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New Bark Town
When you start the game, a little box appears on the right side of the screen. 
is where you will set the time of day. Pressing up and down will change the hour. 
When you have decided, press A, and it will ask you if that’s OK. The top-most 
selection will be “Yes.” The box will be the minutes. Why bother with all of 
Well, some of the game’s Pokémon can be caught only in the morning (4am-9:59am), 
others during the day (10am-5:59pm), others at night (6pm-3:59am). The internal 
clock will keep track of time automatically, so when you play the game at night 
before you go to bed, the time of day in the game will also be night. After a 
rousing pep talk by Professor Oak, you’ll be asked to enter your name. The 
are: Your Own Name Gold (Silver in the Silver version) Kamon, Oscar, Max. Now go 
the house all the way up and to the left. This is Professor Elm’s lab. Once you 
inside, Elm will give you the choice of three Pokémon on the table. The left one 
Cyndaquil ( a Fire Pokémon ), the middle one is Totodile (a Water Pokémon) and 
right one is Chikorita (a Grass Pokémon. Chikorita is the only starter than can 
learn Flash . Before you leave, Elm’s assistant will give you a Potion (you can’t 
avoid it). Don’t worry about Poké Balls just yet, they’ll be given to you later.
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Cherrygrove City and the Pokemon Elder
Your destination is Cherrygrove City to the west, but you should take the time to 
raise your Pokémon up to level 10 just outside New Bark Town. You’ll have an 
time this way. If you need to heal your Pokémon, go to Elm’s lab and use the 
computer. It acts as a Pokémon Center. Once you’ve built up to level 10, go west. 
Don’t bother going north, because you won’t be able to get very far. Keep going 
until you get to Cherrygrove City. Talk to the old man at the entrance of the 
answer “Yes” to his question, and he’ll take you on a tour of the town. When the 
tour ends at his house, he will give you a Map Card. It will allow you to access 
map from your PokéGear. Go north and into the house. Here, a man will give you a 
Berry . There are many different types of berries around the game (some heal, 
poison, cure paralysis, etc.), and you can get them from the fruit-bearing trees 
that appear during the game (there is one outside his house). The good thing 
about a 
Berry is that you can equip it on a Pokémon, and whenever it’s low on Hit Points, 
will automatically use the fruit. Additionally, the trees replenish themselves 
a day. Keep going northeast to the Pokémon Elder’s house. He will give you a 
mysterious egg. Plus, Professor Oak will give you a Pokédex and tell you to go to 
Violet City. If that wasn't enough, he will heal all of your Pokémon.
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Back to New Bark
Once you step out of the house, Elm will call you, telling you there is trouble 
the lab and that you should return immediately. Return to Cherrygrove City and 
the Pokémon Center. Just before you leave town, you’ll encounter a young man who 
uses one of the Pokémon that you could have chosen in the beginning. You should 
at a high enough level to defeat him easily, even though your Pokémon will be 
against the one he has chosen. Heal at the Pokémon Center if you need to, then go 
Elm’s lab. The police will be there, and you’ll have to name the young man that 
fought. That man will then be your rival for the remainder of the game. Elm will 
marvel at your egg and take it for a time to study. Just as you are about to 
Elm’s assistant will give you five Poké Balls. Finally, you can catch those wild 
Pokemon! The first man you see outside of New Bark Town will instruct you on how 
use the balls.
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Violet City and the Zephyr Badge 
At this point, you may want to catch some Pokémon to add to your team. A good 
to catch would be Sentret, the flying raccoon, which can be caught only during 
morning or day. It can learn Cut, and, strangely enough, Surf. Another good one 
Pidgey, which can learn Fly. And while you’re at it, pick up a Geodude (in the 
I previously advised you not to enter because you couldn’t get very far or in the 
dark cave here) if you want to learn Strength. Keep at least one slot open in 
party. I’ll tell you why later. Make your way to Violet City, then beat Falkner 
the gym. The gym members and leader use Bird-type Pokémon and should be 
easy if you built up your levels, especially if you snagged a rock-type. Defeat 
Falkner to get the Zephyr Badge. It increases the attack of all your Pokémon, and 
allows you to use Flash at any time. He also gives you TM 31, Mud-Slap. It’s 
basically a high-damage ground-type Sand Attack. Elm will call after you exit the 
gym. He’s discovered your egg needs to be with active Pokemon in order to hatch 
he wants your help. Go to the Pokémon Center of Violet City, and Elm’s assistant 
will be there. Answer “Yes” to his question, and you’ll be given your egg back, 
this time it will be in your party. It cannot attack but will eventually hatch 
Togepi! Now, go to the northern part of town to the Sprout Tower. Battle your way 
the top, and defeat the temple master for the Flash HM. You may also find it 
advantageous to pick up a Gastly at night in this tower for use against later 
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Bugsy and the Hive Badge
Go south through the cave to Azalea Town (if you try going west, you’ll be 
by some sort of tree). Enter the Pokémon Center and talk to the fisherman to get 
Fishing Rod. Talk to Kurt, the Poké Ball maker, at the northern end of town, and 
he’ll ask you to save the captive Slowpokes. He’ll then leave the house. Now go 
the front of the town and into the hole previously blocked by a man. Kurt will be 
there. Defeat all the Team Rocket members, and Kurt will give you a Lure Ball. 
go to the gym and defeat the leader for the Hive Badge. It allows you to control 
Pokémon up to level 30 and enables you to use Cut outside of battle. She also 
you TM 49, Fury Cutter . It’s the Slash attack that she used on you earlier. Heal 
the Pokémon Center, then go west through the gate. Just as you are about to 
your rival appears again. This battle is a little tougher but shouldn’t be too 
difficult if you have built up your Pokémon.
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Goldenrod City and the Plain Badge
Go through the forest, and play a game of “Catch the Farfetch’d” to get the Cut 
from the grateful man. Cut your way north into Goldenrod City. Explore the town 
don’t go into the gym yet. You should be able to find a Coin Case in an 
tunnel (you won’t be able to go into the door yet) and a Bicycle in the Bicycle 
Shop — both for free. Go to the radio tower (the large building to the west end 
town) and talk to the woman at the right end of the counter. Answer her questions 
correctly and she’ll give you the Radio Card. You’ll be able to access the radio 
from your PokéGear. You can go to the gym now, if you want. However, you may want 
build up each of your Pokémon to at least level 25. This is because the gym 
Whitney, uses a Pokémon called “Miltank.” The “tank” part is accurate, because it 
has massive HP and can easily wipe out low-level Pokémon. Not only that, it has 
attack called “ Attract ,” which charms your Pokémon into not attacking if 
the opposite gender of Miltank. If that weren’t bad enough, it has another 
attack “ 
Milk Drink ”, so when you reduce its HP, it can heal itself! This will be one of 
most difficult battles you have faced up to this point. If you picked up a Gastly 
earlier, you can use it in this gym since it is immune to normal-type attacks; 
however, it’s attacks are also useless against the normal-types except for 
Hypnosis . You will get the Plain Badge for winning. At first, she won’t give it 
you, but one of the club members will coax it out of her. It allows you to use 
Strength outside of battle. She also gives you TM 45, Attract.
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Ecruteak City and the Fog Badge
Exit the gym and go to the house on the top-right. Talk to the lady next to the 
flowers, and she’ll give you a Squirt Bottle . Go north through the gate and all 
way around until you get to something that looks like a tree. If you have the 
Bottle , examine it, then answer, “Yes.” (Normally, if you examined the tree, it 
would simply shake). The tree will then turn into a Pokémon, Sudowoodo  , and 
you. This is your only opportunity to catch this Pokémon. After you do, walk a 
little bit to the right and encounter the pudgy man, and he’ll give you TM 08, 
Smash . You need this to destroy the broken rocks that you encounter within the 
game. Now enter Ecruteak City. You’ll encounter, but not fight, your rival at the 
Pokémon Center. Go to the house to the left of the Pokémon Center and 
answer “Yes” 
to get an Item Finder. Now go to the house north of the Pokémon Center that has 
dancing girls. Defeat all of the girls (they use Eevee evolutions, including the 
new ones) and talk to the gentleman in the room. He’ll give you the Surf HM . Now 
you can go to the gym and defeat the leader (who uses Ghost Pokémon) for the Fog 
Badge. It allows you to control Pokémon up to level 50 and enables you to use 
outside of battle. He also gives you TM 30, Shadow Ball . Go to the smaller 
in the northwest portion of town. You will encounter your rival there. Break the 
rocks and walk around until there is a pit to fall down. Walk to the stairs, and 
three Pokémon that are there will jump away. Olivine City Go west to Olivine 
You can stop by the Miltank farm if you want. One of the Miltank is sick. Feed it 
seven Berries, and it will get better. Then you can talk to the mother in the 
and she will give you TM 13, Snore. Plus, you’ll now be able to buy milk from the 
father, which heals a substantial amount of HP. You don’t have to complete this 
little side-quest if you don’t want to. In Olivine City, you’ll notice that the 
is empty. Climb the lighthouse (the large building) and talk to Jasmine  at the 
The Pokémon is sick, and you will need medicine to cure it. Exit the lighthouse 
go to the last house just before the beach. Talk to the sailor to get the 
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Cianwood City and the Storm Badge
But there is also a cave. Go through. Surf over to Cianwood City (the city over 
sea) but avoid all of the little caves that you see along the way (since you 
be able to do anything about them at the current time). Defeat the gym leader to 
the Storm Badge. It will allow you to control Pokémon up to level 70. He also 
you TM 01, Dynamicpunch. Talk to the woman just outside of the gym to get the Fly 
HM. Go into the very last house at the bottom of Cianwood City and talk to the 
He will give you some medicine. Back to Olivine City and the Mineral Badge Now, 
back to Olivine City and climb the lighthouse again. Talk to Jasmine,  and she 
go down to the gym after healing the Pokemon. Defeat her for the Mineral Badge, 
which increases your Pokémon’s Defense. She also gives you TM 23, Iron Tail, for 
massive attack that her Steelix uses.
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Mahogany Town and the Glacier Badge
Go west from Ecruteak City to Mahogany Town. There is a man blocking the gym 
so you can’t go in just yet. Go north and defeat/capture the Red Gyarados.
Once you do, look for the sign in the same area. Lance  will be looking at it. 
to him, and he’ll ask for your help before running off. Go back down to Mahogany 
Town and enter the shop. Lance will be there, and he’ll show the way into Team 
Rocket’s HQ. Go into the HQ. Defeat the Researcher at the computer, and examine 
computer to turn off a switch. If you don’t, then every statue you walk past will 
cause two Rocket Grunts to run out and challenge you to duels. On the next floor, 
you will meet Lance again. He will also heal your Pokémon. Defeat the two Team 
Rocket members behind the scientists to get passwords. (Don’t worry; you don’t 
to write them down or anything.) Those passwords will allow you to open up the 
into the boss’s room. Enter the boss’s room at the top and defeat him. Talk to 
bird to get the final password. Go back down to the floor that had the large 
behind a gate. Defeat the Team Rocket members with Lance’s help, then go into the 
Generator Room. Defeat the three Electrodes on your side (the left one). Lance 
then give you HM 06, Whirlpool. This HM is used to fill in whirlpools. Once 
you will see that the man is no longer in front of the gym. You can now enter and 
defeat Pryce for the Glacier Badge and TM 16, Icy Wind.
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Goldenrod City and the Radio Tower
At this point, since you will have seven badges, you will get a call from 
Elm. There is trouble at the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City. Enter the Radio Tower 
and defeat all of the Team Rocket members. There will be a gate on one of the 
floors. Ignore it for now and continue to go up the stairs to defeat the boss at 
top. You will then get a key. Exit the Radio Tower, and go just north of it to 
underground passage (the place where you got the Coin Case). Unlock the door, and 
in. Your rival will then enter and attack you. You will have to manipulate the 
switches at the top part of this room in order to open the gates. Not only this, 
will have to defeat the Team Rocket members who are waiting for you. Get the card 
key from the guy who is trapped on one of the floors. Then enter the elevator and 
you’ll end up in the shop. Re-enter the Radio Tower, and go through the gate that 
was previously locked. Defeat the remaining Rockets, and the tower is free! 
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Blackthorn City and the Rising Badge 
 Now that Team Rocket’s taken care of, go back to Mahogany Town, and east to 
Blackthorn City through a cave. This cave is basically one big puzzle. The ground 
slick with ice, and whenever you take a step, you will continue in that direction 
until you hit a wall or block. The goal will be to get to the top and push the 
blocks through the floor. Then drop to that floor as well. The blocks will help 
get to the ladder in the middle. Also, HM 07, Waterfall, is in this cave (in an 
Ball), and you need it! In Blackthorn City, defeat Clair at the Gym, but she 
give you your badge yet. Surf on the area behind the gym and through the cave. 
the Item Ball with the feather in it, and Clair will show up. She will then give 
your Rising Badge. It allows you to control all Pokémon. She also hands you TM 
Dragonbreath. Preparing for the Pokémon League After getting the badge and 
the cave, Elm will give you a call. Go to him, and he will give you the infamous 
Master Ball. Now that you have all eight badges, you can go to the Pokémon 
Access it from New Bark Town (the first town). Surf to the right, and a man will 
give you a new Map Card (to see the second map). However, you may need some 
firepower. You should start your quest for one of the two new legendary birds. 
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Legendary Birds (look on the SECRETS page)
If you are playing Gold, you can get Ho-Oh first; if Silver, you can get Lugia. 
Whichever one it is, it will be at level 40. 
Ho-Oh and Lugia
Ho-Oh is in the Legendary Temple. Go back to Ecruteak City and into the double-
house that has a door on it. Follow it around until you get to a temple. Ascend 
the top, and Ho-Oh will be there.
Lugia, on the other hand, is in the set of caves to the east of Cianwood City 
network of caves will remind you of Seafoam Islands). Go into the middle-right 
You will be nearing Lugia’s area if you go down a waterfall. Enter the cave, and 
Lugia will be there. To the Pokémon League Once you have received the second map 
from the man, go into the cave and walk all of the way through. Prepare for a 
walk up to the League. Go through the very last cave (it’s not very long), and 
rival will confront you for the last time. Defeat him and enter the league. 
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The Elite Four
Next you have to go and defeat the Elite Four — 
 Will (Psychic)      
 Koga (Poison),      
 Bruno (Fighting)      
 Karen (Dark)      
and finally the current champion..... 
 Lance! (Dragon).       

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The Second Quest
Well, you finished the first game. You did know that there is a second quest, 
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Vermillion City and the Thunder Badge
Press “continue” after the credits roll and the title appears. Elm will call you. 
to him and get a Boat Ticket. Go to Olivine City and down the pathway until you 
to the boat. Enter it and go to your room (the one with the sailor standing in 
of it). Look at the bed to heal if you need to. Enter all of the rooms and talk 
the man in one of them. His daughter is missing. Go up the stairs and talk to the 
sailor who won’t let you through. Go back down to the room to the right of yours 
defeat the sailor. Go back up and defeat the passengers and sailors on that 
Ascend the stairs and talk to the little girl with the captain. You will both be 
warped back to her cabin. At this time, you should be at your destination, 
Vermillion City! Go to the gym and defeat Lt. Surge for the Thunder Badge. It 
increases the speed of your Pokémon. 
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Saffron City and the Marsh Badge
Go north to Saffron City and defeat Sabrina for the Marsh Badge. Now go east to 
Lavender Town and into the Radio Station there. Talk to the men, then exit. Go 
from that town and around. Surf down until you get to the Power Station. Talk to 
man in the Generator Room, then leave.
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Cerulean City and the Cascade Badge
Return to Saffron City, and go north to Cerulean City. Enter the gym. A Team 
member will bump into you, and then leave. The gym is empty. Exit the gym and go 
north up the trail, where you will find the Rocket. Defeat him, and he will tell 
about an item that he hid in the gym. This item is the component that they are 
missing at the Power Station. Go back to the gym and to the little pool in the 
middle of it. Examine the upper-left corner of the pool for the item. Go north 
again, and fight the string of trainers. You should then see a young lady. Talk 
her, and she will go back to the Cerulean City Gym. Return to the gym and defeat 
(Misty) for the Cascade Badge. Return to the Power Station and give the item to 
man. He will give you TM 07, Zap Cannon, in return. Now, go back to the town on 
second map with the Radio Tower. Talk to the man, and he will give you a Radio 
Upgrade. Return to Vermillion City and visit the Pokémon Fan Club. Talk to the 
man at the table, and he will give you a Clefairy Doll. Go back to Saffron City 
into Mimic’s house. Go up the stairs and talk to her. She will give you the 
Train Ticket. You can now go back and forth between the maps much more easily.
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Celadon City and the Rainbow Badge
Go back to Saffron City and go to the west to Celadon City. Defeat Erika at the 
for the Rainbow Badge and TM 19, Giga Drain.
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Fuchsia City and the Soul Badge
Go west down Cycling Road to Fuchsia City. Enter the gym and defeat Janine. She 
the girl who is on the lower left. She will give you the Soul Badge.
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Pewter City and the Boulder Badge
Return to Vermillion City and up to the Snorlax. Enter your Radio Screen, and go 
the last tunable station (the one with nothing but music). Exit the menus and 
examine the Snorlax. It will wake up and attack you. Once the Snorlax is dealt 
go through Diglett’s Cave and emerge near Pewter City. Next, go to Pewter City 
defeat Brock at the gym for the Boulder Badge. There is also a trainer’s house in 
this town. You can go into the basement to fight a high-level trainer. You can 
do this once per day, though. You can also go right to Mt. Moon (a very short 
You will fight your rival for the very last time here. At the top is a shop 
are in it only during the day) and an open field.
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Viridian City and Pallet Town
Now, go south to Viridian City. The gym is empty. (Sense a pattern here?). Go 
to Pallet Town and talk to Professor Oak in his Lab. Surf south from Pallet Town 
a little island. There will be a young man examining a rock. Talk to him and he 
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Cinnabar Island and the Volcano Badge
Surf to the right into a little cave. This is the Cinnabar Island Gym. Defeat 
and get the Volcano Badge. 
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Viridian City and the Earth Badge 
Return to Viridian City, and defeat Blue (also known as Gary) to obtain the Earth 
Badge. Now you have all 16 badges! Good news: Now you can go back and get the 
new legendary bird. Talk to everyone in Pewter City again. One of them will give 
another feather. This will allow you to go to the other location to grab the 
However, this bird will be at level 70! Want a good way to capture it? Run it out 
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Mt. Silver
But wait — there’s still a little more. Go back to Pallet Town and talk to 
Oak. He will tell you about Mt. Silver, which has some strong Pokémon. Return to 
Viridian City (again) and go west. Go through the small cave to emerge by some 
grasslands. Warning: This area contains some of the most-powerful wild Pokémon in 
the game, with levels of 40 or greater. This is a good place to build up levels. 
Here’s some good news: There is a Pokémon Center there. What’s more, you can fly 
the Pokémon Center here from the locations on the first map. 
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Ash Ketchum
ough it (it isn’t very difficult) to find someone at the end. This is Red, also 
known as Ash. He has the game’s most-powerful Pokémon. He has a level-81 Pikachu, 
level-73 Espion, level-73 Snorlax, level-77 Blastoise, level-77 Charizard and a 
level-77 Venusaur. 

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