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                         *HARVEST MOON: A WONDERFUL LIFE* 

What I first did was write this down in my note book, then came on here and typed 
it, but some of this is from other people so please don't get mad at me k ;) but 
some of it is from myself to. And I got help from the little booklet that comes with 

A game, a liftime... 
Your father always wanted to be a farmer. Years ago he bought a farm with his best 
friend Takakura but never the lived long enough to fulfil his dreams. Did the same 
calling draw you to Forget-Me-Not-Valley? Or did you want to escape your dreary 
urban life? Maybe the real reson is that you wanted to know your father. Takakura 
can teach you about farming, but its up to you to find your own path. 
Not an easy living... 
Farming certainly isn't about sitting back and watching the grass grow. You're 
constantly planting, feeding, watering or buying things for your farm. If you find a 
spare moment, check out the dating scene. Takakura can't give you advice on love but 
you brobly figured that out already :) 
                               *SOUL MATE QUEST*

      There are three brides-to-be in town and all have different personalitys: 
  One is shy and traditional, another is looking for a man, and the tird one is 
intelligent and anything but predictable. Choosing the best wife depends on your 
personality, so pick the one like the most--before someone makes the chocie for you! 
Vesta makes no secret about finding a match for this girl. Celia is a compassionate 
and knowledgeable about crops and farming. She's a down-to-earth sweetie seeking an 
honest, hard-working guy. She's the perfect farmers wife. 

How to win her heart: 
Celia is a softy for flowers. Even if you forget once or twice Vesta might try to 
arrange a marrige for you. 
Celias diary is on the bed above Vesta's room. 
Muffy is a flashy flirt who doesn't want to waste away polishing goblets at the Blue 
Bar. If you prefer a pretty face without a clue about farms, crops, and animals, 
this is your match. But don't underestamate her just cause she's pretty doesn't mean 
that she doesn't know anything about farming.

How to win her heart:
Flowers, flowers, flowers... Muffy likes pretty petals and nothing else except for 
big Huchep fish. 
You can find her diary inside the colorful lamp at the Blue Bar.
Nami is potenially the smartest of your three prospects and she won't fall for cute 
lines or fancy flowers. You'll need to use you noggin to win the heart and mind of 
this worldly traveler. 

How to win her heart: 
Nami prefers autumm flowers so try to impress her with the fossils and status from 
the archeology site. 
Her purple diary is on the desk in her room at the Inn. But you can omly see her 
diary at sertian times of the day.
            *RASING KIDS* 
   Pass the diapers and max the challenge! 
After the first year you'll end up with a bride and baby son. Will he inherit the 
farm? Will he grow into an unruly teenager? Will your nerby neghibors influence his 
career path? It depends on how you decide to apply your newfound parenting skills!
compared to most places in Forget-Me-Not Vally your farm is huge, but with wide open 
spaces comes a bunch of labor and responsibility. The diagrams below illustrate key 
land marks for finding your way around your spread and abode. You'll ad more as your 
farm expands! 
        *Farm Map* 

   |    G      |  

  ____                    _______________________________
 | ?  |                  |                               |
 |____|                  |                               | 
                         |                               |
   ______                |                               |
  |      |               |                               |
  |  H   |               |                               |
  |______|               |             J                 |
         _               |                               | 
        |_|              |                               |  
   ____                  |                               |
  | E  |                 |                               |
  |____|                 |                               |
                         |                        ___    | 
   ______                |                       |___|   |   
  |      |               |_______________________________|
  |  I   |                   ___________________                   
  |______|                  |___B___|    A      | 
 |          |                 _____              _______    
 |   F      |                |  C  |            |   D   |
 |__________|                |_____|            |_______|
                              *Letter Guide* 

A: Barn were animals are kept.
B: Tool shed were your tools and other things can be stored.        
C: Food storage were u store your food and ship your milk, eggs, and butter.
D: Takakura's house were he lives.
E: Chicken coop were chickens are kept.
F: Your house.
G: Very fertale feild. 
H: Pretty fertale feild. 
I: Not so fertale feild.  
J: Pasture were animals can go and feed can be cut. 

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