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          Air Hockey-e FAQ
          by : StarKnightX
   e-mail : [email protected]
     ver.1.5     updated : 3/19/03
      (C) 2003 by Jason O'Bryan
          created : 2/28/03

Hey it's me StarKnightX , sent to bore you for about 5 minutes about the
wonder that is Air Hockey-e for the Nintendo E-Reader.

What is Air Hockey-e?
Air Hockey-e was a card sent out to stores by Nintendo to demo the
E-Card Reader. It lets you play a simple game of Air Hockey against a 
computer adversary.

Where can I get it?
It was widely available for free at most game stores (there were large 
piles of them , just take one , I got mine at Toys’R’Us). I've heard you
can't get them any more but search around , you might still find some (or ask on the 
Internet , some people are offering them to those who ask).
In all honesty , in less your a major collector of game stuff , your not missing 
much , so don't go out of your way to get one.

Version History
ver. 1.5   March 19 , 2003 - FAQ's and other info submitted by mdude4.
             This (most likely) will be the final version.

ver. 1     February 28 , 2003  - 
            First Release , all info included and , unless someone has 
            something else to add , may be the last release.

D-Pad = move your Pad
A     = do a power hit

Card Stats
1 Card
2 Bar Scan Codes

Playing Field
 The Playing field in the game looks something like this :

            =================                 =================
     COM    ==                                               ==
  ========= ==                                               ==
  |       | ==                                               ==
  |       | ==                                               ==
  ========= ==                                               ==
            ==                                               ==
            ==                                               ==
            ==                                               ==    YOU
            ==                                               == =========
            ==                                               == |       |
            ==                                               == |       |
            ==                                               == =========
            =================                 =================

 forgive my crummy ascii art but it gives you a general idea.

Frequently Asked Quentions *submitted by mdude4
Q. How long does the average game take?
A. Usually around 10 minutes.

Q. Where do I find Air Hockey-e?
A. Well, it was actually one of the few promo card-e's distributed around the 
holiday season of 2002. Each participating store got a healthy portion of the cards, 
so they aren't too rare - check ebay; at the moment they have a constant flow of 
these cards. Actually, some people at the GameFAQs message boards are even offering 
to send out some extras they have to people who didn't get them. I have a feeling 
this card is going to be a pretty rare find in the future though.

Q. Lots of people are saying it's impossible to beat. Is it to frustrating
   to even try?
A. Well, the game is pretty difficult. Even's experts weren't able 
to beat it when they made their review for it. But it's fun nevertheless, and I've 
beaten it, so just have fun with it!

Q. Should I buy an e-Reader just for this game?
A. I would have to say no. Although I will say this: after you buy an e-Reader, 
you're going to be so tempted to buy as many cards for it as you can, so chances are 
you'll get more out of it than just the Air Hockey game.

Q. Can I play against a friend?
A. Sadly, no. You can only play against the computer.

Q. I can't win!!! Is it worth trying so hard? What actually happens when you
A. See Below..

*** The only spoiler of the game***
Several people are having tons of trouble conquering the elusive computer in
this game, so I thought I'd let everyone in on a little secret, the answer to the 
question "What happens when you beat it anyway???" Well, you know the
Game Over text that comes up when you lose? Imagine that same text and font,
but with the words You Win. There's also a small little victory sound effect
that plays. So that's what you've been constantly fighting to achieve! I
guess the bragging rights is the key factor in winning the game.

Game Play Notes and Tips
In the game it's you vs. the computer , first to 10 points wins.
 - Never use the power shot straight forward towards the goal unless your
   very confident that you will be able to return the shot.
 - Beware , the computer will often play dumb in the beginning , letting 
   you get up to 6 or 7 points then will comeback with a vengeance ,
   don't be fooled , keep your guard up.
 - When you get close to winning , worry more about protecting your goal
   then trying to get the point.The conputer will do everything it can to
   block your shots but just keep playing defensivly , let him make his 
   own mistake.
 - Only use the power shot unless your in the lead or very brave.The
   computer is very good about blocking it.
 - Finally , just keep trying! The computers hard , I know , I played 5
   matches in a row got to about 7 points unchallenged , watch him come
   back and destroy me. Keep trying though and I'm sure you'll pull 
   through better than I did.
****[Other , slightly better worded, in-depth tips from mdude4]
 - Don't overuse the A Button! In fact, rarely use it. The computer has a 
better chance of blocking a 200-mile-per-hour puck than you do, so you're
basically helping him. When you have a clear shot, use it. Otherwise, play it safe!
 - The computer gets more difficult at certain points: after you score 5 goals, 8 
goals, and 9 goals. When you reach 9, the computer becomes almost invincible. I've 
had the computer make several 9-0 comebacks, so my main point here: don't get sure 
of yourself, ever!
 - Stay by your goal! Even when the puck is going very slowly near the halfway point 
on your side, wait for it to come to you! This is really just to make it a habit, so 
when things get fast and wild you won't try anything crazy.

 Thanks to CJayC for having such an awesome site in GameFAQs and hopefully
you weren't bored to death reading my stupid guide.
 Big Thanks to mdude4 (Mark) for lots of info on this simple little game that I 
hadn't thought of of , or had just worded poorly.
Contact Info:
  E-mail Address : [email protected]
This document is copyrighted material and the author's intellectual
property. It cannot be altered or distributed in any way, shape, or form
as someone else's work. I have no issues with places other than GameFAQs
using this as a guide reference, but I ask that you request permission
before doing so, so I'm informed of in advance.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This document is copyright 2003 by Jason O'Bryan.

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