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Unlimited Farmcash

Here is a way where you can get unlimited farmcash. Go to farmville's site and scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see something that says farmville game bar. Click on it and download and install that game bar. You get 10 FREE FARMCASH for it. If you want to do it again and again uninstall the toolbar and reinstall the toolbar as many time as you want too. Well enjoy! (Note: when you download the toolbar you have to have Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Quick Tips And Tricks

Farm Cash Hint

Farm Cash is hard to come by. If you start a new Farmville you start out with 6 Farm Cash and you earn 1 Farm Cash for every level you go up.

Plant Faster

Trap your character using hay bales ^^.

Send More Than One Gift To The Same People In One Day.

First Go to Farmville and click "Free Gifts" Select the gift and then click proceed to send, check off the people you want too sned the gift to, but don't send it yet, make new tabs and do the same thing for as many times as you want and then when your done send all the gifts.

Stacking Hay Bales

This is a something that tricks your mind if you look at it fast. Take some hay bales and put them one after another behind each other in a triangular shape then look away from the screen and look back and it will look like the hay bales are stacked onto each other.

Intro To FarmVille

Unlimited Gifts

Here is a way to get unlimited gifts. You go and create as many facebook accounts as you want to and start a farmville on those accounts. When you do that you send gifts from those accounts to your account.

Breeding Horses

When breeding your horses, make sure that your stable has at least one stallion in it. When your horses that are out on the farm are at at least 33-34% ready to harvest place them in the stable one at a time; this will make your stable 100% ready to harvest. Harvest your stable, then leave that horse in the stable. If you have rare horses, such as appaloosa, blue pony, cream draft horse, or cream mini horse, etc. Put them in first and leave them in. That way when you put your standard gray and brown horse in the stable, the foals that you get out of it will have a chance of being one of the rare horse's foals. Continue placing horses in the stable until it is full. Once full, begin removing all but your rare horses to make room for more horses that are at the 34% ready status, so you will still have a chance at getting a rare foal from harvesting your stable.

How To Plant Faster

To plant much faster, all you have to do is trap your guy in 12 hay bales 3 on each side. That should help a lot.

Plant Faster

Did you know that you can plant faster in farmville by trapping your character? Just trap your character at the bottom of hay bales.

Tips And Tricks Video

Make Money On Farmville

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We have no unlockables for FarmVille yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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