100% Completion Status - Guide for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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To recieve 100% completion status for the game, you must do all of the 
following items:

-Completion of all game missions. This includes all main story missions and
 prerequisite odd jobs.

-Buying all asset properties in the game: Zero RC Shot
                                          Wang Auto
                                          Verdant Meadows Airstrip

-Aquiring assets for all properties: Robi's Food Mart-LS
                                     Hippy Shopper-SF
                                     Burger Shot-LV
                                     Hunter Quarry-Bone County
                                     Vank Hoff Hotel-SF (valet)
                                     RS Haul-Flint County

-Buying all save houses in the game.

-Painting all 100 tags.

-Photographing all 50 photo ops.

-Collecting all 50 horseshoes.

-Collecting all 50 oysters.

**By accomplishing all of these stats you will get awarded!**

     ***Stats and cash will be upgraded and a rhino tank and hydra jet will be 
     delivered to Grove Street.***

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