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              Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

           (Much Too Much) Frequently Asked Questions

                        by Marty Runyon


    Wherein the Contents are Divulged

The Questions and Answers
1.  Buy/Rent/Avoid/Burn on sight
2.  Code: Kunoichi
3.  Nudity
4.  Shady Shop
5.  The DOA3 Survival Mode Connection
6.  Multiple Vacations
7.  The Videos
8.  Verified Hidden Items
9.  Other Hidden Characters/Items/Courts/Minigames
11. The EGM April Fools Topless Hoax
12. Nudity Revisited
13. The ESRB Descriptors

The Girls
1.  Ayane
2.  Christie
3.  Helena
4.  Hitomi
5.  Kasumi
6.  Leifang
7.  Lisa
8.  Tina

Things To Do
1.  Volleyball
2.  The Casino
3.  Poolside
4.  Gravure Movies

The Lists
1.  Suits
2.  Accessories
3.  Items

    Where the Questions are Posed and some
    Unsatisfactory Answers are Made

1.  Should I buy this game?

I'm going to make a couple of lists.  Depending on which list you fall 
on will tell you whether you should buy, rent, or avoid the game.

-- Buy --
If you lover of all things DOA

-- Rent --
If you really had to ask the question

-- Avoid --
If you only like serious, hardcore gaming

-- Burn on sight --
If you are Joe Lieberman (though I don't have to tell you that)

I believe this is a great game and it is my favorite on the XBox. 
However, I can certainly understand why someone else might not like 
it. If you are not sure, RENT THE GAME FIRST. You will figure out 
whether you like it very quickly.


2.  What does "Code: Kunoichi" mean?

When a game is in development, it is usually given a name to tell it 
apart from other games. This is a good thing unless you want the RPGs 
and RTSs and FPSs to get mixed up. This name usually has nothing to 
do with the final game because, let's face facts, marketing people 
name things better than programmers do.

When Team Ninja does this, they give each game a codename. For Ninja 
Gaiden, it was Code: Kumai. For the forthcoming DOA game, it is Code: 

And (you can see this coming I'm sure) for DOA:XBV, it is Code: 
Kunoichi. Kunoichi evidently means "female ninja." Sounds good to me.


3.  The back of the box says Nudity but there isn't any. Did I get 
    ripped off?

Did you watch the opening movie? There you go.

Other than that, chances are the teeny bikinis are as good as you're 
going to get. Here are a few reasons why:

One, Itagaki is very protective of his girls. He has stated in the 
past that he was upset when the DOA2 nudity thing happened. He just 
isn't going to do that to his creations. Notice that he had to create
an entirely new character (Christie) to get as naked as she does in 
both in DOA3 and this game.

Two, real games don't have nudity. It just doesn't sell. The porn 
industry has that covered quite nicely and the game industry can't to 

Third, that last statement isn't entirely true. I can think of two 
games that have nudity: BMX XXX and Leisure Suit Larry 6: Love For 
Sail. One of which sucked posterior orifi and the other was a
Leisure Suit Larry game, for god's sake.


4.  The manual mentions a shop that sells shady 
    items. What and where is it?

As much as people don't want to believe it, the manual is most likely 
referring Zack Of All Trades. The reason I believe this is that the 
shop is not otherwise mentioned in the manual. Also, since it does 
not open until day four, it is ostensibly locked until that time.

Admittedly, it is not too hard to find since it is on the freaking 
menu, but there you go.

UPDATE 1/29/03: This has been confirmed by xtreamgamer on the GameFAQs 
DOAXBV forum by, of all things, CALLING TECMO. The audacity. We'll be
hearing more from xtreamgamer later in this FAQ.


5.  The manual mentions a connection with DOA3's Survival Mode. What 
    is that all about?

This is going to sound a little odd, but this question has pretty 
much been put to rest.

The number of wins a particular character in DOA3 has is survival 
mode determines the character's starting money. For every ten wins, 
the character starts with 10,000 Zacks.

Thus a character must have at least 20 wins to see any difference. 
Here's an example: Hitomi has 26 wins in DOA3 Survival mode. When she 
starts her first vacation, she starts with 20,000 Zacks. If she had 
30 or more, it would be 30,000 Zacks.

It's not much, but it is something. Which is more than you get from 
most games.


6.  If I start a new vacation, do I lose everything I had?

Within each save game slot, items, money, and relationships stay with 
the girl who earned them. Each girl keeps a separate inventory and 
collection. Any gifts you give during your vacation (that are
accepted) will also carry over to the next vacation.

For example, if you used Hitomi for the first vacation, she keeps all 
of the money and items she has at the end. If you start a new vacation 
with Hitomi, she with have all of the money and items from before. If 
you start a vacation with Tina, she begins with her starting suit and 
base money and any gifts she has received from your previous game. 
However you should see Hitomi wearing her own items during your 


7.  What videos are available and how do I get them?

There are eight videos available in the game. You can only receive 
them as gifts from Zack in your hotel room at night 

    DOA1 Demo 1997	
    DOA2 Realtime Demo 990217
    DOA2 Realtime Demo 990909
    DOA3 CF For Japan (Japanese Commercial)
    DOA3 CF For UK (United Kingdom Commercial)
    DOA3 CF For US (United States Commercial)
    DOA3 Opening Movie
    Ninja Gaiden Trailer


8.  What unlockable items are in the game?

Right now there are only three items that change in the game and it is
really easy to do. After completing your first vacation, you will 
notice a couple of changes. 

First, your hotel room will now come with the option "Leave
Tomorrow." This allows you to stop a vacation early and start over
with new girl.

Second, both the opening and closing songs will appear at the radio
station so you can now add them to your paylists if you so choose.

And that is all for now.


9.  Are there any other hidden characters/items/courts/minigames/

Maybe, but probably not much.

So far, no one has unlocked anything. But the hunt continues.

Most games don't put that much into extras unless they are pretty 
easy to find or else, why bother? So most likely we are not going to 
find anything amazing. If something is found it will probably be 
something nice, but the lengths to which one will have to go 
(completing every girls collection? good grief!) may not make it 
worth the effort.

A lot of the rumors on hidden stuff is based on the writings of 
marketing folk, anyway, and not the programmers themselves. And let's 
face it, marketing people make up stuff a lot better than programmers 
do. (They just can't make games. Thank goodness or we would get a new 
Doom or Warcraft clone every few days.)

UPDATE 1/29/03: xtreamgamer and Rakthar, those mad dialers, got a 
little more info out of Tecmo. The man at the other end hinted that 
there are other unlockables in the game, even mentioning the 
possibility that Zack may be a playable character or that there are
other courts available, though none of this is official.


10. This is really bugging me: is it DOAXBV or DOAXVB?

Okay, nobody is asking this question, but I'm answering it anyway.

DOAXBV = Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
DOAXVB = Drums Of Alabama Xylophone Vibrato Battle

Let's make sure we're talking about the right game, folks.


11. There is this code I saw in EGM to make the girls topless. Does 
    it really work?

I'm going to type this one more time just to be absolutely clear: 


Anyone who asks this question at this point needs to get a life.
Really you do. The folks at EGM think you do too. They think it to 
such an extent that they played their annual April Fools joke on each
and every one of you. And judging from the message boards, it worked.

For the uninitiated, here is the explanation. Every year, EGM prints 
at least one code of dubious nature in its April issue (which this 
year was released in February, adding to the confusion). This year, 
to the detriment of each and every one of you slack-jawed yokels, 
they turned their attention to DOAXBV.

The code itself is simple: starting a new vacation save game, complete
the first vacation in 13 minutes or less. From there any future 
vacations played in that save game can be switched to topless mode by
pressing the Y button on the Swimsuits page of the items screen. With 
a little help from Photoshop (or the like) some fairly convincing
screen shots accompanied the article. Numbers 3 and 4 are the give-
aways if you know what you are looking for.

Now here is the deal: it does not work. People have tried. They 
prayed. They made virgin sacrifices (which is ironic, in a way). It
does not work. And is never will. Why?



12. But, but, but... what about the transparent visor trick?

Okay, time to backpedal here.

When I type (quoting) "THERE IS NO NUDITY IN THIS GAME!", what I am
trying to convey is "THERE IS NO (intentional) NUDITY IN THIS GAME!"

The trick is:
  1. Buy a transparent visor.
  2. I mean in the game.
  3. Put it on.
  4. Again, I mean in the game.
  5. Start a Gravure movie.
  6. Now use all of those skills you honed zooming in on pixel boobies
     and aim the camera through the visor at the afore mentioned 
  7. If you did everything right, you should me looking at an 
     undressed girl. Assuming of course she is wearing a suit with 
     some sort of transparency. Did I for get to mention that part 
     earlier? My bad.

What is on display here is what we call a bug. The transparency of the
visor is overriding the suit transparency, making the suit all 
transparent. Woo. Are you all happy now?


13. DOA2 had just as much nudity and it got a Teen rating. Why is this
    game rated Mature?

The nudity descriptor can only be on the box for the one reason: the 
naked Christie video in the intro. And that bearly cuts it. DOA2 had
just as much nudity in the Kasumi cloning sequence. So why Mature?

I believe that it was not a single descriptor that earned the rating,
but instead was the preponderence of the descriptors. Each of the 
individual descriptors is not enough to earn the rating, but a
combination of the three pushs DOAXBV over the top.

    Wherein the Ladies are Enumerated and Chest Sizes
    are Expounded upon

This information is provided in the following format
* Profile         - based on info from the manual
* Item Affinities - a list of what a girl likes or loves
* Gravure Movies  - listing of movies available

1.  Ayane

Nationality: Japanese
Height: 5' 2"        Weight: 104 lbs
Body Size: B37 W21 H33
Birthday: 08/05      Age: n/a
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Beauty Treatment
Likes: Marros glaces
Favorite Color: Dark purple

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Grape Juice, Kunais, Marrons Glaces, Peridot, Shurikens,
    Swallowtail Brooch
Likes: Hand Glass

--Gravure Movies--


2.  Christie

Nationality: British
Height: 5' 10"       Weight: 126 lbs
Body Size: B37 W23 H35
Birthday: 12/18      Age: 24
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Driving
Likes: Tomato Juice
Favorite Color: Black

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Army Knives, British Bread, Guitar (any), Knife, Pistol (any), 
    Revolver (any), Steering Wheel (all), Sub-Machine Gun, Tomato, 
    Tomato Juice, Turquoise 

--Gravure Movies--
Niki Beach: Morning - Fighting practice, Daytime - Laying on the beach


3.  Helena

Nationality: French
Height: 5' 7"        Weight: 108 lbs
Body Size: B35 W22 H34
Birthday: 01/30      Age: 21
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Walking
Likes: Blanc manger
Favorite Color: Pearl White

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Blancmange, Candles, Collar, Conch (all), Dolphin Brooch, 
    Dolphin Clock, Dolphin Sea World Ticket, French Bread, Garnet,
    Murex (all), Pen and Ink, Perfume, Shell (any), Shell Brooch

--Gravure Movies--
Bass Island: Daytime - Swimming underwater
Jungle: Any - Leaning against a tree
Niki Beach: Morning - Fighting practice
Poolside: Evening - Sitting at a table
Private Beach: Evening - Finding a shell


4.  Hitomi

Nationality: German
Height: 5' 3"        Weight: 108 lbs
Body Size: B35 W23 H33
Birthday: 05/25      Age: 18
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Cooking
Likes: Sachertorte
Favorite Color: Sky blue

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Emerald, Frying Pan, Heart Brooch, Hourglass, Microwave Oven, 
    Milk, Music Box, Recipe (all), Sachertorte, Silver Set
Likes: Aquamarine

--Gravure Movies--
Bass Island: Daytime - Riding a bike
Jungle: Morning - Stradling a tree
Niki Beach: Morning - Fighting practice, Evening - Dancing
Private Beach: Any - Swinging 


5.  Kasumi

Nationality: Japanese
Height: 5' 2"        Weight: 106 lbs
Body Size: B35 W21 H33
Birthday: 02/23      Age: n/a
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Fortune telling
Likes: Strawberry millefeuille
Favorite Color: Milky pink

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Amethyst, Balloons, Checked Cushion, Clover Brooch, Crystal 
    Ball, Cute Cushion, Origami (all), Strawberry, Strawberry Juice, 
    Strawberry Millefeuille, Tarot Cards, Teddy Bear (Pink)

--Gravure Movies--
Bass Island: Daytime - Swimming underwater
Jungle: Any - Leaning against a tree
Niki Beach: Daytime - Stretching, Evening - Wishing of a shooting 
Poolside: Morning - Stretching, Daytime - Playing in pool, Evening - 
    Sitting at a table


6.  Leifang

Nationality: Chinese
Height: 5' 4"        Weight: 110 lbs
Body Size: B35 W23 H33
Birthday: 04/23      Age: 19
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Aromatherapy
Likes: Chinese dessert
Favorite Color: Lemon yellow

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Aromapot, Candles, Chinese Desert, Diamond, Fan (any), 
    Feathered Fan (any), Meat Bun, Nunchaku, Orange Juice, Panda Doll,
    Star Brooch, Teddy Bear (any)

--Gravure Movies--
Poolside: Morning, Evening - Sitting at a table, Daytime - Posing by
    the pool


7.  Lisa

Nationality: American
Height: 5' 9"       Weight: 117 lbs
Body Size: B36 W22 H34
Birthday: 07/20     Age: 21
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Surfing
Likes: Cherry Pie
Favorite Color: Crimson Red

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Cactus, Cherry Pie, Doughnuts, Flower Brooch, Fountain Pen, 
    Lavender, Lily, Pineapple, Ruby, Scholarly Book (any), Vegetable
Likes: Salad

--Gravure Movies--
Bass Island: Daytime - Swimming underwater
Jungle: Evening - Leaning against a tree
Niki Beach: Daytime, Evening - Laying on the beach
Poolside: Morning, Evening - Stretching, Daytime - Sitting at a table
Private Beach: Morning - Playing in the sand


8.  Tina

Nationality: American
Height: 5' 9"        Weight: 123 lbs
Body Size: B37 W24 H35
Birthday: 12/06      Age: 22
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Cycling, videogames
Likes: Seafood
Favorite Color: Sapphire blue

--Item Affinities--
Loves: Crab, Doughnuts, Jewel Brooch, Lobster, Pistol (any), Prototype
    Xbox, Revolver (any), Sub-Machine Gun, Turquoise, Ukulele
Likes: Blue Bangle, Blue Guitar, Blue Ribbon, Guitar (Blue/Red), 

--Gravure Movies--
Bass Island: Daytime - Riding a bike

    Wherein we Discover there is more to Live than Shopping

1.  Volleyball

There is volleyball in this game if you look for it.


2.  The Casino

There are four games in the casino:

1. Blackjack

The object of blackjack is to hold a hand of as close to 21 as 

2. Poker

The object of poker is to draw a hand of five cards which meet certain

3. Roulette

The object of roulette is to bet on which slot on the roulette wheel 
the ball will drop in.

4. Slot Machines


3.  Poolside

There are a few options at Poolside:

1. The Hopping Game

If you don't have a partner or you just want to take a break, you can
try the pool hopping game and make a little money besides. The key 
part of the game though is practicing using the analog buttons that 
are key to performing well in volleyball.

2. Taking a Rest

To trigger the Gravure movies at Poolside, choose Take A Rest.

3. Changing Suits and Accessories

One of the benefits of the pool is that you can change you suit and 
any accessories and the changes show up immediately. If you want to 
see how a new purchase looks, just head to the pool, hit that X 
button, and make your selection. Your character will automatically 
wear the outfit and you can see the change immediately.


4.  Gravure Movies

If you want to take a good look at the girls, this is the way to do 
it. You can trigger a gravure movie by visiting a volleyball court 
that is unoccupied or at Poolside. The movies for each character are 
listed along with their profile.

    Wherein a mighty number of Lists are, well, Listed

While you are looking over these lists, keep this horrifying fact in
mind: the total price of 8 copies (one each) of all these items is
50,699,600 Zacks. This is why making friends to get gifts is so 

1.  The Suits: sorted by character availability and annotated

Ayane (suits are named for mythical creatures)
Ainsel              370000
Apsaras             125000
Ariel                80000
Banshee              30000
Cait Sith             5000
Drac                270000
Dryas                10000
Echo                550000
Elf                 125000
Fay                  30000
Gnome                50000
Gruagach            270000
Kikimora              5000
Lamina                5000
Maridah             125000
Mermaid                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Meliae               80000
Merrow               65000
-- red bikini top with black shorts
Morgan              270000
Naias                10000
Neck                125000
Nereis               10000
Nixie                65000
Nymph                 5000
Oreas                10000
Pixie               370000
Raccoon                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Roane               475000
Rousalka             30000
Salamander           50000
Selky               270000
Shylph               80000
Siren                   --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Spriggan            370000
Undine               50000
Wilde Frau          370000

Christie (suits are named for precious stones)
Agate               220000
Alexandrite          40000
Amber               330000
Amethyst             90000
Aquamarine           40000
Azurite             500000
Black Pearl         500000
-- black one piece laced-up plunge
Bloodstone          375000
Carnelian           170000
Cat's Eye           125000
Citrine             220000
Diamond                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Emerald             125000
Fluorite            170000
Garnet               40000
Heliodor             40000
Incarose             40000
Iolite              275000
Jade                375000
Jasper              500000
Jet                 330000
Lapis Lazuli         90000
-- Christie's starting suit
-- navy two piece with high cut thong
Moonstone           170000
Obsidian            115000
Onyx                220000
Opal                 90000
Orthoclase          125000
Panther                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Pearl               220000
Peridot             275000
Pyrope                  --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Ruby                125000
Sapphire            330000
Spinel              170000
Topaz               115000
Trivia               10000
Turquoise           375000
Viridine            275000

Helena (suits are named for adult beverages)
Acapulco             50000
Adonis              270000
Angel's Wing        550000
Black Velvet         50000
Bloody Mary          40000
Blue Lagoon          20000
Blue Moon            50000
Cafe De Paris       550000
-- red lace bikini
Champs-Elysees          --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
-- black/bronze strapless bikini
Chi-Chi              40000
Czarine             500000
Daiquiri             40000
Gimlet              500000
Gin & Tonic          50000
-- blue/white strapless bikini
Golden Girl          50000
Habana Beach         30000
Kir Royal            30000
-- black/charcoal checked one piece thong
Little Princess     270000	
Mai-Tai              20000	
Manhatten           350000
Margarita               --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Martini             550000
Mint Frappe         350000
Moscow Mule          30000
Panache              10000
-- Helena's starting suit
-- lavender/pink bikini
Papagena             10000
Polonaise            20000
Salty Dog           270000
Shandy               20000
-- blue with read and white stripes one piece
Sidecar             125000
Singapore Sling      10000
Spritzer            125000
Summer Time         125000
Tequila Sunrise     350000
White Cat               --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack

Hitomi (suits are named for astronomical formations and animals)
Andromeda            85000
-- black one-piece with aqua striping
Aquarius             30000
Aries                 5000
Bear			--
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
-- brown one-piece
-- includes bear ears headband
Cancer              370000
Capricorn            20000
Carina               30000
Cassiopeia              --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Centaurus            50000
Cepheus             220000
Chameleon            50000
Colt                275000
Comet               220000
Corona               85000
Cygnus               85000
Dolphin              20000
Draco                20000
Eagle                30000
Eridanus             50000
Flying Fish          85000
Fox                 275000
Galaxy              125000
Gemini               20000
Giraffe             275000
Hydra                50000
Leo                  30000
Lepus               170000
Libra                70000
Little Bear         220000
-- white bikini top and shorts with brown bear face on posterior
Lynx                 20000
Lyra                 30000
Marlin               30000
Meteor               85000
Milky Way           370000
Nebula               20000
Norma                70000
Nova                  5000
Orion                   --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
-- black one piece with jagged edged mesh midriff
Pegasus             370000
Perseus              70000
Pictor               30000
Puppy                30000
Pyxis               125000
Reticulum           220000
Sagittarius          20000
Scorpion            275000
Serpent             220000
Shooting Star         5000
Southern Cross        5000
Taurus              170000
Unicorn              30000
Virgo                 5000
Whale               370000
Zodiac              170000

Kasumi (suits are named for flowers)
Acacia              550000
Amaryllis            10000
Begonia             310000
Bougainvillea       220000
Camellia             10000
-- persimmon bikini
Carnation            12000
Carnation (skirt)   100000
Cattleya            550000
Chamomile           220000
Cherry Blossom       50000
Clover               12000
Clover (skirt)      100000
Cosmos               45000
Cyclamen             10000
Dahlia               50000
Daisy                10000
Dandelion            50000
Freesia              50000
Gentian                 --
-- can only be receive as a present from Zack
-- white one piece with red lines
Gerbera             370000
Hyacinth              5000
Hydrangea            20000
Indigo               12000
Indigo (skirt)      100000
Iris                 45000
Jasmine                 --
-- can only be receive as a present from Zack
Lilac               550000
Lily                  5000
Marguerite           20000
Marigold             45000
Morning Glory        45000
Olive                 5000
Pansy                20000
Peony                20000
Pink                370000
Rabbit                  --
-- can only be receive as a present from Zack
Rose                 20000
Salvia              310000
Sasanqua            370000
Sweet Pea           220000
Tulip                 5000
-- Kasumi's starting suit

Leifang (suits are named for birds)
Albatross            30000
Bluebird             50000
Bush Warbler         45000
Canary                5000
Cardinal             45000
Condor              125000
Condor (skirt)      500000
Cuckoo               30000
Emu                 250000
-- patchy black and transparent one piece
Falcon               30000
Flamingo            170000
Goldcrest             5000
Goose               170000
Hawk                125000
Hawk (skirt)        500000
Heron               170000
Hummingbird         170000
Ibis                 10000
Kiwi                 50000
Nene                 45000
Nightingale          10000
Oriole              600000
Panda                   --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Paradise             10000
Parrot               10000
Peacock                 --
-- can only be receved as a present from Zack
-- blue bikini with white ruffle on bottom
Penguin             370000
Phoenix                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Pigeon               30000
Pipit               125000
Pipit (skirt)       500000
Raven                30000
Robin                 5000
Rosefinch            50000
Sea Gull              5000
Skylark               5000
Sparrow             125000
Sparrow (skirt)     500000
Swallow              75000
Swan                 10000
Swift                30000
Woodpecker           30000

Lisa (suits are named for mythical characters)
Arthemis                --
-- Can only be received as a present from Zack
Amaterasu           245000
Aphrodite            70000
Astarte             600000
Athene               20000
-- tan bikini
Aurora               70000
Bellona              10000
Brigit               10000
Calliope             20000
Cardea               20000
Cybele              375000
Demeter              70000
Diana               170000
Dike                170000
Eirene              600000
Eos                  90000
Epona                10000
Flora               245000
Freya                45000
Frigg                20000
Gaia                600000
Hela                600000
Hestia               20000
Ishtar               10000
Izanami             245000
Jono                 10000
Kali                375000
Leopard                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
-- leopard print one piece with leopard tail
Leto                 90000
Lilith               90000
Luna                 45000
Mach                600000
Minerva              90000
-- gold bikini with black belt
Nike                    --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Ratri               600000
Sati                 20000
Selene               45000
Sophia              170000
Thaleia              10000
Tiamat              375000
Usas                600000
Venus              1000000
-- the most expensive suit in the game
-- jeweled thong and jewels tastefully covering the chest
Victoria            170000

Tina (suits are named for astronomical formations)
Albireo             175000
Alcyone             370000
Aldebaran           120000
Algol               500000
Altair               10000
Antares             500000
Apollo              500000
Arcturus            225000
Arneb               500000
Asterope             50000
Atlas               500000
Bellatrix           370000
Betelgeuse          280000
Black Cat               --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Canopus                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
-- white with black cow spots two piece
-- includes holsters
Capella              10000
Castor               25000
Celaeno              10000
Chara                10000
Dheneb              225000
Fomalhaut           370000
Maia                 50000
Merope               50000
Mira                120000
-- red, white and, blue striped two piece
Mizar                50000
Pleiades            120000
Pleyone             280000
Polaris                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Pollux               25000
Presepe              20000
Procyon              25000
Regulus              25000
Rigel               500000
Sheraton             10000
Sirius               10000
-- Tina's starting suit
-- US flag design two piece
Spica               225000
Taygeta             370000
Thuban              175000
Vega                 20000


2.  The Accessories

Analog Wristwatch               27500
Black Bangle                     1500
Black Framed Glasses            10000
Black Polka-Dot Sandals         15000
Black Sneakers                  20000
Black Wristwatch                27500
Blue Bangle                      1500
Blue Checked Visor               4500
Blue Hibiscus                     100
Blue Sandals                    15000
Blue Sneakers                   20000
Blue Sunglasses                  4000
Blue Visor                       4500
Blue Wristwatch                 20000
Bronze Framed Glasses            4000
Brown Casquette                  5000
Brown Framed Glasses             4000
Brown Sneakers                  20000
Butterfly Hair Clip (Blue)      10000
Butterfly Hair Clip (Cyan)      10000
Butterfly Hair Clip (Green)     10000
Butterfly Hair Clip (Red)       10000
Butterfly Hair Clip (Yellow)    10000
Camouflage Sneakers             20000
Checked Ribbon Straw             5000
Checked Sneakers                20000
Clear Framed Sunglasses          4000
Common Sunglasses                4000
Common Sunglasses (Blue)         4000
Common Sunglasses (Green)        4000
Cotton Visor (Blue)              4500
Cotton Visor (Pink)              4500
Dark Blue Sunglasses             4000
Denim Casquette                  5000
Fashionable Cap                  5000
Floral Hat                       5000
Flower Sandals (Pink)           15000
Flower Sandals (Violet)         15000
Flower Sandals (White)          15000
Flower Sandals (Yellow)         15000
Goggle Sunglasses (Black)        4000
Goggle Sunglasses (Blue)         4000
Goggle Sunglasses (Yellow)       4000
Gold Framed Sunglasses           4000
Gold Ribbon                      1000
Grapes Hair Clip                10000
Gray Ribbon Straw                5000
Green High Heels                15000
Green Sneakers                  20000
Hearts Printed Visor             4500
Hearts Sneakers                 20000
Hexagon Sunglasses (Blue)        4000
Hexagon Sunglasses (Pink)        4000
Hexagon Sunglasses (Red)         4000
Large Sized Sunglasses           4000
Leopard Print Sneakers          25000
Low Profile Cap (Black)          5000
Low Profile Cap (Pink)           5000
Low Profile Cap (Yellow)         5000
Marble Bangle                    1500
Navy Ribbon                      1000
Navy Wristband                   1500
Orange Plumeria                   100
Orange Rose                       300
Orange Sunglasses                4000
Orange Sneakers                 20000
Oval Glasses                     4000
Oval Sunglasses (Black)          4000
Oval Sunglasses (Brown)          4000
Pink Bangle                      1500
Pink Baseball Cap                5000
Pink Canvas Sneakers            20000
Pink Framed Glasses              4000
Pink Hibiscus                     100
Pink Plumeria                     100
Pink Ribbon                      1000
Pink Rose                         300
Pink Sunglasses                  4000
Pink Visor                       4500
Pink Wristband                   1500
Plastic Sunglasses (Blue)        4000
Plastic Sunglasses (Red)         4000
Purple Anemone                    100
Purple Ribbon                    1000
Purple Rose                       300
Purple Sunglasses                4000
Red Anemone                       100
Red Bangle                       1500
Red Checked Visor                4500
Red Hibiscus                      100
Red High Heels                  15000
Red Leather Sneakers            25000
Red Polka-Dot Sandals           15000
Red Sneakers                    20000
Red Visor                        4500
Ribbon Bracelet (Blue)           1500
Ribbon Bracelet (Orange)         1500
Ribbon Bracelet (Pink)           1500
Ribbon Bracelet (Purple)         1500
Ribbon Bracelet (Red)            1500
Ribbon Bracelet (Sky Blue)       1500
Ribbon Bracelet (White)          1500
Ribbon Bracelet (Yellow)         1500
Rimless Glasses                  4000
Rimless Sunglasses (Blue)        4000
Rimless Sunglasses (Yellow)      4000
Showy Sunglasses                 4000
Silver Framed Glasses            4000
Silver Framed Sunglasses         4000
Sky Blue High Heels             15000
Sky Blue Visor                   4500
Sports Sunglasses (Blue)         5000
Sports Sunglasses (White)        5000
Sports Sunglasses (Yellow)       5000
Straw Hat                        5000
Sunflower Hair Clip             10000
Swimming Goggles                 5000
Titanium Sunglasses (Blue)       5000
Titanium Sunglasses (Brown)      5000
Titanium Sunglasses (Orange)     5000
Tortoise Sunglasses              4000
Unknown Pink Flowers              200
Unknown Red Flowers               200
Unknown White Flowers             200
Unknown Yellow Flowers            200
Washed Denim Casquette           5000
Western Straw Hat                7500
White And Blue Cap               5000
White Anemone                     100
White Canvas Sneakers           20000
White Framed Sunglasses          4000
White Hat                        5000
White Hibiscus                    100
White High Heels                15000
White Leather Sneakers          25000
White Plumeria                    100
White Ribbon                     1000
White Ribbon Straw               5000
White Wristband                  1500
Wristband (Leopard)              1500
Wristband (Panther)              1500
Yellow And Green Cap             5000
Yellow Anemone                    100
Yellow Plumeria                   100
Yellow Ribbon Straw              5000
Yellow Rose                       300
Yellow Sandals                  15000
Yellow Visor                     4500


3.  The Items

Amethyst                        30000
Aquamarine                      30000
Army Knives                      8500
Aromapot                         2800
Balloons                         2000
Black Compact                    2500
Black Fan                        3000
Blancmange                       5000
Blue Conch                       2000
Blue Fan                         3000
Blue Guitar                     16000
Blue Origami                     2500
Blue Volleyball                  5000
British Bread                     700
Brown Guitar                    16000
Cactus                           1000
Camouflage Ball (Blue)           5000
Camouflage Ball (Green)          5000
Camouflage Ball (White)          5000
Candles                          4000
Checked Cushion                  3000
Cherry Pie                       5000
Chinese Dessert                  5000
Clover Brooch                    4000
Collar                           3500
Colorful Volleyball              5000
Crab                             1000
Crystal Ball                    10000
Cute Cushion                     3000
Diamond                         30000
DOA1 Demo 1997                     --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
DOA2 Realtime Demo 990217          --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
DOA2 Realtime Demo 990909          --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
DOA3 CF For Japan                  --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
DOA3 CF For UK                     --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
DOA3 CF For US                     --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
DOA3 Opening Movie                 --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Dolphin Brooch                   4000
Dolphin Clock                    7000
Dolphin Sea World Ticket         2000
Doughnuts                         700
Emerald                         30000
Fan                              3000
Favorite Bandanna                  --
-- Ayane's starting item
-- may not be traded or discarded
Favorite Barrette                  --
-- Leifang's starting item
-- may not be traded or discarded
Favorite Hair Band                 --
-- Hitomi's starting item
-- may not be traded or discarded
Favorite Ribbon                    --
-- Kasumi's starting item
-- may not be traded or discarded
Flower Brooch                    4000
Fluorescent Orange Ball          5000
Fountain Pen                     1800
French Bread                      700
Frying Pan                       2000
Garnet                          30000
Gold Compact                     2500
Gold Revolver                    8000
Gold Volleyball                    --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Grape Juice                       600
Green Murex                      1500
Green Soap                       1500
Green Volleyball                 5000
Guitar (Blue/Red)               16000
Guitar (Brown/White)            16000
Hand Glass                       2000
Heart Brooch                     4000
Hourglass                        2500
Jewel Brooch                     4000
Knife                            7000
Kunais                          10000
Lavender                          750
Leather Steering Wheel          15000
Leopard Print Ball               5000
Light Green Volleyball           5000
Lily                              650
Lobster                          1000
Marrons Glaces                   5000
Meat Bun                          700
Microwave Oven                   6000
Milk                              600
Mineral Water                     600
Music Box                        3000
Nail Polish (Black)              5000
Nail Polish (Blue)               5000
Nail Polish (Green)              5000
Nail Polish (Pink)               5000
Nail Polish (Purple)             5000
Nail Polish (Red)                5000
Nail Polish (White)              5000
Nail Polish (Yellow)             5000
Nail Polish Remover              5000
Ninja Gaiden Trailer               --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Nunchaku                        12500
Opal                            30000
Orange Guitar                   16000
Orange Juice                      600
Orange Origami                   2500
Orange Volleyball                5000
Panda Doll                       8000
Pearl                           30000
Pen And Ink                      2000
Perfume                          3000
Peridot                         30000
Pineapple                         900
Pink Feather Fan                 2000
Pink Murex                       2000
Pistol                           8000
Pistol (Black)                   8000
Polka-Dot Volleyball             5000
Prototype Xbox                  24800
Purple Conch                     1500
Purple Origami                   2500
Purple Volleyball                5000
Recipe "Sanuki Udon"            10000
Recipe "Sashimi"                10000
Recipe "Shabu-Shabu"            10000
Recipe "Sukiyaki"               10000
Recipe "Sushi"                  10000
Recipe "Tempura"                10000
Recipe "Yakisoba"               10000
Recipe "Yakitori"               10000
Red Fan                          3000
Red Volleyball                   5000
Ruby                            30000
Sachertorte                      5000
Salad                             600
Sapphire                        30000
Scholarly Book "Anti-Gravity"   20000
Scholarly Book "Clone"          20000
Scholarly Book "Cyborg"         20000
Scholarly Book "Time Machine"   20000
Scholarly Book "Warp"           20000
Shell Brooch                     4000
Shurikens                       10000
Silver Compact                   2500
Silver Revolver                  8000
Silver Set                      16000
Silver Volleyball                  --
-- can only be received as a present from Zack
Sky Blue Feather Fan             2000
Sky Blue Shell                   1500
Sports Drink                      600
Star Brooch                      4000
Stars And Stripes Ball           5000
Strawberries                      700
Strawberry Juice                  600
Strawberry Millefeuille          5000
Sub-Machine Gun                  8000
Sunblock Lotion                  1000
Suntan Lotion                    1000
Swallowtail Brooch               4000
Tarot Cards                      3000
Teddy Bear (Brown)               8000
Teddy Bear (Pink)                8000
Tomato                            500
Tomato Juice                     5000
Topaz                           30000
Turquoise                       30000
Ukulele                          4000
Union Jack Ball                  5000
Vegetable Juice                   600
White Conch                      1300
White Guitar                    16000
White Origami                    2500
White Shell                      1300
White Soap                       1500
White Volleyball                 5000
Wood Steering Wheel             15000
Yellow And Blue Ball             5000
Yellow Compact                   2500
Yellow Feather Fan               2000
Yellow Murex                     1300
Yellow Shell                     2000
Yellow Volleyball                5000
Zack's Autograph                10000
Zack's Figure                   10000
Zebra Print Ball                 5000

    Wherein a Chronicle of Deeds is Recorded

project started 28 January 2003

0.1 - 28 January 2003
    - first version, rife with inadequacies and stolen wholly from the 
      sweat and toil of the great members of the GameFAQs DOAXBV forum
0.2 - 29 January 2003
    - actual gameplay information added (will the wonders never cease)
      and a few answers are updated
0.3 - 30 January 2003
    - info about the girls is added, it would not be an DOA FAQ 
      without chest sizes, and we discuss the actual game
0.4 - 3 March 2003
    - details are fleshed out, but not much, and we revisit the issue
      that will not die, nudity

    Wherein proper Credit in Given 

Special thanks to:
xtreamgamer and Rakthar for calling Tecmo
shipwreck for his great item lists, check out his spreadsheet at:
Tim Neill for that wonderful and freightening feat of addition
gurl gamer for pointing out Leifang's meat bun fetish and helping 
    with the gravure movies
EGM for letting everyone have it with both barrels with that April
    Fools joke

    Wherein the Final Words are Written 

This Document is Copyright 2003 by Marty Runyon
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball and, therefore, pretty much 
everything I'm writing about is Copyright 2003 by Tecmo Ltd Team Ninja

I am not affiliated with Tecmo, Team Ninja, or anyone who had anything 
to do with the creation of this game. This FAQ may be posted on any 
site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you EMAIL ME telling me that 
you are posting it.  You may not charge for, or in any way profit from 
this FAQ.

If something is wrong, you want to add something or you just want to 
make fun of me, either post something in the DOAXBV forum or shoot me 
an email at: [email protected]

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