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Platform: Playstation 2
Author: David Blake
E-Mail: [email protected]
Revision: 1.0 (1-20-2002)

LEGAL                                                                        00

This work is copyright (c) 2002, David Blake. It may not be modified from its
original format or posted to any web site or used in any publication, free or
otherwise, without my express permission. To obtain permission, please write
to: [email protected]

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                            01

00  Legal
01  Table of Contents
02  Author's Note
03  Controls
04  General Strategies
05  Walkthrough
      05:00  Tutorial
      05:01  Stimulation by Simulation
      05:02  The Breach
      05:03  The Crystal Ship
      05:04  Scavenger Hunt
      05:05  Assimilation Nation
      05:06  Gunship
      05:07  The Forge
06   Codes and Secrets
07   Credits and Thanks

AUTHOR'S NOTE                                                                02

    Well, when I first started this game, I was pleasantly surprised. It was
nice to have a story-oriented FPS that wasn't Half-Life (I love HL, I've just
completed it too damn many times now). That, and the level and enemy designs
had some great potential. Unfortunately, the enemy AI was as predictable as
Wolf 3D. Sure, it makes sense for the Borg to "see and shoot" regardless of
their own damage, but *everything* in this game does that.
    Also, this game is extremely glitchy. Sometimes enemies will completely
stop functioning for some reason. I had this happen in holomatches (in
single-player mode) and throughout the single-player levels. There were also
rendering problems that were apparent, which is odd since I never noticed these
problems with Quake 3 Arena.
    But, it is still a fun game. But before you write and ask me about beating
the last boss, read the strategy. That's the *only* way I figured to beat him.
He rarely hit me and I unloaded nearly everything I had on him. When I tried a
more complex strategy, I died horribly.
    So, sit back and enjoy the cheese that is Star Trek Voyager. It plays just
like the TV show...and I'm not a fan of the show. Still, it is fun in its own
    You're also probably wondering why I didn't write anything on the
Holomatches. Well, there's a lot of levels, and they're played the same. In any
split-screen game, any strategy is tossed out the window because the people
you're playing against know what you're up to with a glance. So I hate
split-screen shooters. I love online play, though, and if I'd written this for
the PC version (which I don't own, nor do I think I'll ever own it), I'd have
included it because there's actual strategy and skill when the other players
can't see what you're doing.

CONTROLS                                                                     03

The controls are the same as any FPS for the PS2.

  LEFT ANALOG      - Move character
  RIGHT ANALOG     - Change the direction the character is facing.

  D-PAD UP/DOWN    - Zoom using weapons that zoom. I used this twice.
  D-PAD LEFT/RIGHT - Switch weapon

  L1               - Jump
  L2               - Duck

  R1               - Primary Fire Mode
  R2               - Secondary Fire Mode

  X                - Perform action
  SQUARE           - Toggle Run
  CIRCLE           - View Mission Objectives
  TRIANGLE         - Center View

  START            - Pause / Show menu
  SELECT           - View Mission information

That's really it. It's a simple control scheme to use, but often annoying to

GENERAL STRATEGIES                                                           04

Well, there's only one big strategy for this game, and that's to move slowly
into doorways until the enemies appear. Then start blasting. It's best to keep
the enemies in doorways because then they can't swarm you. You'll also rarely
get hurt until the later levels when the projectile weapons do major damage.

The other strategy I have is mainly for the last boss and the large robots:
circle-strafe. Okay, this is a staple of FPS's, but this game only uses it in a
few areas. Otherwise, just stay in the doorways and pick off the enemies. All
you have to do it constantly move to the left or right, while keeping the enemy
in your sights. This will allow you to circle the enemy. For some reason, they
can't usually hit you when you do this in the game. This is absolutely
necessary on the last boss. It's the only way past it.

WALKTHROUGH                                                                  05

=== TUTORIAL ======================================================== 05:00 ===
You start the tutorial in the holodeck. Walk and run around the room while he
explains stuff about your hazard suit. Once he changes the room, climb up the
ladder by following his directions. Jump on the boxes to get out of the pit.
Jump and crouch to get into the shaft. Crouch-walk to the end of it. Listen to
him some more and then jump over to the other side of the lava using the rocks.

Once across, wait for him to stop his jawing. Use the health station. He'll
change the room again. Climb up the ladder and crawl through the tube to your
left. Enter the black door. Jump up on the boxes to get to the upper platform.
Enter the door and hide behind the walls. You need to get to the opposite side
of the room. Just keep under cover and you're fine. Go through the door.

Recharge your health and go through the door. The room will change again. There
are six targets to hit. They are all to the right. Zoom in and shoot the
targets. Approach the terminal and recharge the rifle's energy. Push CIRCLE to
find out your information. Head to the center of the room and get the Scavenger
Rifle. Instead of using the Scavenger rifle, use the Compression Rifle's
secondary mode of fire. One hit and they're toast. One will appear on your
right. Take him out. Then take out the one on the far left. Go down the right
hall and kill the three in that room.

=== STIMULATION BY SIMULATION ======================================= 05:01 ===
  - Rescue your team mates.
  - Rescue the I-Mod from the Borg.
Head to the left around the pillars. Kill the borg near the door and blow up
the node he's near. This will disable the others. Enter the doorway near where
the node was. Blow up the grating at the end and recharge your weapon. Now,
follow the hallway. Wait for the Borg to come out of the force field. Then,
blow up the node near him to stop the rest. Enter the door where the force
field was.

Lead the moving Borg back out to the other hall and then re-enter the doorway.
Move forward through the room. Go down the right ramp and blow up the plasma
filter. There's a health station in there. Exit and then blow up the plasma
filter up on the wall. Jump up to the ledge, and enter the hole. Climb up the
ladder. Maneuver through the crawlspace until you reach the grating at the end.
Jump out and get on the lift to your right. Activate the elevator switch.

Kill the Borg and get the I-Mod. Use it to kill the rest. Then use the control
panel to release him. Head through the doorway and down the hall. Train your
gun along the right wall to kill the Borg and not your team member. Keep
killing them until they stop coming. At the end of the hall is a health
terminal. Use it if you need it. Enter the area where the crew members came
from and walk up to the structure. Yup, once again you get to kill Borgs. Once
you're finished, take the lift down to the lower level. Kill the Borg that come
and enter the crawlspace to the right.

Navigate it and climb down the ladder at the end. Navigate the next space until
you're standing on a platform. Target the three plasma filters and shoot them.
Crawl back up and out. Kill the Borg that teleport in. Take the elevator and
kill even more of them. Head through the right door and use the control panel
to deactivate the force field. Continue down the hall.

Go down the hallway and kill the Borg that teleport in. Take a right and kill
more Borg. Destroy the distribution nodes. Now head back through the main area
and down the other passage to the elevator switch. Use it and get on the lift.
Get on the lift next to where Chang was. From there, get onto the catwalk.
Cross it and get on the right lift. Refresh your weapon and get to the door.

When the Borg teleport in, shoot the plasma filter on the left wall to kill
them easily. Kill the Borg in the next room (and the ones behind you). Use the
elevator switch and take it up. Enter the next room and the Borg will come at
you. Take them out with the plasma filter on the wall.

Okay, see the piston in the center of the room? Get on it and ride it up. Walk
down the hall and kill the Borg at their stations. Take the lift down and kill
the Borg there. Head to the next area. Talk to your team and go around the
right-hand wall. Destroy the node. Go to where your team is at and use the
control panel.

=== THE BREACH ====================================================== 05:02 ===
  - Take the Turbolift to Engineering on Deck 11
  - Shut down the containment fields to allow access to the aft Turbolifts.
  - Find a Jeffries tube junction room and procede to engineering on Deck 11.
  - Make your way to Main Engineering to help B'Elanna with the Warp Core
  - First, shut down the power on the main level.
  - Second, Decouple the Dilithium Matrix on the upper level.
  - Go to the loading dock to repel the intruders. Use a turbolift to get
  - Follow Lt. Foster to Cargo Bay 2 and assist Lt. Cmdr. Tuvok in repelling
Talk to the captain and enter the elevator. Use the control panel. Once you
reach Deck 11, exit the lift and procede down the hall. Head left and listen to
the crew. Continue past them down the hall. Turn the corner and take a right.
Follow the hall to two more crew members fixing the ship. Move down the hallway
to the control panel. Wait for the crew member to get through the hall entrance
to activate it.

Head down the long hall to your left. At the end, use the control panel when
told to. Head back to the middle of the long hall and enter the small hatch on
your left (directly across from the door). Next, exit and head through the
blown out door. Climb up the ladder to the hatch. Enter the hatch and jump down
to the lower hatch. Head through it to get to the control panel. Activate it.

Crawl back through the hatches to get to the hallway. Next, take a left to the
end of the hall and then a right. At the end of the hall, take a right and
enter the door on your left. Climb down the ladder.

Head down the ladder. Enter the hatch and head through the tube. Get onto the
catwalk. Okay, the goal here is to not touch the ooze on the floor. Jump down
to the lower catwalk and over to the tilted one on your left. Jump to the
canisters and climb up the ladder. Use the control panel to drain the room.
Climb down the ladder and head to the door. Use the control panel on the left
side of the door and enter the hallway.

Take a right and head down the hall. Take a left and talk to B'Elanna. Now
you're in the containment room. You need to cut the power. The first panel is
on your left, at the second station. Now, head around the corner to your right
and use the last terminal to get the access code. Head back and disable the
power relay at the first terminal. Head into the core area and climb up the
ladder. Head around the room to the area with terminals in the back. Go to the
far left one and use it.

Listen to B'Elanna and exit the room. After the mission data is updated, head
to the right and enter the door at the end of the hall. Use the control panel.

Exit the Turbolift and head to the left. After the brief briefing, enter the
doorway. They just seem to keep coming. Ugh. Anyway, the easiest thing to do is
head all the way to the back of the room and start picking them off as they
appear. Your team mates will give you cover fire to get there. All I can say is
that you need to make sure to pick up their weapons. Those things do massive
damage to them and will make your job much easier. I stuck in the back left
corner and took them all out.

Follow Foster to the lift. Keep following him until you discover the firefight.
Just start picking them off. Like the last time, they just keep on teleporting

=== THE CRYSTAL SHIP ================================================ 05:03 ===
  - Visit the Equipment Room and pick up your weapons for the mission.
  - Procede to the transporter room with your team and beam out for away
  - Locate a functioning terminal to extract information.
  - Protect the technician during hostile engagement, so the information can be
  - Find your way to section 29 to meet up with Foster's Team.
  - Find and turn off the main computer core.
  - Find and shut down the alien vessel's main power core.
Exit the conference room through the side door and talk to your compatriots.
You can open your locker and crawl around in it if you like. When you're
finished with that, exit the room and head right down the hall. Enter the door
on your left. Get the weapons. You can test your weapons on the holodeck in
back. Enter it and use the control panel.

--[ HIGH NOON ]----------------------------------------------------------------
    - Eliminate all 15 enemies.

  The key to this is to take out the ones on the ground first. Use the walls
  and doorways for cover. Next, head up the stairs and take out the snipers.
  That's about as helpful as I can be in a "strategy" for this section. It's
  pretty simple.
--[ HIGH NOON ]----------------------------------------------------------------

Exit the Holodeck and Equipment Room. Head to the right. Just past the hallway,
the door to the Transporter Room is on your right. Enter it and wait your turn
on the transporter. Once Team A is beamed, get on the transporter to get on the
Crystal  Ship.

This is one of the coolest designs I've seen a game take in a long time. At
least, design-wise. After your technician finds the computer, you will be
notified of hostiles in the area. You must protect him. I did this by putting
my back to him and taking them as they came. It was a cakewalk.

Follow him to the door. Head through it. They will follow you. Go up the
hallway and through the next door. Take out the flying things and continue
across the walkway. Walk up to the transporter. Once the cut-scene is over, and
you finish killing aliens, enter it.

Walk along the path and enter the door. This room is just large and looks cool.
The only things in here are a weapon restore crystal and a healt restore
crystal. Go through the door between them. Move down the hall and enter the

Blast the aliens and restock your ammo. Go through the door on your left. Climb
up the spire in the center of the room and jump off to the upper ledge. Go back
towards where the door you entered the room was and activate the control panel.
Climb back down and kill the aliens. Head through the door and kill the aliens
as they come. Head down the hall, through the door, and down the next hallway.
Go through the door. Kill the aliens and step on the transporter.

Go through the doors. You need to target the eggs. Just run around the central
spire to do it. Also take out the floating jellyfish things. Follow the walkway
up to a door. Enter it and walk onto the transporter. Walk through the door.

Walk up to the stasis weapon in the center of the room. This will trigger a
massive wave of aliens to blast. You have to walk on it just right to trigger
the door. Now, head through the door and down the hall.

Go down the hall and start killing aliens. Restock your ammo and health here.
Don't follow the path. Instead, take the hallway to your right. Follow it down
into the next room, killing the two aliens along the way. Kill the fliers and
restock your energy. Head up the hall. Kill the jellyfish things before they
can charge up their attacks.

Step on the activation panel. You need to figure out how to get to that
teleporter. Head back down the hall, through the room, and up the long hall.
Now, follow the path up to the next room. Blast the pod and enter the
transporter. Viola! You're up where you needed to be. Activate the console and
jump down to enter the transporter.

Follow your technician to the computer core. Activate the consoles to see
different areas inside the Forge. Eventually, the technician will open the
door. Go back down the hall and into the newly opened door. Now, head down the
hall, keeping him at your back. Kill the aliens and continue up the hall.
Replenish your energy and go through the door.

After you blast the enemies, go through the door and up the hall. Go through
the next door and you'll find another force field. Blast the flying things and
the jellyfish. Step into the transporter and destroy the pod. Do it quick
because your technician can become confused and run to his death. Go through
the door. Guess what? Another hallway with more flying aliens. Whoopie. Kill
them and go through the door at the end. Use the two control panels.

Go through the door and down the hall to the room. Follow the hall to the
right, blasting the jellyfish aliens. You'll get to blast more flying aliens.
This part was actually pretty cool (after destroying the aliens). Remember the
fireflies in the hallway? You need to lead them into the room so that they can
fix the transporter. Once it's done, enter it.

Walk along the hall and stay outside the door to your left. Shoot the flying
alien and just pick them off as they try to get through the door. Simple. Enter
the room. This is a series of tight turns. When you come out into a room, get
ready. Take out the flying thing up above first. Then work on the others. Walk
up to the console. He will stay there. Walk up the pathway. Enter the room and
then back right out. Pick off the aliens from the safety of the doorway.
Replenish your ammo and continue. Step on the transporter, then cross the
bridge, and finally step on the next transporter.

This room seems a bit tricky at first, but it's not that bad. Mainly, all you
have to do is destroy both of the fixtures. Destroy the one on your left. Once
the fireflies move to it, destroy the one in the middle. And RUN. Now, go down
the hallway. Help him kill the aliens. Jump down to the lower level with him
and head into the left hallway. Blast the aliens and their spawn point (no
fireflies to fix it). Destroy the jellyfishes and continue. Kill the flying
aliens in the next room. Now, all you have to do is wait for him to activate
the control panel and talk about your crewmates.

Go through the newly opened door. This is the power core. Kill the annoying
fliers and follow the ledge to the transporter. After a long cut-scene, you'll
beam out to sick bay.

=== SCAVENGER HUNT ================================================== 05:04 ===
  - Get Healed by the doctor.
  - Go to lounge on deck 4 to rest, then report to locker room for briefing.
    Take a turbolift to get there.
  - Go to the Equipment Room to get prepared for the mission.
  - Go to the shuttlebay on Deck 10. Use a Turbolift to get there.
  - Go to Shuttle Bay. Lt. Foster is waiting for you there.
  - Go down to the lower deck of the Shuttle bay and find the override controls
    to release the malfunctioning docking clamps.
  - Return to the main deck of the Shuttle bay.
  - Infiltrate the aging Klingon vessel.
  - Reroute power for Telsia in the upper section of the Klingon engineering
  - Locate Crewman Odell.
  - Obtain three samples of Isodesium.
  - Find Odell's last sample of Isodesium.
  - Locate and rescue Telsia.
  - Get Telsia and the Isodesium back to the extraction point.
  - Get back to the extraction point.
Talk to the doctor. Exit the sick bay and head right. Turn the corner and take
the hallway. Enter the door at the end to head up to Deck 4. Head down the hall
all the way to the end. Turn right and enter the door on your left. Listen to
their conversation and head back out. Turn left into the long hall and go
through the door directly across from the map to enter the locker room. Listen
to your team and go to the conference room.

As usual, head to the equipment room. Pick up the grenade launcher and every
other weapon you can get your hands on. Enter the holodeck for some fun.

--[ CAMELOT ]------------------------------------------------------------------
    - Neutralize all 20 enemies.

  Okay, this is harder than the last one simply because the enemies do more
  damage. It's also one of my favorite levels. It's just well designed. First,
  take out the guy up above you. Aim high to make sure the grenade doesn't come
  back your way. Next, blast the ones shooting you from the doorway. Take out
  the ones on the ground first. You can either strafe around on the ground to
  kill the enemies up above (which is actually pretty easy), or you can take a
  tour of the castle. Let's assume you take the tour. Head up the steps across
  from where you started and up the narrow stairs. Kill the two archers to the
  left and right of you in the room. Now, just circle the entire castle,
  killing them as you meet them. For some fun, head down the ladders to check
  out the insides as well since there are soldiers hidden in the walls.
--[ CAMELOT ]------------------------------------------------------------------

Exit the holodeck and the Equipment Center. Turn left and enter the lift at the
end of the hall. Use the control panel. Exit the lift and follow the hall to
your right. Enter the door at the end. Go through the left door and talk to the
shuttle controller. Go through the other door and along the catwalk. Get on the
lift and talk to your crew.

Once it's decided that you are to go below, walk around the back of the ship
and go in the door to your right. Activate the lift control and take it down.
Use the control panel near where the officer gets blown away from. He'll tell
you to be careful.

Okay, duck and head along the right side. Jump to safety. You will take some
damage, but not enough to kill you like if you just walked through it. Use the
control panel to turn off the gas. Go through the door and use the control
panel. Go through the door, up the ladder, and talk to your comrades.

Once inside the base, climb up the ladder. Go through the door. Make sure that
you're not running. Okay, there is a Klingon sleeping in the central chair.
Walk past it and down the steps. Use the control panel on the left near the
first chair to open the door. Go back up the steps and through the door. Follow
the hall and look around the corner to the right doorway. There are three
Klingons in that room. Personally, I hate the lean being set up on L3, but I
like the rest of the controls. Oh well. They are asleep on the floor.

Okay. Crawl into the room and hide behind the left boxes. This will avoid the
first one. Now, you'll need to lean to the right to make sure that the guard's
back is to you. Follow him until she stops. Head behind the boxes on the left.
Once she starts back to the other end of the hall, crawl to the doorway and
take a right. Go through the door at the end of the hall.

Wait for the Klingon to kill the thing and leave. Now you can walk around the
room freely. Just to the right of the door is the stack of boxes and a barrel
that you need to climb up. It's annoying to navigate, but you have to. Anyway,
get up to the catwalk and use the control panel. Jump down onto some boxes and
go through the door near where you came in.

Peeking around the left corner is fun, but you need to go right, through the
door. Crawl here. When the Klingon passes on the left, head around the corner
travelling away from him. Go up the ladder quickly. Now, while the Klingon is
working on the computer, crawl around the corner to your right and out the
door. Follow the hallway through the door. Now, crawl along the beam to the
left side of the room. Look, some Isodesium you can't get. Now, cross the beam
on your left. Walk the plank to the other side. Watch the Klingon that's
patrolling the hallway. He'll head to the door on your right. Then he'll turn
around. He'll then head down the right hallway. When he does, crawl past him
through the door.

Activate the control panel. Okay, this is a hard one to judge. He'll usually
see you. If you're lucky, he might have his back to you. If he does, enter the
hall to your left and wait for him to go by. If not, just shoot him with the
secondary fire of your Compression Rifle. High tail it to the end of the hall.
Get the Isodesium and use the control panel. Exit the room. Go back down the
hall and this time go down the right hallway. Enter the room that's now open on
your left.

Jump down to the boxes and then down to the floor. Crawl out the door. Crawl
around the left corner and follow the hall. Make sure not to get seen by anyone
in the right door. Go down the ladder. Crawl down the hallway. There are three
Klingons in this room as well. Follow the one walking until he's about to turn.
Duck behind the boxes on the left. Go around them and through the door.

There's a Klingon up above. Crawl around the corner to the ladder. After
talking to your team, enter the small grating along the wall to get a piece of
Iodesium. Go back and climb up the ladder. Crawl along the floor behind them
and go up the next ladder. When the Klingon is away from you, crawl down the
left hallway. Use the big gray box to divert the power. Crawl through the room
and into the right door, following the Klingon.

Go through the door and down the hall. Listen to the conversation going on.
Once the majority leaves, climb down the ladder and crawl to the right. At the
corner, turn left to get the third piece of Isodesium. Enter the doorway to the
right. After being contacted, wait for the next door to be opened. Once the
machine starts, shoot the small grating to your left and crawl through it.

Climb down the ladder. If you go up the stairs around the corner to your right,
you can replenish your weapons and see a control panel. Climb back down and
enter the right-hand crawlspace. Kill the little slug things as they come. The
first one is the only one that's not part of a pair. Navigate the crawlspace
and jump into the room. Open the door and enter the next area. Yay! Time to
navigate more planks!

Heal yourself if you need to and crawl up the plank to the level above on your
left. Jump up on the box and then down to the safe floor near the ladder. Climb
up the ladder, but not all the way. Get off on the second platform and enter
the grating. Jump up the pipes and enter the crawlspace. Follow it to the large
room at the end. Wait for the Klingon to walk away from you and crawl to the
small room to the right. Go around the console and access the control panel.
Once they head down, go over to the panel that the worker was using and access

Turn around and go through the door on your far right. You'll get to navigate
some boards again. Jump to the box and then to the broken ledge. Climb up the
ladder and go through the door. Jump the crack and climb down the ladder. Turn
left and walk to the wall. Cross the plank there and then navigate the cement
and barrels to get near the Klingons. Use your secondary fire module with the
Compression Rifle to make short work of them. Jump onto their platform and then
up into the tube behind them. Crawl through it.

At the junction, jump over to the side of the pipe to avoid the goop. Go right,
jumping the goop. This is just annoying. Pick off the two parasites. Jump on
the box and then up to the ledge on the left wall. Walk along it and get to
where the parasites were. Walk away from the door and jump up on the broken
section. Then jump to the can, and then the pipe. Jump up to the upper level.
Revive your weapons and your health if you need to. Climb up the ladder.

Take the right path and enter the crawlspace. Follow it, listening to them talk
about "the Alpha." Continue on until you can jump down. Jump onto the barrels.
When the door opens, blast the two guards in the room. Open the right door at
the far end and shoot the guard stationed there. Open the door behind him and
shoot the next one. Now, go back and go down the lift. Kill the two guards

In the back of the room, there's a barrel near a spikey ball. Jump on the
barrel and into the crawlspace across from it. Climb down the ladder to Odell.
Crawl down the tube and watch the Klingon leave the room. Follow him. Okay. you
need to pick off the ones in front of you first. Then, zoom in and pick off the
ones on the other side of the gap with your Compression Rifle. Walk out to the
ladder and climb it. Jump onto the crane. Wait for it to take you to the
Isodesium. Climb down the ladder. Enter the door on the far left. Enter the
door to your left and flip the switch.

Okay, this is quite the area. Exit the door and take a hard left. Go through
the large door there. Crawl through the room and go through the door. You'll
need to do the same thing in this next room. Head down the right hallway and
follow it around. You'll come to a door with a force field. Try and open the
door directly across from it. The two will come to check it out. Head all the
way back around and through the broken and dark section. Crawl towards them
while they look at the door and enter the right door. Flip the control switch
on the desk. Go out the door and into the place where the force field was.

Enter the crawlspace and kill the two parasites. Climb down the ladder and
crawl to the next room. If you head down the hallway, you'll find a room with
some health if you need it. Otherwise, just enter the door on your left. Climb
up the ladder and wait for them to leave. Climb back down the ladder and enter
the room. Strafe along the left side of the room and activate the control panel
there. Once he's left the room, climb up the steep steps near where he was
working. Enter the door and blast the mesh off of the crawlspace. Crawl on in.

Follow the tube to a junction. Kill the two parasites. Go in the direction
opposite the parasites to another junction. There is one on your right and two
on your left take them out and head left. Follow the tube, killing more
parasites, until you find a ladder. Climb down it.

Head through the blue door. Turn left and head through the gray door on your
left. Go through the living quarters and through the gray door. Move along the
left side of the hallway to keep away from the blue door to your right. Crouch
behind the structure to your left and wait for the conversation to end. Listen
for the scavenger's foots steps as he approaches. He'll stop. When you hear
them again, follow him and duck into the left hallway. Enter the red door.

Now that you're in disguise, exit the room through the door near the mirror. Go
down the ladder to your left. The room guarded by the two scavengers in front
of you contains a health and weapon unit if you need replenishing. Otherwise,
go right through the door. Climb down the ladder and walk through the doors.

Go to the right down the hall. Go through the blue door and turn left. Take the
next right and enter the door on your left to find the sick bay. Enter and talk
to the doctor. Next go into the room to the left of him. Enter the left door
and get the hypo from the desk. Return it to him. Once he asks her who is with
him, blast him with your compression rifle. Yes, the alarm will go off. No
worries, though.

This is simple. Just stay where you are. The enemies will approach from the
left and right. The only ones that will fire on you without crouching are the
ones that come from the right. Use the compression rifle's second attack to
take them out. There are two enemies that come from the left and two that come
from the right. You'll probably notice glitches here as polygons don't
disappear the way they're supposed to. If they don't come in, you'll have to go
hunting them. It's annoying.

Follow her to the door she'll unlock. Wait. Follow her into the room. Once he
says to detain you, start blasting them with the secondary fire from the
Scavenger Rifle. Take out the four before they can call for more. If they do,
kill the rest as they come. Use the control switch on the chair to open the
door. Go down the hall to door. Enter it.

After the cut scene, take then out. There's only three so they're easy. Go
through the black door and down the hall through the next one. Fill up your
health if you need to and activate the control.

To fight the Hunter, you need to use duck and run techniques. Fire off three
secondary fires from any of your weapons and then duck behind the boxes. He'll
then shoot ineffectually and move. Just keep this up. This battle is long more
than it's anything. Use the weapon and health stations as needed. This is
annoying as hell, but if you use your secondary fire, you'll be a little more
fine. Get his weapon. Okay, now it's time to use it.

When they cut down the door, kill the three that come in. Next, walk down the
hall. Use the primary fire to lay waste to them. Enter the room to your left
and kill the guards there. There's four waiting for you at the end. Luckily,
their weapons will refil yours. Heh. Go down the left hall and kill the Klingon
in the control room. Go through to the extraction point.

=== ASSIMILATION NATION ============================================= 05:05 ===
  - Wait for Tuvok to summon you. Check up on your team mates in the meantime.
  - Go to the Astrometrics on Deck 8. Use a TurboLift to get there.
  - Recover the Isodesium stolen by the Borg.
  - Eradicate the Species 8472 infestation for the Borg.
Leave the room and go to the locker room. Talk to your team. Next, go to the
lounge and talk to the people there. It seems you're quite the popular one.
When paged, go to the Turbolift.

To the left, you'll find a distribution point. Blast it. Enter the area where
the force field was and navigate the narrow hallway. Go to the left and down
the long arge area to the end. Seven will attempt to gain access to the
controls. After the explosion, kill the Borg only when they attack (usually
when one of your team mates walks into their sensors trying to get around an
obstacle. Enter the hall where the force field was.

This next section is quick, so be prepared. Once your crew member opens the
door on the far right, enter the room, take a right, and use the control panel
on the Borg station. Crawl under the wires and take a left. Kill the two Borg
and activate the station. Head left and save Foster by killing the Borg. Head
back to the hallway.

Go down the hall and kill the four Borg that come to life. There are a few more
in the next room. Take them out and turn the right corner. Destroy the
distribution point. Now, go into the tight hallway near where you entered the

This is an annoying part. What I'd recommend is to start shooting the Borg on
this side that are in stasis. Lay them to waste. Do this alone. Next, start
picking off the ones along the far wall. Do this starting from the center to
avoid a goodly amount of damage to your team. The Borg are much better shots
than your compatriots, but if you killed the ones here first it shouldn't
matter. Head to the end of the walkway and kill the two Borg that teleport in.
Enter the new area once they're dead and the force-fields are down.

Yay annoying waves of crap to make the game longer. Okay, head to the force
field. There's only one path. While seven takes it out, just keep killing the
Borg as they come. It's annoying, but it's life. move on to the next area.

You know the drill, kill them as they come. Try not to massacre your idiot team
members who run in front of you and then complain about it. Head forward and
take a left. Enter the crawlspace and destroy the distribution point. Your team
will take out the deactivated Borg as though they're still a threat. Idiots.
Crawl back out and head through the door.

Restock your weapons and head into the next large area. Okay, more Borg will
teleport in. Get them as they come. Replenish and take the elevator. Make sure
your team is all in, lest they fall in. *sigh* Kill the next wave and take the
next elevator. Destroy the next wave and walk around the central column for a

Go down the corridor and switch to the grenade launcher. This is an easy one.
Strafe to the right into the room. See the grating next to the door with a
force field? Shoot a grenade through the left-hand gap to disable the
distribution point. Kill the borg, replenish your weapons, and head through the
door. Three Borg will teleport in to attack you. Take them out. Continue down
the hall and activate the elevator switch.

As you move around the edge of the pit, you will be attacked by three Borg.
Take them out and go through the doorway. Kill the Borg in the next room as
they come. Replenish and take the elevator. Yay more Borg. Kill them and take
the other elevator. Kill the Borg that pop in. Take your team to the force
field. Go back to the elevator and look up. See the Plasma Filter? Destroy it
and activate the elevator. Crawl into the space. Destory the node and replenish
your weapons and health if you need it. Crawl back out and go back to your
team. Enter the next area.

Enter the area to the right and go down the hall. Seven will release the force
field. Enter the new area. Change to your compression rifle. Always stay in the
center of the hallways and just fire two shots at each of the critters. It's a
simple game of pot-shotting them. Most of the time they won't even get close
enough to touch you or your team.

After killing the first wave, move down the hallway. In the next room, they
will burst from the right wall. Kill the four that hop out. Continue into the
next room. Once you touch the doorway, just stop and shoot them. In the next
room, turn to your right and go around the central structure on its right side.
Cross the gap using the catwalk and get ready to shoot more. Stand in the
doorway and kill the ones as they come on the right. The next wave will come
from the left. After killing these two waves, enter the room. Replenish your
health and ammunition. There is a health and weapon terminal through the
crawlspace to the right. You can also go back to where they jumped out of the
wall if you like.

Enter the left doorway and backpedal a little. Just shoot them as they come. Go
around the reactor and up the hallway. Kill the two that come. Walk up to the
doorway and kill them as the first wave comes. Enter the doorway and turn
around. Kill the last wave that ambushes your team. Then enter the room and go
through the right door to a new area.

Walk forward and kill them as they come. Move along the platform and kill the
next wave. Enter the next hallway and navigate it to the large room. Move
forward until the first wave comes. Kill them all and turn around to kill the
last ones. The next wave will come in the middle of the room. Take them out.
Navigate the halls, killing a few more. Step into the large room and then step
back. Kill the next wave. Now, walk along the catwalks to the left door. Kill
even more and enter the doorway.

Activate the elevator. Go through the doorway and start killing a whole new
wave of enemies as you move along the catwalk. Go through the doorway to the
isodesium. Kill the Borg.

=== GUNSHIP ========================================================= 05:06 ===
  - Visit the equipment room and test the new weaponry in the HoloDeck.
  - Go to the Mess Hall on Deck 2 to meet with Telsia. Use a Turbo Lift to get
  - Grab your helmet from your locker.
  - Go to the Equipment Room to get your weapons for the mission.
  - Procede to the transporter room with your team to beam out to away mission.
  - Restore environmental and artificial gravity.
  - Find an alternate route past the debris in the hall for the team.
  - Escort Tuvok to the control center of the gunship.
  - Realign the plasma focusing router, to supply power to the firing
  - Procede to the loading chamber in the aft of the gunship.
  - Stop the Harvester Aliens from invading Voyager.
Exit the transporter room and go to the equipment room. After talking to
Telsia, enter the room and stock up. It's time to hit the HoloDeck once again.
First, you need to talk to the guy in charge to get the photon torpedo

--[ Dark Dungeon ]-------------------------------------------------------------
  - Neutralize 25 enemies.
Well, they lay it on thick in the beginning, but for some reason they stop
firing at you later and all you have to do is walk around and shoot them. I'm
not sure if this is a glitch or what. All I know is that I killed four of them
and then they stopped fighting back.
--[ Dark Dungeon ]-------------------------------------------------------------

Once you frag them all, go to the Turbo Lift and use the control panel. Go down
the hall and take a left. Take a right at the end and enter the doors at the
end of the hall on the right. Talk to everyone. Wait for a while until a
cut-scene happens.

After the cut-scene, enter the locker room to the left. Open your locker to get
your helmet. Talk to your team. Now, exit the room to the hallway. Go to the
equipment room to get your weapons. Next, go to the transport room. Once
everyone's on the transport pad, get on it.

Walk over to the big door. After discovering that it cannot be opened, you will
be charged with the duty of stabilizing the environment. Okay, all you need to
do turn around and jump on the far pipe to your right. Then jump to the wall
segements. From there, jump over to the ledge and use the control panel. Take
the elevator down and walk up to the team.

Enter the hallway and procede slowly. The ship is literally falling apart. Go
down the hallway, and engage the parasites. Once the door is opened, take the
elevator. Go down the hall and follow the team into the chamber to your right.
After receiving your orders, blast the boxes on the left side of the room and
crawl through the space. Move down the shaft and jump down to the level below.
Kill the parasites. Go down the next shaft and up the ladder.

Enter the room to your right. See the laser at the far end of it? Just behind
it are four control panels. You need to adjust the left one to point at the
chair blocking the door. Then move it up a notch. The control panel to activate
the laser is in the center of the room. Now head out of the room and through
the door near where you came up from the vents. Once it's opened, use the

Move down the hallway to fight some scavengers. Just use your Compression Rifle
and blast them with it's secondary fire. Cake. Enter the control room and wait
for further instructions.

Seems you're going into a gun barrel. Move down the hallway. Okay, you need to
use a weapon better than the compression rifle on these robots. I'd recommend
the Disruptor or scavenger rifle. Enter the doorway and use the lift control.
Open the door and take out the gun on the right. Then take out the bot on the
left. Move down the catwalk. Destroy the bot and the gun on your left and the
one at the end of the hall. Continue to the end of the hall and destroy the gun
there. Step on the switch and take the lift to the bottom.

Jump to the other section of catwalk. Run and jump over the next one. Get the
ammunition and use the control panel. Go back to the switch and ride the lift
up. Go back along the catwalk to where the door was blocked and go on through.
Use the elevator switch. Kill the two bots waiting for you at the top. Use the
control switch and go through the door. Use the elevator switch.

Open the door and shoot the bot to the right. Navigate the hallways in walk
mode so that you don't alert the bots. Take them out before they have a chance
to come to life. Enter the room to your left if you need health. You'll have to
kill four bots. Exit the room and continue down the hallway. Kill the bot and
go through the door. Kill the next bot and use the control panel. Okay, this
battle is simple. Just use your secondary weapon on your photon blaster or the
Devastator. Get on the lift to go to the next area.

Follow the catwalk and go through the door. Destroy the bot on your left. Go to
where it was and kill the one on the right. Get the Dreadnaught Weapon and go
through the door. There will be bots and turrets in the next room, one turret
right above and behind the team. Destroy them all. Use the control panel on the
robotic arm. Climb up the broken walkway and go through the door. Destroy the
two robots and go through the door. Kill the next two and take the elevator.
Walk across the catwalk and into a new area.

Move up to where the gas is blocking your progress. Now, jump over the elevator
and to the right where there's a hole. Go down it and kill two parasites.
Continue and destroy the bot on the right and the turret on the left. From a
distance, shoot the far right reactor to stop the gas. Go back to where your
team is. Don't bother with the lift.

Go through the now cleared doorway. Turn to the left and kill the large robot.
The smaller ones will come out now. Kill them as well. Go through the next door
and destroy the turret on the left wall. Next destroy the bots. There's another
turret on your left. Go through the door. Destroy the big robot. Next climb up
the left side and destroy the small flying bot. Okay, you now need to enter the
large room on the right side of the hall. There are four bots in here, and one
large one if you didn't destroy it before. Destroy them.

Go back out to the main hall and through the door at the end. Destroy the
flying bot and jump up on the platform at the end of the room. Jump to the next
two. Kill the bots on either side of you. Jump to the last platform and to the
door on the far side of the room. Use the elevator switch. Once your team is
there, walk to the door. Once it's "opened," go through the hole.

Open the next one and destroy the four bots in the room. Open the next door and
take the elevator. Kill the bots in the hallway and open the door. Kill the
flying bot and bot. Next, use the control panel on your left. Go through the
door that the plasma ray was hitting. Use the elevator switch to go to the next

When the elevator stops, get off and head down the hallway. Move down the ramp.
Destroy the two large bots that come at you with the dreadnaught and the bots
with something else. Go to the right and down the stairs. More bots. You can
look out the window here and see the gunship to the upper right...and you
thought you were in it... Enter the lift and use the control panel.

Once it is at the bottom, get off and make a hard right. Destroy the large bots
as they come. Enter the hallway. Take the lift at the end. Destroy the large
bot and two smaller ones. Go through the door. On the other side of the reactor
core, you'll find more big bots. Destroy them. Ugh. Take the elevator and
destroy the flying bots. Follow the catwalk and use the panel at the end. Yup.
More bots.

Go back to the area where the rods were and destroy the bots on your way back
and in that hallway. Walk along the path and destroy the turrets and bots as
they come. Keep going until you are contacted. Use the control panel. Get on
the lift and use the control panel. Destroy the turrets on the right. Step into
the hall and destroy the ones on the left. It will pass one point. Destroy the
ones on the next point. There are four on the right and one on the left. In the
next section, you'll get to destroy turrets and robots. Oh joy. After that,
just four turrets on the right. Use the control panel on the left.

Go to the equipment room. Exit and follow your team member. Enter the hole
where the harvesters came from and start blasting them. Go through the door and
kill the ones in the halls. Head down the left hall and kill them as they come.
Just keep blasting in the doorway to kill even more of them. I'd recommend
energy weapons. Head through the room, killing any that appear. Kill the ones
near the hole in the wall and go through it. Kill more and go through the door.

Kill the ones in the hall and head down it. Enter the room at the end and kill
the harvester on the catwalk. Once you fall, you'll have to kill several on the
floor with you. Then, after your team mate activated the elevator, you'll need
to jump on it. Go through the door. Enter the next door and kill the harvesters
in the hall. Enter the hole to the left and kill the harvesters.

=== THE FORGE ======================================================= 05:07 ===
  - Navigate the super structure of the Forge to gain access to the security
  - Shut down the security grid to allow Voyager's shuttles, with
    reinforcements, to reach the forge.
  - Locate the main central shaft of the forge.
  - Meet up with reinforcements.
  - Make your way down the central shaft to the energy-dampening generator and
    destroy it.
  - Find the airlock in the section of the Forge you are in. A shuttlecraft
    will be waiting there to pick you and your team up.
  - Stop the Forge Seed from launching.
Walk down the hall until you reach an open section. Right before the first
arch, on your right, you should see a long pipe. Jump up on it and walk it down
to the next piece of debris. Jump down and walk along the pipe to your left.
Navigate the walkway. Kill the harvesters below you and jump down to where they
are. Walk to the end of the platform and turn left. You need to jump over
there. Jump to the large platform and down to the area below. Kill the
harvesters and destroy the turret. Access the control panel. Once the field is
down, enter the doorway. Jump into the beam at the end of the hall.

Enter the hallway and go into the door in the next room. Kill the aliens up-top
and use the control panel in the center of the room. Go into the door with the
force field down. Kill the alien and go through the door. Climb up the ramp and
kill the aliens. Lead the team to the console near the force field up top. Go
down to the newly opened door and enter the new area.

Move up the hall and shoot the aliens as they come. When you get to the force
field divying up parts, head right. Go through the field when it flickers and
use the control panel. Take care of the aliens as they come. Enter the room
near the control panel and go down the ramp. Kill more aliens and go through
the door. Kill them as you navigate down the halls. There's only one path, and
scores of enemies.

At the end of the hallway is a stasis room. If you walk quite a ways in, you'll
trigger the next wave of enemies. Replenish your firepower after you're
finished. Go to the area at the end of the room and use the control panel. Use
the panel on the lift. Go through the door at the top. When they come, just
keep them at bay for a while. After the cut-scene, blast the next wave. After
the next cut-scene. get on the broken pod area. It will take you to a lower
area. Kill the alien that breaks out of the pod. Go down the tunnel to the new
area. Enter the large door. Kill the aliens and enjoy a cool cut-scene.

Go to the opposite end of the room, killing more drones, and enter the door.
Kill some more and continue to the next door. Open it and kill the sleeping
ones. Kill the one that runs in and get on the lift. Use the control panel.
Kill the aliens on the upper level and the ones that come. Go through the door
at the bottom of the ramp. Kill the aliens and walk around the central ring.
Use the switch.

Okay, this is extremely annoying, mostly because of the horrendous load times.
Use your phaser to find your way across the invisible force field. Oh yeah, and
save. It starts out just on the right side and curves. It's just annoying. Not
as annoying as the one at the end of Link to the Past, but still annoying as
hell. Go through the door and down the hall. Kill the aliens in the next room
and take the elevator. Same duty below. Once they're dead, head down the only
path you can take to get to the next area.

Go down the tunnel and through the door at the end. Blast the hell out of them
as they come. Once they're dead, use the control panel to the left. Cross the
catwalk and kill the aliens as they come. Take the lift down and wait for your
team mates. Go through the door. Replenish and take the elevator. Kill more
reavers and go through the door. Kill more, replenish, and take the next
elevator as well. Same routine as before. And again. This time you have to take
a hallway and kill a bunch of aliens. Replenish and take the elevator again.
Destroy each of the lasers (and your team will try and walk in front of
you...as usual). Go through the door in the room. When the door opens, kill the
aliens. Move into the hall and kill the next wave of them. Enter the doorway.

Go up the elevator. Kill the two aliens waiting for you. Go down the hallway.
There are a bunch of harvesters around the first corner. There's more aliens in
the next room. Use the weapon energy terminal to max out your weapons. Get on
the lift. Replenish your health and go into the next room.

--[ VOHRSOTH ]-----------------------------------------------------------------
Okay, this is really annoying. Just keep moving and destroying the enemies as
the come. After a while the good aliens from the beginning will come to help
you. Okay, circle-strafe the Vohrsoth and just hit it with everything you have.
It's an uber-annoying boss. If you keep moving, you won't be hit by its most
devestating attacks.

CODES AND SECRETS                                                            06

All of the button codes require you to pause the game, press the buttons, and
then select while they are pressed. You will hear a voice say "impressive."

(from GameFAQs)
All Weapons
(Contributed By: geomod)

999 Health
  R1 R2 L1 L2

999 Armor
  L1 R1

Auto Lock
  L1 L2

Full Ammo
  R1 R2

God Mode
  L1, L2, R1, R2, and R3, then hit select.
(Contributed By: DrunkenMonkey2k2)

CREDITS AND THANKS                                                           07

As always, I'd like to thank CJayC and Shadotak for putting up with my crap for
as long as they have.

Oh, and of course, my ferrets Kiki and Tuffy.

And Richard Pryor for being the funniest motherfucker on the planet.

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