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Welcome To my Guide to Each city in San Andreas(Its not finished yet,cause my GTA:
 San andreas comes on the 11th of november!)

Los Santos

Las Venturas

San Ferrio



Shops in Los santos include BINCO,a cheap clothing store,SUBURBAN,a clothing shop 
dealing in top brand names.And PROLAPS,wearing clothes from here will gain you loads 
of respect but will empty your wallet!!!

2.In los Santos there are many places to see and go,including Los santos's Freeway 
that looks like the spagetti junction in england!!!

 There is also VINEWOOD,Gtas 's Hollywood!There is also the rodeo,where the rich and 
famous shop,and the poor and infamous go to make a quick buck.

 Don't forget to goto the beach,so you can swim and visit the fair!

End...I will finish this when i get the game!!!

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