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                       *THE LEGEND OF ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME*
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS:Controls
                                           Important characters
                                           1st Stone

  A= put away/roll
  B= attack
  C up=close view
  Other Cs=inventory
  Z= look straight 
  Joystick= move

Saria:one of Link's closest friends 
Great Deku tree:Link's foster parent
Darunia:link's sworn brother
Princess Ruto:Links feance
Princess Zelda:an important part of the royal family
Impa:Zelda's caretaker

As you begin in links house, exit it to find saria,walk up to her and press A 
to talk to her.Then turn left to find a steep hill run up it and look for a 
small tunnel once this had been accompleshed press a to crawl through it and 
run around on the other side until you find a tresure chest open it with A but 
be aware of the rolling bolder.Once collecting your prize from the chest 
equiped it with the pause menu.Then exit back through the tunnel.then you need 
to collect a couple of rubies, about 40. Then enter the shop and buy a deku 
shield, talk to mido and hell let you through. Then run towards the great deku 
tree and then enter his mouth.Then work your way up and go in a door kith a 
deku scrub in it shield it then chase it. then enter the next room jump to the 
other side of it and open the chest to get a fairy slingshot, then exit and go 
back down until you find a wall with skulutas on it shoot them with your sling 
shot then climb the wallthen kill a big skulluta and jump down to the web.Then 
look for a button,run on it a fire should turn on equiped a deku stick and get 
it on fire.Then look for a door covered in web burn it with the stick.There 
should be a deku scrub in there, when it spits at you deflect its bullet.Then 
chase him.Next, look towards a door with a eye above it, shoot the eye with 
your fairy slingshot.enter the room, there should be water in it. Swim in the 
water until you find a button, press it with A(dive).Then go back on land and 
jump on the platform until you get to the other side, then kill the big 
skulluta. Move the block towards the entrance with A.Then climb the block and 
enter the room. Light a deku stick and light all the other unlit torches.It 
should unlock a door go in the door.kill the big skulluta and then lite a deku 
stick, turn right an burn the web thats covering another tunnel.Then go 
through the tunnel. push the block of the ledge and get another deku stick 
lit, then run and jump on the block and on the ledge and swing at the part of 
the floor with a web on it.once you fall youll see three deku scrubs. You must 
kill then in the order that one of the deku scrubs told you in the past.Once 
this has been accomplished enter the door and stare up.Queen Ghoma will then 
drop down. To kill her shoot her when her eye is red, then when her eye is 
blinking strike her with your sword.Keep repeating this until she dies then 
take her heart ant enter the blue light.The Great Deku Tree should give you 
the first stone. 

I may keep on working on more walk throughs later on but any way I hope I 


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