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things u need to know

meet the kitties

Cool stuff u should know

   Things U Need To Know


The best food u should have is instant pack or Cicken 'N Rice. Why? They have the 
best stats when eating. Instant Pack= Mood:+20, 21, 22    friend:+20, 21, 22    
punch:+20, 21, 22    looks:+20, 21, 22

Chicken 'N Rice= mood:+45, 46, 47  friend:+10, 12, 13   punch:+20, 21, 22  
looks:+30, 31, 32


The best toy is the one u start out with... Teaser. It may start out bad stat gain 
but later on u will get a max of 34 punch. The other toys have better punch maybe, 
but they take away looks and stuff. The puch ball thingy is probably the one u want 
to buy if buy anything. i did this and got my kitten's(Muchkin, black. name Munchy) 
punch to lvl. 5 in 7 days!! May seem stupid or long, but u only need lvl. 6 punch to 
have a speacial ending(Boss of the Alley Cats). Then lvl.8 is easy and your cat is 
then has another better speacial ending(Mob Leader).

               Cool Things U Should Know

Endings: There can be alot more endings but here are the few i know.  Lvl6 punch= 
Boss of Alley Cats

LvL8 punch= Mob Leader

LvL8 friend= Very Popular Cat

Everything under LvL5 lazy bones

Your Character lvls: Yes, u have lvls too. 

Lvl 1, novice. u are already this

Lvl 2, intermedite. u need a kitten with 2 diferent stats lvl 6 or 2 cats with 
diferent lvl 6 stats
21 days instead of 14

Lvl 3, advanced. u need a kiten with well over 7 lvls of diferent stats
28 days instead of 21

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