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  • Ghostbusters
  • Action, Adventure
  • Terminal Reality
  • Sierra
  • Teen
  • June 16, 2009


The Gate...

On the final level, you have to help the Ecto 1 through a gate with 3 head like things on it. Here's the 2 easiest way's you can get through it:
1-You can Slime Tether the Stone Angels into the gate itself, 2 to 3 direct hits to the gate should do it depending on the difficulty level.
2-Use the same strategy as the 1st one, only instead of the Slime Tether use the Capture Stream.
I suggest the first way myself. But beware, not only is it just you and Ray, but you have to do it while being attacked by not only the Stone Angels but also those small crawling Headstones, use the Slime Blower against those. Well good luck. And remember, everything depends on the difficulty level.

Nice Shootin Tex...

The EASIEST way to get the trophy Nice Shootin Tex is to only shoot when its absolutely necessary. From the first level (Sedgwick Hotel)All the way to when you go BACK to the Sedgwick Hotel to defeat the Spider Witch, you can get property damage (P. D . For short). The goal here is to complete with less than 100, 000 dollar's in P. D . (which you can check in your stats). The other Busters can shoot up the place and you won't gain a cent so let them do most of the busting but still be careful when you shoot. Once you get to Shandor Island you're in the clear. Also there are 3 other places where it doesn't matter, the alternate demention of the library, the bottom of the Museum (once you go down the spiral staircase and the area where you fight the Spider Witch. After you do that you can get the other trophy where you complete the game with over 3, 000, 000 dollar's in P. D . (Note if you have more than 100, 000 dollar's in PD, just go for the 3 mill trophy then start a new game).


We have no cheats or codes for Ghostbusters: The Video Game yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Ghostbusters: The Video Game yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Ghostbusters 2 Easter Egg

When you are in ghostbuster office in between any mission walk over to the drinking fountain near the stairs to go the basement (next to slimer). When you are in front of the drinking fountain look to your right you'll see a door with a window look in that room and you'll see ghostbusters 2 stuff (you can get a better look once you have a pke scanner).


We have no glitches for Ghostbusters: The Video Game yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no guides or FAQs for Ghostbusters: The Video Game yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Trophy List

  • We Came, We Saw… (Bronze) Complete the game on ‘Casual’ or ‘Experienced’ difficulty.
  • Slam Dunk! (Bronze) Slam dunk a ghost into a trap.
  • Slime Dunk! (Bronze) Trap a ghost using the Slime Tether.
  • Stasis Dunk! (Bronze) Trap a ghost using the Stasis Stream.
  • I Ain’t ‘Fraid of No Ghost! (Bronze) Trap a ghost.
  • Aim for the Flat Top! (Bronze) Eliminate a creature.
  • Heat ‘Em Up (Bronze) Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun.
  • Mother Pus Bucket! (Bronze) Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun.
  • We be fast! They be slow! (Bronze) Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator.
  • I Don’t Want My Face Burned Off (Bronze) Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider.
  • The Destructor (Bronze) Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage.
  • Nice Shootin’, Tex! (Bronze) Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.
  • …And You Want to Keep It? (Bronze) Collect a Cursed Artifact.
  • I’m Picking Up A Signal… (Bronze) Obtain a 100% PKE scan on a paranormal creature.
  • I’m a Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor! (Bronze) Revive your teammates 20 times.
  • I Feel So Funky (Bronze) Get slimed by a charging ghost.
  • Total Protonic Reversal (Bronze) Knock yourself down with your own weapon.
  • You Gotta Try This Pole! (Bronze) Slide down the fire pole.
  • It’s Slime Time (Bronze) Use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts.
  • I Looked at the Trap, Ray! (Bronze) Recover 20 of your own full ghost traps.
  • Kosher! (Bronze) Remedy a dubious food choice to make the bar mitzvah as orthodox as it can be.
  • I Love You When You Rough-House! (Bronze) The tidy architectural office could use some Proton-based humbling.
  • But the Kids Love Us! (Bronze) The children’s reading room has a story to tell, but it will take more than your eyes to see it.
  • You Never Studied (Bronze) Keep your ears open to learn everything you can about the Civil War.
  • I’ve Quit Better Jobs Than This. (Bronze) Some ghosts had a real blowout in the Coat Room. Clean it up?
  • Hedgebuster (Bronze) The hedge maze is a real eyesore; do some Protonic pruning.
  • One down, on the Ground! (Bronze) Airborne coffins are an affront to gravity; use your Proton Pack to avenge Mother Nature!
  • Ghostbusters Drinking Game (Bronze) Quench your thirst wherever possible to avoid being scared spitless.
  • Loans Paid Off (Bronze) More than $100,000 earned in multiplayer.
  • On the Payroll (Bronze) Successfully complete one multiplayer campaign.
  • Egon’s Guinea Pig (Bronze) Use one of every Pickup (both Power-ups and Equipment).
  • Payday! (Bronze) Be the overall top earner in each multiplayer campaign setting.
  • It’s a Living (Bronze) Trap over 50 ghosts in your multiplayer Ghostbusting career.
  • Wanted! (Bronze) Defeat three Most Wanted Ghosts.
  • Employee of the Month (Bronze) Be top earner in each multiplayer job type.
  • No Job Too Big (Bronze) Defeated all Most Wanted Ghosts
  • Gozer’s Most Wanted (Bronze) Successfully complete each Multiplayer job in every location.
  • Overachiever (Bronze) Get over $2,500,000 in multiplayer, over 30 Post-Job Awards, 50 Jobs completed.
  • We Have the Talent! (Bronze) Complete the Firehouse training level.
  • The Flowers Are Still Standing! (Bronze) Complete the ‘Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick’ level.
  • Once S’more into the Breach (Bronze) Complete the ‘Panic in Times Square’ level.
  • Get Her! (Bronze) Complete the ‘Checking Out the Library’ level.
  • Ghost Fever Grips New York (Bronze) Complete the ‘Museum of (Super)Natural History’ level.
  • Are You A God? (Gold) Complete the game on ‘Professional’ difficulty.
  • We Have the Tools! (Gold) Purchase all available equipment upgrades.
  • Spores, Molds, and Fungus (Gold) Collect all Cursed Artifacts.
  • Back Off Man. I’m A Scientist (Gold) Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature.
  • Platinum Trophy Awarded for outstanding performance in Ghostbusters!
  • Somebody Saw A Cockroach on 12 (Bronze) Complete the 'Return to the Sedgewick' level.
  • Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers (Bronze) Complete the 'Lost Island Rising' level.
  • Disaster of Biblical Proportions (Bronze) Complete the 'Central Park Cemetery' level.

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