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Resident Evil 0  - A Complete Walkthrough & Strategy Guide (Final Version)
Writer : Michael Chan
E-mail : [email protected]
Date : December 12, 2002
Version : 0.5  {Correction of typing errors}
*All Rights Reserved*
Table of Contents
A. Preface
B. Things to remember
C. Walkthrough/Strategy
D. Rewards
E. The Extra Game - Leech Hunter Hints
F. Conclusion
A. Preface
This walkthrough is to help you beat the hard level of 
RE O and unlock the extra game. There's no use to be 
hurry. Just make things right. Till you finish the extra 
game, you can always come back to take your revenge in a 
much more easy manner. Take your time. You don't have to 
finish the game within a certain period of time. In general,  
the game consists of 4 parts - The Train; The Umbrella 
Research Center; The Church; The Factory. I want to make 
this as simple, short and easy to understand as possible. 
I'll skip the story history, character background and the 
controls, etc... I also want to remind you that this game
needs more of your brain and memory rather than just to 
fight and to run during the whole play as some of the other 
action games do.
B. Things to remember
1.  Don't waste ammo 
2.  Make use of the Character Alteration and the solo/team 
    to cope with your tactics and to save time
3.  There is no backpack nor universal box for the character
4.  Make necessary saves only, usually before a boss fight  
5.  Try to heal a character when his/her health condition 
    turns orange
6.  Use Billy to be the main actor/attacker most of the time 
    since he is physically stronger and he has a stronger
    Handgun too  
7.  Skip the CG Movies if you wish to
8.  Don't waste time to pick up files and maps
9.  During a combat, go to the Status Screen to reload your 
    gun from time to time
10. Check the items you are carrying frequently
11. Items you leave on the ground will glow 
12. Also items you leave on the train can be found after the 
13. Press the rotate backward and the B (red) button of your 
    controller for a fast back turn
14. If you like, try practising how to control your character 
    in relation to the buttons
15. Get used to the frequent change of the camera angles and 
    the distance between your character and the enemy
16. You'll know that all the enemies in the room are dead 
    when you see Rebecca has her arms lowered down 
17. Avoid and escape from your enemy if situation allows
18. There's no definition to use which one of the characters 
    to complete certain task in most cases
19. The number of bullets, healing items left in me may vary 
    from yours in different parts of the game
20. Always discard things on the ground where you can see 
21. If you want to take a fastest action after getting out 
    of a room or entering a room or after the CG, press the 
    corresponding button(s) before the picture fades-in
22. It took me over 18 hours to write this walkthrough 
    continuously while playing the game at the same time. I 
    had to reset the game sometimes to get the exact terms 
    for certain items. So please don't ask me why he or she 
    is carrying this or that, especially during the time when 
    Rebecca makes her trips to transport different items from 
    one place to another in the Factory. And also I won't 
    mention the items exchange between the characters most of 
    the time.  Thanks.

C. Walkthrough/Strategy

Part 1-The Train
You're in car #3. Go left, head to the front part of the 
train. Enter the next car #2. Skip the CG. Kill the first 
zombie with 2-3 shots. Move 2 steps forward and kill the 
other 2 behind you. This won't cost you more than 15 bullets. 
Enter the next car #1. Go into the second room (261) on your 
right. Grab the green herb. Save the game. Get out and go to 
where the dead body is. Take the Train Key. Skip the CG. 
Stand still, press the Aim Weapon button. Kill the first dog 
in 4 hits. After that, go to take the bullets from Edward, the
dead body in front of you. Then walk slowly till you hear the 
sound of a window being broken. Prepare to kill the second dog 
in no time. This is quite tricky. You'll get hurt most of the 
time. I prefer waiting till the second dog comes. Reload the 
game and try again if your health condition turns yellow. Head 
back to the rear part of the train. 
Kill the two zombies in car#2, and one in car#3 before you 
unlock the door with the Train Key. Get inside the room. Go 
up the stairs. Meet the first Boss - a man looks like Dr. 
Marcus (You'll know who he is later). Turn back quickly and 
run towards the stairs. Then you'll find yourself already with 
Billy and you haven't wasted a single bullet to get this monster
Discard Billy's knife. Let him lead the way to the back of the 
car. Climb up the ladder through a small window to the roof of
the train. Walk ahead till you pass a hole. Reconnect the power 
cable. Billy will fall into the caterer's room.  Get the ammo, 
the Train Key and a green herb. Send the Train Key down by using 
the Service Lift.
Switch to Rebecca. Walk back to the ladder and climb down to the 
dinning room. Run down the stairs and go to the kitchen through
the electric operate door. Turn right to the service lift and 
take the Train Key sent down by Billy. Head back to the front 
part of the train. Kill 1 zombie in car#3 and another 2 in car#2.  
Unlock the door of the Conductor's Room with the Train Key in 
Enter the room. Take the herbs. Mix the red one with one of the  
green ones you're carrying. Go out and leave the Herbal Mix on 
the floor in the passage.  Get back inside and flip the switch 
next to the door. Climb the ladder up to the Bar of the Living 
Room. Run to the door at the end of the room. Go inside the 
hallway. Don't take the Ice Pick from the trolley yet. Pick the 
red herb on the ground and do another mixing. Go back to the 
living room and leave the Mixed Herbs there. Go back to the 
hallway and head to the end of it. Enter the room on your right. 
Take all the items inside except the Ink Ribbon. Run back to the 
trolley. Leave the FA Spray and grab the Ice Pick. Take the 
Hunting Gun out and exit the hallway to the Living Room 
(Remember you don't have any healing item with you at the moment.)
Run towards the Bar. You'll meet the second Boss - a giant 
Scorpion. Skip the CG. Run Back to the door. Aim at your enemy.  
When it comes near you, have your Hunting Gun pointing downward 
and fire to its head. The creature will scream and retreat a few 
steps and will come back to you to take its revenge. Aim down and 
fire another shot to its head again.  Go to the Status Screen to 
reload your gun. In doing so, you'll remain in the same position, 
know your ammo situation and your enemy won't move at the same 
time. Keep firing in this pattern till you empty all the shells 
in the barrel. Then draw your Handgun out and aim down to shoot 
at your enemy's head whenever it comes close to you. After firing 
7-9 shots, you'll hear a high-pitch scream from the creature. 
Turn quickly back to the hallway since the left arm of your enemy 
might hurt you just before it dies.  Discard the Hunting Gun, 
grab the FA Spray on the ground and head back to the kitchen.  
Take the Panel Opener in the Living Room and the Briefcase in the 
closet inside the Conductor's Room. Kill the zombie along your 
way to the kitchen if there's any. Send the Ice Pick up to Billy.
Switch to Billy. Use the Ice Pick to unlock the door. Run down the 
stairs to the kitchen to meet Rebecca (Don't even look at the on 
fire zombie in the dinning room). 
Have her open the panel on the ground with the Panel Opener. 
Regroup the characters. Let Billy enter the Crawl Space first. 
After getting out, turn Billy a bit to his left. Aim and kill the 
two dogs inside. Have Billy take the Shotgun Ammo, the Gas Tank 
and Rebecca pick up the Gold Ring on the ground. Combine the Gold 
Ring with the Briefcase and go out to the back of the train. 
Separate them. Rebecca gets the Hookshot after Billy pulls the 
Release Lever. You'll notice that there's a hand operating machine 
that needs a Magnetic Card to activate it. Rebecca leads the way 
back to car#2. When passing through the Kitchen, have Rebecca run 
2 steps forward and turn back to kill the zombie that's coming out 
form the refrigerator. Have Billy grab the Empty Bottle and combine 
it with the Gas Tank to make 3 M Cocktails. Before reaching car#2, 
shoot down the zombies in car#3.  Keep on running, regardless if
they're still alive or not.
As soon as you're in car#2, you'll see a staircase on your right 
and a broken window on your left. Have Rebecca use the Hookshot 
to the window and up she goes to the roof of the train again.  
Walk to the Crack in front of her and jump down into the passenger 
cabin. Kill the zombie inside (Make sure you don't off aiming after
two shots). Leave the FA Spray and pick up the Jewelry Box. Take 
the Silver Ring out and combine it with the Briefcase. Examine the 
Briefcase to get the Blue Keycard. Take the FA Spray back and exit 
the Cabin. Turn left and run (You'll recognize the place now, I'm 
sure) through the hallway, the Living Room until you reach the 
passage in front of the Conductor's Room.
Switch to Billy. Go up the stairs. Run to the Living Room. Pick 
up the Herbal Mix left by Rebecca and go to join her.  Rebecca 
might have been hurt by the small leeches in the hallway. Heal her 
with the green herb Billy is carrying.  Billy then picks up the
Mixed Herbs on the ground and Rebecca unlocks the door with the 
Blue Keycard. If nobody needs healing, have Rebecca take the Mixed 
Herb after she unlocks the door leading to the Driver's Control 
Check both of their items before entering to the Control Room.   
Force either one of them to take the green herb since Billy must
have a slot to hold the Magnetic Key inside the Control Room and 
further you'll have no time checking every item on the ground after 
the Crash since there'll be zombies coming at you.  
When you're in the Control Room, let Rebecca stay while Billy 
takes the Magnetic Card and head to the hand operate machine at 
the back of the train. In order to avoid direct confrontation with 
the zombies in car#2, take your route via the Conductor's Room, the 
Living Room and the hallway leading you back to the rear part of 
Throw all the M Cocktails to Edward, Rebecca's comrade but has 
become a zombie now in car#3. *It's no easy thing to kill a zombie
or even much harder to kill a Leech Zombie with these M Cocktails.  
Rotate your analog stick to struggle and shake off Edward if you're 
caught by him then run*. Don't waste bullets killing him.
Upon reaching the Machine, insert the Magnetic Card to the Control 
Panel. A number with 2 digits will appear on the screen. Then, 
you've to input 10 single digits to the machine. When adding them 
up, the total should be equal to the number shown on the screen.  
Luckily, there'll be only two numbers out of three will appear 
every time you apply a Magnetic Card to  the Machine. They're  
36, 67 and 81.
The ten single digits to match 
1. 36 are 5,5,5,5,4,4,2,2,2,2
2. 67 are 9,9,9,9,9,5,5,5,4,3  
3. 81 are 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,9,5,4
Both of the characters must do the correct calculation once ro
activate the hand operate braking system. After their excellent 
work, the train will crash and that ends the story of Part 1 .

Part 11 - The Umbrella Research Center
After gaining control of your characters, run forward to the door 
and exit to the sewer, ignoring the zomboies. Climb up the ladder 
and you're now in the Main Hall of the Umbrella Researcher Center.
Walk down the stairs. Turn left. You'll find a typewriter, 3 Ink 
Ribbons and some Handgun Ammo on the table and there're 2 herbs 
sitting in the corner. Go to the Status Screen first and check 
the items on both characters. Have Rebecca discard the healing 
items (a Herbal mix, a FA Spray) and the Hookshot on the ground
then mix the herbs in that corner.  While Billy takes the Handgun 
Ammo on the table. Make a Save.  
*Since Billy will do the leading part in almost every fight. He 
should carry more ammo but less medicine while Rebecca is just in 
the opposite. So, exchange their Handgun Ammo when necessary.*
Have Billy alone take the left stairs to the 2nd floor and go into  
the room on the west side of the Main Hall. Go left to a cabinet 
with a mirror on top of it. Take the Crank Handle inside and get 
out of the room as fast as he can to avoid the attack of the crows. 
Go down to the 1st floor. Stand in front of the door leading to 
the Dinning Room on the east side of the Main Hall. Call Rebecca 
and get into the room. Kill the two zombies inside. Head north, 
go out to a passage through the door. Turn right. Enter the room 
on your left. There'll be two zombies inside. Stay where you are.  
Kill the first one you see. Wait until the next one appears then  
shoot him down, otherwise you might run against him and get hurt. 
Billy goes to take the small Black Statue on the stand and Rebecca 
takes the Shotgun and the Gas Tank. Head back to the Dinning Room.   
Have Rebecca discard the Gas Tank, take the Shotgun Shells from 
Billy. Go to the large statue holding a scale on the 2nd floor of 
the Main Hall.
Billy puts the Black Statue on the scale. Go into the room at the 
back of the large statue. This must be the Lecture Room. Go right 
along the wall to pick up some Shotgun Shells in the far corner 
of the room. Go back and enter the room on the left side of the 
Lecture Room. Kill the two zombies in the hallway. Go into the 
first room on your left. This might well be a Study Room. Separate 
them. Have Billy take the Microfilm A, the Ink Ribbon and run to 
other side of the room where the Winch Control is located. Fit the 
Crank Handle to it. Rebecca takes out her Shotgun and goes to the 
lift next to the Winch Control. Billy then cranks her up to the 
room above.  
As soon as you regain control of her, run forward, have the shotgun 
pointing down and kill the giant cockroach fell down from the roof 
with two shots. Run to the left and kill another one but with three 
shots (This is possibly due the angle of the camera that you can 
hardly judge the distance between you and the attacking object).
Take the Handgun Ammo on the table (Don't load it to your gun since 
Billy needs it more) and you may notice that there's a big clock
just in front of the lift. Reload the Shotgun and draw out the 
Exit from the door behind. Kill the crow. Run past the fountain  
and enter the Observatory Hall through the door on the other side 
of the roof.  Use the green herb near the fountain to heal yourself 
if you were hurt by the cockroaches (There's no red herb in this 
Hard Level).
Run forward. You'll see there're three Winding Machines on your 
right and a ladder further on your left. Climb down the ladder. 
You'll see something glowing on the ground inside an iron cage.  
Climb back up. Go across the hall and run down a rather long 
staircase at the end of the rail. Unlock the door at the end of 
the short passage and go out. 
Switch to Billy. Have him exit from the Study Room, kill the zombie 
in the hallway and go back to the Main Hall (You may save your data 
at this point if you want to). Switch to Rebecca again. Have her 
call Billy and return to the passage. Go to the Status Screen.  
Billy takes her Shotgun and exchanges the Microfilm A with her 
Shotgun Shells. Split them up. Equip Billy with the Shotgun.
Take him to the other room in this short passage. There're two giant 
cockroaches inside. Fire two shots at them then point the gun down
to kill one and then the other. Only four shots will do the job. 
Grab the G Launcher on the sofa and the Shotgun Shells from the
fireplace. Have Rebecca enter the room also to take the White Statue.   
Go back to the Main Hall, put the White Statue on the scale, go down 
to the typewriter and save your data.
Equip Billy with the G Launcher, the Shotgun, the shotgun shells and 
the Handgun. Head back to the Observatory Hall. Rebecca climbs down 
the ladder and stands by the cage. Billy then starts operating the 
Chain Winding Machine in the middle.  Rebecca takes the Facility Key 
on the ground under the cage. Skip the CG. Have Billy run forward to 
overtake the Big Centipede and launch three grenades to the creature 
(Don't get too close to it or you'll be hurt by its legs). Then run  
to the end of the rail near the opening to the staircase.  Empty your 
grenades fast and take the Shotgun out. Keep firing. After 8 to 9 
shots, a cut scene will start showing you that the creature has been 
Have Rebecca take out her Handgun and head down to the Dinning Room.  
Kill the two zombies inside (There's one in the corner you don't see).  
Unlock the Kitchen door with the Facility Key. Billy takes the Lighter 
Fluid and combine it with the Lighter. *I forgot to take the Empty 
Bottle in the kitchen and combine it with the Gas Tank Rebecca left 
in the Dinning Room. That's why I didn't have enough Handgun Ammo near 
the end of the game*. 
Head back to the room at the end of the Study Room hallway via the 
Lecture Room on the 2nd floor. Unlock the door with the Facility 
Key. Push the table, switch the lights on, push the table under
the specimen of the deer head and take the Iron Needle from its 
horn. Take the Handgun Ammo and leave the room. These can all be 
done by Rebecca alone. *I'd like to remind you once more that Billy 
should keep more handgun ammo than Rebecca*.
Go back to the Study Room again. Have Billy light up the candle on 
the left hand side of the door next to the cabinet on which Billy
took the Microfilm A from. Enter the room. Kill the two zombies 
inside. Rebecca takes the grenades from the bookshelf while Billy
climbs up the platform, pushes the bookshelf and takes the Book of 
Good. Get the White Wing after examining it. Then exchange the G 
Launcher and the White Wing between them. Go back to the statue in 
the Main Hall. Billy takes the White Statue from the scale, combine
it with the White Wing and puts the complete statue back to the scale.
Have Rebecca alone go back to the Clock Room on the roof. Fit the 
Iron Needle to the clock and set the time to 8:15. After the chime, 
you'll notice that two white doors are being unlocked.  
Go back to the 2nd floor of the Main Hall and get into the room  
with a white door just above the Dinning Room with Billy (You won't 
have much Handgun Ammo left by now). There're 4 zombies in the room.  
After killing one, take out the G Launcher to kill the rest. Take 
the Microfilm B on top of the fireplace and get out.
Have Billy alone go down to the 1st floor and enter the room under 
the Crank Handle Room.  Run directly to the end of the hallway and 
go inside the Projector Room.  With the G Launcher, kill the two
zombies there. Grab the Handgun Ammo on the table. Insert both 
Microfilm A & B into the Projector. You'll see something on top of 
the picture (write it down yourself). These are the seat numbers in 
the Lecture Room.  0,1,2,3 are the row seats nearest to the altar.  
Take the Mo Disk from the projector and get out of the room. Avoid 
the Leech Zombie in the passage and head back to the Lecture Room 
to meet Rebecca .  
Insert the Mo Disk to the Security System device, a code with two 
numbers can be seen on the screen. Have the characters go separately 
to the seats corresponding to the code number shown on the screen 
and press the buttons.  You'll see that the three doors, guarded by 
two knights holding swords, are being unlocked. The first one is
inside the Lecture Room. The second one is, in fact, the main gate.  
The last one is in the Observatory Hall. 
Go into the first room. Kill the two zombies in the hallway. Enter 
the room in the middle of the hallway. Have either one of them push
the white king three steps forward, one step to the left (of the 
character), then two steps backward towards the table.
The chess board on the table will slide open. Take the Book of Evil 
from the opening and after examining it, you'll get the Black Wing.
Leave the room and go back to the statue in the Main Hall. Take the 
Black Statue from the scale and combine it with the Black Wing then 
put the complete statue back to the scale.
After that. The large portrait of Dr. Marcus in the Hall will lower, 
showing a passage behind it. Pick up a Herbal Mix you left previously 
and exchange your G Launcher with Rebecca's Shotgun. Save the data. 
(At this moment Rebecca doesn't have a single bullet while Billy got 
only 14 and 6 Shotgun Shells.)
Again have Billy be the leader of the group, walk down the stairs 
and run to the end of this new passage, dodge the Spiders on your
way.  Enter the small room. Use the herbs if needed. Enter the next 
room. Go to the Vent. Push Rebecca up and get her into the Torture  
Have Rebecca go to the Power Supply Control Panel to adjust the 
voltage by flipping the switches in an order of Up, Up, Down, Up, Up.  
Afterwards, you'll notice that 2 doors are being unlocked and the 
steam has ceased ejecting from the pipe next to the Boiler.  Rebecca 
is now in danger. You have to help her.
Get out of the room. Run across the small room as quickly as you can  
so that the monkey there won't have time to harm you. When you're out, 
run to the black door you see in front of you in the passage. Get
inside the room and grab the three packs of Handgun Ammo on the table.  
Get out and make you way back to the Main Hall. *whether you might be 
poisoned by the Spiders in these 2 trips along this new passage is 
somewhat depends on your luck, sometimes.*   
Go to the narrow passage north of the Dinning Room. Turn left. Run 
all the way till you come to a door. Take out the Shotgun and enter 
the room with four monkeys inside. Aim (You'll turn yourself left 
automatically) and fire one shot. Since you can't see anything from 
your present position. Run across the room to the opposite wall.  
Turn around and fire at what comes near you. Six Shotgun Shells will
not be sufficient to kill all the monkeys. Draw out the Handgun 
afterwards to complete the rest of the job. After that, don't take 
the handgun ammo next to you.  Turn left and then right and go into 
the room to save the girl. Save your data.
Get out of the room.  Have Rebecca go to take the Handgun Ammo 
you haven't taken intentionally.  Go back and run down the stairs 
through the door near the room in which you rescued the girl.  
When you reach the bottom, turn right. Keep running along the right 
lane to avoid bumping yourself against a Spider which is usually 
climbing on the left wall in this cave tunnel.
Turn left. Enter the room and run up the stairs to the Weapon Room.  
Split them up. Have Rebecca take the Handgun Ammo and Billy the 
Shotgun Shells. Load the Shotgun and exchange Rebecca's empty G
Launcher with it. Make sure you got one empty slot. Go down the 
stairs. Make three rights and you'll find yourself standing in front 
of a closed gate from where you can see some grenades on the ground  
on the other side of it.
Have Rebecca walk to the Control Panel to operate the openings 
of the gates for Billy so that he can reach the Red Button. The 
sequence of operating the Control is L, Center, L (I don't want 
to explain this long. I'm sure you know how to do it or you might 
have a better way).
After getting the Acid Grenades, load them to your G Launcher.  
Go to where the Red Button is and pose yourself in such a way 
that you face much more to the hole in front of you than to the 
Button. Now press the Button. During the cut scene, you'll realize 
that there'll be two Hunters coming to attack you soon. Press the  
Aim Weapon button before it ends and fire to the first Hunter just 
in your sight. After making two shots, I choose to wait until the 
other one appears. Kill it with another two. Grab the Facility 
Key in the hole in front of you and go back to the door outside 
where you call Rebecca and leave.
Head back to the room you kill the monkeys (If you get poisoned 
on your way back. Go to the Boiler Room and heal yourself with 
the blue herb). Light up the small animal statues with your 
Lighter in an order of Deer, Wolf, Horse, Tiger, Snake, Eagle.  
The door facing the Tiger will open.  Go inside the passage and 
enter the room on your right.  Have Rebecca take the Tablet of 
Unity and leave (No use going into the other room at the end of 
this passage. You won't find anything useful in there).
Head all the way back to the Main Hall. Leave the G Launcher 
and save your data. Go back to the room where Rebecca took the 
little White Statue. Unlock the door with the Facility Key.
Have Billy go inside alone. You'll find yourself in a passage.  
Enter the room on your right. Turn left. You'll see there's  
a Leech Zombie inside. Run towards and then behind it. Take the 
Vise Handle near the chair and rush back to the passage.
Have Rebecca join you. Lead her to the Piano Room, dodging a 
Leech Zombie in front of it. Go to play the piano to get the door 
opened at the end of the room.  Rebecca goes into the Cellar, 
takes the Magnum Rounds near the entrance and the Battery at the 
end of it. The door of the Cellar closes. Billy plays the piano 
once more to reopen it and let the girl out.
Exit the room together.  Turn right and go into another passage
through the door (If you move fast, nothing will harm you). Enter 
the room on your right. Kill the two zombies inside.  Have Billy
use the Vise Handle on the Vise and take the Tablet of Obedience.
Exit the room together and work your way back to the Main Hall.  
Try your best to dodge the Leech Zombie in front of the Piano Room 
(In case either one of the characters is caught and bit by the 
creature, rotate your analog stick to struggle off and run. I think
this works). *Have Rebecca take the lead this time since the passage
is narrow. Rebecca is smaller. She can run past the Leech Zombie 
much more easily than Billy.*  
Heal who needs healing.  When you're back to the Main Hall all 
your hard work in this Part is over.  Go out the Mansion. You'll 
notice that there's something on top of the right pillar. Separate 
them. Rebecca goes to the left side of the building, puts the 
Battery into the Terminal Case to restore power to the lift which 
will come down from the roof with a crate inside it.  Billy jumps 
over it and pushes it to the side of the said pillar and climbs on 
to it to get the Tablet of Discipline.  Call the girl and go back 
into the Mansion.
Your final destination is the Observatory proper - the Telescope 
Room. Check the items you're carrying and those left on the ground
before. You'll know you've to make two trips to get all the things 
to the Telescope Room.
Have Billy take two Tablets, load up the rest of the slots and go 
alone first. Avoid the cockroaches in the Observatory Hall. Leave 
the items on the ground, climb down the ladder and insert the two 
Tablets onto the Control Panel.  Once back to the Main Hall, grab 
the rest of the items. Head back to the Room with Rebecca. Insert 
the last Tablet onto the Control Panel.  After a cut scene, change 
to Disc 2. Climb up the ladder, pick up all the things on the ground 
and exit through the newly opened door. Run across the bridge to the 
front area of an old Church. 

Part III - The Church
*Check the ammo situation first. Other than the guns, I found that 
I got 7 Rounds of Shotgun Shells; 48 Handgun Bullets; 2 Acid Grenades 
and 2 healing items.*
Leave the Hookshot on the ground. Equip Billy with the Shotgun, 
Handgun, Handgun Ammo and the FA Spray. Split them up. Have Billy 
stand in front of the main door and Rebecca go to the small 
summerhouse on the right side of the building and step on the 
left front tile to unlock the door for Billy.
When you're in the Church, go to the Rector's Room, save your 
data and pick up the Shotgun Shells. Exit the room and skip the 
cut scene. Point up your gun and start shooting at the large Bat 
(It'll scream when being hit). After a few shots, there'll be small 
bats flying over you. Try to aim at the large Bat and keep on firing  
to it. Don't let the small bats distract your aiming. Take out your
Handgun when you're out of Shotgun Ammo. Keep aiming at the large Bat 
and after firing 11-13 shots, the fight will be over. You'll find 
that your health condition is still green even though you've been 
bitten by the small bats quite a few times.
As soon as you go back to the front gate, you'll notice that 
there's a big hole up on the roof. Go out side, get the Hookshot,
come back and use the Hookshot to it. When you're up on the roof, 
run to the ladder in front, climb down the ladder to the backyard.  
Lift the handle of the Circuit Breaker on the wall to restore power 
to the elevator. Unlock the door of the backyard on your right, go 
out to where the elevator is. Call Rebecca and get inside it.
You'll find yourself in a narrow passage. Go into the Library or
Reference Room on your left near the end of it. Look for the small 
elevator like the service lift in the train. Discard the Shotgun, 
the Magnum Rounds and the FA Spray. Exchange the Hookshot for a 
medicine with Rebecca and take the Handgun out.  Separate the 
characters. Have Billy stand in front of the elevator. Discard the 
G Launcher and equip Rebecca with the Hookshot, the Handgun and one 
healing item. Move her to the other end of the room. Use the Hookshot 
to the hole up above. 
Now you're in the Laboratory. Pick up the Gas Tank and get out of 
the room quickly, ignoring the Leech Zombie there. You're then in 
a passage where you can see a Button on your right and the passage 
that you've just past through downstairs. Turn left and enter the 
second room in the passage. This is the Machine Room. Go forward, 
leave the Hookshot, pick up the Empty Bottle under the guard rail
then save the game.
Make 3 M Cocktails and go back to the Leech Zombie. Kill it with the 
M Cocktails (It's no easy thing to kill a Leech Zombie with the M 
Cocktail. The key is the distance, time and the angle when you throw
the Bottles out. But this time it's easy). Take the Empty Bottle on 
the shelf and combine it with the Gas Tank you're still carrying to 
make another 3 M Cocktails. Grab the Leech Capsule in the Container 
and leave.  
Go to the room with a single green door at the end of the passage.  
Turn left. Look for the Red Chemical Tank near the Gas Chamber. Be   
careful! Don't tread on the dead body lying on the ground on your  
left. Put some red chemical in your Mixing Set and go to the next
room with two green doors - the Operating Room.  
As soon as you get inside, stand by the door near the elevator. 
There're two zombies in the room and you got only 15 handgun 
bullets left. So wait for the first zombie to come.  Kill it with
seven bullets. For safety's sake, don't go any further yet. Wait 
until you see the second one. Kill it with another seven bullets.  
Go inside, take the FA Spray on the shelf and go to the Green 
Chemical Tank near the green door. Put some green chemical in your 
Mixing Set to mix it with the red one to form a mixture called the 
Stripping Agent. Then combine the mixture with the Leech Capsule to 
form a Blue Leech Charm. Go to the small elevator and send the Charm 
down to Billy.  After Billy got the Charm, send him the M Cocktails 
as well.  
Go back to the end of the passage and press the Button. You'll 
see that the wall at the end of the narrow passage downstairs
is merely a separation. It's now sliding up to reveal the 
continuation of the said passage.  A Leech Zombie is walking 
and screaming inside it.
Switch to Billy. Leave the Library and run quickly to the blue
door at the end of the passage, ignore the Leech Zombie. Release 
the door lock with the Charm and go inside the room. Take the 
Handgun Ammo from the drawer, the Input Reg. Coil from the shelf 
and go into the next room. Aim immediately and fire 4 shots to 
knock down a walking zombie on your right. Go grab the Green Leech
Charm from the statue and get out of the room while the zombie is
still trying to get up (If you move fast, the one which is sitting 
won't move at all). Go back to the Library, dodging the Leech Zombie 
in the passage once more. Send the Charm and some Handgun Ammo 
(24 bullets) to Rebecca.
Switch to Rebecca. After getting the Charm and the Ammo, move her 
to the green door back in the same room and unlock it with the 
Charm. Go inside and walk slowly on the left lane so that you 
won't step on the dead body lying on the ground on your right. 
Kill the crawling zombie and take the Sterilizing Agent on the 
Go back to the room where you took the red chemical. Go to the 
Device next to the Red Chemical Tank and put the Sterilizing 
Agent to the Device for pumping gas into the Gas Chamber. *The 
following series of actions must be fast, if you don't want to 
get hurt.*
After the door to the Gas Chamber has been unlocked, go in and 
get the Breeding Room Key. Make a quick back turn and start 
running out of the Chamber. Turn left and run between the zombie 
which is walking towards you and the one which still lying on the 
Go to unlock the door of the last room - the Breeding Room in
the passage. There're two Hunters inside the room.  Go inside, 
run fast to the end of it, take the Dial on the ground behind 
the Hunters and get out of the room as quickly as you can 
(It's inevitable that you don't get hurt in this trip).  
Heal yourself with the FA Spray and go to the elevator. Send 
the Dial down to Billy and head back to the Machine Room.
Switch to Billy. You'll notice that Billy has killed a zombie 
while you were so busy upstairs.  Have him take the Dial then 
equip him with the M Cocktails and save your data.  Go out of 
the Library and kill the Leech Zombie with the M Cocktails.
*This time you'll find much much harder than the last one. To 
kill a Leech Zombie in the narrow passage is a nightmare. Due 
to the view angle, there's no way you can judge your distance
from the monster. You might throw the M Cocktails to the wall 
instead of the creature. Try to go to either end of the passage 
to do the attack. This might be easier. You'll have to take 
several tries, I'm sure.*
Heal yourself after the thrill. Fit the Dial to the device on
the door and dial 4,8,6,3 to release the door lock. Go to your 
left and pull the Lever near the guard rail to power the high-rise 
platform towards the Machine Room. 
Switch to Rebecca. Take the Hookshot back and climb down the 
ladder. Turn left and go to the right corner of the room, use 
the Hookshot to the hole above and get yourself into the Control 
Room. Discard the Hookshot (for good this time). Grab the Shotgun 
Ammo behind the chair and unlock the Control Room door.
Switch to Billy. Pick up the Output Reg. Coil on the ground under
the guard rail near the door of the Cable Car. Climb up the ladder 
and go into the Control Room. Insert both Coils to the Machine to 
turn on the power for the Cable Car.
Get out of the room, call Rebecca and climb down the ladder. Go 
back to the Library and take the G Launcher and the FA Spray.  
Have Rebecca take the Shotgun, load it with the Shotgun Shells 
she just took in the Control Room. Pick up the Magnum Rounds and 
go the passage to take the herbs. Mix them and give it to Billy 
so that he has two healing items with him.
Go to the Cable Car and try to open the Car door. Skip the first  
2 CGs and press the 'rotate right' and the B(red) button of your 
controller during the last one. As soon as you regain control, run
to your right to avoid the Leech Zombie then run to the ladder 
and climb up. Go to the Control Room, pick up the Output Reg. Coil 
on the ground and put it back to the Machine again.
Go back to the ladder. Climb down and run close to the wall on 
your left to avoid the attack of the Leech  Zombie.  Go inside 
the Cable Car, take the Magnum from the dead man sitting on the 
chair and start the Car.

Part IV - The Factory
Exit the Cable Car.  You'll see two green herbs on your left.  
Forget about them right now. You'll come back to take them 
later anyway. Go all the way up the stairs till you come to
a door. Enter the room. Run forward and discard the Handgun Ammo.  
Take out the Magnum. Run ahead further and take the small lift 
down to a passage. Go to the door and get inside. You'll find 
yourself in another passage.  Run to the end of it and take the 
Factory Key on the ground (Is this place familiar to you?. Run 
back and stop after taking your first right. Aim and shoot the 
first Hunter within your sight. Then run to the dying and 
screaming Hunter, aim and shoot the other one that's out of 
your sight. Go back to take the small lift up.
Enter the Panel Room on you left. Discard the Shotgun. Insert 
the Factory Key to the Control Panel. Grab the Handgun Ammo 
next to you and the FA Spray on the shelf near the door. Get 
out of the room and pick up the Handgun Ammo you left just then.
Take the turntable (a large lift) down.  Turn right and run to 
the end of the room. Take the Elevator Key on the ground. Head 
to the elevator at the other end of the room. Insert the Key to 
the key hole on the left side of the elevator to activate it.  
Then prepare to fight a dangerous fight with Tyrant. 
*Remember this is the Hard Level of your game. You can't kill 
Tyrant in just 2 to 3 hits with the Magnum. Don't even think 
of using consecutive shots. It's just a waste of ammo and you've 
got only 14 rounds at the moment.*
Well, skip the cut scene. Run forward to the opposite side 
quickly. Fire one shot to the monster and run towards the 
elevator. Give him another shot. Then run past him to the 
far left corner (Don't run to a spot that you can't see him),  
aim and fire to him the third time. Wait and run, just before 
he starts coming to you, behind him and fire another shot.  
Continue to use this pattern till the monster moans and falls 
*Therefore, Run(while he's attacking you), Shoot(after he finishes  
an attack), and Prepare to run again) are the steps to wipe this 
monster out. Of course Run also means run to dodge his jumping
attacks with the claws. Since the battle happens in a rather 
confined area, you can't avoid all the attacks. You'll probably 
get hit two to three times. So, go the Status Screen to check your
health condition and to load your gun as well. The monster will go 
down after receiving eleven Magnum Rounds so try not to make any 
'false' hits.*
Heal yourself and go into the elevator. You're now in Level 3.  
Level 1 will take you back to the Train Crash. Level 2 will take 
you back to the Cable Car. So go to Level 4. After exiting from 
the elevator, you'll see Billy in a cut scene. Go through the 
door in front of you to a passage. You'll see a Gas Tank on your 
right. Leave it there at the moment. Go and make two rights and 
you'll be in the Control Room.  
Go in front of the Dam Area Power Supply Panel on the left wall.  
There're small red lights blinking, showing power supply to 
different areas of the Factory on the Panel. You've to change 3 
points (red lights) on the Panel to restore the power supply to 
the premises. It's quite simple. Concentrate on the two Vertical  
Lines in the middle only. The first one is the Second point from 
the Bottom. The second one is the Second point from the Top, on 
the left Vertical Line. The third one is the Second point from the 
Bottom on the right Vertical Line.  
*After solving the power supply puzzle. You'll have to make two 
trips back to get two Herbal Mixes, one pack of Magnum Round, one 
pack of Handgun Ammo, a Gas Tank and the Shotgun. It's really a 
boring thing to do. Since this is the Hard Level, you've to take 
all the herbs or else one trip will be ok.*
Now, drop everything on the ground except the Magnum. Go back and
take the elevator down to Level 2. Exit from the elevator to a 
passage. Grab the Magnum Rounds on your left. Walk slowly forward 
to your right and take the Handgun Ammo on top of the barrel. From 
the sound you hear in the passage, you know there's Hunter not far 
away from you. Move slowly forward till it comes to your sight. 
kill it with the Magnum. Run ahead. Take the herbs and mix them.
Unlock the door in front of you and exit. Go mix and take the 
green herbs near the Cable Car. You got only one slot left. Head 
back to the Control Room and take the Gas Tank on your way.
Leave the Magnum, the Magnum Rounds, and the two healing items.  
Equip the girl with the Handgun, the Handgun Ammo, the Gas tank 
and go all the way back to the Panel Room to fetch the Shotgun.   

After you're back, go to take the small lift near the Control 
Room down. Kill the three zombies inside. Take the Empty Bottle 
under the control panel to make 3 M Cocktails. Leave the Gas Tank. 
Take the herbs and mix them. Go back to the Control Room and save 
your data. 
Come back down and enter the passage. Kill the Leech Zombie which's 
coming out from the far corner of the passage to attack you (This 
time you'll feel the fight a bit easier than the last one when Billy 
has to kill the Leech Zombie in that narrow passage down the Church. 
The view angle is better and the passage is more spacious. Rebecca 
is too fragile anyhow).

Take the medicine after the fight. Go ahead and turn left. The 
passage becomes narrower. There's a door on your left that can't 
be opened. Leave it and enter the Billiard Room not far away in 
front. Kill the only zombie inside. Take the Empty Bottle near 
the zombie you've just killed. Go back to the room where you took 
the herbs. Take the Gas tank and make another 3 M Cocktails. Leave
the M Cocktails on the ground in front of the Billiard Room.
Go into the Billiard Room and walk down the stairs. You'll see a  
Forklift inside and there's something blinking up on the rocks
further away. Go into the other room on your right. You'll see
some Shotgun Shells inside the cabinet near the ground and a red 
Handle on the opposite side of the room which is separated by
something like a Pool. Go into the next room on your left. You'll  
find that there's a staircase leading you to another room. Go
inside. You'll find Billy who is lying on the ground.
Go back to the Pool Room. Exchange the Shotgun with Billy's G 
Launcher and give all the handgun ammo to him. Separate them.  
Have Rebecca operate the control of the gate and Billy climb down 
the ladder to the Pool to work on the crates. The sequence is self
1.  Push the metal box against the wall on the right
2.  Rotate the gate to the right
3.  Push the first (left) crate all the way to the wall next 
    to the crate that's  already there
4.  Push the second crate (middle) to the left and then all 
    the way to lean against the first one
5.  Push the metal box to the top right corner 
6.  Climb on the second crate and jump into the space on the right
7.  Turn the gate to the left                                                    
8.  Push the second crate against the wall on the right and climb 
    on it
9.  Turn the gate to the left
10. Push the second crate parallel to the other two 
11. Fill the Pool with water
Rebecca goes to the other side of the room to take the Handle  
and the Shotgun Shells. Exchange the Shotgun Shells with one 
of Billy's medicines. Equip the girl with the G Launcher and 
Billy the Handgun. Go back to the short passage in front of 
the Billiard Room. Empty her G Launcher by killing the zombies 
there. Unlock the door with the Handle. Don't go inside yet.  
Have Rebecca leave her G Launcher and go all the way back to 
the Control Room to get the Magnum, Magnum Rounds, and the two 
healing items there (So now you have the G Launcher and the M 
Cocktails still left in this short passage). 
Equip both characters with the Handguns then enter the room 
you've just unlocked with the Handle. Go to the right corner.  
Kill the 2 zombies as fast as you can after they got up from 
the ground. Reload Billy's gun from time to time and kill the 
other 3 zombies coming to you from your left. Have Billy alone 
walk slowly along the rail so that he won't step on the zombie 
lying secretly there, take the Handgun Ammo near the pipe then 
go to the left side of the room. Have Rebecca alone climb up 
the ladder, take the green herbs.  Then, go to the other side 
of the room to the Red Chemical Tank and put some red chemical 
in her Mixing Set. Climb the ladder down the meet Billy, leaving 
the lonely zombie up there walking by himself. 
Have Billy exchange his Handgun Ammo with Rebecca's Magnum, 
enter the next room - a rather wide passage and kill the two 
Hunters inside. Regroup them and go into the Lodgings at the 
end of the passage. Have Rebecca discard her healing items and 
go back to the short passage in front of the Billiard Room to 
take the M Cocktails and the G Launcher and then go back to the 
Lodgings. Discard her M Cocktails, take the Napalm Grenades 
under the bed.  Load them to the G Launcher. Grab the Handgun 
Ammo on the other bed. Don't touch the healing things in the 
room (Remember, you have 4 healing items altogether and 3 M 
Cocktails left in the Lodgings).    
Now, equip Billy with the Magnum, the Shotgun, 7 shotgun shells, 
the Handgun and a Herbal Mix while Rebecca with the G Launcher, 
loaded Handgun, 33 handgun bullets and a FA Spray. Save your data 
if you wish.  Exit the Lodgings to the Sewage Room. Walk down the 
stairs, go through the door to a Corridor (Sometimes a big Frog 
would jump down from the pipe lines up above to attack you).  
Go into the room ahead of you, ignore the zombies in there for 
the time being. Head to the lift on your left and take it down 
to the room below. Run forward. You'll notice that there's a huge 
device in the middle of the room for Sewage Treatment. Then you'll 
see a green door which leads to the Dam on your right. Run around the  
device to the other side of the room. You'll be interrupted by a cut 
scene from which you'll realize that a Tyrant is on his way to greet 
Have Billy give him one Magnum Round then switch to Rebecca.   
Send him a grenade. Run immediately to the end the corner behind 
and send him another one.  And then run to the end of the passage, 
turn back, aim and keep firing to the monster even though he's out 
of your sight from where you're standing. Not before long, 
everything will turn back to normal again. Heal yourself if needed.
*Usually, it takes 6 Magnum rounds and 5 Napalm Grenades to put 
the monster to death. And you might get hit once or twice but 
this fight won't kill you.*
Press the button beside you.  A ladder will come down from above.  
Climb up the ladder to the upper floor. Go forward. Take the 
Motherboard on the ground and climb the ladder back to the room 
Take the small lift back to the upper room. Kill the zombies with 
the Handgun. Have Billy take the Shotgun Shells in the corner and 
Rebecca insert the Motherboard to the Control Panel to restore 
power for the Gondola. Equip Rebecca with the G Launcher and get 
her into it.
After getting out from the Gondola, go forward and turn the Lever 
to operate the floodgate for the Dam. Take the Acid Grenades on 
the ground at the end of the room. Go to the other end of the room.  
Exit through the door to the next room. There'll be a giant cock-
roach running towards you. Point your gun down and kill it with the 
last Napalm Grenade, so don't miss. Load your weapon with the Acid 
Run to the Green Chemical Tank at the end of the room. Put some 
green chemical in your Mixing Set to mix it with the red one 
already there to form the Sulfuric Acid. Take the Industrial Water 
on the table and combine it with the Acid to form the Battery Fluid.  
Walk down the stairs to the room under. You'll see something up on 
the shelf which is to high for you to reach.
Back to Billy. Take the small lift down to the room where you 
killed Tyrant. Exit to the passage through the green door. Go to 
the end of it. Take one green herb, climb down the ladder, run 
across the bridge and climb up the ladder at the other end. Forget 
about the big Frog. Get inside the room. Run forward, unlock the 
door on your right. Go inside the room to meet Rebecca.
Draw the Shotgun out, give Rebecca a boost so that she's able to 
get the Empty Battery. After that, two giant cockroaches will come 
to attack you.  Kill them with the Shotgun, call the girl and walk 
up the stairs to the room above. Go to the door next to the Green
Chemical Tank, unlock it and exit.  
Go to the room where the Forklift is. Split them up. Have Rebecca 
combine the Battery Fluid with the Empty Battery to form a Hi-Power 
Battery. Put it to the terminal case in the Forklift. Go to the front 
of it and climb on the crate. Have Billy press the button to lift the 
crate up and Rebecca take the Keycard. Before walking up the ladder 
to the Billiard Room, call Rebecca.
Head back to the Lodgings. Kill the two zombies with your Handgun 
in the Billiard Room (I suppose you've run out of all the handgun 
ammo now) and another two in the passage with the shotgun on your 
way back. Go inside the Lodgings. 
Take all the healing items in the room (There's still one left 
and the M Cocktails too, since both of you are already fully  
loaded) and save your data. Head back to the room where you took 
the Empty Battery via the Billiard Room. Go to the next room 
through the door which Billy unlocked previously to meet Rebecca.  
Have Rebecca discard the Keycard and take the Handgun Ammo on the 
machine. Load their Handguns and kill the two zombies on the other 
side of the room. Rebecca goes to get the Keycard back and Billy 
takes the Shotgun Shells on the ground. Insert the Keycard to the 
reading machine to unlock the door and go out side to a long passage.
Run to the other end of the long passage. Have Rebecca take the 
Magnum Rounds on the ground and load them to the gun. Before you 
enter the room in front of you to fight the Bio Dr. Marcus, equip 
Rebecca with all the heavy power weapons and the 2 spare Magnum 
Rounds but without any healing item and Billy with 2 Handguns all 
the healing things and just a few Shotgun Shells.
Rebecca takes the lead. Once inside the room, have Rebecca launcher 
all the Acid Grenades to the ugly old creature (The Acid Grenades 
can hold the movement of the Creature for a moment), then give him 
the Magnum Rounds as quickly as possible. Since Rebecca is smaller, 
lighter and weaker than Billy, the a time gap between each magnum 
shot is marginally longer while Billy is still using a much less 
powerful weapon, Billy might be caught and get hurt. Go to the 
Status Screen to observe his health condition frequently. Run if the 
animal-look creature comes close to you.  Just before you use up all 
the Shotgun Shells the thrill will be over. 
*The other alternative is to divide the weapons between them. Have 
Billy equip the Magnum, the two spare Magnum Rounds, the Shotgun, 
the Shotgun Ammo and one healing item whereas Rebecca with the G 
Launcher, two Handguns with only eight bullets left in one of them 
and two healing items. Let Billy be the main actor this time and do 
the fight quite similar to the one I've just mentioned. I tried both 
ways and they all worked but I myself prefer the former one more.*
After the excitement is over. Have Billy take the key just in front 
of him and Rebecca, the further one. Unlock the big door that needs 
two keys to activate the door lock in the room. Discard the Magnum 
and stay put. Have Billy head back to the Lodgings to get the M 
Cocktails and the remaining healing item. Take the old route back. 
There's only one zombie in the Corridor. Run past him on you way to 
and back from the Lodgings. 
After the trip, equip Billy with the Shotgun, 4 Shotgun Shells, 
the fully loaded Handgun, 3 bottles M Cocktail  and one healing 
item. And equip Rebecca with the G Launcher loaded with 6 regular 
grenades, the fully loaded Handgun and 3 healing items.  Save
your data.  
*Since I didn't have Billy's Handgun modified to make it more 
powerful, it consumed more bullets all the way through up to now.  
You might feel that there wouldn't be enough ammo to the defeat 
the final boss - the Queen. Don't worry. It's still ok but you 
might have to reload the game a few more times.*
Well now take the lift up. Skip the cut scenes. Start firing to 
the Queen as fast as you can. After making around 5 to 6 shots, 
run to your right. Aim and fire at him to attract his attention. 
Don't face to face with the beast. Try your best to run around the 
center of the room.  Don't go to any dead corner. Try also to stay 
a bit further behind the beast to make your fire. Go to the Status 
Screen from time to time to do what you should do. After using up 
all the Shotgun Ammo, start throwing all the M Cocktails you got 
to the Queen and don't miss. Then take out the Handgun and make 
your move. Keep running, dodging as well as shooting.  
By the time you're almost run out of ammo, you'll see a cut scene.  
Take Rebecca's Handgun while she is turning the first of the four 
Mechanism Handles to open the Heliport Gate. As soon as you gain 
control of Billy, run past the left side of the beast to get behind  
it and start shooting to its tail and make it turn. You've to be 
very fast otherwise the beast will crush his head to Rebecca and 
kill her. This is very important. Since by this time, Rebecca might 
have one or none healing item left on her.   
You'll find that the movement of the beast is slow while turning.  
Run away from him to the open areas. Soon you'll find the first 
unlocking is finished. By then you might feel you've lost direction.  
Never mind. Go to find the beast. When you see the tail, fire to it 
to make him turn around then run away from it. Keep using this 
strategy (I remember I'd run out of all the Handgun Bullets just 
before the third unlocking). Keep on running here and there to 
distract its attention.  Not before long a cut scene will start 
then you'll know you've beaten the Hard Level of the game. 

D. Rewards
Frankly, I know when I finished the Hard Level of the game once, 
I was rewarded a Closet Key and had the Hard Level of the extra 
game unlocked also. Afterwards, I went to the extra game and took 
all (100) the Leeches. And when I came back to the Main game again, 
I had an infinite ammo Handgun and all the weapons I took were with 
infinite ammo as well. That's all I know. If you can't find what you 
want to know about the rewards in detail here, I'm really sorry!!!

E. The Extra Game - Leech Hunter Hints
1.  This extra game has no time limit so think carefully before you 
    make your move.
2.  At the beginning of the game, inspect the two plants in front 
    of you. If the left one is in Blue color, you'll get the Magnum 
    in the Vent Room next to the Torture Chamber. And there'll be a 
    pack of Shotgun Ammo in the toilet on the first floor 
3.  If both plants are green, you'll get a Submachine Gun in the room 
    next to the Torture Room. And the Ammo in the Toilet will be a
    clip of the Submachine Gun Ammo
4.  After knowing what kind of powerful gun you're going to get,   
    go to the room where the train crashed, pick up the Shotgun and 
    Shotgun Shells in the ditch.  Kill the five Hunters inside and 
    go to the end of the room to see if the Facility Key is there. 
    If it's not, it will be in the exact place where you get the 
    Locker Key in the Main Game
5.  When you go to get the other Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo in the 
    Torture Room, there's no need to kill the Zombies inside the 
    room you've to go past before entering it (Torture Room). And 
    if you're good, you won't be hurt when you get in and out   
6.  If the Facility Key can be obtained in the room where the 
    train crashed,  go directly to get the Custom Handgun in the 
7.  Don't go to kill the Hunters or other strong enemies with 
8.  The Grenade Launcher will either be in the room where you get 
    the Tablet of Unity or in the room where you get the Locker Key
9.  In the extra game, you'll have enough Handgun Ammo. Don't worry 
    but don't waste while healing items are scarce 
10. As in the Main game, always have Billy to be the main attacker.  
    So, give him the stronger weapon and more bullets too
11. As I said there's no time limit in this Extra game, therefore 
    take your time to think where to go first
12. I suggest to reset the game if you don't see the Blue plant at 
    the beginning or the Facility Key in the room where the train 
    crashed. This is only my preference and this is all I can 

F. Conclusion
All I can say about the game is - it's excellent in every aspect.  
The hard level is just right and it's not as hard as some of the 
action games like the MGS 2, etc...  Every part of the adventure 
has it's own uniqueness of interest and fun for every one to enjoy.  
Further, the design of character alteration and the solo/team saves 
you time going from one place to another and more importantly, can 
suitably cope with your strategies.  It's innovative, remarkable, 
and with quality.
The thing I don't really like is the view angle in some of the 
fights and sometimes the movement of the main actor in front is 
totally blocked by the co-actor behind - like walking down a long 
staircase.  And the Status Screen doesn't show the existing items 
when you pick up a new one.  Anyway, I love the game very much. I 
plan to play it every day till Christmas day.  
Thank you Mr. Capcom and myself, myself alone.

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