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     The sorcerer is obviously better at the field of magic. The spells the 
can cast are of a wide variety, and grow in power as you do. From a simple 
firebolt to chain lightning, all spells are quite usefull in the field and 
their power should be harnessed properly. This will teach you the basics.
For beginners, this should be quite useful. Let's start with the basics!

MOVEMENT: To move your new sorcerer, just click your curser over the spot 
where you wish your charecter to move. If you have not already done so, let's 
try this out. Click to the left. Now click up. You should now be in the town 

ARMOR: Armor is essential in the dungeons! Griswold the blacksmith is the fat 
man on the left of the well. Click on him to talk. A menu will show up. Click 
on buy beginner items. Buy some armor. You have a small amount of gold now. 
You must find more in the dungeons! Press I when you buy it to bring up your 
inventory and equip it.

ATTACKING: To attack, you must left-click on your enemy. This will make your 
charecter do a low-damage attack with his staff. This will not kill enemies 
with one hit, so keep clicking until they fall.

CASTING SPELLS (STAFF): In the lower hlaf of the screen,(the part that's dark) 
on the far right, there is a picture. Move your cursor over it and it will say 
the spell it is chared with. This spell is a beginner spell, and is not very 
powerful, but more powerful than your attack. To use a spell, face your 
enemies and right-click.

CASTING SPELLS (NORMAL): When you learn a new spell, you can equip that spell 
by clicking on the spell icon and clicking on your new spell. When you use non-
staff spells, It uses mana (the mana-o-meter is the blue orb held up by an 
angel, and your health-o-meter is the red one which is held up by a demon). If 
the orb emptys, you will be unable to cast spells. Drink the blue mana potions 
to restore lost mana.

TAKING DAMAGE: When you are hit, your health-o-meter will empty (see CASTING 
SPELLS NORMAL). If it emptys completely, your charecter will die. That is why 
you want to save often by pressing ESC. Drink red health potions to restore 
lost health.

RECHARGING STAVES: It is EXTREMELY important for you to recharge staves (staff 
plural) often. There is only a certain amount of times you can use a staff's 
power. When it's all used up, you need to go to the witch and ask her to 
charge them for you. When you are in town square, go right and look for a 
bridge across the river. Keep going and you'll find her hut. You can also be 
useful artifacts there. You can charge staves yourself, but I would disuade 
you from that. When you charge a staff yourself, it lowers the maximum number 
of charges. If you have no other choice, RECHARGE STAFF can be selected as a 

            Good luck on your path as a sorcerer!

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