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  • Action, Combat
  • Electronic Arts
  • Electronic Arts
  • Mature
  • March 4, 2008



Ok, on this game if you in the market for a new gun and your short on money I'm going to tell you the best the to do. Buy a S-System and only focus on the barrel and stock until you can afford other stuff. The reason I say this is because different barrels add better damage, new stocks give you better accuracy. Then if you get a bunch of money after that, buy the 60 or 100 round clips. Pretty soon you might want to get an attachment, I suggest the grip, because this improves you accuracy even more. After that you may want to be a little quieter, purchase a silencer, but keep in mind this slightly takes away damage. Now maybe you want more protection, buy a shield for your S-SYSTEM, this will increase agro. Then the only thing left to do is to "PIMP" the gun. That adds more agro. Then you can do ever thing I've told you on other weapons, until you have them all.

Using The M-134

When playing with the AI, when you get the M134, swap weapons & let the AI rip! The AI never runs out of ammo and on aggro when given the command to advance, will clear-out a room full of bad guys.

China: Easy Money

Start the China mission and complete the first objective for $30,000. After you have successfully completed the objective, quit and reload the mission for another $30,000. You may have to walk back down the mountain for the money to be given to you. This can be redone as many times as desired.

Defeating Fully-armored Enemies

Throw a grenade in front of your enemy to knock him down. Before he gets back up, either shoot him until he is dead or have the grenade launcher as your frontmount and use one of them to take him out. Depending on the area you are out will change the difficulty of doing this. Remember to use the aggro system to your advantage.

Intel Briefcase Locations

* Look behind the first M-11 missile you find to find a small path going uphill nearby. Follow it to reach the briefcase.
* Kill the first heavy armor guard you encounter. After the intermission sequence, search the nearby platform area. The briefcase is on top of a short set of stairs at the back end of the platform.
* In the area next to Brian Hick's cell.
* Just before climbing up the ladder to take out Ali Youseff's helicopter, get the briefcase at the bottom of the ladder.
* Call in the air-strike on a nearby bunker, then search for a large tent near the dividing wall. The briefcase is against the wall near the tent.
* Just before meeting Ali Youseff you will see metal platforms with armed guards. Kill all of the guards then climb up the steps to the platform's second level. Climb another ladder to the third level to find the briefcase.
Aircraft Carrier
* Land on the ship's main deck and run to the right of the control tower to find the briefcase.
* When you enter the hangar to use one of the parked planes to blow through a door, look behind some missiles to find the briefcase.
* After setting the missiles to blow up the ship in the final hangar, search until you find a makeshift basketball court. The briefcase is behind the far basket.
* Go to the dam, then move towards the first control tower. Across the dam is another control tower with the briefcase.
* Go to the village and co-op snipe some enemies. Follow the rightmost path. Enter the first house you can explore and search the second floor for the briefcase.
* Go to the factory, but do not enter. Search behind the factory to find the briefcase.
* Open the gates to the luggage area then go to the control room. Search the smaller office near the control room to find the briefcase.
* Go to the third floor of the SSC Tower. Instead of operating the lift, run to the far end of the third floor to find the briefcase.

Intel Briefcase Locations

You will get money for picking up a briefcase. Each briefcase can only be collected once and will disappear in future playthroughs. Pause game play and select the "Objective" option to check many briefcases you have collected for the current level. Note: You do not have to collect all briefcase in your first playthrough. You can find missed briefcases during subsequent playthroughs.

Surviving Falls

After skipping a ladder and jumping too far above the ground, press [Roll] to take no damage.

How To Kill A Heavy Solider Easy

If you have a stinger, use it to kill the heavy solider. It locks on.


Unlimited Cash

Pause the game and press L1, Up, Down, Up, Left.

Get The Unlockables

Pause the game and enter L1, L1, Circle, Square.

Infinate Life And Ammo

Pause the game during game play and press Triangle(2), X, X, L2, R2, R1, R2, Circle, Square.


Unlock All Primary Weapons

Beat the game on the Recruit or Contractor.

Unlock All Secondary & Special Weapons

Beat the game on Professional.

Unlock Professional Difficulty

Beat the game once on Recruit or Contractor

Easter eggs

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