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     Y    Y   Y    Y      U   U   U   U      G            G      I           I  
      Y    Y Y    Y       U   U   U   U      G    GGGGGGGGG      IIII     IIII 
       Y    Y    Y        U   U   U   U      G   G                   I   I        
        Y       Y         U   U   U   U      G   G                   I   I       
         Y     Y          U   U   U   U      G   G   GGGGGGG         I   I       
          Y   Y           U   U   U   U      G   G   GGGG  G         I   I      
          Y   Y           U   UUUUU   U      G   G      G  G         I   I     
          Y   Y           U           U      G   GGGGGGGG  G     IIII     IIII    
          Y   Y            U         U       G             G     I           I   
          YYYYY             UUUUUUUUU         GGGGGGGGGGGGG      IIIIIIIIIIIII   
     OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO      HHHHH   HHHHH      !!!!!!   
    O               O     H   H   H   H      !    ! 
    O     OOOOO     O     H   H   H   H      !    !
    O     O   O     O     H   H   H   H      !    !
    O     O   O     O     H   HHHHH   H      !    !
    O     O   O     O     H           H       !  !    
    O     O   O     O     H   HHHHH   H       !  !
    O     O   O     O     H   H   H   H        !! 
    O     OOOOO     O     H   H   H   H         
    O               O     H   H   H   H        !! 
    O               O     H   H   H   H       !  ! 

  Walkthrough   Version 2.5

Table of Contents                          Date started
1.Intro                                      4-15-04
2.Controls                                 Date Updated
3.Chartacters                                8-10-04
5.Card numbers


   Hi my name is Gabrielle.  I just Want everyone to know that this is my first 
walkthrough and I want anyone to e-mail me at [email protected] and give me 
advice on how I can make this better. This should only be found At Cheatcodes.com. 
If you find this bad walkthrough at a diffrent site that is not mentioned, email me.

Directional buttons: You can move around with these buttons.
A button:  You can use this button to talk to other contestants.
B button:  You press this to run instead of Walking.
L Button:  Works Just like the start button.
R button:  Press this button to battle with other contestants.
Start button:  Press Start to check your Status, your deck or your trunk.
Select Button:  Works just like the L button.

Seto Kaiba
Yugi's Grandpa
Rex Raptor
Bandit Keith
Maki or Maku?
Esp Ropa


First you put in a name anyname would do.
You are in your house when Joey enters followed by Yugi.

Joey: The Battle City Tournament is today, (name).

Yugi: Good morning, (name). Have You Made your deck?

Joey: Hey, my new deck is something special.  It took me all night but it's the best 
ever. (Name) Did you put together a good deck?

Choose yes or no.

Choose Yes

Joey:  Hey, way to go. But I'm not about to loose today. We've all been waiting for 
this tornament.

Yugi: It'd be great if we could all get to the finals.

Joey: Yeah, you bet. Okay, lets get going. Don't Want to be late.

Choose No

Joey:Huh? Are you kidding me? Better get it together.

Yugi: There's still time. Make it stronger as you battle.

Joey: Okay, let's get going. Don't want to be late.

Yugi leaves. Then Joey. You can Either Save and Leave or Just leave.

Tip: The deck you already have is pretty good right now.


Joey: Hey, look at that. Everyone's here already.  Heh, look at all the tough 

Yugi: Wow this is exciting.

Kaiba walks into the screen.

Kaiba: Fellow duelists, welcome to Battle City.  Let me explain the tuornement's 
rule's. The tournament takes place throughout Domino City.  Where ever duelists meet 
in the city... 
That shall be where the duels take place.  Duelist may play using only their own 
decks.  The loser must turn over one rare card to the victor.  Eight winning 
duelists will enter the final round.  
The final stage is hidden somewhere in town.  Each of you duelist has recieved a 
locator card.  You must defeat others and and get their locator cards.When you have 
gathered six locator cards...
You will have the map to the final duel stage.You may duel with those puzzle cards 
at stake. In Otherwords, only those who win duels... 
And obtain the six locator cards, will earn the right to get up on stage for the 
finals. The tournament Commences at nine o'clock sharp.  Now fellow duelist.. 
Scatter throughout Battle City.

Kaiba then leaves.

Yugi: It's... Finally starting.

Joey: Yeah you bet. Even us, we're rivals from now on.  Try to hang in there to the 
end, Yugi and (name).  

Choose either Sure! or Maybe.


Yugi: I'll do my best, too.

Joey: Don't get caught careless.

Yugi: Joey, I think you shoud be careful yourself.

Joey: Haha, don't worry about me.


Joey: Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, (name). Buck Up and get it together.

Yugi: Once you've collected all the cards, let's meet up.  We should get together in 
my grandpa's shop.

Joey:Yeah, okay.  We'll do that.  Allright, I'm off.  Both of you, don't loose until 
the finals.  See you!

Joey leaves and you are able to walk around. Now before the clock strikes nine, you 
have to find Yugi, Mai, Maki, Weevil, bones, and Rex raptor.

Yugi: Right next to you.
Mai: One screen over
Maki: Two screens over
Weevil: Two screens over and one screen down by his groupe
Bones: one screen over and one screen down
Rex: One screen down

Then go to where Mai was or where the clock was in the city. Then leave. Before you 
do, the clock strikes 9 o'clock. Then Joey, Yugi, Rex, Weevil, Mai, And Kaiba walk 
in, say something and then leave.  

Hint & tip: You have to press the R button to let them walk away and hear a beep. 
Also before you find them all, Guards block ways to get out of that part of the city.
After you find them, they will be open.

Now It's time to find the locator cards. First Battle Bones. He is in the graveyard 
but battle one of his...uh... people and he will appear.  He is Pretty easy.

After you get the first locator card, you can battle Esp Roba or the first of the 
ghouls.  In this walkthrough, you will battle first of the ghouls.

First, save your game at your house.  Then go to the place were you found bones or 
the place with the Tables and umbrellas.  Battle the only guy there and after you 
beat him, he will tell you a rumor about the card shop and tell you that people with 
rare cards go in but don't come out.

When you enter, a guy wearing a mask will talk to you.

Pandora: Welcome! Oh! You... You're... You must be (name).  You've been making a 
name for your self lately.  Word is that you're quite a strong duelist.  Actually, I 
was Waiting for you to visit.
You see, I want to invite you to a special show.  After I heard how good you are, I 
wanted to see you. Yes, I definitly wish for you to witness my show. But, It is too 
cramped in here. Shall we go down stairs?

Then you go down stairs. He walks in.
Pandora: This is the basement duel chamber. Please sit. Now, we shall enjoy out duel 
together, you and I.

You walk in farther and you hear clanking noises and you look around.

Pandora: Hahaha. Surprised? You can't move, can you? This duel's rule... The loser 
gets chopped up. It's a lovely rule that makes this diabolical. I am a member of the 
ghouls. Let me test your power. Hahaha! Here I come!

Then you battle.

Hint & tip: After you win, you get Dark Magician if you used Shadow Spector as your 
ante card and he is tough so put some strong light and Dream monsters in side your 

After you beat him:
Pandora: I lost... Waah! The blade! It's coming closer! Help me! Please! The lock!

You go over there and help him.

Pandora: Oh... Saved... Gaah! Ma-Mari... (shadowy fiqure now behind him)
So. you appear to be strong somewhat, (name). You've been a impediment to my plans. 
Don't think that you'll get of freely. This used-up fool... I will dispose of him.

Then he falls over. 

Hint & tip: If you have no good cards to beat hiom with, you can fight Tristan who 
is located in front of your house or Bones in the graveyard.

Now it is time to battle ESP Ropa

First go to the Clock Tower Square and head where toward the center of the square. 
Then go up, around the blockade. 
Battle the duelist there which turns out to be his younger brother. After you beat 
him he will call his older brother which turns out to be Roba's second youngest. 
Then after you beat him he will call out Roba and you will battle him.
After you beat him, you get another locator card.

Now, you can battle Rex Raptor.  He says that he don't battle with losers. Unless 
you have a high deck count, you won't be able to battle him. After you beat him, you 
can get another locator card

Hint & Tip: If youu keep losing all of your cards because you use them as ante 
cards, make sure you save your game and when you seem like your losing, shut off 
your gameboy and you will be able to rebattle them.

Now another location should be open called the park.  Weevil is located there. But 
first, go one screen up and you should find bones outside the graveyard.  He will 
say that a ghoul kicked him out of there.
You can battle him or wait because if you just want to talk with him, you better be 
ready to battle him because when you talk to him, he wants to battle and you will 
battle him.

Now if you go to the park to battle weevil, you have to battle his disiples first. 
Thhey are tough unless you modified your deck and got some good cards in it, then 
your OK.  
Now when you beat his disiples, you can battle Weevil and after you beat him, you 
get another locator card and if you battle him 3 times, you will get information on 
where Mai Valentine is.

Now head to the game shop where Yugi's grandpa is and you will see that there is a 
diffrent person is in there.  He has white hair and he stands out.  When you talk to 
him, he says that joey told him of the place.
Now two more places are open. They are The bridge and the building. First go to the 
building and if you want, you can battle Mai but when you beat her, you don't get a 
locator card from her.

Now head toward The bridge and You will find that Kiaba is fighting another duelist 
and, of course, he wins. Then complains that he was to easy. Then he spots you and 
tell you that Yugi doesn't have to wait for the finals to duel him. Then he leaves.
Now go one screen right and up. If you have noticed the bald guy in the park, this 
will be the second time you will see him. He wants to duel you and the duel will 
After you beat him, a Dark figure appears behind him (Look familiar?). He will tell 
you that his name is Marik Ishatar and his plans about collecting the ultimate cards
(?) and the guy will fall over. Now the Aquarium will be open.
Now This is where you get your last locator card, From Maku(?) Tsunami.

Hint & tip: Before you even step foot in the Aquarium Put in some strong water and 
thunder cards in your deck(Level less than 4)like Toad Master, Oscillo Hero #2, 
Water Magician, Ice water, Waterdragon Fairy, Electric snake, & Mega Thunderball. 
Make sure you have more than one and you have enough points.And save after each 
battle so if a duel is not going the way you wanted to, you can shut off you gameboy 
and just battle them again.

Now when you enter,There should be a few peple in there and Maki(?) should be in the 
farthest room from the entrance. He should say that either that you cannot beat him 
or that he is waiting for Joey Weeler and Joey should be at the building playing 
video games, don't worry if you talked to him earlier cause then he will be there at 
the aguarium.
Now battle every one in there, the couple, the guy in the entrance, the little kid 
that is in the same room as Joey and Maku, and Joey. You can Battle them in any 
order. Now you can battle Maki and get your final locator card.

Now that you got your final locator Card, go to Yugi's house and when you enter, 
Yugi's Grandpa says that Joey left earlier with Tea.  Then you talk to yugi. Then a 
ghoul walks in and says they got Joey and Tea and that they will release them if you 
had over your decks and quit the tournament. Then he leaves.
When you leave Yugi follows you and says that if you find any clues, you should come 
back here. then he walks away. 

Now what you have to do is save at your house and duel every ghoul that you see, but 
you only have to duel them once. Theres 2 in the Clock tower square, 1 in the art 
Museum, 2 in the Bridge, and 2 at the aquarium. After you beat all of them, go to 
the park and go one screen over and you'll see Bandit Kieth Battling Weevil and 
Weevil will run away because he beat him. Then he will see you and then battle you.

Hint & tip: Before you even set foot in The Park, you should have some extremly 
strong monsters that have level 4 or lower like RyuKishen(he will be powered up by 
field bounus). He is tough if you don't have the right cards to beat him.

5.Card Numbers:(Not in order Sorry!)

Blue Eyes ultra dragon: 23995346
Dark Necrofear: 31829185
Buster blader: 78193831
Baby dragon: 88819587
Flame swordsman: 45231177
Left leg of forbbiden one: 44519536
Right leg "            ": 08124921
Left arm: 07902349
Right arm: 70903634
Exodia: 33396948
Relinqushed: 64631466
Battle ox: 05053103
Swordstalker: 50005633
Change of heart: 04031928
Dark Magician: 46986414
F.G.D.: 99267150
Oscillo Hero #2: 27324313
Toad Master:62671448
Water Magician:93343894
Ice Water:20848593
Waterdragon Fairy:66836598
Mega Thunderball:21817254


None yet

I like to thank a few people that helped me. But I am not sure if I can say there 
names in the walkthrough. But I would really like to thank Cheatcodes.com.

 This is a 100% home made and if you want to copy this, (Yeah right) please email me 
at the email in the intro.

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