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Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Walkthrough/ Guide
BusterLanceX (Nick)

This document is Copyright 2011 by me, Nick. This guide was written in a
nonprofit manner to be viewed on the internet. It may not be otherwise used,
reproduced, sold, or distributed without my expressec consent.   
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--/-The Table of Contents--\-
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[1] Operation Flashpoint: Not your average shooter.
[2] Controls, Menus, and your H.U.D.
   [2.1] Buster's Modified Rules of Survival
   [2.2] Player Progress
[3] Classes, Enemies, and SSgt. Knox
   [3.1] Rifleman
   [3.2] Grenadier
   [3.3] Scout
   [3.4] Auto Rifleman
   [3.5] Taji-Insurgent
   [3.6] People's Liberation Army
   [3.7] SSgt. Knox
[4] Campaign Missions
   [4.1] Welcome to Tajikstan
   [4.2] Meet the Neighbors
   [4.3] Human Terrain
   [4.4] Almost too Easy
   [4.5] The Wrong Way
   [4.6] Careful What You Wish for...
   [4.7] Line in the Sand
   [4.8] 1st and 10, Let's Do It Again
   [4.9] Vantage Point
   [4.10] End of the Beginning
[5] Fire Team Engagements
   [5.1] Last Stand
      [5.11] Contested Front
      [5.12] Best Defense
   [5.2] CSAR
      [5.21] Samaritan's Deed
      [5.22] No One Gets Left Behind
   [5.3] Rolling Thunder
      [5.31] Hell's Highway
      [5.32] Breathrough
   [5.4] Combat Sweep
      [5.41] Counter Insurgency
      [5.42] Ghost Town
[7] Did I miss something?


[1] Operation Flashpoint: Not your average shooter.
 If you like Halo or Call of Duty, and you think you are the best the 
gaming world has to offer, prepare for a challenge. Hailed as a realistic 
military shooter, Flashpoint (FP) certainly puts a strain on you and your
controller as it forces you to think tactically, hide behind cover, and
learn to love checkpoints. If you are ready for a challenge, this is the
game you want. This is the game where difficulty is not adjusting the 
AI of the enemy or weapon damage, but restricting your H.U.D. It isn't


[2] Controls, Menus, and your H.U.D.
 The controls are similiar to your average shooter. They are easily found
in the options menu.  Viewing the diagram is easier than me explaining,
but a few nifty controls are worth explaining.
Left bumper held + down on the D pad = Night Vision
Right Bumper held + left bumper = combat support
Hold Y (With M203) = Arms M203
Left Bumper with frag = Grenade is rolled, not thrown
 The first menu you will reach, suprise, is the main menu. The options
are self explainitory.
   -Campaign = The main campaign.*
   -Fireteam Engangements = Extra missions and sources of stress.*
   * It is important to know that you can adjust not only what class
you will have, but also what your team will be. This is easily done by
selecting the mission, then selecting the indivual on your team(Taylo, 
Soto, Balleto.)
   -Join Game = Takes you online to find, hopefully, help.
   -Class Setup = The menu where you customize your personal
loadout. It will flash if you have leveled and unlocked something.
   -Player Progress = Your personal upgrades for yourself. You upgrade
six seperate skills by unlocking medals in the campaign and FTEs.
   -Options = Takes you to the options menu to adjust settings in the
game, view controls, etc.
   If you aren't playing on Hardcore, you'll have the standard H.U.D.
An important thing to note is the compass in the upper right, which
leads you to waypoints, notifies you of where your team is, and displays
dropped weapons and ammo caches by a black line. Your compass at the center
top of your screen will represent not only the direction you are facing,
but also any hostile forces. A red triangle describes an enemy that
someone is actively seeing, while a red 'smudge' represent that
last known area a hostile unit was spotted.
   The command menu is pretty simple to use. To the bottom, is
suppressing and flanking; to the right is your hold fire, formation,
and healing; up is manuever, and defending; to the left is follow.
You can also issue commands through the map, pressing the back button.


 [2.1] Buster's Modified Rules of Survival
  This is simply a collection of suggestions to help you.
     1. Your fireteam, although a lousy AI, is effective when you tell
them to do basic commands. They excel at supressing, getting attention
of the enemy, and getting you killed.
     2. If you are defending an area with a mounted weapon, put someone
on it. They are actually pretty good at it.
     3. Only reload when you are 1000000% sure that no one will walk up
to you and kill you.
     4. If an enemy walks up on you, spray and pray while strafing to
cover. You might survive, you might not. You might even get lucky
enough to kill your oponent.
     5. Unless you absolutely need to, never get seperated from your
fireteam. The game has a tendacy to randomly kill you.
     6. Heal completely every chance you get. Unless you are being 
directly shot at, heal. Each minor would that you recieve and not
fully heal from decreases the time that you'll have while bleeding
as you beg your fireteam to pick you up.
     7. If you have it, use it. M203s are great for alot. They easily
kill enemy HMMWVs, large squads, a single guy hiding in a room. Smoke
grenades give you great cover to fall back or advance.
     8. Building roof's are a risky place to be. On one hand, you
can see alot more area. On the other, they can see you from a much
furthor distance.
     9. Don't expect to survive your first playthrough of a mission.
It's not a comment of your skill, but an admission that this game is


   [2.2] Player Progress
 With each new mission and FTE that you complete, you will unlock a
medal corresponding to how well you did. In the campaign, you will
recieve a gold medal as long as you completed all objectives. FTEs
are a little more complicated, but on to that later. A gold medal is
worth three points, silver is two, and bronze is one. You can put a 
maximum of ten points into each skill. These skills affect every class.
   The core skills:
      Sprint: Increases how fast you can sprint by 2.5% per point,
totalling out at 25% increased speed.
      Endurance: Increases how long you can sprint by 10% per point,
totalling out at 100% (double your original) distance. Pretty useful,
considering all the time you spend running front A to B.
      Battle Readiness: Decreases the time it takes to stow and deploy,
(holster and unholster/switch) weapons by 3% per point, totalling at
30%. This skill is very useful during the later levels when you are 
forced to pick up large weapons.
     Assault Rifle Handling: This speeds up how fast you look down the
sight of M16A4's and M4A1's by 3% per point, totalling at 30%
     Assault Rifle Training: This increases accuracy with M16A4's and
M4A1's by 2% per point, tottalling at 20%. This is a crucial skill and
one I suggest you max out first, as all classes can carry these two
     Tactical Awareness: Increases the range you can identify targets
by 4% per point, totalling at 40%. This isn't that useful.


[3] Classes, Enemies, and SSgt. Knox


   [3.1] Rifleman
      The rifleman is the all around, useful class. In my opinion, it is
the best class. You can get everything from a sniper scope for your 
M16A4 with a 203 (inabling you to snipe AND kill a group of close enemies)
to a CQB M4A1 with a suppressor, or any combination. The only mission
the RM is not great at is anti-tank.
         M16A4= The bread and butter at med-long range. Fires a three
round burst and single.
 Accuracy - 12/20
 Handling - 15/20
 Damage - 11/20
 Fire Rate - 12/20
 Ammo Count -  180
 Mag Count - 30
 Range - 600m
 Reload Time - 3s
      Mod 1-
         Red Dot Sight (RDS) - Adds 1 to accuracy, and is good for
low-med shooting. Better than nothing.
         Holographic Sight (CQB) - Adds 1 to accuracy, and is best for
close range shooting.
         Marksman Scope (M) - Adds 2 to accuracy, and is decent for 
med shooting. Only decent.
         Sniper Scope (SN) - Adds 4 toaccuracy, and is tottaly worth
the wait. Pair with AP rounds and you have a sniper rifle.
         Thermal Scope (NO) - Adds 4 to accuracy, and acts as a sniper
scope with thermal. It's really only good for one mission and one FTE.
      Mod 2-
         Suppressor - Minus 1 damage, reduces noise at the cost of
         M203 Grenade Launcher - Increases the weapon's damage to 17/20,
this is a great attachment. Three rounds are the standard ammo count.
      MEU(SOC)= The handgun of the game. Replace ASAP.
 Accuracy - 12/20
 Handling - 20/20
 Damage - 8/20
 Fire Rate - 14/20
 Ammo Count - 56
 Mag Capacity - 7
 Range - 60m
 Reload Time - 3s
      Mod 2-
      M4A1= Bread and butter at close-med range. Fires full auto and
 Accuracy - 10/20
 Handling - 14/20
 Damage - 12/20
 Fire Rate - 16/20
 Ammo count - 180
 Mag Capacity - 30
 Range - 500m
 Reload Time - 3s
      Mod 1-
         Red Dot Sight
         Holographic Sight
         Marksman Scope
         Sniper Scope
         Thermal Scope
   Binoculars- Press Right Trigger to get a range estimate.
   M14 AP Mine- Anti-Personel Mine designed NOT to kill. Three is the
standard loudout.
   IR Strobe- Used to mark a target at night. Not used in the game,
except during certain FTEs.
   M67 Frag- Frag grenade. Three is the standard loudout.
   M18 Smoke- Smoke grenade. Three is the standard loudout.
   M18 Claymore- 'Automatic' Claymore. Three is the standard
loudout. Be careful, they don't descriminate between enemies,
friendlies, and you.
   Combat Training- +10% experience for kills.
   Support Training- Enhances weapon accuracy and suppression for
M16A4/M4A1, improves ability to heal fireteam members.
   Marksman Training- Enhances accuracy greatly from a stationary
position for M16A4/M4A1, improves vision range. Great for the defence
   Assault Training- Enhances accuracy greatly while mobile for M16A4/
M4A1. Increases 203 rounds(by two).
   Combat Vet- +20% experience for kills.
   Support Pack- Improves the ability to heal, reduces mine deployment
   Enemy Weapon Specialist- Decreases the chance of a jam with enemy
weapons as well as increases accuracy. Specifically meant for enemy 
assault rifles.
   Light Assault Gear- Increases resilence, so you can stay alive
   Rapid Recovery- Improves the ability to heal self.
   Assault Rifle AP Rounds- Makes your ammo deadlier for your M16A4/
   Assault Rifle Reloads- Improves reload times.
   Assault Rifle Ammo Pack- Additional ammunition at the cost of 
how past you recover endurance.
   Buster's suggest loadout:
 M16A4 (Sniper Scope-M203)
 M4A1 (Holographic Sight-M203)
 M18 Smoke
 Marksman Training
 Assault Rifle AP Rounds
 The RM is meant to be an all around class and this loudout certainly
allows for it. With the M16, you can snipe. With the M4, you can
room clear. 203s, Frags are great for room clearing and large groups
and smoke helps you get out of somewhere.


   [3.2] Grenadier
      The grenadier is the most specialized class. It has no effective
long range capability, but it makes up for it with a plethra of CQB
weapons and the ability to easily destroy armor.
      Mod 1-
         Holographic Sight
      Mod 2-
         M203 Grenade Launcher
      MP5A4- A faster firing weapon than the M4A1, but less damage.
 Accuracy - 8/20
 Handling - 18/20
 Damage - 8/20
 Fire Rate - 20/20
 Ammo count - 180
 Mag Capacity - 30
 Range - 200m
 Reload Time - 4s
      Mod 1-
         Holographic Sight
         Red Dot Sight
      M1014- A powerful, pump shotgun. Generally ill-advised due to
the range you'll have to be at to get a kill.
 Accuracy - 4/20 
 Handling - 16+20
 Damage - 16/20
 Fire Rate - 7/20
 Ammo count - 45
 Mag Capacity - 9
 Range - 40m
 Reload Time - 9a
      Mod 1-
         Holographic Sight
         Red Dot Sight
      Mod 1-
         Red Dot Sight
   M67 Frag
   M21 AT Mine- A great alternative to hastily finding a SMAW to kill
enemy armor. One mine is all you need to kill a tank. Standard loudout is
   IR Strobe
   M14 AP Mine
   C4 Charges- A great alternative to mines for blowing up anything.
When laying down multiples charges, remember to press Left Trigger
after to switch back to charges from the detonator. Standard loudout is
   M18 Smoke
   Combat Training
   CQB Insertion Training- Enhances unaimed and aimed accuracy from a 
stationary positon with the MEU and MP5A4. Not a good choice.
   Urban Terrain Warfare Training- Improves accuracy for M1014 and MP5A4
 while mobile. Improves Resilience. Not a great choice, but extra armor
is good.
   Advanced Demolitions Training- Enhances M203, M67, and mine damage. Also
enhances mobile accuracy for M16A4/M4A1 and decreases mine deployment time.
The best choice.
   Combat Vet
   CQB Reloads- Improved reload time for M1014 and MP5A4.
   Grenades Ammo Pack- Increases M203 rounds and grenades by two, but
decreases endurance recovery.
   Fitness- Increased sprint speed and endurance recovery.
   CQB Ammo Pack- Increases ammo for M1014 and MP5A4, but decreases
endurance recovery.
   Enemy Weapon Specialist- Decreases the chance of a jam for enemy
enemy weapons and increases accuracy. Meant for enemy shotguns and
submachine guns.
   Demoltions Ammo- Increases Mines and C4 counts (to a total of 6 mines
and 7 C4 charges) at the cost of endurance recovery.
   M203 HEDP Rounds- Replaces standard M203 rounds with an armor
piercing variety. Not as great as it sounds, AT mines are better.
   Buster's Suggest Loudout:
 M4A1 (Holographic Sight-M203)
 M16A4 (Red Dot Sight)
 C4 Charge
 M21 AT Mine
 Advanced Demolitions Training
 Demolotions Ammo
 The GR is only good at clearing a room, but it is great at destroying
enemy armor as you set an ambush. AT mines are used for relentless APCs
while the C4 works great for convoys where you can destroy the entire
convoy with the press of a single button.


   [3.3] Scout
      The scout will probably be everyone's first choice if they don't
read my guide. The see scout, they think sniper. They are right, but
the scout doesn't start out as a very effective long-range killer.
Aside from using a sniper rifle, the scout is naturally faster than 
the other classes. That's pretty much it. The scout is for every
sniper wannabe who's too scared to clear a room.
      M14 DMR- The sniper rifle.
 Accuracy - 15/20
 Handling - 8/20
 Damage - 19/20
 Fire Rate - 5/20
 Ammo count - 60
 Mag Capacity - 20
 Range - 800m
 Reload Time - 4s
      Mod 1-
         Marksman Scope
         Sniper Scope
         Thermal Scope
      Mod 2-
      Mod 2-
      Mod 1-
         Marksman Scope
      Mod 1-
         Red Dot Sight
      Mod 1-
         Red Dot Sight
      Mod 2-
      M39 EMR- The upraged sniper rifle. More accuracte and stronger.
 Accuracy - 16/20
 Handling - 8/20
 Damage - 20/20
 Fire Rate - 5/20
 Ammo count - 60
 Mag Capacity - 20
 Range - 850m
 Reload Time - 4s
      Mod 1-
         Marksman Scope
         Sniper Scope
         Thermal Scope
      Mod 2-
   M18 Claymore
   IR Strobe
   M67 Frag
   Combat Training-
   Recon Spotter Training- Improves vision range with scopes.
   Recon Infiltration Training- Improvaed mobile accuracy with MEU and 
MP5A4, also reduces the chance of enemies hearing the scout. We suddenly
went from a military shooter to Splinter Cell...
   Sharpshooter Training- Improves vision range and enhances stationary
accuracy with M14 and M39.
   Combat Vet-
   Scout Vision & Tracking- Enhances vision range, identified targets
stay on the map longer.
   Rapid Recovery-
   Marksman Rifle Reloads- Improves reloads for M14/M39
   Marksman Rifle Ammo Pack- Additional ammo for M14/M39, but 
decreases endurance recovery
   Enemy Weapon Specialist- Decreases the chance of jamming and
increases the accuracy of enemy sniper rifles.
   Marksman Rifle Muzzle Velocity- Replaces standard rounds with
a high velocity version. Greatly reduces bullet drop. Side note,
by the time you get this, I do hope you would've learned how to
shoot by now.
   Buster's Suggest Loudout:
 M39 (Sniper Scope)
 M4A1 (Holographic)
 M18 Claymore
 Sharpshooter Training
 The scout is meant to be a sniper and this loudout emphasizes the 
need to be able to move fast and often, with the ability to defend
against a close up encounter if needed.


   [3.4] Auto Rifleman
      The AR is actually not as useless as it sounds. It is the
suppression expert and great at any short-med encounter. A skilled
gunner could even go beyond his/her accepted range and pick off
targets at a longer range.
      M249 Saw- 200 rounds sent out fast and spread well.
 Accuracy - 8/20
 Handling - 10/20
 Damage - 14/20
 Fire Rate - 18/20
 Ammo count - 600
 Mag Capacity - 200
 Range - 600m
 Reload Time - 7s
      Mod 1-
         Holographic Sight
         Red Dot Sight
         Marksman Scope
      Mod 1-
      Mod 1-
         Red Dot Sight
      Mod 2-
      Mod 1-
         Holographic Sight
      Mod 2-
      MK48 Mod 0- An upgraded LMG that fires slower, but stronger.
 Accuracy - 10/20
 Handling - 12/20
 Damage - 18/20
 Fire Rate - 12/20
 Ammo count - 400
 Mag Capacity - 100
 Range - 700m
 Reload Time - 7s
      Mod 1-
         Holographic Sight
         Red Dot Sight
         Marksman Scope
   IR Strobe
   M18 Smoke
   M18 Claymore
   Combat Training-
   Support Gunner Training- Enhances accuracy when firing from a
stationary position with M249/MK48. Also enhances suppression.
   Assault Gunner Training- Ehances accuracy when firing mobile 
with M249/MK48. Also enhances suppression.
   Advanced Gunner Training- The middle ground of the prior two.
Also enhances suppression.
   Combat Vet-
   Rapid Recovery-
   LMG Maintenance- Greatly reduces the chance of a jam, increased
tracer rate aids suppression.
   Light Assault Gear-
   LMG Reloads- Improved reload times for M249/MK48
   Mines & Grenade Pack- Provides additional mines, but reduces
endurance recovery.
   Enemy Weapon Specialist- Decreases the chance of jam and increases
accuracy of enemy LMGs.
   LMG Ammo Pack- Additional ammo at the cost of endurance recoverry.
   LMG AP Rounds- Replaces standard ammo with armor piercing rounds.
   Buster's Suggest Loudout:
 MK48 Mod 0(Marksman Scope)
 M4A1 (Holographic Sight)
 M18 Smoke
 Support Gunner Training
 LMG Maintenance
 This version of the AR is designed for more accuracte and tracer rich
fire that allows the AR to conserve ammo. Frags and the M4 give it
the ability to assist in clearing rooms and smoke for the tactical


   [3.5] Taji-Insurgent
 Your initial enemy will be the local insurgents. They primarily carry 
AK47's and PKP's. Pick up an AK for the achievement and never do
it again on purpose unless you are desperately out of ammo. Your
personal loudout is always better than a weapon without sights
and the possibility of a jam. I know, AK's don't jam. But these
AKs have locktite in them or something. They jam, its a game.
 They are generally disorganized and are easily suppressed. Stray
bullets easily kill them. There isn't alot I can say about these guys.


   [3.6] People's Liberation Army
 The first time you run into these guys, it'll be night and day. While
the Taji-Insurgent was easily suppressed, disorganized, and attacked
on a solo basis, these guys won't. Almost impossible to supprse without
the use of the AR, they attack in waves. Their weapons are slightly 
better than the AK47, but by the time you encounter them, you'll
be attached to your weapons.
 PLA spec ops are the key phrase you need to listen to when you
hear them through the game chatter. They are armed with SMGs and 
shotguns and come with heavy armor. They are hard to kill. Not 
impossible to kill, jus hard.
 The PLA APC is the number one killer that you will encounter. Unless
your GR brought AT mines, you will have to scramble for a local SMAW
or hide. If you get a SMAW, aim for the top or the back. The front and
side armor is pretty strong.


   [3.7] SSgt. Knox
 This man gets his own section. He is loud, rude, and spouts of his
special rules that are moderately important to listen to. By mission 7,
you'll be seriously considering shooting him. Tune him out the best you
can. While he is annoying, try to listen to him. He gives your basic
information that assists in your mission.


[4] Campaign Missions


   [4.1] Welcome to Tajikstan
[Mission Objectives]
!Follow Knox's Orders 3/3
  Complete training at the firing range
  Refill your ammo
  Regroup on Knox
!Board The Convoy 1/1
  Board the Humvee (HMMWV)
!Clear the Village of Insurgents 5/5
  Move your fireteam into the village entrance
  Assault and clear the west side of the village
  Order your fireteam to move into the village *easily missed
  Use the move order to assault the village
  Regroup on Knox
!Defend the convoy 2/2
  Defend the convoy from the west
  Use the defend order
!Clear hostiles from the village 5/5
  Regroup on Knox
  Use the suppress order on the far side of the river
  Use the footbridge to Flank the enemy
  Clear the north bank of enemies
  Clear the village or remaining hostiles
[Suggested Loudout: Any]
*This mission is more of a tutorial mission than anything else.
 The intro is awesome. Don't worry, I was laughing myself. After the load,
you'll meet your new squad leader, SSgt. Knox, and begin to immediately 
hate him. Follow his orders and go to the range, learn to shoot, and meet
up for whatever he wanted.
 Yay! A real combat mission. Board the HMMWV and listen to him annoy you.
Once you get there, order your team to move, then follow you, and follow
the waypoint to the roof of the small building. Shoot to kill, then order
your team to move inside the square. Mop up and regroup with Knox on the
far side. Mount up.
	IED!! You are in charge of the buidling to the left. Enemies spawn
on top of the hill and charge to the left, straight down, and to the right.
Tell your team to defend the building, kill everything, and wait. If you
run out of ammo, their is an ammo crate right next to the stairs. When
Knox is finished staring at the wreckage, reload, and mount up again.
	Dismount and follow the waypoint to a meeting with Knox and a
random marine. After listening, run across the street, and up a building.
Start shooting, order your team to suppress, and wait for Knox. Annoyed
with him yet? You just got here and now he wants you to run around. 
Follow the waypoints, through friendly fire of course, across the bridge
and provide fire from the side. Once the wall is clear, follow the waypoints
through the village. Don't run, and clear every angle as you move through the
village. After several brief firefights, you'll end up on the far side of
the village. Mount up and the mission ends.
 I suggest playing this mission again as the other three classes to get
a feel for which class you want to play as.


   [4.2] Meet the Neighbors
[Mission Objectives]
!Cordon and Search the village 4/4
  Set up defensive position in the north-eastern sector
  Defend the north-eastern sector
  Watch for approaching enemies
  Rally with the squad outside village
!Hold position for EOD team to work on IED 5/5
  PRovide overwatch on EOD team
  Defend the EOD team from insurgent assault
  Watch for appraoching enemies
  Eliminate insurgent threat
  Raly with the squad outside village
!Clear reinforcement route 1/1
  Call mortar strike on farmhouses
!Take control of the village school 4/4
  Check roadside buildings are clear of hostiles
  Rally with squad outside village
  Clear surrounding buildings of hostiles
  Clear school compound of hostiles
!Extraction to airfield 1/1
  Board vehicle for extraction
[Suggested loudout: RM with some form of scope
                    GR isn't really needed, but AT mines would make a
                       certain part funny.
                    SC is great, but be prepared for CQB fighting.
                    AR is great for the suppression.
   Fireteam         It helps if your FT are AR or RM to aid in the
                       needed suppression.

 After hearing the brief, it is going to be an easy mission, or is
it. Follow the waypoints to the corner building, climb the stairs,
and watch the town. When the hostiles spawn, shoot 'em. Have your
fireteam suppress them if they get too close, but they won't if
you are set up good. Try not to burn through too much ammo.
After the short fight, what else?, regroup on Knox. 
 Time to run up a hill. Through ambushes. You first ambush isn't very
far up ahead. Major groups of enemies are on the hill above you and
behind the building to the left. After it's clear, reload at the 
cache next to the building next to the stairs. Head for the top of
the hill. Tired yet?
 Another ambush, but its only three hostiles. Proceed to the overwatch
point and get ready to see EOD do their magic. You didn't think it was
going to be that easy, did you? You can either run down and shoot them
at close range, or you can play sniper and pick them off. After 
saving the EOD team, follow the road to the next town.
 STAY AWAY FROM THE GREEN CAR. It goes boom. There will be an ammo
cache near your assigned sector. Grab ammo, tell your team to defend
the house, and watch the western ridge.
 After EOD jinxes you, put a suppression order on the the ridge and
fight off the attack. Once they are fought off, reload, and rally with 
the squad and watch the fireworks. Mission over.
 Or not. And we are running. And we are running. And another ambush
from the building. And we are running again. Run to the top of the building
and call in the mortor strike. It's a good sight to watch, but
not entirely effective. The A-10 does a better job. Time to move out.
You get a tip-off that a hostile vehicle is coming your way. If
you have AT mines, this is the only time to use it on this mission, but
if you do, do it quick and hide. Otherwise, wait for it to pass to engage
it, or simply start shooting the second you see it. If you have a M203,
its a great time to use it. Either way, kill 'em and move to the
rally point.
 This next part can be really easy, or really hard, depending on
what you brought. If you brought something with a scope, go through
the gap in the wall to the NE, climb the building, and starting
killing the occupants of the school. Set your fire team to suppress.
There is ammo at the bottom of the stairs if you start to run low.
After a plenty of kills, the enemy will start leaving, and the mission
is over. Just get to your HMMWV.
 If you didn't bring scoped weapons, or you just want to try out your
MOUT skills, you have two options. Proceed on the outside of the wall
to the school house and clear it. Too easy? Go down the center of the 
street instead and search each nook and crany as you make your way
to the school. Clear it, go to the your ride, and mission over.
 Not a bad mission, was it?


   [4.3] Human Terrain
[Mission Objectives]
!Clear the village 2/2
 Clear the traading post
 Clear the container marker
!Rendezvous with the convoy 2/2
 Wait for the convoy to arrive
 Mount your humvee
!Clear the compound 3/3
 Reach the center building
 Provide covering fire for Charlie
 Clear the remaining hostiles from the area
!Rendezvous with the convoy 2/2
 Wait for the convoy to arrive
 Mount your Humvee
!Defend the junction 
 Defend the junction
!Protect the convoy 9/9
 Reach the overwatch position
 Clear the roadside compound
 Reach the next compound
 Clear the roadside compounds
 Climd the mountain Side
 Secure the ridgeline
 Hold the building
 Hold the building
 Hold the building
!Extract to FOB Viper 1/1
 Mount your Humvee
[Suggested Loadout: RM with scope
                    GR is good for the CQB portion
                    SC with scope, be prepared for CQB
                    AR is great for the suppression
Fireteam:           Same as last mission, suppression and range

 What kind of shooter would this game be without an escort mission?
Fortunately, this isn't the normal esort. After the motivating
chopper ride, you need to head for the unoccupied town to prepare
for the convoy. It happens fast, but they come out of the wood work.
Clear the roof of the hotel from range, then steadily make your way up
the street, watching every entrance and exit. It's best if you hug the
right walls. Half way through the street is an ammo cache, so don't be
afraid to burn away.
 Next up, a container field. It is easier if you go to the left around the
field and shoot in. After clearing the field, wait for the convoy. And yes,
you do get to ride. Mission over? Of course not. That was just the easy 
 Begin clearing the village. Follow your waypoints and be sure of every
open space as you make your way to a occupied building. Stay their to
cover the other team or move ahead of them, following checkpoints and
being VERY sure it is safe to move. After the area is clear, hop on the
convoy and ride. I won't tease you this time.
 Time to kill some technicals. Rush the distance to a short wall, with
ammo and M203 ammo chaches, and wait. If you brought AT mines, you
could use them, but it isn't easy to rush to the corner bend, the 
only spot it would work, and back in time. Its easier to just wait
and be ready with everything else, M203s included. And we're waiting.
All that waiting for that? It happens. Time to walk.
 March over the hill and behold the wonder: another town. This
is where Knox gets confusing. He tells you to take the road to the left,
on the outskirts of town, while the waypoints tell you to go right
down the center. Follow the waypoints and clear the town, slow and
easy, watch your corners, and stay off the roofs. Rinse and repeat
with each little area you clear.
 No more rides today. Push through ahead of the convoy in anticipation
of any ambushes. The first little 'town' will have two guys and an ammo
cache on the left, reload and push on. Run into another town, clear it
out, slow and easy, and push on. Another compound, another clearing
effort. Stick to the road and shoot in.
 Time to go up hill. Kill the two with RPGs and make it to a small
house with an ammo cache. You'll start to get fire as you reach the
house. Suppress and shoot back. Move up slowly and watch the hill
to your left. Breach the hill and clear the area. There is an ammo
cache next to the first house on the left as you clear the area.
 Time for a change of pace from all this running. Approach the wall
and watch for anything that moves and kill it. After a bit, you'll
get the chance to call in mortars. The hill on the right is the
hottest. If you are lucky, an enemy vehicle will approach, but
often the mortar strike gets it. Reload then head to the next spot.
 Hold up and get ready. Watch the entire span of N to NE for
best results. There is an ammo cache next to the trees if you need.
 Move to the next area, rinse and repeat. Watch the NE and call in 
all the mortors you can. Again, there is ammo right next to you. This
is the shortest wait. Go back to the Humvee and finish the mission.


   [4.4] Almost too Easy
[Mission Objectives]
!Insurgent Defensive line 3/3
  Clear mountain compound
  Use JDAM on defensive line
  Clear the remaining hostiles from the area
!Second insurgent defensive line 4/4
  Hit insurgent targets with air support
  Hit insurgent targets with air support
  Hit insurgent targets with air support
  Clear insurgent compound
!Take control of insurgent base 3/3
  Clear insurgents compound
  Clear lower section of insurgent base
  Clear enemy buildings in upper insurgent base
!Get to extraction convoy 1/1
  Extraction humvee
[Suggested Loadout: AR with scope
                    GR isn't strongly suggested, but if useful in the end
                    SC enjoy the begining, but be prepared for CQB
                    AR just like the GR, you won't be very usefull
Fireteam:           RMs for their flexibility
  Another chopper ride. Get out and run up the mountain. You'll run
into singles and couples of restitance as you breach the top of
the mountain. As you run past buildings, be ready for a random
hostile to pop out and pop you. Eventually, you will make it to
a flatter path than the earlier ones, watch the shrubs for hiding
hostiles. Just pass that is your first target, a small town.
 Slowly enter the town and start killing. You have two options, first
you can get on top of the first building on the right and take them
out, or two you can clear each building at close range. Winners choice,
there is ammo and frags next to the first building.
 Follow the waypoints, watch the A-10 strike, and be ready for any
resistance. Continue down the path, get a clear line of sight, and
call in the JDAM. Continue down the hill.
 You'll spot a huge string of buildings and the remains of your JDAM
 target. Continue down the road, watching the buildings, as you enter
the town. You have three options. The first, get on the building to
your left and have your team clear the buildings one by one. Two,
go along the wall to the right and clear them personally through
the vegitation. Or Three, attack from the center of the town toward
the wall. Either way, ammo is by the SW building.
 Calling in the JDAM strikes perfectly is... frustrating. I will
do my best to explain where to hit. The first, the furtherst left, is
pretty easy. Aim directly for the taller building under the direction
marker. Pretty much the center of the 'town.' The second, or middle one,
is also easy. Aim for the biggest building. The third, or the one on the
right is the hardest. Aim for the small wall on the right, directly under
the distance flag. Too easy?
 Run down the hill, killing bad guys as you go, and encounter a bridge.
It is pretty obvious, you have two options. The first is to lay there and
play sniper as they eventually get a lucky shot on you and kill you. The
other option is to have one or two of your FT lay down suppressing fire 
while you run across the bridge. Winner's choice. The first building on
the right has ammo.
 Follow the waypoints as you listen to Alpha-1 and Charlie-1 go at it.
Another bridge? This one is alot harder than the last one. First, hide
next to the wall to regain your endurance. Then, suppress or snipe the
waiting building. The biggest worry is the mounted MG and the RPG on
the hill. Once they are dead, have your team lay suppression down on
the clearing to the right as you run like hell across the bridge. The
building will have frags and M203s at the corner, but no ammo. Regroup,
heal, and get ready for a charge. Clear the hill, which might only have
one or two left depending on your team's suppressive ability.
 Regroup with the squad and wait for air support to make your life 
easier. Or not. Clear the building to the right of the bridge, including
the truck, and reload, ammo is behind the truck. Time for the second
hardest part of the mission, clearing buildings.
 As always, two ways to do it. If you aren't equipped, or prepared,
for CQB fighting; stick to the left wall and slowly move forward. If
you are ready for CQB, stick to the cliff on the right and move through
the buildings, using them for cover. Either way, follow the waypoints
and conserve your ammo. At the end of the line will be a house with ammo.
Reload and help the squad clear the final compound. Or not. Time to
save somebody else. Let's see if airsupport can handle it.
 Or not. Run up hill and prepare a coordinated strike in the walls
while everyone complains about the lack of air cover. This fight can
be really easy, so long as you remember that you aren't playing COD
or Halo. Move in slowly, covering every angle, and kill what you see. 
Mission is over, now just run a marathon to your ride home. Why was
it that you didn't get any air cover?


   [4.5] The Wrong Way
[Mission Objectives]
!Defend the frontline 7/7
  Rendezvous with Gunslinger 3
  Defend the frontline center
  Eliminate AT gunners
  Defend the second frontline
  Defend the third frontline
  Defend the fourth frontline
  Defend the fifth and final line
!Secure extraction LZ at the crossroads 3/3
  Secure extraction LZ at the crossroads
  Defend crossroads area from PLA
  Hold off PLA while Humvees are being repaired
!Extract to FOB 2/2
  Mount your Humvee
  Extract to FOB
!Defend FOB 5/5
  Defend FOB
  Destroy the PLA attack helicopter
  Mount evac helo
[Suggested loudout: AR with scope, M203s
                    GR with M203s, AT mines, C4 charges
                    SC with scope, no CQB worried this time
                    AR is great for this mission
Fire team           AR is the best choice for the supprsive uses
*There are several portions of this that can be drastically easier
at the cost of risk. I'll explain both methods.
 PLA? Who? What? Where? When? And why you? Either way, listen to
the brief and follow your waypoints to the selected building. Order
a defend and put someone on the mounted. Listen to the complaining
as smoke begins to creep in. Start killing for all you are worth.
There is ammo, grenades, and 203s in the square right next to your
building. Keep killing, including the AT gunners, for all you are 
 The tanks are gone? Fall back to the next building. Use smoke grenades
to cover your fall back. Rinse and repeat. Ammo and grenades for your 
pleasure. Fall back, rinse and repeat. And again. One more time.
This time, the entire squad is in a single compound. Keep killing 
for all you are worth until choppers come in to cover your exit.
 Did you turn around to go save the pilots? Don't worry, so did I.
***This part can be drastically different depending on what you
want to do***
 NORMAL WAY- Fall back to the crossroads for your exit. Defend
against the incoming foot troops until your ride is in view. Sweet
victory? Or not. And worse, enemies APCs? Grab the SMAW and move
through the buildings as you wait for the APCs to pass you. Aim for
the rear armor or the small ball on top. There are three APCs that
take different routes. One to the left, one down the center, and
one on the road on top of the hill. Continue to defend as Charlie
pretends they are a mechanic. Get in a HMMWV, grab your fireteam,
and drive to the FOB.
 BUSTER's WAY- If you brought AT mines, great, half of your work is
going to be done already. As you follow the road to the town, you'll
notice a tiny group of buildings to your left along another road
with the wreckage of a vehicle. Lay 3 AT mines down on that road,
starting at the building and working toward the cross roads. Lay them
at least 20m apart. Didn't bring AT mines? Well, that's too bad.
 Sprint to the crossroad, quickly grab a SMAW, and run back to the 
entrance of the town to the two-story 'L' shaped building. Get on
the roof and wait for a PLA chopper to come in, there will be two,
one on your left and one on the right. Aim for the chopper, guarantee
a kill or else this part really sucks, and destroy it. Quickly turn
for the other chopper, best if you aim at it just as it is going
almost completely straight down. Wait for the friendly chopper to get
shot down and aim for a third chopper that is coming in further to the
right of the second one. Kill it and run back to the cross roads.
If you did this Buster's way, you will have no ground hostiles for
your entire wait at the crossroads. Isn't life fun?
 Do you still have AT mines? Be the last of the convoy and place them
on the road outside the FOB. It makes it easier. C4? Places groups
of four at the connecting dirt roads to the paved road outside
the FOB.
 Either way, when you get back to the FOB, you are alerted that the PLA
aren't done with you yet. Reload your SMAW, order your FT to man the
M2 mounts on the roofs of the buildings, and wait in the corner bunker
with Knox. If you laid AT mines, you won't have to worry about the APCs
and you can waste your SMAW rockets on squads of PLA (I started doing
that on a really, really bad run through as a form of stress relief and
I know add it to every run as a form of entertainment.)
 Once the APCs are down, the PLA will retreat. Quickly grab the Stinger,
go back to the bunker or on top of a building and wait. The Stinger is
VERY easy to use. It's kinda idiot proof. You'll have to keep the enemy
'helo' in the circle. A box will form around the target and you will only
be able to fire when a diamond appears in the box. Fire, grab another weapon
(SMAW or a M107 that is in the second floor of the only 'L' shaped building)
and kill for all you are worth. If you laid the C4, blow it to kill the
Tanks for some more experience, entertainment, and bragging rights.
 Q-5 Fantans inbound! Hide in the bunker with Knox.
******* Another nifty trick that Buster does is coming up.
NORMAL WAY- Retreat to the chopper pad and defend yourself from
ground forces as you wait to get picked up again.
BUSTER'S WAY- After the Fantan's strike, run to the defence point, then 
quickly run back, pick up a Stinger or SMAW, and get on top of the building
to the front or right where you were defending. Blow up the chopper
then run back to the defending point
 Get in the helo and survive the mission.


  [4.6] Careful What You Wish for...
[Mission Objectives]
!Break PLA defensive lines 5/5
 Clear targets at bridge
 Break first defensive line
 Reach vantage point to call JDAM
 Eliminate response units
 Regroup with squad
!Ambush the PLA convoy 7/7
 Provide cover for Alpha
 Secure orchard
 Secure compound
 Secure orchard
 Secure compound
 Destroy supply trucks
!Fallback to extraction point 7/7
 Evade PLA Attack Helo
 Regroup with squad
 Defend clifftops
 Fallback to the ruins
 Provide cover fire for Charlie
 Mount extraction vehicle

[Suggested loadout: RM with suppressors, thermal sights
                    GR with C4 charges
                    SC with suppressors, thermal sights
                    AR not really wanted
Fire team:          RM with suppressors, thermal sights
*This is a night mission that emphasizes stealth.
 First things first, Left bumper + down on the D-Pad. Ahh, NVGs.
Next, there are two weapon caches at the drop off point, SMAWs
and thermal sight M107s. The choice is obvious. We all wanna play
sniper. It's ok. Follow the convoy to the first checkpoint, giving
you the option to kill them or sneak around. I prefer to sneak
around, you'll get plenty of time to play with your new toy later.
Follow the waypoints into the gulley and around and up into a
tower ruin. Call in the JDAM and regroup.
 The next portion has you and Alpha playing leap frog. Follow the waypoints,
pull up your toy, and search for anything that is white hot with a red
'X' on it. Conserve your ammo the best you can. Clear the compound, find
the ammo cache, and move on. Rinse and repeat, then regroup.
 This is where it gets dicey. You are presented with several options. The
first option is a forward mounted MG that will provide you an unlimted
field of fire, but you are solo. The second is a limited field of fire,
but an easier ambush. I'm goin to provide a walkthrough for the easier
ambush. Whatever you choose to do, be as stealthy as possible, so dont
play with the toy.
BUSTER's WAY - Lay down all your C4 in a strip with about 20m between each,
starting about 35m away from ambush spot 2. Wait for the lead truck to
blow, then blow the C4.
 Either way, do everything to keep your cover from being spotted. If
you are, a Z-10 attack helicopter will show up right after you
destroy the convoy and this guide will reflect you being spotted.
 Wait for the ambush by hiding. As the trucks pass you, Alpha will blow up 
the first truck, leaving you to handle the remains. Have your FT
cover you as you get on the mounted MG and destroy the trucks.
Leave the last vehicle alive*, hop inside, and use its turret to
blow up the trucks that you cant destroy. The run like hell for
cover from the attack helo.*
 *If you are feeling lucky, you can take the remaining vehicle
and drive it to the rally point. Up to you.
 Follow the waypoints as you run from the helicopter. After
evading and swearing that you are going to shoot it down the
first chance you get, you'll make it to your squad and the helo
will buzz off. Time to defend. Get out your toy and start shooting
at anything that moves and call in mortor strikes like they are on
 Begin your signiture 'continous fall back' manevuer as you fight
back the incoming PLA. Knox mentions something about PLA spec ops,
but its more important to fall back. Youll move to a tower, climb
it, and defend it. PLA will come from the north and spec ops will come
from the south. The choice is yours. An Ammo cache is at the bottom
of the tower.
 Rancher 2 shows up, but you have to wait till Charlie and Alpha
fall back. Eventually its your turn, move, mount, and watch the show.
Was it fun playing sneaky-sneaky? How about being the secret sniffer.


   [4.7] Line in the Sand
[Mission Objectives]
!Eliminate the AT gunners within the Recon Team 1 3/3
 Mount Humvee
 Follow Aplha and Charlie
 Search compounds and eliminate AT teams
!Execute a hit and run attack on Recon Team 2 2/2
 Move on toward the 2nd Recon Team's location
 Engage the 2nd PLA Recon Team
!Hold the bridge 2/2
 Move on to the bridge
 Hold the line while the defendser fall back
!Defend the village until reinforcements arrive 3/3
 Cover Alpha and Charlie as they fall back
 Fall back to the village
 Assist Alpha and Charlie in the village defense
!Hold off the PLA from the village center 2/2
 Fall back to the trading post and hold the location
 Destroy the AA teams
!Get to the exfil point 2/2
 Get to the exfil point
 Mount the extraction helicopter

[Suggested Loudout: RM scope, M203
                    GR not that useful, but if you want
                    SC snipers snipe, can't stop 'e,
                    AR great for the needed suppression
Fireteam            AR and RMs
This mission sounds simple and easy. You even get a shiney, new armed
HMMWV to play with. Make a small convoy with your squad and make it to 
the first town. Contrary to normal, go center and hug the left wall.
flanking tends to get you killed. As you engage the first PLa down the
road, the rest of his buddies will show up to see what all the noise is
about. Kill, mop up, and mount up for some more action.
  Dismount, and move in. This is easy to engage them at range. Mop up,
mount up, and move on. Mount up and prepare for a long drive into the
fray. Link up with Hangman 3-1 and let the PLA have it. Ammo, grenade, and
M203 chache are nearby. Have your FT dismount and use the mounted MGs
to save your ride from getting destroyed. Keep killing as much of the
infantry as possible, don't let up. Eventually, Knox will give the call
to fall back, so mount up and get the hell out of dodge.
 Your given the center zone to defend with an ammo box, grenade cache,
and a single MG to hold. Alpha to your left as a M203 box, so you have
everything you need to give the PLA a hard time. If you've got it, use
it. Don't forget to have your FT suppress. Just when things are
getting good, PLA start dropping mortors on you. Quickly fall back
to the hotel.
 You have the three ammo cache types and something cool too, a M107,
which makes this nice. Climb the hotel, set your team to defend and
suppress, then give them everything you got. When the fight seems that
its just isn't going well, wait aminute, are those M1s? Yes they are.
Time to leave the mission.
 Or not. Oh, of course, Bravo will happily do it for you. Reload and
run after the waypoints. Cross the river and check things out. There
is an enemy vehicle to the right and its your first priority. Set your
fireteam to engage it and watch your left for any SPEC OPs to rush you.
Clear the area, being sure to watch every angle to attack, and mop
up anything that doesn't speak American English.
 Then race back acroos the water and to the chopper.


   [4.8] 1st and 10, Let's Do It Again
[Mission Objectives]
!Rendezvous with the convoy 1/1
 Board the Humvee
!Destroy the attacking PLA forces 2/2
Clear the PLA forces around the tower
Mount your Humvee
!Destroy the attacking PLA forces 2/2
Destroy the compound defenses
Mount your Humvee
!Take out the PLA emplaced weapons 2/2
Take our the PLA emplaced weapons
Mount your Humvee
!Capture the first tier of the town 4/4
Destroy the PLA attack helicopter
Clear the building of PLA forces
Help Alpha and Charlie clear the buildings
Destroy the compound defenses
!Clear the second tier of the town from PLA 2/2
Destroy the PLA transport helicopter
Take out the PLA Spec Ops
!Clear the hill fort keep of PLA forces 1/1
Destroy the PLA transport helicopter
Take out the PLA Spec Ops
!Join Knox for a mission debrief 1/1
Join Knox for a mission debrief
[Suggested Loadout: Anything you can kill with
Fireteam:           RM and AR for their suppressive elements

 This is a straightforward mission. It is a hard mission, but it
is very straightforward. At your first stop, your objective is to take
the large tower in the center of the town. As soon as you get off
your ride, you will immiediately be fired upon. Return fire and
follow the waypoints through a serious of prepared MG nests.
Go slow and eventually make your way to a small wall just in front
of the tower. Leave two of your FT there suppressing the tower while
you and your other FT member flank around from the right. Clear the 
area, reload at the ammmo cache next to the tower, and mount up.
 Another ambush comes down on you. Get out of your vehicle and rush
to the building in front of you. Stay there and suppress the enemy.
Normally, that is all you need. In some cases, you will need to
approach the buildings and clear it out. Once the call for vehicles
is heard, reload, and mount up.
 Another town to fight through, but this one easy is like the last.
Advance to the 'L' shaped building with a cache of ammo and lay down
suppressive fire. CAS will get called in and then you get to call in
a mortor strike. Once everything is said and done, mop up, reload, and
mount your ride.
 Dismount and begin to feel like a bad ass. Start moving through the
waypoints, slow and steady, as you make your way inside the walls. As
you breach the walls, Knox will demand that you shoot the enemy chopper
down. Follow the waypoints to a ammo cache and enemy SAM launchers. Blow
it out of the sky, then continue, slow and steady, through the waypoints.
Youll be lead to a small fortified building and forced to clear it out.
Once you clear it out, you'll be lead to another area to assist your
squad in finishing off some dug in PLA.
After mopping up any stragglers you'll be informed of two things; one,
enemy SPEC OPS have been sighted, and two, another helo is in the area.
Find a SAM launcher, take it down, then begin the long trek up the mountain.
Now go hunt down the SPEC OPS. After clearing the new arrivals to the
area, time to begin the end.
 Begning heading up the winding path toward the top of the hill. Reload
at the ammo cache on the way up and suppress anything that shoots down 
at you. Once you crest the hill, you will run into further MG nests 
and shotgun totin' SPEC OPS. Clear the area, regroup on Knox, and


   [4.9] Vantage Point
[Mission Objectivea]
!Clear PLA recon teams 3/3
 Clear first recon point
 Clear second recon point
 Clear PLA checkpoint
!Clear the PLA barracks 2/2
 Clear the PLA occupying the barracks
 Hold the PLA barracks against reinforcements
!Destryo AA weapon and clear observatory 4/4
 Take out the PLA in the sniper nests
 Destroy the PLA attack helo
 Destroy the AA weapon
 Clear the observatory of enemies
!Get to the exfil point 1/1
 Get to the exfil point

[Suggested Loudout: RM Scopes, M203
                    GR Not entirely useful
                    SC Great for the open terrain, be ready for CQB
                    AR Good for suppression
Fireteam:           AR and RM as always

 As Knox says during the begining, this mission sucks. It's long and hard,
but not impossible to beat. Hehe. Same story as always, dismount and
follow the waypoints. Conserve your ammo as you clear the first area. Mop
up the area then proceed to the second point. Clear the second area, again,
slow and steady is always better than a loading screen. Reload and continue.
 Another area, another mop up, and another reload. Continue on. The main
area is one hell of a fight, clear out the area, and then defend the giant
building from reinforcements. Defend the area then meet the HMMWV for some
new weapons. First threat, the attack helo. The easiest thing to do is
grab the stinger and hunt the helicopter down. Its down, now head up
hill to clear the hilltop.
BUSTER'S WAY- Two birds, one stone. Grab a javelin as you go. For extra
points, 'borrow' a HMMWV. Once at the top, take out the enemy APC. Rinse
and repeat.
 Once at the hilltop, clear the area of the PLA, and go back to the ammo
drop off point. Grab a Javelin, go over the hill ridge, and take out
the enemy armor. Go back to the ammo point, rearm with another Javelin,
then kill another. Now go hunt PLA one by one. Eventually you'll find 
a dead body with a Queen Bee, if not there is a chace of them in the 
compound closest to the missle, destroy the missle and regroup on Knox.
More importantly, you'll wait on Knox.


   [4.10] End of the Beginning
[Mission Objectives]
!Eliminate all AT teams in the compounds 5/5
 Take up overwatch position before the assault
 Eliminate any PLA in the compound
 Escort the LAVs safely through the compounds
 Clear the compound
 Hold position and wait for further orders
!Assault the edge of Gudovgrad 2/2
 Take new position and wait for helo support
 Clear all PLA from the building compound
!Assault the center of Gudovgrad 1/1
 Eliminate AA teams in the factory complex
!Hold the factory against PLA assault 2/2
 Hold the factory against the PLA assault
 Destroy the PLA attack helo
!Fall back to the hotel and regroup 3/3
 Hold position and cover fireteams falling back
 Fall back rapidly to the hotel and rejoin the squad
 Defend hotel sector until armor arrives
!Retake Gudovgrad using LAV support 3/3
 Retake Gudovgrad using LAV support
 Escort LAV to ore refinery
 Eliminate PLA at the compound
!Hold ore refinery against PLA assaults 2/2
 Secure and hold structure against PLA assault
 Secure and hold sector against PLA assault
!Regroup on the roof for evac 1/1
 Regroup on the roof for evac

[Suggested loudout: Every class is useful here
Fireteam          : RM and AR for suppression]

 Time to finish it. Believe it or not, this is not a hard mission
and its not a long mission. But you will kill plenty of PLA, and by
the end, you might even like Knox. I know, it doesn't seem possible.
 You start out, where else, in the back of a HMMWV getting your brief.
Dismount, regroup, and listen to Knox form a plan. Then begin assaulting
the town and watch the plan fall to pieces. Are you ready for it?
 Charge across the road and take up a position by the outcropping
of rocks, tell your FT to suppress the defenses, and charge up the left
side of the hill to clear it out. If you have smoke, pop one and throw 
it over the hole to give you more cover, otherwise just call
your team to you.
 Move slow and steady up through the waypoints. Anytime you start
getting shot at, take cover and have your FT suppress them. Move
to the position where you are holding for the LAVs, reload, and
move up to the next building. As you sit under the 'ASSAULT' banner,
tell your team to suppress the buildings on the left. Wait for 
permission to call in mortors, and mortor the left buildings till
they are dust. I always mortor twice, then run up the left side to
claim the buildings. Your final objective of this charge is a large
building with an empty bottom floor. Be very careful as you clear it.
 Want CAS? Gotta take out the AA. Move NE through a tiny alley and
be ready for a SPEC OPS ambush from ahead and your right. Overcome 
the ambush than move towards another large building. Clear it out,
then set up a defense. Enemy helo? You know what to do.
 Now that the entire squad is in one location, the PLA massed their
force to take you on. Defend the building with everything you have,
mortor strikes, and CAS as the rest of the squad leaves you to die.
Jus focus, work steady, and use plenty of ammo to keep you alive.
 After enough time to build a hotel, Knox calls you back to him
and the hotel. Run as fast as you can, get there, and reload. Set
up the remains of your FT on the mounted weapons and wait for Ironhorse
to get there.
 Time to babysit the super, armored, almost-tank. You now need to add
'watch out from becoming road kill from friendly LAV's' as you move
through your objectives, as well as moving slow and steady to stay alive.
You'll be tasked to clear out the factory you formally owned, then 
another factory, and finally a third large building. Work your way from
building to building, paying special attention to any AT gunners.
 At the end of their route is the farthest set of buildings to the 
east. Clear them out Terminator style and wait for orders from Knox,
 Time for the ultimate defense. As you search around, you can find
Stingers, SMAWs, M107s, and even Javelins. The final toy is yours
to choose, and you also get unlimted CAS and mortors. Finally they
turn around. 
 What was that, Knox? Character development? Surely not. Regroup and
debrief. So much for rule number 3.


[5] Fire Team Engagements
 For the gamer that didn't get enough out of the campaign, the response
are the FTEs. They are short and challenging missions that have a simple
and stated objective. I can't give an exact guide to each FTE, because
they are random. There isn't any one perfect class for any FTE either,
whatever you are confidant with is the best, which means Rifleman is
the best class to use.


   [5.1] Last Stand
 Last stand FTE pits your fireteam, now Coyote Bravo, against increasingly
stronger waves of enemies. You are set to defend a designated area
with plenty of ammo crates for ammo, grenades, and M203s. There are
also weapon caches for Stingers and SMAW which you will use to defend
against armored targets and choppers that eventually spawn. To get
gold on these FTE's, you must make 80,000 pts and make it to the
extraction helo alive. This is usually around round 2:4.
      [5.11] Contested Front
 This is the better of the two FTEs. You are to defend a hillside
town with plenty of cover from the PLA as they attack from the
      [5.12] Best Defense
 A much more challenging map. There are two major differences from
the other FTE, first it is a night. Second, they attack from two
different ways, East and West.


   [5.2] CSAR
 Combat Search And Rescue. Your objective in these FTEs is two rescue
two downed pilots, and optionally destroy their wrecked bird. In my
own opinion, these are fun and easy. As you link up with the pilots,
a mechanized response unit will begin to hunt you down. You need 
100,000 pts for gold, which is easily obtained if you rescue both pilots
and destroy their wrecked bird.
      [5.21] Samaritan's Deed
 This FTE is easy. Two small towns, a large hill, and the LZ is across
the river with only two bridge access.
      [5.22] No One Gets Left Behind
 This is a moderately more difficult FTE, only becuase of the CQB
fighting. Three small towns; one will be useless, one will have the
bird, while one has the pilots. The LZ will always be the field furthest
from the pilots.


   [5.3] Rolling Thunder
 The ultimate frustration. Your mission is to escort a convoy of trucks
through enemy held territory. It is a mixture of vehicle combat and 
foot patrol. You score points everytime the convoy passes a checkpoint,
and there are plenty to go around, while you lose points while the convoy
is stopped for any reason. You need 65,000 pts for gold. While the pts
you score during the mission wont add near enough to reach it, you receive
a large bonus for every soldier and truck that makes it: almost 20,000pts.
You have to protect the convoy from RPG attacks, ambushes, and IEDs.
      [5.31] Hell's Highway
 This FTE is curvy. Simply be prepared. I can't give any great advice.
      [5.32] Breathrough
 This FTE is slightly easier than the first. All the same, I can't give
any advice other than to try, try, and try again.


   [5.4] Combat Sweep
 Combat sweep is a competition against speed as you try to sweep through
the map to eliminate three areas held by hostile forces. You get extra
point for eliminating hiddin ammo caches as well. At the end of the
mission, a timer will multiply with your score. The timer starts at 5x
bonus, and drops by .1 every 30 seconds. This is also the only time 
the IR strobe is worth anything, as when you deploy during these
FTEs, the waiting chopper will land near(subjectively) you. You need
230,000pts for gold.
      [5.41] Counter Insurgency
 As with the other FTEs, there isn't much I can tell you.
      [5.42] Ghost Town
 Next version I'm gonna add jokes to these section to fill space.


[7] Did I miss something?
 Did I miss something? Was there something you were looking for that
I didn't have? Questions ? Complaints ? Want to know what the
best class is ? That's easy, Rifleman.
If you know something I don't, or have a question that you think
I should add in a future F.A.Q. section, please email me
at [email protected]
Unfortunately, I don't XBL very much these days, but my gamertag
is BusterLanceX. Send me a message, otherwise I think you are just
spamming for friends.

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