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First of all I'd like to say thankyou for reading this FAQ. If you like it 
please rate "yes" that you like it.Goodlucky on getting 99 Agility!

Here is a good/fast way to get 99 Agility:

LVL 1-25: Go to the Tree Gnome Stronghold, North of West Ardougne. There is a 
agility course there.Go through the agility course 91 times from lvl 1 and you 
will reach lvl 25.(No food needed in this Agility course. You will not fail any 
part of it or take any damage)

LVL 25-35: Now at 25 Agility you have 2 options:Go back to the Tree Gnome 
Stronghold till 35 Agility or you can play the minigame Skullball(Requires the 
completion of Creature of Fenkenstrain quest) If you go with the Skullball 
minigame you do not need food. The object of Skullball is to get the skull 
through all of the hoops in as little time possible. The shorter time u 
complete it in the more experience you get.

LVL 35-40: At this point, you have access to a new agility course, the 
Barbarian Outpost Agility Course. You may want to bring some food with you, as 
you can now fail obstacles, which will hurt you for 2-5 hitpoints. This course 
is relatively fast experience, it takes 30-45 minutes to level up. You may want 
to take some breaks so you should go play the Skullball minigame.

LVL 40-52: These levels of agility will be the most fun you'll have training 
agility. You're finally able to get the most out of agility. Head to the 
Agility Arena in Brimhaven, carrying about 500gp, some teleport runes, and lots 
of cakes. You will need about 200 tickets, if you turn in 100 at a time for the 
extra experience. You're almost there! If you feel like your failing to much 
you can go back to Barbarian Outpost. It is reqamended that you go back to the 
Brimhaven Agility Course at lvl 45 Agility, since you will fail less often and 
gain experience alot faster.

LVL 52-75: The Wilderness course is your best option here, as Brimhaven isn't 
as fast. Luckily you no longer have to watch out for PK'ers, but you still have 
to avoid the revenant ghosts. Make sure you only bring food and lightweight, 
non-valuable items. You get 571.5 experience per run. So, after 1,902 runs of 
the course, you'll have 75 Agility. Congratulations your almost to 99! 
Sometimes reventant ghosts appear in the course near the pipe in th beginning 
for some reason. If its low enough lvl for you, you can kill it, or you can 
just switch worlds.

LVL 75-99:  Ape Atoll is your best agility course now.(To acess Ape Atoll you 
must have at least started Monkey Madness Quest). To go through the agility 
course it is reqemended that you dont be a human. You can only use a Ninja 
Monkey Greegree.At level 75 you won't fail at all. That means incredible 
experience from 75 to 99. For this course, you should bring Super Energy 
potions and a knife. When you get low on health use the knife on the pineapples 
nearby for food, or thieve from the nearby stalls. After approximately 20,387 
laps from 75 Agility you will achieve level 99. Head to the agility master for 
your Cape of Accomplishment!

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