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              Hey! This is Paul Da Costa and this faq is on Test Drive (one of my 
personal favourite racing games!) Here i will discuss all main ideas of the game 
and gameshark codes and hints;

Table Of Contents:

1)Denis Black
2)The Characters
3)The Cars of the game
4)Hints and tips
5)Unlocking cars
7)The Game cities
8)Gameshark codes
9)Special Thanks

1)               Denis Black:

In test drive, you are Dennis black and your mission is to go from city to city 
winning all circular, navigational, drag, and linear races at all costs! On the 
way you unlock new cars by stealing them off your opponents. (the ones who act all 
tough and end up getting creamed)Yes, i know its really the pits that you can't 
change your name, has to be dennis black, but the good thing is, when it shows 
those clips before races where your instructor (the injured man)talks to you, he 
sais "dennis" and if you were to put your name he wouldnt have said anything.

2)              the Characters:

In this game, there are many characters who challenge you. Here is a list of all 6 
and their cars:

Donald Clark: This guy is truly the star of the game. With his dodge Viper and 
clear mind, he is very, and i mean very, tough to beat. What makes it more amazing 
is that he is in a wheelchair.
Car: Dodge Viper

Lisa Lux: This person has nothing special about her. She acts clever most of the 
time but she really needs improvement.
Car: Lotus Elise
Big T: If there was no Donald Clark in this game, i would've announced this guy 
amazing. his skills are superb and he has quite a bit of attitude, i like that.
Car:2001 Chevrolet Corvet

Skeeter Grimshaw: This is the guy that boggles me. He has two cars and he 
plainly "sucks"! Like come on, he could've had a good car instead of two cheap 
ones. Everytime i lose it's not in last place because this guy seems to like last.
Cars: Chevelle and GTO

Reese Weston: This guy is pretty cool. One of my favourites. His car looks amazing 
but it wouldve been way better if bullets shot out of the top where it looks like 
theres a machine gun on the hood. Overall, the car is pretty good since you get it 
in the first city.
Car: Chevrolet Camaro

Nells Von Stadt: This guy is hardly ever talked about in the game, but he isnt what 
he looks like. This guy drives like mad and is crazy for winning looks like he has 
to win at all costs! After all, he does have a sweet car.
Car: Jaguar

3)                   The Cars of the game

Above, it shows a total of 7 cars, but thats not all in the game! Theres a ford 
mustang, shelby cobra, and way, way, more. It just takes time to unlock them.

4)                Hints and tips:

Best car in the beginning when starting:  The absolute best car to use when 
starting Test Drive Underground is the toyota supra. It is slow as a matter of 
fact, but hey, as i always say, handling wins the race!

Tips for drag racing:  When you are drag racing, since it is always standard, right 
when the light is green, press R1 to go to gear 1 straight away. After when it is 
near the red part, wait about 1 second before going to 2 so that you get speed 
before going to 2 and then you will get even more at 2. Then keep doing this until 
you have reached the limit of gears. Example some cars have only 4 while others 
have 6.

Best car to use:  Once you have unlocked the Dodge Viper, dont use it in every 
race! You have to see the kind of turns the race is going to have. For drag racing, 
I strongly recomend you do use the dodge viper. But for Very curvy Streets the 
Mustang Cobra is most suitable.

5)              Unlocking Cars:

To unlock cars, all you'll have to do is play in the underground mode and win all 
the races. (dont worry if you dont win one you can try again). Ever city you unlock 
cars. The Dodge Viper (supposably best car in the game) is unlocked when you beat 
the final race against Donald Clark.

6)               Codes:

To unlock all cars, simply push RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, SQUARE, UP, L2, L2, R1 so that 
all cars will be unlocked. a message shall appear to confirm it.

sorry but that's all for codes, that's all the codes. (for gaameshark go down.)

7)              The Game Cities:

There are four cities in the game where you can cruise and enjoy a ride in:

San Fransisco
Monte Carlo

8)             Gameshark codes:

For test drive, there are a few gameshark codes, here they are:

NOTE: If any of these codes do not work please email me!

Master Code ( This code Must Be On):0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE8EFCEE BCC5AF5A

Computer Cars Go Crazy: DE987466 3BA89A82

Press L1 + L2 For More Time in Navigational 
Challenges: 0E9564F8 BCA99582 DE004E9A BCA9B2F3

Press R1 + R2 For More Time in Circuit/Linear 
Races: 0E9564F8 BCA99082 DE004E9A BCA9B2F3

Unlock All Cars: DE9A2E22 BDAA9C84 DE9A2E2E BDAA9C84 DE9A2E2A BDAA9C84
                 BDAA9C84 DE9A2E36 DE9A2E32 BDAA9C84 DE9A2E3E BDAA9C84

9)            Special Thanks:

I would like to thank first of all for giving me this great 

I would like to thank myself for having the patience to write all this.

I would like to Thank my parents for buying me this pentium 4 lap top.

I would like to advise everyone that this is copyright 2003 and no one can copy 
this and sell it withought my permission. Also, you are able to print this incase 
your computer is upstairs and your ps2 is downstairs, you know what i mean. But DO 
NOT sell it withought asking.

Any Questions? Not enough on the faq? Email me at [email protected] 

Thanks CheatCodes

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