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      mission 2: ellsworth prison part one

    first you start out in your cell at ellsworth prison. then head to your bed 
and select in the action bar enter crawl space,then exit front. then you climb 
a small space above your head to your 10 a'clock then you talk to jamie 
washington about the plan for the bust out of ellsworth prison. after that, go 
to the huge pipes behind you and select boost over. move out of the way then 
come back to jamie and select action complete boost over. then when you hop 
over go to the latter, go all the way up the latter and select open trap. when 
sam opens the trap, climb up it then go to were you see a pipe, climb up it 
then go accross it then when you reach a broken gate swing your legs up and go 
accross. get off the pipe then go to the big pipes to your right. walk to the 
pipes and then sam should automatically back to the wall then go through the 
pipes then you should end up were you see a trape door. go to it then pick the 
lock on it. once you've done that, climb down the trap. WARNING: watch out for 
the gaurd at the gaurd booth. then once you climbed down the trap sneek around 
the gaurd and take the walkie-talkie. then hurry it up and get back up the trap 
before the gaurd comes back! then you hear someone over the intercom say theres 
gonna be a head count. then you say to jamie with the walkie talkie:"jamie, i 
got the goods." then jamie says," good, but you better fly back to your cell 
there about to do a head count!" then you come back the way you came. COUTION: 
watch out for the new gaurd on the walk way above you when you come back to the 
pipe you climb, he will not see you but he can hear you. so keep it silent! 
when you come back to the crawl space, enter and exit to the front. then a 
gaurd comes up and says to you that you got a visitor. go uot the cell and it 
will skip to were you and lambert are talking about getting out of ellsworth 
and leaving barhnam alive, then about a secondary objective oubout some disk at 
the mourge containing info about jamie (you dont have to unless you want to 
restore trust for the NSA) after that jamie says he is in the court yard with 
barhnam and also says he'll law low until you get there. when you get there you 
open the door and a scene will start where barhnam threatens jamie and trys to 
choke him. then you cut in and grab barhnam, then you have the chance to kill 
him or knock him out. its recommended to kill him so jamie will later give you 
a gun in part two. then after you make your choice the gaurd in the gaurd tower 
throw a couple of smoke grenades then it will go to part two.

                      to be continued...

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