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                              Grand Theft Auto
                                 "Vice City"
Table of Contence
4:Vehical details
5:Character Bios
6:Property Assets
7:safe house Properties
8:Robbing Shops
9:Clothing Stores
12:Rosenberg's Missions
13:Anold friend


Somewhere along the sun-Drenched coasts of Florida in the 1980's, there was a place 
called Vice City. Filled with drugs, gangsters, and general populace ranging from 
extremely rich to very poor, it's a town filled with opportunities for the right 
kind of person.

   Tommy Vercetti is just the type to take advantage of those oppertunities. After 
being thrown in jail for 15 years and left to rot by his mob family, he is now out 
and looking to get back into buisness. A trip south from Liberty City to do a simple 
transaction for the mob quickly gets out of hand. tommy winds up without the money 
he was told to deliveer, the coke he was told to pick up, or even any surviving 
members of his small group.

   That's just about where you come in. There are cars to jack, missions to 
complete, jobs to do for people, sights to see, properties to purchase, extra(and 
fun) stuff to play around with, new weopons (even a few tools), a few changes of 
clothing, and many new aquaintances to meet, friends who can help you create your 
own criminal empire in Vice City.

Basics:   This section gives you a broad overview of the contence of Grand Theft 
Auto Vice City. I provide the details on some of the more basic mechanical aspects 
of the game, plus the varius things you can do around town. If you're looking to get 
right to the heart of the matter, though, then check out my new strategy guide for 
the main story missions, as well as the property asset and extra jobs. If you want 
to relax and mess around a bit, skip right ahead to the bonus stuff chater for 
specifics on the secret diversions hidden around the city.

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