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                                       Harvest Moon
                             A Wonderful FAQ for a Wonderful Life 

                                     Legal Bullspit

ALWAYS... err... NEVER post this up on your website unless i get credit for it. same 
goes for printin it out or showin to people, etc. etc. if you send me anything that 
says my information is wrong or info to add, i will change immediatly, and you will 
get credit for it AS LONG AS i have either your name or screen-name. i will not 
accept spelling error email, spam, just random crap, or a little time just to talk. 
my e-mail address will be added to the very bottom. thanx 4 takin out some time to 
read this FAQ!!!

                                  The Controls:

A= select, talk, speed up or continue conversation, look, accept hilighted choice, 
mount horse, give held item, etc. etc.
B= unselect, speed up or continue thru conversation
Y= access items menu
X= eat, use
Z= 1st person view
R= scroll thru pause menu/ items menu (pages)
L= same as R
C-stick yellow= turn camera, zoom in and out
D-pad= scroll thru items menu (actual items)
C-stick gray= move, choose option, same as D-pad
Start/pause= hmmmm... i wonder... no duh, it pauses the frikin game! (and unpauses)

                                  The Cast


                                  Boys 1st!

± XXXXXXXX ±: hmm... whos this... i wonder... oh yeah... its YOU! you have your own 
life on a farm,, get married, till crops, etc. etc. your son takes his on path, gets 
married, works, so on and so forth. if he admires you enough, he can take over the 
farm! not a dictator, a helper

± Wally ±: settled in forget-me-not Valley to get fresh air, away from the city. 
your everyday sports freak who trains from about 5:00 a.m. till about 7:00 p.m., 
your son can be n athlete if your best buds with him

± Hugh ±: Wallys son. same thing. kinda short but grows thruout the game.

± Cody ±: i dunno know how he ended up here. an artist that makes sculptures out 
of...metal? yes, and your son can develop this weird hobby by becoming friends with 
dis guy!

± Grant ±: a hardworking buisinessman, he doesnt come till the second chapter

± Galen ±: this man is a geezer whos wife dies in the end of the first chapter. 
bastards gamemakers. galen then moves to the house a little below the farm, not 
yours a different one, and he has a tombstone that you can wash as a minigame

± Gustafa ±: you wont beleive this: he used to be a minsterl at a very distant court 
for a king. my favorite guy in the game, he makes lots of interestin music with wwi 
(world wide instruments). i think your son can be a musician if your bff with im

± Dr. Hardy ±: your everyday docter... except he wears boxers, no pants, a freaky 
black eye, owns a nickname that i made up because hes a dr evil wannabe, has a 
little red eye...in a HUGE black eye. its ugly. im the guy who needs world 
domination... im the lovable dictator... ummmmm... heh heh heh... i think your son 
can be a dr, but im not sure.

± Darryl ±: your son can be a scientist if your friends with dis guy. another dr 
evil wannabe, he a scientist who rubs his head so much he might have lice, has 
electrical beams generating from a purple substance inside 2 or 3 tubes that are the 
size of chimneys, and hates cows. the usual. wat, you dont know anyone like that in 
real life?!? where have i been all these years...


Tim: owner of the Inner Inn, he came here from China to end his world travels

Rock: son of a...Tim? yes, he is all right. hes a funny, fashion crazy party animal 
who wakes up at practically 12:30! hes pretty cool. learn from him... or die... then 
ill c dead people... just kiddin!

Carter: a digger whos obsessd with finding an ancient civilizaton, ancient 
artifacts, etc. (to me, hes ancient! he does look like it tho.)

Marlin: helps run another farm with his sis and his cuz from the city. looks a lot 
like yours. the farm, i mean, not the girl, cuz your a guy. theyre the seed sellers 
of the game. only place to buy them. a lil pricy, you know, 1500 gp (gold peices) 
for 1 banana seed, fertilizer for 120 gp. you get my drift Thanx Lanx, 4 corectin 
the fertilizer price

Griffin: beer, alchohal, all a good farmer needs, this guy runs the bar and plays 
guitar, like Gustafa. hes kinda shy and serious, and he never gets out much

Sebastion: the butler for romana and Lumina, hes kind, caring, and never, and i mean 
NEVER, leaves the Villa.

Kassey and Patrick: Kassey is older than patrick, theyre both pyrotechnicians, 
people who deal in fireworks, they were blown from a neighborin town by a HUGE  
firework explosion on ther 4th of July. Kassey=mean, serious, hardworkin 
Patrick=nice, funny, and isnt AS involved in his work, but still is.

Takakura: the guy who shows you the farm, hes an old friemd of your characters 

Your dad: never shown in the game, takakura was best friends with him. he has passed 
away b4 you even begin the game!

I have not had enough time to finish this FAQ, i will do the girls cast section on 
the 16 of April. its gonna be a while b4 i finish, i have a cast on and its kinda 
hard to type, so b patient and ill finish. like i said, my email is:

[email protected]

email me for problems, info i can include or forgot, errors other than spelling, 
and, most of all, questions, which ill write down and answer, or at least try to, in 
the section called NSFAFQ, Not So Frequently Asked Farming Questions, and youll get 
credit for any of this that you email me about as long as name or screen-name are 
included. Thanx for reading this FAQ (or at least wat i have of it so far)!!!

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