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My FAQ # 4.  My email is [email protected]
If your not a very good player, this is the FAQ for u.





  Are u only good at finding those obvious upgrades?  
Chances are u missed some.

1. Magic Hands:  City Escape

U need a flame ring and a bounce bracelet.
Go on that part where u swing on the rails.  Don't swing.  Go up the stairs and 
bounce on the iron crates on the ground.  U can take it from there.

2. Laser Blaster:  Prison Lane

U need a bazooka.
Go to the part with the goal ring.  Don't touch it.  Kill the robot hiding up in the 
corner.  A secret door will open left of the goal ring.  Break the iron crates 
behind it.  Go in the hall and watch out 4 the robots that are guarding a door.  
Kill them andget the upgrade.

3. Mystic Melody:  Wild Canyon

U need the shovel claws.
Go to the lonely statue.  Climb above it and get to the painting.  Dig into the 
square-type thing in the center.  You'll go in a secret room with the upgrade.  Play 
the Mystic Melody by the ruin and go in the portal it makes.

4. Mystic Melody:  Sand Ocean

U need the booster.
On that first spinny thing in the level, go on and wait till it makes u 2 the left.  
Change the camera angle and try 2 kill the robot floating over the upgrade.  It's 
important to kill it cuz if u go 2 the upgrade it will drop a bomb on u and you'll 
fall in the sand.  When u kill it hover 2 the platform with the mystic melody.

5. Air Necklace: Aquatic mine

Go on the pulley that takes u up and lower the water 2 level 3.  Now go back down.  
GO TO LEVEL 2, NOT 1.  Go in the "danger ghosts" place that's on LEVEL 2.  The 
water's still up in this area.  Dive in.  Go through the tube at the bottom of this 
room.  Now your in a room with "stairs".  Go down and 2 the other side.  Go through 
this last tube.  Swim up as fast as u can and you'll soon find yourself right under 
an upgrade.  When u go back down don't worry about drowning cuz now u have an 
infinite air supply!



Evry stage has a hidden mission---actually 4!  
Here is a mission list(applies to all stages except kart ones):
1. Regular mission
2. 100 rings mission
3. Lost chao mission
4. Time limit mission
5. Hard mode (has more robots & obstacles)
NOTE: You can only do the missions in order; no skipping missions.

Here are a few missions I can give u tips on.

-Mission 2, Aquatic mine:
 First get the ring boxes in the water; the route to the air necklace.  Now get the 
20 ring boxes in the ghost room (kill ghosts first).

-Mission 5, Pumpkin hill:
 U need the sunglasses.
 B prepared for a huge robot.
 GET RINGS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Mission 3, Pumpkin hill:
 Go 2 the top of pumpkin mountain & use the Mystic Melody.  Go on the platforms  
that appeared--- then go straight ahead and you'll find the chao.

-Mission 2, Dry Lagoon: 
 If u run out of rings there are some ring boxes floating around in the small oasis.

-All treasure hunts, Mission 2:
 When U lose rings go 2 where u started.  There is a goal ring that says "BACK".  
Touch it and the level will start over, but you'll still have the rings u had before!



1.  If you haven't had the game very long u might not know this---
CHAO DIE. Trust me.  I've seen it happen 4 times.

2.  Make your chao look awesome by only giving them 1 type of chaos drive/animal 
till it evolves.  Its look will depend on the type of power up and if it is a 
dark/hero/normal chao.

3.  When you win toys at chao races u might see your chao playing with it.


Note:  If u plant a tree it will die soon.

1. Win a watering can and a shovel in a chao race with the same chao.

2. Buy a seed.

3. Give it to the chao with the watering can and shovel.

4. Eventually the chao will plant it.


Take the same chao to Drawing a lot with the same character.  The chao might draw 

Black Market---
The more Emblems u have, the more stuff he sells.

Fortune Teller---
When she says "would u like to hear another name" say no and she'll let u name chao 

Say "medical chart" and press "R" to see chao's favorite food and personality.
NOTE: The favorite food can be a round, square or triangle fruit.

If u read alot on Cheatcodes.com, he's pretty useless.


Thanks for reading my FAQ.  
                           **Brought to you by HAC!** 

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