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  • Action, Adventure
  • Square Enix
  • Nintendo
  • Teen
  • February 10, 2004


Hidden Character In Moschet Manor

When you're in Moschet Manor, you have to defeat all of the monsters to fight the boss (except for the monsters outside). Sometimes, one monster (a tonberry chef) hides and you have to find him for him to come out. At the right side, go to the top door and enter. When you find the couch, go up until you reach the side, a tonberry chef will be there.

Actually to get the "super element" (its actually thunder) you need to do everything that the other super element cheat code entry said except you need to use fire on a mushroom shaped rock that appears as soon as you enter the level when it is showing you around. Use fire on it after you use gravity on the campsite.

Beating A Certain Boss

Every boss has a weakness if you can't figure it out than try diffrent cobinations of spells, attacks, and other things. Like get a strong weapon from a blacksmith, than go and try to beat the boss. But some bosses don't have weaknesses and are harder to beat than others.

Super Element (Unknown Element)

First, go to the Lynari Desert. Go all the way north until you see a really tall cactus and cast Thunder on it. Then head east and find a busted campsite and cast Gravity on it. Next, go back to the area near the giant cactus and find 3 rocks in a triangular shape and cast Blizzard on them from smallest to largest. Lastly, go west of the starting point of the level and go all the way north. You should spot a giant flower that wasn't there before. Cast Holy on it and a hot spot for the unknown element should appear. The unknown element allows you to pass through any miasma stream without harm, but won't protect you from any effects such as burned, stop, and paralyzation.

Manset Mansion

To get to the boss of this level, you must go in all the different rooms and defeat the monsters inside the rooms. You do NOT have to defeat the monsters in the main room that has the doors that leads to the other rooms. Make sure you beat them all, and then return to the area where you started, and if the boss does not come out, check all the rooms again to make sure you didn't miss a monster. Maggie, the boss's wife, will help him, and all she does is restore his health and use the spell that makes you slow. Good luck!

Beat The First Boss Easily

TO beat the first boss easily, you use just magic spells. When the boss moves around start attacking him with your magic spells. If you attack him up close with a sword, he will attack you and you will take damage, or the boss will do nothing to you.

Dried Up River

When the Jegon River dries up, your caravan's travel is limited - it's not a glitch. There are few areas you can explore to complete the year, thus changing the Miasma Stream's element. Gather drops of Myrrh from the Myrrh Trees in IronMine Downs and Tipa Peninsula, and take the boat from Port Tipa to Kilanda and Lynari Isle. In the Lynari Desert you can obtain the mystery element - when your chalice is charged with it, you can pass through any Miasma Stream.

Spell Weapon Combos

Did you know that you can combine a weapon in your inventory and a spell? If not try it out. Sword and Blizzard makes IceStrike. Kinda fun to play with.

Holy Moly!

One of the best spells in the game is Holy. You combine Blizzard and Life. (Works great if you have the Blizzard ring). There are so many creatures in the game that can be beaten w/out Holy but take forever to do so. Alos a couple of the bosses don't take near as long to beat if you use this spell. (the annoying Zombie Dragon to name one) Holy is your friend!! USE IT!!

Defeat Flying Foes Easily

When fighting a flying enemy, it has heavy defence while it is in the air. To make it land, cast gravity on it. When it lands, it's defence is lowered, and they usually won't hurt you back.

Raem's Questions

To get to raem you must answer 5 questions about the journey you have made. If you read all of your diary entries you should do fine.

Raem's Second Form

Use cure to turn the memories into the stone " ??? ". The ??? stones can be used to attack Raem and some can shield you from massive damage. To beat Raem you must collect and use 50 memories agains Raem. Each time he sucks up a memory bubble you must use an additional ??? stone. Memories are ??? stones. When you use memory bubbles they turn into ??? stones.

Keep Your Cow

When you give your family the cow, make sure to send 500 gil each time you get a letter from them, or your mom will sell it.

Veo Lu Sluice Boss

This boss is easy. Mostly, he attacks long range, so you can stay close and attack him. Remember a Pheonix Down!

After Boss Items

After you beat a boss you will be able to choose an item. Always take moogle pocets, which give you an eztra comand slot, or earth and moon peandants, which give you another heart.

Blazing Caravans

If you get a set of moogle stamps, enter a moogle nest in multi-player mode. Ask one of the moogles that you've collected a set of stamps from to play a mini-game. You'll get to play a racing game called blazeing caravans on your GBA. You ride in caravans an blast opponates with magic.

Get Mog To Help You

If you are fighting a boss, get Mog to help you. Tell him to put down the chalice, and eventually he will use a magic attack on the enemy. He will use a magic attack, depending on what colour you paint him (you can paint him in moogle nests) Red will summon fire, blue blizzard, and green wind.

Kill Enemies Without Magic

Hit an enemy with your sword, than run away before he swipes you back. After he swings in mid- air, run back and hit him again. It takes longer, but it will save your precious hearts.

Recover Hearts Fast

First, you can use cure on yourself to recover all hearts. Or you can eat your favorite food to recover maximum health, and finally stay in the chalice's protection to recover health slowly.

Stronger Magic Hint

Always remember, using stronger spells will slow down your ability to conjure them. For example, when you use Fire, it will come up faster than using firaga, which is stronger. If you are fighting an enemy that is fast and does not use a lot of magic, don't bother using a strong magic attack, because he will do more close range damage than you will do to it.

Mushroom Forest Tip

If you have been wandering around and around the begining of the 'Shroom Forest, here is a tip: The circlular flat mushrooms are for you to stand on and the will jump you to the next side.

Stronger Magic

In single player mode when you beat the first boss, get the moogle pouch artifact. It will give you another command icon. If you assign 3 of fire, blizzard, or thunder, you will get the "aga" spells (firaga, blizzaga, thundag etc.) They are very powerfull, and will make short work of monsters.

Beat The First 3 Bosses

When you fight a boss, the thing that will kill you fastest will be his short range attacks. Do not go as close, and he will use a long range attack. Since they take time to charge, run up to him and hit him with your weapon. Oh yeah, if you see a magic targeting thing that ISNT yours, RUN!

Phoenix Down

Always carry a Phoenix Down in your Command List because it acts as an Auto-Life spell.

Getting Through Streams Of Miasma

If your having trouble getting through the streams of miasma you see everywhere, it is because your crystal is not the right element. When you collect myyrh from a stage, you will be able to change your crystal's element to any of the elements that stage has. Example: The miasma stream is earth element. Find a stage with the earth element, beat it, and change your crystal to the earth element.

Easy Money

Here is a cheap way to get money.

1. Start a MultiPlayer game.
2. Make four characters.
3. Drop 200 gil from three of the characters.
4. Pick it up with the character that didn't drop gil.
5. You just got 600 gil.


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We have no unlockables for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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