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Game- Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies
Genre- Arcade Flying
System- Playstation 2
Publisher- Namco
Developer- Namco
Author- JMC22388

Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies
Full Walkthrough

      Welcome again to my 3rd Walkthrough, this time for Ace Combat 4: Shattered 
Skies. Ace Combat 4 is often mistaken for a flight-sim game. Let me tell you that 
Ace Combat 4 is NOT A FLIGHT SIM game. If you are looking for real-time pilot 
simulation game play, look somewhere else. However if you are looking for a fun, 
arcade-type video game, this is it.
Usually I do my own little thing with my walkthrough, like my trademark arrows to 
separate sections (>>>>>). This time I decided to join up with the rest of the 
walkthrough world and make it into sections for easier use. And I’ve also added 
Table of Contents this time for reference…
Contents of this Walkthrough:
1. Basic Controls
2. Flying Controls
3. Mission Walkthroughs (All missions with in-depth walkthroughs)
4. Other Game Modes
5. Plane/Weapon Details
6. General Hints
7. Flying Tips
8. Thanks
1. Basic Controls
	The following list of controls are their function when you are NOT flying. 
These controls are found in the Ace Combat 4 Booklet…
Button Pressed:		Action:

START Button		Starts Levels and skips cut-scenes and interludes

Left Analog Stick/	Select Options
D-Pad Buttons

X Button		Confirm/ Proceed to next menu

Triangle Button		Cancel/ Return to previous menu
2. Flying Controls
	The following list of controls are their function when you ARE flying. These 
controls are found in the Ace Combat 4 Booklet…
Button Pressed:		Action:

START Button		Pauses the game and skips Takeoff/Landing

SELECT Button		Switch from missile to special weapon

Circle Button		Fire missile/special weapon
			Hold down to watch missile hit/miss your target

X Button		Fire your machine gun (Your basic Weapon)

Triangle Button	        Changes target/Watches target (Hold down)
	                When in HUD view, hold down to zoom in

Square Button	        Displays map of level. The harder you press square the 
more                    area of the map you see

R1	                Speeds up your plane
	                Hold it to rapidly speed up

L1 	                Slows down your plane
	                Hold it to rapidly slow down

L2	                Gently glide left (Yaw)

R2	                Gently glide right (Yaw)

Left Analog Stick	Press UP to go down
	                Press DOWN to go up
	                Press LEFT to roll left
	                Press RIGHT to roll right

Right Analogue Stick	Press in any direction to adjust your line of sight

R3 	                Press to see behind the plane (Cannot be used in pilot view)

D-Pad	                Press UP to activate Autopilot (Hold)
	                Press DOWN to switch between Plane, HUD, and Pilot views
3. Mission Walkthroughs (All missions with in-depth walkthroughs)
	First off, I suggest playing the game on very easy first, then hopping right 
up to normal. All of the enemies, strategies, times, and minimum scores are based on 
playing the game on “Normal” since that is the average level. One more thing- you 
might want to skip this whole section and go to Section 7 (Flying Tips) to get the 
jest of things. You also might want to try Tutorial Mode to understand flying in 
this game. The story of Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies is found below:
	It began around the year 2000 when the giant meteors began falling to the 
planet (This is not Earth, it’s a fantasy planet). The large continent known 
as “Erusea” was hit the hardest with the meteors. Cities and Towns were being 
destroyed, the worst attack being Farbanti, the capital of Erusia. Finally Erusian 
(People on Erusia) Scientists developed a gigantic super-weapon to destroy the 
asteroids. This super-structure was known as “Stonehenge”.  Stonehenge was capable 
of firing large blasts at targets as far as 600 miles away. It was built in the 
center of Erusea to cover most of its landmass. Because it could not cover the land 
near Farbanti (Which was on the west coast) the scientists went to work on a new 
Stonehenge off of the west coast on some old islands. They called the new super-
weapon “Megalith”, but they couldn’t build it in time to stop a large meteor shower 
from destroying half of Farbanti. After this shower, the asteroids stopped, so did 
the development of Megalith, as it just became an abandoned facility, since the 
current Stonehenge managed to stop the asteroids from destroying the planet. 
	After realizing its potential as an anti-aircraft weapon, Erusian officers 
used Stonehenge to shoot down enemy planes, and become the dominant force over the 
mainland. For 4 years the Erusians ruled the skies, and at the same time became 
corrupt, and bent on domination with Stonehenge…
	A small group of Independent State Allied Forces, known as ISAF, resisted 
the Erusian forces. They attempted to destroy Stonehenge through air strikes, but 
failed. The war started out with both sides having equal halves of Erusea, but they 
were pushed further east by Stonehenge’s power. The remaining ISAF army regrouped at 
North Point, an island off of the east coast, far from Stonehenge and out of its 
reach. That’s where you come in. You are “Mobius 1”, a rookie pilot recently added 
to the force. The year is 2004, and the Erusians have discovered through their spy 
planes that ISAF has regrouped. In response they launched six bear bomber planes 
towards Allenfort Air Base, which is the most important ISAF air base for the time 
being. It is expected that they will destroy Allenfort and move on to targets at 
North Point. Now that the bombers have set out for Allenfort, you have 15 minutes to 
prep up and stop them…
Mission 01: Sitting Duck
Mission Description: Erusian spy planes have discovered Allenfort Air Base and have 
launched a bombing raid to destroy it. You have 15 minutes to destroy them or 
Allenfort Air Base is lost…
Mission Objective- Destroy All Indicated Targets (6 Bear Bombers)
Mission Time: 10:00
Plane Recommended- You can only use the F-4E
Weapon Recommended- You only have the UGBM
Secret Plane- Located far north at the top of the map, straight ahead of the bombers
Air- 10
Ground- 0
Naval- 0
Targets- 6
Total- 16
	Speed up at the start of the mission. Your commander, SkyEye, will greet 
you. (It’s his birthday today) As you speed up, press square hard. You should see a 
map of the level in the lower-left hand corner of your screen. The white triangle is 
you. The red triangles with circles around them are your primary targets. In this 
case, they are the six bombers. The yellow dots are your basic enemy planes, and the 
blue dots behind you are your allies. Let go of square and your basic radar will be 
in the lower left hand corner. Keep going in a straight direction and soon you will 
see the first plane on your radar, and shortly after it will appear in your sights. 
Wait until the plane is surrounded by a red circle before you fire. The red circle 
is your lock-on ability. When locked on, a missile will try its best to hit that 
target. (This doesn’t mean it will always hit it) The bombers cannot evade so you 
will definitely hit them from behind. Fire two missiles at it to destroy it. Keep 
going despite the planes that might be charging you. One hint to remember is that 
the bombers have tail guns. (They can shoot you when you’re behind them) I suggest 
rolling as you fire your missiles so that you sustain minimum damage. (See Section 7 
for details on rolling and other evasive moves) The setup is like this:

                                       3	6
                                       2	5

                                       1	4

	The Zero is you when you start. The numbers 1-6 are all of the bombers. That 
is the order I want you to hit them in. The 1 is your first target, then keep 
straight and hit the 2nd target, then keep straight and hit your 3rd target. After 
#3 make a U-turn and go back. Make sure you make a late U-turn again so that you 
appear BEHIND #4. Repeat the first steps and destroy the last 3 bombers. If you want 
to destroy the basic planes to get the S rank you should destroy them after you blow 
up planes 1, 2, and 3. If you follow these tactics, all of the bombers will be 
destroyed and the mission will end…
Mission 02: Imminent Threat
Mission Description: After the Allenfort Bombing Raid failed, Erusians have sent 
many planes to Rigley Air Base, an abandoned ISAF facility. From there they plan to 
launch more bear bombers to Allenfort and other ISAF targets. They figure they have 
a much better chance of success if they launch a surprise raid from there. You must 
stop the bombers BEFORE they get off the ground by launching a bomb raid of your own…
Mission Objective- Destroy All Indicated Targets (11 ground targets)
Mission Time: 15:00
Plane Recommended- F-4E 
Weapon Recommended- NPB (It wipes out anything in its area, a great bomb)
Secret Plane- It’s located north, but it usually comes onto the battlefield (This is 
Easiest Secret Plane to find)
Air- 7
Ground- 24
Naval- 0
Targets- 11
Total- 42
	At the start of the mission, speed up and slowly descend to a low altitude, 
just above the ground. Eventually you will hit a target called “Substation”. Take 
this out with one missile. Stay low and use Autopilot to maintain control. Some 
planes will pass above you but let your allies take care of them. Yaw a little left 
toward the air field. Take out the AA guns here first, and then use your Napalm Bomb 
on the cluster of planes and hangers. Your main objective is to take out the TU-160 
bomber planes, but take out everything to rack up some bonus points. Be sure to take 
out the planes on the run way with TWO missiles before they take off so that you 
don’t have to fight them in the air. Make sure you leave at least one TU-160 while 
you take everything out or the mission will end. The secret plane should be coming 
into the battlefield; it’s going to be an A-10A. Just remember you can’t get secret 
planes your first way through the game so don’t bother right now. Anyway take out 
all of the targets to receive the S rank and get some much-needed cash. Once all of 
the TU-160’s are destroyed, the mission ends…
Mission 03: The Northern Eye
Mission Description: After the success at Rigley, the ISAF must move its 
headquarters further north to avoid another attack by the Erusians. ISAF plans to 
transport their headquarters north, but the only way is through the cold, northern 
mountain chain, particularly the snow-capped Mt. Shezna. Erusea knew that ISAF might 
make a move like this, so they set up 2 radar bases on opposite ends of Mt. Shezna. 
You must launch a surprise attack on the radar bases before they have time to give 
away your position…
Mission Objective- Destroy All Indicated Targets (9 Radar Stations and Control Rooms)
Mission Time: 15:00
Plane Recommended- F-4E 
Weapon Recommended- NPB 
Secret Plane- It’s located south of the second radar base (Another easy plane)
Air- 6
Ground- 15
Naval- 0
Targets- 9
Total- 30
	At the start of the mission, speed up and yaw slightly to the left. Two 
Erusian military planes on patrol duty have spotted you and are coming at you with 
full force. Charge at one of the two planes head on and fire two missiles before you 
speed past. Leave the other plane to your allies. You should be approaching the 
first radar base. The radar stations are those big domes that look like Epcot from 
Disney World. In case you don’t know what Epcot is, the radar stations look like 
huge golf balls. Take them all out with your Napalm Bomb and your missiles for the 
rest. After everything in the area is destroyed, go west over Krasinsky Crater. 
(You’ll see various craters on your missions; they are the craters from the meteor 
shower 4 years ago, and probably the cause of this war. Some craters will be pointed 
out to you because they have names, but other you have to find. It’s nothing 
special, but I’m pretty sure that there is one in every level) On the other side of 
the crater should be the West radar base of Mt. Shezna. Your allies have probably 
caught up with you by now, so just forget the planes, hit the targets, and get out 
of there. 
	Once all of the radar bases and other red targets are destroyed, the mission 
ends. For some odd reason, this is the only mission in the game where you actually 
have to return to base and land the plane. So switch to HUD view (This view were you 
can zoom) and aim your compass so that the S (For South) is in the middle. Speed up 
to max and make sure your ABOVE the mountains (It’s easier than you think to smack 
yourself into the side of one of those). Make sure to hold down the Autopilot 
button. Eventually a white dotted line will appear across your radar screen. When 
you pass that line you will return to base. During a mission, if you run out of 
missiles, bombs, machine gun bullets, or get injured really bad, you can return to 
base to restock items, fix damage, or change your weapon. On the later missions you 
will have to return to base at least once every time. Anyway all you have to do now 
is land the plane (If you crash you don’t have to start the mission over) or press 
START to skip this part. Either way the mission will end here…
Mission 04: Blockade
Mission Description: Since ISAF has become a nuisance to the goals of Erusea, 
special officers have decided to take out ISAF’s headquarters. Since their bombing 
raids have failed twice, strategists have decided that the best course of action is 
to sail around Erusia and launch a naval attack right under the radar. Erusea also 
has the world’s strongest Navy, known as the “Aegir Fleet”. The Aegir Fleet, with 
its many carriers, battleships, and state-of-the-art planes, is a formidable force 
to ISAF. The suppliers at Farbanti have sent many supplies to the Aegir Fleet’s 
ports at Comberth Harbor, and it’s rumored that this next shipment is the biggest 
yet, since they have THREE cargo planes carrying goods. In order to even hope to 
stop the Aegir Fleet, those goods CANNOT reach the harbor. If the goods reach the 
harbor and the Aegir Fleet completes preparations and sets sail, this will bring 
about our defeat in this war. We must show them that we are a formidable force as 
well. Your mission is to shoot down the 3 cargo planes known as “C-16”s. Watch out 
for the 2 “E-767” planes, they emit jamming signals that disrupt your radar like a 
cloaking device… 
Mission Objective- Destroy All Indicated Targets (3 Cargo Planes)
Mission Time: 12:00
Plane Recommended- F-16C 
Weapon Recommended- XAGM
Secret Plane- It’s located northwest of the cluster of planes
Air- 11
Ground- 0
Naval- 0
Targets- 3
Total- 14
	The mission will start with your allies swinging in front of you. Fly past 
them first and yaw a little right. Check your Square-button radar and look for the 
two jamming signals. You should fly towards the center of each jamming signal and 
look for a target called E-767. Destroying these two E-767’s will get rid of the 
jamming on your radar. After you do this take out the three C-17s to win the level 
or take out the MIR-2000’s for extra bonus points. Either way after you destroy the 
three C-17’s this really short level will end…
Mission 05: Lifeline
Mission Description: After the destruction of the cargo planes, ISAF has planned to 
launch an attack on the oil rigs and shoreline off of the eastern coast. These oil 
rigs and facilities provide most of the oil and raw material for the Aegir Fleet. 
Your mission is to go out and destroy as much of the facilities s you can to reduce 
the output to 20% or less. However you must beware that the Erusian officers are 
aware of this pursuit, and might possibly send out more skilled pilots to take care 
of you. Should this happen, your orders are to abort the mission and immediately 
head to base. We cannot afford unnecessary casualties when we’re this close to 
destroying the Aegir Fleet…
Mission Objective- Score at least 2000 points within the mission time
Mission Time: 10:00
Plane Recommended- F-16C 
Weapon Recommended- UGBS
Secret Plane- It’s located south of the secret pump station. The station is 
southwest of the shoreline
Air- 10
Ground- 88
Naval- 2
Targets- 0
Total- 100
	As soon as the mission starts, head straight and down a little until you see 
an oil rig. Destroy that with one missile then turn hard left. Speed up and don’t 
shoot at any planes. You should be head toward the shoreline now. Arm up you UGBS 
and drop it in the center of the 9 fuel tanks. Take out any that are remaining, then 
take out the pump station, the oil towers, the shoreline fuel tanks, and the gas 
tanks more inland. Use the UGBS on clusters of targets to conserve ammo. Use you 
machine gun on the fuel tanks as well because they are so big. After you destroy 
everything on the shore, immediately get to a low altitude and head east towards the 
oil rigs. You should go northeast first and work your way down. Now you can use your 
missiles AND bombs. You may need to go back to base and re-supply some ammo. When 
you finally do blow up everything on the shore and oil platforms, you should be 
somewhat near the time limit. Make sure you have at least 2000 points, and then 
start heading south. Once you reach the time limit, the rumors will be confirmed as 
Yellow Squadron (Erusia’s 5 best pilots, the best being Yellow 13) appears with 
orders to destroy all ISAF personnel. Now you must high-tail it back to base. DO NOT 
FIGHTYELLOW SQUADRON. It’s is impossible to destroy them let alone land a hit in 
this board. Just follow you radar south back to base to end the mission…  
Mission 06: Invincible Fleet
Mission Description: Although we lost quite a few pilots to the Yellow Squadron 
fiasco, ISAF did manage to gain an upper hand to the Erusians by destroying most of 
their oil supplies. Now the time has come to deal a lethal blow to Erusea by wiping 
out their Aegir Fleet. We will launch a full fledged attack on Comberth Harbor while 
they lie immobilized due to lack of supplies. Erusian personnel are aware that an 
attack will be made, so they have activated their secret weapons, known as SAMS. 
SAMS are targets on the ground that fire missiles at aircraft. It will be very 
difficult to destroy these SAMS, but imperative nonetheless. The Erusian Air Force 
has already taken to the skies, and the Aegir Fleet has already begun its 
evacuation. Your mission is to destroy the escaping ships as well as the submarines 
and supply units of Comberth Harbor…
Mission Objective- Score at least 3000 points within the mission time
Mission Time: 15:00
Plane Recommended- F-16C 
Weapon Recommended- XAGM
Secret Plane- It’s located north of the supply section. The section is at the top of 
the map
Air- 11
Ground- 40
Naval- 36
Targets- 0
Total- 87
	When the mission starts, turn a 90 degree angle right. Rise up slightly 
until you come into contact with some planes. Destroy the planes up here, then go 
straight down and take out the very dangerous SAMS on the battleships. The best 
method of destroying SAMS is to charge right at them at a low altitude and fire one 
missile before passing over them. If done correctly, the missile that the SAM fired 
will have to make a U-turn. (Missiles cannot make U-turns) Take out the AA Guns 
after the SAMS, and then focus on the remaining planes, and the newer ones joining 
in the fight. After this, take out the ships themselves, then go back to base and 
restock no matter what. 
	After coming back into the fight, head north and take out the sub bases and 
submarines. There are two SAMS here, so be careful. After you defeat all of the sub 
bases and ships in this location, go further north to the supply section. Use your 
missiles and machine guns on the abandoned cargo ships and storage sheds. After 
this, you should have well over 3000 points, and the time should be almost depleted. 
Here’s a map of what you should do and in what order…

                 5    5

                        4   4
         6           4        4
      6       6          4
                           2   2
                           2    2
              1             3

1- Location where you start the level
2. First section that should be destroyed (The escaping ships are here)
3. Place where you should refuel after destroying #2
4. Section with submarines and sub bases, 2nd section that should be destroyed
5. Section of Supplies, last section that should be destroyed	
6. This is a section of bundled ships. I do NOT suggest going here, especially if 
you are a beginner, since there are about 10 ships here, and each ship has 1 SAM and 
1AA gun. You’d best leave this place alone, you should have enough points already…
Mission 07: Deep Strike
Mission Description: After succeeding at a bomb raid over the oil rigs and oil 
supplies and damaging the Erusians oil/fuel output, we’ve decided to take a stab at 
the power supply of the Erusians. Their main power supply is located in the Faith 
Park region, a scenic landscape with many canyons and crevices. Your mission is to 
go out and destroy the power supply sites, just like the oil platforms and storage 
units. Focus mainly on their control room, solar tower, and radar station. Beware 
that Faith Park is within the reach of Stonehenge. Should they fire, get below 2000 
feet and head back to base. The only sections in Faith Park below 2000 feet are the 
crevices, so you’ll need to fly in those to succeed.  
Mission Objective- Destroy all indicated targets (Solar Tower, Ctrl Room, Radar 
Mission Time: 15:00
Plane Recommended- F-16C 
Weapon Recommended- XAGM
Secret Plane- It’s located north of the solar tower section. It is at the top of the 
Air- 11
Ground- 51
Naval- 0
Targets- 3
Total- 65
	This mission can be really short, or really long. Either way, start off by 
flying straight down. Get a good look at the crevice down there, it looks like a 
canyon. You’re going to be flying in there later on.  I suggest flying north in 
there now so you know what it looks like. Fly north (Leave the planes to your 
allies) until you reach a bunch of solar panels. If you want the S rank, destroy all 
of these, other wise take out the 2 FLAK guns, the 1 SAM, and the radar satellite, 
which is your first target. Now continue north. Take out the SAM here. Now destroy 
the CTRL ROOM and the SOLAR TOWER. They are the final two targets. If done 
correctly, all enemies will disappear from radar, and MISSION UPDATE will appear on 
your screen. When this happens, immediately head south into the crevice.
	SkyEye will come on and say that Stonehenge will attack in 30 seconds. At 
this point you need to stay below 2000 feet. The crevice is the only place that goes 
down that far. Don’t fly too fast; maintain a decent speed like 300-400 minimum. Be 
careful around the hard turns and DON’T COME OUT OF THE CREVICE. Stonehenge fires an 
infinite amount of shots at all of your allies. The only way to stop it is to return 
to base. Forget about the choppers in the crevices, just focus on reaching base. 
When you do reach base, the level ends…   
Mission 08: Shattered Skies
Mission Description: Now that the ISAF force has begun to win the war, they need to 
keep in close contact with the various bases around the continent. In order to do 
that, they plan to launch a recon satellite from the Comona Islands. In response, 
Erusea has sent out their largest cluster of planes ever to stop the launch. Your 
mission is to protect the rocket at all costs, and make sure that thing gets out of 
the atmosphere… 
Mission Objective- Score at least 800 points within the mission time
Mission Time: 7:00
Plane Recommended- Your best “Fighter” plane
Weapon Recommended- Use any aerial missile, you don’t need bombs for this one
Secret Plane- It’s located east of Comona Base, along a highway/bridge
Air- 27
Ground- 0
Naval- 0
Targets- 0
Total- 27
	This level has more aerial combat than any other level in the game. It’s 
such a good level that they named the game after it. It’s such a good level that it 
happens to be my favorite. But don’t be mistaken, this level is far from easy…
	At the start of the mission, you’re already engaging some enemy fighters. My 
suggestion is NOT to shoot down any enemy fighters just yet. Instead, look for a 
target called SU-35 YELLOW. They are the ORANGE triangles on your radar, not the 
yellow ones. Find one but don’t shoot any missiles at it, just get really close to 
it, within machine gun range. You see, Yellow Squadron is here to help out the 
fellow Erusians, and MAN they are good pilots. If you don’t follow my instructions 
Yellow Squadron will destroy almost all of your allies, and probably you as well. So 
find any Yellow Squadron plane and get behind it as best you can. Match up Machine 
Gun aimer with the plane and FIRE! Keep firing your machine gun (X button) at the 
Yellow Squadron plane. Eventually a message will appear at the top saying- “A 
Yellow’s hit and trailing smoke! Whose kill was that?” Then a Yellow will say “Who 
was it that shot me?” If you did it right, the plane will still NOT be down. At this 
point, cease your fire and fight other planes. One of the Erusian commanders will 
come on and say “It’s a ribbon…” You see, if you press the Right Analogue stick and 
view the side of your plane, you’ll see a blue ribbon. It’s on all of your planes 
and it is your “insignia” or in other words your trademark or logo. After he says 
that, all of the Yellow Squadron aircraft will get scared and leave the battlefield. 
(That’s probably the most helpful hint in the game) Now you can fire away at the 
remaining planes with all of your combat skills. The only problem is there is 
probably 5 minutes or less on the clock, and you still have 0000 points. (Shooting 
the Yellow doesn’t count for points) Now you have to try as best as you can to shoot 
down 10-20 planes in 5 minutes. I suggest firing two missiles at a plane then going 
directly to another plane, while letting the missiles do their job. As SOON as you 
get 800 points, IMMEDIATELY head due west. You’ll leave the battlefield but that’s 
ok. Once you reach the edge of the screen, fly around but don’t pass the red line on 
your radar otherwise you lose. Wait until time runs out, then you will get 
a “Mission Update”. SkyEye will say that several B-2 bombers are headed from the 
west. You should be close to these bombers. You see, the planes that were already 
here were only trying to delay and distract the fighters while the B-2’s snuck past 
and bombed the rocket (B-2’s are stealth). Since they’re stealth, they’re going to 
be a dim red (Almost invisible) on your radar until you get close to them. The B-2’s 
can’t evade missiles so get behind them and blow them all up quickly. After you blow 
them up, either restock at base if you need ammo or head back to the main fight and 
destroy as many planes as you can for higher ranks and more money. After the time 
runs out, the mission ends…
	Hint: I do not suggest this if you’re a first time player, but once you are 
experienced enough, go back to this level and try this-
	When you first enter “Shattered Skies” you’ll automatically lock-on to a 
target that’s not on your screen. If you look on your radar you’ll see a fast-moving 
plane running away. Follow the arrow in that direction. Eventually this fast plane 
will make a U-turn to leave the battlefield, but it needs to slow down to normal 
speed to do so. At this point you can destroy it. It gives you major points, which 
helps in this level. The name of the plane is the SR-71 BLACKBIRD, and in real life 
it is the fastest plane in the world…
Mission 09: Operation Bunker Shot
Mission Description: Now that communications are set, ISAF needs to begin working 
its way inland and taking back the land that the Erusians control. With Stonehenge 
in mind as a final target, ISAF must penetrate the Erusian forces at 3 beaches. Once 
penetration is achieved, commanders at each beach will set up Beach-Heads to radio 
back to base. Once these beach-heads are established, the ISAF force can work its 
way towards Stonehenge.
Mission Objective- Score at least 2200 points within the mission time
Mission Time: 10:00
Plane Recommended- TND-ID5
Weapon Recommended- LASM
Secret Plane- It’s located north of the central beach, but you must get it before 
the second part of the mission
Air- 13
Ground- 83
Naval- 0
Targets- 0
Total- 96
	At the start of the mission, you get a look at what the climate is like down 
here- Muggy, rainy, and stormy. Visibility is poor so you need to rely on radar more 
than ever. Start the mission and head straight. If you look at your Square Radar, 
you’ll notice three different clumps of targets. These are the three beaches. My 
suggestion to you is to destroy everything on the Central Beach, then destroy just 
enough stuff on the left beach to reach the 2200 mark. Then go and restock and base, 
then fly around until the time runs out. The reason is because the visibility is so 
poor that it’s hard to judge how far away the ground/water is. I’ve crashed in this 
level more times than any other, although this rivals Whiskey Corridor. Anyway, 
after the time limit, head to the Central Beach. A bunch of A-10’s will be heading 
toward the beach. These are strictly bomber planes so their aerial combat is rather 
weak. Destroy these A-10’s to win the level…
Mission 10: Tango Line
Mission Description: ISAF has begun to take back some of the continent of Erusia, 
and Mobius 1 has written up quite a reputation after his performance at Comberth 
Harbor and the Bunker Beaches. Now ISAF faces its toughest mission yet. The Tango 
Line is a vital line of defense for the Erusian forces. It is their best protection 
against fighters trying to destroy Stonehenge. We will attempt to break through 
this “Tango Line” and continue onward towards Stonehenge. Your mission is to assist 
your allies and destroy as much of the Tango Line as possible. The Tango Line is 
broken up into 4 major sections. There is the Air Base, the Supply Section, the V-
TOL Bases, and finally the Sub-Base up north. Beware that the Tango Line is within 
range of Stonehenge, and there is no doubt they will try to fire… 
Mission Objective- Score at least 3000 points within the mission time
Mission Time: 20:00
Plane Recommended- F/A 18-C
Weapon Recommended- LASM
Secret Plane- It’s located in the far northwest corner of the level
Air- 26
Ground- 100
Naval- 24
Targets- 0
Total- 150
	Don’t be frightened by the big 150 at the start of the level. It IS possible 
to destroy pretty much all of the targets on the map, but only if you follow my 
instructions. Here is a basic map of this level to assist you:
                 5      5                          4
                     5                   4     4       4
                                      4                    4
                                              4        4

      2    2
         2                                   3     3  
                                        3                 3
                                             3      3


1- Where you start the level
2. Supply Section, where you will hit first
3. Air Base- Where you will hit second, Stonehenge will attack when you’re here
4. V-TOL Bases- Where you will hit third, Stonehenge attacks again here
5. Sub-Base-You’ll hit here last, and Stonehenge will attack just before the mission 

	Fly straight and yaw slightly left to the Supply Base/Section. The Supply 
Base is located in between 4 mountains, in a swampy marsh with the mountains as 
cover. Take out all of the SAMS as you fly by, and then take out the AA guns. Now 
drop bombs or missiles on the Flak Guns, and then finally take out the supply ship 
and cargo. Now head southeast towards the Air Base. Stay above 5000 feet to see the 
top of the mountains. Look for a runway on top of the mountains, and take out the 
SAM positioned at the end. Now take out the planes that are taking off at this 
point. You should have just enough time to take out the AA gun at the other end of 
the runway. If you did all of this quick enough, Stonehenge should be attacking 
somewhere around this time. Dive down below 2000 feet and take out the targets down 
here. After Stonehenge stops, rise back up and destroy the whole Air Base, and then 
head back to your base since you are low on ammo.
	When you come back out, slam the throttle and head north to the V-TOL bases. 
These are the hardest things to destroy, possibly in the game. The V-TOL bases are 
built INSIDE the mountains, they house choppers and other planes that don’t need 
runways. You need to rise up very high and dive straight down on top of the V-TOL 
base slowly and either bomb them or shoot missiles inside. You can’t machine gun 
them because by that time you’ll need to pull up. It’s very easy to get caught in a 
V-TOL base, and once you’re caught you can’t get back out until you crash. While 
you’re destroying the V-TOL bases, at some point Stonehenge will attack, just be 
sure to stay below 2000 feet. After you destroy the V-TOL bases, head west to the 
Sub-base. You should have 2-5 minutes remaining at this point. Destroy everything 
you can at this point. Be wary of the Sub-bases themselves, they are the opposite of 
V-TOL bases. You can attack them from above; you have to get a missile inside. Be 
sure to fire TWO spaced out shots because one has to destroy the submarine bottled 
up inside. Stonehenge will attack a 3rd time right before the level ends, and by now 
you should have well over 3000 points, and be on your way to an easy victory…
Mission 11: Escort
Mission Description: In preparation for an attack on Stonehenge, ISAF strategists 
need all the information they can get on the super-weapon itself. Several Erusian 
officers are aware that they have done wrong and are willing to give information on 
Stonehenge in exchange for amnesty and defection to an ISAF member state. ISAF 
commanders have agreed, and these several officers along with their families have 
boarded two commercial airliners, Flights 701 and 702. Erusians became aware of 
these treason officers and launched some fighters to destroy these jets. Flight 701 
was shot on takeoff and the captain’s injured. First Officer Nagasay has taken 
flight, but she is inexperienced in piloting. Flight 701 also took damage and is 
unable to raise altitude. Your mission is to fly solo out there, since you’re the 
best we’ve got right now. You must protect the two aircraft at all costs in order to 
help a victory at Stonehenge.      
Mission Objective- Protect Flight 701 and 702 from damage
Mission Time: 5:30
Plane Recommended- Get one that’s FAST
Weapon Recommended- Your best aerial missile
Secret Plane- It’s southeast of where you start, but if you try to grab it you fail 
the mission, making this the hardest plane to get in the game (See my strategies for 
tips on how to get this one)
Air- Unknown
Ground- 0
Naval- 0
Targets- Unknown
Total- Unknown
	Start the level off by raising altitude slightly. Stay on an angle until you 
reach 20000 feet. Once you come in contact with Flight 702, an Erusian fighter will 
shoot it from behind (It is impossible to prevent this shot). Destroy the fighter 
before it can do any more damage. As soon as the fighter is destroyed, head straight 
down. Flight 701 is directly below 702, only at a much lower altitude due to engine 
trouble. Fly straight down towards Flight 701 as more planes will be attacking it. 
Once you destroy those planes, rocket up to Flight 702. This is a tough one, as 
three planes will be attacking it from three sides. Sometimes they get a shot off in 
time, and that COULD destroy the plane. Make sure you kill off all of the planes 
quickly, and then rocket back down to Flight 701. This is easier because they are 
further away, but it’s still imperative that they be destroyed. As you’re fighting, 
a few more fighters will appear. Take these out to complete the level…
Mission 12: Stonehenge Offensive
Mission Description: The time has come to take out the weapon that has plagued ISAF 
for so long. Now is the time to destroy Stonehenge…
	Although Stonehenge can hit large aircraft from miles away, a few small 
fighters flying unpredictable, high-speed courses should be able to get within 
range. The data brought back from the passengers of flights 701 and 702 show us that 
Stonehenge has 7 guns around its circular base. In the center is a jamming device 
that disrupts our missile guidance systems. Our mission will be very difficult to 
execute should this jammer not be destroyed. Your mission is to take out the 7 gun 
turrets and destroy Stonehenge once and for all!
Mission Objective- Destroy Stonehenge
Mission Time: 15:00
Plane Recommended- F-15C/MIG-29A
Weapon Recommended- Any weapon is fine
Secret Plane- It’s located north of Stonehenge
Air- 3
Ground- 18
Naval- 0
Targets- 7 
Total- 28
	As soon as the mission starts, descend to avoid the blast by Stonehenge. Fly 
up directly above Stonehenge when you come up to it and hit the jamming device in 
the center with your machine gun. If you don’t hit the jamming device first your 
missiles will only go straight and can’t be guided. Take out the SAMS right after 
the jammer, then take out the AA guns. Finally take out Stonehenge. Don't go for the 
planes because if you are above 2000 you risk being shot down by Stoneheng, and 
there is no warning. After you destroy all of the Stonehenge targets, head north for 
a Mission Update…
	Yellow Squadron will appear to avenge Stonehenge. You must pick one Yellow 
plane to kill. If you are on Very Easy, Easy, or Normal, the Yellow Squadron plane 
you choose to destroy will die in one hit. If you’re higher than that, then it’s not 
so easy. Either way when you destroy one plane, the rest leave and the mission ends…
Mission 13: Safe Return
Mission Description: After the destruction of Stonehenge, Erusian strategists at 
Farbanti have frantically returned to the previously abandoned “Megalith” in their 
attempts to complete construction and rule the skies once again. A small recon plane 
near Gnome Ravine has data on Megalith. However this plane also has engine trouble 
and can’t raise altitude. They have to rely on their radar to get through Gnome 
Ravine. Unfortunately, hundreds of Erusian Radar Jammers mounted on hot air balloons 
are in the valley. They disrupt your missile guiding system so you have to destroy 
them with your machine gun. Fortunately, to our knowledge, those jammers are old and 
the Erusians don’t know about this, so you’ll be able to work on destroying them 
without the distraction of planes. Your mission is to destroy as many as possible 
before the plane arrives at the ravine…   
Mission Objective- Score at least 1300 points within the mission time
Mission Time: 7:00
Plane Recommended- Your best aerial plane
Weapon Recommended- Your best aerial missile
Secret Plane- It’s located northeast of the ravine
Air- Unknown
Ground- 0
Naval- 0
Targets- Unknown
Total- Unknown
  	There are no other aircraft besides you in this level, so you can work 
peacefully. Your objective is to use your machine guns to destroy as many balloons 
as possible. Since you need 1300 points and each one is 100 points, you need to 
destroy at least 13 before the plane arrives. Just destroy 13 and then go get the 
secret plane or get more for the S rank. One hint to use is that the blinking dots 
on your radar are there to symbolize that your radar doesn’t work, but those dots 
really ARE balloons, so if you treat them like real target you can find everything 
	After the time runs out, switch to your better weapon. Some Erusian fighters 
on patrol in the area have found the aircraft and are attempting to destroy it. 
These are simple planes to beat, and once you do, this boring mission is over… 
Mission 14: Breaking Arrows
Mission Description: With Stonehenge destroyed, ISAF has regained most of the 
eastern and southern part of Erusia. However they still do not have complete control 
over the northern coast. Erusian forces understand that they need to keep control 
over the northern coast to stay in the war, since they are at a deficit at this 
point. The ISAF northern landing forces are continuing their land pursuit along the 
glacier. In response, the Erusians launched several cruise missiles at the forces. 
Your mission is to go out and destroy these missiles before they reach the launch 
Mission Objective- Destroy all missiles
Mission Time: 20:00
Plane Recommended- Your best aerial plane
Weapon Recommended- Your best aerial missile
Secret Plane- It’s located in the center of the level; you see it when you fly 
towards the final missile
Air- Unknown
Ground- 0
Naval- 0
Targets- Unknown
Total- Unknown
	Yet another mission flying solo, but this one has more action. Follow your 
radar to the clump of targets. These are state-of-the-art war missiles traveling to 
a target 60 miles away at over 800 MPH. If you do the math you don’t have much time, 
so go passed the missiles and turn around, setting up behind them. Fire one missile 
at each…missile (That sounds weird) until they are all destroyed. Then go north 
again to some more missiles Do the same thing but this time fire at missiles all on 
the left, because after you fire some missiles, the target split into two and you 
have to follow both. After that, the final warhead missile is launched. Follow 
behind it. This missile goes up ands left, then down and right, up and left, down 
and right. If you follow its pattern, you can time it so that you shoot a missile as 
it is making its transition from up and left to down and right. After you destroy 
the warhead, the mission ends…
Mission 15: Emancipation
Mission Description: Now that ISAF controls the entire northern, eastern, and 
southern coasts, it’s time to move west. Erusia has currently set up its forces in 
the gigantic city of San Salvation. Your mission is to destroy the Erusian forces 
here and protect the innocent residents of this city…
Mission Objective- Score at least 2000 point within the mission time
Mission Time: 10:00
Plane Recommended- F-15E
Weapon Recommended- CLB
Secret Plane- It’s located in the center of the level, in between the Gov. Complex 
and the main city…
Air- 19
Ground- 62
Naval- 0
Targets- 0
Total- 81
	As soon as the mission starts, do a hard left towards a small handful of 
targets to the west. Destroy the two choppers crossing the river, then take out the 
launchers and AA guns here. Now move towards the main part of the city and destroy 
all of the tanks and choppers here. There are 3 SAMS and 2 AA Guns in this section. 
There is also a Yellow Squadron plane here that can be destroyed, but it takes too 
long so don’t try it. Now move east towards the Gov. Complex. Destroy the long row 
of tanks here and the tanks throughout the city. Take out the A-10’s in the air; be 
sure to reach the 2000 point mark. Forget about the airport up north, you don’t have 
time. Once you get 2000 points, go northwest of the government complex and wait. 
When 10 minutes are up, TU-160’s will appear to bomb the city (These are the 
advanced forms of the bear bombers you faced in the first two levels). Take all 8 of 
them out to win the level…
Mission 16: Whiskey Corridor
Mission Description: The ISAF forces have destroyed the GHQ (General Headquarters) 
of the Erusian forces. The Erusians are now on the run back to their capital of 
Farbanti. They have set up a large tank force in the narrow strip of land known as 
Whiskey Corridor. This is the final line of defense for the Erusians. If we 
penetrate it, we can march right on to Farbanti and win this war. Your mission is to 
provide close air support since this is mainly a ground battle…
Mission Objective- Score at least 3500 points within the mission time
Mission Time: 20:00
Plane Recommended- F-15E
Weapon Recommended- CLB
Secret Plane- It’s located along the western boundary line. If you go to the 
southwest corner of the level and continue north along this line you will find it
Air- 13
Ground- 113
Naval- 0
Targets- 0
Total- 126
	Get ready for a LONG level. If you look at your Square Radar, you’ll get a 
look at just how many enemy targets there are. But if you listen to the order in 
which I attack each section, you’ll destroy EVERYTHING in the level…
	The first place you should go is the easternmost section of targets. You 
have to yaw a lot to the right at the beginning of the level to head towards it. Arm 
your missiles and fire at the tank sections. Once you take everything out on the 
ground, more targets will appear north. Destroy all of these targets as well. There 
are three or four SAMS in this entire section, so be careful. Try to take them out 
first. There are also 4 choppers in sets of two that can really do damage to ISAF 
tanks, so take them out too. After the rest of these targets are destroyed, a few 
more targets will appear further north. Take these out as well. You’ll notice some 
more targets way up north after this, but leave those for later. Instead, head to 
the “Central Line of Resistance” in the middle of the map. You should pass Goldberg 
Crater to get there. (There’s a plane in this crater to fight, but leave it alone 
for now) Destroy all of the sets of tanks, but don’t destroy the set furthest to the 
west. (It has two tanks and an AA gun) Instead go back and take out all the A-10’s 
and all the tanks. After this go back and take out the final set. More targets will 
appear up north. Take out the SAMS and AA guns first, then the tanks. As you are 
fighting, a huge swarm of F-22’s and F-117’s will come from the north. This is where 
a lot of people get shot down, so be careful as you fight them. After you take out 
all of the targets in the center of the map, your weapons should be almost gone, so 
head due south back to base, and when you come out head northwest to the next 
section of targets. 
	Be sure to use cluster bombs on the Pillboxes because they take two missiles 
to destroy. Use your machine guns on the ammo tents to conserve your ammo. After you 
destroy everything in this section, head due north the General Headquarters. As you 
fly this long road, you may notice how much this mission resembles the real-life 
mission of Desert Storm, since they used F-117’s and were in the desert. The other 
mission that resembles real life is “Invincible Fleet” which resembled 12/7/41, the 
bombing of Pearl Harbor. I don’t know if Namco intended to make a resemblance, but 
they did nonetheless. 
	Anyway, when you reach the GHQ, stay low to the ground and slow down. Take 
out the two SAMS here, but don’t rise up. There are two FLAK guns here, but if 
you’re low enough they can’t hurt you. Destroy these and then the AA guns. Be sure 
to take out the GHQ building because it fires machine gun bullets too. Now take out 
the remaining targets here. If you did everything right and you did it quick enough, 
you should have just enough time to get the clump of targets I told you to get last. 
If you have an S rank by now, which you should, I suggest going after the secret 
plane or flying around until the level ends, because next to Operation Bunker Shot, 
I seem to die the most in this level. After the time runs out, as long as you have 
3500+ points, the mission will end…
Mission 17: Siege of Farbanti
Mission Description: It’s come down to this. We have successfully completed all of 
our major missions since the success against the Allenfort bombers thanks to Mobius 
1. We have found the stronghold of the Erusian forces- a large city known as 
Farbanti. This holds the Erusian officials that have created Stonehenge and caused 
this war. We must destroy the remaining Erusian tank and plane forces to cause them 
to surrender. Our tank forces will join the battle from the north and east; however 
the Erusians have a remaining tank force in the north that may just have enough 
power to stop our tanks. You must destroy Johnson Memorial Bridge to ensure that 
Erusian tank forces do not meet up with their allies. After you destroy Johnson 
Memorial Bridge, do as much damage to the rest of Farbanti. Beware however; it is 
certain that Yellow Squadron will show up sooner or later. If that happens, we’re 
not running like we did before Mobius 1; we’re going to leave it up to you to take 
care of Yellow 13 and his Squadron, you’re the only one with enough skill and 
experience to pull it off. Now let’s go out and win this war!
Mission Objective- Score at least 2100 points within the mission time and destroy 
Johnson Memorial Bridge
Mission Time: 12:00
Plane Recommended- SU-37 (You probably don’t have this plane yet)
Weapon Recommended- QAAM
Secret Plane- It’s located northwest of Farbanti
Air- 4
Ground- 34
Naval- 4
Targets- 0
Total- 42
	At the start of the level, you’ll hear SkyEye say that at end to the war 
would be a nice birthday gift. You should remember it being his birthday at the 
start of the first level. Yes, it’s the year 2005, and it’s been exactly one year 
since you were recruited. Now you must put a stop to the Erusian forces once and for 
	At the start of the mission, speed up and go straight ahead. Four Erusian 
planes will charge right at you but DON’T SHOOT THEM. The reason for this is when 
all of them are destroyed more planes come from the north, a LOT more. So as long as 
they are alive, you can work without planes flying around. Go down and a little 
right until you see a bridge. Fly through the bridge and destroy the SAM on the 
other side. Now take out everything on and around the bridge. Be sure to destroy the 
battleship as well. After everything here is destroyed, go northwest to another 
bridge. One of your targets on the bridge should say BRIDGE. This is Johnson 
Memorial Bridge. Fire two missiles at it and it will be destroyed, completing your 
objective. Now keep destroying enemy forces to get the needed 2100 points. (It’s a 
little tough, just keep getting tanks) Once there is about one minute left, someone 
will say that Erusian officers are using choppers to escape. Now you must find the 
choppers and gun them down. (They’re located south near the headquarters) As soon as 
you gun them down, immediately head back to base, regardless of anything. As you’re 
going there, the mission will end and Yellow Squadron will appear. Just restock 
anyway, and then go back out.
	If you have the SU-37, then use all of your QAAMs on Yellow Squadron. You 
see, QAAMS are missiles that have a 95% chance of hitting their target, even Yellow 
Squadron. The only time they don’t hit is if they crash into the ground/water or 
they don’t hit a target for about 40 seconds. If you fire a QAAM at a Yellow, then 
fire a regular missile, it will have a better chance of hitting because the plane is 
already evading. For more tips on fighting Yellow Squadron, see section 7. Once all 
5 planes are destroyed, the mission ends…
Mission 18: Megalith
Mission Description: Although the Erusians have legally surrendered to ISAF, a young 
group of rebel Erusian officers have taken control of Megalith. You may remember 
Megalith as the 2nd Version of Stonehenge, and a possible target to ISAF members. We 
will now use the data brought back from the recon plane in Gnome Ravine. The data 
shows that a main missile inside Megalith’s shaft is designed to shoot into orbit. 
Should this happen, Megalith will activate, and the war could start again. We must 
attack Megalith before it goes into complete development. Data shows that there are 
three main generators that control the entrances and exits inside Megalith. An ISAF 
team will penetrate Megalith from the inside. Each time you destroy a generator, 
they will be able to move further and further inside. Once all 3 are destroyed, they 
can open up an exhaust vent that leads straight to the missile. You must fly through 
this shaft and destroy the missile. The ISAF team will then activate the hatch for a 
few seconds to allow your escape, then close it back up to seal the blast and 
destroy Megalith. Your mission is to destroy the 3 generators, then the one missile. 
Once the missile, along with Megalith, is destroyed, we will rise completely 
Mission Objective- Destroy all indicated targets
Mission Time: 20:00
Plane Recommended- SU-37
Weapon Recommended- QAAM
Secret Plane- It’s located north of Megalith
Air- 15
Ground- 0
Naval- 0
Targets- 3
Total- 18
	At the start of the mission, head straight and accelerate. You’ll notice 
that you are now the leader of the ISAF Air Force, and all of the aircraft have 
taken up the names Mobius 2, Mobius 3, Mobius 4, and so on. Anyway, zoom ahead 
towards the onslaught of planes. There are 3 groups of 5, all are Yellow Squadron 
planes. Don’t worry, these aren’t as hard as the real Yellow Squadron, but there’s 
more so it makes up for it. You don’t have to destroy these planes, but it’s the 
last level so you might as well get some aerial combat in. Use your QAAM missiles to 
wipe out the Rebel Fighters, then head straight down for the ocean…
	You need to use Autopilot and get only 100 feet off of the ground. (Yes, it 
will say PULL UP, but don’t listen to that) Eventually on your radar you will see 
two green sticks going north to south. You should go on the left one first. You need 
to line up the left stick so that you are going to hit it head on. As you come 
closer and closer, you’ll notice that this is a shaft. Don’t accelerate or 
decelerate, just maintain your normal speed. Aim for the generator on your left. It 
will look like it’s out of range, but when you lock onto it fire two missiles (One 
just in case) at it. You’ll destroy it for certain. Keep going until you come out of 
Megalith, then fly high and turn around. You need to repeat the same thing for the 
right stick, so fly far from Megalith and make another U-turn. This time, the 
generator is on a hill, so when you reach the end of the shaft you have to fly up. 
Lock onto it and fire two missiles and use your machine gun to make sure it blows 
up. When you come out of Megalith, go right. Keep going right so that on your Square 
Radar you’re flying east and away from Megalith. Once you pass two tall towers, turn 
around. The 3rd generator is down this track in the middle. Make a U-turn and start 
heading west towards Megalith. You need to go low to the ground again and go in 
between the two towers. As soon as you lock onto the generator, fire two missiles 
and instantly pull up. You will get a mission update…
	From here you can either shoot the 4 small missiles for extra points, or 
head south. Either way, this time you have to go in a new shaft. This shaft is in 
between the original two green sticks on your radar. You still have to go to 100 
feet altitude, but this shaft is much further up. Once you get inside, you’ll notice 
that the walls are yellow. You’ll exit the shaft and appear in a large room with a 
huge stick. This is the main missile. Fire away at the missile, and speed up and 
exit through the top ventilation hatch. A cut-scene will start, and you will win the 
4. Other Game Modes
	Well I FINALLY finished the long Walkthrough section. Now this section is 
much shorter, it will show you a brief description of the other game modes besides 
Story Mode…
1. Tutorial
This mode is available before you start a New Game. Tutorial is broken down into 
different sections to explain the basics of flying and combat in this game. This 
should be your first stop as soon as you start to play for your first time…

2. VS Mode
VS Mode allows you to go head to head with one of your friends to see who is the 
better pilot. If you use VS mode from the start menu, you can only use the F-4E and 
the UGBM weapon. If you load your saved game and go into VS Mode, you can use all of 
the planes and weapons you have bought. Once you beat the game, you unlock new 
levels to use in VS Mode. Ace Combat 4 would’ve been great if it was multitap 
compatible and you could fly with 4 people teamed up or against each other, but 
maybe Ace Combat 5 will have that…

3. Free Mission
This mode is only available after you beat the game. It allows you to freely select 
any mission you want and play it. This mode is great for finding the secret planes 
and getting to know the level. You can also choose “Free Flight” from here, which 
allows you to play with no allies, no enemies, no targets, and no time…

4. Trial Mission
This mode is only available after you beat the game. It allows you to play various 
missions and try to accumulate a high score or low time. There are records for each 
mission for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. If you make it on this list, you open up the 
next mission…
5. Plane/Weapon Details
	This is probably the most useful section of the guide. I will go in-depth to 
show you each plane and each weapon, plus the cost for everything. You can even add 
up the cost to see the total amount of money you need to buy everything. Planes with 
^ before their names are the top row planes (Unlock these by beating the game once) 
and those with a * before their name are the secret planes (Unlock these by shooting 
them down in each level Look in the mission descriptions in Section 3 for their 
locations). The weapons with ---- as their cost are that plane’s default weapon…
Plane Name + Weapons for Plane:			Cost:

F-4E						Default Plane
^F-4E						99,000 
*F-4E				 		99,000
UGBM						----
NPB						32,000

F-5E						68,000
^F-5E						68,000
*F-5E						97,000
UGBS						----
RCL						41,000

F-16C						97,000
^F-16C						97,000
*F-16C						126,000
UGBS						----
XAGM						52,000

A-10A						123,000
^A-10A						123,000
*A-10A						160,000
UGBL						----
XAGM						58,000
CLB						55,000

MIR-2000					110,000
^MIR-2000					110,000
*MIR-2000					143,000
UGBS						----
LASM						56,000

F-14A						188,000
^F-14A						188,000
*F-14A						244,000
XLAR						----
UGBM						66,000

TND-ID5						172,000
^TND-ID5					172,000
*TND-ID5					224,000
BDSP						----
PGB						76,000
LASM						70,000

F/A-18C						170,000
^F/A-18C					170,000
*F/A-18C					221,000
UGBM						----
LASM						72,000
XMAA						71,000

F-15C						272,000
^F-15C						272,000
*F-15C						354,000
UGBM						----
XMAA						95,000

MIG-29A						259,000
^MIG-29A					259,000
* MIG-29A					337,000
UGBS						----
RCL						81,000

F-117A						386,000
^ F-117A					386,000
* F-117A					502,000
UGBL						----
PGB						126,000
CLB						106,000

EF-2000						351,000
^ EF-2000					351,000
* EF-2000					456,000
XLAA						----
UGBM						104,000
R-MO1						370,000
^ R-MO1						370,000
* R-MO1						481,000
SOD						----
XMAA						108,000
LASM						111,000

F-15E						505,000
^ F-15E						505,000
* F-15E						657,000
UGBL							----
XMAA						117,000
CLB						119,000

F-2A						505,000
^ F-2A						505,000
* F-2A						657,000
UGBM						----
LASM						121,000
RCL						99,000

SU-35						589,000
^SU-35						589,000
*SU-35						786,000
XLAA							----
UGBM						133,000

F-22A						643,000
^ F-22A						643,000
* F-22A						836,000
XMAA						----
PGB						163,000

SU-37						618,000
^ SU-37						618,000
* SU-37						803,000
QAAM						----
UGBL						139,000
LASM						146,000

F-15 ACTIVE					620,000
^F-15 ACTIVE					620,000
*F-15 ACTIVE					806,000
XMAA						----
FAEB						286,000

S-37A						889,000
^ S-37A						889,000
* S-37A						1,560,000
QAAM						----
UGBL						154,000

X-02						2,283,000
^X-02						1,414,000
XLAA						----
BDSP						397,000
QAAM						472,000

Total Amount-					30,941,000 $

	As you can see, the cost to buy every plane and weapon is almost 31 million 
dollars. You’re going to have to beat the game quite a few times to reach that 
amount. As for the comment under the *X-02, this is a secret plane. And in order to 
unlock the * planes you need to shoot them down in levels, and since the X-02 isn’t 
found in any levels, you can’t shoot them down. In order to get the X-02 you have to 
beat the game for the first time (Not a special continue) on normal. To get the top 
X-02 you have to first get the X-02, and then beat the game on expert. 

All Weapons and descriptions:

Unguided Freefall Bomb (Small)
	This is your basic weapon. It’s a small bomb that does a small amount of 
damage to an area around your bomb circle. (See section 7)

Unguided Freefall Bomb (Medium)
	This is a larger version of the UGBS. Naturally it covers a larger area and 
does more damage.

Unguided Freefall Bomb (Large)
	This is the largest version of the freefall bombs. Naturally it covers the 
most area and does the most damage

Precision Guided Bomb
	This bomb has a lock on device, and is specially designed to float down 
towards the locked on target. These bombs are weaker than other bombs, but it’s a 
surefire hit.
Rocket Launcher
	This bomb is not as freefall bomb, but a forced bomb. Each time the RCL is 
used, many small rockets are shot straight ahead toward the bomb circle. This weapon 
is good for lined-up targets.

Bomblet Dispenser
	This weapon is designed to throw millions of tiny bomblets each time it is 
used to cover a large area in a straight line. This is another weapon for lined-up 

Advanced Air to Ground Missile
	This weapon works like a missile but fires only at ground targets. This 
weapon is good if you are near a lot of spread out ground targets but need to 
conserve your missiles.

Long range Air-to-Surface Missile
	This weapon is capable of shooting ground targets from stand-off ranges. 
This weapon is great for hitting SAMS and AA guns at a distance where you can hit 
them but they can’t hit you.

Napalm Bomb
	This weapon emits a powerful jelly on impact capable of poisonous 
explosions. This weapon is great for moving targets on the ground, such as tanks or 
planes ready to take off.

Cluster Bomb   
	This bomb has the most destructive power, and the largest coverage area. 
Upon impact the clusters of bombs continue to spread out to hit other targets. This 
weapon is great for bunched up targets.

Fuel-Air Explosive bomb	
This bomb is unique to the F-15 ACTIVE, and can do even more damage than the CLB, 
and covers an even larger area. The bomb explodes just before it hits the ground, so 
that it has a wider chance of spreading. This bomb is the best in the game.

Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
	This missile is designed to shoot down aerial enemies such as planes or 
choppers at short distances. The XSAA is also capable of hitting up to 4 enemies at 

Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
	This missile is designed to shoot down aerial enemies such as planes or 
choppers at medium distances, further than missiles can shoot. The XMAA is also 
capable of hitting up to 4 enemies at once.

Advanced Long Range Air-to-Air Missile
	This missile is designed to shoot down aerial enemies such as planes or 
choppers at far distances. Although this missile has a high chance of missing, it’s 
as close as you can get to sniping the enemy. The XMAA is also capable of hitting up 
to 4 enemies at once.

Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile
	This missile works exactly like your regular missile, except it pretty much 
never misses. It keeps following the target until the target is destroyed, the 
missile hit the water/ground, or the target evades it, (See section 7) which is 
almost impossible. This missile is great for any aerial combat, especially for 
Yellow Squadron.
6. General Hints
	The following are some helpful hints and tips for the game. No flying tips 
will be given here, that’s in the next section.

1. In order to unlock the top row of planes, you need to beat the game once and 
start a special continue.

2. In order to unlock the *Secret Planes, you need to find the secret plane in every 
level. Check the mission debriefing for each mission in Section 3, and look 
under “Secret Plane”. Each plane has a pilot name as well, such as F14GIBRALTER, or 
A-10WINGMAN. Of course those aren’t really their names, it’s just an example. Once 
you find the planes you have to shoot them down. Once you shoot them down, you 
unlock them, but you still have to by them. The secret planes are just alternate 
paint jobs for each plane. You need to successfully complete the game once, and then 
find the planes on your second play through.

3. In order to unlock new planes on your first way through, you need to shoot them 
down in actual combat. 

4. Usually the secret planes are found north of the battlefield, but not always.

5. If you fly high around the “Invincible Fleet” level, you can see the Namco sign 
on the ground in the middle of the level.

6. For extra fun at the beginning of a mission, shoot your machine gun at your 
allies. They won’t get shot down, but SkyEye will get really mad.
7. On the Stonehenge Offensive level, you only have to shoot the middle part of the 
turrets. Although missiles do more damage than machine gun bullets, I found the 
bullets to be more effective on the turrets.

8. On the levels where you launch a surprise attack, the enemy is not ready and 
sometimes is still on the runway. Enemy planes are much easier to kill on the runway 
since they can’t evade. The levels with enemies taking off on runways are 1-Imminent 
Threat, 2-Lifeline (But you won’t get there in time) 3-Tango Line 4-Stonehenge 
Offensive, and 5-Emancipation.

9. Once you beat the game on hard, you unlock expert. Once you beat expert, you 
unlock Ace.

10. Beware that on the Ace difficulty setting you die in one missile shot and 
machine gun bullets do a lot of damage. Also beware that you can’t restore your 
plane’s damage to 00% when you’re on Ace, even when you go back to base.

11. A lot of people seem to get confused with the storyline cut-scenes in between 
levels. The truth is that little boy isn’t the pilot or anything, it a visual 
version of a letter he writes to Mobius 1, telling him of a time when he was a child 
in San Salvation and his encounters with the Erusians and Yellow Squadron, but the 
whole time it’s him talking 20 years later, after Mobius 1 retires as a hero. It’s 
very cool to watch the story and see where you come in, like when Yellow 13 is in 
the bar reading the Stonehenge letter. Now that that’s clear I think you’ll enjoy 
the story a little bit more…
7. Flying Tips
	Now here’s the section you’ve all been waiting for! It’s also the last 
section. Here are your basic tips on flying, broken down into sections…  	 

Section 1- Shooting missiles/machine gun bullets at enemies
	Ok, you’re in the heat of battle, you got three bandits on your tail and 
you’ve got one target left to rack up the point you need. What are you going to do? 
Shoot him of course! Well actually you’d get those three bandits off your tail but 
that comes later…
	Anyway, in order to shoot a missile at a target, you have to “lock-on” to 
him. When you’re locked on, the missile will try its best to hit that target, but it 
can’t always do so if your enemy evades. There are a few Ace tricks to remember 
	First off, in order to lock on to your enemy, you have to be within at least 
800-900 feet of him. You can see your distance to the target below the type of plane 
it is. Once you’re at least that distance away, a red circle will appear floating 
around the target and you will hear a beeping sound. Once the red circle get closer 
and closer it will finally land on the target and you’ll hear one long 
BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. At this point you’re able to fire away. You can only fire two 
missiles before they have to reload and come back. (This takes about 2-3 seconds) 
Press O to fire your missile. If you’re on VERY EASY, then it only takes one missile 
to kill planes. If you’re on any other difficulty, it takes two. The average plane 
carries 50 or 60 missiles, but it varies. Once you fire a missile, look at the 
middle of the screen. One of three messages will soon come up. One message is HIT. 
That means your missile hit the target, but it didn’t destroy it. Another message is 
DESTROYED. This means the missile hit the target and the target was wiped out. The 
last message is MISS, which means your missile did not hit the target, and is 
instead floating away without any target. One of my tricks for hitting a target that 
is far away, around 500-800 feet, and is evading is to fire one missile. While the 
missile is going towards the target, fire another missile. Since the plane is 
already trying to evade one missile, he probably won’t see the next missile coming. 
If you’re lucky, one missile will hit. If you’re very lucky, both will hit and the 
target will be destroyed. If you’re stupid none of them will hit and you’ll just 
create more garbage in the ocean.
	Now that you understand missile firing, let’s get into machine guns. If you 
come within 300-400 feet of your target, a large circle will appear around a small 
dot. Where every that dot is, is where the machine gun bullets will go. If you are 
directly behind a plane that is not evading, simply line up the dot with his plane 
and fire. If he IS evading, which he usually will, then your best bet is to lead the 
target a little bit. That means putting the dot in the spot where the plane is 
likely to go and firing here. A good pilot will pick that up and fly unpredictable 
patterns, but the basic enemies won’t. 

Section 2- Dropping Freefall Bombs
	Now most missions in this game require you to destroy some ground targets. 
You can use missiles on them, but those aren’t very practical and often run out 
quickly. You can use machine guns, but by the time you’re close enough to use it you 
already have to worry about pulling up to avoid crashing. The best method is to drop 
a bomb. Of course you have to choose your bomb before the mission (See my “Weapon 
Recommended” or my bomb descriptions to choose one for yourself). Most bombs are a 
freefall bomb, which means they don’t line up. In order to use your bombs press 
SELECT during a mission to switch from missile to bomb. Your missiles are now 
disabled, but they can be used again by pressing Select. Once you’ve equipped your 
bomb, notice the line going down to another circle that’s similar to the machine gun 
circle. Well, the line is the direction in which the bomb will fall, and the dot is 
where it will land. The circle can usually represent its destructive power. Just 
line up your target with the dot and press O to fire. A cool thing to do is to hold 
down O to watch your bomb hit. Just make sure you put on autopilot so you don’t 
crash while you’re watching. Oh, and one more thing- Use common sense people! You 
can’t use bombs while your plane is upside down! It’s called gravity!

Section 3- Evading
	Ok, back to the whole 3 bandits on your tail thing. There are many ways 
to “evade” as it is called, but you must understand when to do it. First off, 
whenever an enemy plane is behind you and locks onto you (When THEY have a red 
circle on YOUR plane) a beeping warning will sound. You will also see the message 
WARNING at the top of your screen. Whenever an opponent fires a missile at you, the 
beeping sound turns to an alarm, the whole screen turns red and a message says 
MISSILE ALERT. Now you should be evading…
	The best way to evade is to speed up and rise, doing a flip in mid-air. 
However if an opponent gets lucky and hits you from the right angle you’re dead. 
Experienced Aces like myself probably learned this trick after they died 4 times. 
You can see the missiles that get fired at you by watching your radar. They are 
little white blinking dots. The best evasive procedure I can give you is to turn 
TOWARDS the missile. I know it sounds stupid but if you turn towards it, it will 
force the missile to make a U-turn, which no missile except the QAAM can do. Another 
advanced evasive procedure is to stall out. Yet another idea that sounds stupid but 
it works. I spent a while watching Yellow Squadron in Trial Mission mode, and I 
began to learn their evasive moves. One of their best was the stall out move. You 
see, the best idea in a missile alert situation is to speed up and get out of there. 
However if you are already at a low speed, you need to go even LOWER. While in mid-
air, look at you radar. If the missile is coming at you from behind, slam the L1 
button to drastically slow down. Soon it will say STALL, and your plane will begin 
to fall straight down very rapidly. When you’re facing the ground, speed up rapidly 
towards the ground and pull up, so that your pattern looks like this-		
                                       3 ___________________2
		            ____________| 4
1. Missile coming at you
2. Your plane
3. Point where you stall out and speed up as you fall
4. Point where you quickly pull up while maintaining a high speed

Here is one more evasive pattern, possibly the best in the game-

                               ___ ___
                              /  /2\ 3\
                             /  /___\  \
		            /           \
                  1________/             \_____________

1. Point where you start and direction of flight
2. Point where you drastically slow down 
3. At this point, your plane will actually be flying backwards due to the force of 
the turns

	That maneuver takes more practice than anything else in the game. Try 
the “Free Flight” option in the “Free Mission” game mode to practice this technique.

Section 4- Evading QAAMs
	Even though none of your enemies actually carry QAAMs, either it’s happened 
to you or it’s going to happen to you. 
	Face it, we’ve all wanted to go head to head with one of our buddies in VS 
Mode, and we chose are true favorite plane. Like mine is the F-22. But of course one 
of our friends picks the S-37 or the X-02 just because they have QAAMs. My friend 
Danny is a perfect example. And of course they beat the heck out of you and tell you 
that they’re better because they won. Of course, people think QAAM and shake in 
their shoes as the game loads. But of course in VS Mode you can’t replenish your 
weapons, so you only have to try this 10 times. (If they’re like my friend Danny, 
they switch it to sudden death and fire all 10 at once!)
	First, get your buddy behind you before he can use it. I suggest making a 
deal, telling him that they can use QAAMs if you pick the level. Now pick a level 
with mountainous terrain or some sort of obstacle. The two best choices are the Safe 
Return level, with lots of mountains, or the Emancipation levels, with lots of 
buildings. Now when they fire the QAAMs at you speed up and hold the down button. 
Keep flying in vertical circles to knock some off. Now a real good pilot will use 
the terrain to his advantage. Fly horizontal circles around a mountain or fly 
zigzags through the building corridors. Either way you must keep a high speed (900+ 
MPH) and keep moving! Don’t try any of those evasive tricks because they require 
stalling out and slowing down.
	Once you’ve shocked your friend as you avoided 10 simultaneous QAAMs, launch 
some missiles on him and keep right on his tail with your machine gun. After about 
10 seconds I think it’s time for a new game…

Section 5- Fighting Yellow Squadron
	We all know that in the latter part of Siege of Farbanti you have to take 
all 5 Yellows on at once. My suggestion is to first spread them out into two groups, 
one with three, one with two. Since there are 5, the fight will get easier as you 
got along, so before they start their missile frenzy, kill one off. Now you can fly 
high speed course away from them and get some to follow you. Of course if you have 
QAAMs then just use them. Get behind one quickly. The only way to win is to use my 
two missile trick or to lead their planes with the machine gun. Now there are three 
left. Fire two missiles at two different ones and concentrate on the third with your 
machine gun. Once your missiles are reloaded fire away to beat the 3rd one. Now 
there are two left. Try to evade a lot here; this is when they are the hardest. Just 
remember you can always retreat to base a restock. I suggest doing that here. Now go 
back and take one on, regardless of missile alerts. (Unless of course you’re on Ace) 
Once you only have one left it is the easiest, since you can just concentrate on 
8. Thanks
	Well here it is, the closing of my 3rd Walkthrough. Be sure to check out my 
other two walkthroughs for Legend of Legaia (Playstation 1) and Spider Man: The 
Movie (Playstation 2). I’d like to thank Namco for creating such a great game with 
amazing 3D worlds. I definitely look forward to Ace Combat 5. I’d also like to thank for publishing my walkthroughs thus far and giving me a chance to get 
my material out there and help people. Lastly I’d like to thank the readers for 
their support thus far. I’ve only been an Author for a week, and here I am going to 
publish my 3rd Full Walkthrough. I hope that I helped someone stuck somewhere, and 
if anyone has any questions regarding anything in this FAQ, or have some input, 
positive or negative, my e-mail address is [email protected] (convenient, huh?). 
Well, once again, goodbye until next time. Enjoy the game, enjoy the ending, and 
enjoy the walkthrough…



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