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The following is not a move for move walkthrough, just tells you what the 
are, good moves, and important tips.

1) Aragorn
2) Legolas
3) Gimli
4) Gandalf
5) Sam
6) Frodo
7) Merry
8) Pippin
9) Faramir
1) Upgrades to get
2) Path Of The Wizard
3) Path Of The King 
4) Path Of The Hobbits 
5) Last Levels (coming soon)
1) About myself (coming soon)
2) copyright (coming soon)
3) Special Thanks (coming soon)

Aragorn- Aragorn is the beginner's favorite. He is a great all-around character. 
Legolas- Legolas is a long-ranged specialist. Best used for large areas.
Gimli- The opposite of Legolas, slow, powerful close-up and needs an experianced 
player to handle.
Gandalf- In my opinion, the best. His magic makes him all-around great.
Sam- Sam is decent all-around, and he can get through crowds that don't need 
battles. His stab to an enemy on the ground is quick, unlike Aragorn's who's is 
Frodo- He is generally weaker than Sam, barely different.
Merry- Merry is the equivallant of Sam, he just looks like a warrior.
Pippin- Pippin is the same as Frodo and Sam as well.
Faramir- He is very similar to Aragorn.
When buying upgrades try to get health increasers first, then long-range upgrades, 
chargeble upgrades (ranger fury ect.), try to avoid combos until later. 


HELM'S DEEP- This level is pretty basic. You will be Gandalf in the middle of the 
battle. Kill the enemies and listen to the instructions. You will need to launch 
catapults onto the bridge, take out some archers near Legolas, and that's about it; 
it is a generally easy level.

ROAD TO ISENGARD- You will find yourself with a road in front of you. Follow it, 
shooting the explosives along the way. You will be lead to a battle ground of the 
Ents and Orcs running around. You need to avoid the Ents (trees) feet and get to 
opposite side. You will need to kill 60 or so orcs before the Ents smash rock open 
clearing a path. Run up the path and you will come to a bridge with towers, and 
archers on them. When arrows are being shot at you, you can hit the explosive box 
under each. Run along the path still, and you will come to an Ent pulling the 
supports on a dam. Keep the archers from shooting on each side, and survive till it 
breaks the dam.

MINAS TIRITH: TOP OF THE WALL- You will be on the top of a castle wall. Knock the 
ladders down and kill orcs until you see the troll pushing siege towers close to 
wall. Go to the far left of the wall and fully charge your staff until it's shaking 
and shoot the tower until it flames and falls. After the first is down, go to the 
right straight, not turning, onto the tower and stand halfway up the stairs and tke 
this tower down. Then go back to the far left to take out another tower. After that 
a last tower will open on the far right of the wall. Go to it, and kill the cluster 
of orcs and shoot it down to win.

MINAS TIRITH: COURTYARD- This is where you are at a gate letting various people 
it. many will run over a short amount of time, once 200 are safe you win. Stand at 
the base of the stairs and take out all the enemies that attack. If you need health 
barrels on either side in the corner have potions. After over 100 are in, trolls 
will come. Use the flaming war pikes to shoot them and your staff. If you're out, 
close as a LAST resort, the trolls got a lot better after the two towers. After 
you win.


THE PATHS OF THE DEAD- This level is very basic. Follow the path, kill all the 
specters and use fierce attack for shields, spread without. Just follow the path 
until you're trapped between 2 rocks and fight 'till it's over.

THE KING OF THE DEAD- This guy is easy if you know what to do. First parry all his 
attacks, then spead attack with Gimli or Aragorn. Legolas try leaping back and 
shooting. He will call weak guards, kill them. When he is half dead he will use a 
wind attack. Get behind a rock and while he's charging, kill him. After he's dead 
run out of the cave and win.

THE SOUTHERN GATE- This is a good level for leveling-up. You begin running towards 
a gate with Gimli talking about sensing orcs. You will then see a troll leap over 
the top of the gate. Run back and throw a war pike at it for an easy kill. Then 
launch the catapults to break the tower and create a path up. Also hit the one on 
the right to hit the troll on top. Climb the ladder and kill the orcs as well as 
the troll, best by staying behind the small wall and shooting it. Then an elephant-
like creatur will approach you, shoot it down. Then you will pull the wheel to open 
the gate. You will now see many orcs running out in front. Pour the buckets of hot 
liquid on them and run through the gate.

PELEANOR FIELDS- This is a difficult level. You will first kill a few enemies and 
then you will fight the elephant things. You need to go from cliff to cliff 
shooting these things judging by which ledge they're closer to. Then the witch king 
will come. Do the same as the elephants until you succeed.


ESCAPE FROM OSGILIATH- You generally have to lead Frodo out of this battle before 
he is corrupted. Just follow Gollum around until you are lead out. It is very 
basic, you'll do fine with little guidance. 

SHELOB'S LAIR- This is a complete maze. You run around a large cave to meet up with 
many spiders that attack you. Fierce attack them to knock them over and then stab 
them with R. After a while of searching the many paths you will come to a huge room 
with Frodo wrapped in web. A HUGE spider will attack and you need to parry attacks 
and then attack quickly. After a minute it will be stabbed in a clip by Sam. Then 
the smaller spiders come down and you simply kill them. DON'T THROW KNIVES AT THE 
until end.

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