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        AAAA      KK  K UU    UU     MM      MM         AAAA
       AA  AA     KK K  UU    UU    MMMM    MMMM       AA  AA
      AAAAAAAA    KKK   UU    UU   MM  MM  MM  MM     AAAAAAAA
     AA      AA   KK K  UU    UU  MM    MMMM    MM   AA      AA
    AA        AA  KK  K  UUUUUU  MM      MM      MM AA        AA

for Street Fighter Alpha on the GBC
Version 1.0
by Serebii251 ([email protected])

1.0) Who is Akuma?
2.0) How do i choose Akuma?
3.0) Akumas attacks
3.1) Normal moves
3.2) Special attacks
3.3) Combos
3.4) Super combos
4.0) Tactics
4.1) Offensive
4.2) Deffensive
5.0) Akuma vs
5.9)M. Bison

1.0) Who is Akuma?

Akuma means "Devil". In Japan Akuma is known as Gouki, that means
"Great Demon".At the beginning there was a figther calld Goutetsu who 
invented a new figthingstile.He handed the technique to the pupils 
Gouken and Akuma. Gouken taugth it to Ryu, Ken and Dan. Actually the
Style was meant for killing. But the killing function was removed.
After long time Akuma discovered the dark side, he was obsessd by
the dark side. As he consumed it, he transformt in to a murderous
demon. He murderd Gouken and Goutetsu in a figth. And now he is
searching vor opponents wich ar good figthers.

2.0) How do i choose Akuma?

You can only choose Akuma at the random select. but i have a trick.
You wate till you see Sodom. Sometimes Dan comes after Sodom but i made
a structur of who comes.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sodom Dan ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sodom Akuma ? ? ? ? ?
 ? ? ? ? ? Sodom Dan ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sodom Dan ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Sodom Akuma etc.

3.0) Akumas Attacks

Akuma has the most attacks in the hole game.


N = Nothing
F = Forward
B = Backwards
U = Up
D = Down
J = Jump

P = Press B
p = tap B
K = Press A
k = tap A
Pp = B, doesn't matter how
Kk = A, doesn't matter how
KkKk = Mixed kicks
PpPp = Mixed punches

SB = Hold B 2sec,F
FK = Hold D 2sec,U
360 = F,UF,U,UB,B,DB,D,DF,F

Alpha Counter = B,DB,D
Throws = 1) P+F 2) K+F

SSB = Hold B 2sec,F,B,F
SFK = Hold DB 2sec,DF,DB,U

4.1) Normal moves

    (S.)     (C.)      (JU.)    (JF/B)
 |Standing |Cruching |Jump Up |Jump F./B.
p|weak high|weak low |punches sligthly   |
 |punch    |punch    |downwards          |
-|---------|---------|                   |
P|straigth |punches  |                   |
 |punch    |upwards  |                   |
k|quick    |weak low |kick    |knee      |
 |punch    |kick     |upwards |attack    |
K|high     |tripps   |kicks   |kicks F/B |
 |kick     |opponent |straight|straight  | 
 |         |         |ahead   |          |

4.2) Special attacks

Fireball FB+Pp

Fireball HCB+Pp

Fireball J,FB+Pp

Dragonpunch DP+Pp

Hurricane Kick HK+Kk

Air Hurricane Kick J,HK+Kk

Teleport F. DP+Kk

Teleport B. RDP+Kk

Roll 1 HK+Pp

Roll 2 HCU+  N Slide
             Kk Front Kick
             Pp Palm Stricke
      (close)K Powerbomb
      (close)P Airthrow

3.3) Combos


JU.K,C.P,Hurricane Kick

Air Hurricane Kick,Dragonpunch
Air Hurricane Kick,Hurricane Kick
Air Hurricane Kick,C.p,C.k,Superfireball
JU.K,C.K,Burning Fireball

JU.K,C.p,C.K,HK+k,Super Dragonpunch
Air Hurricane Kick,p,Raging Demon

3.4) Super combos

Superfireball HCF x2

Air Superfireball J,SFB

Super Dragonpunch SFB

Raging Demon (L3 only) P,P,F+K

4.0) Tactics

You can figth in two different types.
Offensive or Deffensive.

4.1) Offensive

You can attack whit the most attacks.
So youse the burning fireball. He/will try to block it.
so i would attack whit a hurrican kick. And just attack
quick. That is a type of offensive.

4.2) Deffensive

Here i would attack whit air fireballs. And block of
the most attacks or jump up. And counter the attacks
with fireballs and alphacounters. 

5.0) Akuma vs

5.1) Adon
He is quite fast but not very srtong.
But dont use the hurricane kick or jump to much,
because he will counter with a jaguar knee.
so use fireballs and red fireballs. Or dragon-

5.2) Akuma
Akuma is the most difficult opponent
to beat in the whole game. You have to be
very cairfull. He will youse a lot of fireballs and air firballs.
So block or counter them with a fire- or an air fireball.
When he uses the hurricane kick perform a dragonpunch.
And when hi SC liste is on L1 or higher dont go to near to him because
he will shoot a super fireball that could kill you.

5.3) Birdie
Be cairfull bicause of his choke chain.
Shoot him with different fireballs
and use a lot of throws.

5.4) Charlie
He is also a bad guy to figth.
Counter his sonic booms with fireballs and air fireballs.
And be cairfull when he duks. He will shot or use a flash kick.
Youse the hurricane kick when he makes a ground kick.

5.5) Chun-Li
She isnt very difficult.
Just avoid the her shots and fast kicks.
Shoot fireballs.

5.6) Dan
He is one of the easyest oponents in the whole game.
The dragonpunch is the strongest move of Dan.

5.7) Guy
He has got a good Powerbomb, so be cairfull.
And also a hurricane kick wich is a nice near waepon.
So attack him with hurricane kicks and fireballs.

5.8) Ken
Good is that he never youses his fireballs.
But his dragonpunch is strong.
His hurricane kick also.
So youse the fireball, burning fireball and the air fireball.

5.9) M. Bison
Watch out for his teleportations.
The best ting you could do is, to block and shout
some different fireballs.

5.10) Rose
Be cairfull with air attacks. Othrewise she will counter them.
Use the different fireballs and the teleportation.

5.11) Ryu
He is quite easy.
You can use actually any attack.
Fireballs, dragonpunches, hurricane kicks etc.

5.12) Sagat
He shoots a lot of fireballs (low and high).
Teleport around and counter the shots.
And dont go to near to him othrewise he uses his strong

5.13) Sodom
His throws are the wersest af him.
So use the fireballs and hurricanekicks.
So you'l finish him up easy.

6.0) Cheats

There are 2 types of cheats.
Regular cheats and gamesharkcodes.
Much fun with the cheats.

6.1) Cheats
To fight against Akuma press and hold
till the game beginns:

To fight against M. Bison press and hold
till the game beginns:

6.2) Gamesharkcodes

P1 inf healt	0190B5C4

P2 hit to ko	0101B5C6

P1 power max	019566C4

P2 no  power	010066C6

P1 air moves	01002EC4

inf. r. time	016309CF

start on the
  last stage	010712CF

opponent lo-	903713CA
ses live    	90011FCA
near you

P1 char modi	01XX51C4

P2 char modi	01XX51C6

character modifier digits
		00 Ryu
		01 Ken
		02 Akuma*
		03 Charlie
		04 Chun-Li
		05 Adon
		06 Sodom
		07 Guy
		08 Birdie
		09 Rose
		0A M. Bison*
		0B Sagat
		0C Dan*

*=secret character

This faq was written by serebii251.
"Much fun with it!"

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