A Guide To Beating Populous - Guide for Populous: The Beginning

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Press [Tab] + [F11], then type "byrne" and 
 press [Enter] at the window that appears to 
 enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the 
 next codes:
 Code - Result              
 Tab+F1 - Free mana
 Tab+F2 - Free spells
 Tab+F3 - All spells
 Tab+F4 - All buildings
 Tab+F5 - Refill mana
 Choose bonus level:
 While playing (at any level), press the F12-button 
 and after that press the F11-button. Then you get a 
 demo. If a level passes you want to play, press the 
 spacebar or the enter-button than you play the game 
 from the moment you have chosen.
 Instant Training:
 To activate "Instant Training Mode" press [TAB] and [F1] 

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