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  • Action, Adventure
  • Bandai
  • Infogrames
  • Teen
  • March 28, 2003


Vegeto Rolling Special

During battle press half circle forward then half circle back and square, if done correctly he'll spin forward and hit the opponent a couple of times, punch and kick the opponent, slap em' and go beside the opponent and do a Final Kamehameha.

Vegeto's Rainbow Ball

Hold down for a while and then press Up and O quickly.

Unlisted Move For Master Roshi

Master Roshi has many unlisted moves one of them is his rapid lightning shot. To do this you must circle half way back then press circle

Vegeto's Rolling Air Attack

To do Vegeto's special rolling air attack press this in order. Back, half circle back, down, half circle foward, foawrd than press square. If entered right Vegeto will roll him self into a ball a shoot himself at the oppenent.

Control Kid Goku's Direct Kamehameha

To conrol a directed kamehameha in any direction that you want to. Press foward, hald circle foward, down, half circle back, back, foward than circle. After he fires it you can conrol it with ur control keys. It only stops when the oppenet hits you or the directed kamehameha goes off of the screen.

Take Built-Up Character Into Final Bout

Save character on memory card which should be assigned to one slot. Load up Dragon Ball: Final Bout and go to Build Up Mode where you will select conversion option. You will be given the option to select which character to use should you have more than one saved on the card. That character will now be saved in a different file for use in Final Bout.

Super Sayin 3 Goku

Successfully complete the entire game with Goku. Start another game and win once. Lose the next match then you will have Super Sayin 3 Goku.

Super Buu: Dodge Energy Attacks

Once you are Super Buu (tall, skinny, and not fat) and are on the same level as your opponent, press Down or duck to completely dodge all energy attacks Note: This only works with energy attacks from a fair distance.

Kid Buu

Once you have unlocked Majin Buu, complete the game two times with him. Then, play three more battles and win the first two, but lose on the third


Hold Square or Circle until the power bar under the health is all the way up.

Alternate Costumes

Highlight a fighter at the character selection screen and press Start.

Easy Win

When playing as Captain Ginyu, let the CPU beat you up until your health is low then perform the Damage Body Change (Back, Half Circle Back). If it hits your opponent you will switch bodies. When you switch, your opponent can still switch bodies with you.


Ultimate Battle 27

Press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, L1, Right, R1 quickly.

Vegeta's Final Explosion

During battle press forward, forward-up, up, up-back, back, forward again and O. If done correctly vegeta will explode, but his energy will be completly drained.

Vegeta: Fire Ball

Press Up, Down, Circle to summon a fire ball in front of Vegeta. Do this in the air directly above your enemy and it will still connect and hurt your opponent.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

Press Half Circle Back, Half Circle Forward, Circle. You can control it for as long as you want, but it takes a lot of energy.

Rapid Fire

Press Half Circle Back, Forward, Circle.

Gogeta: Dash Special Moves

When playing as Gogeta you can do two special moves while dashing (holding R1 or L1). While holding R1 or L1, press Square or X and Gogeta will fade out, reappear, and attack.

Gogeta: Special

Press Down, Right, Forward and Gogeta will shoot three large fireballs. A lot of energy will be required.

Full Energy

800A80F4 0200 800BB2FA 0200


800A6D54 0190 800BB2F8 0190


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