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Thom Brennaman's Expressions

If you leave a controller idle during a game, a cinematic sequence will begin talking about random events and stories related to baseball.

Recover Pitcher Fatigue

If you want one of your starting pichers to throw all 162 games, place him on the 15 day disabled list after his last outing. Quickly place him back on your roster and he will regain all of his stamina.

Cheat For Card Points

Begin a new game against the computer. Whenever the CPU is at bat, switch the controller setting so that you have the control of the computer team. Dont swing, just strike out every time. By the end of the game, you'll have thrown 27 strikeouts which equates into a perect game. This feat will be rewarded with 100 Card Points!

Computer's Batting Weaknesses

When you are playing Season or Series once in a while the announcer will tell you the batters strengths. For example (They will say that this batter hits low pitches really well). So you could pitch high pitches and they might not hit it as far. Note: They will not say it very often so keep listening.


To bunt hold the circle button.

Perfect Game

If you want to pitch a perfect game do the following. When the opposing team is batting switch teams. Then change the skill level to hard. Then bunt the whole game. But after every half inning switch back to your team.

How To Steal

Hit the triangle and the D-pad for the base your on.

Easy Stealing

If there is a runner on third base, if second base is empty, and there is a runner on first base make the runner on first steal second. The catcher will throw the ball to third. If you are not at second by the time the third basemen has caught the ball he will throw it to second, but by then you should have made it. This only works if you are playing the computer. It works 99 percent of the time.

Hidden Teams

There are two ways to get hidden teams. Frist select exhibition mode repeatedly press L2+R2, a sound will confirm the correct entry. Now the Dingers & Islanders teams will become unlocked. Second select the batting practice mode, press L1+L2+R1+R2 and the Dingers team will appear next to the Cooperstown Legends.

Hitting Harder

If you want to hit the ball harder and farther, then when you are batting, hit the square button on your controler and you should see a yellow triagle. This is a power swing. You will hit many home runs and line drives with this.


Taunt The Crowd

After a home run is hit (while the batter runs towards home) press "L3" or "R3" and the batter will taunt the crowd.

Get Austin Dingers In Batting Practice

If you want to unlock the Austin Dingers in batting practice then press L2+R2+L1+R1 simultaneously. It wont make any sound and will be right next to the Cooperstown Legends.

Bonus Teams

Enter exhibition mode, then repeatedly press L2 + R2 until the sound of a dong is heard. The Dingers and Islanders will now be selectable under the 90's teams.


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