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                                                James Bond 007:
                                                Agent Under Fire                    
                       |||||||||||||  ||

O.K.  This Walktrough will tell you all you need to know about the first level, 
including Bond Moves. B.M. will stand for Bond Move.

Skip the movie with X.  After the movie, open the door with the Q-Decrypter.  
DON'T GO IN!  A camera will see you.  Instead, back up and shoot the Q-Claw 
at the wire mesh above  the door (the door and mesh will give you two B.M.'s)  
Walk right and fall down the hole.  Crouch and put you gun away.  Walk right 
out of the vent.  Punch/Chop the dude on the computer.  Don't let him see you!  
He will drop a keycard.  Grab it fast!   Turn around and open that door.  It will 
give you a B.M.Sneak around the camera and open the door there (It should 
give you a B.M.).  It has something like Armor Storage on it.  Inside there will be 
a MRL Rocket Launcher and Grenades.  Use them wisely.  Exit the room and 
head to the place you picked up the card from.  Get you gun out if you haven't 
already.  Head down the elevator.  Shoot the ding-dong typing.  Go up to the 
gate with the blinking lock.  R, Q's asistant, will contact you.  Do what he says 
and burn the lock with the Q-Lazer.  Once again, a Bond Move.  Crawl (so you 
won't be seen) forward and shoot the yawning guy.  Hit the 
red tank on the back of the fork lift with a bullet.  When it blows up, all the 
enemys will die.  Yet again, a B.M.  Pick up all thier guns but don't swich to 
them.  Trot around the corner and some dude will be puting his head down.  
Look above him and shoot the string.  A box hanging will fall on him.  You will 
recive a B.M.  Quickly run behind the boxes with armor.  DO NOT GET THE 
ARMOR!  YOU WILL NEED IT LATER!  After the line of enemy solders passes, 
run the way they did and swap som lead.  Now get the armor.  See what I 
mean?  Run down the corridor the enemy came from.  Now for the hard part.  
You will enter a climate controlled room.  Go down the steps and a solder 
will yell, "Kill the lights!"  Hide behind some plants and bring out your machine 
gun.  Shoot the gernader first and then kill all of the other guys.  Pick up the 
Fernensi behind the crate.  Kill the guy with the colt.  Pick up "The Files 
Nightshade Was Looking For".  A objecive will be completed and you will 
recive a B.M.  Open the door.  Now you will enter the submerine bay.  Kill the 
sniper and pick up the sniper rifle.  Yah!  The last bond move!  Now you have 5 
min. to rest.  Not yet.  Snipe all of the guys you can.  After M yells at you, go 
down the elevator.  Change to your Shotgun (Fernensi).  Kill all the guys.  Don't 
get too close to the yellow barrels.  They will blow up when you or someone 
else shoots them.  Two enemys will come down a elevator.  Shoot them, and 
burn Nightshade's lock with the Q-Lazer.  You have beat the first 
level with ALL Bond Moves!  Happy hunting for those twirly 007 

PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS!  If I do find it copied, I will tell
cheatcodes.com!  Check back for other level walkthroughs!!

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