100% Completion Guide - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Storyline Missions
Ken Rosenberg
-The Party
-Back Alley Brawl
-Jury Fury
Colonel Cortez
-Treacherous Swine
-Mall Shootout
-Guardian Angels
-Sir, Yes Sir!
-All Hands on Deck
Ricardo Diaz
-The Chase
-Phnom Penh '86
-The Fastest Boat
-Supply & Demand
Kent Paul
-Death Row
Tommy Vercetti
-Rub Out
-Bar Brawl
-Cap the Collector
-Keep Your Friends Close...
Side Missions
Avery Carrington
-Four Iron
-Demolition Man
-Two Bit Hit
-Stunt Boat Challenge
-Cannon Fodder
-Naval Engagement
-Trojan Voodoo
Love Fist
-Love Juice
-Psycho Killer
-Publicity Tour
'Big' Mitch Baker
-Alloy Wheels of Steel
-Messing with the Man
-Hog Tied
Phil Cassidy
-Gun Runner
-Boomshine Saigon
Assassination Missions (Phone Missions)
-Road Kill
-Waste the Wife
-Check Out at the Check-In
-Loose Ends

Buy All Properties/Assets and complete all missions

-3321 Vice Point - $2,500
-1102 Washington Street - $3,000
-Links View Apartments - $6,000
-Ocean Heights - $7,000
-El Swanko Casa - $8,000
-Skumhole Shack - $1,000
-Hyman Condo - $14,000

Boatyard - $10,000
-Checkpoint Charlie (checkpoint race)
Cherry Poppers - $20,000
-Distribution (Sell 50 'Ice Creams' consecutively)
Pole Position Club - $30,000
-Spend $600 on the dancer in the back
Kaufman Cabs - $40,000
-Friendly Rivalry
Sunshine Auto's - $50,000
List 1
-Blista Compact
List 2
List 3
List 4
-Cuban Hermes
-Baggage Handler
-Mr. Whoopee
-Pizza Boy
Street Races
-Terminal Velocity
-Ocean Drive
-Border Run
-Capital Cruise
-V.C. Endurance
Film Studio - $60,000
-Recruitment Drive
-Dildo Dodo
-Martha's Mug Shot
Print Works - $70,000
-Spilling the Beans
-Hit the Courier
The Malibu - $120,000
-No Escape?
-The Shootist
-The Driver
-The Job
Robbing Stores
-Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach
-Jewelry Shop - Vice Point
-Corner Shop - Vice Point
-Pharmacy - Vice Point
-Jewelry - North Point Mall
-Bunch of Tools - North Point Mall
-Gash - North Point Mall
-Music Shop - North Point Mall
-Donut Shop - Little Havana
-Screw This - Little Havana
-Café Robina - Little Havana
-Laundromat - Little Havana
-Ryton Aide Pharmacy (aka Chemist) - Little Haiti
-Jewelry Shop - Downtown
-Pharmacy - Downtown
Vehicle Missions
-Pizza Boy (Complete level 10)
-Fire Truck (Complete level 12)
-Paramedic (Complete level 12)
-Vigilante (Complete level 12)
-Taxi (Complete 100 Fares)
Offroad Missions
-Cone Crazy
-PCJ Playground
-Trial By Dirt
-Test Track
Chopper Checkpoint Missions
-Ocean Beach
-Vice Point
-Little Haiti
Top Fun Van Missions
-RC Baron - Top of North Point Mall
-RC Bandit - Vice Point
-RC Raider - Escobar International (by the cargo entrance)
Hyman Stadium Events
Shooting Range
-45 or more points

Other Stuff
-35 Rampages
-36 Unique Jumps
-100 Hidden Packages

	200 Health
	200 Armor
	Double The Health On Any Vehicle You Drive
	Frankie Outfit Delivered To Vercetti Estate - T-Shirt That Says : “I 
Just Beat GTA Vice City & All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”
	3 Bodyguards Available At The Bar In Vercetti Estate : Cost $1,000 Each 
One You Use
	Hunter (attack helicopter) Available At The Helipad In Ocean Beach.

*I hope this guide helped you complete the game and wish the best. Good Luck!!!*

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