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The World Is Not Enough N64 - 00 Agent Guide V2.0
Copyright 2000-2001 Evan Reiter
This Guide is Spoiler-Free
"by the way your walkthrough " funny as hell " 10+" - CrAzYcharles

Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Walkthrough
3. Weapons Info
4. Credits
5 Copyright Info
6 Coming Soon
7 Release/Addition Dates
9 Emailing Me
10. Closing Thoughts

1. Introduction
Ah, TWINE. It's a good game, perhaps not on Perfect Dark's level, but hey, I'm
satisfied. I think this game was really doomed from the start, sadly, being
released right before Zelda: MM, but I say it isn't a game to be missed.
Anyway, the purpose of this walkthrough is to guide you through the 00 Agent
difficulty of TWINE for the the Nintendo 64, which is quite difficult indeed.
I assume you've beaten it on Agent difficulty at least, and are comfortable
with the game's controls, whichever set you may be using. And feel free not to
use my strategies if you're more comfortable with different methods.

Warning: Mild language is used in this document; but I'm assuming that since
you're reading a walkthrough of a game suitable for ages 13+, you won't be
offended by such material. If you are, however, you may e-mail me and ask me
for an edited version, as I will gladly supply it.

Now let's get started.
Mission I: Courier
A) Collect equipment from safety deposit box.
B) Avoid civilian casualties.
C) Collect Sir Robert's money from Lachaise's vault.
D) Crack safe to obtain Security Swipe Card.
E) Destroy videotape backup.
F) Escape bank with money.

So, you've kicked some ass on Agent/Secret Agent, and are ready to take on 00
Agent. Intimidated? Don't be. This first level is a breeze, and will prepare
you for the rigorous battles ahead.

After your nice chat with the Receptionist, head into the hallway to the right
and through the two sets of doors. In the safety depoisit room, speak with the
guard and enter the "preevacy" booth on the right. A box. Whoopie. As helpful
as it does look, it's what's inside, so open it up. Now this looks jolly! Your
appointment card with Mr. Lachaise and a "Flash-bang Gun".
Head for the hall behind the reception desk (to your right as you exit the
saftey deposit area) and whip out your appointment card for the guard.

After the glamourus cinematics, you may be tempted to run about like a
decapitated chicken.
Don't. See that guard on the floor? Stand behind him, and when he gets up, pop
him a good one in the back of the head. You just saved yourself from a few
shots to the spine, my friend.

Head through the white door and take out the next enemy through the adjacent
window. Step into the hall and take down two more guards, to your left. Head
to the end of this hall and peer SLOWLY around the corner. See the green-
shirt? DO NOT shoot these guys, you will fail the mission. No fisticuffs,
either. A simply watch dart will do the trick. So stick the guard and pop the
blue suit.

Open the door to your right, but do NOT go in. Quickly kill the two guards in
here. If you did it quick enough, all should be silent; if not, two more
guards with Ingall Type 20's and a green guard will squeeze into the tiny
room. If so, restart the mission. It is almost impossible to quickly take out
the blue suits without taking out the guard. And if you're not quick enough,
the blue's will rip you to shreds with their Ingalls. Lovely.

But if they didn't hear, continue on around the next corner, where the guards
from last paragraph's bad-case scenario are. Take out the Ingall-wielders
first, then dart the green-cop.
Take the door to the right and check out the wall to your left. Hmm, a safe.
Hey, a safe cracker, right in my pocket! Thanks, Q! You know what to do.

Leave the way you entered on go down the hall to your right. Use the swipe
card on the silver door here, and blow a hole in the head of yet another blue-
suited cronie. Somewhere in this room is another green guard, too, so dart
him. Now see the VCR adjacent to the door? Stick in your data scrambler and
it'll do the rest. One last objective.

Equip your dart-watch, as the guards you tranquilized earlier will have come
to by now.Wrap around to the other end of the hallways and use the swipe card
to get through the other silver door. Walk strait ahead, a little to the left,
and use the keypad decryptor to open the gate.

Now grab that breifcase and get the hell outta there.

Are you lazy? Do you suck? If yes, CHRISC335 has the answer -
"Hi. I have a really cool code for the first level in "the world is not
enough" All u have 2 do is go to the room with the box thing, shoot the  guard
w/your dart gun, get the stuff in the box and leave and u beat the  level. It
will say u failed but it still works. You can use it on agent,  secret, or

Mission II: King's Ransom
A) Protect all primary MI6 Personnel.
B) Avoid causing civilian and security guard casualties.
C) Find Sir Robert King
D) Activate top floor lockdown panel.
E) Rescue M from the terrorists.
F) Escort M to the Security Centre.
G) Activate sprinkler system.
H) Activate ground floor lockdown panel.
I) Escort Dr. Warmflash to injury victims

You might get the impression that you need to hurry on this level.
For your own sake, don't. If you hurry, you will die.
Why? Because this is a tough level, and if you rush, the terrorists will turn
you into Bond biscuits. Or something.

Speak to the guard outside of M's office, then talk to MoneyPenny, who will
give you a useless Pen Grenade. Use it on her for laughs, then restart the
mission and continue on.
Hey, it appears the Pen Grenade has a use! Micheal Trout says -
"The pen grenade that Moneypenny hands Bond in
the King's Ransom level isn't useless though. Through
it out that window in the room, and there will
substanstially fewer bad guys in the beginning, most
notably the ones that swing in the windows on that
side of the building. One bad side about this though,
less ammo for Bond."

Mr. Cactus has also found it useful for another purpose other than MoneyPenny
abuse -
"Yet another use for the pen grenade. Well i suppose you know the 1st
security room, the one you take M to. Well after clearing out the three
guards in the area before the security room hallway. Now arm the grenade,
and step around the corner. Throw the pen at the guards, and step behind the
wall. Wait until the pen goes boom, and the three guards near the security
room can be taken down with 1-3 p2k shots!"

Jump out into the hallway facing left, and shoot the Black-Clothed Terrorist
who tumbles throught the window (just where the hell did he swing from?). Whip
around and help the guards take out the Terrorists who come charging down the
hallway. (That's a long word, 'Terrorist'. Let's call 'em "T'rists"!) Head
left, right, take out another T'rist, head left, kill 3(!) T'rists, head left
again, kill 3 more T'rists, head down the hall, and left into the Security
Centre. Phew! Hope ya got all that.

Anyways, talk to Robinson and hit the Red Panel to initiate the Secutiry
Head back to M's office, killing the respawning T's along the way, and enter
her office. Before the T'rist behind her can say "Wadup?" Your targeting
reticle should be on his forehead, or M is just so much deadness. Ew. Don't
escort her to the Security Centre, but rather, run ahead of her and take out
the ever-so-present Terrorits. Head for the Security Centre and when M cathes
up, you're on your way. But head left at the entrance to M's office, which
will lead you to a stairwell after a few hallways. But wait! Don't enter yet,
or you'll be shredded; carefully peek through the door and take out the
hanging T'rists one by one (there are 3). Now peer over the edge and take out
the T'rist below you. Head to where he was and repeat for the two below him.
When you hit the bottom of the stairs, they'll violently explode, and 3 more
hanging T'rists will descend. If your quick to the draw and sharp to the aim,
however, they'll all be dead before they hit the ground.

Exit and do not shoot the guard in front of you, as he is friendly. He'll
blather something about sprinklers then stand around and do nothing for the
rest of the mission. Great help.

Wrap around to the right to find the sprinkler system and a T'rist. Kill the
T, hit the panel, and kill the fool who drops through the hole in the ceiling.
Exit the room, head past the hall you came from and down the next. Take the
door on the right and hit the panel to initiate the ground floor lockdown. Go
back the way you came then take the first and only right. Take a left, and
another left to a room with two T'rists and a Body Armor! Whoohoo!

Head onward past the medical division until you hit a large room with another
hand panel. Give it a smack and hey-hey, you're in the vault! But we're not
done just yet. Talk to the man kneeling by the beat-up guy and he'll urge you
to go fetch Dr. Warmflash. Head back to the Medical Division (near the room
with the Body Armor) and talk to Dr. Warmflash. Run ahead of her to take out
those constantly re-materializing terrorists and wait for her to catch up.
Then head into the bowels of the vault and speak with King.

Now high tail it back to Q-Branch, near the stairwell, and...

Mission III: Thames Chase
A) Pursue but do not eliminate Female Assassin
B) Rescue the hostages

This level can be a toughie for the unexperienced; as with the previous level,
TAKE YOUR TIME. That cannot be stressed enough.  The game has this nasty habit
of giving you a false sense of urgency, when there really is none, and in the
case of this mission, not until the very end.

At the start of the mission, you'll see the "Assassin Chick" (as I like to
refer to her as) runs off. But ignore her. Stay put. A boat should drive by;
NOW you give chase. (If you hadn't waited for the boat to pass, the Terrorists
in it would have done some damage.) Peek over the top of the first stairway,
and do some "sniping" with your P2K to take out the first guard. Next
stairway, rinse and repeat.

Now, stop! Turn sideways, strafe around the corner, and shoot the blue barrel.
This just took out two terrorists and saved you some health. But you're not in
the clear yet, get your ass back around that corner or the sniper in the small
building will have you for lunch. Instead, jump in the blue truck, grab the
Duetsche rifle, and do some sniping of your own.

DO NOT squander this gun's bullets - ammo is limited, and this rifle is handy
as a cheap whore on Friday night. If you use it wisely, it will be your best
friend, but if you go on a rampage, you won't lively survive. Hopefully, that
doesn't go for whores. Ew.

Head down the first section of stairs near where the barrel was. At the bend,
brace yourself : it's our first hostage situation. This is kind of hard to
explain, so try your best. Stand in the corner where the two adjacent
staircases meet.

Now, from your positition, slowly slide out and take out the T'rist at the top
of the map.
Slide along slowly until you can barely see any part of the middile T'rist's
head. Shoot it.
Now jump out and blow the final T'rist to hell.


Jump up and grab their ammo, then head into the tunnel.
Strafe around the next corner and blast the three  Speargun-toting scuba
divers. As you exit the tunnel, aim slightly upward and smack the T'rist on
the roof with a well-placed bullet between the eyes. Strafe out slowly to take
out two more, to your left.  Enter the warehouse.

The warehouse can be a bitch if you don't know how to handle it.
Do EXACTLY as I say, and you should make it out without a scratch. Unless you
suck. Ho-hum.
Take out and weapon other than the Sniper Rifle. Head around the left side of
the boxes and give the T'rist some cranial ventalation. Now, quick as
possible, jump out from behind the boxes and then dash back in. 4 T'rists have
just entered the building, ladies and gentlemen. Equip your Sniper Rifle.
Slowly strafe around the walls and take them all out, one by one. Simple
enough. Equip something other than the Sniper Rifle. An automatic, preferably.
Now jump up the boxes, and as you get to the top, turn about and face the
upper door. Immediatly dash through the gap in the railing (may take practice,
considering you can't see the gap, going backwards and all) and strafe to your
left. When you hit the wall, immediatly charge forward and gun down the T'rist
who should be in front of you about now. Slowly strafe through the door and
pop the T'rist.

Time for some more sniper action. Equip you Rifle and blast the two Snipers on
the building to the right of the warehouse's exit.
Continue to the next warehouse.

The second warehouse isn't as bad as the first, but still takes some effort.
Strafe around EVERY corner here, as there are about 3 T'rists hiding about in
the crevaces. And for Bob's sake, watch your back. Weave through the boxes a
bit until you meet another Sniper on a higher level, who'll greet you with
gunfire. Return the favor with the ol' "Strafe out slowly" method and put a
bullet between his eyes. Now round the corner of the boxes to your left when
facing the perch of the deceased Sniper. You'll see a hostage. Slide more.
Another Hostage. Slide More. A Terrorist. Kill.

Now here's your first chance to make use of that Watch Grapple that you've
been losing sleep over. Look at the ceiling. See the yellow and black targets?
Those, my friend, are Grapple targets. So grapple away, jump on the rope and
use Forward and Backward to climb up/down. The press jump to, of course jump
off. Now we're almost done, but don't get too frisky. Check out the other side
of the warehouse. That obscenely noticable blue blob is actually a peice of
Body Armor. So test out your platform action skills by jumping across the
boxes to retreive it. Now exit.

Pop the next Terrorist you see, and Q will beep in with the message, "Target
is moving away, Bond." That's your "Q" to get your rear in gear. Jump of the
platform, and run right, left, right, right, up the stairs, left, and into the
station. Don't stop to kill any enemies, but shoot as many as you can. If you
live long enough to jump into the subway entrance, the Terrorists behind you
magically disappear, and ....

Mission IV: Underground Uprising
A) Rescue the hostages
B) Diffuse the terrorist bomb.
C) Pursue but do not eliminate Female Assassin.
D) Avoid civilian casualties.

This mission is not nearly as hard as it seems at first. You can't exactly
take your sweet time, but you don't have to hurry at all to breeze right by
the 5 minute time limit. (I average about 2-3 minutes when I'm not trying.) So
don't piss in your pants, just follow me as closely as you can and you'll make
it out fine.

Head down the stairs and -stop here, read ahead- WAIT for the hostages to pass
by. Now, strafe around the corner facing left. You'll see two windows, each
with it's own complementary T'rist. Sticking out from the right side of the
right window is the back of a computer moniter. Trouble is, you can't see it,
as it's the same color as the wall, and you're so far away! But if you aim at
the LOWER RIGHT CORNER OF THE RIGHT WINDOW, and shoot, it'll explode. So
here's what ya do:
1. Strafe out facing left
2. Aim at the moniter, fire 2 shots to break the glass, and one more to blow
up the moniter
3 Be sure not to kill the fleeing hostages!

Now stop reading ahead, and execute; you need to be able to do this within
approxemately 2-3 seconds to avoid getting hit, so you may want to practice.
If you did it right, both T'rists will be dead, you'll only have lost 3
bullets, and the hostages will be unharmed.
Round the next corner facing slightly to the left, and blow away the T'rist
charging at you. Continue in that direction, past the vending machines, and
onto the escalators, where you'll shoot another T'rist who seems overly eager
to meet you.

Kevin Shanks, who's method is 'gay around corners', still works fantastically
and you should read it right now -
you should try to use stun grenades to take care of
the hostages situations in the underground uprising level.

Just be gay around corners and it should work. Hostages wake up after 10
secs or so, and it gives you time enough to shoot a bullet in the T'rist's

Hostage Situation #1

This hostage situations are tough, so I've decided to create mini-sections
just for them.
At the base of the escalator, you'll see a T'rist in front of you, a hostage
to the right, a T'rist to the right, and another hostage to the far right.

1. Blast the T'rist between the two hostages
2. Quickly swivel your veiw to the far left T'rist and blow his brains out

If you didn't hit the hostages, they'll run off and stare at a wall.
Seriously, see for yourself. Silly, I say.

Head back to the start and take the right path this time. Round the corner and
kill the T'rist. Head down the LEFT escalator, shoot the two T'rists who come
at, you swivel to the right, shoot the ascending T'rist on the other side,
head to the bottom, turn right, shoot two more. (Can you say 'run-on'?)

Head left, then right, and, oh no! It's...

Hostage Situation #2

Now you have 2 T'rists, a hostage behind the left T'rist, and a hostage
between the T'rists. Take out the left T'rist first - but don't fire too much,
or you'll kill the hostage when the T'rist falls! Now shoot the one on the
right. Simple enough.

Head down the next escalator, then left; but don't be frightened of the large
mob of people running at you; be more concerned about the T'rist who follows.
Hey look! The Village Peop... er, a construction worker will run by followed
by two T'rists who will attemp to kill him; so kill them before they can take
away any chances of getting an autograph.

It just occured to me, that I don't think there was ever a construction worker
in the Village People... er... sorry...

And here we are at the Subway. And more hostages. Yippee.

Hostage Situation #3

 Kill the first T'rist you see, strafe out facing right, you'll see a hostage,
another, and a then a T'rist, who you should waste no time killing. -read
ahead here-
Now here we are at what could be the SINGLE most difficult hostage to rescue.
Down the tunnel, a hostage and T'rist behind her and slightly to the left
await; now the hard part here is shooting the T'rist; if you're not quick
enough, he'll begin firing at you, BUT the spray from his shotgun will take
out the hostage! So you have to be quick, but not so quick that you hit the
hostage instead. Good luck.

If you saved that ungrateful bitch (doesn't even say 'Thanks'), your next
opponent is the dreaded Subway. As soon as the thing flys by, jump off the
platform head left and jump into the tiny nook. Wait for it to pass again and
go a bit further to the door. Pass through the next room, then jump onto the
stopped Subway car to the right. Hey, hobos! Oh never mind, just a few
T'rists. The two will quickly begin firing at you, so send them to the Great
Mess Hall in the sky. Walk up to the next door, without opening it, and get

Hostage Situation #4

When you open the door at the end of the car, angle yourself a bit to the
left, and you'll see several hostages and several T'rists at varying distances
from you. Just shoot the closest T'rist, next closest, then so on. You may
want to move foward as you fire at them, so you don't have to use your Ingalls
or whatever for long-distance battling. Watch out for the running hostages!

Alright, we're almost done. Continue on and kill T'rists until you reach the
locked door, then double back and enter the man's bathroom. There's a T'rist
in here, in either one of two places : In the second stall from the entrance,
or at the far end of the bathroom. Either way, kill him. Now, in the farthest
stall from the entrance, you'll find none other than the bomb! Eieeeeee! But
don't worry, you should have about 2 minutes left, and the bomb only takes a
solid 40 seconds to disarm. But wait! Get the blue bar almost completely, but
leave it there! DO NOT disarm the bomb yet, rather, get as close as possible
to disarming it without actually disarming it. Wait until EXACTLY 7 seconds to
the detonation and finish it off! You'll get a transmission, full health, AND
body armor! Hell yes! Head back to the locked door from earlier and shoot off
the lock. Head up the stairs, picking off guards from below, jumping over
exploding catwalks, until you get to the top. Shoot off the lock, and run.
Run, Jimbo, run! Run as fast as your control stick can carry you (um, yuck)
and jump onto the rope hanging from the balloon. Now you've caught the
Assassin Chick and...

Mission V: Cold Reception
A) Draw terrorists away from Elektra
B) Destroy fuel dump at tower #1
C) Destroy fuel dump at tower #2
D) Get to the bottom of the peak

Since this is a "rail" level (you'll see what I mean) it's a bit hard to write
a walkthrough. I could write a "railthrough" but there's really no need. So
I'll provide tips instead.

Cold Reception:
List of Important Things to Know

1. At two places on the ski-slope you'll pass large towers surrounded by fuel
barrels. You must shoot these barrels to destroy the towers, thus completing
Objectives (B) and (C).

2. Whenever there is a junction, take the left path; in other words, hold
 and  on the controller. The left paths lead to
body armor, which you likely won't survive without.

3. The use of Automatic Weapons is HIGHLY recommended. Don't fire too much, or
you'll be stuck using the Magnum or P2K.

4. Press  often to keep Bond moving at a slow rate. While this will
make it easier for the enemy to hit you, it will also make it easier for you
to hit them.

5. At the very end of the level, you will find 3 rows of Fuel Canisters. AS
SOON as you see these, shoot them all, or a nearby T'rist will do it for you,
and you will likely be killed by the explosion.

I suppose that's it. Enjoy the mission, it's a fun one, and when you're

Mission VI: Night Watch
A) Avoid alerting Gabor.
B) Avoid alerting Davidov.
C) Avoid any casualties.
D) Find telephones and plant wiretraps.
E) Photograph documents proving Davidov is a traitor.

Mmm, stealth. My absolute fave type of mission.
IMO, this level kicks ass. Mmm... smell that? That's a good, 20-minute level
of stealthy goodness. Yum.

You start out in your room. Slap a phone tap on the nearby phone, then go out
on the balcony. Jump onto the arch on the left, then down to the ground. Shoot
the lock of the gate in front of you (use the X-Ray glasses to make sure the
guard isn't nearby). Wait until the patrolling guard is facing away from you,
then jump out and rape him... er, actually, use the Watch Stun and punch him
out. Down the path more, do what you did to the first guard... no, no, zip
your pants up, I mean Watch Stun and punch! Open the door of the guard house
and stick the guard with a dart. As he slumps to the ground, kneel down beside
him, and punch him out. Now he'll never wake up again. Use your data scramble
on the small black gadget on the control panel. Now that the cameras are out,
we can proceed a little further.

Head back to where you came from and go left. Pass the guards by running by
behind the bushes. Stun and punch the next guard standing by the pool (Gabor
may be around, so be careful), and head to the next area. Dash to your left,
behind the bush, and camp out in the corner. Gabor will pass by fairly soon,
so when he heads of to the pool for some skinny-dipping (not really, ew)
continue on, hiding behind the bushes to avoid guards. When you get to the
other end of the bushes, wait for the guard who patrols around the area to
pass. Follow him to the door, wait till he's past the other two nearby guards,
then open the door and DO NOT MOVE. The guards will hear and ready their guns,
but as long as they don't see you (i.e., you don't move) they'll continue, um,
standing, so head through, open the next door, and don't move again. When they
stop paying attention, enter the room and hug the left wall. On your way to
the adjacent door, slap a tap on the second phone. When you reach the next
door, use your X-Ray vision to peer through to the other side. You'll see a
guard walk by. Open the door, sneak up behind him, and use the ol' stun and
punch technique. Take the door to the right (from where you entered) and bug
the phone in that room. Head back into the circular room, and take the final
door. Peek outside, and you should see a guard. Hide back in the circle room,
with the door closed and your X-Specs on, and when the guard passes by, jump
out and stun/punch. Head for the security trailer strait ahead, enter, and
stick the guard with a dart (don't forget to kneel down and punch him into
oblivion). Use your data scrambler on the small black dealie, just as before,
and the next set of cameras will be taken out.

When you get back outside, there may be another guard about, so take care of
him. Head under the arch opposite the security trailer and shoot the lock off
the gate the the immediate left. Stun/punch the patrolling guard, dart/punch
the guard in the trailer, and black out the cameras. Head into the building
opposite the archway.

Now you should be in what appears to be a kennel or some such thing. Head into
the small room at the end and take out the two guards however you wish. (I
recommend dart/kneel/punch). Open the safe in the corner and photograph the
papers inside. Head through the next door.

You're now in a small forested area. The 4 (!) obviously bored guards are
having a small orgy, but if you try to join in... er, if you get to close
(which you will) the guards will start attacking. Therefore, you should equip
your darts beforehand and stick 'em all. Then kneel down and punch each one,
forever sending them to hell.

As you make your way down the path, equip your camera. When you enter the
cabin ahead, Davidov will be approaching, so you have to act fast. Enter,
photograph the open booklet, photograph the papers on the other table, and
smack the final phone with a tap. Now jump in the back of Davidov's car and...

Mission VII: Midnight Departure
A) Eliminate Davidov.
B) Pick up Davidov's phone.
C) Get the controller to land plane.
D) Find Dr. Arkov's I.D. Badge.
E) Find an item to bribe the pilot.
F) Board the plane.
G) Avoid civilian causualties.
This level is awsome. Why so great? First, because there are two different
ways of playing it; you can either go batshit with the first automatic you
pick up, or slowly proceed through the level in a stealthy manner. I only
suggest using this particular walkthrough if you're really having trouble with
the level - otherwise, carve your own path and have some fun.

I'll be writing the walkthrough using stealthy methods. You can follow this
walkthrough even if you decide to go Doom-style-shoot-'em-up, you'll just face
a lot more enemies, at different times.

When you hit the first fork in the road, take a right into the forest. Equip
your night vision and your Duestche Rifle, and switch it to 'Single'. Shoot
the first guard you reach in the back of the head. Now stay put, with N-Vision
still on. Davidov will stroll by any minute, so take a quick shot at him. If
you miss, don't worry, you'll still be able to pick him off, later. If you hit
him (in the head), then sweet, don't forget to pick up his phone. Either way,
3 guards will come at you with guns ablaze. Take care of them with your P2K.
Run onto the road, head right, and take the next forest path you see. Continue
down this path, taking out any guards you see, then take a right when you hit
the next fork. You should stumble upon a cabin surrounded by two or three
guards, who you should quickly and silently kill before they can raise too
much alarm (or just set one off). When they're all taken care of, enter the
cabin, grad Dr. Arkov's I.D. Bagde off the table, and blow up the alarm for
good measure.

Heyhey! Budpall4 has an apparently more effective way of disarming the alarms
"On the Midnight Departure level, you said to blow up the
alarms. Well, I disagree. You should use the Laser function on your Watch. It
makes it so it can't be used and yet it is silent so no other guards will
hear it and sound another alarm. This trick works on all alarms.

Head straight ahead from the cabin, and left at the junction. Head right,
along the river, shooting the guard on the thin island, the two on the bridge,
and any others who come around wondering why their buddies just groaned in
pain and fell off the bridge. Cross the brigde and take out the three guards
around the alarm box, then the alarm itself. Continue on down the road until
you hit the Airfield (watch out for the sniper hidden in the trees along the

If any alarms were tripped, there will be a bunch of thick-armored body guards
near the entrance to the airfield. These guys can rip you to shreds on AGENT,
so you'll most likely have to restart. Head to the far right building, the
warehouse looking one, and enter. Kill the two guards inside and grab the blue
sports bag off the floor. Chances are that the guards in the nearyby parking
lot will have come to check out what the hell is going on. I'm sure we all
know the saying "Curiosity killed the cat". Get my drift? Ho-hum.
Head to the far building, shaped somewhat like a backwards 'L'. Kill the two
guards outside and enter through the door on the left. If you didn't
assassinate Davidov earlier, now's your chance to do so. Make sure you get his
phone. Head up the stairs to the top (watch out for the lone guard) and put
your gun to the back of his head. He'll quickly order the plane to land, so
head on down, and after your nice chat with the blue-suit...

Mission VIII: Masquerade
A) Infiltrate Facility - do not arouse suspicion
B) Dr. Jones must survive - feel free to arouse her
C) Avoid innocent casualties
D) Pick up the locater card
E) Escape from Blast Pit

This mission is easy peasy, especially compared to the last few. And, it is
the first time to meet Dr. Jones... mmm. Not much else to say, so let's get

Walk up to Akakievich, the green suited man, and show him your papers. The IDA
Physicist is hiding behind the tents, where, if you're careful enough, you can
find her masturbating intensly. Oh, if only... I don't care if she's
polygonal, she'll still hot...  Whip 'em out for Dr. Jones, the papers, I
mean, and she'll tell you to take the elevator. She'll follow you in and
you'll descend into the underground facility. She needs to "check something",
or in other words, stare at a blank computer screen, so head through the large
door by hitting the small panel on a wall nearby. Take a right and head
through the next large door.

After the cinematics, watch grapple up out of the pit (the target is directly
above you) and take out the blue suits. Pick up any guns/ammo lying around and
head through the only open door. Push the large "thing" (it's hard to miss)
taking out the guards who come storming out, until you reach a room on the
right side. Kill the lone guard and pick up the little locater card somewhere
on the floor. Continue pushing the large "thing", until it gets smashed by the
doors. Jump on the nearby crates then over the "thing". Kill the enemies who
rush you and thos in the room at the end. Approach Renard in the elevator and
he'll leave on the lift, leaving you a little present. Run away, and jump on
the black and yellow bar hanging from the ceiling.

Kill all of the guards in the blast pit and enter the only open door. Kill all
the guards you can from behind the fire, then cross over on the platform
hugging the right wall. Kill any leftovers and move on back to the facility
entrance. Kill the three guards and jump into the lift. Nothing will happen,
and a wall of flame will be hurtling toward you, but don't worry. The lift
will automatically leave when the flame gets close enough, so before you try
to grab Dr. Jones's breast as one last fling before you die, just laugh at the
officers who get engulfed in the flame and camly sit back as the movie starts
playing and...

Mission IX: City of Walkways I
A) Locate Zukovsky
B) Keep Dr. Jones alive.
C) Do not eliminate your allies
D) Keep Zukovsky alive
E) Retrieve computer files from the fishery office.

The peeps over at E.A. sure are nasty. After pampering you with obscenely
simple levels through the first half of the game, they decide to throw some
obscenely difficult levels at you up through the last two. Well, obscenely
hard if you don't know how to take 'em. But you have my guide, so you do.

After staring at Bond's kick-ass BMW (and Dr. Jones) for a while, head up into
the office where a cutscene will ensue. Resist the urge to pop a cap in
Zukovsky's backside and head through the door and down the ramp, killing off
the two guards. When you reach the next door, open and immediatly dash behind
the boxes ahead. Two T'rists will round the boxes to greet you, but you should
greet them with the giving end of your Ingalls. Jump out from the boxes and
charge/kill the two T'rists on the higher level. Trip the switch and head
through the big door. Kill the three T'rists, and pick up the GL-whatwhat.
Equip it and activate the elevator. When the elevator comes down and opens up,
shoot in a grenade to kill all four T'rists at once!

After taking the elevator, you'll run into two T'rists and a conveyor belt.
Kill the T'rists and take the conveyor belt. The enemies in the adjacent room
will fire at you, but when you get to the other side, only one will follow
you, so kill him off. Peer over the side of the platform, opposite the
conveyor belts, and kill the enemies below, then jump down. Kill any you
missed, hit the switch, and head through the boxes to the door, killing any
T'rists you encounter along the way.

Now as fast as you can head down the right path, kill the GL-toting guard,
kill the T'rist in the small building, hit the switch, and duck behind the
wall. After the gunfire dies down, run off down the other path (from the big
door, left) and kill the guy near the boxes. From here kill the men on/near
the boat, then pick off the Rocket-Launching bastard down and  to the left.
Head down, then up back up the next ramp. Cross the bridge as fast as
possible, then kill the man behind the boxes. Camp out behind them for a
moment, then go around them and continue forward. Dodge the rockets the
T'rists fires at you and return the favor with a bullet to the brain. Head
right into the caviar, um, brewery?

Head up the ramp opposite the entrance and kill off everyone on the next
level. Rinse and repeat. Enter the door on the top level and kill the final
few guards. Give the computer a go with the Covert Modem, then head down the
nearby ladder. Kill the final T'rist and when you near the last building

Mission X: City of Walkways II
A) Return to Zukovsky
B) Collect equipment from Zukovsky's car.
C) Do not eliminate your allies
D) Destroy the attack helicopter.

This level is simple. Everything about it. Once you learn my mighty method of
destroying the chopper (among other things) you realize how easy this level
is. However, it's very time consuming. But that's no big deal. So let's go
kick some ass.

Turn around at the start and grab the body armor, Soviet, and the useful
sticky grenades.
Head through the far door, and hit the switch. Wait for the chopper to pass,
then cross and kill off the two guards. Enter the warehouse, then round the
boxes and shoot the T'rist in the high window. Help the big Z's men kill the
T'rists on the floor, then throw a sticky grenade (um, yuck) up into the
window, and get the hell away from that general direction. When it explodes,
head onward and up the stairs. Collect all the scattered ammo (hmm, heh) and
go down the other set of stairs. Kill the two guard who literally try to jump
you, then head through the door.

Immediatly head up the left bridge here and jump across the falling-apart
walkways. When you get to the other side, get through the door fast to avoid
gunfire. Inside the warehouse, help Z's men kill off the T'rist colony before
the lay their eggs, making sure not to miss the storage crate full of ammo,
then exit through the back door. Quickly take a right here, and grab the body
armor refreshment along with some ammo. Here you first meet the attack
chopper. Facing in through the other side of the building, is the chopper,
firing at you. You'll be trapped here, but eventually it'll go away, so just
sit and wonder why the pilot doesn't come around the building and kill you.
When it leaves, head out the other side of the building and take the rightmost
metallic walkway. Make sure to kill the T'rist before you get too close. Head
left and into the building. Soon you'll see two T'rists and some TNT barrels.
Shoot the barrels and laugh as their limp body fly back and hit the wall. See
those little moving fires? Take cover, because those things head strait for
the other barrels, which will also explode taking out almost everyone in the
joint! So kill anyone left and exit. Before you waltz through the second door,
though, open it, jump out, and jump back in, being sure to back far away from
the door. In a few seconds the chopper will fly by, and, pause the game here
and read ahead. Take out the Rocket Launcher that you should have, and now run
down the path. Facing slightly left, you should see a large red box. Fire off
a rocket at that box, and if it hits, it'll take the T'rist down.

As you're running towards the platform, you have to shoot off a rocket at the
T'rist, hopefully hitting the box he's on and killing him.

When you get to the platform, dash down the ramp in the middle and grab the,
oh yes, OH YES, THE MIGHTY AT 420 SENTINEL! This baby is your ticket to
destroying that chopper. But unlike some guides may tell you, do not go up and
try to use guided rockets on the chopper. You'll be a sitting duck, and it
will quickly make gruel out of you. Instead, you have to turn on the auto
function, stand under the ramp, to either side a bit, so you have a small
crack from which to shoot the chopper when it passes by. So whenever it stops
to fire at you through your little crevace, pop a rocket off at it. After
about five or so rockets, the damned thing will finally fall, and the
drawbridge will lower. Take out the final two guards, and when you enter the
caviar plant...

Mission XI: Turncoat
A) Pursue Bullion
B) Rescue the Hostages
C) Dr. Jones must survive
D) Avoid innocent casualties

The hardest part about this level is that, unlike other levels, you actually
do have to hurry. And the civilians are idiots. They run right in front of
your bullet stream yelling, "Don't shoot!". Damnable. Good luck.

Follow Bullion around the corner, then head up the ladder and walk to the end
of the platform for a P2K. Jump down and double back down the street.
An "oddly more satisfying" way of obtaining weaponry was sent in by Kevin Rice
"For the Turncoat level (where you're chasing Bullion), instead of heading up
the ladder to grab a gun at the very beginning, I find it oddly more
satisfying to use the stunner from your watch on the first enemy you see.
He'll go into convulsions and drop his gun. Pick up his gun. switch to it and
kill him with it. It's a Magnum .44 so it's also one shot kills with a little
bit of zoom ability."
Kill the two T'rists by the blue truck, then kill three more behind the short
wall. Shoot the car around the corner to take out the next three that rush
you. Head down the side alley then kill the 3-4 T'rists around the next
corner. Round another corner, kill two more T'rists, and head up into the bath

Here's Kevin Shanks, on-upping me and being gay around corners once again
(J/K, Kevin) -
"in turncoat, where you say to shoot the car to take out 3 dudes in the
beginning, it's good, but here's something that's better if you practice it
a bit.

simple, when you run in that direction, just go behind the car, not to close
from it, and a stupid T'rist will shoot it, killing himself and his 2

that way you save ammo and maybe the little health you'd have lost while
shooting at the car."

There are 2 hostages here. First save the one across from the door, then the
one diagonally left of the door. Kill the three on the second floor while
still on the first floor, then grab the body armor and head up the stairs.
When you get to the roof, after several flights of stairs, kill the sniper on
the roof facing the door, and cackle as he falls to become nothing more than a
splat on the streets below. Kill the other T'rists in the area and jump to the
roof of the next building at the gap in the railing. Kill more T'rists up
here, then head right and down the ramp, then kill yet more T'rists. Yeesh.
Where'd they all come from?

Jump to the next building and head through the various rooms until you reach
yet another building top. Kill the two T'rists and climb the ladder in the
corner. Yet another goddamn pair of T'rists await. And another on the next
roof. Yikes. Jump through the hole in the farthest grating. In the small
hallway there are 5 (!) T'rists taking turns on the hostage (poor soul), so
kill them all as quickly as possible. In the next room, kill the lone T'rist
on the bottom floor to save another hostage. Open the double-door and kill the
3 T'rists to save one more hostage. Kill the guard to the right in the next
room to save the final hostage. Head through the next doors then make an
immediate left and up the stairs to "catch" Bullion and it's...

Mission XII: Fallen Angel
A) Open security door with scanned fingerprint from Bullion.
B) Rescue M at all costs
C) Stop Elektra from warning Renard
D) Do not eliminate your allies

This is the last of the realy difficult missions, and it's not even that hard,
so don't sweat. As long as you know what to do, which is just the info this
guide supplies, you'll make it out fine.

Grab the gun by Zukovsky (it's about time he died) and head up the left
stairs. Pass by Z's man and shoot the guard through the grate in the next
door. Shoot the guards that come storming out ("Damn kids, ya can't have yer
ball back!!!") and then turn left and blast the security camera. Enter the
through the door and grab the equipment off the nearby table. Head back to the
beginning, laugh at Zukovsky's rotting carcass, then head through the door
behind him, and the next to the right. Shoot the guard to the immediate right
and the head left, not down. From this vantage point, you can snipe Bullion,
and two guards that would have normally sniped you. So kill the two guards
(one on the roof below you, one on the boat in the distance) and shower some
bullets on Bullion. Jump through the hole in the roof of the building and kill
the five guards. Don't miss the body armor! Head into the next room, kill two
guards, then down the stairs and kill two more. Head out onto the docks. When
you reach the small peice of dock where Bullion was (behind the sandbags) whip
around and spray the two guards who just came from where you came from. Find
Bullion's body (it may be underwater) and use the fingerprint scanner on it.
Head back up to the security door (watch out, some guards have re-spawned) and
take out the camera opposite it. When you open the door, don't go all the way
through. Instead, shoot the two cameras before the can see you to avoid a
deadly trap. Head up the stairs.

If the cameras saw you, however, you'll be locked in and posionous gas will
begin flowing in. So select your watch grapple and grapple up through the hole
in the ceiling. Take the ladder and now your right where the stairs would've
taken you.

Kill the two guards here and head right. Head for the final cell on the right,
and shoot the lock off.

Now it's time to fight Gabor. Simply kneel down and punch him repeatedly in
the kneecaps until he falls. Simple.
An alternate strategy for killing Gabor was sent in by Kevin Rice -
"Instead of punching him in the knees, use the stunner on your watch. He'll
drop his gun. Pick it up and kill him. It's quicker and more sinister. heh"  -
Take his P2K and head upwards, killing guards all along the way. When you
reach Elektra and M, a cutscene will play. Afterwards, you know what to do.
Bond never misses.

Mission XIII: A Sinking Feeling
A) Board Submarine
B) Locate and rescue Dr. Jones unharmed
C) Gain access to Control Room
D) Ensure safety of submarine crew
E) Destroy Steering Controls
F) Escort Dr. Jones to Mine Room

The second-to-last level is suprisingly short and easy, so don't get too
nervous. There's really nothing special to killing the guards, either - just
point and shoot. Certainly you can do that, Bond.

Take out the first two guards as silently as possible, preferably by sneaking
up behind them then busting a quick cap in their head; for the patrolling
guard, hide behind the box closest to you at the start.When he passes by,
sneak out behind him and give him a stun/punch with your watch. For the
standing guard, just shoot him in the back of the head. Kill the patrolling
guard when he passes by. Take the Suisse SSR and kill the guards on the "wing"
on the sub and the bridge to the sub, from as far away as possible. Use the MB
POW to quickly blow the remaining three guards to hell. Cross onto the sub,
climb the ladder, and jump into the sub.
The following tip was sent in by Byron McMullen -
"ON the second to last level of TWINE you can skip the first few guards by
walking down to the tail of the sub jumping in the water and swimming onto the
tail then kneel down and walk along the left side of the sub and climb
the latter. You will save a lot of life and won't waste ammo."

Down the ladder to your left is a guard, but he's kind of difficult to see as
he matches the floor. Head through the door behind the ladder. Turn on your X-
Ray Specs to see through the wall to your left - if Christmas is in this room,
don't enter. If not, jump in and kill the guard (be careful not to shoot the
submarine crew! They're in navy blue). Head back to the ladder. Look through
the wall to the left with your X-Specs. If Jones is in here, don't enter. If
not, kill any hostiles inside. Head through the door opposite the ladder and
head left. X-Ray peep through the wall to the right. Once again, if Christmas
is inside, don't enter, if not, kill the enemies inside. Head through the
other door, and through the next door to get to the navigation room. In here
are three Frinesi-toting guards; there may also be another patrolling guard
nearby. Kill everyone in the immediate area, then exit the navigation room
through the opposite door. Head forward again, then right into the control
room. There are about five guards in here, so be careful. Now head back to
whichever room Christmas was in and take her to the mine room, located past
the control room and as far down that hall as you can go. Head for the
steering controls in the back room of the Control Room and shoot them to blow
them up. The sub will smash to the bottom of the sea nose-first and...

Mission XIV: Meltdown
A) Enter the reactor chamber
B) Eliminate Renard
C) Protect Dr. Jones
D) Stop the meltdown
E) Escape the flooding sub

Ah, yes, the final level. And just like Perfect Dark, it's by far the easiest.
A walkthrough will be tough, however, because there is no sense of direction.
But I'll try my best.
The following tip was sent in by 'AmandaLover'-
"I also have a tip for people who are stuck in the first part of Meltdown
where you are swimming: Follow the green lights; they will take you up
to the room with the ladder. "

Jump into the water, then go right, through the door, and up for air. Head
strait down, through a door, then turn around and head through the door
underneath the one you just came through. Head strait down and then left. You
should now be in a room with a floating body. Grab the nearby gun, and MB
POW90, and head up for some oxygen. Exit this room through where you entered
and turn left. Here you have an ammo clip, so grab it and head left. Through
another opening you go and then left to find more ammo and get more air from
the above pocket. Exit the room and head down. At the end of this passage go
left then into the passage leading down. Here you should see a ladder. If so,
good, if not, um... sucks for you.

Pass the ladder, do a little flipadyjig (er, yeah) and enter the large
rectangular door right beneath the one you just came from. Turn right on the
other side and head up. When you hit a wall, go left, then right. You should
be in a huge passage. If yes, quickly swim up, if not, once again, sucks for
you. Sorry, bro.

At the top, two of Renard's men are waiting for you. Gun them down and collect
the body armor opposite them. Look up and grapple. Jump off when you get to
the top and kill another guard. Look up through the open white door and you're
in a large chamber. This is the Reactor Chamber. See Renard in the tube up
there? Nearby is a red switch. Hit it, and Renard will become nothing more
than a big head of yuckiness. Continue grappling upwards for a while until you
reach the final room with Christmas, and it's...


Congragulations, my friend! You've just beaten The World is Not Enough of 00
Agent. Now enjoy your Christmas in Turkey, and have some fun with your new
Multiplayer Scenario.

3. Weapons Information
Here I describe in breif detail the weapons of the game, grouped by category.


Wolfram P2K
Bond's weapon of choice is a high capacity, semi-automatic pistol that can be
equipped with a silencer. Medium range, low damage, but very accurate.

Raptor Magnum
Very powerful, medium clip, medium range. Not as accurate as the P2K, but much

Mustang .44
This is, for the most part, a Magnum with a limited zoom. Smaller capacity
than Raptor.


Meyer TMP
A small automatic pistol, the Meyer has low damage and range but is reliable
due to it's decent rate of fire.

Duestche M45
Very useful machine gun. So-so rate of fire, but very good stopping power to
make up for it.

Ingalls Type 20
Silence machine pistol. Widely used by terrorists, with average statistics. A
nice auto to have in a fit.

Very useful. High damage, clip, and comes with a limited range zoom.
Suprisingly accurate. Slow reloading though, which can be a bitch at times.

Soviet KA-57
Good damage and stopping power, but eats bullets faster than I eat a burger.
Accuracy is down the tubes.

Meyer Bullpup
Very accurate and with a limited zoom, the Bullpup is sort of a cross between
an automatic and a sniper rifle. Useful, but rare in the Single Player mode.

Mustang MAR-4
High powered assault rifle with good stopping power and limited zoom.

Mustang MAR-4GL
We need to see more of these! High powered automatic combined with a grenade
launcher is my kinda weapon! Kind of a rip off of PD's Super Dragon.


Single round Grenade Launcher. Grenades can be set to explode on impact or
detonate on a five second fuse.

Single use Rocket Launcher, very powerful. not much else to it.

AT 420 Sentinel
Very powerful anti-vehicle weaponry. Can be guided by keeping laser pointer on
disired target, or can spit out a quick barrage of four unguided missiles.

Sticky Grenade
Obscenely power grenade. Sticks to any surface, 5-second fuse. Run as far away
as you can after setting one of these or you'll be caught in the massave
unseen explosion. Plus it has a funny name.

Frag Grenade
A powerful time-fuse grenade. As with the sticky grenade, set this thing and
get the hell outta there.


Seamaster Speargun
Speargun. Can be single or double barreled. Designed for underwater use, but
can be used on land.

Delta 900 Mag
Powerful crossbow that can be used for sniping as well as close combat.
Accurate, pump-action.

Duestche M95
Silence submachine gun that doubles as a sniper rifle. Not quite sure if it
fit in as a automatic, so I stuck it here.

Frinesi Special 12
Very powerful shotgun. Can be used in pump-action or automatic. Use at close
range, as accuracy is practically non-existent.

Suisse SSR 4000
Incredibly accurate sniper rifle, very powerful, silenced, but takes too long
to reload.

Duestche SA90
Semi-automatic sniper rifle. Very powerful and accurate. No silencer, though.

Stun Grenade
When the stun grenade explodes, it lets off a great amount of some unkown, but
obviously powerful, substance. Knocks out any enemies within range for approx.
10 seconds.

Oh, and, Mr Cactus has a bit to say about two of the more complicated weapons

"Sentinel: It took me a while to figure this out, but in order to use the
guided mode, you must hold down r. Yes that's right r. took me too long to
figure that out. truth be told i blasted that damn chopper with all my ammo,
and it took a grenade round to take it down.

raptor magnum: This isn't really a "complex" weapon to use, it just may seem
like it until you learn its secret. Well, the secret is... that the laser
sight actually serves a purpose. With the sight on the magnum shoots slower
but more accurately, but with it off its accuracy is less, but has a faster
rate of fire. Exaclty like the desert eagle from half life: opposing force."

4. Credits
This is the section where I thank various people for various reasons.
So, thanks goes out to:

1. E.A and Eurocom, for making a kick-ass game.
2. marshmallow, who's simply awesome guides inspired me to write one of my
own, and who's Perfect Dark/GoldenEye guides helped me IMMENSLY. Pay them a
3.The Official Prima Strategy Guide, which informed me of the "Diffuse the
bomb at 0:07" trick in Underground Uprising.
4. Kevin Rice, for the alternate Gabor busting strategy and the alternate
strategy for obtaining a weapon in Turncoat. Also for pointing out that I
frequently misspelled the word "guard".
5. CJayC & Al Amaloo for the great sites. Keep it up, guys.
6. AmandaLover for the green light tip in Meltdown. (And don't we all love
Amandas? Well, actually, I don't. I'm more of a Corinne kinda guy myself...)
7. Byron McMullen for the guard avoiding trick in A Sinking Feeling.
8. Micheal Trout, for giving use to the Pen Grenade in King's Ransom.
9. Mr. Cactus, for sending in more useful info than I have the energy to
10. CHRISC335, for all of us lazy asses.
11. Budpall4, for being so fantastic at disarming alarms.
12. Kevin Shanks, for being so 'gay around corners'
1. And last, but not least, YOU, for reading my guide.

5. Copyright Info
This guide is written by and copyright ME, Evan Reiter. This guide may not be
sold, ripped off, or ANYTHING of the like. If you wish to post this guide on
your site, then ASK first. Basically, you may only use it personally OR with
my permission. Otherwise, I'll send you to hell with my magical powers.
 This guide should be found ONLY at:
The following sites are allowed to use it if they wish:
 If you accessed it from anywhere else, e-mail me immediatly.

6. Coming Soon
This is where I tantalize you with upcoming additions to this always expanding

So anyways, right now as you read this, I'll probably be creating:
1. Absolutely nothing, until I figure out what needs to be added!

Hell, I should delete this section altogether so people accuse me of trying to
make my guide look bigger... eh, there's always next update! >=)

7. Updates

12/16/00 - Initial Release
12/17/00 - Second Release - Got rid of ASCII, added a weapons info section.
12/17/00 - Third Release - Completed Weapons Info, tweaked the Walkthroughs,
Added Award Time Table.
12/18/00 - Fourth Release - Fixed the retarded Award Time Chart, and figured
out why I've been having retarded chart attacks! I've been writing the guide
using font size 10, but when it's posted on GameFAQs it's automatically
converted to font size 12! Therefore, the charts get screwed. But now that's
fixed. Also, I did the first two levels of the Mini-PSX Guide.
12/19/00 - Fifth Release - I must suck at these tables, the Awards table is
still getting screwed up on the net. But anyhow, I have a bit of a suprise -
I'll be creating another Guide to getting the cheats. But that'll be a while
off, as I'm still in the process of getting them all. Also, added some
alternate strategies for Turncoat and Fallen Angel, along with some corrected
spelling errors. Thanks goes out to Kevin Rice.
12/20/00 - Sixth Release - Made the "A Sinking Feeling" walkthrough more
detailed, as it, um, sucked. Plus added two more levels to the Mini-PSX
12/21/00 - Seventh Release - Added a few more levels to PSX walkthrough.
1/2/01 - Eight Release - Nothing fantastically new. I just added a few places
where this guide is allowed to be found, because it has been on GameWinners
for a while now but I've been way too damn lazy too update. But anyways, don't
expect updates until around the end of break. But why, you say? Because,
frankly, I got a PS2 from the 'rents for X-Mas and Final Fantasy 9 OWNS my
sorry ass. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
1/5/01 - Ninth Release - Added a small FAQ, and some more credits. That's all.
I'm a lazy bitch who's very sorry ass currently belongs to Chrono Cross. I
only have 3 1/2 days of break left ='(. Added a small emailing terms

2/7/01 - Tenth Release - Goooooooooooooooooooood lordey! An update! Now that I
think about it, this guide is basically finished, but hmm... Well, I added a
mega-super-duper-obscenely-large amount of reader-sent-in tips (along with a
mega-super-duper-obscenely-large amount of words connected together with
dashes), scattered about in their respective places, and I completely ditched
the PSX Guide, it wasn't going anywhere. But who knows, it could develope into
it's own little thingy, someday... but probably not. Stop holding your
breathe, before you turn blue.

2/8/01 - Eleventh Release - Fixed minor errors. And hopefully, the way it
looks all squished for no apparent reason will be gone. If not, then poo.

8. FAQ

This section is miniscule (it has what, 2, 3 questions?), but it will grow
Q: I couldn't some phones on Night Watch where you said they where. Why?

A: Because you are playing it on Secret Agent or Agent and they are in
different places on each difficulty. If you ARE playing on 00 Agent, then I'll
see you in Video Game Hell.
Q: I can't get out of the tunnel in Masquerade, I tried jumping and it didn't
work! What am I doing wrong?

A: For the last time, as described perfectly clearly in the walkthrough, you
have to jump up so that you hit the yellow and black bar hanging from the
Q: Where are the grapple points in Meltdown after I beat Renard?

A: After hitting the red switch that takes out Renard, head to the opposite
side of his tube and grapple to the same point used to get into the room. Jump
to the platform, grapple up through the above door, and you're on your way.
Q: How do I get  for .

A: Wait for my cheat guide.
Q: How do I get into the back of Davidov's car at the end of Night Watch?

A: Stand near the trunk and press the 'B' Button.
This next one's a special case -

Q: If I open the cartridge, and use it to set a small amount of Gelatin, will
I be able to use it as a dip dish?

A: Well, it depends, on what kind of Gelatin and what kind of dip. Also, chips
used for dipping is an important factor. After setting the Gelatin you may
need to cleanse it, but I'd say other than that you're good to go!

9. Emailing Me

Email me at [email protected]
AOL Instant Message me at GameKeeper87 or SuperMagicSloth.

And, the first thing you should do before emailing me, is read these

1. MAKE IT LEGIBLE - If you want me to answer your question better, WRITE
LEGIBLY!!!! I swear to Christ, about 80-something percent of the mail I get
sounds something like "i hav a problem i cant find the phone in nigth watch
wher yo said it is i am doin something wrong where is it?". Now I've been
putting up with it, but I'll be goddamned that it hasn't already driven me
crazy. So as of this update, any email written to me in this manner will
either A) Instantly deleted, or B)Written back to with an answer written
personally by me which mocks your horrible sense of punctution and doesn't
answer you question in the least!!! So throw in some damn commas! Capitalize!
isnt is i am stciuk what am i dong wrng id my gme glitch i ned help!"
MEANS!!!! Oh, Christ...

2. If you are playing on AGENT or SECRET AGENT and have a problem, do not
email me. I run a 00 AGENT and ONLY 00 AGENT guide here. THIS IS A 00 AGENT
GUIDE!!! I mean, hell, I appreciate the support, but if you're using a guide
for higher difficulties on a lower difficulty, FOR ANY GAME, you are bound to
get screwed. So just don't do it!

3. Appraisle mail is welcome. ;-)

4. Hate mail is welcome, too. Go ahead. If you don't like me, go ahead and
tell me. All this appraisle I'm getting is going to my head. Come on peeps,
pound down. I need it. That said, I suppose I should thank 'Dick21Head' to be
the first one to do so, sending me two, oh yes, TWO emails simply saying, "go
fuck yourself". Ho-hum. Such a clever lad he must be...

5. Don't be offended if I reply to you with extreme sarcasm. This being my
first Guide, I'm not used to getting much mail. Frankly, I get bored reading
it, so my own personal morbid sense of humor kicks right in. I most likely
will start out with some sort of boorish comment, so realize I'm just kidding
and take it up the ass.

That's it for now. Keep these in mind.

10. Closing Thoughts
A.K.A. Outro and Ramblings

I hope you enjoyed my guide. Look for others by me in the future. Eat lots of
bananas. Metallica, Green Day, & Limp Bizkit are the best bands ever. Read
marshmallow's guides. Read DingoJellybean's guides. Be as lazy as possible.
When you grow up, become a Buddah, and seek the way to supreme happiness. Or
seek happiness by playing as many video games as possible. Either works,
preferably the latter. Buy the following games as soon as possible:
Parasite Eve II, Chrono Cross, Lunar 2, Planscape: Torment, FFIX, and any
others you want with the leftover money.
Listen to Loveline (KROQ 106.7 FM, 10:00 - 12:00 Pacific Time), erect a statue
of Adam Carolla, and pray to him every morning, afternoon, and night as your
God. That is all. Good evening. I sincerely hope you enjoyed your stay.

~End of Document~

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