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Creepy Mystery Of Super Mario 64…

1. The Big Secret
2. Cheats
3. FAQ List
4. Credits
5. You’ll Be Happy To Know…

The Big Secret

Go to the place with all of the Boos.  Go up to the pool then see the star in the 
middle?  Look at the words under it with C-up…
L IS REAL 2041
Creepy huh?  I have a few things I think this might mean…

1. There are 2045 coins in the game ( I know that because I looked at another FAQ) 
so maybe if you collect 2041 coins without turning the game off you can go to the 
statue of the star and press L.
2. If you keep on going to the garden kill all the boos go out then go back in the 
boos are back.  Then, kill more.  Repeat the process until you’ve killed 2041 boos 
press L near the star statue fountain.
3. Do the same thing as it says above on 2 but kill the boos for their coins 
collect 2041 coins from then and go to the fountain then press L.
4. Kill the boo with the Level in it.  Take on big boo 2041 times by going in and 
out of the level.  Then go press L near the statue. (This can be done with the big 
boos balcony star or the go on a ghost hunt star.)

If one of these works here are the affects…

1. The Star in the middle of the pool will come to life revealing that he that is 
the 121st star.
2. The star will get a portal in it that leads to a level.  Level 16 to be exact.  
It’s a level with Pure Magic...
3. The star will come to life and tell you the way to walk through walls!
4. The Robo-Boo will appear to vaporize the star.  Then he will say JUMP IN!!!  So 
do as you’re told and jump in the pool where the star was through the newly opened 
hole and you’ll be in a world like no other...

Well if you have any affects or things you think may happen email me at 
[email protected]


This FAQ is on the secret, right? (Everyone says: Right!) Well I love cheats so I 
bet you do to so I put this in because I love cheats!

Yoshi: You have to get 120 stars, go outside to the one lake place near where you 
started the game.  See that stone with a black square in the middle of it?  Go into 
the black square.  A CANNON!!!!!  Shoot towards the castle but not to high because 
if you shoot high you end up going low.  Go to the other side of the one tower.  
You should see: Yoshi 3 lives one red block with a flying cap in it.  Talk to Yoshi 
he gives you 100 lives plus a move (but he doesn’t tell you about the move.)  The 
move is a sparkly triple jump.  You can fall from high places with the move without 
getting hurt!

Mario’s body inside an elevator in Hazy Maze Cave:
From the start go right to the red coin room.  Go to the toxic maze.  (NOT the a-
maze-ing emergency exit).  Go to the elevator and go on.  Then before it gets to 
the top jump off.  Then go in the hole under the elevator.  Wait for it to come 
down.  Your body is in the elevator!
Press the Z trigger to crouch down.  Then start crawling and your on top.  Let go 
of Z and your body is in the elevator again!

Make Yoshi fall off the castle:
(NOTE: Do NOT talk to Yoshi).  This takes 15 minutes – 1 hour and a half.  But it’s 
worth it.  Get 120 stars and use the cannon to go to Yoshi at the top of the 
castle.  Now wait.  After time he’ll give you a sign that he’s going to fall.  The 
sign is: he’ll go to the back part of the castle and go to the slanted part a bit.  
After he’ll come up and in 5-10 minutes he’ll run off.

Go through small towers:
Get 120 stars and launch yourself to the top of the castle with cannon.  Go to the 
two towers in the back with gray bricks under them there are 2.  Walk to one and 
you go through it.

Slide-Jump move:
Go to the third floor of the castle to the door that leads to tick-tock clock.  Do 
NOT go through it.  Now slide with Z+B down the stairs.  You did a slide-jump. (For 
even more fun try it on the never ending stair case but do it with precise timing 
and after you’ve gotten enough stars to make it end.)

FAQ List

1. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 (PC)
2. Krazy Racers (GBA)
3. Mario Party 3 (N64)
4. Lego Racers (PC)
5. Creepy Mystery Of Super Mario 64 (N64)

My next FAQ is for Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 it will be done by Jan. 
1st 2005.


Nintendo, the person who created this FAQ (Me you silly Head.) and a great person 
who I bought this game from in 2001.  

You’ll Be Happy To Know...

That I’m not copyright protecting this FAQ that’s right you heard me you can sell 
this FAQ for $$$ so go ahead what are you waiting for.  Sell my FAQ NOW.

------king kid------

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