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                       Strategy Guide by ABSOLUTE STEVE
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                And thus it is, when hope with earnest striving
                Has toiled in aims as high as man may dare,
                Fulfillment’s open gates give promise fair,
                But from those everlasting depths comes driving,
                A fiery blast that takes us unaware:
                We thought to light life’s torch, but now, depriving
                Our highest hope, a sea of fire surrounds us.
                Such fire! Of love? Or the fierce glow of hate?
                The blend of joy and sorrow that confounds us
                Sends us to earth: to veil our troubled state,
                For benefice of Spring we supplicate.

                                                         from: Faust
                                                        J. W. Goethe

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                                HUMAN REVOLUTION
              N                 In a not so distant future, biotechnology has
             A  R               successfully been implemented in soldiers,
            M /\ E              agents and spies, dramatically enhancing their
           U /  \ V             performances.  Enter Adam Jensen, a security
          H /(DX)\ O            specialist on a job to protect a team of
           /¯¯¯¯¯¯\ L           scientists working at a highly advanced
        X / v1.02  \ U          biotechnology firm.  Nothing's what it seems
       E /          \ T         when the researchers are killed by black ops
        /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ I        mercenaries, and it looks as if someone is 
     S /PC/XBOX360\PS3\ O       steering human revolution down a very specific 
    U /                \ N      path, but how - and why? It's up to you to
   E /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ B     unravel this conspiracy where it'll be your own
  D / [email protected] \ Y    decisions that determine the destiny of mankind.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      Step into the world of Deus Ex with this highly
   A B S O L U T E S T E V E    anticipated prequel.

Deus Ex Human Revolution has been designed in such a fashion that there are
usually three approaches to an area: Stealth, Combat, or a mixture between
these two.  This guide will usually go for a mixture between Stealth and Combat,
but explores every area thoroughly and points out possibilities to receive more
experience points to effectively grow Adam into a superhuman augmented security

It can sometimes be tricky to find a balance between holding someone's hand
through the entire game, and clearly missing information by describing too
little.  This guide heavily leans towards a centered approach, but will also
provide indepth tactics on enemy and boss patterns, as well as information on
several experience bonuses.  It will not go over every possible hacking grid,
the main reason being that I don't currently have the time to write on this
large subject.  You are very much invited to submit PC-specific-grid hacking
tactics, and I'll gladly implement them into this guide.

       Before moving on to the main guide, I'd like to say a few things.

It's been ten years since I first started writing strategy guides for games
like Resident Evil 2 and The Legend of Dragoon (both unpublished work).  The
very first strategy guide I ever published online was for a game called Deus Ex.

This digital space was intended to go over some of the gaming industry's flaws,
but since you're already playing Deus Ex Human Revolution and using this guide,
you hopefully don't need convincing that the industry needs more games like
Deus Ex.  What the industry certainly needs is better, original writers..

What a ridiculous question, right?  I don't intend to bore you with a long
philosophical interpretation on what happens when you play a videogame, but I
do wish to make a comment on it, if only to give some appreciation of the
enormous potential hidden in videogames, and to show that this is far from
being used to its full extent.

To answer this question: You start to live in the world of the videogame.  Your
"lifeworld" merges with another lifeworld - a world fully created by human
beings.  This is different from reading a book or watching a movie.  One
certainly reflects on literary and cinematographic worlds, but the subject's
free will plays no role in those other lifeworlds.  Not only is their narrative
linear; more importantly, the feeling of "exploring" that lifeworld is not
as strong as is the case in a videogame's lifeworld.

We can expect the videogame industry only to grow over the next few decades,
giving the following reasons for this expansion.  Generations of gamers grow
older and don't completely quit playing videogames.  Our (grand)parents might
not be avid gamers, but at least some of us who are currently in their twenties
will still play a videogame occasionally when they're twenty, thirty years
older. Furthermore, the industry is looking to find new audiences; even our
parents have heard of Wii Sports.  Videogames in which interactive narrative is
an important aspect of gameplay add an extra dimension to the exploration of
their lifeworld. It would be premature to call games like Heavy Rain the
predecessors of this genre, but it's likely to eventually see an increase of
games aimed at different, larger audiences.

It's important to realize that videogames are changing the world in their own
way.  Thirty years ago, no one would have thought that they could've had such
a large influence on popular culture.  The improvement of hardware's mobility -
in other words, the increasing ease to merge lifeworlds - comes in the form
of handheld consoles, but also with the possibilities the internet has to
offer.  Massive Multiplayer Online games even allow you to interact with other
people who experience the very same world as you; how can a world not be real
if two people experience it at the same time, better yet if millions of people
literally live a "second life" in an other lifeworld?

While this broadens and enriches lifeworlds in a sense, it is interactive
narrative - like Deus Ex offers - that teaches us more about things like ethics
and communication.  It makes the secondary lifeworld realistic, livable, and
explorable.  Unfortunately, many games still have linear narrative storytelling.

Because of space constraints, it suffices to say that other lifeworlds have
their benefits.  In a mythless and increasingly rationalizing world, limitless
abilities in other lifeworlds are not only appealing, they're wings of freedom
in various ways.  It is obviously important we don't forget about our primary
lifeworld - we need to drink, eat, be physically safe, and make love every once 
in a while.  The highest danger lies in neglecting our higher needs; esteem and
self-actualisation.  If we put our secondary lifeworld above out primary
lifeworld in terms of importance/value, we will slowly estrange from our
primary lifeworld.  Trophies, achievements, leaderboards and all the like are
fun, but sacrificing parts of your primary lifeworld can lead to addiction and
in the long term to regrets.  Fortunately this warning only applies to a handful
of gamers.

It's been a pleasure to explore secondary lifeworlds for the past ten years and
to write "travel literature" for these worlds.

This strategy guide is dedicated in threefold to the world of the original Deus
Ex game, to everyone who has read and supported my work the past decade, and to
my grandmother who recently passed away.  I can only hope that I've succeeded in
capturing as many details of its brilliant (life)world as possible.

I hope you enjoy Human Revolution, just as much as I hope you'll (re)play the
original Deus Ex afterwards.  It is, after all, a continuation of this story.


                    _   __           ___ ___  __        __
                   | \ |  | |\ |  /\  |   |  |  | |\ | (_ 
                   |_/ |__| | \| /__\ |  _|_ |__| | \| __)
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        ¯¯¯¯                                                               /TOC\
 Use CTRL + F and copy/paste the /TAG\ to find the section you're looking for.

              I.    CONTROLS, BASICS & TIPS /BSC\
              1.1   Game Controls ...................... [BSC-1]
              1.11  PC Controls ........................ [BSC-1.11]
              1.12  Playstation 3 Controls ............. [BSC-1.12]
              1.13  XBOX360 Controls ................... [BSC-1.13]
              1.14  Advanced Controls .................. [BSC-1.14]
              1.2   The Menu ........................... [BSC-1.2]
              1.21  The Main Menu ...................... [BSC-1.21]
              1.22  The Game Menu ...................... [BSC-1.22]
              1.3   Basics ............................. [BSC-1.3]
              1.31  The HUD ............................ [BSC-1.31]
              1.32  Experience Points .................. [BSC-1.32]
              1.33  Health & Damage System ............. [BSC-1.33]
              1.34  Difficulty Setting ................. [BSC-1.34]
              1.35  Destroyable Environment & Objects .. [BSC-1.35]

              II.   WALKTHROUGH /WLK\
              2.0   Sarif Industries Under Attack ...... [WLK-0]
              2.1   Back In The Saddle ................. [WLK-1]
              2.2   Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant [WLK-2]
              2.3   Neutralize The Terrorist Leader .... [WLK-3]
              2.4   Tying Up Loose Ends ................ [WLK-4]
              2.5   Visiting The L.I.M.B. Clinic ....... [WLK-5]
              2.6   Investigating The Suicide Terrorist  [WLK-6]
              2.7   Stopping the transmission .......... [WLK-7]
              2.8   Following the clues in Highland Park [WLK-8]
              2.9   Whispers of conspiracy ............. [WLK-9]
              2.10  Hunting the Hacker ................. [WLK-10]
              2.11  Gaining Access To Tai Yong Medical.. [WLK-11]
              2.12  Searching For Proof ................ [WLK-12]
              2.13  Entering the Dragon's Lair ......... [WLK-13]
              2.14  Confronting Eliza Cassan ........... [WLK-14]
              2.15  Confronting Sarif .................. [WLK-15]
              2.16  Finding Isaias Sandoval ............ [WLK-16]
              2.17  Cashing In Old Favors .............. [WLK-17]
              2.18  Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device.. [WLK-18]
              2.19  Stowing Away ....................... [WLK-19]
              2.20  The Omega Ranch .................... [WLK-20]
              2.21  Shutting Down Darrow's Signal ...... [WLK-21]

              III.  AUGMENTATIONS /AUG\
              3.1   Augmentations Efficiency Analysis .. [AUG-3.1]
              3.2   Augmentations Statistics ........... [AUG-3.2]

              IV.   INVENTORY /INV\

              V.    TROPHIES & ACHIEVEMENTS /T&A\

              VI.   EBOOK LOCATION LIST /EBK\


                    VERSION HISTORY


___    _  __     ___ _  __     __    _      __ ___  _  __   ___ ___  _   __
 |    /  |  ||\ | | |_)|  ||  (_    |_) /\ (_   |  /  (_     |   |  |_) (_   .
_|_.  \_ |__|| \| | | \|__||_ __)   |_)/  \__) _|_ \_ __)    |  _|_ |   __) / \
                                       ¯¯¯¯                                /BSC\
|/\/\/\|                      Game Controls [BSC-1]                     |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|   This section goes over the basic controls of the three       |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|   available platforms.                                         |/\/\/\|

                                 PC CONTROLS [BSC-1.11]:
      These controls are the initial setup, but they can be changed at any
      time by going into your MENU > OPTIONS > CONTROLS > KEYBOARD.

                 |ACTION:                  |     BUTTON:     |
                 |Look Around              |  MOUSE MOVEMENT |
                 |Move Left                |        A        |
                 |Move Right               |        D        |
                 |Move Forward             |        W        |
                 |Move Backward            |        S        |
                 |Toggle Run/Walk          |    CAPSLOCK     |
                 |Walk                     |      CTRL       |
                 |Interaction              |        E        |
                 |Jump                     |     SPACE       |
                 |Sprint                   |     SHIFT       |
                 |Crouch                   |        C        |
                 |Cover                    |   RIGHT MOUSE   |
                 |Draw/Fire Weapon         |    LEFT MOUSE   |
                 |Reload Weapon            |        R        |
                 |Holster Weapon           |        H        |
                 |Iron Sight               |  MIDDLE MOUSE   |
                 |Scroll Quick Items       |     SCROLL      |
                 |Throw/Detonate           |        G        |
                 |Takedown                 |        Q        |
                 |Activate Cloak           |       F1        |
                 |Activate Typhoon         |       F2        |
                 |Activate Vision Enhancer |       F3        |
                 |Activate Silent Movement |       F4        |
                 |Activate Special Upgrade |        Z        |
                 |Augmentations Menu       |        O        |
                 |Inventory Menu           |        I        |
                 |Mission Logs Menu        |        U        |
                 |Media Logs               |        [        |
                 |Map                      |        P        |
                 |Toggle Quickbar Auto-Hide|      GRAVE      |
                 |Next Weapon              |        =        |
                 |Previous Weapon          |        -        |
                 |Mark & Track             |        T        |

                      PLAYSTATION 3 CONTROLS [BSC-1.12]:
                 |ACTION:                  |     BUTTON:     |
                 |Look Around              | RIGHT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Move Around              |  LEFT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Interaction              |      Square     |
                 |Jump                     |        X        |
                 |Sprint                   |        L2       |
                 |Crouch                   |        L3       |
                 |Cover                    |        L1       |
                 |Draw/Fire Weapon         |        R1       |
                 |Reload Weapon            |      Square     |
                 |Holster Weapon           |     Triangle    |
                 |Iron Sight               |        R3       |
                 |Throw/Detonate           |        R2       |
                 |Takedown                 |      Circle     |
                 |Activate Cloak           |     D-pad Up    |
                 |Activate Typhoon         |    D-pad Right  |
                 |Activate Vision Enhancer |    D-pad Down   |
                 |Activate Silent Movement |    D-pad Left   |
                 |Enter Menu               |      SELECT     |
                 |Quick Inventory          |  Hold Triangle  |

                         XBOX360 CONTROLS [BSC-1.13]:
                 |ACTION:                  |     BUTTON:     |
                 |Look Around              | RIGHT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Move Around              |  LEFT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Interaction              |        X        |
                 |Jump                     |        A        |
                 |Sprint                   |       LB        |
                 |Crouch                   | Click Left Stick|
                 |Cover                    |       LT        |
                 |Draw/Fire Weapon         |        Y        |
                 |Reload Weapon            |        X        |
                 |Holster Weapon           |        Y        |
                 |Iron Sight               |Click Right Stick|
                 |Throw/Detonate           |       RB        |
                 |Takedown                 |        B        |
                 |Activate Cloak           |     D-pad Up    |
                 |Activate Typhoon         |    D-pad Right  |
                 |Activate Vision Enhancer |    D-pad Down   |
                 |Activate Silent Movement |    D-pad Left   |
                 |Enter Menu               |       BACK      |
                 |Quick Inventory          |      Hold Y     |

                         ADVANCED CONTROLS [BSC-1.14]:
Crouching, Jumping, Sprinting
Adam can crouch, jump and sprint at any time he wants.  Crouching reduces
your moving speed but also silences your footsteps.  Jensen can normally jump
1.1 meters, but with the Jump Enhancement Augmentation he can jump up to 3
meters, allowing you to reach alternative paths you otherwise wouldn't be able
to reach.  When Adam sprints, an additional bar appears on the screen,
indicating just how long he can keep up the pace.  Adam can sprint 6.5 meters
per second normally, and 7.5 meters per second with the Sprint Enhancement
Augmentation.  He can sprint for 2.5 seconds at base level, which can be
increased to 5 or 7.5 seconds with the two levels of Hyper-Oxygeneration
Augmentation.  It's up to you to decide whether this is worth your Praxis Kits,
although it's safe to say that these augmentations aren't top priority ones.

Adam can kill enemies by shooting them, hurling (Gas/EMP/Regular) Grenades at
them, shooting explosive barrels or gas canisters, performing takedowns,
tranquilizing them, and several other ways.  Depending on your playstyle you'll
want to unlock the right Augmentations for Adam.

o The cover system will greatly aid you in being stealthy.

o Use the interaction button to swap over towards a new cover location, if
  necessary/possible combined with a brief usage of stealth cloak.

o Use the jump button while near a corner to go around the object.

o Using the interaction button when your destination is far away will cause
  Adam to do a barrel roll.  Stealth cloak is rather useful in combination with 
  this otherwise less stealthy maneuver.

Stealth is an important aspect of Deus Ex Human Revolution.  The following tips
may come in handy:

o Your footsteps make noise, and jumping from a small height also generates
  noise.  Crouch toward your enemies to perform takedowns, or tranquilize them.

o Hide bodies in places where guards don't patrol.

o Use distractions.  Throw boxes towards places to lure - preferably one - guard
  to a lonely spot and incapacitate them out of sight.

|/\/\/\|                        The Menu [BSC-1.2]                      |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|   This is a step-by-step analysis of the game's various menu   |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|   options, which may differ slightly per game version.         |/\/\/\|

CONTINUE: This continues the game at the latest saved game, which can either be
          an autosave or a manually saved game.
NEW GAME: Start a new Deus Ex: Human Revolution game.
          TELL ME A STORY     = EASY
          GIVE ME DEUS EX     = HARD
          You may change the difficulty during the game.
LOAD:     Manually choose one of your savegames to load from.  There will be two
          autosaves to choose from, plus anything you've saved yourself.
          VIDEO: LUMINOSITY allows you to decrease/increase the lighting.

                 DISPLAY MODE allows you to turn on STEREOSCOPIC 3D, lets you
                 pick one of four resolutions (800x600, 1024x768, 1360x768, and
                 1366x768).  REFRESH RATE allows for a different Hertz refresh
                 rate (such as 60).  ASPECT RATIO allows you to choose between
                 an aspect ratio of 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, or 16:10, and is normally
                 on Auto. 
                 ADVANCED allows you to turn DIRECTX 11 On/Off, swap ANTI-
                 ALIASING between Edge AA and FXAA, SHADOWS between Off, Normal
                 and On, POST-PROCESSING On/Off, TEXTURE FILTER between Bi-
                 Trilinear, or 1x/2x/4x/8x/16x Anisotropic, VSYNC On/Off,
                 TRIPLE BUFFERING On/Off, TESSELLATION On/Off, and STEREO 3D
                 STRENGTH options (if you have it).

          AUDIO: Allows you to decrease/increase MUSIC, DIALOGS and SFX, as
                 well as an On/Off Toggle for SUBTITLES.
          CONTROLS: Allows On/Off toggling for INVERTED Y-AXIS, decrease or
                    increase your mouse sensitivity, fiddle with your KEYBOARD
                    controls, and ditto for any GAMEPADS (which contains
                    options for X-AXIS SENSITIVITY, Y-AXIS SENSITIVITY,
                    AIM ASSIST On/Off, and CONTROLLER VIBRATION.
          GAMEPLAY: Includes On/Off toggles for AUTOMATIC INVENTORY MANAGEMENT,
                    and OBJECT HIGHLIGHT.

TUTORIALS: This section contains video tutorials on the following subjects:
           and STEALTH.  You must have "unlocked" the tutorial while playing the
           game in order for it to show up here.

CREDITS:   Shows the game credits.  You may skip these at any point you'd like.

EXIT:      Exits the game.  I forbid you to ever use it: Stay plugged in!

The game's menu consists of several other menu's: An Inventory Menu, a Mission
Log Menu, a Media Log Menu, an Augmentations Menu, and a Map Menu.

The Inventory:
You can take a look at your items in the inventory menu.  It's possible to
expand your inventory up to three times with the Carrying Capacity Augmentation,
part of the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis.  Your base inventory has 8x7 slots, and
each of the three possible upgrades expands it with 2x7 slots, for a maximum of
14x7 slots.

The Misson Log:
You can view your completed and current missions here.  This comes in handy
when you continue a saved game, in which case it can serve as a mini-debrief.

The Media Log:
Every Pocket Secretary and PC you've ever read will show up here.  I must say,
I'd love a photographic memory like Jensen.

The Augmentations Menu:
View and select your augmentations in this menu.  More info can be found in this
guide in the augmentations section.

The Map:
This shows a map of the area.  This guide assumes that north is pointing towards
the top of the map.

|/\/\/\|                          Basics [BSC-1.3]                      |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|   Here you'll find information on basic - but crucial -        |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|   gameplay information, including some statistics.             |/\/\/\|

THE HUD [BSC-1.31]:
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ,--- This is your health meter.  100 is your maximum
    _____________________/     "natural" health, and you won't automatically
   / .  _  _             |     regenerate above this amount.  The dimmed
  / /| | || | vvvvvvvvvv |     triangles in the second row indicate your
 /   | |_||_|            |     potential health, which is acquired through
(_______________________/      items such as food and beverages. The maximum
                               potential health is 200.
  ( + == == == == == \
   \- == == == == ==  | ------- This is your energy meter. You start the game
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          with two energy cells, but you can expand this
  to up to five energy cells.  Your first energy cell will always regenerate,
  other cells will only regenerate if not fully depleted.  Depleted cells are
  indicated by empty, red battery icons; full cells are green.

  Jensen starts with two energy cells, which can be upgraded to a maximum of
  five energy cells with the Energy Level Upgrade augmentation.  The
  regeneration process has a base delay of 10 seconds and will regenerate at
  a speed of 1 unit per second.  One energy cell has 30 energy units.  This can
  also be increased with augmentations; the Recharge Rate Upgrades take care
  of this.

|                  | MAP LEGEND: /^\ = Jensen;this yellow triangle always
| X           v    |                   remains in the center of the map.
|                  |              X  = Main objective/Main mission marker.
|       /^\        |             /\  = Blue sidequest triangle marker.
|  <               |
|                  |                   The other icons (<, >, ^, v) are NPC's
|__________________|                   either friendly (green) or hostile (red).

The rest of the HUD is fairly straightforward. Your most frequently used items
and equipment are listed below, with your equipped weapon and secondary item
shown on the lower right.

The game awards you with experience points for primary objectives (either 1000,
1750 or 2500 XP), for secondary objectives (either 500 or 750 XP), for mission
bonuses (GHOST: 500 XP and SMOOTH OPERATOR: 250 XP), sidequest bonuses (either
100, 300 or 750 XP), as well as combat bonuses, hacking bonuses, exploration
bonuses and various other bonuses (see below).

Experience points are used to activate Jensen's dormant augmentations as every
5000 XP points grant a Praxis Kit (used to activate augmentations).

                                COMBAT BONUSES:
|NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:                                     |EXPERIENCE:|
|Man Down        |Incapacitate an enemy                            |    10 XP  |
|Merciful Soul   |Incapacitate an enemy non-lethally               |    20 XP  |
|Marksman        |Incapacitate an enemy with a headshot            |    10 XP  |
|Expedient       |Incapacitate an enemy with a takedown            |    20 XP  |
|Two Against One |Incapacitate two enemies with a multiple takedown|    45 XP  |
|Hunk of Junk    |Disable a Medium Sentry                          |    45 XP  |
|Hunk of Junk    |Disable a Box Guard                              |   250 XP  |
 Note #1: The most rewarding way to regularly incapacitate guards is by taking
          them out non-lethally with a takedown.  This grants you [MAN DOWN],
          [MERCIFUL SOUL], and [EXPEDIENT], for a total of 50 XP.
 Note #2: If two guards are standing close to each other, the most rewarding
          way to incapacitate them is a non-lethal multiple takedown.

                            BASIC HACKING REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Script Kiddie   |Hack a Level 1 device   |    25 XP  |
            |Grey Hat        |Hack a Level 2 device   |    50 XP  |
            |Black Hat       |Hack a Level 3 device   |    75 XP  |
            |L33t Sk1llz     |Hack a Level 4 device   |   100 XP  |
            |Master Hacker   |Hack a Level 5 device   |   125 XP  |

                             EXPLORATION REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Traveler        |Explore a secret area   |   100 XP  |
            |Explorer        |Explore a secret area   |   200 XP  |
            |Pathfinder      |Explore a secret area   |   300 XP  |
            |Trailblazer     |Explore a secret area   |   400 XP  |

                               VARIOUS REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Silver Tongue   |Win a social battle     |  1000 XP  |
            |Life Lesson     |Piss off an NPC         |   100 XP  |
            |Scholar         |Read a Hugh Darrow Ebook|   200 XP  |

Adam's base health is at a fixed 100 points, which can be temporarily increased
by consuming drinks or items such as Hypostims and Painkillers, to a maximum of
200 points. Adam's health regenerates by means of his Sentinel RX Health System
(a fancy name for a gameplay mechanic system that soldiers in Modern Warfare
have just the same), but it takes 6.5 seconds without being hit before the
system kicks in.  It will then regenerate 4 health points per seconds, in other
words it takes 25 seconds to fully regenerate if you're at the lowest possible
health. Hit points are only regenerated up to 100 points, any other points are

Jensen incurs falling damage from heights of 5 meters and up. 10 meters will
always result in a deadly smash, and anything in between 5 and 9.9 meters 
hurts Jensen.  The Icarus Landing System prevents falling damage completely.

Deus Ex Human Revolution has three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
The table below shows the effects that the difficulty has on gameplay.

                                 |EASY: |NORMAL:             |HARD:|
          |Health                | 150% |100% (100)          | 75% |
          |Health Regenerate     | 115% |100% (4 points/psec)| 85% |
          |Regenerate Delay      |  75% |100% (6.5 seconds)  |115% |
          |Enemy Health          |  75% |100%                |125% |
          |Enemy Regenerate      | 150% |100% (1 point/psec) | 75% |
          |Enemy Regenerate Delay|  75% |100% (10 seconds)   |125% |
          |Enemy Accuracy        |  60% |100%                |125% |

There are only a few objects that can be destroyed.

                          |NAME:          |HEALTH: |
                          |Wooden crates  |21/42/63|
                          |Cardboard boxes|21/42/63|
                          |Doors          |  150   |
                          |Breakable walls|  100   |

|/\/\/\|                          Tips [BSC-1.4]                        |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| This section contains playing tips you're not about to find in |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| the manual, and that will greatly improve your capabilities.   |/\/\/\|
o Save your game often!  Do NOT keep only one or two files and rid yourself of
  that bad habit!  Save games can get corrupt, or worse, the scenario in the
  game turns out to be horrible and there appears to be something wrong with
  your backup file (or it is okay, but three hours away from your current file).
  Save often, and in different slots.

o If you're a completionist looking to maximize Jensen completely, you'll want
  to get every single experience point in the game there is to get.

o Explore all possible paths to get all traveler XP bonuses, and take out all
  enemies whenever possible, always using (multiple) takedowns whenever you
  have the chance, since takedowns are the most rewarding form of incapacitating
  enemies.  Also successfully hack every single device, and don't open doors
  from the inside; instead head back to the door to hack it, and never use
  codes; this maximizes your XP as far as hacking is concerned.

o Always win Social Battles.  Save your game beforehand and reload if you
  lose one.

o Sneak around!  You'll want to get every possible Ghost and Smooth Operator
  experience bonus that you can get.

o ALWAYS hide bodies out of sight.  Out of sight doesn't mean dragging a body
  around the corner, it means dragging it to a place where guards never come,
  such as behind a series of crates, in a hidden corner, etc.

o Many guards hold a small sum of credits and ammunition, while some will even
  carry special items and Pocket Secretaries with background information or
  keycodes.  Always loot a body after taking someone out.

o Luring a guard will cause him to go into the "Alarmed State", but this does
  not prevent you from getting the Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses.

o Luring guards is often an excellent way to get guards to move away from their
  regular patrol patterns, luring them away from their comrades.

o A good luring method is opening a door from the side.  You'll need to perform
  a takedown either very quickly as they enter the room (otherwise they will
  spot you and turn hostile), or you need to combine this with cloak.

o An other way to lure guards is to shoot a silenced round (10mm, Tranq darts)
  in a place you want the guard to investigate.  Back away and take out the
  guard whenever possible.

o There are more ways to distract guards, such as throwing with cardboard boxes
  or other objects available.  Just make sure they don't see you and it'll all
  benefit you, as long as you know what you're doing.

o Always try to buy every single Praxis Kit you can from LIMB Clinics.  The
  Typhoon Ammo and Hypostim items from LIMB Clinics are also excellent.  Other
  good items to buy are Gas/EMP Grenades, the Silencer, and weapon upgrades
  (depending on which weapon you prefer).

o Picking up a weapon if you already have that weapon will cause the game to
  trash the weapon and only give you its ammunition.  If you are, however,
  looking to make good money (and you are in a city hub or you will soon visit
  a city hub with traders), then drop your main weapon and carry the secondary
  copy to a dealer.  A Combat Rifle, for example, sells for a very decent 630
  Credits, and a Tranquilizer Rifle or Shotgun is worth 750 Credits.  This is
  an excellent way to save credits for expensive Praxis Kits at LIMB Clinics.

o In order to get all trophies and achievements, normally you'll need to play
  through the game at least twice.  There are a few tricks you can apply to
  get everything in just one run, though.

o Play on the hardest difficulty setting and never change this.  NEVER kill
  ANYONE, not even at the beginning, not in sidequests, and not indirectly
  (by enabling security bots or anything like it).  Bosses may be killed.
  In order to get some trophies/achievements for which killing is mandatory,
  save your game, kill the NPC (thus getting the trophy/achievement), and
  reload your game to continue with your main game.  Keep several save games
  at all times!

o Not every augmentation in Deus Ex Human Revolution is as useful as the rest,
  there's no doubt about it.  No one will argue that Strength or Jump
  Enhancement are less useful than Aim Stabilizer.  The question is, which
  augmentations are useful early in the game, and which ones can be activated
  later on, while maximizing the sufficiency of every single aug.

o The lists below go over the augmentations that are best to get as soon as
  possible, ones that are good to consider halfway through the game, and ones
  you can leave alone until very late in the game when you have Praxis Kits
  left to spare.
  Remember, these are only guidelines.  You're free to spend all your Praxis
  Kits any way you like, just keep in mind that some paths are more rewarding
  than others.

  As you can see, the early in-game list only contains the essentials, so if
  you have any Praxis Kits left to spare, feel very free to use them for
  augmentations that allow you to maximize experience (such as the Reflex
  Booster, allowing for multiple takedowns)

  -  Hacking Capture 2 (& 3+4 if you want to maximize XP)
  -  Move/Throw Heavy Objects
  -  Jump Enhancement
  -  Cloaking System Level 1 (& 2)
  -  Carrying Capacity 1 (& 2)
 (-) Reflex Booster (only if you want to maximize XP)
  -  Hacking Capture 3 & (& 5 if you wish to maximize XP)
  -  Punch Through Walls
  -  Cloaking System Level 2 & 3
  -  Carrying Capacity 2 & 3
  -  Energy Level Upgrade 1
  -  Typhoon Level 1 (&2) (before the second boss)
  -  Run Silently
 (-) Dermal Armor Level 1
 (-) Icarus Landing System (when you reach a certain optional part in Hengsha
                            that leads to a Hugh Darrow Ebook)

  - Hacking Capture 5
  - Typhoon Level 2
  - Dermal Armor Level 2 (& 3)
  - Recharge Rate Upgrade Level 1 & 2
  - Energy Level Upgrade Level 2 & 3
  - Hacking Fortify & Stealth 2 (& 3)
  - Aim Stabilizer

o The following augmentations aren't bad, but they are either very contextual
  and thus limiting their usefulness, they provide you with information that
  is already in this guide (or with useless information), or you simply won't
  benefit all that much from some of them.  It's recommended to only spend your
  valuable Praxis Kits on these when you've obtained the above augmentations

  - Social Enhancer:  I'd definitely recommend doing a playthrough with this
                      at least once, simply because it looks pretty cool, but
                      you will only be able to use it several times, and you can
                      win Social Battles easily by reloading your game.

  - Radar System Level 2: It sounds really useful, but the truth is that the
                          radar already has excellent functionality, and this
                          augmentation doesn't help you all that much.

  - Stealth Enhancer: This includes Noise Feedback, Mark & Track 1/2/3, Last
                      Known Location Marker, and Cones of Vision.  These
                      augmentations might be useful for the less experienced
                      player, but hardly come in handy for someone who already
                      knows to stay out of sight, and where his/her foes are
                      located at.

  - Hacking Analyze Add-On: This has little practical purpose, and it's wiser
                            to just improve your actual hacking skills.

  - Implanted Rebreather: The Chemical Resistance can be useful at times, and
                          this augmentation is probably one of the best of all
                          secondary augmentations.  The Hyper-Oxygenation 1/2
                          can also come in handy for quickly traveling through
                          hubs, but this is more a nifty little thing rather
                          than a life-saving augmentation.

  - Recoil Compensation: If you're heavily relying on combat measures, this
                         augmentation has its uses (it improves your accuracy),
                         but for stealth players it's not very important.

  - Smart Vision: A fun addition, but never required.

  - Cooldown Timer & Flash Suppressant: The Cooldown Timer is hardly useful,
                                        and the Flash Suppressant is very

  - Sprint Enhancement: This only improves your running speed from 6.5 meters
                        per second to 7.5 meters per second.  The Hyper-
                        Oxygenation augmentations are far better.

  - Sprint/Jump/Land Silently: These are extremely contextual.


___ ___                            ___       ___  __        __
 |   |        | | |  /\  |    |_/   |  |__| |__/ |  | |  | | _  |__|         .
_|_ _|_.      |_|_| /  \ |___ | \   |  |  | |  \ |__| |__| |__| |  |        / \
                    ¯¯¯¯                                                   /WLK\

|/\/\/\|             Sarif Industries Under Attack [WLK-0]              |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| Adam Jensen, chief security at Sarif Industries - one of the   |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| worlds' leading companies on augmented prostheses  - was about |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| to discuss security protocols when the company is attacked.    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
After viewing the first full motion cutscene, having gotten a glance at men you
might some day meet face to face, Megan asks you to come with her.  Despite her
nervosity, take a look around in her office, because you'll never be coming back
here again.

First of all, note the [EBOOK] on the bench to your left.  Megan will comment on
this mysterious Patient X, and shrugs it off.  There's a digital [NEWSPAPER] on
the desk, and you can also inspect the small [FRAMED PICTURE], as well as the
[BOOK] behind the chair.  Also have a look at the [TOY CAR] on the filing
cabinet.  Lastly, have a look at Megan's emails to learn more about the research
she's conducting, then talk to her and you'll auto- matically walk along.

Note: Examining all of the above items grants you the OLD SCHOOL GAMER trophy
      or achievement.
You'll meet a few	   |TRIVIA: THE ART EXPERT (IMPRESS FRIENDS)|    __
interesting people along   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|/\|
the way until you find	   | Take a good look at the picture in Sarif's |\/|
yourself in David Sarif's  | office.  Looks familiar?  There's a reason |/\|
office.  Just as you two   | it appears that way, because the picture   |\/|
were going over the	   | is clearly inspired by the famous Dutch    |/\|
details for tomorrow, the  | painter Rembrandt van Rijn, depicting      |\/|
alarm sounds and you - as  | his "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes    |/\|
chief security of Sarif	   | Tulp".  It appears in several places.      |\/|
Industries - are asked to  |____________________________________________|__|
go check it out.
|\/|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| David gives you the elevator code:
|/\| The elevator code Sarif gives you  | 0451, so head down immediately.
|\/| actually has a long history in the |
|/\| videogame industry.  The first code| Press the elevator button to do so.
|\/| you can get in System Shock 1 is   | Adam automatically draws his Combat
|/\| 451, which is a reference to the   | Rifle, and now is a good time to check
|\/| book Fahrenheit 451.  This title   | your inventory to see what equipment
|/\| refers to the temperature at which | you currently have available.
|\/| a book's pages catch fire (in      |
|/\| the novel, books were forbidden).  | Besides your Combat Rifle and 43
|\/| Consequently, the first code in    | bullets, you also have a Frag Grenade
|/\| System Shock 2 was 45100. The code | and a Concussion Grenade.  The former
|\/| 0451 is both the first code you get| explodes in a regular fashion, the
|/\| in the original Deus Ex and Human  | latter is used to stun enemies,
|\/| Revolution.                        | allowing you to go in for the kill
|  |                                    | (or run to safety).
There are no items in this hall so continue down the hall and move under the
lab door by crouching.  When you approach the glass wall, two scientists are
killed by one of the intruders.  Head left and move the top metal crate away
from the wall by using the interaction button.  Hop onto the other crate and
open the ventilation grate, making your way to the other side.

Be careful of the flames as you move through the destroyed wall.  When you reach
the end of the hall, which is filled with boxes and forklifts, head inside the
next hall and take cover behind one of the desk walls.  Two adversaries will
soon walk down the stairs, so you don't want to be seen.  You can either try to
sneak (or run) up the stairs unseen - and even if they do see you, outrunning
them isn't hard - or you can take them straight on.  Try to take one of them
down with a headshot if possible, and use your ammunition sparingly.  Spraying
bullets all over the place is never wise; shooting short, controlled bursts of
bullets is a better method for defeating your opponents.  Make sure to grab
their weapons for ammo if you choose to fight them.

Hop over the boxes in the next hallway and carefully open the door of the next
lab.  Another three adversaries are awaiting your arrival, so caution is
advised.  When opening the door while hiding on the left side of the door you
should be able to spot a gas canister.  Once the guards finish conversing,
shooting this canister should take them out.  Alternatively, sneak your way
past the guards.

After defeating the three mercs, continue down the next hall.  If you're quick,
you'll catch a glimpse of an augmented woman killing several scientists.  Head
through the door and crouch nearby the stairs.  A team of four mercs soon enters
the hall below.  Toggling between standing and crouching is a decent way to
attempt a few headshots, especially if you use iron sight.  The others can be
taken down in the same fashion while aiming for their bodies and/or heads.
Of course, if you're aiming for a no-kill playthrough, sneak your way through
the area by hiding behind the railing.

Continue down the hall until the next full motion cutscene starts playing. The
game now - officially - starts.  Welcome to the world of Deus Ex.

|/\/\/\|                    Back In The Saddle [WLK-1]                  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| One of Sarif's warehouses has been taken over by Purity First  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| members - radicals against bio-augmentations in general.  As   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| recovered chief security, you're to handle the situation.      |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES [M1]: |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      |\/|
|/\| o MEET WITH PRITCHARD IN                             ---               |/\|
|\/|   THE TECH LAB [150 XP]                                                |\/|
|/\| o GO TO THE HELIPAD [150 XP]                                           |/\|

After the full motion cutscene you're good to go.  You now have two prosthetic
arms, legs, several implants and a - glitchy - HUD; your first objective is to
fix that display. Jensen furthermore starts the game with 2500 credits and 120

It's a good idea to talk to the receptionist, Cindy Martinez, whom you can ask
for directions.  She'll tell you where Pritchard's office is, as well as the
locations of the helipad, Sarif's penthouse, and your own office.
|\/|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  You can find Frank Pritchard in the
|/\| While you're free to roam the      |  security tech lab, but first you
|\/| area, do be noted that time *is*   |  might want to speak with one of the
|/\| limited.  After 7.5 minutes, David |  employees on the ground floor, who
|\/| scolds you and tells you to hurry  |  are having a conversation about you.
|/\| up.  After 15 long minutes         |  It doesn't really matter which answer
|\/| he tells you something bad         |  you pick, and you'll get to hear
|/\| happened (which can, of course,    |  some background information.
|\/| never be undone.  This has         |
|/\| consequences (for rewards, etc)).  |  Also consider eavesdropping on the
|\/|                                    |  the woman at the women's restroom.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   She apparently knows something that
you don't.  In either case, head up the big stairs and go inside the Technology
Lab (which is on this floor) to meet with Frank Pritchard.  You'll have the
option to either ignore or confront Pritchard with his attitude.  The net
outcome matters little in the grand scheme of things, but confronting him
prolongs the conversation and gives you more details on Jensen.  [150 XP]

The first [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] you can find in the game lies on Pritchard's
Desk (The Nature of Neuroplasticity).  There are a total of 29 in the game,
and finding them all is worth an achievement/trophy.  They also give 200XP
each, granting a very nice total of 5800XP if you find and read them all.

Be sure to snatch the [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] from his desk, as well as the
[91 CREDIT CHIPS] from his bench.  And if you have a second, take a look at
the poster of Final Fantasy XXVII (an obvious wink to Square Enix).  Prichard's
arc of old monitors is also worth looking at.

While there are, technically speaking, a few more things you could do right now
(such as getting minor items), time is running short, and you'll have more time
for exploration when you come back to HQ.  Go to the far side of the second
floor and head through the double doors.  Take a left turn to reach the helipad,
where Faridah Malik is waiting for you.  After conversing, hop onto the heli to
get your debrief from David. [150 XP]

The manufacturing plant has been invaded by radicals who call themselves 'Purity
First'.  Their leader is named Zeke Sanders, who appears to be in the plant as
well.  David gives you the option to go for a lethal or non-lethal approach, and
either a short-range or distant combat style.  These options affect which weapon
you receive from David, so choose very carefully.  It would've been boss to tell
David to "Give me the GEP Gun", but alas, the below choices will have to do.

Nonlethal + Short-range = [Stun Gun] + []
Nonlethal + Long range  = [Tranquilizer Rifle] + [9 Tranquilizer Darts]
Lethal    + Short-range = [Revolver] + []
Lethal    + Long range  = [Combat Rifle] + [20 Combat Rifle Ammo]

While this guide provides you with adequate strategic advice for any of these
weapons, it has to be said that the Tranquilizer Rifle is not only silenced
(allowing for stealthy and nonlethal takedowns), it's also quite rare and

Jensen's standard equipment furthermore depends on any DLC and pre-order
bonuses you may or may not have gotten.  In any case you'll be able to play
the game without any problems; some items just make things a little easier for

|/\/\/\|           Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant [WLK-2]         |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| One of Sarif's warehouses has been taken over by Purity First  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| members - radicals against bio-augmentations in general.  As   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| recovered chief security, you're to handle the situation.      |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES [M1]: |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      |\/|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500 XP GHOST]                      [400 XP]                 |\/|
|/\| o RETRIEVE THE TYPHOON [250 XP]                                        |/\|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500XP]                                                      |\/|

When you arrive at the plant, two SWAT members are waiting outside.  The later
you arrive, the less friendly they'll be.  Go through the door and open the
middle locker to your right to reveal a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR].  Lift the
small carboard box to your left to reveal [56 CREDITS].  Another small cardboard
box on the floor in the corner of the cabinet reveals a [BEER].  No better way
to start a mission with a beer, right?  In this case it's actually true.  It
boosts your health with 5 points (and gives blurry vision for a few seconds
only; worth your while).  Inquire with the police officer, then be on your way.
The middle locker in this area contains [PAINKILLERS].  Head outside and
Pritchard contacts you.  It's possible to already snipe one of the Purists down
below by going to the far end of the roof, but it's just as easy to perform a
melee takedown on him - which is more rewarding.

|\/|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| Head down the two ladders - there's
|/\| You are rewarded XP by taking down  | nothing of interest on the inbetween
|\/| or killing enemies. Regular, (guns  | roof - and sneak around the corner.
|/\| blazing) kills only net you the     | Wait for the Purist to finish his
|\/| raw kill [MAN DOWN: 10 XP].         | phone call and perform a takedown on
|/\| Special types of kills grant XP     | him.  Normally you'll want to hide
|\/| bonuses.  A headshot grants you     | bodies, but this time that won't be
|/\| the [MARKSMAN: 10 XP] bonus.  A     | necessary - no one patrols here.
|\/| nonlethal "kill" grants the         | Be sure to loot his body, and make
|/\| [MERCIFUL SOUL: 20 XP] bonus.  Last | this a habit [POCKET SECRETARY]. 
|\/| but not least, melee takedowns      | 
|/\| grant the [EXPEDIENT: 20 XP] bonus, | The game already gives you a choice
|\/| making nonlethal melee takedowns    | which way to go.  You can either go
|/\| very rewarding (50 XP in total).    | straight ahead (front door), or
|\/|                                     | head inside the building by roof
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  (stealth).  Let's go over these both.
FRONT DOOR: In fact, this doesn't even have to be a guns blazing action.  While
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ it's quite easy to kill the three Purists in this area, regular fire
arms alarm the entire team.  There is, however, a stealthy alternative
available. First, note that the Purist closest to you is standing still.  The
second Purist makes a small walk around the block, and the third strolls up and
down the stairs.

Make your way to the crates nearby the Purist who's standing still and wait for
the other two to look away (the third goes up the steps, and the second going
for another small block).  Take the Purist down at the right moment, and quickly
drag him behind the crates, properly hiding him out of sight.  No limbs or head
sticking in the sight of the others?  Good.  Time for the second one.  There
are also [10 COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] on the crate left of the ones you're hiding

You can choose to down either of the Purists first, because things are easier
with just the two of them, but let's start with the second Purist.  When he's
about to walk past the crates (and the other is looking away), take him down and
make sure his body can't be seen.  Loot his stuff - making this a habit - and
stealthily move to the other Purist.  It shouldn't be too hard to take him out
now that the entire courtyard has been cleared.  The only thing you'll want to
be sure of is that your first energy cell has recharged before each single

If you do choose to kill your enemies the old fashioned way, note the two red -
explosive - barrels you can use to your advantage.  An alternative stealth path
is to head through the door in the alley - collecting the [5 STUN DARTS] inside
this small cabin - hopping over the crates here, and crawling through the small
area.  This gives you a different vantage point, but the takedown principle
stays the same.

THE ROOF: Across the door in the alley lies a crate on a forklift that you can
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ grab.  Place it adjacent to the crates near the large red containers,
building yourself some stairs.  Make your way up and climb the ladder to the
very top of the roof (that is, unless you want to snipe the Purists from the
excellent vantage point that this middle roof provides you with).

A high electrical current seemingly prevents you from going any further.  Move
the crate away from the corner to reveal a small opening.  Use the breaker box
on the other side to turn the current off, granting you passage [TRAVELER 100
XP]. There's a vent cover at the far side of the roof which you can use to
access the plant.

Accessing the plant grants you [200 XP].  If none of the Purists spotted you at
all, you'll get an additional experience bonus: "GHOST" [500 XP].

If you went in by the roof, the dialogue with Pritchard will be different.  
Drop down at the far end of the ventilation shaft and grab the [4x TRANQ DARTS]
before heading down the ladder.  The lockers in this room contain [4x REVOLVER
AMMO] and [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO].  With your inventory still relatively small,
it's advisable to only take ammunition with you for weapons that are in your
possession. Don't have either a Revolver or Combat Rifle?  Better to leave the
ammo for now.

There's also a newspaper here (Can The Motor City Rise Again?), plus an EBook
(Resist The Machine).  The computer holds several emails, none of which contain
essential information.  If you enter through the door, you should be able to see
another door straight ahead.  That's the main entrance.  The only thing of
interest there is a sole [CONCUSSION GRENADE], but you'll have to be very
careful not to be seen by any of the sentries.

You have several options for dealing with the five guards in this storage hall.
   _____ ________ _
|                  |  This map shows you the location and patrol routes of the
|  5|  | 4|      | |  five Purists.  Only #1 and #5 are doing their rounds, and
|  :........  :   3|  as you can see, they're quite simple patterns.
|   =====     :    |
|     |2      :  | |  If you want to receive maximum experience, you'll want to
|__ =====     :  | |  opt for a full stealth, nonlethal takedown approach. 
|  |          1  | |  One surefire way to do this is to sneak from the main
| V|  __  __   ____|  entrance towards guard #3 by hugging the right wall.  You
|__________________   must take great care by not getting seen; #1 and #5 are
                      the ones who can spot you there if you're not being
careful.  When you're close to #3, and both #1 and #5 are moving away from him,
go for the takedown and quickly hide his body thoroughly behind the crates.

Things become easier now.  Neither #2 nor #4 patrols, and all they do is search
crates.  Target #1 when he's nearest to the main entrance (#5 shouldn't be able
to see this).  With him out of the way, take #2 down after recharging your
energy cell first.  Lastly, take out number #5 when he's around the far end
corner, and number #4 whenever you want to.

An alternative, harder, and less rewarding method is by going up the crates in
the lower left corner, crouching your way over the large structure in the middle
and take out #5 while he's in the far left corner.  Still on top of the
crates, take out #3 and #1 in rapid succession.  After that, #2 and #4 are
sitting ducks.

Yet another way to get by this area is to simply sneak your way to guard #5,
via the left wall, taking him down when he's looking away (and #1 can't see
you either).  From here you can already be on your way.  You can find [100
CREDITS] under a large cardboard box north of guard #4, nearby the exit.

With the storage hall cleared, three alternative paths can now be taken to
continue onward.  There are two obvious entrances.  The third is more hidden,
and comes in the form of a ventilation shaft in the upper right corner, 
climbing the ladder here.

The main hall to the far left leads to a room with two Purists who have their
backs turned to you.  Taking them down is easy, and the chatting Purist won't
notice if you take down his crouching buddy.  One of the desk drawers
contains [100 CREDIT CHIPS], and the PC's are unlocked, so reading the emails
on them isn't a problem whatsoever.

Head upstairs and look through the grating of the door to see if there are any
sentries looking your way.  If not, open the door and head inside the kitchen
to your right (the other door leads back to the storage hall).  The Purist here
is easily taken down as he's staring at the window.  You can find a [BEER] and
[4 TRANQ DARTS] on one of the tables, along with another newspaper (Can The
Motor City Rise Again?).  There's also a radio here that plays familiar music
every now and then...

The sentry in the hall is easy to take down.  Simple wait for him to go around
the corner and punch him in his face.  His Purist buddy in the locker room goes
down just as easily.  Opening all lockers reveals the following items: [10x
[BEER] on one of the tables. The maintenance room doesn't contain any items.
The vent leads back to the storage hall.

Lastly, the women's restroom contains an Ebook (The Sleepwalking World). If you
hadn't taken the ventilation shaft route yet, you might still want to do so
for the [TRAVELER 100 XP] bonus it gives.

Continue to the assembly server room, where you'll have to perform a manual hack

| DS   R  | Every hackable system has its own unique node grid with several
| v   /   | types of nodes.  Click the in-game help button while hacking to get
| v /     | an accurate description for each node.  Your main goal while hacking
| N1<<

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