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Scribblenauts Unlimited (PC/WiiU/3DS) 100% Walkthrough (Complete)
(c) 2012 SubWorx (Matthias Kontny) - [email protected]

I found out that you can NOT spawn Nintendo objects (Mario, Hylian Shield, etc)
in the Steam version but who cares, this is a walkthrough :)

Table of Contents

Bonus Shards
? Disclaimer / Legal ?

Full walkthrough - 100%, all Bonus Shards.
Instructions come with the game, nothing to see here.
Of course this is not THE solution, play around as much as you like.
I generally recommend adding 'wings' to your character or using a mount.

I will most probably add the quest titles to the walkthrough, although it seems
like a lot of valuable space getting wasted. What do you think?
Also I am thinking about converting to the new format, but we'll see...

If you know anything I marked as missing, please feel free to drop me a mail.
You'll be credited in the changelog.

'word' means either "create this item" (pick up 'water' = create water and drag
it over Max) or "use this option from the interaction menu".

v1.2 - 2012.11.30
+ 100% complete! (finding the Bonus Shards mostly is pretty easy...)

v1.1 - 2012.11.29
! modified intro to announce...
+ bonus Shards required :/
+ added sections to the FAQ
+ all bonus Shard sections added
+ finished bonus Shard section Living, Food

v1.0 - 2012.11.29
+ Walkthrough 100% finished :D
+ complete: Storybook Keep (thanks to Troycifer on the GameFAQs forums)
+ will most probably update for quest titles etc, although usually it should be
  obvious from the names where to do what

v0.5 - 2012.11.28
! been a bit busy with work, keep playing now though :)
+ 40 Starite area nearly complete, see below
+ Exclamation Point complete (thanks to Aaron Ranslem and Ruben Selmersson)
- still incomplete: Camelcase Oasis (down to 1 Shard)
- incomplete: Storybook Keep (2 Shards)

v0.4 - 2012.11.26
! Steam Autumn Sale got in the way ;D
+ started on 40 Starite area
- still incomplete: Exclamation Point (2 Shards)
- still incomplete: Camelcase Oasis (2 Shards)

v0.3 - 2012.11.25
! game should be finished (60 Starites) by the time you finish Underscore Mine
+ filling up more stuff, nearly completed 30 Starite area
- incomplete: Exclamation Point (2 Shards)
- incomplete: Camelcase Oasis (2 Shards)

v0.2 - 2012.11.24
+ St. Asterisk, The Under Line and locations up to 30 Starites
+ complete structure until end of 30 Starite area
+ nearly complete until 20 Starite area
+ more structure in general

v0.1 - 2012.11.23
+ an introduction
+ first few levels complete so far 
+ basic formatting
- it got really late %)

-- Starting area --
  1: pick up 'soap', 'clean' pig; add ajective 'giant' to pig; create and 
     apply 'large wings'
  1: pick up 'water', 'use' on plant
  2: create 'ladder', put near tree, 'climb', 'pick up' cat, 'climb' down,
     'give' cat

Capital City
  1: throw a 'ball'; throw a 'dart'; throw a 'ball'
  1: create 'clown'
  2: create 'car' and 'rope', combine both cars with rope, enter created car,
     pull parking car away
  3: pick up 'brush', 'clean' graffiti
  4: put 'boy' in phone booth
  5: put 'statue' in well, 'interact' with lever
  6: put 'boat' in water
  7: place 'wind' near clouds
  8: put 'crown' on gorilla
Capital City Runoff
  1: add adjective 'giant'
  2: put 'fish' (animal) on anemone
  3: 'cut' rope with 'scissors'
  4: put 'fish' (food) in cage
  5: remove barrels with 'black hole' or 'singularity' - you might have to 
     play around a bit
  6: place mirror on monster

The Virgule Gallery
  1: tree: 'woodpecker'; 
     robot: 'robot'; 
     troglodyte: 'fire'; 
     headless horseman: 'horse'; 
     invisible man: 'mirror'; 
     medusa: 'stone'; 
     zombie: 'brain'; 
  1: place an 'expert'
  2: give 'hammer' to woman
  3: give 'disguise' to penguin
  4: put 'boy' in painting
  5: put 'ship' in painting
  6: put 'tiny pyramid' (landmark) in painting
  7: put 'kite' (toy) in painting
  8: put 'cherry tree' in painting

Capital City Firehouse
  1: 'paint' car with 'red paint'; give 'speaker' to DJ; give 'extinguisher'
     to fireman; put 'siren' (alarm) on fire truck
  2: give 'needle' to doctor; give 'shotgun' to gamer; give 'doll' to crying
     orphan; put in the box 'steel', 'glue' ('fill'), 'gun'; mount mech and
     shoot zombies
  1: put 'fireman helmet' on dog
  2: fly to every alarm (three total) and 'play sound'; put 'battery' on alarm
     on third floor
  3: give 'defibrillator' to paramedic
  4: place 'psychiatrist' near arsonist
  5: give 'hammer' to arsonist
  6: give 'ear buds' to fireman
  7: 'empty' pink locker on ground floor, give 'pink fire helmet' to sorority
  8: place 'clock' on wall
  9: give 'meat hammer' to fireman

St. Asterisk
  1: sick kitten: 'medicine'
     sick teehth: 'drill'
     rusty robot: 'electrician'
     brown cracked book: 'writer'
     smoking useless jalopy: 'mechanic'
  1: give 'needle' to surgeon
  2: give 'laughing bag' to clown
  3: add adjective 'happy' to heart
  4: create 'sleeping pill' and give to doctor
  5: give 'giant blue flag' to patient
  6: put 'heart' (organ) in container behind pilot
  7: give 'baby' to stork
The Under Line
  1: place 'drums'; place 'guitarist'; place 'stage' (place)
  1: put 'sweets' in candy machine
  2: place 'teacher' near beggar
  3: give 'liquid vacuum cleaner' to janitor
  4: give 'chair' to old grandmother
  5: give 'money' to woman

-- 3 Starite area -- 
Hyphen Heights
  1: give 'suit' to librarian; place 'car'; give 'flowers' to supermodel;
     place 'candle' on table; place 'priest'
  2: 'interact' with 'dynamite'; create 'cinema'; create 'poster'; 
  1: give 'bread crumbs' to grandmother
  2: put 'lawnmower' on lawn; 'pick up' baseball, 'give' to whippersnapper
  3: move lawnmower from Shard 2 over the grass in front of the townhouse
  4: place 'bully' on duce
  5: place 'microwave' near teen
  6: 'consume' any of the three food items
  7: give 'ring' to theatergoer
  8: put 'boy' on screen
  9: give 'basketball' to basketball player
 10: give 'treat' to dog trainer

Full Stop Diner
  1: schoolboy: 'banana'; 
     vampire: 'tomato juice'; 
     robot: 'smartphone';
     cannibal: 'leg'
  2: pizza: 'cheese'; 'salami'; 'spice'; 'pepper' (vegetable)
     phoenix: 'phoenix'; 'spices'; 'feather'
     motorcycle: 'wheel'; 'gas tank'; 'horn' (bicycle)
  1: give 'smartphone' to bored boyfriend
  2: give 'flowers' to brokenhearted crying girlfriend
  3: 'use' 'extinguisher' on stove
  4: place 'cake' on the billboard
  5: place 'spaghetti' between the dogs
  6: fill the gift with anything you like
  7: place 'exterminator' near bugs
  8: 'empty' freezer; give 'blanket' to frozen kitchen scullion
  9: place 'medusa' next to monster

Inkwell High
  1: give 'meat' to teenager; place 'sun'; put 'leg' on creature; 
     add adjective 'lovely' to alien; create single letters, place them,
     'interact' with switch
  1: place 'flag' on pole
  2: place 'hamster' in small steel cage
  3: give 'clown nose' to student
  4: place 'manager' next to girl
  5: place second 'bully'
  6: give 'armor' to schoolboy
  7: put 'dead rat' in pot
  8: place 'swing'

--- 8 Starite area ---
Majuscule Grotto
  1: place 'hammer'; place 'ox'; place 'hunter'; place 'house'
  1: place 'undead horse'
  2: place 'fish' (animal) in pond
  3: add adjective 'lovely' to opera singer
  4: place 'cake'
  5: give 'coin' to girl
  6: pick up 'blue paint' and 'paint' the house
  7: add adjective 'wooden' to chocolaty log cabin

Sir Guillemet's Castle
  1: give 'wand'; place 'devil'; put 'hero' (person) in cage
  1: give 'disguise' to orcs
  2: give 'horse' to soldier
  3: give 'dynamite' to assassin
  4: give 'clown nose' to larp
  5: give 'bow' (weapon) to archer
  6: give 'bikini' to princess
  7: give 'wings' to prisoner
  8: put 'gold' in large cauldron

  1: give 'knife' to boy; give 'extinguisher' to boy; give 'first aid kit' to
     boy; give 'goggles' to boy; give 'shotgun' to boy;
  1: give 'bug spray' to backpacker
  2: place 'tent' over dirt
  3: place 'pig'
  4: give 'sleeping pill' to jack (reset required to solve #5)
  5: give 'chainsaw' to jack (reset required to solve #4)
  6: give 'baby' to friendly wolf
  7: place 'plank' on tree house
  8: give 'camera' to paparazzi
  9: give 'wings' to patches
 10: place 'bee' on tree

Grave Manor
  1: give 'goggles' to Maxwell;
     walk towards sad ghostly girl for first item, then give 'doll', 'ball';
     give 'husband', 'flowers', 'ring' to sad ghostly bride;
     give 'cross', 'grail', 'god' to sad ghostly priest;
     give 'money', 'sword', 'shield' to sad ghostly knight
  1: put 'corpse' in grave
  2: give 'ball' to mix and mox
  3: pick up 'sponge' and 'use' on mirror
  4: give 'cross' to priest
  5: place 'water puddle' over rightmost flame on basement floor
  6: 'shock' gargoyle with 'defibrillator'
  7: add adjective 'giant' to black widow
  8: place 'ghost' in attic
  9: 'play music' on the piano
 10: add adjective 'small' to good-sized rusty suit of armor

-- 12 Starite area --
The Saurus Park
  1: place 'hunter'; give 'binoculars' to hunter; put 'meat' in cage; give
     'meat' to zookeeper; give 'sleeping pill' to dinosaur
  2: create 'tail', 'battery', 'saw', 'petrol'
  1: give 'purple toy pterodactyl' to crying boy
  2: give 'meat' to pterodactyl
  3: place 'bunny' near bushes below you
  4: place 'triceratops' near teacher
  5: put 'mosquito' in egg
  6: put 'horns' on sheep
  7: 'steal' bow from rex
  8: give 'pepper' (condiment) to coughing tyrannosaurus
  9: give 'net' (butterfly) to time traveler
 10: put 'basketball' in pool

Ruins Of Ellipsis
  1: give 'axe'; give 'bow' (weapon); give 'wand'; give 'first aid kit'
  1: place 'fly' on carnivorous plant
  2: give 'meat' to botanist
  3: place 'queen ant' near hug ant hill
  4: add adjective 'colorful' to pigeon
  5: give 'magnifying glass' to primatologist
  6: collect three crystal bones around level and give to necromancer
  7: give 'shield' to cryptozoologist

Anaphora Falls
  1: give 'fishing hat'; give 'fishing rod'; place 'worm' in water; place 
     'rainbow worm' in water; place 'fudge' in water
  2: musical monkey: 'singer'
     magical monkey: 'wizard'
     video game monkey: 'gamer'
     rooster hat monkey: 'rooster'
  1: place 'sun'
  2: place 'large bridge' (structure) between tree trunks
  3: place 'drain' on bottom of lake; use 'lighter' to light tiki torch
  4: give 'seaweed' (plant) to fish
  5: 'shock' sentient bridesmaid with 'defibrillator'
  reset the level now
  6: 'use' 'extinguisher' on boat; add adjective 'functional' to boat; 'ride'
     boat; give 'basketball' to Maxwell; 'throw' at boat
  7: give 'camera' to tourist
  8: give 'drum' (instrument) to shaman
  9: put 'gorilla costume' on Maxwell
 10: give 'brush' (paint) to elephant

-- 16 Starite area --
Payper N. Penitentiary
  1: 'tennis player'; 'elf' (fantasy); 'singer'; 'director'; 'palaeontologist';
  2: give 'chair' to guard; give 'body' (torso) to ghost; give 'meat' to
     prisoner; give 'police uniform' to con man; give 'dog' to programmer
  3: place 'box' on switch;
     use 'extinguisher' on fires;
     simply run through the hallway and use the door;
     give 'armor' to Maxwell;
     run past robot;
     grab Starite;
     pick up key;
     go to second floor;
     create 'fan' (tool) facing right and place it left of the spiked ball;
     go down and unlock door;
     'interact' with switch;
     add adjective 'tiny flying' to Maxwell;
     place 'air vent' below the red switch;
     fly out of the way;
     place 'box' above air vent;
     fly up;
     move between the lightning;
     remove all flying from Maxwell, then add adjective 'heavy' and jump down;
     use time machine and pick up Starite
  1: place 'toilet' near sniper
  2: give 'disguise' to crusader
  3: give 'evil cat' to villain
  4: place 'lazy man' near televisions
  5: place 'priest' near dark knight
  6: put 'hammer' in cake
  7: give 'rake' to gnome
  8: give 'brush' (paint) to easter bunny
  9: place 'dentist' on werewolf
 10: give 'candy' to santa
 11: place 'ladder' between tower and roof

Payper Plains
  1: give 'diploma' to student; place 'washing mashine'; place 'laboratory';
     place 'book' on table
  1: give 'horse' to sad jockey
  2: give 'helicopter' to stuntman
  3: place 'sun'
  4: give 'money' to cow
  5: give 'wings' to Maxwell; attach 'rope' to Maxwell and skydiver; fly up
  6: add adjective 'colored' to horse
  7: give 'balanced stick' to tight rope walker

Bullet Point Bayou
  1: place 'sun' near vampire;
     give 'horn' (bicycle) to baby;
     place 'water puddle' above cat;
     give 'wings' to secret agent;
  1: add adjective 'clean' to outhouse
  2: place 'tree' near walking tree
  3: add adjective 'duckie' to turtle
  4: place 'prince' near frog
  5: place 'meat' on the bbq
  6: give the meat from the bbq to the crocodile
  7: place 'cow' in UFO

The Listy Colon
  1: give 'sword' to skeleton warrior;
     give 'beard' to zombie;
     place 'mirror' near whisp;
     give 'brain' to ghoul;     
     create 'parrot' near ghost;
  2: place 'sailor' near steering wheel;
     place 'accountant' near treasure;
     place 'soldier' in armory;
     place 'cook' in kitchen;
     place 'man' in prison;
     place 'navigator' in crow's nest
  1: give 'ninja star' to ninja OR 'sword' to pirate
  2: place 'crate' near assassin
  3: give 'wood' to legless pirate
  4: give 'lemon' to green conquistador
  5: 'interact' with laptop
  6: give 'swab' to deaf sailor
  7: give 'chess' to legionnaire
  8: add adjective 'colored' to seagull
  9: place anything in yarrr's cannon
 10: give Maxwell a weapon to kill the shark on the bottom right;
     'empty' chest and 'pick up' map; give map to rogue
 11: give 'hay' to crow

-- 24 Starite area --
Lost Kingdom Of Parentheses
  1: create 'minotaur' near cryptozoologist; 
     give 'caesium' to nuclear physicist;
     give 'hay' to roboticist;
     'pick up' Starite;
     give 'goggles' and 'lab coat' to Maxwell;
     add adjective 'weird' to Maxwell;
     give 'minigun' to Maxwell and 'attack' the drain;
     'attack' robot;
  2: feed troll 'berry', 'salt', 'spice'
  1: pick up ark at the bottom left and give to trasure hunter
  2: add adjective 'microscopic' to the boulder near the diver (bottom left)
  3: collect crystals and return to pillars
  4: give 'big shell' (sea) to hermit crab
  5: give 'harp' to mermaid
  6: add adjective 'floating' to alien
  7: add adjective 'small' to submarine
  8: give 'horn' (bicycle) to cthulu
  9: give 'cross' to aquatic cerulean admiral
 10: give 'trident' to poseidon

Abian Sea Front
  1: place in the sleigh 'doll', 'ball', 'puppet', 'coal';
     give 'snow shovel' to Maxwell and 'dig' all colossal snow
     add adjective 'bright' to reindeer;
  1: place 'gemini' (stars)
  2: place 'igloo' near chilly
  3: place 'star' (space)
  4: give 'carrot' to snowman
  5: add adjective 'dark' to sun
  6: give 'saw' to sculptor
  7: give 'camera' to Maxwell, 'use' on yeti
  8: place 'suit' near penguin
  place 'aries', 'taurus', 'cancer', 'leo', 'virgo', 'libra', 'scorpio', 
  'sagittarius', 'capricorn', 'aquarius', 'pisces' - all (stars) for a 
  "congratulations" message
Exclamation Point
  1: give 'minigun' to Maxwell and shoot the rocks;
     create 'blanket', 'tent', 'heater';
     place 'female yeti' near yeti;
     place 'laboratory'
  1: place 'god' on the wooden platform
  2: give 'horn' (bicycle) to jack frost
  3: click the climers and 'remove'
  4: add adjective 'quick' to polar bear
  5: place 'large hadron collider' next to ice berg (Aaron)
     place 'archaeologist' next to ice berg (Ruben)
  6: add adjective 'jumping' to kid (goat)
  7: add adjective 'heroic' to snowboarder
  8: give 'gorilla costume' to yeti (Aaron)
     add adjective 'super big strong' to Maxwell (Ruben)
  9: give 'thors hammer' to warrior

Pilcrow Peaks
  1: give 'passport' to Mrs. Clause;
     give 'brush' (cleaning) to officers;
     give 'gun' to detective;
     place 'reindeer' near hound
  2: give 'ski' to skier;
     give 'sled' to arctic native;
     give 'pan' to chef;
     give 'tractor' to farmer;
     give 'magic carpet' to wizard;
     give 'brain' to zombie
  1: add adjective 'fresh' to moldy carrot; reset to finish #2
  2: add adjective 'disabled' to trap
  3: place 'heater' on icy patch and 'turn on'
  4: add adjective 'fast' to snowball
  5: add adjective 'loud' to yodeler
  6: give 'sleigh' to arctic native
  7: 'pick up' frozen foot, 'give' foot to zombie
  8: give 'wings' to angel
  9: add adjective 'spicy' to hot chocolate
 10: place 'christmas tree' near dog house

-- 30 Starite area --
Dusty Brush Canyon
  1: place 'gold' near first rock; 
     place 'toilet paper' near brown bag;
     place 'hat' near cactus
  1: give 'bandit mask' to Maxwell; 'interact' with switch
  2: 'empty' safe; 'pick up' money; 'give' money to Tony
  3: give 'armor' to cowgirl
  4: 'remove' hostage
  5: give 'medicine' to Maxwell; 'heal' sick horse
  6: place 'snake' near coyote
  7: place tanc in 'plane'
  8: give 'dead rat' to vulture
  9: add adjective 'giant firey' to arrow

Tomb Of Onomatopoeia
  1: place in sarcophagus 'tall pharaoh', 'bandage', 'formaldehyde'
  1: add adjective 'intelligent' to archaeologist
  2: create 'froggy god'
  3: give 'snail' to Tiberius
  4: give 'smartphone' to alien
  5: place 'glue' between large spiked crushers
  6: place 'sandy chear' near mummy
  7: place 'fortune teller' near caliph

Underscore Mine
  1: place 'heater' on spider; 'turn on'
     place 'ice' on spider;
     place 'diamond dog' on spider;
     give 'minigun' to Maxwell; 'attack' spider and baby spiders
  2: give Maxwell 'mask' (fun), 'superhero costume'; add adjective 'flying'
  1: add adjective 'invincible' to bird
  2: add adjective 'tasty' to mushroom
  3: place 'heater' near ice block; 'turn on'
  4: give 'spear' to troglodyte
  5: place 'bridge' (structure) above the hatch; give 'wings' to Maxwell; give
     'garlic' to Maxwell; 'use' on left-most bat

Abjad Dunes
  1: place 'soldier', 'fort', 'drill instructor', 'spy';
     give 'minigun' to Maxwell
  1: place 'venomous spider' and 'scorpion' in the cauldron
  2: give 'stopwatch' to philosopher
  3: place 'snow' above weatherman
  4: give 'hammer' to stonemason
  5: give 'horn' (bicycle) to mime
  6: place 'man' near sphinx
  7: add adjective 'living' to clay inert statue
  8: place 'plague'

Camelcase Oasis
  1: merchant: 'spice', 'salt', 'meat';
     vampire: 'coffin', 'virgin', 'sunscreen';
     clown: 'pie', 'soda', 'circus'
  1: add adjective 'cold' to coal
  2: put 'red plastic monkey' into toy barrel
  3: place 'colossal ice' near penguin
  4: place 'archaeologist' near Milo
  5: place 'gold' in rainbow
  6: give 'flute' to snake charmer
  7: 'ride' magic carpet and fly around a bit

-- 40 Starite area --
  1: place between the dancers 'medicine', 'white dove', 'meat', defibrillator'
  2: place 'gold', 'diamond', 'ruby' in the lava;
     place 'robot', 'battery', 'smartphone' in the lava;
     place 'money' in the lava;
     drop 'volcanic god' on goddess
  1: give 'giant ball' to titan
  2: give 'water' to brown dryad
  3: give 'ice' to Leon
  4: create second 'teratorn'
  5: give 'ring' to halfling
  6: place 'battery' on small pillar
  7: give 'hammer' to blacksmith
  8: place 'mirror' facing right in front of cockatrice
  9: pick up the crown on the right; place a 'box' on the switch; 'give' crown
 10: give 'jar' to Maxwell, 'fill' ooze, 'give' to excavator
 11: place 'meat' in cauldron

Ampersand Beach
  1: give 'flamethrower' to Maxwell, 'burn' wood;
     add adjective 'beautiful' to armadillo;
     create 'green wings'
  1: add adjective 'tan' to arachnologist
  2: give any object you like to the guy or volleyball player
  3: give 'bucket' to boy
  4: give 'four leaf clover' to sailor
  5: add adjective 'floating' to surfer
  6: put 'pilot' (profession) in/under tricolor hang glider
  7: give 'sunscreen' to Tiny
  8: place 'spaceshuttle' near scientist/satellite

Tilde Reef
  1: give 'knife' to Maxwell, 'attack' net
  2: add adjective 'bright' to anglerfish
  3: give 'oxygen mask' to Dale
  4: 'empty' giant clam (on the ground);
     'steal' from pink suspect jellyfish
     'give' pearl to dotted octopus
  5: place 'reef' near the clownfish

Storybook Keep
  1: give 'pebble' to Hansel or Gretel;
     give 'axe' to Hansel or Gretel;
     add adjective 'sick' to Hansel;
     place 'yodeler' near the oven (not too close or he'll burn);
     give 'extinguisher' to Maxwell, 'use' on the key and 'pick up';
     walk to the large padlock;
     remove adjective 'sick' from Hansel
  1: give 'wings' to Tots
  2: add adjective 'small' to wooden dunce's nose
  3: give 'magnifying glass' to female shepherd (thanks Troycifer)
  4: add adjective 'hot' to noblewoman
  5: give 'wool' to Rumplestiltskin
  6: place 'pea' on mattress
  7: give 'pipe' (music) to Pied Piper
  8: give 'scissors' to baritone
  9: add adjective 'small' to sad giant
 10: add adjective 'repaired' to Humpty Dumpty
 11: place 'giant fan' (tool) near the house
 12: give 'shoehorn' to Maine Coon

Dot The Island
  1: place 'floating safe';
     place 'antenna' (metal);
     place 'drain' next to lighthouse     
  1: add adjective 'mute' to siren
  2: replace adjective on siren with 'singing'
  3: give 'horned helmet' to squire
  4: give 'pirate hat' to ensign
  5: give 'flare' to sailor
  6: place 'sunny sky' for the mechanic; follow her
  7: place 'wall' on the clouds
  8: place 'heavy rain' above the oil rig for the scientist
  9: give 'battleship' to admiral
 10: give 'scuba' to swimmer

Alliteration Abyss
  1: place 'sun', 'seaweed' (plant), 'turtle', 'shark'
  2: place 'treasure chest', 'gold', 'pirate corpse';
     place 'shark', 'octopus';
     place 'water mine', 'missile';
     place 'statue', 'temple', 'monument'
  1: give 'toothbrush' to great white shark
  2: place 'mother dolphin' near dolphins
  3: place 'cork' (stopper) on oil vent
  4: place 'seaweed' (plant) near scuba diver
  5: give 'gun' to orca
  6: 'empty' large shoebox below 2nd Starite mission;
     'pick up' coin and 'give' to ghost pirate
  7: add adjective 'floating' to ghost ship
  8: add adjective 'intelligent' to octopus
  9: add adjective 'large large' to hippopotamus
 10: place 'chimera' near bored Glum

-- 50 Starite area --
Kana Craters
  1: place 'giant dog';
     give 'brain' to zombie;
     place 'fortress';
     add adjective 'dead' to maneater;
  2: put in cannon 'scientist', 'hair', 'piledriver', 'atomic bomb', 'pluto'
  1: 'ride' lunar rover and jump over the crater right ahead
  2: place 'translator' near cow
  3: give 'laser' to Maxwell; 'attack' stalagmites
  4: place 'tree' near botanist
  5: give 'jetpack' to Flying Buzz
  6: collect the three folating items and 'fill' them in flying garbage can
  7: place 'wind' near asteroid
  8: give 'drill' to dexterous rodent
  9: give 'spaceship' to arctiv native

Syntax Station
  1: add adjective 'functional' to jetpack;
     place 'monkey' near vet;
     place 'book' on brain;
     add adjective 'tame' to robot hamster;
     give 'scissors' to barber;
     'interact' with red switch;
     add adjective 'disabled' to supercomputer
  1: give 'binoculars' to spy outside
  2: 'ride' cow from outside back into space station
  3: give 'banana' to chimpanzee
  4: give 'dumbbell' to bodybuilder
  5: place 'beach' near tourists
  6: add adjective 'living' to firefly on the windshield
  7: add adjective 'friendly' to flight attendant
  8: place 'cat' on blue teleporter

  1: give 'gun' to Maxwell, 'attack' one of the generators;
     place 'mirror' on lasers;
     place 'meat' left of Haetae, then drag and drop it to the left ledge;
     add adjective 'funtional' to spaceship
  2: place near roboticist 'steel', 'heart' (organ), 'raptor', 'wings'
  1: place 'zombie' near mason jar
  2: place 'farmer' near pig
  3: give 'apple' to trucker
  4: add adjective 'talkative' to alien near Ludwig
  5: give 'binoculars' to mothman
  6: give 'skin' to android
  7: add adjective 'flying' to baby

That's it, you finished every level of Scribblenauts Unlimited :)

Now off to the 

Bonus Shards

-- Section "Living" --
Mooooo!  - place 'cow', 'pet' it
Age Old Riddle! - place 'newspaper'
Are You My Mommy? - place 'egg' on ground, place 'sun' directly above
No Noggin! - place 'headless horseman' and give 'head' to him
Self Glorification! - watch the credits and create any of the names there :)
Conflict Resolution! - place 'ninja', 'pirate'
Gnome Life! - create 'living garden gnome'
Skeleton Resurrection! - create 'living skeleton'
I Wanna Be A Real Duck! - create 'living duck decoy'
Pinocchio! - create 'living marionette'
No Harm No Fowl! - give 'duck call' to Maxwell, place 'duck', 'play music' on
Ding-A-Wing! - place 'wingless bird', give 'bell' to Maxwell, 'play music' on
Wax And Feathers! - place 'icarus' near 'sun'
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo! - place 'rooster' in 'hen house'
Liar Liar Pants On Fire! - place 'lawyer' and 'liar' together (watch the 
  burning pants on the grund :D )
That's My Lucky Coin! - place 'leprechaun', 'pot of gold', 'empty' pot, 'give' 
  coin to leprechaun if it doesn't register automatically
Beauty And The Beast Mode! - place 'werewolf beauty queen', 'full moon'
Six Feet Plunder! - place 'grave robber', 'grave'
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! - place 'game show host', 'contestant'
To The Dogs! - place 'dog trainer', 'angry pitbull'
Do As I Command! - place 'general', 'private'
It Is Easy To See, Those Are Giants! - place 'don quixote', 'windmill'
Roller Rough Up! - place 'roller derby', 3x 'roller derby girl'
Here Kitty Kitty! - place 'lion', 'lion tamer'
Use Your Inside Roar! - place 'mute lion'
No Bull! - place 'bull', 'bullfighter'
I Want You! To Help With Training! - place 'soldier', 'boot camp'
The Caged Bird Never Sings! - place 'bird' in 'birdcage'
Can't Make Him Drink! - place 'horse', 'water trough'
Your Wish Is My Command! - place 'genie lamp', 'empty' it, 'make wish' on genie
Speaking To The Oysters! - place 'walrus', 'carpenter'

-- Section "Food" --
Cat-Toast Paradox! - give 'toast' to Maxwell, place 'cat', 'combine' them
You Can't Make An Omelet Without... - place 'egg' in mid-air - should get
  unlocked while doing "Are You My Mommy?"
The Ultimate Food! - give 'grilled bread' to Maxwell, place 'cheese', 'combine'
Heavenly Dessert! - place 'angel', 'angel food cake'
So Good It's Bad! - place 'devil', 'devil food cake'
Making Cookies! - give 'cookie cutter' to Maxwell, use on 'cookie dough'
I Scream, You Scream... - 'place' icecream maker' and 'interact' with it
It's So Easy! - place 'baby', give it 'lollipop', 'steal' from baby
If You Play It They Will Come! - place 'icecream truck', 'ride' it', place
  'kid', click Maxwell and 'play music'
Rubber Turducken! - place 'rubber duck', give 'rubber chicken' to Maxwell, 
  'combine' them
Spice Things Up! - place 'spice rack', give 'spice' to Maxwell, 'combine' them
Good Gravy! - place 'sauce boat' on 'dining table'
Who Me? Couldn't Be! - place 'cookie jar' and 'empty' it
Let's Talk About Condiments! - place 'salt', 'pepper' (condiment) together
Chews Wisely! - place 'gumball machine' and 'interact' with it
Light Beverage! - place 'root beer', give 'ice cream' to Maxwell, combine them
He Takes What He Wants! - place 'honey', 'honey badger'
Bad Breath! - place 'french fries', give 'garlic' to Maxwell, combine them
Price Check On Register One! - place 'shopping cart', 'cash register',
  place 'banana' in cart, 'ride' cart to cash register
Ground To Dust! - place 'mortar' (container), 'use' 'pestle'
Have Your Cake And Display It Too! - place 'cake' on 'cake stand'
Oh Bother! - place 'pot of honey', 'bear'
Express Delivery! - place 'coconut' in 'mailbox'
They See Me Rollin'! - 'flatten' 'dough' with 'rolling pin'
The Intern! - 'interact' with 'coffeemaker'
I'd Like To Make A Toast! - place 'toast' in 'toaster', wait
Breakfast Club! - 'interact' with 'waffle maker'
All Dried Up! - 'fill' 'food dehydrator' with 'apple', 'empty' dehydrator
I Think Therefore I Yam! - 'use' 'potato masher' with 'potato'

-- Section "Vehicle" --
Witch Way! - ride 'flying broom'
Up Up And Away! - ride 'backpack helicopter'
No Stopping For Gas! - ride 'tanker' (plane) and 'use vehicle'
Board Of The Future! - ride 'hoverboard'
Expert Balloonist! - ride 'hot air balloon'
Built For Two! - place Maxwell and 'man' on 'tandem bike'
Dead To Rides! - place 'coffin' in 'hearse'
Rescue Pilot! - place 'paramedic' in 'rescue helicopter'
Emergenct Response! - place 'paramedic' in 'ambulance'
End Of The Train! - ride 'caboose'
Going Up! - ride 'cherry picker', 'use vehicle'
The Way To See The City - ride 'doubledecker bus'
Pull Over! - ride 'police car', 'play sound'
In Case Of Fire... - place 'firefighter' in 'fire truck'
Out On Patrol! - place 'policeman' in 'police car'
Taking Out The Trash! - ride 'garbage truck', place 'garbage' in truck, place 
  'dump' and drive there
You're On A Boat! - ride 'yacht'
Living On The Water! - ride 'house boat'
Your Biggest Fan! - ride 'air boat'
Abandon Ship! - ride 'life boat'
Hitting The Slopes! - give Maxwell 'ski', 'ski pole'
Four! Wheeler - ride 'golf cart'
Roman Taxi! - ride 'chariot'

-- Section "Music" --
Out Of Tune! - place 'guitar', 'use' 'tuning wrench' on it
Is This Annoying You? - 'play music' on 'vuvuzela'
Another Dime! - 'play music' on 'jukebox'
Back To Vinyl! - give 'record' to Maxwell, place 'record player', 'use' player
Harmonious! - 'play music' on 'harmonica'
Accordion To Who? - give 'accordion' to 'musician'
Snake Charmer! - place 'snake', give 'flute' to Maxwell, 'play music' on snake
  - might take several tries to register
A Shell Of An Instrument! - 'play music' on 'conch' (music)
Bang A Gong! - place 'man', 'gong', give 'mallet' to man
Bag Of Hot Air! - 'play music' on 'bagpipes'
Down To Georgia! - give 'violin' to 'devil'
What Did Jerry Do? - 'play music' on 'didgeridoo'
Epic Drum Solo! - ride 'drums', then 'play music'
Plucked By An Angel! - give 'harp' to 'angel'
Take A Seat! - place 'piano', ride 'piano bench', 'play music' on piano
Here Boy! - place 'dog', give 'dog whistle' to Maxwell, 'interact' with Maxwell
Off-key Works For Me! - place 'autotuned man'
Desperado! - place 'violin' in 'guitar case'
The Sight Of Music! - give 'sheet music' to Maxwell, 'give' to 'composer'
Boisterous Revelry! - 'interact' with 'whoopee cushion'
Trumpet Care! - place 'trumpet' on 'trumpet stand'
Stereophonic Sounds! - place 'cd' in 'stereo'
Keeping The Beat! - give 'metronome' to 'pianist'
I Can Hold A Tune! - give 'tuning fork' to Maxwell, 'play sound' on 'guitar'
Sounds Funny! - give 'slide whistle' to 'clown'

-- Section "Tech" --
Wash, Rinse, Dry! - place 'dirty dish' in 'dishwasher'
It's A Trap! - place 'mouse trap', 'mouse' (animal)
The Clicker! - give 'remote' to Maxwell, 'turn on/off' (bottom option) on 'tv'
There's A Smokey On Your Tail! - place 'trucker' in 'truck', give 'cb radio' to
  Maxwell, 'use' radio
Say What? - give 'hearing aid' to 'deaf person'
Rise And Shine! - place 'sleeping man', 'alarm clock'
Drop Me A Line! - 'use' 'phone'
Fire! - place 'fire', 'fire alarm'
Clipped! - 'use' 'nail clipper' on 'man'
One Armed Bandit! - 'interact' with 'slot machine'
Not The Sharpest Pencil In The Drawer! - give 'pencil sharpener' to Maxwell,
  'use' on 'pencil'
Firey Furnace! - place 'clay' in 'kiln', 'empty' kiln
Say Yes To Rugs! - 'interact' with 'loom'
Vend For Yourself! - place 'vending machine', give 'coin' to Maxwell and 'fill'
Duces Are Wild Wild Wild! - place 'computer', 'bookie'
No Safe Is Safe! - place 'safe', 'safe cracker'
Oh No My Particles Collided! - 'interact' with 'large hadron collider'
Double The Trouble! - 'interact' with 'cloning machine'
Money Laundering! - place 'money' in 'washing machine'
Where There's Smoke... - place 'fire', 'smoke detector'
Click Click Click Ding! - 'interact' with 'typewriter'
Bumper Bonus! - 'play' 'pinball'
Gently Down The Stream! - 'ride' 'rowing machine'
It's A Light Bat! - place 'baseball bat' vertical, fat end on the ground, then
  put 'lamp shade' on it
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? - 'turn on/off' 'street lamp'
Game Of The Year - place 'scribblenauts'

-- Section "Weapon" --
Projectile Salive! - 'ride' 'camel' and 'spit'
Don't Bug Me! - 'spray' 'bug spray' on 'wasp'
You Say Potato, I Say Projectile! - 'attack' something with 'potato gun'
Tank Commander! - 'ride' 'tank' and 'attack' something
Boom Goes The... - 'interact' with 'dynamite'
Tanks For Playing! - give 'anti-tank grenade' to Maxwell, place 'tank' and 
  'throw' the grenade
Pyrotechnically Awesome! - 'burn' 'firecracker'
I'd Stake Your Life On It! - 'attack' 'vampire' with 'stake'
Poke Em With The Sparky End! - 'shock' 'cow' with 'cattle prod'
Timber! - 'split' 'tree' with 'chainsaw'
Bang Bang! - place 'silver hammer'
Nice And Toasty! - 'attack' something with 'flamethrower'
At Home On The Range! - place 'sniper', 'shooting range'
Don't Cross Me! - 'attack' something with 'crossbow'
Love Struck! - 'attack' something with 'cupid bow'
Holier Than Thou! - 'use' 'holy water' on 'devil'
Nailed It! - 'attack' something with 'nailgun'
Sweet Dreams! - 'attack' 'man' with 'tranquilizer gun'
You Summoned! - give 'necronomicon' to Maxwell, 'interact' with it
I'm A Wizard! - 'attack' something with 'magic wand'
Ouch My Eye! - add adjective 'invincible' to Maxwell, 'attack' 'cyclops' with 
Foiled Again! - 'attack' 'fencer' with 'foil' (weapon)
Roshambo! - 'use' 'scissors' on 'paper'
I Can Shoot! - 'attack' distant (far away) 'can' with 'sniper rifle'
William Tell! - 'attack' 'apple' with 'bow' (weapon)
Free Man! - 'use' 'crowbar' on 'crate'

-- Section "Clothes" --
A Spring In Your Step! - give 'springy boots' to Maxwell
Hoppin' Costume! - give 'frog costume' to Maxwell
Where'd You Go? - give 'invisibility ring' to 'halfling'
Lawman! - give 'sheriff badge' to 'policeman'
Gold Medalist! - give 'gold medal' to 'runner' (person)
PBJ Time! - give Maxwell 'banana costume', 'maraca'
Honey? I'm Home! - give Maxwell 'bee costume', walk over to 'hive'
Hats Off To You! - place 'hat' on 'hat rack'
I'd Like To Return These! - place 'shoe' in 'shoebox'
Who's Got The Foot Long? - give 'hotdog costume' to Maxwell
Laundry Day! - place 'dirty clothes' in 'hamper'
Waggle Dance! - give Maxwell 'bee costume', walk over to 'dancefloor'
Messy Eater! - give Maxwell 'bib'
My Body Is My Weapon! - give Maxwell 'black belt'
Hop To It! - give Maxwell 'bunny costume'
Scribble Cum Laude! - give Maxwell 'graduation cap'
Let's Go Team! - give Maxwell 'cheerleader costume'
Dressing To Dress! - give Maxwell 'chef costume'
Where's The Fire! - give Maxwell 'fireman costume'
Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite! - give Maxwell 'pajamas'
After Further Review... - give Maxwell 'referee costume'
There's Snowshow Better! - give Maxwell 'snowshoe'
Safety At Sea! - give Maxwell 'lifevest', 'ride' 'boat'
Kiss The Chef! - give Maxwell 'apron', 'turn on/off' 'bbq'
Too Hot To Touch! - give Maxwell 'oven mitts', 'pick up' 'hot stone'

-- Section "Misc" --
Don't Forget To Wash Your Hands! - place and use 'toilet'
It Doesn't Flush! - 'use' 'outhouse'
What Did I Do! - add adjective 'scribblephobic' to Maxwell
Dance Party! - place 'man' on 'dancefloor'
Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like... - place 'sandbox'
Make It Rain! - give 'rain stick' to Maxwell, 'play sound' on it
Not So Boring Barn! - place 'blue barn'
Daycare Day Job! - place 'baby' in 'daycare'
Light The Fuse And Get Away! - 'interact' with 'bottle rocket'
War And Peace! - give 'white dove' to 'war'
Who Needs Matches? - 'burn' 'tinder' with 'flint'
Scaredy Crow! - place 'scarecrow', 'crow'
I'd Like To Thank The Academy! - give 'trophy' to 'actor'
Weaving So Soon? - give 'yarn' to 'weaver' (human)
What A Shamrock! - give 'four leaf clover' to 'leprechaun'
Cure For The Common Gold! - 'attack' 'fools gold' with 'magic wand'
Order In The Court! - place 'judge', 'court'
Am I To Be Or Not To Be A Writer? - give 'book' to 'shakespeare'
Hula Hula! - give 'hula hoop' to 'hula dancer'
Exhibit A! - give 'evidence' to 'prosecutor'
As Important As The Line And Wings! - place 'wooden cube'
Sanctuary Seating! - 'ride' 'pew'
Close Your Eyes! - 'empty' 'ark of the covenant'
Troy To Look Surprised! - 'empty' 'trojan horse'
It's More Fun With The Pieces! - place 'chess piece' on 'chess board'
Waste Not Want Not! - place 'paper' in 'recycling bin'
Breaking The Bank! - 'attack' 'piggy bank' with 'hammer'
Strike! - 'throw' 'bowling ball' at 'bowling pin'
Clean Is A Relative Term! - 'clean' 'toilet' with 'toilet brush'
Table Tennis Menace! - 'throw' 'ping pong ball' at 'ping pong table'
Aced! - 'hit' 'tennis ball' with 'racket'
Nap Time! - 'ride' 'hammock'

Phew, now that was a lot, wasn't it?

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