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Since my last FAQ submitted here detailed only one mode of play, I've decided 
to post some helpful tactics for each game mode. This DOES NOT unclude the 
upcoming Onslaught Mode.

Section 1: General Team Support in all Modes
Section 2: Conquest
Section 3: Rush & Squad Rush
Section 4: Squad Deathmatch

Section 1: General Team Support

Tip #1. It would be in your best interest to stick with your squad, because 
your squad members are the only people you can communicate with using your 
Desktop or Headset Microphone.

Tip #2: Try to avoid going "All Sniper" in your squad. You will eventually need 
Ammo, Medical attention, and someone to watch your back when you start drawing 

Tip #3: 

Tip #4: If you are faced with the choices of retreat or death....choose death. 
Slowly retreat while putting some fire on enemies to slow them down, you will 
most likely die, but everyone back at the current base will have time to ready 

Tip #5: If the opportunity to set up a forward defense arises, do so. This will 
slow any advance and bleed reinforcements to the enemy.

Section 2: Conquest

This mode of online gaming has been around since Battlefield: 1942, and is very 
straight forward.

Tip #1: In this mode, camping is acceptable if you are defending your base.

Tip #2: If a building can collapse, make it do so. Collapsed buildings always 
leave you with a little height advantage and sometimes cover or a small camping 

Tip #3: If there is a tank waiting at your base, grab it. Armor support can 
sometimes tip the balance heavily in your favor if enemy armor is not deployed.

Tip #4: After the initial assault, check newly captured bases for snipers and 
other campers.

Tip #5: Sheilded MGs really help your team out if the enemy has only one way to 
come into a base.

Section 3: Rush and Squad Rush

This mode originated in Battlefield: Bad Company 1 and was called Gold Rush. It 
is a blend of Conquest and Objective modes in which you have a permenant base 
of operations until your target objectives are destroyed.

Tip #1: Be quick off your first spawn. Defending teams can set up forawrd 
defenses, and Attacking teams can get the jump on any unprepared defense.

Tip #2: Think outside the box if you are attacking. Find a creative way to get 
guys to the objective or destroy it form a distance. Just trying could save 
spawn tickets somewhere down the road.

Tip #3: Beware of Attacker creativity on defense. That unusually low-flying UAV 
may be strapped with C-4 to blast your teammates or the objectives.

Tip #4: Instead of arming the objective, have two squad guys equip the extra 
explosives specialty and place all their C-4 on the objective or building it is 

Tip #5: If an enemy parks a shiny new Tank or helicopter near you, steal it and 
put it to work. If it is damaged, have someone repair it.

Section 4: Squad Deathmatch

Pint-sized Deathmatch. Four Squads battle to reach 50 (fifty) kills. There is 
one Bradley IFV on the map, and the squad who controls it is a force to be 
reckoned with, especially if they have an engineer who can keep it repaired.

Tip #1: Motion Sensors carried by the Recon class are very helpful here. You 
never know where enemies might be.

Tip #2: This mode is basically a deer hunt without the deer. Keep your head on 
a swivel and observe your surroundings.

Tip #3: Listen for vocalizations like "I'm hit! Jesus it hurts!" coming from 
player characters. If you can hear them clearly, whoever's character is making 
the noise is in your general vicinity.

Tip #4: You have only three guys who are not hunting you down, stick with one 
of them.

Tip #5: Silenced weapons give you an edge. Couple this with a nice concealed 
shooting position and you have it made for a short time. Be sure to move out 
after a few kills, because somebody may call your position in to their squad.

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