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---The Able Sisters
The Able Sisters, Sable and Mabel, are the two hedgehogs that run the tailor's 
shop. Sable, the brown hedgehog at the sewing machine, is ten years older than her 
sister, Mabel. Sable is difficult to get to know, but if you talk to her regularly, 
she will warm up to you and tell you about her past. Sable is the more responsible 
of the two hedgehogs, and Mabel is the more carefree.
Talking to Sable can open up an in-game easter egg about the sisters' lives, but 
generally, Mabel is the more useful of the two. Mabel coordinates pattern designs 
and sales. By talking to her, you can save, swap, design, or take a pattern. These 
patterns are very useful, and can be applied as clothing, hats, umbrellas, 
wallpapers, carpets, ground tiles, or paintings. The Able sisters also offer a 
variety of clothing and accessories that rotate on a daily basis. Unlike in Animal 
Crossing for Gamecube, you can sell clothing, accessories, and flowers to Mabel.

Blanca is a mysterious white cat who wanders from town to town. It's not clear what 
she's hiding from, but she's very desperate to keep her true identity hidden. 
Consequently, she must keep changing her face. To receive Blanca in your town, you 
must have the "mysterious cat" option turned on (accessible via the phone in your 
save room) and you must be able to access the wi-fi network. When Blanca arrives, 
she will ask you to draw her a new face. Agreeing to do so will prompt the Able 
Sisters' pattern grid to pop up. The texture you draw there will be applied to the 
blank surface on her head. Blanca usually will go away the next time you wi-fi 
after changing her face, but if you ignore her or do not have access to wi-fi 
immediately, she will eventually leave. 

Blathers is the brown owl located on the first floor of the the Museum. As the 
museum curator, Blathers handles all museum donations; fish, insects, paintings, 
and fossils. If you find an unidentified fossil, you can bring it to Blathers who 
will identify it for you. Once your fossil is identified, you can donate it to the 
museum or sell it to Nook's. Blathers is a bit squeamish about bugs and thus is a 
bit unnerved whenever you have an insect to donate. Additionally, he loves to tell 
you all about the items you give him. Because Blathers is an owl, he will often 
times fall asleep on the job during the day. Don't worry--you can still donate your 
items if Blathers has fallen asleep. Just wake him up! Blathers also has a little 
sister named Celeste who works upstairs at the Museum too.

---Booker and Copper
Booker and Copper are the two dogs that guard your town gate. Booker is the shorter 
dog, located on the left hand side of the gate, and Copper is the taller dog, 
located on the right hand side of the gate. Both dogs allow you to do different 
things; Booker handles domestic issues, Copper handles town-to-town relations. If 
you speak to Booker, he can tell you whether or not any special characters have 
entered your town recently. He also keeps track of the town's Lost and Found. Here, 
you can take any item that has been reported to Booker by your villagers. Booker 
will also let you change your town flag. Have a pattern ready and ask him to 
display it. 
Copper can be asked to communicate with another DS. He will let you either open 
your gate, or go outside and visit another town. If you open your gate, Copper will 
ask if you want to communicate locally (DS to DS) or if you want to communicate 
over the Nintendo WFC. If you communicate over the WFC, people on your friend list 
(who have mutually added you) are able to visit your town from all over the world. 
Alternatively, if you want to go out, you will also be asked if you want to 
communicate locally or over the WFC. If you choose to communicate over the WFC, 
Copper will show you a list of towns that you can go to. If you are visiting 
another town, you must speak to Copper to go home.

Brewster is a blue pigeon that runs The Roost, the cafe in the Museum. You can buy 
coffee from him once a day at 200 bells a cup. At first, Brewster will have very 
little to say to you. As you buy more coffee from him, he will open up, offering 
you more exciting blends of coffee; specifically, the famous pidgeon blend! Be sure 
to drink your coffee when it's nice and piping hot. Brewster will be offended if 
you wait to let his coffee cool.

Celeste is the pink owl located on the top floor of the Museum. She is Blathers's 
younger sister, and she is in charge of the Observatory. Unfortunately, Blathers 
purchased Celeste a discount star-chart that lacked constellations so Celeste now 
asks visitors to the Observatory draw them in. By speaking to Celeste, you can 
view, alter, or draw new constellations in the sky of your town. She will also 
permit you to check the peak viewing times for each constellation. Celeste, like 
her brother, has a tendency to fall asleep during the day. She also becomes 
flustered if you point out that she's cute, but she is!

---Dr. Shrunk
Dr. Shrunk is a frightening looking fellow. He's not a monster, however, but a type 
of salamander called an Axolotl. Aptly named, Dr. Shrunk is a psychiatrist that 
wanders around the Animal Crossing: Wild World universe trying to get players in 
touch with their emotions. When Dr. Shrunk visits your town, you can talk to him to 
get an emote to add your touch keyboard. These emotes allow you to show emotions 
the way many of the villagers do. For instance, the "Shyness" emote (which every 
player is forced to take first) allows your character to blush in game when 
selected. After you receieve Shyness, you can choose emotions from a variety that 
Shrunk has to offer. You can only keep so many emotes at once, but you can continue 
to talk to Dr. Shrunk and change them around thoroughout the game. There are 29 
emotions documented for the Japanese version of the game, Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori, 
but it is currently unknown how many exist in the North American game.


Gracie is a giraffe with a passion for fashion who drives around from town to town. 
On days she arrives in your town, she will be located in front of the Town Hall 
with her car parked nearby. Talk to her to receive your fashionista badge. She will 
ask you a series of questions in order to determine a type of normal shirt to give 
you. Make sure you have one letter slot open; Gracie will give you an envelope with 
your certificate (and an item if she disapproves of your current taste). Bug Gracie 
a bit more and she'll ask you to donate money to her for a makeover. Most donations 
of 5,000 bells and up will net you a Gracie exclusive fashion. Makeovers usually 
include a new shirt and accessory. If you snub Gracie, however, she'll give you a 
Moldy Shirt. Gracie exclusive shirts are listed below:

Gracie Shirts:	   
Barber Shirt 	
Giraffe Shirt	
Orange Pinstripe	   
Butterfly Shirt	
Grape Shirt	
Sandwich Shirt	   
Caterpillar Tee	
Grass Shirt	
Snow Shirt	   
Citrus Shirt	
Gracie's Top	
Splendid Shirt	   
Cool Shirt	
Groovy Shirt	
Strawberry Shirt	   
Coral Shirt	
Hot Dog Shirt 	
Tiger Shirt	   
Cow Shirt	
Kiwi Shirt	
Tin Shirt	   
Crossing Shirt	
Ladybug Shirt	
Watermelon Shirt	   
Fiendish Shirt	
Melon Shirt 	
Zebra Shirt	   
Flan Shirt	
Moldy Shirt*
*The Moldy Shirt is given out by Gracie when she disapproves of your clothing.	

In Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube, Gulliver (after Swift's Gulliver's 
Travels) would wash up once a week on the shore of your village. If you spoke to 
him, he would reward you with a knick-knack he had acquired in his travels. As in 
the prior game, Gulliver gives away exclusive items. This time, however, he's 
graduated from a small time sailor to an astronaut. Speak to Booker to find out 
what days Gulliver's been sighted. If Booker says that Gulliver has been sighted 
recently, during the day you will sometimes see a UFO fly through the top screen of 
your Nintendo DS (On minutes ending in :x4). Gulliver is in this UFO, and if you 
shoot him down fast enough with a slingshot (we recommend that you be close to the 
top of the village to do so successfully) he will send you out on a quest to 
retrieve parts for his spaceship. If you help Gulliver out, he will reward you with 
a number of artifacts.
Nintendo Power listed an inventory of the items Gulliver gave out in their Official 
Guide to Animal Crossing: Wild World, but notably left out one item internet users 
found very quickly. Gulliver can give out an unlisted Metroid (from the Metroid 
games) which is part of a four-piece Nintendo set. For a full listing of Gulliver 
items, consult the chart below:

Gulliver Items:	   
Arc de Triomphe 	
Moai Statue	
Tower of Pisa	   
Mouth of Truth	
Tribal Mask	   
Compass	Mermaid 
Statue 	Pagoda	   
Manekin Pis 	
Plate Armor	   

Harriet is the poodle who runs the hair salon on the first floor of Nookington's. 
Her salon is called the Shampoodle. Harriet will change your hair and color once a 
day for 3,000 bells a pop. Soon I will be making a guild to the hairstyles she 
does. Initially, Harriet will offer 8 hairstyles in a variety of colors for each 
gender. As you get to know Harriet better (and try out a number of different 
hairstyles on a regular basis) she will ask you if you want a "pixie" haircut. 
Agreeing to get a pixie cut will allow you to access the 8 hairstyles of the 
opposite gender.

Joan is a middle-aged boar who shows up in your town every Sunday to sell her 
turnips. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Joan has two types of turnips for sale: 
red and white. You are only allowed to buy one red turnip per visit, which cost 
1,000 bells each. The price of red turnips increases as you water them, but if you 
miss a day of care they dry up. The price of white turnips varies, however. Invest 
in turnips on Sunday and watch turnip prices throughout the week. If you buy low 
and sell high at Nook's, you can make a killing on the stalk market. Make sure you 
sell your turnips before the end of the week, though. They will rot before Joan 
returns again. Joan is also the starting point for the red turnip trade mini-game, 
which I will be adding info on soon.

---K. K. Slider
K. K. Slider (otherwise known as Totakeke) is a white dog that shows up at The 
Roost to play a song every Saturday Night.Between 7:30pm and 8:00pm K. K. Slider 
conducts a sound check, but after that you can drop by The Roost and request a 
song, else ask him to surprise you with a tune. While K. K. Slider sings, the game 
credits will scroll. At the end of the performance, he will give you a bootleg of 
the show, which you can play on any of the items that play music back at your 
house. However, if you request a song that K. K. Slider doesn't know, he will 
automatically play "My Place." Be careful only to request legitimate songs; you 
will not get a bootleg if you request something weird. You can, however, ask K. K. 
Slider to play a different tune if you've requested a song he doesn't know. A full 
listing of all the songs K. K. Slider will play is located below:
K. K. Slider Song Requests:	   
Agent K.K.	
Aloha K.K.	
Café K.K.	
Comrade K.K.	
DJ K.K.	   
Forest Life	
Go K.K. Rider!	
I Love You	
Imperial K.K.	
K.K. Aria	   
K.K. Ballad	
K.K. Blues	
K.K. Bossa	
K.K. Calypso	
K.K. Casbah	   
K.K. Chorale	
K.K. Condor	
K.K. Country	
K.K. Cruisin'	
K.K. D & B	   
K.K. Dirge	
K.K. Dixie	
K.K. Etude	
K.K. Faire	
K.K. Folk	   
K.K. Fusion	
K.K. Gumbo	
K.K. Jazz	
K.K. Lament	
K.K. Love Song	   
K.K. Lullaby	
K.K. Mambo	
K.K. Marathon	
K.K. March	
K.K. Metal	   
K.K. Parade	
K.K. Ragtime	
K.K. Rally	
K.K. Reggae	
K.K. Rock	   
K.K. Rockabilly	
K.K. Safari	
K.K. Salsa	
K.K. Samba	
K.K. Ska	   
K.K. Song	
K.K. Soul	
K.K. Steppe	
K.K. Swing	
K.K. Tango	   
K.K. Technopop	
K.K. Waltz	
K.K. Western	
King K.K.	
Lucky K.K.	   
Marine Song 2001	
Mountain Song	
Mr K.K.	
My Place	
Only Me	
Rockin' K.K.	
Señor K.K.	
Soulful K.K.	   
Steep Hill	
Surfin' K.K.	
The K. Funk	
To the Edge	
Two Days Ago	 

You meet Kapp'n when you first start up the game; he is the taxi-driving snapping 
turtle (Kappa) that drives you to your new home. Kapp'n asks you seemingly random 
questions when you first start out. Some of these questions determine your facial 
features and your initial hairstyle and color. Soon I will be adding a guide to 
Kapp'n doesn't completely disappear after your first encounter. If you wander into 
the cafe at certain times you will find him drinking coffee there. Watch out girls--
he'll hit on you!

---Katie and Kaitlin
After communicating over the WFC with a friend, you may find a yellow cat wandering 
around your town. This yellow cat may be Kaitlin, a mother cat looking for her 
child, or a kitten named Katie, looking for her mother. Speak to either cat to ask 
them where they last saw their relative. If you have the mother in your town, 
notify the owner of the town she mentions that the kitten is lost there. The mother 
cat cannot be moved and the player with the mother must allow the player with the 
kitten into his or her town. The player with the kitten must lead Katie to her 
mother over the WFC. If you speak with Katie, she will follow you--but walk slowly! 
Katie is much smaller than you, and if you walk too fast she will trip and begin to 
cry. You will have to talk to her again to get her to follow you once more. 
Once the cats are reunited a cutscene will play. It is advised that the host save 
the game immediately after this cut scene as it can be long and tedious (as well as 
a strain on the wi-fi connection). The player who led the kitten to the mother will 
later receive a gift in the mail from Katie as thanks for bringing her home. These 
gifts have special HRA bonuses and can only be obtained through Katie. A list of 
these items can be found in the table below:
Katie Rewards	   
Apple TV	
Music Box	   
K & K's Pic	
Papa Bear	   
Lily-Pad Table	
Papa Panda	   
Lovely Phone	

Katrina the cat is a traveling fortune-teller who appears to have been schooled in 
fortune-telling from those wacky mystics from the SNES classic The Legend of Zelda: 
A Link to the Past. When Katrina shows up in your town, she'll set up her tent in 
front of the Town Hall. You can receive two types of fortunes every time she 
arrives. A general one that costs 100 bells, and a compatibility fortune for the 
same price. Katrina's general fortune determines whether or not you will have good 
or bad luck that day. Good luck may bring increased balloons, money rewards, and 
rarity of items received. Bad luck causes you to trip a lot. If your luck is very 
bad, you may wish to ask Katrina to cleanse your spirit. This costs a whopping 
10,000 bells, but will undo any bad luck. Think twice before you ask Katrina to do 
this--bad luck will wear off by the next day!

Lyle the weasel is a sketchy insurance salesman. He shows up every Saturday at your 
house. In the beginning, he will try to sell you insurance policies. After you've 
bought the policy, Lyle only visits to refund money for forged paintings. The first 
insurance policy covers in-game accidents. Lyle will reward you with 100 bells when 
you're stung by a bee or trip. These 100 bell compensations will arrive in the 
mail. The second insurance policy, which costs 6,000 bells, covers forged paintings 
from Redd. If you hang onto fake paintings you can trade them to Lyle on Saturday's 
for 100 bells. Not exactly great coverage, but it's pretty obvious that Lyle and 
Redd have a scam going. Every time you speak to Lyle on Saturday he will ask you 
when you'd like to have Redd drop by. Redd will continue to come by your town on 
that day until you speak with Lyle to change it.

Pascal is a red otter that randomly appears on the shores of your town. He's a bit 
of a hippie, so talking to him can be an interesting experience. However deep (or 
confusing) his thoughts may seem, it's well worth listening to Pascal. When he's 
done philosophizing he'll give you a piece of Pirate Furniture before diving back 
into the ocean (until the next time he returns). Pascal also gives out the golden 
axe and a picture of himself in exchange for a scallop shell. I will be adding the 
guide on how to get the scallop soon.

Pelly is the kind, white female pelican that works at the Town Hall. She is sister 
to Phyllis, the grumpy purple pelican. Pelly works at the Town Hall during the 
daytime and is able to assist you with various tasks while keeping a smile on her 
face the entire time. When Pelly is working at the left hand window, she can help 
you with town related things, such as reports on the enviornment and instructions 
on how to change the town's official tune. When Pelly is working at the right hand 
window, she can assist you with personal matters, such as sending mail, paying off 
your debt, or managing your bank account. When you are connected over wi-fi, Pelly 
will always be at the right hand window. If you keep your town perfect for 2 weeks, 
Pelly may give you the golden watering can.

Pete is the male pelican who delivers the mail. Every now and then you will see 
Pete in the top screen of your DS on his way to make deliveries. If you are feeling 
particularly mischevious, equip your slingshot and shoot Pete down. Although he'll 
be somewhat startled, you can talk to Pete and get to know him a bit better.

Unlike her sister, Pelly, Phyllis the purple pelican is one of the grumpiest 
characters in the game (rivaled, perhaps, only by Resetti himself). Phyllis works 
at the Town Hall during the nighttime and can assist you with various tasks while 
insulting you under her breath. When Phyllis is working at the left hand window, 
she can help you with town related things, such as reports on the enviornment and 
instructions on how to change the town's official tune. When Phyllis is working at 
the right hand window, she can assist you with personal matters, such as sending 
mail, paying off your debt, or managing your bank account. When you are connected 
over wi-fi, Phyllis will always be at the left hand window. If you keep your town 
perfect for 2 weeks, Phyllis may give you the golden watering can.

Redd is an untrustworthy fox that drifts into your town once a week to set up a 
tent in front of the town hall. Here, Redd sells all sorts of junk to the 
uninformed visitor at inflated prices. Certain items sold in the tent are 
considered "special" Redd items. These items, if bought at Redd's tent, also have 
an HRA bonus.  Redd will also sell you items that appear very commonly in Tom 
Nook's store--these have no special HRA value, so they're probably worth skipping 
unless you want to pay a pretty penny for them.
Redd is in cahoots with Lyle the Insurance Salesman. If you have yet to meet Lyle, 
Redd will show up on a random day during the week. When you buy insurance from 
Lyle, however, he will allow you to ask when Redd will come into town. Redd will 
continue to come on this day as long as you do not change it with Lyle. Every time 
Lyle appears you can change the day of the week Redd shows up.
The first week Redd shows up may be tricky because he will not send you a password 
in advance. Before you can shop in his tent you need the weekly password, which 
changes regularly. To get the password, talk to your villagers. One of them will 
eventually cough up the information you need. However, even after you get in the 
tent you need to pay a one-time fee of 3,000 bells before Redd allows you to buy 
anything. After you've paid Redd off and joined his "family" he will send you his 
new password every week in the mail. Be sure to hang on to this letter.

Mr. Resetti is perhaps the most unpleasant character in all of Animal Crossing: 
Wild World. Aside from brief cameos at the cafe and in wi-fi error messages, the 
only time you see Resetti is if you've reset the game without saving first. 
Resetti, who is a mole, pops out of the ground the next time you start up the game 
and step out of your house. The first few times you see Resetti, he'll just make 
you sit through a long lecture about not resetting your game. If you reset more 
than a few times without saving, Resetti will make you answer questions and repeat 
apologies until he's satisifed. Messing around with him will only prolong his 
presence. Trust us, you don't want to make this guy mad.

In Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Gamecube, Rover the cat was responsible for 
introducing you to the game and asking you the set-up questions. Later, he would 
appear on the train when you traveled to different towns. In Animal Crossing: Wild 
World, Rover only makes a cameo appearance at the cafe during the week and during 
Tag Mode. During Tag Mode, Rover watches for DS to DS communications. At the cafe, 
you can talk to Rover and listen to babbling about trains that only veterans of the 
original game would ever understand.

Saharah the camel travels all over the world selling wallpaper and carpet to 
support her village back home. Unfortunately, she has a bad habit of forgetting to 
carry maps with her. When Saharah comes to your town, she will need your help to 
deliver her goods to the villagers in her town. Good deeds don't go unrewarded, 
however. If you help out Saharah she'll give you one of her exclusive wallpapers or 
carpets, though you won't be able to choose which in advance.

The snowman isn't a snowman until you make him. Starting December 25th, snowballs 
will appear in different parts of your town. These snowballs can become bigger or 
smaller when you roll them around in the snow and dirt, respectively. The trick, 
basically, is to unite these two snowballs. At first, the balls are difficult to 
move around, but as they pick up more snow they are very easy to control. To make 
the snowman appear, simply push the two snowballs together. However, snowmen that 
are created with ideal proportions will later send you a piece of very rare Snowman 
Furniture. The head of a perfect snowman should be roughly 3/4 the size of its 
base. If you are having difficulty making a snowman, try making a larger base; Most 
users find it easier to judge proportions when using larger snowballs. You can 
create a snowman every day while the snowballs last, but the snowmen you make will 
eventually melt, little by little.

---Timmy and Tommy
Timmy and Tommy Nook are Tom Nook's young nephews. The Japanese version of the game 
refers to them as Tanukis, but they have been Americanized to be raccoons for 
Animal Crossing: Wild World. When their uncle Tom expands his store to Nookington's 
(see Tom Nook for more details) he employs Timmy and Tommy to help out. Timmy and 
Tommy Nook can be found on the second floor of Nookington's in the furniture 
department. They are well-dressed and have a habit of following you around wherever 
you go. Like their uncle, they can sell items, order items, tell you turnip prices, 
and appraise your items for purchase.

---Tom Nook
When you first move into your town, you are greeted at your house by Tom Nook, the 
local Tanuki/Raccoon owner of the local store. This enterprising fellow owns the 
property you've decided to move into. Thus, you must work for him for a time in 
order to start paying off your loan. After completing these initial tasks, Nook can 
build you a bigger house (as well as float you a bigger loan) which you can pay off 
gradually at the Town Hall.
Nook can also expand his own store, increasing the variety and quantity of items he 
has for sale. Regardless of the size of the store, Nook will always be able to buy 
and appraise your items, sell you items, order you items from your personal 
catalog, and give you the current turnip prices. Nook's uniform, however, does 
become classier as he upgrades his shop. When Nook upgrades his store he will shut 
down for the day. A breakdown of the different stores and the requirements to get 
them are listed below:
Nook's Upgrades:	   
Nook's Cranny:	Nothing (Starter store)	   
Nook 'n Go:	Spend 25,000 bells	   
Nookway:	Spend 90,000 bells	   
Nookington's:	Spend 240,000 bells and have a wireless visitor
                purchase an item from Nookway's.
In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Nook's store also has a Point-Trading Machine 
(PTM). The PTM keeps track of the points earned when you shop. For every 100 bells 
that you spend at Nook's you will earn one point. On certain special days (which 
are announced on the bulletin board) you can earn up to five points per 100 bells 
you spend. There are different membership tiers you can earn with points.
The last store upgrade, Nookington's, is a gigantic shop with two floors. Timmy and 
Tommy show up to work on the second floor, and Harriet opens up a hair salon (the 
Shampoodle) on the first floor.

Though Tortimer is always visible in the Town Hall while it is open, you cannot 
actually speak with him except during the tutorial at the beginning of the game and 
during town events. Tortimer is a tortoise and the mayor of your town. When you see 
Tortimer outside, be sure to speak to him as he gives out special items that can 
only obtained from him. Tortimer dons the "Cornimer" disguise during the Acorn 
Festival and is available to speak with all day during this time. During the Acorn 
Festival, you can also obtain the extremely rare Mush Furniture Series from 

Wendell the Walrus loves to paint, but alas, he is one of those starving artist 
types. If you run into Wendell in your town, he will likely ask you for something 
to eat. Appeasing him is easy enough; Wendell will eat any fruit or fish you bring 
him. In return, he will reward you for your kindness with a pattern, most of which 
are designed to be placed outside on the ground. However, the type of pattern you 
receive depends on the type of food that you give Wendell. Thus, because of the 
availability of certain food items, a variety of patterns can only be obtained 
during certain seasons.

Guide by animalxingluver474

Be ready for another guide soon!

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