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1. INTRO: What To Expect
2. YOUR INVENTORY: What You'll Carry
3. THE INFECTED: Who'll Be Eating Your Brains Tonight
4. LOCATIONS: Where You'll Go
5. EVENTS: Which Horde Is Coming Your Way
6. TECHNIQUES: How You'll Stay Alive
7. END: Why It Never Comes


1. INTRO: What To Expect

Meanwhile, away from the cast of Left 4 Dead...
Left 4 Dead 2 brings so much more to the blood-stained table than its 
predecessor. Such additions include:

New Characters: Four new survivors to get through the horde.
New Weapons: From chainsaws to crowbars, from magnum pistols to molotovs, from 
AK47s to jars of puke, a whole slew of brand new weapons await in each 
campaign, bringing more ways to kill an infected.
New Infected: Aside from the original favourites, there are some new cases of 
zombies even more horrific and deadly than once considered.
New Campaigns: From Georgia To Louisianna, new locations mean new sights. 
Although the sight of an infected's head exploding is nothing new.
And many more...

So let's get started, shall we?


2. INVENTORY: What You'll Carry

From top of the list to the bottom, here's the inventory slots and what can 
fill them:

Flashlight: All survivors are urged to carry a standard, infinitely-charged 
torch that they'll attach to their weapons. Flashlights can be turned on or 
off, and the default key to do this is F.

Main Weapon: At the start, the only thing you can put in here is usually an SMG 
or a shotgun. Later in the campaign, you'll come across bigger guns such as 
assault rifles, combat shotguns and sniper rifles. You can only carry one at a 
time, so choose wisely.

Secondary Weapon: In Left 4 Dead, the secondary weapon was always a pistol. Now 
in Left 4 Dead 2, you can exchange that little peashooter for something...a 
little more manly. Such as a nitestick, katana, guitar, or even a chainsaw. 
Heck, you can even pick up frying pans to use on the ever-growing undead. 
Boomer pancakes, anyone?

Throwable Objects: This slot is for things you throw at enemies, such as a pipe 
full of explosives with a beeping light on it, or a liquor bottle filled with 
gasoline that you light on fire. Some people have even claimed to have seen 
officials throwing a canister of what looked like vomit at the Infected...

Healing Items: Survivors usually carry a medkit in this slot. Recently, 
however, people have been carrying around small, do-it-yourself defibrilators. 
You know, just in case one of their buddies gives in to the undead.
Then their buddies gets up and chucks a box full of explosive ammo, then fires 
at it, turning the zombies into piles of flaming mush.

Pick-Me-Ups: Healing yourself with a medkit takes time. Many survivors have 
become another member of the Infected because of how long it takes to heal. So, 
you may come across small, pocket-sized items designed to give a quick boost in 
health until you find a safe spot to use a health pack. Such pick-me-ups 
include Pain Pills, which give a decent boost to your health for a short while, 
and Adrenaline Syringes, which don't heal you quite as much as Pain Pills, but 
do give you a nice boost of speed. Perfect for the survivor on the getting the 
hell outta here.


3. THE INFECTED: Who'll Be Eating Your Brains Tonight

From the first moment you step out the safe room door, to the last gunshot of 
the game, you'll be encountering these bloody undead piles of infected 
protoplasms. Let's see what kinds of heads will be in your crosshairs.

Common Infected: The population of the Earth; mutated, stupid freaks. Oh, and 
the dead guys wanting to take a bite out of your skull. These folks are 
everywhere. Don't stand still for too long; the director of this movie thinks 
the audience will get bored with you just standing there, so he'll send a bunch 
of Common Infected your way.

Uncommon Infected: Common Infected that have something different about them. 
They differ between campaigns. Sometimes they might be workmen, with hard hats 
and high visibility jackets. Somewhere else you might see them as clowns, with 
red noses, freaky hair and really squeaky shoes. Or perhaps you're in a swamp 
area? Then you'll notice infected who're covered in mud; they get that stuff 
everywhere. In more dry places, you might see undead who were once law 
enforcement officers; they carry billy clubs and bulletproof armor.

Special Infected: Zombies who have been infected for some time turn into 
something quite ghastly. Infected known as Hunters can leap great distances and 
land on you, where they go about tearing your nipples off. Some Specials grow 
very long tongues which they use to wrap survivors and pull them straight into 
the arms of fellow zombies. So why is it called a Smoker? Because they have a 
large buildup of green gas.
You may encounter the population of fatsos and couch potatoes; they're so 
bloated now that one shot from a gun is enough to make them explode. Not only 
that, but these Boomers must've ate a survivor who was mouldy, because they'll 
vomit right on you. And the Infected just love to attack anyone covered in 
Boomer bile..
Remember Uncle Joe? He was a farmhand? Well, he's dead now, and he's mutated 
into a weird zombie with a bigass arm. He'll ram into you and give you his big 
hug; that one that involves him slamming you into the ground. We call him a 
Charger, now.
Some people have reported seeing a tall, sickly looking female zombie who 
spits. Thing is, a Spitter's saliva is green and it burns like acid. It's 
considered an achievement to kill a Spitter before she's had the chance to hock 
a loogie.
Odd little primate guys will jump on your back and steer you around, usually 
into more infected. Be wary of these Jockeys, for they're fast.
Then, there's those Specials who are feared more, because of their speed and 
ferociousness. We can only tell you this: if you see a crying girl wandering 
around, stay the hell away; she's a Witch. And make a mad dash to the safe room 
if you see a really big, beefy guy running towards you. It's no wonder he's 
called a Tank.


4. LOCATIONS: Where You'll Go

You'll be in Savannah, Georgia when you decide that you need your asses 
rescued. Of course, CEDA doesn't always keep their promises. Some folk have 
said that they have a base over in New Orleans, but that's a ways away.

Dead Center: Starting off in Savannah, you need to find a way out of town. 
There's a big mall nearby; you might find other survivors there.

The Passing: Old faces, new friends await.

Dark Carnival: The highways are blocked, but there's lights on at Whispering 
Oak, the local amusement park. Perhaps you can find someone there who can help 
you. Heck, you might even be able to catch a concert while you wait.

Swamp Fever: After the rescue turned out to be working for the zombies, you'll 
have to make your way through miles of swamp. Some people do live here, and 
maybe there's a safe zone for survivors like yourself.

Hard Rain: Your rescuer says that petrol is needed to make any further advances 
to Nawlins, and the only gas station is a mile away. You need to travel through 
a suburban area, and past a Sugar Mill to find it. Be careful, though; the 
weather's been acting up lately, and it's been reported that Witches love sugar.

The Parish: New Orleans...the city of infected inbreds. Across a bridge is 
CEDA's rescue zone, so you must have your work cut out for you, surely?


5. EVENTS: Which Horde Is Coming Your WAy

This isn't gonna be a walk in the park. Here's some things that may or very 
well may indeed happen to you:

Horde Rush: When someone does something stupid like make a racket or when the 
director gets bored, you'll see a mass of infected coming for you. Sit tight 
and blow them away.

Mini-Finale: Like Horde Rush, except you have to make the loud noise in order 
to proceed.

Mini-Finale Dash: It's a Mini-Finale on speed. The zombies will keep coming 
until you can stop the source of the noise, which is nearly always over there, 
far away, where you're not. And desperately need to be.

Finale: Right at the end of every campaign, there's a Finale. This involves you 
staying put while you wait for rescue to arrive. Expect to see all the tough 
Infected while you wait.

Scavenge: Some kind of engine is down, and needs fuel to get started. Look 
around for fuel cans, but watch out; the horde is on your tail every step of 
the way.

Weather: In places where the clouds gather, a storm may start. When it does, 
your view will be blocked and it will be hard to see where you're going. You 
need to look for certain landmarks to help get you through.

Zombification: There may be times when you become a zombie. You'll always be a 
Special Infected. This is the time when you get to attack the survivors. It's 
you versus them!


6. TECHNIQUES: How You'll Stay Alive

This is the bread and butter: How to survive.

Stay together. This is very important. A lone wolf can never hope to survive 
agains the undead; there's just too many of them.

Leaders, crouch when the Infected come a-knockin'. Crouching allows survivors 
in the back to fire over your heads, therefore reducing the number of friendly 
fire incidents.

Try to save Boomer bile jars for the really tough Infected, like Witches or 
Tanks. You get a great new achievement for coating a Tank in the puke.

It's a good idea for each survivor to carry different types of weapons. All 
assault rifles isn't always the most effective.

When you pick up a new weapon, you get full ammo. Great for when you've used up 
all the ammo of your previous one.

A Tank will burn to death if hit by a molotov. He's got an internal timer that 
counts down, so he will die, no matter how much health he has. It usually takes 
30 seconds after he's been lit on fire.

Witches are the only truly passive undead; they will not bother you if you stay 
away. And turn off your light, they hate light.

Adrenaline Syringes are a must-have for Mini-Finale Dashes.

Share your Pain Pills, Adrenaline Syringes, and Health packs by looking at 
another survivor and pressing the right-mouse button. For health packs, you 
need to hold the button.

Hold your vocalize buttons (usually Z or X) to bring up a Communication Rose. 
Move your mouse to what you want to say, then let go of the vocalize button.

Pistols come with unlimited ammo. It's possible to get a second pistol. Or 
drop 'em both for a melee weapon.

Chainsaws are the only secondary weapon that is not infinite; they need gas to 
operate. Once the gas meter has diminished, you'll drop the chainsaw and resort 
to using a pistol.

Got some more helpful hints and tips? Submit them to me at [email protected] 
and I'll post 'em here.


7. END: Why It Never Comes

This guide was written by doogy300 ([email protected]).
Current version is: 1.0
This guide can also be used for the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 Dead 2.
This guide was designed for cheatcodes.com.
Copyright doogy300 2010.

Thanks for reading.

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