowing what is ahead.

Walk up to these T.V.s and it will tell you about the animal you are 
currently in. It's the same as when you enter a new creature, though...

Break these open to reveal energy and other goodies!

You receive these for doing a secret objective.

4) Animals

Here's the layout...

(Name of animal)
Mass: Funny...Duhaha!
Engine: It's in the game...
Intelligence: What it is like when the CPU controls it?
Strength: For both attacks and defense
Water: Is it good in H20?

1. Sheep
Description: White stuff with four black things sticking out and a blank 
stare. Hilarious!
Mass: Medium. It's fluffy!
Engine: Bio
Abilities: Floaty Hop - Use the Sheep's Hovering ability to scale cliffs                       
                        and canyons!
           Baa - Use this when bored or just for a laugh. Does no                      
Intelligence: Very low! It just runs away from danger. Doesn't help 
that's it's slow...
Strength: Defense - Weak
          Offense - No attack
Water: Floats well in it

2. Dog
Description: A yellow dog with strange legs.
Mass: Medium - Doggy goodness! Sick...
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - Use this when you need to get up on platforms
           Bite - Besides making him bark, it makes his head lunge 
forward and bite!
Intelligence: Rather low. Runs around aimlessly.
Strength: Defense - Not so good.
          Offense - Medium at best
Water: Excellent. Swims like a pro!

3. Racing Mouse
Description: A small, blue mouse on wheels.
Mass: Tiny
Engine: 2.0
Abilities: Speed Boost - Use this to cross large gaps or to speed away 
from enemies! Beware, as        
                         it acts like a real automobile when going into 
sharp corners.
           Tail Attack - Use it's sharp tail to impale opponents.
Intelligence: High, it will try to escape while attacking.
Strength: Defense - Almost none.
          Offense - Formidable...
Water: Will die soon if deposited in water.

4. Ram
Description: A Sheep without eyes and a pair of horns.
Mass: Medium. Heavy horns...
Engine: Electric...as in underwear
Abilities: Jump - Amazing!!!
           Head-Butt - Use this to slay enemies...or just to watch his 
neck extend three feet
Intelligence: Low - Tries to attack, but misses often. 
Strength: Defense - Light 
          Offense - Medium, but good enough for the levels where he is
Water: Floats like sheep

5. Racing Dog
Description: A dog on wheels...with missile launchers!
Mass: Medium
Engine: 1.6: Speed Boost - Just like the Racing Mouse
           Missiles - They are, of course, homing missiles
Intelligence: Low! They retreat and then try to shoot, but it's too late 
Strength: Defense - Medium...is it me, or is this guy just average? :)
          Offense - High, those missiles are powerful
Water: Swims just fine

6. Racing Fox
Description: A red fox with wheels!
Mass: Light
Engine: 1.6
Abilities: Teleport - Sorta...he'll launch forward at an incredible 
speed. Not an attack.
           Tail Attack - Easy to pull off, and you can keep wiggling it 
for awhile!
Intelligence: High - Follows you to no end
Strength: Defense - Rather light
          Offense - Rather high...!
Water: Swims great, it's a Fox ya know...

7. Bear
Description: A bear that looks much like a box...
Mass: Huge
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Grab 'n' Lob - Use this to lift heavy objects
           Bear Frenzy - He'll go psycho and thrash his claws while 
foaming at the mouth. You  
           can also jump now!
Intelligence: Low - Straightforward attacks.
Strength: Defense - Huge
          Offense - Very powerful
Water: Poor

8. Rat
Description: A black rat with glowing red eyes...on wheels!
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Diesel
Abilities: Feces - Lay some exploding feces!
           Bite - A more straightforward type of attack
Intelligence: High - Runs around trying to avoid attacks. 
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

9. Spring Thingy
Description: A normal sheep except with a spring instead of feet
Mass: Light
Engine: Spring
Abilities: Hop - Whee! This is the only way you can move...pretty high!
           Baa - Like the Sheep
Intelligence: Very low - It just sits there...
Strength: Defense - Very low
          Offense - High (Press jump while coming down to perform a 
secret attack)
Water: Ok

10. Spring Ram
Description: A ram on a spring
Mass: Medium
Engine: Spring
Abilities: Jump - Whee!
           Head-Butt - His neck extends three feet and he hits stuff!
Intelligence: Low - he just sits there
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Medium
Water: Ok

11. King Rat
Description: A heavyweight rat with a crown on. Scary!
Mass: Huge
Engine: Diesel
Abilities: Ratty Smell - He farts noxious gas with hilarious sound 
effects...oh boy!
           Rat Army Attack - Send your allies into battle! Charrrge!
Intelligence: Very High - Runs away, yet still farts
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - Medium
Water: Sorta ok in a small way...

12. Penguin
Description: Awwwww...how cute! I feel sorry for them when I have to 
kill them in cold  
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - When in mid-air, he can also whip out an umbrella and 
glide slightly
           SnowBalls - Somewhat weak, but an easy attack to pull off.
Intelligence: Above average
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Weak
Water: Excellent - swims like a pro

13. Husky
Description: A white dog
Mass: Medium
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - A bit higher than most animals
           Husky Frenzy - Besides foaming at the mouth, he bites rapidly
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Great, but not awesome or gnarly...like, totally dude!!!

14. Heli-Rabbit
Description: A rabbit with his ears in a propeller shape 
Mass: Light
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Fly - Hover, fly...same deal, sorta.
           Bomb - Get over a target and release a fury of bombs! Just to 
get caught up in it...
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Poor
          Offense - High
Water: Barely

15. Rabbit
Description: Duhh...did me see a wabbit?!
Mass: Light
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Hop - Woohoo!
           Pound Ground - His foot will get big and send out shockwaves
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Low
          Offense - Medium
Water: Just barely

16. Walrus
Description: A blue walrus with shades on a sled with a propeller
Mass: Huge
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Speed Boost - Wheee!
           Homing Missiles - Large and in charge! Takes up too much 
energy though...
Intelligence: High - Very hard to hit
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - High
Water: Excellent

Note: Do not be fooled by the above...the Walrus is terrible! Almost 
impossible to control, and it takes forever for the missiles to 

17. Polar Bear on Treads
Description: A Polar Bear on treads...
Mass: Huge
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Mines - Explosive feces! Large explosions, too...
           Shots - Large cannon balls come out of it's nose
Intelligence: Low
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

18. Ski Husky
Description: A husky on ski's...with rocket launchers!
Mass: Medium
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Speed Boost - Just like the Mice...talk about Newton's 
           Missiles - Homing, at that! Large magazine! 
Intelligence: Medium, lock and shoot is all they know how to do!
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - High
Water: Poor

19. Seagull
Description: A gray, ratty looking bird.
Mass: Medium
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Fly - Woohoo!
           Claw Attack - Use this to attack or lift dead bodies off the 
Intelligence: Low - Bumbles around without reason
Strength: Defense - Low
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

20. King Penguin
Description: A large penguin with a crown on it's head
Mass: Huge
Engine: Jet
Abilities: Boost Jump - Rocket flames come out of his ass to propel him 
straight up! 
           Penguin Army Attack - Useless.
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - No attacks
Water: Excellent

21. Polar Bear
Description: Polar Bears...I know you've seen one before! C'mon...don't 
Mass: Huge
Engine: Fusion
Abilities: Smash - Hit the decks!!! It's a butt stomp-like attack.
           Hide - Fit into a nice round ball with cute eyes peeking out. 
Intelligence: Low - Barely knows how to move, let alone attack
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - Medium
Water: Excellent

22. Cool Cod
Description: A blue fish that looks like a shark (I know sharks are 
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Jet
Abilities: Jump - Out of the water that is. Spending time on dry land = 
loss of energy
           Swim - No! He just sits there in the water and bobs up and 
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - None
Water: Excellent...that was a no-brainer if I ever saw one. 

23. Elephant
Description: ...kidding right? Go visit the zoo for crying out loud...
Mass: Huge
Engine: Diesel
Abilities: Water Spray - Water...and you spray it!
           Grab 'n' Lob - Great for picking heavy stuff up with your 
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - High
Water: Great

24. Turtle Tank
Description: A turtle with the head of a cannon
Mass: Medium
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Shoot - Cannonballs!
           Hide - Underneath your shell!
Intelligence: Low
Strength: Defense - Medium 
          Offense - High
Water: Ok

25. Hyena
Description: A pink dog like creature...mmm...Discovery Channel...
Mass: Medium
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Jump - Cool...or not.
           Laughter - It spreads like wildfire then before you know it, 
everyone is laughing!
Intelligence: High - Runs away when there is a threat
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Good enough

26. Piranha
Description: A green fish with HUGE teeth.
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Fusion
Abilities: Jump - Woooooohhhhooooo!!! How original...
           Bite - What else are you going to use those huge fangs for?
Intelligence: Low
Strength: Defense - Meager
          Offense - High
Water: Duh...EXCELLENT!

27. Hippo
Description: A giganitc pink Hippo!
Mass: Very large
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Feces - He can lay a lot at one time, too
           Slurp - Using vomit as an attack? Eww...
Intelligence: Very low
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - High
Water: Can walk underwater. 

28. Parrot
Description: A green bird
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Fly - The Parrot can fly quite high!
           Dive Bomb - Dive bomb on opponents!
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Low
Water: Ok

29. Racing Turtle
Description: A turtle with wheels...that goes fast? Is that legal?
Mass: Medium
Engine: 2.0
Abilities: Turbo - Wee
           Hide - Can also be used as an attack!
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Low
Water: Unknown

30. Gorilla
Description: A purple ape who drags his fists on the ground
Mass: Huge
Engine: Nuclear
Abilities: Grab 'n' Lob - Use to lift/throw objects
           Jump Attack - Use to cause shockwaves! Also used as just 
plain jumping...
Intelligence: Very low
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - Low
Water: Adequate

31. Lion
Description: A yellow lion, very sleek body
Mass: Large
Engine: Fusion
Abilities: Roar Attack - If the "air" hits someone it damages them
           Jump - Not the best ever, but good enough 
Intelligence: Very high
Strength: Defense - High
          Offense - High
Water: Ok

32. Bi-Plane Dog
Note: Due to the fact that you can never view this animal's stats, I'll 
just make it up
Description: A dog with wings!
Mass: Medium
Engine: Kerosene
Abilities: Bomb/Machine Gun - You do both at once!
           About Face - You turn right around 
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - High
Water: Unknown

33. Hyena Biker
Description: A Hyena with wheels and a motorcycle-look
Mass: Light
Engine: Diesel 
Abilities: Turbo - For quite a long time, as well
           Rockets - Mmm...nearly bottomless amount of missiles... 
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Ok

34. Chameleon
Description: A small green lizard
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Nuclear 
Abilities: Tongue Attack - Almost useless, the tongue is so short...
           Stealth Mode - Sweet! You can become invisible for a small 
amount of time!
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Very light
          Offense - Very Low
Water: Ok

35. Camel
Description: A camel with one of those Arabian hats on
Mass: Heavy
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Jump - Somewhat short, but great for distance
           Spit - Huck some water out in front!
Intelligence: Low
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Medium
Water: Ok

36. Cannon Camel
Description: A camel with a cannon on his back! It rotates around at 
Mass: Heavy
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Shoot - Mmm...large explosions...
           Warp - Warp to a different spot! 
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Very High
Water: Ok

37. Desert Fox
Description: A small rodent like creature with a gun
Mass: Tiny
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Shoot - Three bullets at once! Capable of rapid fire.
           Jump - Whoohoo!
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Poor

38. Spinning Fox
Description: A normal Desert Fox, except it can spin in a Taz like 
Mass: Light
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Spin Attack - Use this to tear through enemies!
           Jump - A bit better than his cousin the Desert Fox
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Low
          Offense - Medium
Water: Poor

39. Vulture
Description: A strange bird that looks more like a Turky...
Mass: Medium
Engine: Bio
Abilities: Fly - Duh! Doesn't have very much lift...
           Grab 'n' Lob - Use to pick up objects and dead animals
Intelligence: High
Strength: Defense - Light
          Offense - Medium
Water: Ok

40. Scorpion
Description: A red Scorpion that shoots electrical beams!
Mass: Very Tiny
Engine: Nuclear
Abilities: Shock - Shoot some electricity at your foes!
           Snip - Use your claws for some damage!
Intelligence: Very High
Strength: Defense - Low
          Offense - High
Water: Horrible

41. Kangaroo
Description: A Kangaroo with boxing gloves!
Mass: Large
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Box - Pathetic range, but can deliver fast punches
           Jump - Highest in the game!
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Medium
Water: Ok

42. Pogo-Stick Kangaroos
Description: Well, Kangaroos on a Pogo-stick :)
Mass: Large
Engine: Coal
Abilities: Boomerang - G'day mates! Throw some boomerangs!
           Jump - Hold A to go really high
Intelligence: Medium
Strength: Defense - Medium
          Offense - Medium
Water: Ok

43. Evo w/Shellsuit
Description: A silver robot with a cool design! Neat just to stare at!
Mass: Medium
Engine: Electric
Abilities: Laser - This is the most powerful weapon in the game!!
           Rocket - Not as good as the King Penguin, but you have more 
Intelligence: N/A (there is no CPU for it, duh...)
Strength: Defense - Very High
          Offense - Very High
Water: Ok

5) Walkthrough

Note: I'm not going to reveal the locations of the Power Cells, unless 
they are very tricky to find.

                             EUROPEAN ZONE

                      E U R O P E A N     Z O N E 

///////////////////////LEVEL 1: SMASHING START\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Ooh! Ah! Ow! My head! Sheesh, what a landing! Evo, do as I say and we 
might just get out of this mess - alive! Oh, and if we're going to 
repair you, we'll need as many of those purple cells as possible.

- Get some energy
- Get me some sheep

Animals: Dog and Sheep

You're in a dog, so you can attack by biting. Simply chase down Flossy 
and kill her, then get inside her body (not sexually...) and control her 
(mission 2 complete). Now just get the blue energy that's near the ship 
(mission 1 complete). Now the exit will open up and you can stroll on 
outta here. 

Simply kill three sheep, and position them near the rocket's booster. Go 
up to the window and bark five times, or stand on the rocket for a few 
seconds, and the rocket will fire,  vaporizing the sheep. Destroy three 
sheep this way (preferably all at once) and one will appear.

////////////////////LEVEL 2: HAVE A NICE DAY!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Oi! Hungry sheep are on the loose - round them up! Fast! Use the 
electric fence to keep them in their pen. Hey! The Scanner shows a mouse 
with wheels in this zone. Use it to reach the exit.

- Get FOUR sheep into the pen
- Find the mouse with wheels

Animals: Dog, Sheep, and Racing Mouse

Simple enough...or is it? Round the sheep into the pen by either a) 
chasing them in, or if they just won't cooperate, b) kill them and put 
them in YOURSELF. When they're all in, hit the electric switch to keep 
them in (mission 1 complete). Note: You will need one of the sheep to 
collect some of the Power Cells.

The mouse with wheels is on the other side of the level, in a large 
shed. Take control of it and go towards the center of the level. See the 
island with a tree? Run full force at the ramp with a turbo and you'll 
rocket towards it, and land on the exit that is now active.

To collect a Trophy in this level, with the Racing Mouse, go near the 
second shed and a dog will come out and challenge you to a race around 
the level. Good thing you have the turbo, but don't waste it. Use it in 
controlled bursts, then when the ramps comes up, hit it at your top 
speed! Woohoo!

///////////////////////LEVEL 3: HONEYMOON LAGOON\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The electric fence is linked to the Big Machine. Play around with it and 
see what happens...Oh yeah -- and bring me back something soft and 
fluffy to hug.

- Deactivate the Big Machine
- Deactivate the electric fence
- Get something soft and fluffy

Animals: Racing Mouse, Foxes, Sheep, and A Springy Thingy 

Go forward and hit the ramp to get on the raised platform, albeit not 
very much. Hit the four levers and the machine will spout out some Power 
Cells (mission 1 complete). Then hit the four buttons on either corner, 
but be quick about it, they reset after about 10 seconds (mission 2 
complete). Now you can go to the second part of the level, since the 
electric fence is disabled. Go past the foxes (don't even try to kill 
them, they will murder you) and up the hills using your turbo, at the 
end are some sheep! Kill one and get inside (mission 3 complete), now 
continue on the path. You're at the start, so you'll have to go right 
back to where the sheep were (sorta). Get near the lake, on the opposite 
side of where the electric fence was. See the metal thing going up and 
down? Get on it and hover to the exit. 

Have you noticed the blue rings around the level? If you fly through 
them all, you get the trophy! Three must be activated by the Racing 
Mouse (one near the big machine, one near the foxes, and one above the 
sheep pen) while the last two must be activated using the sheep (both by 
the exit pad). 

////////////////////////LEVEL 4: THE BATTERY FARM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The farm's gone to the dogs! Damn mutts took over the farmhouse and set 
up and electric fence around the exit. And I need chow, now! Get me some 

- Raise the bridge sections
- Grow some carrots
- Switch off the electric fence

(Question: How did this game get an 'E' rating with cuss words in it?)

Animals: Racing Dog, Racing Mouse, Sheep, Ram, and Fox

Go forward as the mouse and get inside the fence via the ramp. Kill all 
of the sheep, and the ram, and then take control of a sheep. Keep going 
and hover over the broken bridge, hit the switch and the pieces will 
rise! Go back and get inside the Ram, then proceed over the bridge to 
kill the Racing Dog with Rocket Launchers. Don't worry, if you get low 
on energy just return to the barn for energy. Another stragedy to kill 
him is smash him with the big smashy thingy inside the barn (see below) 
When he's dead, great, but don't do anything with him _yet_. Go over to 
the machine near the carrots and hit the lever a few times to raise them 
(mission 2 complete). Using them as platforms, go to the upper section. 
Go around and hit the switch to raise the bridge sections on the left 
side of the level (mission 1 complete).

Now we're set! Use the Racing Dog and cross the bridge, then kill off 
the Racing Foxes so they won't bother you...shouldn't be too hard, you 
have missiles and fast wheels! Go inside the house and stand on the 
switch (for some reason, you HAVE to be the rocket launching dog to do 
this, otherwise it says "Un-authorized personnel" or something. Maybe 
it's because you could hit the switch without raising the bridges...) 
(mission 3 complete). Now go exit!

Simply kill all the animals in the level and a trophy will appear inside 
the house...you'll need the Sheep to get it, though.


Q: I'm missing four Power Cells...where are they?

A: See that valve near the second bridge? To activate it, go near the 
house and stand on the bushes. See the upraised platforms? Get on them 
from there, then go forward. Now you can easily hover over there as the 
Sheep. When you activate it, four plants will grow and pop open to 
reveal four Power Cells.

Q: What's with the barn and the thing that goes up and down when I hit 
the switch?

A: Get on that thing to go to the upper part. Two Power Cells await, as 
well as a camera. You can also use this to smash the rocket-launching 
dog, if you wish.

///////////////////////LEVEL 5: THE ENGINE ROOM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

You need a keycard to pass through here. Sensors detect an object in the 
hands of a dead humanoid, possibly one of the station's professors. 
Watch out for those crazy bears!

- Find the keycard
- Activate the bridge
- Open the security door

(Question: Again, an 'E' rating with dead people??)

Animals: Bear, Fox, Rat, Racing Dog, and Sheep

Go forward and turn left and get away from that wacko bear! Kill the 
Racing Dog and quickly take out that bear before he rips you to shreds! 
Go near the beginning and destroy the computers, then take control of 
the bear. Go and lift that white, transparent cube, (press A and hold 
it) then go to where the Racing Dog was when you first came in. Drop it 
in the red plate, and the scientist will come over and give you a key 
card (mission 1 complete). Then go to where the bear originally was, or 
near the beginning, and go down the hole in the wall. At the end is a 
switch (mission 2 complete). Now simply go to where the camera 
went...But to get past the duo of bears, you'll either have to a) Go by 
as a bear so they don't kill you or b) use A LOT of rockets :) (mission 
3 complete).

To receive the Trophy, simply collect all the Power Cells in the level 
(they're in the computers). You'll need to use the rat in the small pipe 
to get the actual trophy, though.

/////////////////////LEVEL 6: FAT BEAR MOUNTAIN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Those cheeky little sheep have taken control of this old playground and 
locked the fat bear inside the hillside cavern down by the empty sheep 
dip pool.

- Kill the angry animals
- Flood the sheep dip pool

Animals: Sheep, Racing Mouse, Racing Dog, Bear, and Ram

Ok, this is easy enough. Go up the mountain as the Racing Mouse and go 
where the Racing Dog is. Ok...hit the ramps and turn on the switch to 
open the building. Lure the Bear out and the Dog and them will fight. 
When the Dog (or Bear) is dead, get inside it and kill the other off 
(mission 1 complete). Now, use the Bear to get to the switch and 
activate it (mission 2 complete). Get inside a Sheep (there's a ton of 
them around here) and push the crates around in the water to form a 
bridge so you can exit this stupid level...

Near the switch that opens the building are three levers that won't stay 
down, right? Well, get an animal on top of one, exit it and the lever 
will stay! Find another host quickly and do the same. The trophy will 
appear! "But how do you get it?" you ask. "I can touch it and 
everything, but the animal goes right through it!!" Unfortunately, DMA-
Design somehow let a gigantic glitch slip by Quality Control, now we can 
not get 100% on the level no matter how much you want. But, you can 
still get to the secret level via a code.

//////////////////////LEVEL 7: ROCKY HARD PLACE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I'd say this area was hit by a severe meteor storm -- and it looks like 
there's another one on the way. I see some floating asteroid chunks 
which might make a  good bridge -- if you can get them up.

- Elevate the asteroid chunks
- Bring me a thing on a spring

Animals: Fox, Springy Thingy, Springy Ram, and Sheep


Go forward on the ramp as the Fox and warp to the box below. Carefully 
aim yourself and do the same to get inside the pen. Get a Spring Thingy 
(mission 2 complete), doesn't matter if it's a Ram or not, and get out 
of there. Follow the path around to find a switch: hit it (mission 1 
complete). Now simply spring to the exit.

This is a bit more difficult than completing the mission...Hit the 
switch near the pen to make the brown box start to go up and down. Get 
on it as a normal sheep and at the top is a platform. If you try to 
hover towards the platform with a Fox on it the wind will blow you away. 
So instead of doing that, hover on the outside of the wind and come in 
at an angle. Hit the switch to turn off the gravity, and take control of 
a Springy Thingy. Now go to the exit and jump, you'll go way up high to 
a platform with a Trophy!

/////////////////////////LEVEL 8: STINKY SEWERS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Flupping honk, Evo, what's that stench? Must be coming from down 
there...in the sewers. Ugh. It smells worse than your backside.

- Find the keycard to access the main tunnels
- Reactivate the Big Taps
- Gain access to the King Rat's hole

Animals: Racing Dog, Rat, Rat King, Dog, and Fox

Go forward and search around until you find some Rats, get inside one 
and go past the place where you couldn't get before because you were too 
big...underneath a pipe. Keep on going until you meet a Fox, kill him 
using your exploding feces then take over his body. Run to the rivers of 
crap and try to get out on all the acloves, on one of them you will be 
able to! Open the wooden door to find a fat dead guy who'll give you a 
key card (mission 1 complete). Not far from here is the locked door, and 
now you can get through it! Keep on going past the barricade of cans to 
activate a nozzle which will cause water in the next room to rise. Go in 
there and take control of the dog, use him to push the crates around so 
you can get out of here. Search around the next area to find another 
nozzle (mission 2 complete), which will rise the water even more! Now 
the Fox can fit through the small hole. Follow it to the end to find the 
Rat King [See "Animal Notes" Section for details on fighting]. Take 
control of the Rat King and return to the start where there is this 
metal bridge going up and down. Follow it to the door where you can 
exit...whew! (mission 3 complete).

You see those pieces of uh...er...crap around the level, with flies 
buzzing around? Well, if you eat all of them in the level using the rat 
(use the bite attack) then it shall appear...an 'E' rating, DMA?

//////////////////////////LEVEL 9: RAT-O-MATIC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Ah, so this is where the rats that are tearing apart EuroEden are mass 
produced - from mice! Oi! Evo! Save this paradise off Earth...or I'm 
sticking you in the microwave.

- Kill the fox family
- Destroy the Rat-o-matic

Animals: Racing Mouse, Fox, Rat King, and Rat

Walkthrough: Easy enough...with practice! Drive the Rat King forward and 
keep turning until you're outside. Do battle with the Fox Family until 
everybody is dead [For details, see "Boss Section"] (mission 1 

Now take a Fox as your host and drive into the room with toilets, use 
your warp to get to the lower platform with the switch. Hitting it will 
unlock the door that is next door. Inside is a Racing Mouse, kill him 
off and get inside of his body. Turn on the Rat-o-matic by hitting the 
nearby switch, then quickly get on the red dot in the open cage, you 
have to do this in under three seconds (notice the timer?) When you do 
this a pipe will come down, suck you up, and you shall be dumped into a 
factory like place where several contraptions will try to stomp you, fry 
you, demorph you, light you on fire, and spray you with paint...At the 
end is a rat, kill him and use his exploding feces to destroy the 
computers. A chain reaction will occur and all the equipment in the 
level will be blown to bits in a neat, and long, little cinema (mission 
2 complete). Now you have to exit...Go to where all the mice came out 
and they'll open a door for you. Go to the end and hit a switch, then 
QUICKLY get back before the door shuts. This may take a lot of practice, 
but it _is_ possible. Behind the door is the exit.

It's on the barbecue near the Fox Family. How do ya get it? Easier than 
you may think. Get one of those pink containers near it using either a 
Fox or the Rat King, then blow it up with some exploding feces. Some 
stuff will come out and put out the barbecue flames. Now, using the Fox, 
get on top of the nearby hill and warp down to it!

//////////////////////LEVEL 10: GIVE A DOG A BONUS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I spy with my little eye...a piece of your Shellsuit to collect. Get a 
move on and get it or I'm leaving without you...

Animals: Rocket Fox and Bi-plane Dog

You first have to fly through blue and red rings, after they have all 
been flown through a wave of Bi-Plane Dogs will come and try to shoot 
you down. This part of the game is pretty fun, so shoot them down with 
your machine gun. If one passes you, use the 180 degree turn to see 
their backside. After the first wave is dead, some Rocket Foxes will 
come, and "Battery Charger On-line" will flash on the screen. The 
Battery Charger is near the bottom of the level, the right side of where 
you start the level, it is a hallway with colors flashing through, if 
you fly through it your energy is replenished. Keep fighting and you 
will get a piece of your Shellsuit!

                              ICE ZONE

                          I C E    Z O N E 

/////////////////////////LEVEL 11: SNOW JOKE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

So you made it to the cooler...Wait! Something's missing...oh yeah - 
SNOW. Ooh, that big computer thing looks cool. Switch it on and see what 

- Switch on the snow blower
- Switch on the big computer thing
- Get a husky

Animals: Penguin, Husky, and Rabbit


Immediately get inside the Penguin that was run over by a snowball, and 
then proceed to go over to "the big computer thing" and switch it on 
(mission 2 complete). Go down in the big hole with the grating and flip 
the switch (mission 1 complete). Also, kill a Husky and get inside it 
(mission 3 complete). Now just jump on the platforms to get to the exit. 

Note: That may be easier if you use a rabbit.

There are three switches in this level: The "Big Computer Thing" and 
"The Snow Blower." The third one makes an orange platform appear on the 
other side of the level. Go there, and it will take you up to a higher 
platform. At the top is the Trophy. 

//////////////////////LEVEL 12: ICE 'N' EASY DOES IT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I need more data about the station. Scanners detect a high mental energy 
build up in this area...It's coming from the preserved heads of the 
professors lying around. Go get 'em!

- Get the heads!

Animals: Husky, Rabbits, Heli-Rabbit, and Walrus

Kill a rabbit and then climb the ice platforms, then drop down to claim 
a head. Go to the ice pond with all the Walruses and go near the thingie 
in the middle, destroy the ice with some thumps and a Heli-Rabbit comes 
out! Use him to get the head behind the starting plate, and the one 
behind the wall in the water must be taken using a Walrus. That's all 
the heads...(mission 1 complete). Now you can exit!

Kill all of the Walruses on the ice-pond. This is much easier if you use 
a heli-rabbit. 

//////////////////////LEVEL 13: PENGUIN PLAYPEN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The sensors have located a stinky seagull who was laughing when you 
crash landed, Evo. Go get it! Ha! The penguins have built a statue of 
their king on top of the exit...Get out of that!

- Kill that fat ugly bird
- Get rid of that stupid statue

Animals: Polar Bear on Treads, Penguin, Seagull, Walrus, Cool Cod, and 

Go down the slope and start to swim, you cute little penguin you. Swim 
all the way around to find a dead Walrus, use him to push the Ice Block 
in the gap and then use Mr. Penguin to hop over it! Go down and up the 
platform, then lure down the Ski Husky by falling down the slopes and 
he'll follow and the Tread Polar Bear and him will fight to the death 
(The Polar Bear will win). Now get inside the Ski Husky and go to the 
Seagull, kill him! Use the dead bodies of the penguins (using his claw 
attack) and put them on the buttons so they will _stay_ put down 
(mission 2 complete). Done!

Kill all of the sharks at the beginning (in the pool; all three of them) 
and a trophy will appear near the Seagull. Kill him and fly to it!

///////////////////////LEVEL 14: PINBALL BLIZZARD\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Some...thing is jamming my signal to the teleporter. Here's my plan: jam 
the jam with our special tune so I can get a signal through.

- Collect the silver notes
- Play our special tune on the keyboard

Animals: Ski-Husky, Penguin, Polar Bear, and King Penguin

Go forward and kill the Penguin King with your missiles and then use him 
to collect the notes around the level...shouldn't be difficult. Then go 
to the Keyboard and watch the keys, then do the same thing it did (like 
in Banjo-Kazooie...!).

Trophy: To get the Trophy in Pinball Blizzard, you need to hit keys on 
the piano in a certain order, then press the Play button on the 
recorder. The way you learn which keys to hit are because of those 
penguins that make sounds. Well, supposedly. They don't help at all. The 
sequence is: (from left to right, all white keys) 5, 6, 4, 8, 1, 4. 
Stupid trophy.

//////////////////////LEVEL 15: HOPPA CHOPPA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Sob. Sniff...I just picked up a distress signal from cute ickle 
bunnikins terrorized by evil huskies. Kill the husky scum, Evo. Kill 
them for the bunnies...and for me.

- Kill all the huskies
- Destroy all the gun sites

Animals: Ski-Husky, Rabbit, Heli-Rabbit, Penguin King, and Penguin

Go forward in your Penguin, and climb to the very top so you're looking 
down on everything. Glide down with your umbrella so you're close to the 
creature on the ledge, and hop out and climb inside! Take control of the 
King Penguin and fly out of there, fly past all the evil Huskies until 
you see some Heli-Rabbits. Go inside the control room and flip the 
switch, now the gun turrets will be turned on! They'll start shooting at 
the Heli-Rabbits, and one or two will die. Go get inside! Use them to 
kill one Ski Husky, then use him to sneak up on the rest of the Huskies 
and pummel them with rockets (They won't do anything until you start to 
fire). After the Huskies are dead (mission 1 complete) return and become 
a Heli-rabbit, now carefully destroy all the gun turrets (mission 2 
complete). This takes practice, as the Heli-Rabbit barely has any 
defense...good thing there's a lot of energy hanging around in this 

At the ending plate, kill all of the bunnies with the Bunny Copter (it's 
easier that way) and the trophy will appear near you.

///////////////////////LEVEL 16: SOMETHING FISHY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Hey, Evo, here's a good one...I need some FISH for my CHIPS. Get it? Ha 
ha ha. By the way, the teleporter behind a big sealed door.

- Free the fish!
- Switch the switch to open the big door.

Animals: Cool Cod, Walrus, and Polar Bear on Treads

Walkthrough: First you have to collect four fish...: 

1. By a light underwater
2. By a second light underwater
3. Near where the Walrus is going around and around, there should be a 
small ledge. Jump over it with the fish and it will be in the next pond. 
Watch out for the Jellyfish!
4. There is another similar ledge. When over it, dive down and follow 
the tunnel to the dead-end. Tada!

(mission 1 complete)

Now this next part is a bit tricky, and took me awhile to figure out -

Go to where the Walrus is going around and around. Hit the switch and a 
mine will fall into the water (nice sound effects...) and now you can 
control it! Hit the Walrus, which isn't all that easy, three times and 
he'll die. Don't possess him yet! Go to the first beam of light that is 
underwater. Follow the light to the bottom to find a nozzle, activate it 
and the water will lower! Now get inside the Walrus. Go to "the big  
door." It's near the giant fish skeleton, if you can't find it. Touch it 
and it will open, quickly destroy the Polar Bear on Treads (which is 
very difficult to do with the crummy Walrus as he bobs along. I suggest 
you open the door, fire a few shots, then back up and run away then come 
back) and use it to climb the sleep slopes. At the top is a switch, 
flick it and the exit will open up (mission 2 complete). Now return to 
the nozzle and hit it to make the water rise, then go to where the 3rd 
fish was. Taaaa dddaaa!

There are several blue rings underwater, you have to swim through all of 
them very quickly before they re-appear, then the Trophy will appear. To 
do this, tap the 'A' button very rapidly. Doing this will take much 

////////////////////////LEVEL 17: WALRACE 64\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Ooh! I can see another piece of your Shellsuit...It's your head. These 
penguins have turned it into a race trophy. You'd better win!

Animals: Walrus

You race against two other Walruses in a semi-long water course filled 
with power-ups and other strange objects, jumps, drops, etc. Make full 
use of your boost on the straight-aways and watch those corners! The UFO 
boueies will stop you in your tracks, while the Beach Balls with an up 
arrow (^) will speed you along way ahead your top speed. Should be easy 
enough, though it may take a few tries.

Your prize is another piece of your Shellsuit.

                              JUNGLE ZONE

                        J U N G L E    Z O N E 

/////////////////////////LEVEL 18: JUNGLE JAPES\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The air intake for the engine room is blocked and the heat's driven the 
animals MAD! Look, I fancy a swim - get rid of those piranhas on your 
way to the exit.

- Switch the air pump back on
- Knock lumps out of those nasty fish

Animals: Elephant, Turtle Tank, Hyena, and Piranha

You start this level out with the powerful Turtle Tank - Sweet, eh? 
Drive up the path until you see a duo of Elephants...well, what are you 
waiting for? Blast them both until they're down! Shouldn't be two hard. 
Just get in the first-person view (hold Z) and blast them with all you 
have, then retreat to the bridge where their water can't hit you! Use 
them to clear the path of rocks, then go on ahead with the Tank. Drop 
down a few levels and take care of those nasty Hyenas, though this can 
be a bit tougher with their laughter. Use them to go to the upper level 
and hit the switch that is in the red square (mission 1 complete). Drop 
down again and return to your trusty Turtle Tank. Use it to kill the 
trio of Piranhas, which should be quite simple since they can't harm you 
if you're on land. When they're all dead (mission 2 complete) use one of 
them to hit the switch in the underwater tunnel to open up the EXIT...

Use a Hyena or an Elephant to push the three boulders near the Elephants 
down the gorge and into the three holes. The Trophy will appear when all 
of them are filled.

//////////////////////LEVEL 19: JUNGLE DOLDRUMS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Hey, that Log Ride looks fun! Oh, it's not working...Be careful when you 
get to that fiery pit -- I can't be bothered to help you.

- Turn on the Log Ride.
- Stop that parrot squawking

Animals: Hyena, Hippo, Parrot, Elephant, and Turtle Tank

You start out with the Hyena. Drop down and laugh like a maniac until 
the Hippo gives up and dies. Some have trouble with this, but I can't 
see why. All you have to do is laugh, while jumping to avoid his spit, 
until he starts to giggle. When he does, he won't attack and will remain 
stationary. When your energy wears off, run away until it builds, then 
go back and repeat. He'll die on your return visit. Use him to go 
underwater and hit the switch to turn on the Log Ride (mission 1 

Another stragedy is not to kill him, but lead him to the river. Swim 
across and he'll follow, but Hippos go underwater, and he'll activate 
the switch for you.

Now, using the Hyena, CAREFULLY jump on the logs to get to the other 
side. Why carefully? Because if you fall you have to swim all the way 
back and try again, which can be quite annoying. Run and jump into the 
pit, then push the rocks to the wall and use them as a stepping stone 
(pun) to reach the upper section. Run in the volcano, and avoid the 
flaming rocks and buckling walls. At the end is a seemingly impassible 
drop off with some animals nearby (A Turtle Tank and an Elephant). This 
part troubled me to no end at first, so listen up if you need help...

Kill the Elephant and use him to kill the Turtle Tank. Why use the 
Pachyderm? Well, he has better armor, better weapons, and he's easy to 
kill with the Hyena. :) Now hop inside the Turtle Tank and shoot some 
cannon shells into the lake...notice that some explode in mid-air and 
cause a shadow to form? WALK WHERE THE SHADOW WAS! You won't die, you'll 
be floating in mid-air on an invisible platform. Go forward a little, 
then turn left, then go forward to get to the other side (You could use 
the Elephant's water, but it's more awkward. 'Sides...the Turtle is 
easier to see where the path is.) 

Another stragedy is to switch the rain machine on, which causes rain to 
fall, and it will clue you in to where the path is. You have to be quick 
on your feet, though, because it doesn't last very long.

On the other side is the Parrot, flying around. Kill him with what ever 
you have (mission 2 complete) then use him to reach the exit that is 
just above in the treetops.

Simple...when you get the Parrot, fly to the start. Fly way up high and 
you'll find it in the trees, right above the 1st teleporter.

///////////////////LEVEL 20: SWAMP OF ETERNAL STENCH\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Phew! So this is where the sewers lead...and here you are slap bang in 
the middle of it. Ha ha. Wipe your feet before you even THINK about 
crawling back in here.

- Get out of the poo and into a Hyena
- Find something to climb those vines
- Find and free the Magic Rope

Animals: Racing Turtle, Gorilla, and Hyena


If this level can be summed up in one word it would have to be 

Go straight, where the signs point, through an invisible path through 
the muck. If you fall in, it will drain your energy at surprisingly fast 
speeds! When the signs stop, it gets to be a little trial-and-error 
game. Go to where the trees are, and you'll eventually find yourself in 
a large island like place with two Hyenas. Use your shell attack (you're 
in the Racing Turtle) to kill one and get inside (mission 1 complete). 
Go forward and you'll eventually find dos (that's two for my non-Spanish 
speaking friends*) Gorillas wandering about. Laugh them to death and get 
inside (Makes perverts like me laugh...haha) (mission 2 complete) and 
lift up one of the barrels to form a platform to the upper path. You can 
do one of two things here:

1. Find the first vine, and swing along the dozens and dozens of vines 
until you find the Magic Rope 
2. Bring a 2nd barrel and use it to hop on the last vine, therefor 
cutting your vine swinging time to five seconds instead of 10 minutes.

Well, er, pick your choice and you'll find the Magic Rope! Climb up it 
to free it (mission 3 complete). It will suddenly whirl you away to the 
other side of the level...there's the exit!

* - I don't speak Spanish fluently. I just take Spanish class at school. 
Pity me! Please?

On the island with the Hyenas, there are two cement pipes. I forget 
which one it is, but it's one of them. Drive to the back, notice the 
grating? Just use Evo (that is, hop out using R) to get by it and you'll 
find the Trophy.

//////////////////////////Level 21: WEIGHT FOR IT\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Look, Evo, animals living in perfect harmony. DISGUSTING! Put a stop to 
that right now. Mmm, why is there an elephant up that tree? Get it down 
before it breaks something.

- Activate the stepping stone switch
- Get a Piranha
- Get the elephant out of that tree

Animals: Lion, Gorilla, Hyena, Piranha, Parrot, and Elephant

Guide: This level is VERY, VERY confusing the first time around. Don't 
be fooled into thinking you have to use the boxes to get the elephant, 
while using the Gorilla to - ah, forget it. Just follow my instructions 
and this level will be a breeze.

You start out as the Lion, but you'll need to switch very soon. Go 
forward and kill both Hyenas. Get the Lion very close to the rock that 
is on the ground, near the waterfall, and then go get a Hyena, lay him 
on the rock, and then jump into the Lion. Go murder (running out of 
verbs for the same action!) the Gorilla that's running in mindless 
circles. Use the Monkey (er...ape) to cross the vines that are up the 
hill. Keep on going, following the vines, to find a switch. Activate it 
(mission 1 complete). Jump across the floating rocks, then get inside 
the Hyena laying on the rock. 

At the other side is a wall - jump over it. Get near the blue switch, 
and look underwater, when the fish gets over the plate, hit the switch 
to bring the Piranha out of the water, then kill the fish with your 
maniacal laughter and become one with the fish (mission 2 complete). 
Swim to the other side of the lake and jump over the ledge to find a 
switch which will make a bridge appear - ah, now you can cross the lake 
in Hyena form! Do so, and kill the parrot. Now simply fly over to the 
Elephant, get inside (mission 3 complete) and exit! Whoohoo!

If you can't get the Hyena on the rocks for some reason, here's another 
stragedy for getting the Hyena up there. As an Ape, get one of the metal 
cubes and lay it on the roots from the big tree. Here's some crappy 
artwork. Remember, this is from a top-down perspective, as if we could 
see the level looking down: 

_____   v  _______ 
     ?  i  ?      ?
     ?  n  ?   h  ?   <--- Right there you idiot
_____?  e  ?______?


Vine = The vine you use to get to the second tree stump.

h = The hole with the weird red things coming out. This tree stump is 

O = The rocks

Waterfall = The big waterfall

<--- = This is the root I am talking about

As I was saying, get a metal cube and place is against the tree wall, 
while on the stump. "What stump?" Somebody is going to ask me this, and 
I will simply reply "The one I spent five minutes drawing, you 
incompetent boob." OK, so the cube is laying against the stump. Now go 
get a boulder, and lay it on top of the cube (this may take a few tries, 
because if you miss it rolls away). Now go get inside a Hyena, CAREFULLY 
jump on the rock that is on top of the cube, then jump straight up to 
find yourself on top, and you can go across the floating rocks. 

Here it is illustrated further, remember, this is a cube with a rock on 
top, and you use it as a platform to get above.

__    <--- You need to get up there
        \      <--- The stump goes down at an angle           

If you don't understand this simple concept, you need to seriously 
question your intelligence.

Throw the rocks through the red rings with the ape!

/////////////////////////LEVEL 22: JUNGLE JUMPS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

There's a big, blue, swirly thing on the scanner...Maybe I shouldn't 
have spilled coffee on it. Hey! Be careful - It's a jungle out there. Ha 
ha ha...

- Kill all the Gorillas
- Kill all the Hyenas
- Collect all the keys

Animals: Hyena Biker, Gorilla, Racing Turtle, Chameleon, and Elephant

You'll need to change forms...AND FAST! Go forward and turn right, then 
kill both Hyena Bikers (mission 2). Now you can be one of them. 
Ah...missiles...Ok, ok. Now go back to the start and use the Hyena's 
Turbo Boosts to get to the "end" where you are looking down on a tree - 
you have to get over there! Thar be two Gorillas over there, and you 
need the Hyena's firepower to take them down (I did mean to say "Thar" 
BTW...). Do not aim for the trunk when flying over the chasm, if you do, 
you'll bounce off and have to go around and come back. Instead, try to 
land on the platform that en-circles it. Now lookie, lookie at the dead 
apes! Well, they will be after a hurricane of rockets (mission 1 
complete). Use them to find the Keys.

1. Left of the start
2. On a tree near the obstacle course on the way to the Gorillas. You'll 
need to climb some vines.
3. Jump on the platforms to reach a tree, then carefully (use the attack 
jump if you have to) jump on the logs to get to the last one.

(mission 3 complete)

Now the exit will open up! Yay!

Go through all of the blue rings and it will appear. You will need to 
use many different animals to go through the rings. To get the Trophy, 
go near the giant log and use the vine to swing to it. 

////////////////////////LEVEL 23: EVO'S ESCAPE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Listen up! In this zone there's a long line of obscure puzzles to solve, 
deadly traps to negotiate, and idol to steal, and a big rolly rock to 

Animals: Chameleon, Parrot, Hyena, Hyena Biker, Piranha, Hippo, Gorilla, 
Elephant, Lion, and Turtle Tank.

I can't walk you through this one - it takes 100% SKILL! In this stage, 
you must go through an underground tunnel in a first person view and 
kill various animals using missiles, bombs, and other pick-ups you'll 
find along the way. I'm not sure how many animals you need to kill to 
beat the level, but it's at least 1300 points - to my knowledge. 

Your prize is another piece of your Shellsuit.

                             DESERT ZONE

                         D E S E R T   Z O N E 

////////////////////////LEVEL 24: FUN IN THE SUN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Looks like the station's fuel supply is produced here. Wonder why the 
machine's shut down?

- Restart the oil pump
- Open the fuel line valves

Animals: Camel, Desert Fox, and Vulture

Go forward to a place with two camels, a box, and a small pyramid. Kill 
a Camel and climb inside, leaving your Desert Fox behind. Use the 
Camel's strength to push the box towards the large door, then switch 
back to the Desert Fox and jump up and go through the door (if you go in 
as the Camel, you'll be murdered within seconds because of all the 
Desert Foxes). Activate the lever on the large oil rig (mission 1 
complete) and some oil will spill over the exit, therefor blocking your 
only way out! See that block that is going up and down nearest the exit 
platform? Jump on and then hit the blue switch to cause a platform to 
come down and get you. Jump across the fire platforms and do battle with 
the Vulture. Use it to fly to the four valves and activate them. They're 
all in a row, so it shouldn't be so hard...(mission 2 complete). Now the 
oil will drain away and the exit will open!

All you have to do is kill all the Desert Foxes! I would suggest using a 
Desert Fox, and shooting from afar, as some of them follow strict 
patterns and won't attack until you get close. Others will get in your 
face...just spray some bullets and watch your energy!

//////////////////////////LEVEL 25: HOT CROSS BUNS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


- Destroy all the speakers
- Kill all those Spinning Foxes
- Turn all the nought's to crosses

Animals: Cannon Camel, Spinning Fox, Vulture, and Scorpion

Your first duty is to kill the three Spinning Foxes using the Cannon 
Camel...just get in a first view and wallop them with cannon shells! It 
shouldn't be too difficult, really (mission 2 complete). Next, go left 
and kill the Vulture. Now use it to carry the Cannon Camel & a Spinning 
Fox over the hole with spikes in it. Hit the switch to cause one of the 
platforms to go up. Ok, now use the Cannon Camel to out into the open 
and kill all six or so Scorpions (again, I would use the first person 
view). Use one of them to go in the little purple hole and explore the 
system of vents until you find a switch which will activate the second 
platform. The 3rd switch is on a nearby hill, and I would use the 
Vulture to reach that one.

Then there's the matter of the speakers - just shoot them with a cannon 
1) At the start
2) Shortly after the hole with spikes in it
3) Near the exit
4) Right in front of a hill

(mission 1 complete)

Ok, now you have to jump on the platforms so the "O" becomes an "X." And 
you have to be quick, as they reset in a matter of seconds. The only 
creature in this level that can jump quick enough (heck, he's the only 
one that _can_ jump...) is the Spinning Fox. Do it! (mission 3 complete)


See that big pool with swirly things in it? Well, use the Vulture to 
drop every Scorpion in the level into it. Each one will pop out as a 
silver Scorpion. Collect them all and get a golden Scorpion, which is, 
of course, the Trophy.

//////////////////////LEVEL 26: STING IN THE TAIL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The other animals have been forced into the mountains by those rotten 
Scorpions. Stay well above them to avoid getting zapped!

- Get a Kangaroo
- Get a Vulture

Animals: Scorpion, Kangaroo, Spinning Fox, and Vulture

Whoa, this level is a bit short! Go around the Scorpions, avoiding them 
the best you can (try a spin!) and run up the ramp, then turn left and 
go up the second ramp to get on the other side of the short wall. 
Continue over the bridge and jump on the short platforms to get to a 
metal platform with two Kangaroos on it. Kill one and get inside 
(mission 1 complete). Now you can use it's supreme jumping power to 
reach the Vulture platform! Kill one of them and climb on in (mission 2 
complete). Return to the Kangaroo platform and carry the Spinning Fox to 
the exit. Use it to get through the narrow hole.

Kill every Scorpion in the level! 

/////////////////////////LEVEL 27: BORASSIC PARK\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Sensors indicate that this section has been isolated for centuries. 
Watch out for any long-lost relatives here.

- Locate FOUR archaeological discoveries
- Kill me a Kangaroo, sport!

(Question: How could this section be isolated for centuries if the 
space-station was built in the year 2000?) 

Animals: Desert Fox, Kangaroo, and Vulture

Go down the long canyon and collect all of the cameras, each one counts 
as a discovery. They're all set in the path, so it shouldn't be hard. 
The last one lies on top of a skull with moving eyes...! After 
collecting the fourth one (mission 1 complete) turn left and go down the 
path, avoiding the various attacks from the Dinosaurs, and jump into the 
pit and kill the Kangaroo (mission 2 complete).

Ok, you've got the missions done. Now you just need to figure out how to 
get TO the exit. Well, backtrack to the bones, specifically the ribs. 
The back, back ribs. On the side closet to the rolling rocks is a wall 
with a Power Cell on it, right? Well, climb up, then jump on the ribs 
and use them as a bridge to the next wall. Down that path, which is on 
the wall, are two Vultures. Give chase and kill one, then use it to fly 
to the exit.

Using the Kangaroo, punch out all the teeth out of the giant dinosaur 
skull with giant eyes that follow you (am I the only one who likes to 
make him go cross eyed? :))

/////////////////////////LEVEL 28: WHIRLWIND TOUR\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

I can see that the teleporter's way up high, Evo. I'd say you need 
something flappy to get up there.

- Be a Desert Fox
- Be a Kangaroo, too
- Get a happy flappy chappy

Animals: Cannon Camel, Scorpion, Desert Fox, Kangaroo, and Vulture

Go forward in your little old Cannon Camel and keep going until you find 
a platform with wind blowing across it. Use your warping technique to 
get through, then on the next area you'll be lifted onto a bridge via a 
little twister. Keep following it and you'll find two Desert Foxes: Kill 
them both and get inside one of them (mission 1 complete). Now return to 
the windy platform, near it is a little mountain. At the summit is a 
Kangaroo! You'll have to play some hide-and-seek (he runs around a 
pillar when you try to chase him and shoot at him) but you should be 
able to kill him and take over his body (mission 2 complete). Now return 
to where you got the Desert Foxes...with your unique jumping ability, go 
to the top and inhabit a Vulture (mission 3 complete). The exit is on 
the pillar the Kangaroo was running around...but you just can't fly up 
there! See those four pillars near it? Get on the highest one, and fly 
to the high, fat pillars on the right that are hanging in Outerspace. 
You can reach the exit from the second one.

Surprise! Kill all the Scorpions and one will appear on the shore near 
the boxes.

/////////////////////////LEVEL 29: SHIFTING SANDS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

WARNING! Scanners predict strong winds ahead. Probably those rotten 
carrots you made me eat...

- Get something big and bouncy
- Get a flappy thing

Animals: Spinning Fox, Vulture, and Pogo-Stick Kangaroos

You start out as the Spinning Fox, and you're upstream, and you need to 
get downstream. If you fall in the water you get hurt...so jump on the 
rocks until you get to the end, where you'll have a short but sweet box 
ride down a waterfall and crash into the bubbly water! Did that make any 
sense? No? Good.

Now, you _could_ have to go through this big ordeal with hitting 
switches to lift these pillars, blah, blah, blah, yacky shmacky, but I 
have found a hidden shortcut to skip all of this! Simply go up the sand 
dune, and look down. See the T.V. on the wall? If you jump on it, it 
serves as a platform across the gap!! Major shortcut. 

On the other side are two Pogo-Stick Kangaroos, just kill one and get 
inside (mission 1 complete). Oh, great, a new problem! The Vulture is 
flying around on a small platform, and you can't get to him. To kill him 
you must get on the adjacent platform and jump while firing your 
boomerangs at him! If your timing is good, and you're at the right 
height, then the boomerangs should hit him. Do this for awhile and it'll 
drop dead. Now, using the Spinning Fox, go get inside him (mission 2 
complete). Carry the Fox to the exit, then use the Fox to fit through 
the small hole. 

Trophy: Go inside the red tent, then come out. A little depression with 
pillars have appeared in the sand. See that little cloud of sand? Stand 
on it, and it will disappear and go somewhere else (but never outside of 
the depression). Stand on them all and it shall appear.

/////////////////////////LEVEL 30: PUNCH UP PYRAMID\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Would you look at that, Evo - another piece of your Shellsuit. Bash the 
brains out of the boxers to win it back!

Animals: Camel, Cannon Camel, and Kangaroo


Like all the bonus rounds before this, this one requires SKILL!

To win each round, you'll need to knock the opponent out three times 
(i.e. drain their energy three times). Each time you knock them out, or 
a new round starts, a piece of energy falls down.  

Round 1 - You'll fight a Camel. Just go in and bash his face in! You 
don't even have to try to avoid his spit, because if you get in his face 
he won't do anything! EASY!

Round 2 - You'll now fight a Cannon Camel. Nothing much as changed, 
except getting hit will cause a large loss of energy. Just watch out 
where that cannon points, but besides that this guy is easy! The only 
way he can attack you is with his cannon!

Round 3 - This one is, naturally, the hardest and most frustrating. You 
fight your brother, a Kangaroo in blue shorts with blue boxing gloves. 
The only trick is to get near him and he'll start to punch, but he won't 
connect. Then he'll run out of energy to punch, and back into a 
corner...USE THIS CHANCE! Beat 'em up! You know, roughen him up a bit 
and all 'dat :)

Your prize is the last piece of your Shellsuit!

///////////////////LEVEL 31: BIG CELEBRATION PARADE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Note: You may only have access to this level if you have retrieved all 
four pieces of Evo's Shellsuit (which means you would have to beat every 
level in the game thus far)


Animals: Evo (the following are not playable but are present): Sheep, 
Springy Thingy, Springy Ram, Bi-Plane Dog, Rat, Rat King, Fox, Frog, 
Rocket Fox, Racing Mouse, and Racing Dog.

A little cinema: As SS:SV hurdles towards Earth, Dan and Evo think it's 
all over, as they are about to enter the control room and easily shut 
off station's engines. But, ah! Before they can a giant ray gun comes 
out from the station and it's pointed towards Earth! It starts to fire, 
it's a Dooms-Day-Shrinky-O-Matic (in the words of Dan). If you doddle 
and the gun fires too much, it's game over for you.

Go through all of the doors to finally meet the head honcho of this 
operation...dun dun dun!!!!!!! ...A brain with two 
oddly placed eye balls sitting in the middle of a large machine?! Who 
thinks this looks a little too much like a watered down version of 
Motherbrain from Metroid? This guy is a weakling, and will die the 
second your laser touches him...Oh! But it seems he was driving the 
station, and it's on a direct collision course with Earth...

It slams into the Earth, off the coast of New York City, and for some 
reason doesn't have the same effects as it should have. It's at least 10 
miles in diameter -- it should have ended all life -- like a giant 
asteroid! And it's not even broken in half...of course, if it was there 
would be no more game, so I'll just shut up now.

Now most of the animals have escaped the station and are wrecking havoc 
on the nearby city! Go get 'em! The first thing you must understand is 
that there are not 50 animals there at once; they come in waves. The 
first wave consists of Sheep and Rams. 2nd is Frogs. 3rd is Racing Mice. 
And so on...Until everything is DEAD! Then watch the mediocre ending.

6) Animal Notes

I made this section because, well, basically, the Animal Section is 
already crowded enough! This is where you will find additional 
information on animals. Not much, I know, but hey, let me have my fun 

1. Sheep:
The Sheep has pitiful defense, but can scale canyons and even walls with 
it's unique hovering ability!

2. Dog:
Your average animal. His attack is his bite, which doesn't cause much 
damage. He has Ok armor, but besides that the only thing you'll use is 
his jump.

3. Racing Mouse:
This one is FAST! But it's difficult to control when going into sharp 
turns, and his momentum is a little too much...His attack is almost 
useless, but if you're good you might be able to kill something stronger 
than a Sheep with it.

4. Fox:
His warping ability allows him to reach far away platforms with out 
risking falling down a cliff, and his attack is quite strong. A potent 
creature indeed!

5. Racing Dog:
It has the same turbo powers as the Racing Mouse, but carries a 
bucketload of missiles! Very powerful!

6. Ram:
Basically a Sheep that can attack but can't jump very good.

7. Bear:
This guy is SLOW! His Bear Frenzy can be quite powerful, and you can 
also jump during this time. An ok creature, but nothing special.

8. Rat:
He can only lay a few exploding feces at once, but this is usually 
enough where he is needed. His bite attack is also quite useful for 
small targets (i.e. other rats)

9. Rocket Fox:
Only seen during a few missions, it can not be used as far as I know. It 
shoots rockets at you.

10. Rat King:
His fart gas is weak, and his Rat Army Call is stupid. but he does have 
a high defense.

11. Springy Thingy:
It's a Sheep with a spring! Unlike it's cousin, this one can attack by 
jumping and falling on people (hit jump as you come down).

12. Springy Ram:
Again, the same as the Ram except with a spring. It can also do the jump 
attack, along with it's Head-butt. They both (Springy Thingy and Spring 
Ram) can jump quite high.

13. Penguin:
This cute little guy can barely jump, but he can glide with the help of 
an umbrella, and he's a great swimmer. He can toss some snowballs, too! 
Although, they're pretty weak...

14. Bi-Plane Dog:
You only get to use this in one Bonus Stage, it can shoot it's machine 
gun and drop bombs at the same time! It's other move is the About Face, 
where it will do a Loop-da-loop and turn around. Neato.

15. Polar Bear:
Why this creature is in the game we may never know. His only use is to 
get a few Power Cells in that one level...He can cause shockwaves, and 
he can also turn into a ball and hide from enemies.

16. Polar Bear on Treads:
Ah, this is more like it! He can eject very powerful cannon shells from 
his face, and he can lay tons of explosive feces. And he has great 
traction, too. You can go up the steepest hills!

17. Seagull:
Maybe not the best bird in the world, but you have to use it in one 
level. It can fly, obviously, and pick up dead animals and set them down 
somewhere else. 

18. Husky:
The Husky Frenzy is similar to the Bear Frenzy, and he can also jump. 
Nothing we haven't seen yet here.

19. Rabbit:
This little guy can jump high! His attack, the Thumper, is not that 
powerful, and it's hard to aim. During the attack, he thumps his foot 
against the ground, causing earthquakes.

20. Ski-Husky:
He may be difficult to control, have awful shields, and almost no gas 
for his Turbo, but his seemingly endless amount of energy for his 
missiles more than make up for this! He can go _very_ fast on slick 
surfaces with his turbo.

21. Heli-Rabbit
Although it may have light shields, this animal is hard to kill, CPU or 
not. It can get above an opponent and rain bombs down on them, all which 
are very powerful.

22. Walrus:
I vote this guy as "The Hardest To Control Animal In The Game!" It can 
only fire two missiles at once, then you have to wait nearly a full 
minute for them to recharge. Though the missiles are quite large and 
very lethal, but they don't track very well.

23. Cool Cod:
The first fish you'll seen in the game, the Cool Cod has no attack! It 
can swim and jump out of the water. Naturally, getting stuck on dry land 
will quickly diminish your energy bar.

24. King Penguin:
Now we're talking! Good armor, great attack (falling on people from a 
great height), and an awesome move with his Ass Rocket! :) You can go 
quite high with that Ass Rocket, even higher than any bird (except the 
parrot) or rabbit in the game!

25. Turtle Tank:
Heavy armor, very powerful bombs, and a hide move to boot! Hiding will 
result in temporal invincibility, as far as I can tell, but you can only 
stay in one place. You can also control the cannon by holding the fire 
button...which is very useful!

26. Racing Turtle:
A turtle that _isn't_ slow? My, how strange. I've discovered a secret 
attack for this animal that is quite potent. Slam on the turbo and when 
you're at top speed, use your hide ability. You'll go flying off walls 
in your shell like a Koopa Troopa Shell from Mario!

28. Elephant:
Strong armor, medium attack, and a slow walker the Elephant is. It's 
attack is spraying water through it's trunk, which is great when killing 
small things, like a Turtle...

29. Piranha:
Finally! A fish that can attack, or at least bite it's victims in half. 
It can also jump out of the water!

30. Hyena:
This character uses it's own laughter as it's attack, which will spread 
and damage baddies. It will take a few seconds to take effect, however. 
The Hyena is also quite an established jumper!

31. Hippo:
You only get one chance to use the Hippo, but that's ok, he's as slow as 
a slug with botcholism. He can lay up to a dozen exploding feces at 
once, and he can vomit at people - which is almost fatal in ONE blow!

32. Parrot:
This bird can fly HIGH! Higher than any other bird or animal, including 
the King Penguin. Her (why her? I dunno. It looks like a her to me) 
attack is the Dive-bomb. No explanation necessary.

33. Gorilla:
Not so good, not so bad. The Gorilla can just barely jump, but he can 
jump higher using his only offense attack - Shockwaves from the ground, 
just like the Polar Bear. It can also lift heavy objects from the ground 
and use them for mission x.

34. Lion:
You only get to use him once, which is a crying shame, seeing as he is 
an awesome creature. Strong armor, great jumping power, fast, and has 
one of the most powerful attacks in the game! The Roar Attack will drain 
any creature's health bar within seconds.

35. Hyena Biker:
Another one-night-stand animal, the Hyena Biker has tons of energy for 
shooting missiles, and a long Turbo Boost, as well.

36. Chameleon:
Again, a one time only thing. Useless! His hiding technique doesn't last 
long enough, which can be said the same thing about his tongue.

37. Desert Fox:
This little gerbilisitic guy carries a gun that shoots three bullets at 
once! He has an ok jumping ability - but he doesn't mix well with water.

38. Spinning Fox:
His only attack - the Taz like spinning ability - is best used against 
relatively stationary animals because it is hard to control, and after 
you use it for a few seconds, you get "dizzy." 

39. Camel:
This is about as average as you can get! His spit is not that powerful, 

40. Scorpion:
Are they trying to tease us? They never let us try this guy out against 
baddies! It's too bad, too, since his electricity that comes from his 
tail is _very_ powerful. The same can not be said about his claw attack, 

41. Cannon Camel:
Ah, NOW we're talking! The best way to use his cannon is to go into the 
first-person view, this way the cannon is always facing towards your 
prey. A few cannon shells will knock anything down including you if 
you're not careful.

42. Vulture:
This fat bird can barely get off the ground! Again, it can carry dead 
animals and fly.

43. Kangaroo:
The Kangaroo trades a potent attack for a very high jumping ability. 
Now, I'm not saying his attack is useless - quite the contrary! An 
entire platoon (that is, until all of the energy is drained) can really 

44. Pogo-Stick Kangaroo:
You only use it once. Good jumping ability and a semi-powerful attack. 
The boomerang is hard to aim, and you often miss.

45. Evo:
This is, without a doubt, the best animal in the game. It has an almost 
bottomless amount of energy for it's laser - which is the most powerful 
weapon in the _entire_ game. His rocket is similar to the King Penguin, 
but you can't gain as much altitude. But that's OK, you won't really 
need it that much.

7) Secrets

These codes are not my responsibility, they come from Cheat Code 
Central. Therefore, if any of them do not work or are incorrect, 
complain to them, not me, thank you. Also before using them, remember 
that it is a lot more fun to beat the game on your own then to use a 
code and cheat your way through it. That would be a waste of money on 
your part. 

As you may know, there is a problem in the level, "Fat Bear Mountain". 
It is impossible to get the souvenir on this level due to a 
manufacturing error. You can see it, but can't get it; you just walk 
through it. The following code solves this problem.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Down, Up, Z, L, Down, 
Left, Z, Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a ping 
sound. Then, select a saved game or level and press Left.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, 
Up, Z, Down at the game or level selection screen. If you entered the 
code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved game or 
level and press Left.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Up, Down, Z, L, Down, 
C-Right, Z, Down at the game or level selection screen. If you entered 
the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved 
game or level and press Left.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, 
C-Left, Z, Down at the game or level selection screen. If you entered 
the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved 
game or level and press Left.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, 
Left, Z, Down at the game or level selection screen. If you entered the 
code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved game or
level and press Left.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Up, Down, L, Z, Down, 
Right, Z, Down at the game or level selection screen. If you entered the 
code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved game or
level and press Left.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Down, Up, Z, L, Down, 
Left, Z, Down at the level selection screen. If you entered the code 
correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved game or 
level and press Left.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press C-Left, L, Z, Down, 
L, Z, C-Left, C-Right. If you entered the
code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved game or 


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Up, L, Z, Down, Left, 
Z, Down, Up at the game or level 
selection screen. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a 
ping sound. Then, select a saved game or


At the saved game or level selection screen, press L, Down, Z, L, Down, 
Up, L, Left at the game or level selection screen. If you entered the 
code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved game or


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Z, Down, Up, L, 
Right, L, Left, Right at the game or level selection screen. If you 
entered the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a 
saved game or level.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Left, Right, Z, L, 
Left, Z, Right, Left at the game or level selection screen. If you 
entered the code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a 
saved game or level.


At the saved game or level selection screen, press Down, A, C-Up, L, C-
Down, L, Left at the game or level selection screen. If you entered the 
code correctly, you will hear a ping sound. Then, select a saved game or


Collect all 390 metal orbs to turn Evo gold on the last level.


Hold A or B and power on the Nintendo 64 to view two different 
introduction sequences after the DMV man appears.

On the first level, go up to the Rocket and you can see Dan through the 
glass. He'll make a little comment, but if you're the dog and bark five 
times, the rocket will attempt to take off! It will be, of course, 

In each level, there are several speakers that blast out strange music 
and tunes. Well, if you have something explosive...like exploding feces 
or rockets, then you can blast them away and the music will go away! 

8) Credits

= = = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo: Publisher...

DMA Design: Floating sheep? Crazy developers.

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = = 

Cheat Code Central : Take Gamesages, then take N64cc, 
add them together, and what do you have? More codes and secrets than you 
could possibly imagine. Thanks to them, the Secrets Section is now huge. 

= = = = = = = = =

The following people sent in some/or most of the Trophies. Some I 
already had, but heck, I'm such a nice guy I included their name 

Cristian A. Villanueva
Nicholas C.
Sydney C.
J-Train Ray 
Thom B.
Michael S.
J. Burke69 
Andy M.
Iwan L.
Joe G.

9) Legal Stuff

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
2) You give me credit
3) It is shown in it's full version
4) This fine print is included
5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow - All Rights Reserved

10) The End

So many games, so many guides...I'm overwhelmed! As always, if there are 
any mistakes, typos, misprints, questions, comments, etc., then E-mail 
me at [email protected] 

The most updated version can be found at www.gamefaqs.com, so if you 
have a Q, make sure it's not in the outdated version that someone else 
may have stole. Yes, this has happened enough times that I have to put 
this down!


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