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The second actual level of Hitman: Blood Money.  You have to knock off a Tenor 
opera singer, and an American ambassader. The job can be done right if you know the 
map, and follow these rules.  If you follow it right, you will either achieve 
a "Professional", "Hitman", or "Contract Killer" rating, depending on how you work.

1.  Kill Alvard D'alvade  
2.  Kill Richard Delahunt
3.  Escape

When you start out head through the front doors of the opera.  When you enter, to 
your left there will be a booth like thing, with a cop sitting inside.  Thats the 
wardrobe guy.  Go over to him, and talk with him.  Once your done you will recieve 
a WWII pistol.  But in this mission, you probably won't need it.  Go to the bottom 
floor of the opera.  And go to the right side of the hall.  At the end, a guy will 
be painting the wall, and a cop will be standing by another door.  Wait for the cop 
to go in, and go in the door, beside the guy who's painting.  If he sees you he 
will follow you.  If he dosent get his attention, and get him to follow you.  You 
can either punch him, and knock him out, or push him down the stairs.  Whatever 
suits you best.  When he gets knocked out take his worker clothes.  Now go to the 
bottom of the stairs, and turn around, and you'll see a door.  Go through it, and 
turn right.  There will be a small set of stairs.  Go down them.  When you get to 
the bottom turn left a few steps, and turn right.  There should be double doors 
there.  Go through them, and turn left, and go all the way down to the end of that 
hallway.  When you reach the end, turn left again and walk about down the hall.  I 
believe its either the 1st or 2nd door on the left.  It says "Staff Only" by the 
door.  When you enter it, there will be stairs.  Go up them all the way, and go out 
the door at the top.  When you emerge, a cop will be standing guard by the door 
that leads out on stage.  By now Alvard should be on stage singing.  Turn left, and 
go all the way to the end of that hallway and turn right.  Go halfway down the 
hall, and turn right, and go through the double doors.  You should be in like a 
messy utility like room with stairs to your left.  Go up them all the way.  When 
you reach the top, you will be ablove the stage.  Go in the door, on the other side 
of the catwalk, and wait for the other worker to leave, and set a bomb on the 
winch, or whatever it is.  Go back to the stairs, and click the detonator, make 
sure your close enough to blow it.  Now run down the stairs as fast as possible, 
and exit the double doors out into the hallway.  Turn left down the hallway and run 
all the way to the end.  There should be a door in front of you, and a door to your 
right with a star beside the door.  Thats Alvarde's room.  Enter it quickly, and 
close the door before anyone can see you.  Turn out the lights, the switch is on 
the lefts ide of the door, and run and get in the closet.  Now when Alvarde comes 
in.  He will turn on the lights, and go into the little sub-part of the room, with 
the curtain.  Don't follow, there is a mirror in there and he can see you.  Instead 
try and get him before he enters the curtain.  If you cant, get out of the closet, 
turn off the lights again, and hide over on the left side of the closet, when he 
turns them on, sneak up to him, and fiber wire him.  Drag his body in the curtain 
room area, and turn the lights back off.  Now look through the keyhole of the 
door.  There will probably be a guard sitting in a chair across from the room.  
Wait till he gets up, and enters the bathroom, and the door shuts.  Then exit the 
room and shut the door.  Now to backtrack.  Go back the way you came down the steps 
near the stage entrance, and now your down in the basement again.  Run back down 
the hall, turn right, and go find the double doors you came through, and then go 
back out in the staircase room where you killed the guy to get his worker suit.  
Get your suit back, and go back out in the opera's hall.  Go to the second floor of 
the opera.  Its the floor where the CIA agents patrol.  Go on the left., and pick 
the last door on the right side of the hall.  Go in, and you can see Richard 
sitting in the booth.  Exit, and wait out in the hall.  One of the CIA agents will 
come check that balcony you were in.  Now check on Richard again from the balcony.  
Wait till he's leaning over the edge of hos booth, and by now you should have a 
silent pistol.  Shoot him in his head.  If you dont have a silent pistol, then 
you'll have to find another way to kill him.  When you shoot him put your pistol 
away, exit the balcony, and walk out of the Opera. 

That's how I completed the level on Expert.  If you dont have a silent pistol, then 
you'll have to find another way to kill him, and I'm not sure how you do that.  
I've tried numorous times to enter the booth but the door is locked, and I'm not 
sure how to get in without picking the lock in front of the agents.  If you find 
another way then I guess you can enter, and wait for Delahunt to lean over the 
booth, and shove him over the edge.  But I hope this helps you out.  I'll hit y'all 
up later.  One.

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