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  • Shooter, First-Person Shooter
  • Arkane Studios
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • Mature
  • October 9, 2012


Blueprint Upgrade: The Royal Physician

Folded Galvani Resin : Upgraded Boot Stealth
Early in the mission, look inside a warehouse on the left side of the canal, in the first bridge area to find the blueprint.
Sokolov's Formula : Piero can create Health Elixir
It is inside the Greenhouse in Sokolov's mansion, which can be accessed from Sokolov's workshop through the library.

Blueprint Upgrade: The Flooded District

Bonded Galvani Weave : Improved Armor
Search the chests in Daud's office to find the blueprint. You will need Daud's key to reach the chest containing it.
Folded Galvani Resin : Upgraded Boot Stealth
Search Daud's office for an unlocked chest with the blueprint.
Incandescent Paste : Fire Bolts
The blueprint is in the lower level cellar near the tunnel's exit.
Small-Scale Combustion Refinement : Explosive Bullets
In the Central Rail Station, look inside the crashed train car to find the blueprint.
Spiked Grenade Housing : Sticky Grenade
Enter the building filled with armed criminals, and search the wrecked hallway to find the blueprint.

Blueprint Upgrade: Return To The Tower

Small-Scale Combustion Refinement : Explosive Bullets
The blueprint is in the General's office in the Dunwall Tower interior area, which is one of the four central offices up the stairs.

Blueprint Upgrade: Lady Boyle's Last Party

Spiked Grenade Housing : Sticky Grenade
Before entering Boyle's mansion, locate the guard station at the gate near the entrance. The blueprint is inside on the guard's desk.

Blueprint Upgrade: House Of Pleasure

Incandescent Paste: Fire Bolts
Go back to the Distillery, and use the valve-controlled door to reach the blueprint.
Lens Magnification : Upgrade: Improved Lens Magnification
It is located in Griff's Pawnshop, but you first must rescue Griff from the building to the right of the first Wall Of Light in Mission 2. Save him from the bandits to be able to purchase the blueprint from him.

Blueprint Upgrade: High Overseer Campbell

Bonded Galvani Weave: Improved Armor
The blueprint is in the workshop inside a safe, which is in the backyard behind the Overseer's mansion. The key to the safe is on a nearby workbench.
Lens Magnification
It is located in Griff's Pawnshop, but you first must rescue Griff from the building to the right of the first Wall Of Light in Mission 2. Save him from the thugs to be able to purchase the blueprint from him.
Sokolov's Formula: Piero can create Health Elixir
It is located in Griff's Pawnshop, but you first must rescue Griff from the building to the right of the first Wall Of Light in Mission 2. Save him from the bandits to be able to purchase the blueprint from him.


Safe Combinations

Mission 1 - Dishonored: 451
Mission 2 - High Overseer Campbell (Dr. Galvani's house): 287
Mission 2 - High Overseer Campbell (Overseer's building kennel door): 217
Mission 2 - High Overseer Campbell (Overseer's base): 203
Mission 3 - House Of Pleasure (Slackjaw quest): 138, 656, 679, 696, or 879
Mission 3 - House Of Pleasure (Artist's house): 656 or 696
Mission 4 - The Royal Physician (top floor of building): 437 or 473
Mission 4 - The Royal Physician (behind painting): 294
Mission 6 - Return To The Tower (Lord Regent's quarters): 935
Mission 7 - Flooded District (after diving in water to enter building): 428, 525, 528, or 628
Mission 7 - Flooded District (Old Port District Sewer): 428, 525, 528, or 628
Just a heads up for what ever reason on mission 3 in the artist's house that safe can actually have a few different safe combinations, so 879 doesn't always work.


Bone Charm Locations

Search the indicated locations to find all hidden Bone Charms. Don't forget to use the Heart to help you locate collectibles.

High Overseer Campbell

1. At the beginning of the mission, take out the Heart, and look to the right to see a Bone Charm on the tower on the water. Quickly swim over to the rubble platform across the water. Then, squeeze through the narrow path ahead, and use the chain nearby to climb up. The Bone Charm is on the top, near a dead body.

2. After crossing the large gate, turn right, and continue down the street. Keep going down the street until you find two thugs harassing a man. Neutralize the guards, then smash the boards to enter the harassed man's home. Talk to the man, then go upstairs to find a Bone Charm on the table.

3. Go to the Distillery, and neutralize the guards while continuing to move through the area until you reach a room above the elixir still, which has a painted skull on it. In the back corner of the room is a tall object. Use Blink to get on top of it. Then, navigate the rafters, and cross the barrel storage to find the Bone Charm.

4. There is a Bone Charm in the workshop in the backyard of the Overseer's mansion, which you can reach either through the exit door or streets. In the backyard, you must break into the workshop to find the valve and attach it to the door to get inside and find the Bone Charm. Alternately, climb to the top of the workshop, and break the wooden boards to get inside.

5. There is also a Bone Charm in the backyard of the Overseer's mansion. Find the location using the Heart, then climb the building's vents to reach a high window. Be careful, as there is a tripwire protecting the window. Climb down to the first floor using the chains, while avoiding the rats that will attack if you do not stay out of their reach. The Bone Charm is in a vice on a worktable. Interact with it to get the Bone Charm out of the vice's grip.

House Of Pleasure

6. Travel to Bottle Road, and use Blink to access the interior. Use the Heart to see the Bone Charm in the building with deadly assassins.

7. There is a Bone Charm that is easy to find in the Underground with Granny Rags.

8. On the third floor of the Golden Cat is a framed Bone Charm hanging from the wall.

9. There is a Bone Charm in Captain's Chair Hotel. To get inside, you must complete side-quests for Slackjaw in the Distillery.

10. In the Distillery is a metal locked gate. The key to the gate can be obtained by going through the valve-controlled door deeper inside the Distillery.

The Royal Physician

11. There is a Bone Charm down the street from the starting area. Look for an alley on the right side of the main path, behind an apartment balcony entrance. Go behind the building, and climb up to the roof using the chain. Continue north to find a bridge that can be lowered. Lower the bridge, then use Blink to get into the spooky apartment that contains the Bone Charm.

12. In the Midrow Substation area, past the flywheel and controls, but before reaching the North End, you can see an abandoned building on the left side. Enter the abandoned building, then go to the basement to find the Bone Charm.

13. Outside Sokolov's home, is an abandoned apartment with a secret entrance. Use the water tap three times, located just to the left as you enter the North End area. The Bone Charm is inside the apartment.

14. If your Chaos Level is low, you can speak with Cecilia in the pub, and she will talk to you about an empty apartment. Check Cecilia's bed to find a key to the apartment. The Bone Charm can easily be found inside the apartment.

Lady Boyle's Last Party

15. Near Lady Boyle's mansion is a spooky apartment building. Go behind the building, and use Blink to get inside. Go to the upper floor to find a Bone Charm.

16. Across the canal from Lady Boyle's mansion is an apartment building at the corner street where Tallboys patrol the area. Get inside, and go to the third floor to find a Bone Charm, runes, and more.

Return To The Tower

17. This is a difficult to find Bone Charm located on the outer edges of Dunwall Tower's second floor. Blink upward from the water, and look for an interior area on the second floor of the tower, before reaching the roof, to find it.

18. There is also a Bone Charm inside a secret room on the top floor of Dunwall Tower's interior, before reaching the roof. In the corner across from the room with the Reagent's Chamber Key, and down the hall from the General's Office, is a corner containing a sconce you can interact with. Interact with it to reveal a secret room containing the Bone Charm.

The Flooded District

19. Use Blink across the rooftops in Rudshore Waterfront to enter a building from the top. Use the Heart to locate the Bone Charm, but be careful of the Weepers inside.

20. On the second floor of the Refinery, you will find a ruined metal walkway. Drop below the walkway to find a Bone Charm underneath.

21. There is a Bone Charm in Daud's pocket. You must pickpocket him inside his hideout to get it.

22. In Central Rudshore, follow the channel to a large metal gate at the very end. In the corner is a Bone Charm next to a corpse.

23. Go in the Gateword Tunnel, then immediately turn right, and look in the dead end channel to find a Bone Charm sitting on top of a rock.

24. While crossing through the Old Port District Outskirts, on your way to the sewers, look for a building that is down a right turn, and on the left side; look for an open door. Go inside and upstairs to find the Bone Charm.

25. Near the end of the sewers is a cave. Enter the cave, and look for a grating that is hiding a couple of elixirs and a Bone Charm.

26. If you have unlocked it, there is a Bone Charm near the entrance using Granny Rags' special route into the sewers. If the route is not open, you can backtrack to the area once you have entered the main sewer corridor.

Dishonored Stealth Walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough of stealth mode for the E3 demo version of the game. It shows, in great detail how stealth mode works, and how the game can be played through without making any noise - especially on the challenging bits. It's all about being sneaky and making yourself invisible while getting rid of guards and enemies. The video is nearly 15 minutes long, and it's worth watching just for the tips, so watch carefully.

Easter eggs

Thief: Dark Project Easter Egg

Start Mission 7 ("Flooded District") and find your way to Daud's Base. If you explore around, you'll stumble across a couple of guards doing their training. If you listen to the speech of the training, you'll find that it's almost exactly the same one as from the game "Thief: The Dark Project". This is apparently because the developers of Dishonored were heavily influenced by that game and wanted to show their respect as game developers.


We have no glitches for Dishonored yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Brigmore Witches DLC Achievements

All Come To Ruin Complete The Brigmore Witches in High Chaos 30
Breakout Break Lizzy Stride out of Coldridge Prison 10
Changed Ways Complete The Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos 30
Cleanest Hands Complete The Brigmore Witches without killing anyone 40
Deal Maker Purchase at least 8 favors in The Brigmore Witches 10
Enough Coin To Disappear Survive The Brigmore Witches in low chaos with 10,000 coins 30
Gangs of Dunwall Restore the Undine to working condition 10
Parting Shot (secret) You delivered (or attempted) the killing blow on Corvo 10
Silence Is Golden Complete The Brigmore Witches without alerting anyone 40
Wall of Flesh (secret) You used an enemy lifted with Pull as a shield 10

DLC Achievements: Dunwall City Trials

Assassin Vs. Machine (15) Complete Train Runner before the train arrives at the station
By My Hand Alone (15) Get to Wave 13 in Back Alley Brawl killing all combatants personally
Daredevil (15) In Bonfires, perform all the special combination jumps in 1 round
Headhunter (15) Complete Assassin's Run with 100% accuracy using only head shots
Long Way Down (15) Perform a drop assassination of at least 150 meters in the Kill Cascade challenge
Mrs Pilsen's Remorse (30) Find Emily's doll hidden in each of the 10 challenges
Natural Talent (15) Finish Mystery Foe without using any active supernatural powers
Rare Collector (15) Find all of the collectable figurines in Burglar on Expert
Time Management (15) Finish Chain Kill or Bend Time Massacre without failing any wave, including bonuses
Void Star (50) Complete all Normal and Expert challenges with a 3-Stars rating

Steam Achievements

  • Thief – 20 – You must pick-pocket any items worth a complete total of about 200 coins.
  • Versatile – 20 – Use a variety of weapons (at least one each) to kill characters.
  • Ghost – 30 –Complete all the missions after the prologue. You have to do it without alerting or even killing anyone except key targets.
  • Shadow – 30 – You completed all missions after the prologue without alerting anyone
  • Mostly Flesh and Steel – 50 – You finished the game without purchasing any supernatural powers or enhancements, besides Blink
  • Wall of Sparks – 10 – You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light
  • Rogue – 10 – You assassinated 10 unaware enemies
  • Specter – 20 – After escaping prison, you completed a mission, not alerting anyone and killing less than 5 people
  • Faceless – 20 – After escaping Coldridge Prison, you completed a mission without alerting anyone
  • Manipulator – 10 – You made others kill 5 of their own allies
  • Razor Rain – 10 – You killed 5 characters with Drop Assassination
  • Surgical – 30 – You played from the first mission through Kaldwin’s Bridge killing fewer than 10 characters
  • Clean Hands – 100 – You completed the game without killing anyone
  • Harm’s Way – 10 – You caused 5 unintentional suicides
  • Inhabitant – 10 – You stayed in possession of others for most of a 3 minute period
  • Hornets’ Nest – 20 – You killed 4 enemies in less than 1 second using the crossbow
  • Speed of Darkness – 10 – You traveled 30 meters in less than 1 second
  • Tempest – 20 – You killed 6 enemies in less than 1 second
  • Merchant of Disorder – 20 – You acquired 15 equipment upgrades
  • Art Dealer – 50 – You collected all the Sokolov paintings
  • Occultist – 20 – You collected 10 bone charms
  • The Escapist – 10 – After Coldridge Prison, you eluded 5 pursuers at once without killing them or leaving the map
  • Cleaner – 10 – You fought 5 enemies at once and none of them survived
  • Dishonored – 5 – You escaped Coldridge Prison
  • Excommunication – 5 – You eliminated High Overseer Campbell
  • Child Care – 10 – You located Lady Emily Kaldwin, heir to the throne
  • Capturing Genius and Madness – 10 – You abducted Anton Sokolov, Royal Physician
  • Regicide – 10 – You assassinated the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows
  • Political Suicide – 10 – You brought about the Lord Regent’s fall from grace by broadcasting his crimes
  • This Is Mine – 10 – You recovered your belongings
  • Resolution – 100 – You completed the game
  • Back Home – 10 – You grabbed a live grenade and threw it back, killing an attacker
  • Big Boy – 20 – You killed a tallboy using only your sword

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