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General Armored Core 3 Stuff
Written by Jim Olson

Basic FAQ’s:

Q: Why can’t I attack?
A: You can’t attack because you don’t have any weaponry.  There are three basic 
weapon types: Arm Unit R, which is mostly guns, Arm Unit L, which is laser swords, 
shields and weak guns and Back Unit, which is your high-power, low ammo weapons.  
The only other cause is you have guns, but you’ve run out of ammo.  If you have a 
Left Arm Unit blade, hit O to attack.  The blade never runs out of ammo, it just 
takes up energy, so you can’t attack if you are charging your energy.

Q: Why is my AC moving so slow?  I built it for speed!
A: The cause of your AC’s slowness is the amount of weapons or other parts you 
attached.  If you enter your garage, you will probably get the message “Legs 
Overweight” or “Arms Overweight.”  Lighten up the AC’s load to go on more missions 
when speed is of importance instead of firepower.

Q: Why does my energy bar take so long to recover?  I have the best generator I can 
A: Your AC takes up more energy than your Generator can put out.  The best solution 
is to buy a newer, better Generator.  If you don’t have the cash, just take of extra 
parts to loosen up your energy requirement.

Q: Why can’t I take missions?
A: Your equipment isn’t complete.  You have to have the most basic parts of your 
AC.  They are: Head, Core, Arms, Legs, Generator, Radiator and FCS.  If you have 
sold them and bought other parts, sell the new parts and buy back the important 

Advanced FAQ’s

Q: What is EO?
A: EO stands for “Exceed Orbit.”  It’s a core function that gives you some tactical 
firing support.  Only certain cores have the EO function.  Press R3 (right analog 
control stick) to activate EO.  It only fires when you have a lock-on.

Q: What is OB?
A: OB stands for “Over Boost.” It’s a core function that allows you a large speed 
boost until your energy runs out.  Be warned, however, as it does add on around 300 
degrees to your heat meter.  Only certain cores come with the OB.  Press R3 to 
activate Over Boost.

Q: Why does my AP keep going down even though no one’s attacking me?
A: You have taken too much heat.  Your heat meter is underneath your AP counter.  
The AP will go down until your heat is back low enough.  It can happen from attacks 
or Over Boosting too much in a short period of time.  This situation is called 
Output Down.

Q: I can’t lock on!  What is going on?
A: Look on the left side of your screen.  The message “FCS Error” should be there 
and you AC should have electrical waves around it.  You can’t lock on until you 
destroy the thing causing the FCS disturbance.  It’s a lot easier to attack them 
with a blade than with a gun.  If you don’t have a blade, bullets fire through the 
center of the targeting square.  

Q: What’s the Arena?
A: The Arena is a place for Ravens to test their skills against other Ravens for 
cash, extra parts and prestige (place).  There are five ranks, with about 10 Ravens 
to each rank at the beginning to 15 at later times.  Once you get into the top ten, 
you may want to upgrade.  You start out at E-10, and can work your way up to A-1, 
the highest rank.

Q: My AC just doesn’t cut it.  What can I do about it?
A: The only way to fix your AC is to earn cash and upgrade.  The best way to earn 
cash is to rank up through the Arena, but you can also sell the stuff you already 
have to get better stuff.  Sell weapon parts to buy better necessary parts.

Q: Where can I find better AC designs?  I have the cash, but I can’t think of 
A: I have an AC list, complete with parts, stats, paint job and description.  They 
are of my own design, but E-mail me at [email protected] to add to my list.  I will 
personally test out each design, but they have to all function for me to put them 
up.  I will add your name, pilot name, AC name and all other components of the AC.  
Send in all AC designs, and don’t forget to number them AC1, 2 or 3.

AC Designs!  What you’ve been waiting for!

Pilot: ‘Jim’ AKA Jim Olson
AC1: Satanica X

Head: CHD-07-VEN
Booster: MBT-OX/002
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RGI-KD99 

Inside: CWI-NM-40
Extension: None
Optional Parts: OP-INTENSIFY

Back Unit R: CWX-LIC-10
Back Unit L: CWX-LIC-10
Arm Unit R: MWG-MG/1000

AP: 9578
Moving Ability: 608 
Turning Speed: 106
Rising Ability: 1743
Grade: Excellent

Paint job (General):
Base Color: R=200, G=0, B=0
Aid Color: R=0, G=0, B=0
Optional Color: R=0, G=0, B=0
Detail Color: R=0, G=0, B=0
Joint Color: R=0, G=0, B=0

Description: An AC with all-around excellent stats, used for speed with firepower.  
This design is greatly helped by OP-INTENSIFY (with ALL superhuman abilities) and 
the Linear Cannon (for obliteration of all enemy AC’s) For times when you know you 
aren’t going up against another AC, you can equip two MM-AD/20 (40% extra ammo 
storage overall) instead of the CWX-LIC-10
AC2: Yellow Jacket

Arms: CAL-44-EAS
Booster: N/A
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RGI-KD99

Inside: None
Extension: None
Optional Parts: OP-INTENSIFY

Back Unit R: None
Back Unit L: None
Arm Unit R: MWG-MG/1000
Arm Unit L: KWG-FTL450

AP: 7737
Moving Ability: 681
Turning Speed: 125
Rising Ability: 4005
Grade: Fair

Paint Job (General):
Base Color: R=0, G=0, B=0
Aid Color: R=0, G=0, B=0
Optional Color: R=200, G=200, B=0
Detail Color: R=200, G=200, B=0
Joint Color: R=200, G=200, B=0

Description: An AC best equipped for speed.  Utilizing the machine gun with the 
highest ammo, and a flame-thrower for a left arm weapon allows for an enemy to have 
very little time to attack between longer-distance machine gun assaults and close-up 
flame-thrower attacks to counter-attack.  Be warned, though.  This AC has a low AP 
compared to other AC’s and if caught in a corner, will be destroyed quickly.

AC3: Destroyer XV

Head: CHD-07-VEN
Legs: CLC-D3TA
Booster: N/A
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RGI-KD99

Inside: CWI-NM-40
Extension: MWEM-A/50

Back Unit R: CWC-GNL-15
Back Unit L: MM-AD/20
Arm Unit R: MWG-MG/1000

AP: 9458
Moving Ability: 250
Turning Speed: 117
Rising Ability: 1379
Grade: Excellent

Paint Job (General):
Base Color: R=90, G=47, B=0
Aid Color: R=90, G=47, B=0
Optional Color: R=0, G=0, B=200
Detail Color: R=0, G=200, B=0
Joint Color: R=0, G=0, B=0

Description: An AC with exceptional weight capacity, for more weaponry and AP-
enhancing parts.  It carries a favorite of mine, the CWC-GNL-15 back grenade 
launcher.  I’ve equipped him with it so that it can be used while moving, for 
greater chance of staying alive.  He is the embodiment of Demonslayer, but with a 
few color and weapon changes.  This one is best used for intermediates to experts, 
but for those of you with greater ambition, I suggest using this to unlock all OP-
INTENSIFY functions, and then switching to Satanica X.

Well, that’s my basic FAQ.  If you have a question, or want to add an AC design, E-
mail me at [email protected] and I will respond to your letter as promptly as possible.  
I may put up a basic guide to each mission, but only if I have time in my busy 
schedule.  Hope my FAQ was of some help!

Reader AC’s

Pilot: ‘Todd Hill’ AKA Todd Hill
AC3: Shadow
Head: CHD-04-YIV
Core: CCL-01-NER
Arms: CAL-44-EAS
Booster: N/A
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RGI-KD99
Inside: N/A
Extension: N/A
Optional part: OP-INTENSIFY

Back Unit R: NONE
Back Unit L: NONE
Arm Unit R: KWB-MARS

AP: 7797
Moving ability: 1281
Turning speed: 125
Rising ability: 4243
Grade: Excellent

Paint job (general): 
Base color: R=0,G=0,B=0
Aid color: R=0,G=0,B=0
Optional color: R=0,G=0,B=0
Detail color: R=0,G=0,B=0
Joint color: R=0,G=0,B=0

He's built for speed and close range battle. He's won me many
battles. His speed has proved me great value. With him dodging is a snap
unless you're attacked from behind.

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