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Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
FAQ/Achievement Guide V1.1
Written by Paul Acevedo
Created on: 06/13/08
Updated on: 08/08/08

1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Controls
4.  Characters
5.  Items
6.  Gameplay Tips
7.  Achievements
8.  Unlockables, Cheats, and Glitches
9.  Special Thanks
10. Contact Information

1. Introduction
This FAQ and Achievement Guide covers Wolf of the Battlefield:
Commando 3 for Xbox 360. Most of this information applies to the
Playstation 3 version as well.

Commando is a single-player top-down, run and gun shooter released 
in arcades in 1985. The game starred Super Joe, who went on to play
a bit part in the original Bionic Commando. Commando was ported to
NES and several computer systems. In Japan it is known as Wolf of 
the Battlefield.

Mercs, AKA Wolf of the Battlefield 2, hit arcades in 1990. Improving
on its predecessor in every way, Mercs is a three-player action
tour-de-force. The protagonists are collectively known as the Wolf
Force. Oddly, there is no storyline connection to the first game.
Single-player Sega Genesis and Master System ports followed the
arcade release.

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 is the latest game in the series.
It can be downloaded for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for $10.
Commando 3 retains many elements from its predecessors, including the 
rescuing of POWs from part 1 and the three-player gameplay and
controllable vehicles from Mercs. Like Mercs, Commando 3 has no
storyline connection to previous games. Poor Super Joe.

2. Version history
06/13/08  Version 0.8a FAQ created.
07/04/08  Version 1.0 update. Achievements info added. Cheats 
          and Special Thanks sections updated. Typos corrected. 
          FAQ completed. Swish!
08/08/08  Version 1.1 update. What a cool day to update!
          Updated the cheat description since it no longer works
          and fixed a few minor things.

3. Controls
Xbox 360 Controls:

Left Stick: Movement
Right Stick: Aim and fire
Right Trigger: Throw grenades (hold to throw farther)
Right Bumper: Throw grenades (hold to throw farther)
Left Trigger: M-Crash/Exit vehicle
Left Bumper: Exit vehicle

Playstation 3 Controls:

Left Stick: Movement
Right Stick: Aim and fire
R2: Throw grenades (hold to throw farther)
R1: Throw grenades (hold to throw farther)
L2: M-Crash/Exit vehicle
L1: Exit vehicle

4. Characters
Wolf (blue)
-Life: 4   Speed: 4   Grenades: 4
-Wolf is an all-around great guy.

Coyote (red)
-Life: 5   Speed: 4   Grenades: 3
-Coyote is the easiest character to play due to his life meter, which
 is large and in charge. Just make sure you save a grenade or two
 for the secret areas.

Fox (green)
-Life: 3   Speed: 5   Grenades: 5
-Fox is the most challenging character to play since here life is so
 low. Still, she can move, baby.

5. Items
Weapons: These can be powered up by collecting the same item twice.

Machine Gun (blue)
-The machine gun is the default weapon and really the best all-around
 gun due to its range and rate of fire.

Spread Shot (green)
-The spread shot is less useful than you might expect because of
 its terribly short range.

Flame Thrower (orange)
-This gun has an excellent rate of fire but relatively weak damage.

Rocket Launcher (red)
-The rocket launcher is slow, but its shots do a tremendous amount
 of splash damage. It does not appear until near the end of Mission 


-These give you points. Points are good for the soul.

-These increase your score multiplier.

-These increase the strength of your weapon. When you die, you
 will drop only one POW icon, no matter how many you collected
 prior to being killed.

-This item completely refills your grenades, up to your character's
 maximum limit.

-This briefcase-looking item adds one M-Crash special attack
 to your inventory.

-These come in multiple sizes, refilling a lot or a little health.

Life-bar Increase:
-This refills your health and extends your life bar. The more you
 have, the longer it gets.

Vehicles and Turrets:
Just approach a vehicle or turret to get in it. Turrets can only
hold one person, while jeeps and tanks seat three. Each vehicle
can sustain a fixed amount of damage before it explodes, but
the explosion does not hurt players. Tanks do not appear until 
Mission 5.

6. Gameplay Tips
-In single-player, the rocket launcher is too slow to do you
 much good. However, it's killer on bosses. Make sure you pick one
 up right before the final boss.

-In multiplayer, one person should carry a rocket launcher while
 the other players use faster weapons.

-Throwing grenades farther than the default distance takes time
 and will often get you shot. Just run up and grenade targets
 whenever possible.

-It is often better to run through missions as quickly as you can 
 rather than trying to kill every enemy. They tend to endlessly 
 respawn, you know. Just make sure you don't pass up the hostages
 and secret areas prior to earning their Achievements.

-Don't forget to use your M-Crash attacks before dying. You get
 more when you respawn.

-Instead of immediately spamming your M-Crashes during boss fights,
 wait until the boss is firing at you. The M-Crash will eliminate
 the boss' fire, helping you avoid damage.

9. Achievements
These are listed according to their difficulty and how many players
are required to unlock them. All Achievements but Veteran and 
Mercenary can be unlocked on any difficulty level. All Achievements
can be unlocked in local multiplayer or online.

Single- or Multiplayer:

Reckless Driver: 20 Points
Just hop in a vehicle and run over 40 enemies. You can easily do this
in Mission 1. If multiple players are in the vehicle, everyone
will earn the Achievement.

One Man Army: 7 Points
Simply kill 200 enemies. You can do this in Mission 1 if you stick
around long enough.

Brasso: 10 Points
Get a 12X Score multiplier. This requires you to avoid being hit for
a while, so wimpier players may have a little trouble. Still, you
can easily increase your multiplier by killing enemies from a turret 
or vehicle.

Hero: 10 Points
Get a 24X Score multiplier. Like I said, use a turret or vehicle
if your reflexes aren't up to getting this on foot.

Humanitarian: 10 Points
Save 25 prisoners. Just shoot a prisoner's cage until he is released.
You should get this one during the second mission.

Sleuth: 20 Points
Find all 10 secret areas. There are two per level, and you must 
grenade certain walls to find them. You have to find them all in
one playthrough.

 -Mission 1
   1: Just after the start of the Vehicle Section, look for a red 
      flower on the left wall.
   2: Immediately after the vehicle section ends, grenade the flower 
      on the left wall.

 -Mission 2
   1: At the beginning of the level, between the first two prisoner
      cells, a blue flame marks the left wall.
   2: About 2/3 of the way through the level, near the end of the 
      canyon, some tank tracks lead into the wall on the left. 
      An enemy vehicle attacks form the right side as you approach.

 -Mission 3
   1: After riding the 1st flying platform, you'll soon come to a statue 
      that you must detroy to enter the temple area. An APC attacks. To 
      the left of it is a detructible statue, leading to the 1st secret 
      Contains: Health Up!
   2: Shortly afterwards, you'll walk right past a wall where troops 
      throw grenades at you, but you can't hit them until you walk around 
      the wall. Walk slightly north and there will be a blue circle on 
      the right wall.
      Contains: 2 prisoners, 3 medals, health

 -Mission 4
   1: After the section with the raised wooden planks, you'll gain access 
      to the first turret. There is an enemy barracks just northeast of 
      the turret. The hidden area is found in the right wall immediately 
      above the barracks.
      Contains: Medals, badge
   2: At the very last bit of the swamp, just prior to entering the base, 
      there's a wall on the left with blue barrels on top of it.
      Contains: Score multiplier, 3 medals, grenades

 -Mission 5
   1: At the mission start, it's the third building (the one with flags 
      on its face) up on the left.
      Contains: 4 medals, flamethrower, prisoner, grenades, enemy barracks
   2: Once you get the 1st tank, go north until you see a building on 
      the left with flags on its face. Hop out of the tank and grenade it.

Freedom: 25 Points
Rescue every prisoner in the game. This requires finding the secret 
areas in Missions 1-3 and 5. You have to do it all in one playthrough,
like a man.
  Mission 2: 30 prisoners
  Mission 3: 12 prisoners
  Mission 4:  9 prisoners
  Mission 5: 14 prisoners

Madman: 30 Points
You have to get a 24x score multiplier in every level, all in one
playthrough. Use vehicles or turrets to effortlessly increase your 

Veteran: 7 Points
Beat the game on Black Ops difficulty. This is much easier in
single-player than multiplayer. You have to beat the whole game
from start to finish in a single playthrough. You can do it!

Mercenary: 15 Points
Beat the game on Suicide Mission difficulty. Remember to spring 
through the game as much as possible. Don't pass up the secret areas 
though, as they contain useful items. Whenever your life is 
dangerously low, use M-Crash attacks to help you live a little 
longer. Beating the game on Suicide Mission does not unlock the
Veteran Achievement, sadly.

Multiplayer Only:

Armored Attack: 6 Points
All 3 players must enter the tank in Mission 5. You can use the
Mission Select (after unlocking it) to easily get this one.

Combined Assault: 40 Points
Beat the entire game with another player in one playthrough. 
This is tough since you must share lives and enemies fire way 
more bullets in multiplayer. Make sure you're good enough to beat 
the game by yourself and then find a decent partner! Avoid using 
Fox in two-player games since she is an expert character. The good 
news is that only one player has to actually survive the last 
boss - everyone will get the Achievement.

8. Unlockables, Cheats, and Glitches
Mission Select:
-Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock this. Note that when
 selecting a mission, you will be unable to earn the Humanitarian, 
 Madman, Mercenary, Sleuth, Veteran, and Combined Assault 

-The following cheat has been disabled by a software patch. I 
 include it here for reference only:

 The Xbox 360 version has an online multiplayer-only cheat that
 makes things about a million times easier. At any time during online
 multiplayer, press the Guide button to bring up the Xbox 360
 system menu. Press Guide, Back, or B to close to the menu. Then just
 resume the game. Your health, grenades, and M-Crashes will be 
 refilled. Kind of takes the sport out of things, dontcha think?

-The Xbox 360 version has a sound glitch where the machine gun sound
 effect sometimes continues to fire even when the player has stopped 
 shooting. This happened all through the ending credits for me once.
 It was very annoying. And why isn't there any ending music, Backbone 

-Another Xbox 360 glitch involves the screen refusing to scroll
 any further, preventing the player from progressing through the
 level. If you can manage to kill your character when this happens,
 the screen will probably resume scrolling as usual.

9. Special Thanks
-Thanks to Xbox Live member Beldryn for finding many of the
 secret areas.
-Thanks to Paul Haapanen for discovering the screen-scrolling glitch.
-Thank you Xbox Live member DeathHeadsSkull for confirming
 the online multiplayer cheat (and everyone else who figured it
 out as well).

10. Contact Information
I'd love to receive your suggestions and questions. I can be slow
to answer my FAQ email, so use Xbox Live messages if you are in a 
hurry. Please do not send me a friend request without introducing
yourself first!

Email: eastfaqs at gmail dot com
Xbox Live Gamertag: EastX
Sega Saturn Net Link Handle: Eastman

WOTB: Commando 3 copyright 2008 Capcom

This document is copyright 2008 by Paul Acevedo. It may not be posted
anywhere but gamefaqs.com, ign.com, and achieve360points.com without 
permission. Learn to draw, Arvin Bautista!

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